I want to buy a TV season ticket

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So get this from Yaya Sanogo…

“I feel the pressure, but people should not forget that, three years ago, I was living on the streets. Today, I’m playing for Arsenal.”




Living on the streets in France, now he’s a pro footballer. 3 years ago he made 3 starts for for Auxerre. Seems a bit weird he’d reside to the killer streets after a game. Who am I to argue?

I once lived on the streets. Well, when I say lived, I mean I locked myself out my house and had to sleep on my door mat. Technically, for that one night, I was living on the streets. It was tough, and now I write a blog. Increds story eh?

Arsenal are rumoured to be in for Draxler in January, to replace Ozil. Great story bro. You get right into that story, then you realise it’s from the Express who I’m pretty sure are the only paper in the UK who don’t have an inside line on anything. Even The Star have Peter Hill-Wood.

There’s very little to write about at the moment. Roy Keane has a book out which seems at first glance to be drenched in ‘me me me’… not sure I’ll be picking up that literarary masterpiece any time soon. Footballers and introspection really don’t work together. It’s a shame, but I guess the only way to make it in sport is to be self absorbed and arrogant.

Arsenal are apparently looking at Tyrone Mings this winter. I assume that’s his name and not a spiteful statement. It would follow the familiar pattern of picking up English kids, just feel it might be a bit of an agent story to get their man a better deal, after all, if you’re English and you can kick a ball in a first team, you’re entitled to a new deal.

Some jibes the other day about my suggestions in the Mail of Hangeland, Lescott and Reid. Just wanted to make the point that I wasn’t suggesting they were the best options, merely pointing out that there were very attainable options for that third choice centre back that would have been better than, you know, signing no one.

I didn’t even see that Ospina is also on the injury list. Second one since he’s been here. What a wimp. Anyway, that should make things interesting in the Champions League. Anderlecht will see the Champions League Debut of Martinez… who was absolute garbage when he played against Reading (I think it was Reading) in a cup match a few years ago! I don’t even know who our 4th choice is… we might have to Almunia a call.

‘Manuel, put that pathetic dog down and get your gloves on, we’ve got a job for you.’

Our training ground is actually a health hazard at the moment. In factories, you have a board that says how many accident free days you’ve had. You’d be resetting that quite regularly if it at Colney.

Oh look, I just accidentally linked out to a piece I wrote for The Guardian about Vine and the Premier League. Excuse the lack of tone, the PR team took the bantz out of the piece.


I’ve written about the Premier League’s approach to distribution. We need more football. We need more access to highlights and we need the option to buy ALL games on any device. People will still go to the games, the clubs can make even more money from TV and most probably reduce the cost of Premier League tickets.

Just jokes, we know it doesn’t matter how much money flows into the game, it’s rarely returned to the people who keep the whole damn system going.



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  1. Mo

    I wonder how many beer cans he managed to kick into the gutter when he was living on the streets? I’m guessing none, apart from that friendly with that under the bridge lot who were pissed at the time.

  2. Jeff

    Southampton want to steal our place. How dare they? How very dare they? Don’t they know we’ve paid for that position for the next 20 years!

  3. shad

    The Draxler story is a non-starter for me. Wenger loathes all transfer windows but none more than the January one. Oh, and to bench his prized asset? The one he blatantly refused to re-purchase an in-form, peak of his powers Cesc? Hahaha, no sir.

    Funny that we are running on fumes and it’s only October. Even with the fixture list easing up some what, I don’t expect us to go and blow teams away. But may be we can see more of Bellerin at RB and Monreal at CB *chokes himself*

  4. Cesc Appeal

    No way we’re missing out on fourth, not a chance.


    Then I’ll stab at:

  5. shad

    Meanwhile, as Roy Keane literally dick measured and found that there was more meat on a vegan’s meal than the size of Gary Neville’s weenie.

    Someone needs some serious attention.

  6. GoonerInNY

    Great point, Pedro, about the TV.

    About five years ago my company sent me to London for two weeks, and I saw fewer Arsenal matches in London (one, at the Emirates) than I would have seen had I stayed in NY (all three of them, on TV).

  7. shad

    @ Cesc,

    Love your optimism mate but for once I think we can come a cropper (Which if it pushes AW out, won’t be for nought)

    Liverpool and Southampton will give us a decent run, and if Everton crash out of Europa with Sp*ds, we’ll be seriously at risk, esp given they have better squad depths and tacticians for coaches.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    Its the same every year though. Do you not get bored finding yourself making the same arguments with the same people who are raising the same defences every year?

    That’s why I’ve just stopped getting annoyed by it.

    I’m sort of at a “is what it is” phase with Arsenal now. Bored of Wenger, bored of the failings, bored of the excuses…I’m actually bored of Arsenal. Or Arsene’s Arsenal I should say. Will always love the club, and defeat always hurts, as does the embarrassments Wenger puts us through now both in terms of defeats/tactics and squad decisions as well as some of the shite he comes out with.

    But, really what’s the point. He’s not going anywhere, so these deficiencies are here for at least 3 more years. After that he may sign ANOTHER deal or be involved in choosing his successor or go to board level. In which case who knows how long his influence over the football side of things will continue.

    I’m finding Arsenal hard to enjoy, it feels like a love I’m really having to work to keep going now, like a failing marriage. They provide so few moments of pure joy now, more often than not you find yourself immensely frustrated or upset or angry or depressed as an Arsenal fan.

    But still I take some solace in knowing the ground work is there for us to behave like a modern super club, just one stick in the spokes at the minute.

  9. Globalgunner

    So Wenger wants to buy Draxler eh. ? Another player he can methodically ruin confidence wise and destroy physically and tactically. After the cautionary tales of Arshavin and now Ozil. Few talented players will be queueing up to join the professors goalmouth tap dance routine. It doesn’t matter who he buys, Wenger will find a way to screw things up. If he was managing the Brazil 1970 team, he would put Pele at RB and Rivelino in goal

  10. Cesc Appeal


    I think it’ll be Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs all in the mix right down to the wire to be honest.

    Just don’t think Southampton have the squad to maintain their level. Unless Koeman is allowed to bring in some players in January.

    Wenger always does enough to get us over the line into fourth, even if were crawling at that point, he’ll make sure he hits that target at least.

    IF he didn’t it’d start to get very hard for any Wenger fans to argue he isn’t finished really. But it won’t happen.

  11. Al

    Will probably read the Keane book. ….out of all the United players in the past 20 years he is probably the most worthwhile to read…you know it won’t be a boring read and actually have some insight at what went on during the Fergie era

  12. ARgooner

    @bermyboy….oh and a jar of hair creme..but very special, magical hair creme (looks at camera and smirks knowingly)

  13. Bamford13


    You’re right, I think. No one else is quite strong enough to finish fourth in front of us. Chelsea, City, United and the perennial also-ran, Arsenal.

  14. Drey

    “I feel the pressure, but people
    should not forget that, three years
    ago, I was living on the streets.
    Today, I’m playing for Arsenal.”
    What a nerve. We allow mediocre players to play shit then come back to us telling us not to criticize.. I weep

  15. Al

    I really wonder what goes through these players head…..I mean if I was Sanogo I would keep my mouth shut and not do any interviews until I have started producing. …EveryOne wants the limelight without putting in the work

  16. Brian

    Lost all respect for Keane when I saw him hold his face and fall to the ground in a European match. Got the other player sent off. Complete fake. Shows the character of the man.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, Liverpool haven’t impressed me at all this year, Saints should have beaten them on the first day of the season as well; that would’ve been really sweet!

    With UCL I think Liverpool will flounder, they’ve got a Sterling situation as well haven’t they?

    Spurs…well they’re Spurs. They do have a good squad, but it’s a touch unbalanced and they always seem to bottle it when crunch time comes.

    So we’ll get in, don’t know whether Wenger calculates that (out of character) or whether he just goes with it – but we usually have enough. I mean, we bloody well should do! A side with Sanchez, Ramsey, Ozil etc and we’re talking about having enough to get into fourth!

  18. GoonerInNY


    You have articulately described what a lot of us are feeling.

    What also upsets me is that in the first few years of Wenger’s reign, not only was Arsenal fun to watch, but he was a great manager to support. It stinks how he has allowed himself to go from rightfully revered to rightfully despised (to the un-brainwashed).

  19. Cesc Appeal

    This is the second or third time Sanogo has come out and said how much quality he has and for fans to be patient with him…no mate, that’s not how it works. Just feel blessed that you’ve inexplicably landed at Arsenal on £25 000 a week because I doubt you’d get anywhere near this level if it weren’t for Arsene Wenger.

  20. Le wisham gooner

    Wow £25k!? Wheres fthe reasoning!?
    Dont tell me some other club were offering him £24k a week..
    No wonder our wage bill is higher than chelseas when we pay people like Sanogo that

    Not sure how accurate it is but i heard when factoring in the signing on fee chamakh earned equivalent of £93k a week

  21. Cesc Appeal


    Well it’s just a cycle isn’t it?

    Every dog has his day, and that day ends at some point. Sun rise, sun set and all that bollocks.

    Wenger could probably have prolonged his position at the top if he’d done what Fergie did, delegate to his coaching staff, keep things fresh and what have you. But obviously he won’t, we all know that.

    I don’t know why fans struggle with that, as if they think Wenger is going to have a renaissance as a manager at 65 and suddenly discover his mojo again and start addressing the critical failings in his game as manager.

    But I’ve said numerous times, we’re looking at it as fans, you’ve got to look at it from an economic point of view as the board/Kroenke do. Wenger delivers UCL every year, we’ve just massively bumped our commercials and he does it underspending every season. He’s uber safe.

    He says he’ll decide when he hasn’t got it any more, but honestly I don’t think he could let go of the adoration of the Wenger fans, or the attention he gets as Arsenal manager. Things would have to get very, very nasty before he went anywhere.

  22. Ozy

    Sanogo does need to keep his head down and let his football do the talking but it’s not his fault he was plunged into the first team (starter against Bayern Munich in the champions league?! Insanity!)

    That was Wenger’s fault. He threw him off the deep end and made shit comments like the 50 million player one.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    Sanogo will be shuffled quietly out the back door in a season or two.

    Giroud and Welbeck are obviously way ahead of him, and Welbeck only a year or two older than him I believe? Then you’ve got Akpom tearing it up in the youth set up who’s 3-4 years younger than him.

    Sanogo was ALWAYS a weird one when it happened, very Wengerish, and his departure will be equally Wengerish – probably have to wait for his contract to expire.

  24. GoonerInNY


    Well put. I have often said here Kroenke is the problem. Wenger gives Kroenke exactly what he wants: UCL every year, low net player spending, increased franchise valuation. Neither seems to give the slightest crap about winning the league or UCL, or even trying to.

  25. Al

    I really don’t get how people blame Kronke. I mean he gives Wenger a budget that wenger doesn’t even spend. ..

    Kronke is not the one not buying players and leaving us without the required players .

    It’s all wenger

  26. S Asoa

    The signing of Sanogo with just 3 starts and confirmed by a pathetic display in Arsenal forward line smells of commissions – or ommissions of any study of the stray .

  27. tunnygriffboy


    Ive gone and got a rope from the garage. Your posts lie somewhere between depressing and desperate. Surely you can find some cheer. Wow you make Leonard Cohen seem up beat 🙂 🙂 🙂

    3rd in the league this season. Good run of games now, all the big teams spread out evenly for rest of season, players to come back and maybe, I say maybe, a midfielder and defender in January. Happy days 🙂 🙂

  28. GoonerInNY


    We don’t know what budget Kroenke signs off on.

    Not that Wenger would spend it anyway.

    For Arsenal to be successful, both have to go.

  29. salparadisenyc

    Wenger lacks the golden balls to put a side together to fully compete on every front. The culpability for the failures would showcase more than he’s willing to expose.

    The money is there and Stan stands to gain much more by winning than continuing on our current trajectory. It’s all Wenger for better or worse. An Arsenal that takes Europe would be immense in terms of financial gain and value of the club.

  30. Al


    I agree with you he should get rid but What does it benefit kronke getting rid of Wenger? To him he is doing alright.

    The guy is not a fan like us..His priorities differ.


    From reading and analysing article we know roughly how much we had left in the pot. ..its obvious that the issue lies from wenger not spending rather then him being constrained…so many example of his negligence that I just find it weird to zero in on kronke when really Wenger has been more then adequately supported financially.

  31. tunnygriffboy

    Serious question guys. Even with a WC midfielder would we anywhere near competing with the elite ? Obviously we would be much stronger. I’m talking about squad here not manager. I would argue we’re still a way behind in terms of personnel. We need another 3 or 4 top players. We’re still playing catch up imo.

  32. Gregg


    Oh I think we need at least 3 more but more importantly we need a framework and style of play. We used to be able to perm from Vieira, Petit, Grimandi, Parlour and it didn’t matter. We had a style and everyone knew what was required. Now it’s difficult to know what we’re trying to play

  33. shad

    Agree with you CA,

    I wonder how much more the fanbase can sit quietly and wait for him to fall on his sword. Things were pretty toxic after the Aston Villa debacle but the team rallied some good form and when we really looked like gathering speed, Wenger sold us short again.

    I am like you too mate. I love Arsenal, have done so for close to 20 odd years and watching other leagues then Arsenal just makes me fell so bad for us. How backward Wenger is. He is the chap who built a magnificent ship, sailed it for a few till other s came and built more modern vessels, so in a hissy fit, sunk his and is trying to convince the rest his liner is still the best.

    Worst thing is he knows he is a beaten man, esp that Mourinho record. Typifies the short comings of the squad and his failings on and off the pitch (transfer-wise)

  34. shad


    We need 3 or 4 players I agree but as Gregg has correctly pointed out, without a well laid out plan or style to typify, it doesn’t matter who we will bring in. Right now Wenger rewards loyalty, players sucking his d**k to the press about how good he is blah blah blah, but we all can see there is no plan. It’s like “go out there and pass it among yourselves till you score” kind of thing.

    Riddle me this; Sanogo is on £25k per week while Berahino is on £15k a week.

    The squad is horribly imbalanced and we barely rotate like for like players. Wenger will ice Rosciky till he is a fat lump of lard then remember to play him when 3 other AMs are injured. And then expect the same performance.

    Laughable management.

  35. Gregg



    Without haring back but aswell as midfield we could use Henry, Wiltord, Bergkamp, Kanu. All top international players that you’d feel confident with either Bergkamp / Kanu playing the provider and Henry/Wiltord as the further forward. The options were great but the style remained the same. You could rotate like for like and keep everyone fresh. As you say there is little like for like options right now and the injuries don’t help that either.

  36. tunnygriffboy


    I agree, even with a fully fit squad we’d struggle to catch Chelsea though I think we could go close. Problem is the injury problem. One thing that worries me. We being linked to Draxler, Benzema again, great players that would make us better but they’re not the players we need or play in positions we need to fill. Notice Cabaye pissed off in PSG. Him and Schniederlin would do me phase out Arteta and Flamini.

  37. tunnygriffboy

    Another thing is age of our squad. A lot of the squad are 25 yrs old or under. Great for the future if we can keep them and would be great for a new manager coming in. However we lack big game experience in too many positions.

  38. Arsene's Nurse

    MarbleBall’s preferred Arsenal XI:


    No player in the history of football is good enough for MarbleBalls

  39. Gregg

    For me Romford summed it up yesterday when he said Wenger is trying to shoehorn players in the side to make it work, rather than best fits. Square pegs in round holes again.

  40. WengerEagle

    ‘We being linked to Draxler, Benzema again, great players that would make us better but they’re not the players we need or play in positions we need to fill. ‘

    I’d argue that they are two quality players that would make a huge difference to us.

    As well as Welbeck is doing he’s not a top class CF like Benzema is and Draxler’s got monster potential.

    We create very little in the way of chances so players like Benzema and Draxler are badly needed.

    A proper CDM and CB are needed too obviously.

  41. tunnygriffboy


    Agree shoehorning people in. We should just play 4-2-3-1 and rotate players in. We have enough good players and enough games so that everyone plays, is happy and stays fresh. Ozil/Santi, Wilshere/Ramsey, Alexis/Ox/Walcott and even Arteta and Flamini. Injuries bugger this up though

  42. N5

    WengerEagle did you see the reply you got in yesterdays blog from wrightisgod re Gerard? I thought you should maybe give a reply to it?

  43. Gregg

    The Draxler rumour will only go away when he signs for Bayern. He, potentially would improve us, but it’s essential that we bring in two Central midfielders and a centre back aswell. That is more than doable in the next two transfer windows and failure to address that would make me question the managers sanity. We need to offload Flamini, Diaby, Podolski and Campbell from the squad which would be logical due to 3 of them never featuring anyway.

  44. tunnygriffboy


    Spot on. 2 midfielders of top quality and a top CB should be doable next 2 windows. At least one midfielder and the CB needed in January. From being quite pro Wenger the last two windows given me no confidence. We sign great players this summer and looked good to go as long as we got a quality deep player maker/defence minded midfielder.

  45. Ustynobaba

    Kroenke gives Wenger money to spend and he returns it either half used or not used at all
    Kroenke ask him are you okay with that???
    Wenger says yea

    End of season…..
    Arsenal finishes 4th and they both meet again
    Kroenke: how was it
    Wenger: we did well
    Kroenke: what position??
    wenger: 4th
    Kroenke: will that secure us UCL?
    Wenger: yea it does……
    And both shakes hand and leave

    Both are drowned in the ocean of mediocrity and so we wander around the top but cant get to the top,Wenger doesnt like spending(pls dont give that Sanchez Ozil crap cos we are always players short every season),Kroenke is a businessman who care not what the fans think or feel except how his investment is doing,thats why none is bother as long 4th is achieved, barest minimum….

    If Wenger goes and a winner of a manager comes he might push Kroenke to get more so he can win.
    If Kroenke goes and a fan-like shareholder takes over he might push Wenger to get more so he can win,but as long as both are here,am afraid what we are seeing isnt changing anytime soon,my worst fear is Wenger still being here around 2018

  46. Cesc Appeal

    Oh my goodness – anyone thinking we’re going to do anything even remotely useful in the January window, have a word with yourself!

    Reference Wenger’s comments about detesting the January window and the whole Kallstrom thing.

    We’ll probably sign some young defender no one has really heard of and then a Kallstrom style bargain oldie midfielder. Wenger will talk about quality over quantity one week, then he’ll say we have quality we need quantity the next.

    People will spend so long trying to sift through his utter bullshit that the window will be shut by the time they do.

    He should just say “I haven’t got a clue, I throw darts at a board in the dark.”

  47. Cesc Appeal


    It’s just pointless now.

    I’m through with even holding out the remotest bit of hope because Arsene’s Arsenal will always let you down, unnecessarily as well.

    No one has a right to win trophies every year, but you do have a right to expect your manager to use the resources at his disposal to build the greatest squad he possibly could. Can anyone look at our side and say “this is the best team Wenger could possibly have assembled,” honestly? No.

    You know what Wenger will serve up, what his Arsenal will. That’s why I say I’ve reached a “whatever” stage with Arsenal now. 4th place, whatever. Lose to the big boys, whatever. Come second in our UCL group and draw a big team, whatever. MASSIVE, glaringly obvious holes in our squad, whatever, tactically deficient, whatever.

    No point getting riled up, because you will next year, and the year after, and the year after – just as you did last year, and the year before and the year before that and so on and so forth.

    I’ve reached a stage of acceptance, Wenger’s here, he has the power, every last defect I’ve listed over the years is here to stay – no point banging your head against a wall.

    We are Arsene-al FC for at least another 3 years. And who knows beyond that.

  48. TheBayingMob


    There’s some things you’re missing, IMO, in your (well put) argument in the Guardian piece on digital football access.

    Unlike La Liga, as an example, the PL teams have signed up to a charter to share TV money across the league. On some levels, while it could be argued that it’s unfair that the likes of Leicester or Hull get to share in the success and global attraction of Man United, it also makes for a fairer and ultimately more attractive product in the PL.

    The first thing the FA and PL should do is maintain what’s attractive about the PL which is what they’re doing at the moment in trying to protect the structure that’s in place; in essence the main attraction for buying digital rights would centre around United and Liverpool. Like it or not, due to historical success they are the biggest draw, then come the rest. Would you maintain the revenue gets shared equally? Would that be fair?

    While I believe digital access is coming, it has to at some point, I don’t want to see a situation where clubs make their own money through digital rights; this would see United and Liverpool become monstrous (we’d benefit too) but it would definitely be at the expense of a competitive league (see La Liga for reference), I think that needs consideration in this debate.

    If we were going to go that way, I would prefer to see a European Super League created superseding the Champs League discussed with promotion / relegation to their own domestic leagues maybe? Anyway just thinking out loud, of course we have the massively corrupt FIFA and UEFA organisations to scale first to see that happen anyway so it’s a big ask in any scenario …

  49. tunnygriffboy


    I’m pissed off. I’ve had enough. Said it should be two years, need to sort out replacement identifying who we want

    However I will try and get some enjoyment. I think we will improve, reason being that the team will start to gel more, not as much as I would like as key ingredient missing. We had a shite pre season with WCm also in the first 2 weeks of the season when we could have been working on things we were playing CL qualifiers against Besiktas. We’ve played 4 of last years top 6 in first 7 games of season but we won’t have a horrendous month like last season as the big games are now spread evenly through the season.

    We have more pace in the team than last year and Theo yet to come back. Injuries are stuffing us again but we still have some options ( certain positions ). Another thing look forward to is that whoever takes older will have our 25 year olds and younger coming into their prime.

    I know I’m hanging on with my fingernails but I’m not quitting 🙂 🙂 :). Time he said his goodbyes and we get a young forward thinking manager in. ( not Martinez )

  50. Cesc Appeal


    Oh we’ll improve. But…just a bit pointless because we’re not equipped to do anything meaningful.

    I expect we’ll go on a good run, trash a few lowly teams and people will creep out of the woodwork claiming “this is our year.” But we all know, third is probably the best we could do with Wenger’s squad and Wenger himself.

    Oh well.

  51. tunnygriffboy


    I’ll send you a job lot of my Prozac 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thing is in July I really really thought we’d get the window right. It only needed one more top player and whether because of Wenger or in spite off him we’d be contending in the league. Now it will be 3rd I reckon.

  52. Keyser

    tunnygriffboy – Don’t feel like you have to justify yourself, though I’m not sure you’ll get much enjoyment if you keep coming back here.

    The only reason people don’t think we have a chance is because of the teams we compete against, the same people will tell you all they want is for us to make a ‘go’ of it and not spend like those teams, then they’ll wonder why we aren’t competing.

    You’re not clutching at straws, those should be fucking obvious facts that people consider, but like Cesc Appeal keeps repeating people no longer care.

  53. Cesc Appeal


    I’m going for fourth.

    I think United will get their act together soon, I fancy a couple of defenders to come in for them and they’ve got a pretty decent side their – no UCL as well this year.

  54. tunnygriffboy


    I’m not sure about man u to be honest. It’s too early to say. They’ve played the three promoted teams plus the teams that finished 17th, 16th, West Ham and an injury ravaged Everton on a Sunday lunchtime ko after a 4000 mile trip to Russia on the Thursday. They play Chelsea and City next. Will be interesting.

  55. Keyser

    I repeat people no longer care.

    They don’t care.

    Flower knocked on with the line begging, lost it, punched Hohaia, had him knocked out, and then punched him again when he was defenceless on the floor, straight red, just shocking.

    It was 2 minutes in, must’ve been pumped up and lost it.

  56. Cesc Appeal


    I think LVG was incredibly short sighted in not signing a great CB, a Hummels type.

    To be honest they’re a couple of defenders away from a really good side.

    I do think Rooney, Falcao and RVP as crazy as it sounds is a problem! I think only two can play at once, if that even depending on the formation!

  57. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    We want a new manager who,
    Cares not about favourites, picks team on credit, makes changes when needed albeit in the 25th minute.

    One who plays exciting football that changes who the opponent is…

    I ain’t a scooby who is out there … Must be someone tho…

  58. Cesc Appeal

    ESPN, Europes Best Top 20 Managers Right Now:
    1. Guardiola
    2. Jose Mourinho
    3. Diego Simeone
    4. Jurgen Klopp
    5. Louis Van Gaal
    6. Manuel Pellegrini
    7. Brendan Rodgers
    8. Antonio Conte
    9. Rudi Garcia
    10. Roberto Martinez
    11. Carlo Ancelotti
    12. Unai Emery
    13. Joachim Low
    14. Marcelo Bielsa
    15. Frank De Boer
    16. Vincente Del Bosque
    17. Cesare Prandelli
    18. Mauricio Pochettino
    19. Arsene Wenger
    20. Rafa Benitez

    Not sure I agree with all of those, but when you read their reasoning behind the decisions you can see where they are coming from, taking into account resources, club stature, recent past, trophy success, overachieving etc

  59. Cesc Appeal

    I know kwik put something up the other day, but there are some tasty players who’s contracts are up in June!


    To name a few good players.

  60. moray

    I think Cesc is demonstrating the 6th stage of supporting Arsenal:

    Trawling the internet for players available on frees who could do a job

  61. moray

    I’m not sure how ESPN work out the rankings of the managers, but they’re all there pretty much. Just a pissing contest for the order.

    Interesting that Emery is above Wenger when he was sacked from his last job at Spartak was it?

  62. fourthisatrophy

    Do you people really think that whoever comes to this club it will be of benefit, we have good players now, made to look like duds by a manager who does not have a clue, we could get Gustavo, Benzema and Draxler, what would that prove, that AFC has shit loads of cash, this manager wouldn’t know what to do with those players, he cannot master Sanchez, Ozil and the rest, it is a hopeless case until he goes, end of story

  63. fourthisatrophy

    Wenger is responsible for everything, how much input do you think Bould has, we got smashed 6-3 6-0 5-1,and 3-0 last season, on those scores I would say Bould’s input is ZERO , absolute ZERO

  64. Moray

    “I feel the pressure, but people should not forget that, three years ago, I was living on the streets. Today, I’m playing for Arsenal”

    Subtext: Abou and I would like to thank the fans for their very generous support of a vagrant and a Permacrock. As a sign of my thanks I will return them with zero premiership goals and helping them be knocked out of the champions league. Abou would like to give the manager an excuse not to buy a proper Dm, which the squad is crying out for.

    Thanks again Arsenal fans, the most generous mugs in all of football..

  65. Moray

    I remember people on here defending our continued sponsorship of Diaby last year with the argument “we owe him as he was injured playing for us”.

    Sanogo is a similar case, I’m afraid. We took him off the streets and he is now used to a millionaire’s lifestyle. It’s hardly fair to sack him off now and send him back to penury now, is it? Wenger will persist for another couple of years as someone said above until it is beyond clear that he will never make it. Probably he will have been offered another contract in that time and it will be impossible to shift him, so we will be stuck with paying his salary on loan. Rinse and repeat.

  66. Jeff

    Well, you know what they say. Charity begins at home; and Wenger considers Arsenal as his home and he now has two charity cases in Diaby and Sanogo. Diaby will be renewed in the summer – you can bet your life on it.

  67. Jeff


    Platitudes are cheap. When the pundits talk about Wenger they talk about his “achievements”. But when they have to put his name next to a number to compare with other managers – that’s a whole different ball game – it’s called truth and numbers are not vague like platitudes.

  68. Jeff

    The subtext I think is more like the following:

    “Please excuse my not having any talent because I come from a poor background.”

  69. Justice4 Sonogo

    Some people don’t like Sonogo for no reasons, the kid had been interviewed and gave his story ( opinion) so what? Is it his fault he was signed by Arsenal and thrown straight into the mix?
    Never seen fans who are so nasty towards one of their own players.
    He gave his honest life story just to proof how hard worker he is this is my take.
    Give the kid a chance, and blame Wenger for making him starter when he isn’t ready yet mayb.

  70. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I remember people on here defending our continued sponsorship of Diaby last year with the argument “we owe him as he was injured playing for us”.

    Love the Lin about sponsoring diaby,,,,

  71. iampobbery

    Great bit at the end about distribution at the end Pedro. Me and my mates have been saying for a while now that the PL needs to look to the NFL as an example of maximising access to the sport.

    The amount of shows and stats available to NFL fans is amazing. Obviously size of the US population helps, but I don’t think they have many problems filling stadiums in the US despite the vast amount of coverage on TV.