Who is our international break sacrifice?

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International break lands, a day later, all news the world over stops. You know, bar the serious stuff.

These breaks are f*cking depressing. I don’t mean to be rude, xenophobic or racist… but England are playing San Marino this weekend (or Friday, who cares). What is the point? What benefit does that bring to the sport. What are we trying to achieve? I’m all for a fairer sporting world, but look, I’d feel the same if England had a baseball team.

International breaks are a great excuse for players to jump on a plane, play a really terrible team and pick up an injury on a really terrible pitch.

You just know we’re picking up at least one hamstring injury in the name of spanking some crap pub team in Andorra.

There really isn’t much else to talk about, The Star are running stories about £60m transfer sprees in Jam… do me a favour. Another publication ran an article about Bayern buying Ozil in the summer. I’d be interested to see what a manager like Pep would do with the German. Pretty sure his attitude would improve. Someone needs to give him a kick up the backside. Someone else needs to have a word in the ear of Wenger and tell him to drop Ozil back in at number 10.

I’ll have a better offering tomorrow, apologies for the late posts, I’m working two jobs at the moment. Mad times people, totally mad times.


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  1. MidwestGun

    That’s still a dim bright side. Only 4 mo. instead of 12. Unbelievable……. really. This is not the news I was hoping to catch up on reading today’s comments.

  2. Leedsgunner

    In a way it is irrelevant whether Özil was injured before or during the Chelsea match. What is embarrassing and amateurish is that it took the medical staff at the German FA to discover it. So anyone at the club going to answer for this debacle?

    The silence is deafening isn’t?

  3. Wallace

    “Özil complained of pain in his left knee after playing 90 minutes in Sunday’s defeat by Chelsea, and Arsenal advised Germany to make checks on his fitness ahead of the games against Poland and Republic of Ireland. Having made those tests, the DFB then posted its message.”

    – Telegraph

  4. Wallace


    he’ll have left to join up with the national side straight after the Chelsea game. no time to do a proper examination, thus them asking the German docs to take a look.

  5. Dark Hei

    “Arsenal advised Germany to make checks on his fitness ahead of the games against Poland and Republic of Ireland.”

    I mean since Shad Forsyth is tagging along that is no difference right?

  6. Du Vi

    Ala Tomas Rosicky If Andrea Pirlo played for Arsenal he would be a permanent fixture on the subs bench ,benched by headless chicken Ramsey and non entity Arteta / Ozil and the docile fans would attempt to justify it.

  7. Wallace

    Dark Hei

    yeah…i think there’s a good relationship between Arsenal and the German national side. when we trolley grabbed Mertesacker i think we got their docs to give him his medical. although the Telegraph article i quoted from also says we’re pissed that Germany gave a time frame for the injury(10-12wks), when usually that’s supposed to be left to the club to announce.