Injuries, internationals and the importance of blogging

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Morning all, Alex here deputising for Pete who stubbed his toe in training. He’s on his way to Germany to rub some horse placenta on it and will be back in about 6-8 months.

So we are slap bang in the middle of internationals week, which means we are quite light on the ground in terms of news as I simply refuse to watch international football outside of a major tournament.

I’m pretty sure this is not an unpopular opinion as the only people who are pleased about an international break in the middle of the season are Sepp Blatter (£), Michael Owen (boring twat) and those fucking arseholes who play the Great Escape at every England game.

There’s an interesting article in today’s Mirror by #crossy about Arsenal’s injury crisis. It basically concludes that the reason we are getting so many injuries is because Wenger likes a small squad and likes to beast them in training. It’s a pretty obvious conclusion and yet some Arsenal fans still insist that our crises are due to some sort of injury hoodoo.

Worse still are the equivocators who say “well we don’t know all the facts so we can’t make a judgement”.

Well no we will never have all the information but we do know the manager never builds out a big enough squad, we have a higher than average number of injuries and the manager admits overplaying players who are in the red zone.

Ergo it’s pretty obvious where the fault lies.

The article also makes reference to substitutions. I wonder if the ridiculous decision to only make substitutions on 70 minutes is making us more susceptible to injuries, as well as exposing our tactical naivety.

Anyway despite all that some people would prefer to #trustthemanager no matter what. I guess that’s ok, you’re entitled not to have an opinion if you don’t want one, but don’t tell other people they are not allowed one.

Jeez where did all this rage come from? Apologies this is too intense for a Sunday morning.

Final thought: I read with interest on twitter there has been great debate about some podcast; who won, how long it was and how thick some people on it are. It’s almost as if people don’t take this gig seriously. Being an Arsenal blogger is more important than a doctor, a soldier or any aid worker. What we do SAVES LIVES.

To this end, Pete and I will be podcasting soon if there is an appetite for it. So if you’re keen to hear two absolute planks spout inane bollocks rather than write it say yes!

Right that’s me done for today.

You can follow me @aldo_doel have a great Sunday! X

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  1. kandre

    Yes! We need more good Football podcasts! Btw people complaining over our injurys. We just got a new fitness coach but it take more then 3 months for his work to get results. The injurys we are seeing now is the old fitness coach and Wenger fault.