Ozil breaks. Will heads roll?

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I don’t know the detail. I don’t know the exact methodology going on. But I know a few bits of circumstantial evidence that would suggest our summer signing of Shad Forsythe isn’t quite working out.

I said at the time of his signing I wondered how the ‘politics’ would work. This thought was reinforced at The Emirates cup when he was introduced under some ridiculous job title and ‘working with Tony Colbert’.

Here’s the point. The old regime, which was Colbert, has been breaking players for years. We know this because we’ve seen the consistent horror show that is the injury league table. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware that table isn’t accurate but it’s a guide. Anyway, we’ve heard excuses like ‘luck’, hair pills, ‘we will investigate’ and all manner of ‘dodge the truth’ pearlers when the simple common theme is that we’ve an under qualified chancer running the show. Don’t believe me, look at his biog compared to some of the other guys running fitness at the top clubs in Europe. Someone brought in to run with the players in the Gary Lewin days ends up running performance management at one of the biggest clubs in the world, it was never going to work out long term because he’s never evolved his approach.

The club recognised this in the summer, went out and made a move for the German international fitness coach… which was still a risk because he’s not worked under the pressure of club football… but still a massive improvement and a big fat plug for the knowledge gap we’ve suffered.

Problem is, we kept the old regime in. Shad wasn’t a Wenger signing and we’re seeing the fruits of that right now. The old regime knows the club, is pals with a manager who would sacrifice performance over friendship and now we have a situation where it appears very little has changed. Same outcome as last year. Players broken by October in a horrendous pile up of issues. Generally quite flat looking starting line ups. All made worse because we don’t have a big enough squad.

Who takes the can for this? Who is accountable? I mean, it’s just school boy planning. The basics of business is there needs to be hierarchical certainty otherwise driving change becomes a force of personality issue. Send in a young guy to shake up an old boys club, how are you going to achieve anything? I’m pretty sure the club don’t have this issue on the corporate side. There aren’t to Head of Marketing people, there aren’t two CEOs… sorry, I lie, Arsene and Ivan.

… and that’s what it comes down to. Ivan doesn’t have the power he needs to bring some sanity to the playing side. Southampton have an infrastructure that’s owned by the club. So do Barca. So do most top clubs. That way, like any normal business, you can function if one person leaves because ‘process IP’ is with the club, not one man and 64 of his acolytes.

My personal opinion is the club need to make a decision, that decision is go all in with Shad and give him the chance to prove his worth. That means a parting of the ways with Tony Colbert. He’s had 10 years to sort himself out and he’s chosen not to. The playing side of this club is too entrenched in nepotism and it’s self destructive.

Although I think the new man Joncker went way over the top with his quotes in the Daily Mail about how shite the set up is, he nailed one point when he said our approach to scouting needs a total rethink.

‘The scouting must be restructured all over again. It needs to be brought to a level so that we can bring in the absolute best talents from abroad and from England at an age that Wenger can immediately work with them.

Another massive failing of the club over the years because again, Steve Rowley is clearly way past it. He’s only just discovered Germany. Which is great, but come on, why aren’t we tapping new markets? Where is our presence is the gold mine that is Eastern Europe? Why do we always sign duffers from South America (well, bar Gilberto, who was a Dick Law play I believe)?

There’s so little dynamism on the playing side. That’s the CEOs fault for not being stronger, but I guess he’s playing the waiting game. Wait until the King is dead then make your move, because if you make your play too early, you’ll be the one with your head on the chopping block.

Royalty has never been my cup of tea…

Anyway, the offshoot of all of this is we have another player who is broken. Ozil isn’t the strongest of players in the first place, he’d barely seen 90minutes in the years preceding Arsenal now it’s a standard affair. He’s out for up to three months (at a cost of £1.5m) which is bad news because he’s a dream player, but ultimately he’s been garbage. This injury forces Chambo into the set up which for me, is where that front three needs to be. He’s one of my favourite players. He has so many Premiership attributes, body builder power, explosive pace, a great attitude and pretty sound tekkers.

A big few months for him… but how long before he’s broken?

Right, that’s it for today. Have a good one, say hi to your two line managers.


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  1. Ozy

    London, I’m glad to hear that you are satisfied and content with your life and how you’re treated. But I’m sorry to hear that you feel that white people see you on equal footing as them, that they all see you as their equal and you have nothing to fight for. I’m sorry to hear you are so disconnected with reality, that you agree with the likes of Keyser who believe me calling a guy saying there’s no racism in football a privileged imbecile is a racist thing to say, one on equal footing as what white people say about us. I’m sorry that you resort to calling me an embarrassment and a race baiter when I’ve been trying to defend myself against an onslaught of people on here taking my opinion as something sacrilegious and harmful to their way of life. I’m sorry to hear that you think so low of me, as I’ve never had any reason to think the same of you – and whereas I admit that I did verge on ranting and this was no place for my discussion, I don’t know if that was necessarily called for when you don’t know anything about me.

    You are disconnected from reality if you believe you have nothing to fight for and being angry and having an opinion outside the realm of years and years of institutionalized racism is sowing ties of discord.

  2. London gunner


    By saying blacks can’t be racist your undermining those of us who have suffered racism.

    I only ever suffered racism from blacks on a consistent bases I was called a Mongrel half breed you name it.

    I physically had to fight to defend my mixed Jamaican mate with blonde dreads when we went after school club. Yet I never got shit from whites.

    So I don’t appreciate acting like that racism doesn’t go both ways that’s complete an utter bollocks

  3. Ozy

    London, I never claimed black people can’t be racist. I acknowledge that a lot of people in our race add to a lot of the hardships we face and problems that plague us because a lot of us refuse to move forward.

    However, it’s important to note that your personal experiences are just that – your experiences. They’re not an accurate representation of the truth – you claim white people have never bothered you and that’s great. I’m glad to hear that – but don’t assume that because that is true in your case, it’s true the world over.

  4. N5

    Ozy do you consider all white to be racist or have racist views? I ask as I consider myself free of any racist opinions/feelings! I wondered if you considered this possible.

  5. Ozy

    No, N5, of course not. I believe racism is very well alive but no, being white does not mean you’re racist. I know there are a lot of people who think like that, people that London might have been referring to, but that’s a dangerous mentality. Not that I’m the determinant on what’s racist or not. I even so much as try to place constrictions on what some of the people on here can idk, say or do, and it’s downright pandemonium..

  6. SUGA3


    what is going on at Arsenal?

    Wenger has gone too far with fine margins this time and unless we go big in January (we won’t), this is the beginning of the end that we see unfolding…

    I just pray and hope Woy at least spares most of our boys against San Marino!

    I mean, no disrespect, but come on 😉

  7. N5

    Well I think you held your own well against a considerable volume of comments, which as I’ve said to Keyser in the past is admirable.

  8. London gunner


    Fair enough I thought you were being serious. I agree with your previous comment.

    At the end of the day you can’t place a label on one whole group aside from feminists who are allman hating dikes (lol joking)

  9. NYCgooner


    I’m hoping we do too. I’m hearing Schneiderlin is still a target. Him or Khedira would do a good job for us along with another CB

  10. London gunner


    Fair enough I thought you were being serious. I agree with your previous comment.

    At the end of the day you can’t place a label on one whole group aside from feminists who are allman hating dikes (lol joking)

  11. NYCgooner


    Ozy is a very bright guy when it comes to social issues. I’ve seen him say some things that clearly he has given much thought to and he knows how to articulate his ideas clearly. His football ideas on the other hand……………..lunatic!!


  12. London gunner

    The England San martini game is the height of meaningless. What’s the point of playing a team that has scored 1 goal in 6 years?? The big teams should automatically qualify

    I mean why don’t we play England vs england second team and televise it.. Would be a great way to see players like stones Delph and chambers clyne Gibbs compared to Cahill Barry jag baines

    Also less likely to have injuries from tough tackles

  13. Ofebs

    SAF was ruthless but was no dictator at ManU Inc.
    Wenger on the other hand is nepotistic and dictator maximus at Arsenal Inc.

  14. N5

    Just to offer some white balance, I work for the government in a building with over 600 employees, you can count black people on one hand, there is few Asian and a handful of eastern European. We bang on and on about equality yet my office has more transvestites than black people, I wish I was kidding.

    Hastings isn’t considered an overly ethnic area, but id assume many Easter Europeans had applied as there are considerable volumes of those guys living here.

    Sad really that we pretend equality but don’t preach it.

  15. JJ


    ‘What I do see is that everybody at the club has the feeling that they need to have the green light from Wenger before they do anything. But maybe that is not the case.’

    Arsene the dictator ruining this club…

  16. London gunner


    Transvestites in the civil service? Lol that’s where I was going wrong then.

    To be fair I was getting all kinds of interviews with the civil service for jobs I wasn’t experienced enough to get because I ethnic and dyslexic.

    It was always kind of pointless because I knew the jobs were outside my pay grade and it felt kind of patronising to be one of the first to be interviewed so they can tick of some little statistic In their book

  17. Ozy

    Where were you guys when I was taking it from every which way.. just joking.

    N5, that’s a very common theme in most work environments. Not many people give it much thought because you see an office of mostly whites and a few minorities and you don’t bat an eyelash – it’s normalized. All I’m saying is society has a long way to go..

  18. London gunner


    Eastern European women are so hot but it’s hard to get with them they are nearly ways guarded by an Eastern European male body builder.

  19. N5

    Very true London, you’d have no problem getting a job with us if you were a Mongolian gay transvestite disabled Buddhist as you’d tick so many boxes. The civil service is awful in that respect.

  20. N5

    London I was discussing this with wengereagle before, I love eastern European women. I have a houseload of sexy Russian women living across the road from me, but all of them seem to be with weird looking fellas.

  21. London gunner

    Lol love dixons brutal honesty

    “I don’t see the point to tonight’s game”

    Lol whilst commentating on it

  22. TitsMcgee

    Never been to Untold before just now but glanced at this title:

    “The injury crisis is in fact a referee crisis”


    Christ almighty.

    “There is a phenomena in cognitive psychology which tries to explain how mankind’s morbid focus on small and often irrelevant negatives dominates many ordinary people’s thinking. It is called obsessive myopism or in plain English, choosing to maintain a shitty outlook on life.”

  23. MadeToLoveMagic


    its true when u think about it from the other side, a lot of arsenal fans on this site are very myopic in the way that they think, Some people refuse to see the multiple positives about our club. Untold’s problem is that they are religiously rigid on their stance over not slating any aspect of the club, and it frankly turns them in to loons, and they come across as tin hat wearing train spotters types.

    Some people are like

  24. Zalam

    Özil’s injury history:

    Schalke: Out for 7 days
    Bremen: 29 days
    Real Madrid: 0 days
    Arsenal: 133 (incl. latest injury)

  25. TitsMcgee


    In football, nothing settles arguments quite like results. When it comes to deciding the quality of managers, though, it can be more complex. Results can distort, not least for the fact coaches are working with different resources and from different starting points.

    So, in order to try to work out the greatest manager in the game right now, ESPN FC opted to go back to the fundamentals. The key is in the job title: “managing” the resources available, and that was a fundamental factor as we looked at the past five years to determine this list.

    These results, hopefully, are telling …

    1. Pep Guardiola

    The real brilliance of Guardiola is that he didn’t just change Barcelona. He changed football itself. You could sense something so different when his terrific team really began to find their stride, around September 2008. They blew so many opposition sides away, and thereby blew the game open.

    His appointment marked one of those key junctures in football history, on exactly the same line as the rise of Johan Cruyff and Rinus Michels at Ajax in the late 1960s and Arrigo Sacchi’s two European Cups with a magnificent AC Milan at the end of the 80s. Sacchi insisted as much himself. “Like my Milan,” the Italian enthused at the very high point of Barcelona’s spell of success between 2008 and 2012, “this team mark a ‘before’ and ‘after’ in world football.”

    It says even more than Sacchi that, from that point on, everyone had to adjust to Barca’s approach. His possession-pressing game — labelled “tiki-taka”, a title Guardiola himself doesn’t like — rippled through the game more than anything since Sacchi’s own abrasive approach. Either teams tried to replicate it or they had to adjust to it. It had an effect on everyone, but few could affect his Barca.

    Unlike so many other innovators — not least Sacchi himself — Guardiola wasn’t a manager who designed a tactic only to see someone else take it to new heights. He took it to its peaks, most notably the 2009 and 2011 Champions League final victories over Manchester United. Barca were as oppressively dominant in terms of silverware as they were on the pitch.

    Yet, out of the nine major trophies he has won in five seasons, one question has persisted: how would he have done with a side that wasn’t ready-made for success?

    That is to almost miss the point. Guardiola hasn’t just come into squads and facilitated victory. He’s come in and taken teams to the most extreme levels possible, while displaying a defined influence. His one major career failure so far, in fact, was the consequence of those extremes. Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga ludicrously early last season, sapping the intensity and drive Guardiola so demands. It meant they were well off their best by the team Real Madrid levelled them 5-0 on aggregate in last season’s Champions League semifinals.

    That defeat illustrates how Guardiola is far from perfect. His purism often gets the better of him, as does his micromanagement. The true brilliance is that has brought him closer to perfection than anyone else.

    Wenger at 19 one spot ahead of Rafa and one spot behind Pochetinno.

    I would move Wenger up to 18 but hard to argue the others ahead of him for me.

  26. London gunner


    That list is riddicalous it has Brendan Rogers ahead of Antonio conte and rude Garcia Carlo ancelotti

    A t am that lets in as many goals as Liverpool cannot have the 7th best manager in the world

  27. Johnty79

    Have to disagree with guardiola. He inherited a great youth team . He went crazy when he sold Yaya and then he stopped playing villa up front. That barca team should won more European cups. 2010 and 2012 should of been one by barca.

    He also broke bayern when they should of won back to back European cups.

    He was good but then got wengeritiss. He won’t win this year either.

  28. Johnty79

    I truelly hope the is not an ounce in the truth that we are going to sign cavani. He like Ozil is another flop waiting to happen. I think arsenal are a soft touch of a club now. What next Ibrahimovic for 60m

  29. alex cutter

    “Please someone should confirm if kolscieny is truly injured?”

    My sources say he has a terrible yeast infection.

  30. gazzap

    Arsenal have suffered another injury scare after Laurent Koscielny withdrew from the France national squad for the upcoming international friendlies against Portugal and Armenia with an Achilles problem.

    He’s had this for a while but cant rest it cos Wenger hasn’t got anyone else.

  31. Leedsgunner

    Although I’m a Gooner I have a sift spot for Leeds United and I thought Brian McDermott was really hard done by. He did a decent job as the Leeds gaffer with the very limited resources he was given. Hard worker good eye for detail.

  32. Dissenter

    Koshielny’s injury isn’t good news.
    He has chronic archilles tendinitis of both feet. The treatment is rest,ice and lots of ibuprofen. Yet the poor lad will have to play EVERY game.
    He’s had it since the preseason, yet Wenger failed to buy.
    Really, this man needs a supervisor.

  33. Leedsgunner


    If that is true (ie. that Kozzer and AFC had notice of this condition since preseason) it is unbelievably negligent to the player and the club. For what? What has it achieved? Tragic really.

  34. Dark Hei

    “Problem is, we kept the old regime in. Shad wasn’t a Wenger signing and we’re seeing the fruits of that right now.”

    When opinion is deliberately stated as fact, there is usually an agenda behind it.

    Not the first time Pedro, and it is not cool.

  35. Dark Hei

    “If you have a first team coach who doesn’t believe in young player you have to question why you even have a youth academy. I’m glad that he’s extended his contract but the club have told me that when or if he leaves, that a similar kind of manager will be appointed. I also found this important.”

    Other quotes from Jonker’s interview. To give a more balance view other than deliberate lift offs to promote the view that Wenger is shite and #WengerOut.

  36. Nick

    If you guys understood where Shad comes from you would understand how ludicrous it is that Tony Colbert is still around. Shad is part of Athlete’s Performance which is a residential training facility for professional athletes at their 2 locations in Arizona and Florida. The methods used include Functional movement testing and DNS rehab among others. These are among the most cutting edge testing and treatment concepts in the world of performance management. This place thrives on innovation. I thought Arsenal would have brought in the company as a consultant to study and recommend fundamental changes to the set up, but looks like Shad is caught up in the arsene v Ivan power struggle. In my world Arsene would be looking at a malpractice suit. Arsenal will do no better than 4th as long as AW is around. He does not have the goods. He is misusing the world class talent of Shad Forsythe and the movement he represents as surely as he has misused Ozil.

  37. ughelligunner

    Vermalean is injured again for barca. Whether he goes or stays does not undermine the fact that we needed a replacement. Pls let be less agenda driven and be thoughtful.
    P.s. Hayden is up coming from the youth, isn’t that what we v been crying out for? Youth given a chance?

  38. Moray

    @ Nick: good comment. I think Bouldy is in the same situation.

    It’s such a shame the Arsenal always seems to be centre of a tug of war. It was Lady Nine, Fizsman, Dein etc before at the Board level. Now we have Usmanov v Cleetus, Wenger v Gazidis, Colbert v Shad etc And who knows what is going on with our scouts. Noting much good, that is clear.

    If they want this to be a serious business, they should stop pissing around, reconcile their differences and run the club professionally for once.

  39. Dark Hei

    I was reading through the earlier threads and I found some interesting discussion about racism in football.

    BTW, does throwing a banana at Bale counts as racism?

  40. Jeff

    Wenger is yet to realise that the years of success he had were not his doing alone. We had some great players when he joined and he himself brought in some more with the help of David Dein. But then they started to leave – one by one. Why would they do that if Arsene was this great football guru that could do no wrong? Do you suppose they saw something they didn’t like and decided enough was enough?

    Of course by that stage i.e. 2004/2005, Arsene had already made himself king of all football kingdom – who was going to challenge him? And the devoted fans, of course they still remember the invincibles and the glory years – how could they forget? But it also blinds them to what is happening now. Instead of having a brand new stadium heaving with 60,000 people, we now have something in the region of up to 10,000 people not bothering to turn up and those that do often go back home disappointed and angry. The fans have lost the will the shout and sing any more – it’s just been too long and it has become too stale – the whole damn thing.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if there is a power struggle going on but it’s still a mystery as to how and why Wenger managed to get another 3 years. FA cup win and the end of a contract would have been the absolute ideal time for him to bow out and leave before disgracing himself even more.

  41. Wallace

    this ‘Shad’s not being allowed to bust out his health tekkers’ stuff is laughable. not one shred of evidence to suggest he’s not being allowed to do his job. just Pedro trying to cover his tracks after spending all summer telling us Shad equals the end of injuries.

  42. N5

    Yes ug, youth given a chance but not as your only option. Hayden playing against the likes of Dortmund is frightening.

  43. N5

    You guys crack me up with your crack pot Shad/Wenger theories, have any of you looked at the length of the grass lately?


  44. Gregg

    Anyway news update on Ozil. Wenger has said we have our own people looking at the scans and that we will decide the lay-off time. That’s this season done with then.

  45. Wallace


    it’s not so much Shad, more Pedro trying to blame Wenger for everything that goes wrong. you can have a pop at him for not buying a DM, leaving us so short in defence, and no doubt many other things, but to suggest the reason we’re still getting injuries is because Wenger’s not letting Shad do his work is just pure speculation/bullshit on Pedro’s part.

  46. Dissenter

    Wallace and Gregg,
    I’ve questioned Pedro to no avail.
    He built up Shad as some kind of genius while he publicly lambasted Tony Colbert, without any evidence.
    Pedro does have many blind spots that he creates for himself.

    He’s also impressed by Gazidis and never directly criticizes him.
    Instead, he’ll ask generic questions of the wind and wait for his own echo to come back to him.
    “Who takes the can for this? Who is accountable? I mean, it’s just school boy planning. The basics of business is there needs to be hierarchical certainty otherwise driving change becomes a force of personality issue”

    Pedro, the answer is GAZIDIS , the CEO.
    You know answer because you work in a management structure yourself. The buck stops at Gazidis table.

  47. Moray

    point is, these fuckers all have their snouts in the trough, and everyone is getting richer. The ultimate decisions are made by an owner who goes to the games twice or three times per year and really can’t be that interested, so as long as the pigs stay in line, they continue to get paid.

    What was Bouldy doing before becoming Wenger’s assistant? why, he was at Arsenal since 2001. Why would he rock the boat? Also, I’m sure Shad is getting a nice payrise from his job with Germany, so how long will he last in this situation?

    All we can really say for sure is what we see week in week out on the pitch and in the talent pipeline coming through the ranks. So we can say with certainty we don’t prepare properly for the games tactically, physically or mentally and our scouting and contract negotiating is poor. Whether that is down to the manager or his many minions doesn’t really matter. I would kick the lot of them out.

  48. Moray

    Dark Hei “does throwing a banana at Bale counts as racism?”

    If anything this is speciesism. King of like urinating on a polar bear’s head in the zoo.

  49. Dark Hei


    Bould was in the youth setup prior to his appointment. Look, with hindsight, I think it was not the best fit for him to be Wenger’s AM. But his appointment did bring about better defensive stability which we were so desperate for. But since then, we seem a little off as far as team approach is concerned, like we are lacking balance or something.

    Lol, Polar Bears…..someone call the animal cruelty hotline. The difference is that Bale can actually eat the banana.

  50. Igbo Amadi-Obi

    The argument that the injury problems have persisted because Mr. Forsythe isn’t running the show is speculative, and therefore not sustainable, given that Mr. Wood has literally confessed not to have the facts.

    It would help credibility if Mr. Wood could develop insider contacts at Arsenal.