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Roughly how I look today

Roughly how I look today

Woooooord up people. It’s Friday and that means you can do what you like. I’m wearing flip flops to work. Who’d dare stop me? It’s Friday and I’m a motherf*cking free spirit.

I invite you to join me.

Anyway, DAT GUY scored for England in a dreadful game against San Marino that boasted 5 Arsenal England players and a MoM performance from Jack Wilshere. He’s a man in form, looking totally reem with his slick fifties haircut showing the world he has talent. For the first time in 3 years he looks fit and even better, he seems to have a grasp of what he should be doing.

Ramsey, watch your back, Jack looks very capable of taking your role as the poster child of transformation. Exciting to have those two and the rest at our club. England are bearable for once.

What about Roy on the sideline? Like your granddad watching Only Fools and Horses at Christmas. His little face.

Reference yesterday’s post, mostly received quite well. A few people demanding evidence like my observational musings are court evidence. People really are ridiculous, like the only way they can follow a story is if I have transcripts from the locker room. Look, my whole MO is asking questions of things. In my job, I can ask questions and take actions. Here, I just ask question knowing there’s never going to be an action.

Below is a list of things you can’t ignore, because they’re happening. If you think they’re not related, fine. If you think what’s happening is just a coincidence that has no reasoning, fine. For me, the below is damning as it is logical. But again, it’s just about asking questions because that’s why I write. I love the club. I want it to be the best in the business and if nobody challenges what’s going on or asks the right questions, we’ll be forever stuck in this rut. Because Arsene Wenger is not a change agent unless he’s forced.

So, things that point to a problem.

1. Wenger did not sign Shad Forsythe, like he didn’t sign Joncker. I might have that wrong, Ivan doesn’t answer my calls these days or reply to my Whatapp messages, but the reality is Arsene Wenger doesn’t understand the modern approach to sport science evidenced by his failings over the years combined with his countless quips about hair pills or ‘we will investigate’ moments when asked about injuries. That’s all public fact. So the idea that he’d go out and have the skillset to bring in Shad Forsythe is a flawed one. How can you interrogate someone about something you no nothing about?

There’s an anecdote about Pardew recommending a physio to Cortese at Southampton, can’t remember exactly how it went, but he was asked ‘do you have any experience as a physio? Ok, so what makes you think you’re qualified to tell me what a good one looks like? We’ll bring in a proper head hunting company and conduct an interview process the way blue chip organisations would do’.

2. We know that Wenger likes absolute control at the club. He’s said many times before that he couldn’t work at a place where there was interference. So let’s piece this with the above. He’s not going to like a new guy coming in telling him things aren’t right. I mean, he’s only just accepted video analysis should be mandatory rather than a Dropbox option (I’ve been saying that for years, Honigstein mentioned it again last week).

3. The old regime is a failed regime with a dated approach. How do I know this? I CAN SEE WITH MY OWN EYES. Look at the injuries, look at our record of rehabilitation (Vermaelen and Wilshere), look at the amount of times we turn up to games looking tired and once again, look at the injuries of the last ten years. There’s a infographic doing the rounds stating we’re the most injured side over the past 5 years. Again, the info is usually poorly put together, but if you asked 10 Premiership fans of other clubs who the most injured side is… they’d say Arsenal. I don’t think it’s unfair to say we’re as synonymous with 4th place as we are with injuries.

4. Shad Forsythe has come recommended. My guess, and this is a wild one, but I’d say Arsenal having 4 German players and a secret team of German execs that do stuff behind the scenes… well I’d say it came from them. Now, again, I don’t know the ins and outs here, but I’m guessing he’s good at something and if players have recommended him, it must be because he’s good. And look, it must be something to do with the players because the logical move  would to have headhunted someone out of a club rather than an international side.

From an outsiders perspective looking in, I think what he did with the Germans at the World Cup was nothing short of exceptional. Taking a squad of players, who will have been heavily loaded at their clubs (because most of them play for successful teams >>> which means more games) over to the heat of Brazil and getting them to play to a style which was all about speed and power and wiping teams out as quickly as possible. Well, it was an incredible piece of work. He’s a World Cup winner. A World Cup winner in some of the most horrendous conditions ever seen at a World Cup.

So point here is this. He’s not useless. He’s clearly a smart guy. He’s clearly got way more about his game than the incumbent (who again, we’ve seen fail badly over the years).

5. 3 months in, we’re in exactly the same situation as we were before. Players dropping like flies / players looking tired in big games / players looking tired a month in!

So what’s going on here?

Well, you have two senior people doing the same role.

It’s absurd. It doesn’t matter that I don’t sit in London Colney. I don’t need to. I work in a business that is fast paced and loaded with egos. I know what happens when there’s no hierarchy. I know what happens when you bring senior people into a close knit team. I know what happens to those senior people if you don’t put a structure in place that allows them to work. They get side lined. Ignored. Because the old school will always win. People don’t like change. Young people don’t like change. I can’t imagine what it likes trying to persuade a 64 year old legend of the game he might not know what he’s doing. I can’t imagine trying to do that to all the old boys.

Now, that might not be the case. Shad might be utter shite. He might be worse than what we already have. My gut says taking a view like that isn’t smart, because for me, the common thread here is the old regime. I’d like to find out what the new guy is all about. I’d like him to be totally accountable to the club. I’d like him to be totally accountable to the fans. I’d like to be able to make an honest amateur assessment of him at the end of the season.

Namely: Do our players look in better condition? Have we suffered less injuries? Are we in a better place.

At the moment. How can you judge? How can Ivan and his henchmen judge?

They can’t. They’ve taken the gutless approach and thrown the new guy to the wolves. Shad, for me, is merely a trophy signing. Like a traditional advertising agency signing a social media director to prove they can do digital, only to sit them in the corner and ignore them. They’ve also given Wenger a…

‘You said it was my staff, I say it is a little bit bad luck’

… excuse. Complimented with that smirk.

… bad luck generally is the excuse of the incompetent. We can’t live in a world of luck, we need to live in a world of accountability. My guess is the new guy would like to be accountable. I know I would. I feel for him. Because Arsenal fans are hammering him. Through ignroance, but it doesn’t matter, it can’t be nice reading that about yourself.

Anyway, that’s the thought process. Generally, it’s only a controversial one if you haven’t worked in a business environment, you struggle with the bigger picture or you take your lead from journalists who might have to insist what I’m saying is fantasy thinking.

Let’s see how it pans out, because ultimately, there has to be an action on this at some point… why? Because these injuries are a massive cost to the club and the PR around them is quite frankly a total embarrassment to an establishment trying to cut its way in the world of best practice.

Right, that’s me done. No more on this unless we lose another player and I explode.

P.S. Koscielny sent home yesterday, it’s precautionary… just as a heads up, Diaby was precautionary before we lost him for 4 weeks. #PrayForKos


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  1. kwik fit


    Best squad in Europe from 01 to 04 and he never got close. Even then the team played without a game play. They had a laissez faire approach which was installed by their manager. I remember many frustrating game’s where they played as if it was too easy and subsequently failed because the manager had no tactical awareness.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    TYAGN Kwik

    For sure.

    As I say I think that will haunt him. Thought he might go hard these last 3 years to try to correct that – but no.

    Don’t think you can be consider in the elite if you don’t win the UCL.

  3. WengerEagle


    I agree with you that the Invincibles underachieved in Europe and should have won the UCL during that time period, especially in 2003-04 where had we have beaten Chelsea only Monaco and Porto would have stood in our way but to be fair to Wenger, he built that side. Saying that another manager would have won it with those players is unfair as they were Wenger’s signings.

    He brought Henry, Pires, Ljungberg, Vieira, Gilberto, Lauren, Campbell, Toure and Lehmann to the club which is 9 of the 11 Invincibles’ starting XI.

  4. Keyser

    Lol see that’s what I mean, get enough people together repeating the same thing and people start believing it.

    Best squad in Europe mate.

    – Hang on didn’t Zidane score that volley around then ?

    Past it mate, hanging on to past glories.

    It was worse in 2006, Best squad in Europe mate.

    – Hang on didn’t we have Flamini, Ebway, and Senderos in our back four..

    Ah, almost forgot the Swiss Baresi, ruined him he did, could’ve been a great, always loved him.

  5. WengerEagle


    Yeah it’s a myth that Gerrard is a BPL great just like Giggs.

    Henry who was a proper world class player and one of the best (arguably the best, himself and Ronaldinho were from 2003-2006) made more of an impact on the BPL in his 8 seasons here than Giggs and Gerrard have made in their entire BPL career’s combined (41 seasons).

    Sadly in most people’s eyes longevity outweighs pure unadulterated talent. Giggs winning the PFA player of the year a few seasons ago proves that beyond doubt.

  6. Jeff

    In the armoury of a pro Wengerite, among other irrational beliefs, is to be found the idea that nobody can do or could have done any better. Every such argument is underpinned by that singular undying faith in a man who has clearly lost his way and is drowning in his own legacy.

  7. Thank you and goodnight


    I dislike Keane immensely, obviously because he was the enemy for so many years, but have to say one of the best captain performances I have seen in last 20 years was Roy Keane performance in the second leg semi final away to juve, were having been booked and meaning he’d miss the final, he was a colossus for United that game. Him and Viera ‘ s battles were a joy to watch.

  8. London gunner

    Wenger eagle

    I have to give gerrard the benefit of the doubt on the world class question.. Granted his limited in some aspects but at what he does well he does ducking well. His kind of like Beckham for me limited in many ways but so good at his niche. I would say Beckham was working class but many many people would disagree with me.

    I would also say gerrard has had world class stats through out his career when In large parts of it his been in average squads (to a certain extent)

  9. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah feel the same way to be honest.

    We all know where we’ll end up. No point stressing really, is what it is for AT LEAST another three years

  10. Thomas

    Keyser October 10, 2014 20:05:49

    TYAG – Lol I really hope you don’t ever hold your breath, you’ve got to preserve as many braincells as you can.

    “He said that back in 2008.” – I know he said that in 2008, the point is the changing nature of what we witness and how we’re fed what we are by SKY and the rest of the manipulation in the Social Media.


    Except I don’t need the bullshit media to tell me that Wenger is a shitty manager. I only have to watch Arsenals games to realize that.

  11. Keyser

    Timmeh – It was more a point hat the bullshit media spreads ever more bullshit than ever before, the constant polarisation of fan bases and the way a persons spirits might hinge on one game to the next is something they actively encourage and help perpetuate.

  12. WengerEagle

    London Gunner

    You’re dead right Re the British bias. Giggs was literally never the best player in the BPL so giving him a PFA player of the year award just because he’s had a brilliant career was ridiculous, Ronaldo was hands down United’s player of the year that season (2008/09).

    I’m sorry mate but for me Gerrard was never a world class player. He was an inspirational captain and leader and in his prime an excellent B2B midfielder but if we were to compare that Gerrard with the likes of Yaya Toure, Vidal, Modric and Schweinsteiger today he was miles behind as a footaballer. It may be harsh but IMO if it weren’t for his involvement in Liverpool’s 2005 UCL win he wouldn’t have been half as highly rated by the media.

    Besides his UCL win in his entire career with Liverpool he’s won 2 F.A Cups and a handful of pointless trophies (2 League Cups, Uefa Cup).

    He’s played with some top players too, I don’t agree that he’s always played in average sides. He’s played with Michael Owen (cunt but was a hell of a CF at Liverpool), Xabi Alonso, Mascherano, Didi Hamann, a pre-meltdown Fernando Torres, Luis Suarez, Sturridge who were/are all top class players some of whom world class (Alonso, Torres, Suarez) yet he’s never even won the BPL.

    Gerrard was always overrated IMO and I would have had Scholes/Lampard over him everyday of the week in the mid-late 2000’s.

  13. babatunde

    Wenger eagle. I agree that Gerrard may be overrated but he hasn’t played with great squads. In no season has he had a squad that was one of the top two best and if he has played with world class players at certain times, you must understand that the teams that finished above lpool had even more world class players and better teams.. But I think he was good for his time. Football moved past him though.

  14. WengerEagle


    Yeah he was unbelievable in that match and to be fair to him even though he was a cunt of epic proportions as a player he was a hell of a captain like you say and he wasn’t a half bad footballer either.

    Vieira vs Keane in the late 90’s/early 2000’s was literally the antithesis of the Selfie/Twitter battles that we see from football’s ‘hardmen’ of today, it’s a different breed. Sad that the likes of Keane/Vieira are things of the past, they made Arsenal vs United match that much better to watch because they literally were going to war everytime they faced each other.

    I actually like Keane as a pundit, if you can get past his deep resentment and bitterness he’s a highly intelligent and brutally honest football man. His bitterness towards Fergie and United can cloud his judgement but all in all he’s got a bit of character that 95% of the other pundits wish they had.

  15. northern gooner

    Besides his UCL win in his entire career with Liverpool he’s won 2 F.A Cups and a handful of pointless trophies (2 League Cups, Uefa Cup).

    i would sooner have them pointless trophies in our cabinet.

  16. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    I’m sorry mate but for me Gerrard was never a world class player. He was an inspirational captain and leader and in his prime an excellent B2B midfielder

    You just said it Inspirational captain leader excellent B2B midfielder

    Does that not signal a attribtes of a world class player?

    Gerrard in his prime was quality some the passes and 25 yarders he used to score were qualty.

    yeah he’s past it but he’s had longerity and most manager’s probably if asked back then who would you say aworld class english midfielder would be they would mention Gerrard.

  17. Le Phil

    The equation is really easy:

    Injuries are still the same ’cause Wenger plays his players in the red zone. Shad and the other guys can only ADVISE but not tell Wenger what to do. Final decision lies with “Le Prof”. He is the one taking risks and ultimately the one responsible for injuries. Why would anyone come up with a different theory? Wenger said so himself.

    Wenger is sooo French! Making sure he is the Nr1 then there is nothing and then there are only peasants. Staying for as long as possible despite everything falling apart around them. Sounds familiar? Well Blatter isn’t any different, is he?

  18. Bamford13

    Enner Valencia (Ecuador & West Ham) has looked fantastic tonight against the US and just scored a wonder-goal. Will be interesting to see what he can do in the EPL.

  19. Dream10


    I have been on the Enner Valencia bandwagon before the World Cup started. The boy is a goalscorer. I think he will find the net regularly for West Ham. A bargain for them. Might even scoring 20 goals this year.

    Not watching the match. How is it so far? Other than him, who are the standouts so far?

  20. fourthisatrophy

    Good news is Wenger is 65, and wont last much longer, death comes to us all, and I have been dead for 9 years watching this bilge, In the immortal words of John Lennon,” Gimme some truth” that’s all I want, and will never get it from this French SNOB

  21. gnarleygeorge9

    Just got the news by carrier pigeon that Ozil is now out for a lengthy period 😉 I wonder how the Club will perk up the fans in the coming weeks to keep that warm fuzzy feeling for Season Wenger XIX, till all the players return circa 2015. Phuck me cricket v India is my alternative option. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 🙁

  22. Leedsgunner

    “I feel the pressure but people should not forget that, three years ago, I was ‘living’ in the streets [playing football all the time],” he told Arsenal Player. “Today I’m playing for Arsenal.
    “When I joined Auxerre’s training centre I knew I wanted to become a footballer and I told myself I had to be the best player there. I had to sign that contract and, after being injured for two years, Arsenal found me.

    Source Arsenal.com

    What is the exact point of this article? Makes me more annoyed that we wasted time and money signing him in the first place?!?

  23. andy1886

    It’s a wind-up Leeds. Let’s hear the rest:

    “Goals will come as long as I keep working hard. I am always positive and usually when I start scoring I don’t stop. I haven’t set any targets yet, all I care about is that I play and improve my game.

    “Of course people will pressurise me – sometimes I get good critics and sometimes they are unfair, but I am catching up slowly and I am confident my time will come.”

    Key word “slowly”.

    “I haven’t set any targets yet”

    Perhaps you’ll get round to it at contract renewal time Yaya? Maybe something like ‘score a competitive goal’ perhaps?

    I’d like to read the follow up: ‘My journey to Arsenal and then the dole queue’.

  24. WrightIsGod

    Some people are vindictive idiots.

    Gerard never played in teams even near Arsenal quality until last year.

    The lad used to win games on h&i own for Liverpool on a regular basis.

    That FA Cup goal against West Ham when he was literally dead and scored a screamer. The UCL final when he basically dragged his team into extra time after going down 3-0 in the first half.

    Gerard is a legend and if he played for Arsenal you would rightfully call him that. He earned the world class title through pure determination, quality and application.

    I hate Arsenal fans who are either uneducated in the game or so biased the can’t make balanced arguments.

  25. N5

    WIG, WengerEagle is a very intelligent poster who happens to have a different opinion to you, there is absolutely no reason to insult him because you disagree. WC is a definition that is ambiguous as what constitutes an assist. You overreacting like that would suggest you are either Stevie G or have anger issues.

  26. Al

    Really glad Stefan O’Connor signed Pro terms….The Kid has really made a huge improvement this year and seriously looks the part…Hopefully he keeps getting better

  27. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Don’t get your hopes to high …..
    Chances are he will follow the path of others….jet, Murphy, Gavin Hoyle, Henderson…..
    Or worse still he will end up like wilshire, Gibbs, …..

  28. tunnygriffboy


    Why Berahinho ? We have Walcott, Sanchez, Ox Welbeck, Giroud. When would he play ? Good player agreed but we’re now covered with players of his quality. Got Akpom and Gnabry coming through as well.

  29. Al


    Can’t predict how he will turn out but all I can do is praise O’Conner at the moment… really made a huge leap in his development this year.

    Also some props needs to be giving for the Under 18 coaches because they really have improved…have a great style of play and packed with power and pace.
    I know they were a young group last year in the u18 but they still have really developed this year.

  30. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I know but to me the lad has a bit of special quality , which will elaborate at a big club’,
    Giround now he has his long contract will be dog poo worse than before.
    Walcott only one tackle from another long lay off…
    Akpom as much as I admire will not get a chance, gnarly has not built on last year break through .

    As much as wenger is applauded for giving yoot a chance ,,,,fact is he is more conservative than Cameron in giving them a chance.

  31. tunnygriffboy


    I just don’t think he’s someone we desperately need atm. Talk is af Draxler again. Huge difference in quality there. Again our first option should be midfielder and defensive cover