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Reading through some of the aftermath of the Chelsea game yesterday and the general consensus seems to be ‘pretty good performance, standard result’…

But as Alex rightly pointed out in one of his substandard match reports, there’s no need to be down. The rest of the clubs around us are in a mess. The big question for me isn’t whether United get their shit together, it’s whether Liverpool do. I think we’ll comfortably make top four and really, that’s the sorry state of my dreams… Can we make top four in style?

The offshoot of that is, if we do make top four, is that enough? Are the club just happy to exist? Just churn through the money? Just fatten the wallet of Stan Kroenke… the least interested sports club owner on the planet. I mean, here’s the issue, how can you ever get bored of Arsenal if you were never interested in the first place? We’re in owner purgatory as well as managerial… Stan will never do badly enough to merit a fire sale… he’ll never do well enough to maximise the clubs potential.

We are literally a number on a property portfolio…

Actually, that might be unfair. Ultimately, Ivan controls the clubs destiny in the post Wenger revolution. He’s probably thinking the same as us. He knows the drill. He’ll hear the reports. Trouble is, who are his football men? Who is his Txiki Begiristain? Are they any good? Who brought in Shad and said… ‘Guys, we can easily make it work with two heads of fitness, what could possibly go wrong?’.

Who looked around the world of global youth set ups and said, yeah, the best person is Joncker. I mean, really? What the hell were they thinking? In the words of Eddie Murphy, ‘What youth sensations have you produced for me lately?’

Shouldn’t we be looking at, say, Southampton? Or perhaps Barcelona? That makes sense, right? Look at whoever the best in the business is and make a play for them. Offer a 25% payrise, a bigger budget, complete control of the set up… give them everything they don’t have at Southampton.

What did we do? Pinched a failed number two from Germany.

… because look, being youth team coach at a club isn’t a premier role like being a number two is. It’s a demotion.

He might be incredible. Ivan might have made a dream signing, but the point is, it’s a risk because I don’t see the what’s ‘current’ about this guy. Is he massively better than what we had? Which bar local kids, brought through quite a few names. My concern is the appointments we’ve made at a lower level have been tarred in bad selection or mired in blurred structure. What’s going to happen when the big one comes? What does the advisory board look like, because the current one looks to be making some very confused decisions.

Many questions. Many, many questions.

Here’s another big fat one for Ivan.

Why are you not paying the staff London Living? Why have you put them on zero contracts?

Where’s the class Arsenal? What’s the saving a year? Does it equate to a Diaby? How many millions would putting a few pounds on the lowest paid staff cost in real terms?

My guess is it’s negligible, problem with sports clubs is they’re tight outside their stars. Understandable if you’re in the out group the elite of Premiership football, but when you have £100m picking up dust, it’s embarrassing, when you’re the beacon of a community, it’s spiteful… what are Arsenal playing at?

Look after those who look at you. Look after the vulnerable. Look after those who want to work. Support the community.

Loads of businesses do it. Marketing brands make staff work for free. The music and art business is a disgrace. Football clubs should behave better. They’re paying average players millions to work 10 hour weeks. Give a little back. What’s the point of all this new TV money if none of it finds its way back to the fans or the people who support the whole system?

Sad part is, we market off the back of our class. For shame.

In other news, I forgot to mention the Courtois head injury yesterday. What’s going on there? We have the concussion protocol, yet doctors are still keeping players on. I understand why managers keep players on, a bit like an army major sends his wounded troops back over the trenches. It has to stop though.

Could the league do something like give a free sub? I know that’s open to abuse, but if video evidence supports a clear head injury, maybe it’s a solution? I just find it baffling there can be any choice other than subbing a keeper who has clearly been knocked out. The man was bleeding out of his ear and it still seemed like there was a debate. It’s going to end badly if someone doesn’t get on top of this soon…

International break is back again… Is it called that because it literally breaks me with boredom.

I don’t even know where to start here. Although the good news is we should see Theo making his way back over the next month which is bloody massive for us. I miss his face. And goals. I hope there’s a very smart plan for him when he comes back. We can’t keep losing him to massive injuries. He’s key to pushing us to top 4 supremacy.

Right, I have a magical day that’s is totally blocked out with meetings.

Have fun, don’t touch flames.

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  1. Keyser

    Carts – Where does this aggression come from ? I could sit here and just say ‘you’re talking shit’, but I’m acually trying to engage you.

    We had a ‘Catchment area’, that at least imposes your first limit and a valid answer, so already you have a limit on how far you can look, also look at how viable it would be to drive your kid down to training at Arsenal from Coventry every day, other day, or however regular it is. Not to mention, that I haven’t timed myself, but 90 minutes to Southampton ? and you’re pushing it, through the ‘Catchment Area’s’ of teams like West Ham, Chelsea, Tottenham, and at times several other premiership teams.

    Then you consider that the kid has to make it through 7+ years of the Academy, Afobe for example, pretty much tore up every year of his time with us, but as soon as he was to try and progress to the top tier, injuries just basically curtailed any small window of oppurtunity he had.

    We can set-up Arsenal schools, or have scouts looking at youngsters, but when you look at the amount of time and effort we’ve had to put into both Walcott and Ox, you can hardly say we’re simply cherry picking ready made youngsters, we basically spent 10 million a piece on two teens, who’ve we are or have developed into top class footballers over several years.

    Even now read the comments on the blog, Wilshere, Szczesny, Gibbs, Ox, Theo, how much criticism are they getting, is Wenger or the club getting and you want us to throw more money into our youth Academy ? You’re just not being very practical, or even pragmatic.

    Compare a 90 minute radius to being able to scour the entire World..

    I gave you the link for the German FA, and I know it’s not comprehensive, because Germany have obviously been successful, but the onus has come from the top down, the German FA have invested hundreds of millions into football schools of their own aswell as pressurising German clubs as a whole into complying.

    I quoted Frank Arnesen because he’s worked with a few clubs in London let alone England and he’s basically given you the rock to the hard place we find ourselves between to give our youth a chance we have to give them game-time against teams that have simply bypassed the same youth players for ready made foreigners or even premiership ready English players, it’s why English players are at such a premium.

    That’s why you need comparison, who are you comparing us to, to say we’re failing ? Without that comparison all you’re doing is rambling and ranting.

  2. salparadisenyc

    Apparently Mesut went into the Loo fit but came out with a knee injury.

    Sources on the scene within the German camp were quoted as saying a loud noise could be heard from inside as Mr. Ozil screamed WENGER before apparently giving himself a self inflicted season ending wound.

    The player will supposedly be fit on June the 1st.

  3. Daniel

    I don’t seem to get why arsene is made tp pay for mesut ozils drop in form,
    He needs to wake up and work on himself, especially his confidence.it’s got nothing to do with his position.