Referee cost Arsenal points at Chelsea, simple as that

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Arsenal fans getting to grips with flares, badly via @away_days

Arsenal fans getting to grips with flares, badly via @away_days

I went into the game with a worry and tenseness that always follows me into a major games under Arsene Wenger. Many questions were laid on the table, in the main; they mostly centred on our planning.

Namely, did we do any?

Wenger immediately did his switch from ‘winning formula’ to ‘not so much winning formula’. The Ox was dropped out of the starting line-up, Jack slipped into the midfield with Flamini, Cazorla played in the hole with Mesut outwide on the left. For me, the visible lack of power was a worry.

I’ve not penned a match report, I’ve just penned the points of interest.


It was clear to me that Arsenal had done some work at the training ground before the game. We held our shape far better than we have done in the last few games against Chelsea. There wasn’t so much bombing forward from the full backs (bar Gibbs who can’t resist), we had a more reserved approach and we were quite happy giving Chelsea the ball for large parts. The fact the game plan didn’t work centred around other items outside our shape / tactics.


You know I’m not one for whining about the conspiracy of referees, but simply put, the standard of refereeing was an absolute disgrace yesterday. Games hinge on the whims of these men who are so often destroyers of games it’s embarrassing.

Early on in the game, Cahill scythed down Sanchez in a disgusting challenge that was a straight red. No question about it. The 4th official saw it, he bottled it, Atkinson cowardly ignored the obvious through fear of what Mourinho might say after the game. So Cahill stayed, which meant, Hazard stayed on the pitch… because he’d have been the luxury player sacrificed by the practical Mourinho.

The second half saw another howler when Atkinson adjudged Cesc’s spectacular handball not to be a handball. What is it with refs and handballs? That was so obvious. He saw it clearly. Yet he ignored it. Again, 1-1 makes it a different game.

Also, I know we were lucky not to lose Laurent. But how Calum Chambers was booked is quite beyond me. I know he’s been a bit clumsy of late, but Hazard played for that booking. When you layer his yellow card over the systematic fouling from Oscar (who didn’t pick up a booking until very late), well, you really struggle to work out what’s going on there… other than Mourinho now having the Ferguson fear factor among refs. Which is so pathetic.

I bitch about football managers not using data properly, who is talking to the refs? Who sits down with those guys before a game and says, ‘Look, Jose will set up a team that will disrupt in the final third with niggly fouls. If this happens more than three times in the first 10, tell the captain you’re booking the next foul regardless’.

No one does. The refs are so wrapped up in their own performance, they fail to see what’s going on from a tactical standpoint, so teams can bully, trick and con their way to points.


Both the goals were of our own doing. As with the last game, we lost the ball twice in midfield and Chelsea capitalised. Two stupid mistakes. The first one was Sanchez in Cheslea’s final third, the break wasn’t tracked because we don’t have the right players, Hazard beasted through the middle of our players, Cazorla missed him, then Laurent stuck out a lazy challenge and felled him. No red card which was lucky. Laurent really has been a shower this season, if he doesn’t want to be here, perhaps he should just say. No excusing his attitude of late, he looks totally uninterested.

The second goal came from Santi losing the ball, Cesc launched a long ball George Graham would have been proud of… our two centre backs both dithered… they didn’t drop deep to clear the ball, they didn’t push up to play Costa offside, so he followed the ball, chested it down and flicked deftly over our keeper and that was it. A really pathetic piece of defending from our centre backs… who sadly have no competition to shake things up. Per needs a rest, Laurent needs dropping. Again, total negligence from the manager to not have sorted that massive gap in his squad this summer.

Point is, both of those mistakes were text box. We really shouldn’t be suffering mistakes like that if we have title aspirations.


Chelsea have a Matic. They have a big huge lump of meat that sits just in front of the back four. He’s explosive over ten yards so he can cover the ground needed to snuff out danger and he’s cynical. Where was our cynical challenge when Hazard broke? Where was our player who would go through the player and the ball to kill an attack? It’s car crash squad planning. We lost two points to City because we lacked a Schneiderlin, we lost at least one goal against Chelsea because we didn’t buy a Carvahlo. It’s been clear for years that we lack power in our side. It’s clear now we lack power. It was clear yesterday we lacked power.

So why is it never addressed?


Again, I know this is to be expected of Wenger and it’s nothing new, but our substitutes at times are completely baffling. The manager takes off Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere and leave on Flamini and Ozil. What’s he thinking? He should have yanked the very average Flamini and Ozil who was having a terrible game again. Even pulling Sanchez, a striker who goes to war everytime he plays shouldn’t have gone off. Wenger really does have a blind spot when it comes to subs. It’s like he makes the decisions based on how much he likes a player, rather than what’s going on in front of his eyes.

Arsenal in final third

We had possession in spits and spats but we didn’t make enough of it in the final third. Jack Wilshere wasn’t great yesterday; his touch let us down badly when he had a clear run of goal. He was wasteful with his passing at times. Ozil was an absolute passenger out there, he really is starting to look every inch the panic buy he was. Again, someone needs to have a quiet word with him about what it is to play for the The Arsenal. Bench him, no one is bigger than the club. Welbeck didn’t get into the game and overall I’d say we were too fussy in their half. We’re playing the same style we did last season when we have players that allow us to be more direct and quicker on the counter. Our front three really doesn’t have any sort of balance at the moment.

Wenger record

It’s really weak against Mourinho. 12 without a win. It’s quite unbelievable Wenger still hasn’t turned him over. The fisticuffs during the game at least showed a manager who cared. I mean, Jose asking the ball boy to hold onto the ball after the first minute and all the rest of the nonsense is just typical scumbag Jose. The idea that the fat little waiter sitting next to him would take on Steve Bould is quite hilarious.

Back to the game, Wenger is usually pretty easy to set up against, not yesterday. He did some homework yesterday, but he was still found out because he didn’t do his homework in the summer and build a decent squad capable of going toe-to-toe with the top guns. We’ll always fall down with Wenger because he’s not elite anymore. However, at least he gave it more of a go yesterday. There are smatterings of progress, even though those progress moments only tend to come when he’s on a very bad run.


I think we’ll still make top four. We were never in the title race. So yesterday was an expected loss. However, if we can get into our stride, continue to do our preparation on the opposition and find something to make the fans smile, I’ll be happy enough. I know the limitations of the manager, I’ve accepted them so I’ll be pleased if we just improve on last season.

Flat ambition, I know. But what’s the point in hoping for the impossible? What’s the point in arguing with people who don’t see it? Because to be honest, if you can’t see the decline in our manager compared to others, you’re either lying to yourself, blind or you’re just playing up to a character you’ve carved yourself online.

Still, good news is on the horizon. Once Ramsey and Theo come back into contention, we’ll be a different side. Having options like Debuchy and Giroud will also give us more quality. I don’t think our crocked right back would have given Hazard such an easy ride yesterday. A Giroud would give us something from the bench we don’t get from Lukas. Finally, at left back, I’m really struggling to see what Gibbs gives us at the back or going forward. Monreal isn’t fashionable, but I think he’s a better left back than Kieran, way more fight.


An expected defeat but one which mostly hinged around terrible standard of reffing in this country. Chelsea didn’t look like future Champions yesterday, they looked like a team that’s set the pace early that could struggle if they pick up one or two injuries over the next few months. Then we’ll see the whinger of a manager they have self-destruct in cry baby fashion like he did last season.

That’d make me smile…

Right, have a great day!

P.S. Arsenal fans letting a flare off… in the bar. Come on guys, lift it!

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  1. NYCgooner

    Every time I’ve watch vidal play, he’s been an absolute terror on the opposing side. To the point that they are looking out for him when they have the ball, knowing that he’s coming.

  2. goonpharm

    Apart from that totally agree with the rest of your post today.

    Thought Santi was one of our best players yesterday and Jack was decent too. Gutted he messed up that chance.

  3. goonpharm

    Sorry NYC!!!!

    I’m not staying long. Just wanted to give my 2 pennies worth on yesterday’s game.

    Even though we lost I actually was proud of the team. Looks like some lessons have learnt. Would have loved to see Ramsey in that game. It’s games like Sunday that players like Ramsey are built for.

  4. NYCgooner

    I’m with you goonpharm. some of the fellow posters disagreed with me and thinks that we are lowering our standards but i think the team fought hard but Chelsea was better on the day. Season is long and they will lose form at some point while i’m sure we will get better. We gave them a great game while not even close to playing our best stuff. We will get better as the season progresses. Chelsea is peaking too soon, trust me on this.

  5. BacaryisGone


    First, that was your best post for a long time. A fair balance of third-party faults and Arsenal’s failings.

    Let’s take your points one by one:

    Shape: Agreed-we clearly had a game plan that almost worked for us.

    Decisions: Cahill gets sent off, we all know it’s a different game. Atkinson was an absolute disgrace. It was clear all he wanted to do was preserve his no-red card run of games. The yellow for Chambers was debatable though, but it was actually that yellow that stopped him from bringing Hazard down before he even got to Kozzer for the penalty.

    Mistakes: A little harsh on Alexis and Santi. The ball was given away plenty of times by both teams. I remember a couple of howlers from Cesc too. Ultimately, a good defensive shape should allow a team to recover from errors higher up the pitch. I agree that Kozzer and Mert were poor on the 2nd goal although I’m not convinced it should outweigh the strengths of their overall partnership in the last year. They’ve been a solid CB pair and that’s hard to come by these days.

    Squad: The criticism about not having a strong DM is valid, but not in this game. Flamini was decent in this game for us and Matic was actually a little lumbering on occasion.

    Substitutions: That’s a tough one because it’s easy to criticize in hindsight. He’s also made some good subs in the last season (Sanogo in the Cup, Giroud vs Everton) that many wouldn’t have made but he’s certainly no substitution genius.

    Final Third: I didn’t think Ozil was a passenger but there are times when it seems he’s lacking fire. It’s a tough one because he had a couple of strong games and even in this game a few (too few) sublime moments. He was also prepared to track back quickly when needed, but overall it feels that he’s not frequently playing at full throttle.

    Wenger Record: Hard to argue on that one.

    Challenge: I always felt this would be the season before the big push because of our failure to lock in a CB and DM. Massively disagree with Monreal being better than Gibbs. I think Monreal is better this season than the last season and a half but he’s a perfect number 2 choice LB, and he doesn’t appear to be disgruntled at not starting.

  6. BacaryisGone

    If you look at the Wenger shove on Mourinho, you can see Cesc at the bottom of the screen watching it unfold. Quite sad really, almost like a child watching his estranged dad and step-father getting in a fight.

  7. andy1886

    BiG, fair to say that it’s ALWAYS the season before the big push every year isn’t it? The lack of a CDM has been a problem for years (I’d even sugggest that Song wasn’t ever the answer either). No reason to think that AW will not stick with what he has in January, just like he did last year as you’ll recall.

  8. Hunter

    All this talk about Khedira coming in January is a load of crap.Can you imagine the conversation his best mate Ozil will be having with him?Lets face it it looks pretty obvious to me that Mesut is pretty pissed off with life at the Emirates,being played out of position,crap team and even crazier Manager!Why would Sammy come to us?ok you could say for the money but I am sure there will be plenty of other clubs in contention for his signature as well as us!With us ,he won’t win anything worth while,his best mate will be off in January(Bayern are supposedly keeping an eye on the situations)Podolski will also be gone so other than Mert the German connection will be over..More importantly,I truly believe Wenger will find it so difficult to attract the kind of players we need because despite what he may think who wants to play for a loser?He is living in LaLa Landa and I think over the next season or two you will see more players want out than in,we are on a downward spiral and will inevitably sink to mid table mediocroty through Wengers actions.Which ever way you look at it we are in a no win situation ,Wenger is here to stay and the legacy he leaves will not be a good one..I also believe he will promote himself to Sporting Director when he retires,a position which he doesn’t think necessary at AFC at this moment in time lol

  9. ughelligunner

    I don’t know if many of us so called fans are blinded by frustration. The said players Arsenal were supposed to sign are endorsed by greedy agent. Arsenal does not back slap greedy agents hence deals might come cheaper than players we bought, but we never do secret handshake of deals. That’s the main reason we never sign some players.
    Hazard was signed together with his brother, do you see arsenal signing players this way or promising their parents/agent loads of Money when they convince their children to come?
    Hazard/Neymer deal is a great example.
    There is a reason wenger said Costa deal will cost above 100m if i am not mistaken. This should been taken into considerations when talking about players wenger missed out on.
    P.s. This is not a get out of jail card for arsene, its just an observation of names of Hazard and co people are throwing out, not forgetting the third party deals

  10. franck

    Has anybody noticed that jack wilshere has not played in a wining game for us this season,apart from the man city community shield game.Aston Villa game was won in the first half.he came on in the 2nd half,plus against Everton,we managed to score wen he was pulled off,crystal palace game was won wen he was subbed.

  11. Ozy

    So Kos and our Número Uno have both conceded the most penalties than anybody in the premier league in the last 5 years. Fabregas has also assisted more goals than our entire team, according to a Sky Sports graphic.

    Let’s face it, guys. Let’s sit down. Let’s talk. We’re no longer a top team. We’ve dropped out of the “European Elite” (if we were ever even in that category) Teams like Atletico and Dortmund have leapfrogged us – Roma is going in that direction.

    We’re finished as a top club. It’s not even just Wenger – he’s the root of the problem but we will not win a thing with this squad. He’s built a mediocre squad. With the exception of Ozil and Sanchez, our squad is mediocre from head to toe. We praise Oxlade, Wilshere, Kos, Ramsey…

    I’m sorry. They’re mediocre and this team is mediocre. Let’s get this deluded notion that we’re a top team out of our heads. I did. Helps me sleep easier.

  12. SUGA3

    for me the most gutting thing was that Chavs did not even have to break into sweat and scored two goals when they could be arsed to do so…

    that, and the fact that we did not look even remotely threatening, I mean, ZERO fucking shots on target? Flamini came closest to scoring, shame it was almost an own goal, ffs!

  13. Simon

    Good post Pedro,
    Balanced for the most part. It was funny to see Chelsea sitting back for most of the game. TBH they have a decent squad but will get hammered this season with the right tactics
    They are really an improved version of Stoke under Mourinho

    I don’t think we should be too down hearted and I agree with your comments on the refereeing

  14. Leedsgunner

    Keane responded by saying: ‘You as well gaffer. We need f****** more from you. We need a bit more, gaffer. We’re slipping behind other teams.’

    Roy Keane to SAF after Man United lost 4-1 to Middlesborough

    Say what you will about Keane as a manager as a player he was immense and his desire to win was incredible. Could you ever imagine anyone of our players demanding such a stance from Wenger?!?

    Read more:

  15. salparadisenyc

    Is Woy going to send Chambers and Welbeck back with some form of injury.. has that feel. But then it always does. These bloody useless qualifiers, would they just put the top 12 sides from Europe automatically in and let the other 12 duke it out in qualification? Thats right 24 teams in for 2016 France, 2012 was 16.

    Would be a nice break for the boys to rest up and find out who the FUCX they are.

  16. JJ

    Rotational fouling – I personally don’t like it but it is legal and a legitimate and effective tactic. Instead of complaining about it maybe we should adopt it. Unfortunately we don’t have the players to pull it off. We prefer the clumsy, over the top tackle the more often than not screams for a card.

  17. SUGA3


    what, is there something to be upbeat about?

    nothing to cheer about if you are playing a particular team and you just know that you are not getting diddly squat out of this, fair play to the away fans for a bit of fun with flares, it’s the most fun they got out there!

    we are miles away from Chelsea or Citeh, once United click, we will once again have the pleasure of slugging it out for the fourth with the other second rate teams…

    and we should thank our lucky stars Rodgers spent Suarez money on a bunch of pretty gash players, otherwise we would not get anywhere near 4th, simple as that…

  18. SUGA3

    …and you know what else?

    IF we get fourth, we will have the even bigger pleasure of waiting for the CL qualification before we add the last couple of pieces to the jigsaw…

    can’t fucking wait 👿

  19. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Wish someone with power would give wenger an ultanium ?

    Manage a team to play football like we did 10 years ago or leave.

    Pay him off his 3 years …

    He is finished as a top class manager.

  20. goona

    Fuck all your predictions re 4th ….I want to WIN the fucking league…..not second not third FUCK OFF fourth. WIN THE FUCKING LEAGUE………arsene .Fuck off

  21. Ozy

    Btw, for all who condemned Wenger for pushing Mourinho, fuck off. I hate Mourinho. Should’ve decked him instead. Break his nose.

  22. Dissenter

    Today’s post is a home coming party for the Wengerites.
    I’m seeing posters who haven’t been here for a while coming back home to say “good post Pedro”

    Great politicking, Pedro.
    Keep doing it and you/’ll win them back 😉

  23. SUGA3


    yes, I think most of the fans of this club want to win the league, but did you have any hope of doing so when the transfer window had finished?

    I mean, really? with 6 defenders worth mentioning for 4 positions, virtually no reserve CBs and no defensive midfielder who is not a liability more often than not?

    there is absolutely no way both Koscielny and Mertesacker will stay fit throughout the season and there is very little possibility of us signing any reasonably good players in January, I think we should just throw the FA Cup early and try avoid coming third in the CL group…

  24. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    My question’s?

    Why wan’t Ozil taken off instead off Cazrla?

    Why is the Ref being spoken about

    Danny should of been sent off too

    9 points from 42 against the top teams that something to be proud of

  25. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Be careful what you wish for

    De Boer

    may not be better but younger and may bring in a freshness to team

  26. kwik fit

    Pedro is making a fool of us all with that post. Straight from the lips of the Untold teetotalers. Blaming the referee for our impotence against the rent boys. Love it Peds 🙂

  27. Dissenter

    “Hazard was signed together with his brother, do you see arsenal signing players this way or promising their parents/agent loads of Money when they convince their children to come?
    Hazard/Neymer deal is a great example.”

    I though we had the Gibbs twin sibling on contract before, It just did not happen for Jaydon. He is in the conference now.

    Moreover, you picked the wrong example. The Thogard Hazard signing was an inspirational signing for Chelsea. He won the Belgian player of the year last year and now plays for Borrussia Mönchengladbach on loan from Chelsea. He was purchased for nothing, yet will be sold for a hefty profit.

  28. kwik fit

    Have been listening to Stanley collymore on talkshite for the past 90 mins and the guy is much more intelligent than I’ve given him credit for. Has nailed it as far as Arsene Wenger is concerned.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Anybody seen the video of Bianchi’s crash?

    Jeeeez, it’s a miracle he wasn’t killed on impact, absolutely no protection from the crane, hit it side on so his head smashed into it and destroyed half the F1 car.

  30. kwik fit


    That he’ll never win a big trophy again because he refuses to spend and gets whats needed. Basically saying everything most le grovers have been saying for the past few years. He needs to move over and let a fresher man take over.

  31. kwik fit


    Mourninho would never have Ozil in the premier league because he’s a lazy so and so. I know he has said he’s the worlds best no 10 but it wouldn’t surprise me if mourinho is just spinning it.

  32. Jeff

    Only 2 wins from 7 games – 10 points from a possible 21. Soon as your points tally go less than half what is possible, you’re heading towards the middle of the table.

  33. kwik fit


    He also said that he’s got it on good authority that Khedira could be on his way in January and that Wenger tried and failed to get him in the summer.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    I think from what Mourinho said about Ozil he would, but it’d be a total luxury buy. He was saying about how you need to know how to handle Ozil and treat him specially – meaning I think that he can’t play for very long and you need to know A) When to rest him/Sub him B) What games to put him in.

    Right now a side like Chelsea could afford an Ozil buy. He’s a luxury that just adds that little more efficiency and makes your class forwards even more lethal – or gives them more opportunities to be.

  35. kwik fit


    We’ve played 4 of our top rivals in the 7 games so the points total could be misleading but the continued failure against the big teams does not auger well for the campaign.

  36. kwik fit


    But is he better than Oscar or cesc? Don’t think so. Mourinho is also smart enough to let him stay at Arsenal because he knows Wenger would never get the best out off him , while playing him into the ground.

  37. Jeff


    I don’t think I would label Ozil as lazy. We’ve seen many players over the years come to us with good credentials only to see themselves drop in form and fizzle out after many years of being played too much or in the wrong position, or hardly at all.

    It wasn’t too long ago we were saying the same thing about Arshavin. Too lazy – won’t track back. Hand on heart – is Gervinho (whom we all lambasted for his poor performance including me) the same player as he was playing for us? No – he looks a better player now at Roma. And what about Vela? If Podolski leaves, I bet he’ll be a better player elsewhere as well.

    Are all these mere coincidences or is there something about playing for Arsenal that sucks the talent from your soul?

  38. Cesc Appeal


    For sure. I think Mourinho is going to go hard for Reus personally anyway in the summer. Hazard one side, Reus the other, Costa in front, Fabregas and Oscar pulling the strings – joke.

  39. Jeff

    When Ozil plays for a manager that knows what he’s doing (like the German coach and Mourinho before that) he will produce his best as he proved for Real and Germany. It could well be the same for Wilshere and Ramsey too. They could actually become quite decent players in a team playing for a manager that knows how to use them and how to organise a team to get the best out of everyone in it.

  40. Cesc Appeal

    I want a new manager so, so badly. Very frustrating.

    Just thinking of our current squad (which isn’t bad, pretty good) coupled with the resources we have and what we could add – we could easily be a real force. Add some physicality, some presence, some leaders, some height and we’re away.

  41. kwik fit

    Maybe jeff but have a look at Ozil without the ball. He amble’s about the pitch and doesn’t try to get involved. I accept that may not be his game but if he’s used out wide getting back is crucial. He also has a yellow streak. He loses every 50/50 and many 80/20. Last week he got robbed by sneider on the gala box when it was clearly his ball. If any player goes close to him he just falls over or turns away.

  42. Thank you and goodnight


    I agree mate. Theo, ox, Gnabry, Ramsey and Wilshire have big big potential. But wenger has proved over the last 9-10 years that he’s no longer the man to unlock the potential of these players. He’s had a hell of a lot more flops than successes in that department. Under a better more organised coach who’s tactically aware,he will have these players playing 50% better than they are now.

  43. Jeff


    Do you know something – I don’t think Mourinho gives two flying f***s who plays for Arsenal. He had Wenger in his pocket when Fabregas, Van Persie and Song were still in the team. Did it make any difference – nope. So I am slowly veering away from the idea that if we buy player x or player y our fortunes will turn. I really don’t think they will.

    So long as this lunatic playing philosophy of Arsene remains, we will always be chasing and if we ever lead – we will eventually fall. That’s how it’s been for the last decade. We’ve had better teams than the current one and still couldn’t win sod all. That fact alone speaks volumes.


    Absolutely right – it can’t always be the player’s fault because it’s been happening regularly without fail. I personally think it is all linked to the fact that we always head the injury league. It think those two facts are no unrelated. Whatever is going on during training sessions appears to be killing the players and one would wager that there isn’t much going on in the motivation department either.

  44. SpanishDave

    Why will we come 4th?
    Weve not beaten Spuds, Everton, Man City or Chelsea.
    Weve not beaten Leicester,
    We are below West Ham..
    Ramsey even with the summer rest has a hammy.
    Ozil is pissed off
    Podolski could not give a monkeys taking 100k a week
    Walcott is writing kids stories.
    Chambers is overplayed.
    Wenger is just his clueless self.
    and our real tough dms are Arteta and Flamini.
    Looking forward to our real mid table battles with the mighty WBA

  45. Cesc Appeal

    Looking on his Twitter page hard to disagree with anything he’s said. Hope he puts up the debate tomorrow on his page

  46. Carts

    “For sure. I think Mourinho is going to go hard for Reus personally anyway in the summer. Hazard one side, Reus the other, Costa in front, Fabregas and Oscar pulling the strings – joke.”

    When you put it like that, I feel like crying.

  47. Thomas

    Cesc Appeal October 6, 2014 20:36:01

    Looking on his Twitter page hard to disagree with anything he’s said. Hope he puts up the debate tomorrow on his page



  48. Bristles

    I would rather see a new, young manager come in and fail than see more of the same from Wenger. I agree with everything that’s been said here – he’s arrogant, delusional, out of touch with the modern game. Every time I see his smug face mouthing platitudes and excuses I want to stove the screen in. Enough is enough.

  49. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Stan is always frank with his views….

    Far better than the twat Durham, whose only point is to wind people from all team, mainly arsenal fans to call in an vent….
    Afc are the most likely to call in ,,,,, fact

  50. Carts


    That shit right there is straight bossy!!!

    We’re talking about 1 more signing to make it achievable too 🙁

    If Ramires goes Madrid Chelsea will, without doubt, scoop up William Carvalho. Magic will need cover/competition

  51. Carts

    Check this scenario:

    Dortmund continue to put in shit domestic performances while we continue to put in unconvincing performances. Granted, it slim as shit: Dortmund part ways with Klopp and Wenger throws in the towel…

  52. Xrysto

    To all you twats who said WE DONT NEED NO STINKING FABREGAS…

    Cesc has more assists so far this season than the whole Arsenal team combined!

    And just as a reminder…

    2011 – Wenger sells Nasri to Manchester – City win the league
    2012 – Wenger sells van Persie to Manchester – United win the league
    2014 – Wenger sells Fabregas to Chelsea – Mourinho will win the league

  53. BacaryisGone

    Kwik-either Collymore is more intelligent than you thought or you’re less intelligent than you thought 🙂

  54. Simon

    Bae missing a DM and extra defensive cover we have a reasonable squad. In the right hands we would be potential contenders.
    I don’t think we can win anything significant with Wenger.

    Intelligent blogging/commentary should be balanced and I would hope to see more of this on Le grove.

    With the exception of some naivety against a difficult opponent I thought the overall team play had improved

  55. DaleDaGooner

    Once i saw wilshere in the line up, i knew we’d lose. I am afraid we will be average for a wnile, cause no way are they selling wilshere anytime soon or benching him Podolski-style.

  56. tunnygriffboy

    Ozil covers a huge amount of ground in games. Don’t think he’s lazy, physically he can be forced off the ball a bit to easily.

    7 games 10 points. Man City 7 games 13 points. Bar Chelsea everyone is stuttering. I believe we’ve had quite a tough start if you include the Besiktas games. 2x a week from beginning of season. Having said that we’ve not played well and should improve.

  57. bob

    Wilshere – You’re seeing best of me now???
    is this English crap for real?
    1goal and 1asst this season and thats the best off him?
    1 fucking win this season when Wilshere has started.
    we have played better and won more games when hes bein on the bench

  58. N5

    Alex Cutter with another witty retort.

    Pat yourself on the back Alex. It’s worthy of self congratulation that an amoeba like yourself can manage to turn on his computer, let alone load a site and type on it.

  59. N5

    @Xrysto, I’m far from a Wenger fan, but that’s some mighty selective choices you’ve made there. What about the other 30 or so players he’s sold over the past 8 years that haven’t gone on to win anything. You’ve proved nothing by writing that comment.

    The top teams brought players of us and won things! wow what a revelation.

  60. tunnygriffboy

    Chelsea have had many years of refining their squad. After years of having to sell our best players ( for what ever reason ) we have finally started to keep hold of some and start buying in some marquee names. We are not as far along this road as City, Chelsea or Man u

    Lpool sell their best player this season and despite re investing the money and some the whole media gives them sympathy.

    The start to our season has been tough particularly when you consider those 2 Besiktas games when we could have done with practising our movement, organisation in training for those two weeks. We’ve also played 4 of last seasons top 6.

  61. WrightIsGod

    Disagree with Pedro’s post today. Found it weak,pandering to the apologists and also showcased a clear biased against Chelsea.

    In out Invincivle era almost every decision went out way because we ha generals on the pitch. Refs pretty much bummed Henry with plenty of free kicks and offside goals. Truth was we had the team to power wins through. We don’t have that and will never have that in this period of Wenger.

    Also, perhaps we turned up with an idea of how not to lose the game but did we ever have an idea how we’d win the game? We failed either way.

    We are at the point where a loss is considered a decent performance..

    Or if we beat Gala we will win the league. Next we’ll beat Barnsley and be able to challenge for the league. mental.

    The moment he let Gilberto go and paid for the likes of Silvestre I knew the man lost it.

    Buying Evertons AM and playing him in DM? Park? Almunia? Kallstrom? Sanogo?

    I am really falling out of love with with the club due to the weak way we present ourselves.

    I joined this club for Wright, Adams, morrow,, Bould, Keown, Winterburn, Merson, Campbell, Dixon, Parlour, McGoldrick, Davies and many more. Why? Not because they were all technically gifted (because they werent) but because I saw character and fight in the team.

    I loved them. I felt an infinity to the club. I don’t now.

  62. london gunner


    Hey I am a well known cunt and I don’t care but since when have you been a cunt? Making digs about how I am racist?

    I am half white so I’m hardly going to be racist against whites for christ sakes.

    TBH with my earlier point its more based on the whole white and working class cult hero status schtick

    When ever you get a working class english white lad the media and especially fans go mad for them

    I just don’t get it myself

  63. N5

    london, I wasn’t calling you a racist, I was just saying making it about color or saying someone else was picking a player out because of his colour is a strange accusation to make. You said Romford picking Wiltshire out was because he was English and White.

    You picked colour and Nationality for no reason what so ever.

    I wasn’t calling you a racist, but you were saying Romfords opinion was formed by colour and nationality rather than just based on his own opinion and what he was watching. Which is an odd thing to do.

    I just find it odd that there are two posters that have made the Jack is shit and only praised because he is white and both of you are Black or mixed race men. It didn’t need to be made about colour at all.

    That be said London, I wasn’t digging you out and wouldn’t, I respect your views.

  64. london gunner

    Disagree with Pedro’s post today. Found it weak,pandering to the apologists and also showcased a clear biased against Chelsea.”

    Agree times 10.

    We were weak pathetic and impotent in attack.

    Ok Chelsea parked the van but they still got two goals…

    We played cautiously in the first half but at the same time we still go to these games thinking if we win the possession battle we win the war but it never works instead we need to be more anti football park the bus right down and hit them hard on the counter as we have the pace now to pull this off.

    We will fell into Mourinhos game plan he wanted us to have the lionshare of possession and he allowed us to exploit our selves the second goal was a key example.

    But as for our attacking play when finesse and tippy tappy passing doesn’t work a team needs to get brutal and physical and smash there way through the lines, if we had been more forceful had more physical presence we would of won a goal or a penalty.

    Its not enough to say well Chelsea parked the bus there was nothing we can do because the moment you except that its the moment you except we aren’t title challengers.

  65. london gunner


    Its fine. I just happen to think Jack is praised because of image rather than his performances. His the epitome of white English working class done good. Which is great and all but I rate a man on his character and ability rather than the narrative that the media/fans create for them.

    I often speak on this blog how people create certain narratives/stereotypes of players they do this for players they feel passionate about whether its some one they love or some one they hate.

    I personally think when jack has a 6/10 game people act like its a 7 or even 8/10 game.

    Yesterday I saw him squander the best moment chance of the game and I saw him fail to shoot after dribbling around a player and getting into the box.

    That for me is hardly the sign of a decent performance its only seen as decent because certain people were worse and because we are comparing jack from previous performances where he has been utter gash.

    He did nothing that match for me that an adequate everyman premier league midfielder could do

  66. N5

    Sadly London you made that comment after I’d read about 4 of 5 similar so I can see why you would assume the second part of the comment was directed souly at you.

    I read comments all the time about how Jack only gets praised because he’s English and I’m far from his biggest fan, but it gets to the point that you know the moment you make a comment about him playing well, someone is going to say if he wasn’t English you wouldn’t be rating him.

    I’ve never experienced not rating a player out of white guilt.

    I only saw the highlights so can’t really make a full observation, but he looked good from where I was sitting. Romford however I know would never pick a player as being the best based on his colour or nationality.

  67. WrightIsGod

    I too believe in the great white hope theory. Rooney was the same.

    Will be interesting to see how they treat Sterling because he is clearly the best English player out there by a country mile.

  68. WrightIsGod

    Oh let’s not forget Michael Owen either.

    How long did it take Wright to get he minimal caps he got?

    How about Les Ferdinand or Andy Cole? One of the best premier league strikers ever. Never hear his name?

  69. N5

    WrightisGod, I believe maybe that’s right at that level, but I’ve never rated a player based on his colour have you? I wouldn’t say Jack was better than he was because of his skin and that is what this conversations about, not institutional racism.

  70. WrightIsGod

    Wilshere showed a lot of promise a few seasons ago. He may get that back but he is madly overrated as was Rooney (white Pele ha).

    Under Wenger I can see a player excelling in all aspects of the game. Just the 5 yard passing stuff.

  71. WrightIsGod

    I don’t think anyone is saying its down to racism at all. It’s just down to how the every man thinks.

    People relate mostly to what they know an how it reflects themselves.

    Wilshere has and will always be the next poster boy and yes, him bring white contributes to that. That’s the dominant aesthetic on this side of the hemisphere my friend.

    Because he is a homegrown, young white kid with ability it speaks to the majority as an aspirational message.

    Rather than institutionalised racism is just a cultural conditioning that most white people can’t even comprehend themselves.

    I wouldn’t even say its racism because its second and first nature. Most people are not even aware of it.

  72. N5

    WrightIsGod, you’re thinking far to deeply. Romford said yesterday Wilshire played the best, London said if he wasn’t white and English you wouldn’t have said that.

    Romford is one of the most balanced posters I see on here. None of what you just wrote would have contributed to his opinion of Jack being the best of a bad bunch.

  73. N5

    Drug taking and a cheating doesn’t take anything from Maradonna’s skill. It’s amazing the generalisation you’re making. It’s always 50/50 between them, but even if it wasn’t, how can you make a leap to it being ingrained unknown racism making them chose Maradonna?

    I’m gobsmacked you can even use that example to strengthen your argument. Maradonna Vs Pele is subjective as both we amazing.

  74. WrightIsGod

    It’s always existing in boxing even. THE GREAT WHITE HOPE.

    Just like black people white people want something to aspire to. It’s not a question of racism.

    Yes Wilshere is a decent player but the media and his biggest fans consider or considered him the next big thing for England.

    His form would suggest he hasn’t been near that for years and yet the media still praise for every small thing he does…he was / is the golden boy, and yes he’s white and yes the majority of England fans are too.

    Rooney is the greatest example. They called him the white Pele for Gods sake. Again, nothing racially incriminating but it just allows people to relate to what they know and reflect themselves.

    It’s simple and shouldn’t be muddied by terms such as racist.

    As I say it’s a cultural mindset, a way of conditioning that has lasted thousands of years. Evolve and be drawn closer to your own….or better the devil you know etc etc etc

  75. N5

    WrightisGod, who was the better player on the pitch yesterday then? shall I say Gibbs so I don’t show agenda? or shall I just say what I saw and that it was Jack who was better?

    You’re talking rubbish with this Great White Hope stuff, how can it go from one poster saying one comment about a player he thought was best, to he’s siding with his own colour because it’s what we do!! don’t generalise based on your own standards.

    What about people like myself and London who are from mixed race families? do we side with both or neither as it’s “better the devil we know”.

  76. WrightIsGod


    “Messi is white and a tax dodging little cunt. I guess he’s shit at football then!!”

    Haha…where did that even come from?

    That’s a pretty defensive outburst. Also nobody has said that. Nobody even said that about Wilshere is shot because he is white.

    They say he is overrated because he is England’s golden boy. Ie the great white hope. When was England’s golden boy ever black? Answer that one?

    It was just a description someone made of Wilshere and its true. Ha nothing to do with racism.

  77. WrightIsGod

    I thought Gibbs was the better player. I also thought Chambers was better than Wilshere.

    What’s your point?

  78. WrightIsGod

    Btw the way read my posts.

    I said culturally, not individually.

    Plus this does not relate to you individually it relates to the media and the majority which is……. You guessed it.

    The majority rule. Even in opinion. It’s why we still have a useless old man managing the team.

  79. N5

    You said Maradonna was a cheat and a drug taker and suggested he got picked by most people because he was white. If you can’t understand how my Messi comment relates then maybe you should stop writing such over the top generalisations.

  80. WrightIsGod

    Not over the top at all. You believe the great hope thing to be ridiculous.

    I suggest you look at the history of sport in that case.

  81. N5

    Wright, I said from the beginning that maybe at that level (media) you’re right, but we’re talking much much lower level of one persons opinion on a blog. You were the one who continued talking to me like I was defending the higher level stuff. I was talking about one comment by Romford earlier.

    I don’t disagree about anything you said towards the higher level.

  82. WrightIsGod

    I’m saying if you put a top multiple world beating professional gentlemen like Pele against a drug taking cheat like Maradona there should be no contest.

  83. N5

    I didn’t say the great hope thing was ridiculous, I said you were talking rubbish bring it up. How has does your great white hope of boxing give any weight to whether Romford said Jack played best because of his skin colour?

  84. N5

    Agreed if they were going for who’s the greatest Gentleman competition, but their not, we’re talking who was the best. Both had immense skill, both were crazy good and is one less skillful due to his private life drug habit? no.

    Hence me saying Messi is a tax dodger so is he shit?

  85. N5

    Straight up question Wright.

    Who is better? Ronaldo who gives a shit ton of cash to his home town of Medira when it became flooded or Messi a tax dodger?

    Similar to the Maradonna vs Pele debate, there is little to chose between them both, difference is one is a stand up guy off the pitch and one did something wrong?

  86. WrightIsGod

    Maradona is a blatant cheat on the field though.

    Hand of God ironically against England. Went on to win the game and World Cup.

    If that doesn’t happen can he even be put near Pele. I don’t think so.

  87. N5

    Maradonna cheated yes, he took drugs yes. Morally he is so far below Pele he isn’t worthy of lacing Peles boots. But we’re not talking morally.

    You said people pick Maradonna because he’s white, I’m saying that’s rubbish, factually incorrect and a generalisation based on your own behaviours. If you can prove me wrong please do, otherwise I stick with the opinion, that those people who pick Maradonna do so because they found him better, nothing more.

  88. N5

    Anyway it’s late here and I can’t really be bothered to debate a point that neither of us can prove or disprove, especially when it’s so far separated from my original comment.

    We might as well argue the existence of god because Romford said Welbeck’s hair was slightly out of shape.

  89. WrightIsGod

    Again, to answer your question I would say Messi although its close.

    My point is that the way things work mentally is that we cling and associate ourselves to things that reflect ourselves. This can be inside and out.

    The western media have a immediate loving for those who reflect what the majority aesthetic is.

    Gazza and Rooney are great examples. The every man. The people of England, who support England, associate with that. That is the familiar aesthetic.

    Denying it is pretending it doesn’t exist.

    Like I say it’s a cultural conditioning that doesn’t even register in most people.

    Like you say, you may understand that. I’m not having a go at you but I do get why people will say that about the likes of Wilshere because he is the media and England’s Golden Boy and has always been since they announced him as the great white hope.

    why not call him the white gullit? I know why because he’s not even close. Yet apparently we can call Rooney the white Pele.

    Nobody is the black Zidane.

    Again not having a go bit it’s the western conditioning thing.It’s culture specific too at times. Not necessarily racism which you were accused of calling someone.

    If someone believes that Wilshere is the great white hope for the English team, as depicted in media, I would say they have a point.

    However, if they are saying that’s the only reason tht you rate him specifically, I would think that wrong, still, I don’t know you either.

  90. Bamford13


    Please. After pulling the hand of God, Maradona scored the greatest goal in WC history to put England out of their misery.

    Maradona was the best. Pele is the only player who deserves comparison with him.

    Who cares that he used his hand? He’s a competitor. It happened. Henry used his hand against Ireland and remains one of the classiest players in the world.

    Aside from being a disappointed England fan, I don’t get people confusing football for morality. Maradona was, for me, the greatest footballer ever. Pele just behind him.

  91. Bamford13

    Not buying any of the racialist points being made above about Wilshere, Gazza or Rooney either.

    Wilshere gets much of the praise he gets — when he’s not being absolutely skewered from all corners — because he’s technically polished, far more technically polished than someone like Ramsey. Yes, there’s an aesthetic judgment at work here, but it’s not based on the color of his skin. It’s based on how he receives the ball, how he pushes the ball, how he plays the ball.

    Gazza was a fucking insanely talented footballer. Insane. One of the two or three most skillful English players ever, I would say. No white bias there. Just a fantastically talented footballer.

    Rooney is also immensely talented and I honestly don’t get people who question this. Who have they been watching since he was 17? Scores outrageous goals, great dribbler, polished first touch, drives forty yards balls to feet. Bad games occasionally, sure, but his quality is so obvious it’s silly. Especially a few years ago when he was simply nasty.

  92. WrightIsGod


    Would Chelsea have won if Cahill got sent off?

    You don’t know mate.

    Same with Maradona incident. These change games.

  93. N5

    WiG, I agree fully with that comment and understand what you are saying. But if Romford had said Gibbs was the best player on the pitch, we wouldn’t be having this conversation which I know I’ve read similar from him before, so honestly can’t understand how this went off on such a tangent.

  94. Bamford13


    He scored the greatest goal in the history of the WC! He dribbled like SIX English players, including the goalie.

    Who cares about the handball? Do you imagine English players from that team think they were hard-done? Don’t make me laugh. They’d be the first to admit they played against God in football boots that day, and they were fortunate to be on the field.

    As for Cahill, I already said what I think about the kind of pathetic types who resort to such excuses. Chelsea are far, far better than Arsenal. Far better. And they won because of this, not because of any missed call.

    What if Chambers had been sent off on a second yellow (as he should’ve been)? Who fucking cares? The better team won. End of.

  95. MadeToLoveMagic

    I dont buy this ramsey having no technique stuff,

    Ramsey can receive the ball pirouette push it forward pass on his day far more than wilshere has done since the injury

    some of the skills ramsey was show cases last year and at the beginning of this season show great technique

    not arguing wilshere has near flawless technique

  96. Dark Hei

    Generous stuff from Pedro and more so as it was after a loss.

    My guess is the shove “). Wenger showing some steel and rightfully so. Cahill did a bad challenge and Wenger is concerned about Sanchez. Mou tried to be his usual hateful self (nobody likes him, not even the FA), gets in the way and got shoved, twice! Awesome. You don’t get in the way of a manager who is just concerned about his players health.

    Wenger has been accused of not reacting to oppositions and showing not enough fight. But those 2 were not in display yesterday. The 4-1-4-1 that Wenger has been cultivating is what they will play in big matches to avoid the big score line hit.

    I fully agree that we are not fighting to win the league but fighting for 2nd or 3rd is not a stretch. This team is feeling its way through games. If they click, we might get 2nd or 3rd. If it doesn’t, it will still get 4th.

    I am also in agreement that the lack of a steely DM is what caused us points. I am not going to lay the entire blame on Wenger as we do not know the exact circumstances. I mean if we have gotten the missing CB, I would have been contented with the window, but we would still have gone on and lost this game.

    But 4th is not good enough. Unless Wenger hits 84 points and get 4th, which I will then say, fair enough.

  97. Jeff

    I was intreagued by the survey at the end which asks “Will Wenger ever win the title again” and the current response rate is 51% yes and 49% no. So many, many deluded people out there – it’s unbelievable.

  98. Jeff


    The most damning thing to come out of that article is the awakening that the familiar excuses will no longer wash. Chelsea have a smaller wage bill and spent £20m less last season and yet they are 9 points ahead of us and it doesn’t look at all likely that we can beat them home or away.

    The only conclusion is that Wenger is inferior to Mourinho by some margin and the evidence is there for all to see. This is what riles Arsene so much – that the excuses are no longer valid which also means of course that they weren’t all that much valid before either. That will hurt him because I suspect he deluded even himself into thinking the difference in money and the stadium were the ONLY reasons for our failures. Not so, my friends, not so.

  99. peanuts&monkeys

    Pedro, your post headline is quite discouraging. I havent read what you wrote below the headline. Hoping that the headline wasn’t a joke you cracked, let me state: Its Wenger who cost us this game. Please dont start you excuse machinery to work. Please do not carry Wenger’s brief. If you carry the sinking man’s brief you will sink too. LG will sink too. There are many of us who are losing interest about anything Arsenal.

  100. peanuts&monkeys

    Somewhere while criticizing Ozil you mentioned ” No one is bigger than the club”. Did you write that? Did you Pedro? Did you forget about Arsene Wenger????????????????????????

    Ozil was certainly a panic buy. Its Wenger’s fault that Ozil is not performing to his potential. Ozil’s performances speak more about Wenger’s incapability to utilize him than of Ozil’s quality.

    Would anyone believe that Arshavin did not have quality? Wenger ruined him.

  101. peanuts&monkeys

    This Arsenal team is lost. They don’t have an ambition just like there BoD and the motherfucker manager. How can you motivate World beaters like Ozil, Mertesacker and Sanchez to play for 4th year after year? They don’t know what they are playing for. And, even the motherfucker does not have an answer, does he?

  102. peanuts&monkeys

    When was the last time a coach/ manager quit a team and joined another team on his own? I am just trying to check the odds that Martinez or Klopp can be asked to take over Arsenal? If not these two who are the sacked coaches who are available? Are there any?

  103. WrightIsGod


    You cretin. Quite frankly you are pig ignorant. And your aggressive tone makes me think you are a small man behind a screen. Small in every department.

    Let me explain my point. You say forget Maradona’s hand of God goal….well it doesn’t matter if you are the best player or team around on your day you can be beaten and winning a game is a combination of events that contribute to the final outcome.

    I hate excuses but as Pedro himself has said, incidents can turn games. If you think Arsenal did not have a greater chance against 10 men you clearly are pig ignorant.

    This also relates to my point on Maradona. By your idiotic theory because Messi and Ronaldo are the best players in the game they are allowed to dive and cheat their way to winning and being called the greatest. Dumb logic.

    Like I say small teams have beaten the best teams because you earn your right within 90 minutes to compete.

    By Bamford’s Devine right elitest logic, if the team opposite you is better than yours on paper or has the best players they deserve to win, regardless if they have 10 men or someone has handled the ball into the net. After that how can you be certain Maradona goes on to score that goal? What if the England team weren’t feeling despondent after being blatantly cheated before the entire world.

    Btw it was the Argentines who gAve Maradona God status which again goes back to my comment about tribal cultural bias towards ones own kind.

    I just look at all Pele’s goals and the amount of accolades he picked up (multiple world cups) and the fact he is a model pro.

    Rooney, the white Pele? Really.

    Sturbridge the black Bastin anyone? No.

    Of course people deny this kind of thing but its just Western conditioning . People relate more to people that reflect themselves. It’s the same for black people, however we are living in a society that is majority white and yes Wilshere is overrated. So is Ramsey. So is Ox. It’s because they are English.

    As N5 has said, on a grander scale this is the reality.

    If you want to continue being ignorant and claiming that people just deserve to win and cheat because they are deemed elite… Please continue.

  104. N5

    “You cretin. Quite frankly you are pig ignorant. And your aggressive tone makes me think you are a small man behind a screen. Small in every department.”

    I can’t be the only one who read this and though OOOHHHHHH SNAP!!!

    “Sturbridge the black Bastin anyone? No.”

    If a black player is fast he’ll be compared to Henry, if he’s strong and lethal, Drogba, if he can’t hit a barndoor with a banjo.. Sanog nah, Adebayor!

    It’s odd to compare players at the best of times and as good as Wooney is, White Pele, lol. That is just silly.

  105. N5

    Yes I love Wenger so much he is my hero, what a great manager.

    Lol Peanuts you really should learn to read you mug. AKB hahahahahahhaha.