Referee cost Arsenal points at Chelsea, simple as that

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Arsenal fans getting to grips with flares, badly via @away_days

Arsenal fans getting to grips with flares, badly via @away_days

I went into the game with a worry and tenseness that always follows me into a major games under Arsene Wenger. Many questions were laid on the table, in the main; they mostly centred on our planning.

Namely, did we do any?

Wenger immediately did his switch from ‘winning formula’ to ‘not so much winning formula’. The Ox was dropped out of the starting line-up, Jack slipped into the midfield with Flamini, Cazorla played in the hole with Mesut outwide on the left. For me, the visible lack of power was a worry.

I’ve not penned a match report, I’ve just penned the points of interest.


It was clear to me that Arsenal had done some work at the training ground before the game. We held our shape far better than we have done in the last few games against Chelsea. There wasn’t so much bombing forward from the full backs (bar Gibbs who can’t resist), we had a more reserved approach and we were quite happy giving Chelsea the ball for large parts. The fact the game plan didn’t work centred around other items outside our shape / tactics.


You know I’m not one for whining about the conspiracy of referees, but simply put, the standard of refereeing was an absolute disgrace yesterday. Games hinge on the whims of these men who are so often destroyers of games it’s embarrassing.

Early on in the game, Cahill scythed down Sanchez in a disgusting challenge that was a straight red. No question about it. The 4th official saw it, he bottled it, Atkinson cowardly ignored the obvious through fear of what Mourinho might say after the game. So Cahill stayed, which meant, Hazard stayed on the pitch… because he’d have been the luxury player sacrificed by the practical Mourinho.

The second half saw another howler when Atkinson adjudged Cesc’s spectacular handball not to be a handball. What is it with refs and handballs? That was so obvious. He saw it clearly. Yet he ignored it. Again, 1-1 makes it a different game.

Also, I know we were lucky not to lose Laurent. But how Calum Chambers was booked is quite beyond me. I know he’s been a bit clumsy of late, but Hazard played for that booking. When you layer his yellow card over the systematic fouling from Oscar (who didn’t pick up a booking until very late), well, you really struggle to work out what’s going on there… other than Mourinho now having the Ferguson fear factor among refs. Which is so pathetic.

I bitch about football managers not using data properly, who is talking to the refs? Who sits down with those guys before a game and says, ‘Look, Jose will set up a team that will disrupt in the final third with niggly fouls. If this happens more than three times in the first 10, tell the captain you’re booking the next foul regardless’.

No one does. The refs are so wrapped up in their own performance, they fail to see what’s going on from a tactical standpoint, so teams can bully, trick and con their way to points.


Both the goals were of our own doing. As with the last game, we lost the ball twice in midfield and Chelsea capitalised. Two stupid mistakes. The first one was Sanchez in Cheslea’s final third, the break wasn’t tracked because we don’t have the right players, Hazard beasted through the middle of our players, Cazorla missed him, then Laurent stuck out a lazy challenge and felled him. No red card which was lucky. Laurent really has been a shower this season, if he doesn’t want to be here, perhaps he should just say. No excusing his attitude of late, he looks totally uninterested.

The second goal came from Santi losing the ball, Cesc launched a long ball George Graham would have been proud of… our two centre backs both dithered… they didn’t drop deep to clear the ball, they didn’t push up to play Costa offside, so he followed the ball, chested it down and flicked deftly over our keeper and that was it. A really pathetic piece of defending from our centre backs… who sadly have no competition to shake things up. Per needs a rest, Laurent needs dropping. Again, total negligence from the manager to not have sorted that massive gap in his squad this summer.

Point is, both of those mistakes were text box. We really shouldn’t be suffering mistakes like that if we have title aspirations.


Chelsea have a Matic. They have a big huge lump of meat that sits just in front of the back four. He’s explosive over ten yards so he can cover the ground needed to snuff out danger and he’s cynical. Where was our cynical challenge when Hazard broke? Where was our player who would go through the player and the ball to kill an attack? It’s car crash squad planning. We lost two points to City because we lacked a Schneiderlin, we lost at least one goal against Chelsea because we didn’t buy a Carvahlo. It’s been clear for years that we lack power in our side. It’s clear now we lack power. It was clear yesterday we lacked power.

So why is it never addressed?


Again, I know this is to be expected of Wenger and it’s nothing new, but our substitutes at times are completely baffling. The manager takes off Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere and leave on Flamini and Ozil. What’s he thinking? He should have yanked the very average Flamini and Ozil who was having a terrible game again. Even pulling Sanchez, a striker who goes to war everytime he plays shouldn’t have gone off. Wenger really does have a blind spot when it comes to subs. It’s like he makes the decisions based on how much he likes a player, rather than what’s going on in front of his eyes.

Arsenal in final third

We had possession in spits and spats but we didn’t make enough of it in the final third. Jack Wilshere wasn’t great yesterday; his touch let us down badly when he had a clear run of goal. He was wasteful with his passing at times. Ozil was an absolute passenger out there, he really is starting to look every inch the panic buy he was. Again, someone needs to have a quiet word with him about what it is to play for the The Arsenal. Bench him, no one is bigger than the club. Welbeck didn’t get into the game and overall I’d say we were too fussy in their half. We’re playing the same style we did last season when we have players that allow us to be more direct and quicker on the counter. Our front three really doesn’t have any sort of balance at the moment.

Wenger record

It’s really weak against Mourinho. 12 without a win. It’s quite unbelievable Wenger still hasn’t turned him over. The fisticuffs during the game at least showed a manager who cared. I mean, Jose asking the ball boy to hold onto the ball after the first minute and all the rest of the nonsense is just typical scumbag Jose. The idea that the fat little waiter sitting next to him would take on Steve Bould is quite hilarious.

Back to the game, Wenger is usually pretty easy to set up against, not yesterday. He did some homework yesterday, but he was still found out because he didn’t do his homework in the summer and build a decent squad capable of going toe-to-toe with the top guns. We’ll always fall down with Wenger because he’s not elite anymore. However, at least he gave it more of a go yesterday. There are smatterings of progress, even though those progress moments only tend to come when he’s on a very bad run.


I think we’ll still make top four. We were never in the title race. So yesterday was an expected loss. However, if we can get into our stride, continue to do our preparation on the opposition and find something to make the fans smile, I’ll be happy enough. I know the limitations of the manager, I’ve accepted them so I’ll be pleased if we just improve on last season.

Flat ambition, I know. But what’s the point in hoping for the impossible? What’s the point in arguing with people who don’t see it? Because to be honest, if you can’t see the decline in our manager compared to others, you’re either lying to yourself, blind or you’re just playing up to a character you’ve carved yourself online.

Still, good news is on the horizon. Once Ramsey and Theo come back into contention, we’ll be a different side. Having options like Debuchy and Giroud will also give us more quality. I don’t think our crocked right back would have given Hazard such an easy ride yesterday. A Giroud would give us something from the bench we don’t get from Lukas. Finally, at left back, I’m really struggling to see what Gibbs gives us at the back or going forward. Monreal isn’t fashionable, but I think he’s a better left back than Kieran, way more fight.


An expected defeat but one which mostly hinged around terrible standard of reffing in this country. Chelsea didn’t look like future Champions yesterday, they looked like a team that’s set the pace early that could struggle if they pick up one or two injuries over the next few months. Then we’ll see the whinger of a manager they have self-destruct in cry baby fashion like he did last season.

That’d make me smile…

Right, have a great day!

P.S. Arsenal fans letting a flare off… in the bar. Come on guys, lift it!

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  1. goona

    Toothless performance, as to now be expected against decent opposition. The league table doesn’t lie as they say. We have little chance of a top four finish playing like that.

    Our midfield is far to lightweight and players are knocked off the ball all to easily.
    Our possession stats are pointless when we do nothing constructive with the ball.

    Wellbeck got zero supply the whole game.

    Wenger has coached shooting from the edge of the box out of every player, instead we try and walk the ball over the line or through five defenders.

    No plan A let alone a plan B.

    The football we now play is predictable and boring.

    Wenger out.

  2. spandex dan

    Nice article, I want to argue with you Pedro but sadly you pretty much nailed it. The scuffle between wenger and mourinho showed mourinho has got to wenger. Much as it was funny wenger should maybe have concentrated on hurting mourinho on the pitch. Wenger was looking at a game where hazard and cesc could have been arsenal players at some point. Missing out on cesc was actually mourinhos first victory against arsenal this season even before a ball was kicked. Hazard could have been ours but for bodged transfer attempts.

  3. Zoran

    We can buy Ronaldo, Messi, Ibra and Carvalho, but still we have a big problem: Arsene Wenger!
    As long as he is in charge, all those stars he recently bought will be displaced. I will not be surprised if he puts Sanchez on full back position.

  4. gazzap

    “Laurent stuck out a lazy challenge and felled him. ”
    Good point. People have not really said much about the poor challenge by Koz which in reality cost us the game far more than any other moment. It was such a poor effort, it was always going to end in a penalty. He’d been better off leaving it to see if the keeper could save it if that’s the best he could muster.
    We can assume that his achilles are giving him a problem and he is not fit. As you say poor planning in the summer has led to this.
    And Chambers who is meant to be his replacement is struggling a little bit and giving away tons of free kicks and getting bookings. the defence is definitely still a worry. We need at least one defender in January.

  5. El Tel 1

    Is this piece from Pedro?

    I thought it was from untold.

    About time someone other than me on Le Grove see’s the referee’s as one of our problems.

    Neville said in his piece that Arsenal don’t like it up em.

    I believe hard powerful play is great if it is fair but when teams are allowed to nullify opponents with cheating challenges that go unpunished where is the fair play in that?

    I never saw the game yesterday. Went for a ride out on my bike. Wasn’t because I didn’t want to watch us get beat I just detest that shitc…t who manages them.

    Would love to see Wenger deck him at our place no matter what the consequences are.

  6. shad

    Oh wow..slow internet.

    I watched the game yesterday and I agree and disagree with quite a few chunks on today’s post.

    The ref had a total howler yesterday and the fact he allowed Chelsea’s stature to intimidate him meant he is not fit to ref the high octane games. Take him to the championship please.

    Other than that I think as usual Wenger’s team personnel was wrong. Özil and Cazorla is like playing Jack and Ramsey. One cancels out the other. Worse is if it is Özil on the flank. Our 2 best games have been away at Villa and home to Gala, and in both we had a mid of Özil in the hole, Ox on the right and Sanchez on the left. Why AW keeps abandoning a winning, working formulae is plain stupid and arrogant.

    I didn’t think we had a bad game yesterday from the defence. Chelsea were always going to expose us for pace. Flamini and Koscielny didn’t particularly have bad games. Our possession football and passing accuracy was there but we just were too indecisive in the final 3rd. Players drifting around the box and no one making a telling run or showing guile to get off a shot. This is where we miss Theo and Ramsey a lot.

    Again squad rotation is wanting. Hoping we can see Rosa come into the team at some point to inject life. Our subs were merely out of fatigue and not tactically thought out. I really want to see Ox get more games, Ospina bench SZCZ and Santi and Özil be rotated more for that one position. None likes to slug it out on the wing.

    We all knew after the window closed we were 2 or 3 players short of competing for the title. Every game past is one more towards the senile’s retirement. The squad is not bad, just imbalanced. I pray we get a modern coach (Garcia, Simeone, Klopp, Pocchetino) who can bring out the best in our team and restore Arsenal back to it’s glorious perch.



  7. El Tel 1


    Re Kosser.

    He is having a terrible season so far. Maybe it is an injury. Still the best interceptor in the league.

    As for giving the keeper a chance to save it. Well, like me he probably knew that those chances are slim too

  8. Omar

    We were top for so long last season and ended up being 4th… I still remember when we beat liverpool 2 0 at home, everyone was saying how arsenal are miles ahead of liverpool, few months later and liverpool almost won the title. everyone has the right to have an opinion but i feel making conclusions about whose gonna win the league and whose not in october is wrong. chelsea, city,arsenal,liverpool and united all have a target to challenge for the title and none of them are gonna change that so early in the season, we have to believe

  9. azed

    1)No one bar Maureen can say who he would have taken out if Cahill got a red card so saying Hazard won’t have been on the pitch is clutching on to straws.
    2) Rotational fouling is part of the game. Just because Arsene can’t deal with it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

  10. lance peters

    chambers – young and clumsy. schezny – 2nd game in a row his poor distribution cost us a goal. flamini just occupying space no impact on the game.
    all 3 players places are secure because wenger its not hard enough on his players and does not have cover due to stingy transfer tactics.
    ozil – played out of position again. cazorla – formation does not suite him ozil and him are the same type of player. we need a new manager and go back to 4-4-2 using our pace on the wings. WENGER OUT

  11. Dogtanian

    Can’t agree with you on Gibbs Pedro….think he has been excellent when fit. Big when of course. Monreal is a car crash.
    Was frustrated by our typical inability to let one fly from 25 years yesterday. Think Sanchez tried one early and of course got an earful for not playing a tippy tappy ball.
    They had two moments of genuine quality, we had none lumped with a bad ref. Frustrating but giant leaps since March. Wenger Fourth Place trophy will probably be okay.

  12. shad

    Truth is, such games are won or lost on fine margins. It’s not magic. You have ot simply have a plan to stop a team like Chelsea from hurting you via their best players. We switched off twice and got punished. They were in 2nd gear through out and stopped us penetrating their 18, let alone firing a shot at goal in anger.

    As usual we were tactically inferior, light in the boiler room and naive in possession. And we are coached by Mr. Bean.

    Chelsea are strolling to the league title unopposed and what is worrisome is they haven’t even hit top form.

    p/s..How stupid was it letting Fabregas go to the scum? Should have bought him and let him rot on the bench for all I care. Feels like we have abetted the opposition again to the title.

  13. Leedsgunner

    “Özil is useless.”

    If we say it enough, does it become true? If enough people say it, does it become right?

    Yes, he perhaps should be showing more industry. The main problem though is how Wenger is managing him. We have a £42.5m asset being completely misused and somehow it is completely the player’s fault.

    (Perhaps that was true with Arshavin, Reyes… oops do we see a pattern here? How many more club record signings are we going to allow him to wreck?)

    If Özil is so rubbish ask yourself the question if we placed him on the open market would the biggest club in the world pursue him?

    Would Man City, Chelsea, Man United, or Liverpool be stronger with him in their colours?

    The answer is obvious isn’t? Y.E.S.

    This present Arsenal squad doesn’t have very many players who would be welcome at any other club in the world. Mesut Özil is one of them. We should support him and criticise the manager for completely using him the wrong way.

    As our club’s record signing he needed have a team built around and not be marginalised.

    It is clear that

    1. he needs to be played centrally in the no.10 position.
    2. for him to last and perform the whole season, fresh and in form he cannot last the whole game. He needs a supporting cast member to support him. There is a ready made cast member in Cazorla. They should be changing for each other, during the season. If it is decided that either Cazorla or Özil are too important to be played like that they should play every other game.

    Özil cannot be played constantly. He looks jaded mentally and physically. Some will blame the player for this. However the blame for this lies squarely with the manager for purchasing a player who is not physical enough for our league.

    If this is true as it appears to be, he needs to be managed so that the club maximises his strengths. By being played on the wing, we accentuate his weakness and fatigue him even more.

    Another approach that could used is the bring in a playmaker from the under 21 squad to sit and play as an understudy for Özil. In my opinion, Kristoff Olsson by all accounts was a similar type of player and he would have been idea for a supporting role for Özil.

    As it happens he’s on loan now and therefore perhaps either Crowley and or Zelalem could be brought in to fulfill this role. This way we support and existing player and blood in a new player rather than bring in an exciting youth prospect and play the legs off him. That’s clearly what we did to Jack and he’s the worse for it. This is what man management looks like. The manager supporting his players. At the moment, Wenger is very unfairly leaving Özil to bear the criticism instead of manning up and playing him the right way.

    Who will it be next year’s culprit and scapegoat– Sanchez?

  14. Bade

    Well Pedro, I can’t agree with your post.

    The set up was bad. Ozil on the wing was pointless yet again. We didn’t control the game at any part. When Chelsea wanted the ball they pressed us & got it, when they wanted they let us play just like the good days of March 2008, pointless ball possession with side passes round the box. Zero efficiency.

    The only change was the FB not pushing to further up the pitch

    The set up mainly was about possessing the ball, but had nothing to do with any attacking initiative really. This game could have been for another 24 hours & I’m not sure we would’ve scored.

    Ozil on the wing again???? I’m not going to defend his heartless performance, he could & should do better, but you have to ask question over what’s going on with our manager??

    If Ozil isn’t performing, drop him & play the in-form OX on the wing. He’s much more of a threat there. With him we’re easier to play the counter attacking game & he’s much more direct.

    Playing Ozil & Santi in this same tepid inefficient set up reeks of stubbornness.

    I saw some Bloggers & fans wondering how come Ozil went missing in a big game when he’s played brilliantly against Galatasaray & Villa.

    Well, if you check his record, you’d see he hasn’t performed when he’s on the wing. Maybe Arsene is adamant to “teach” him something there, but I don’t believe he’s that blind to see the huge difference in performance between central Ozil & the winger one.

    It’s not about Ozil though. It’s also about us losing a pacey winger. Normally, our N.10 (even if it’s Santi & not Ozil) should be complemented by 3 runners, Alexis, Welbeck & Ox (Theo) & has a good box to box beside him. We didn’t have this yesterday. & honestly, with all the congested midfield we had yesterday, I didn’t see great ball movement, almost no through balls. It was all over again the toothless possession game.

    I don’t think playing Ozil & Santi in such games is useless. We should play either as N.10 & play a good runner so we have more options.

    I don’t agree that we lost the game due to ref calls. We could have easily had Kozzer, Chambers & Welbeck sent off, Chambers for 2 yellows & the other 2 for straight reds.

    I think we lost the game when Arsene opted to play the unbalanced side he did play, hence why we were so poor & tepid offensively. We weren’t great defensively to be honest, it’s just that our flat attack meant we didn’t charge many players up front hence why we weren’t caught enough on the counter. That said, Chelsea’s 2nd was just that. We tried to “give it a go”, we immediately conceded from a lost ball in their final third.

    Had we tried to go for it again, it would have been even more.

    Anyway, I can’t for the life of me understand how anyone can speak of a good plan when we had 1 shot on target in the 90th minute & all what we had before were 1 good half chance blundered by heavy touch from Jack & another shot from outside the box by Santi (which didn’t really threaten there goal) .

    This is a good set up if you only look at the mauling in the corresponding fixture, yes it wasn’t 0-6, but it was far from anything positive. The players feared the heavy defeat, that’s how I saw it. We didn’t have a plan to win this & it was evident if you look how little we created, having in mind Chelsea played with 1 DM & no box to box midfielder (Cesc was their CM).

    That’s it, it’s depressing the way Arsene sets this side & his reluctance to play the in-form players & to play players at their best position.

  15. Leedsgunner

    We had 1 shot on target — in the 90th minute. Think about that for a minute before you blame the referee.

  16. shad

    @ Omar and any other,

    Do you honestly think if we add in Jan the positions we need that we’ll genuinely compete for the title?

    I think not.

    Wenger fondly plays his favourites and is a sucker for routine, no matter how detrimental.

  17. Alan

    No mention of Welbeck’s two footed tactical which was by far the worst of the day.

    Calum Chambers should have been sent off as should have Kos. So yes the referee was incompetent but to bemoan that as the reason for the defeat is just embarrassing. You’re using the sequence to justify your point but that’s rubbish. The ‘we were wronged first’ theory is so typical of the red tinted supporter looking for a get out.

    Both teams had equally poor decisions so unless Arsene is also influencing referees, you’re emotive rantr against Mourinho is massively small time.

    Reality is that Chelsea were the better side. Title chances now over. No carling cup. 2 down., 2 to go.

  18. Leedsgunner

    “I don’t agree that we lost the game due to ref calls. We could have easily had Kozzer, Chambers & Welbeck sent off, Chambers for 2 yellows & the other 2 for straight reds”

    Yes, well said.

    The truth is the referee did us a favour by allowing us to finish the game 11 v.11. Wenger won’t be happy though… if he had a player sent off, he would have a ready made excuse.

  19. brdgunner

    I agree with this in the main.

    I just hope we do the business in Jan. Arsene has said that he knows the team is short in CDM. I know he should have dealt with it already, however, if we do so in Jan, with the players coming back we can finish the strong. And let’s not forget we have played some difficult games already.

    Come on the gunners

  20. Loyal Gunner

    These days under Wenger it’s always about what might have been. We could have signed X, we nearly signed Y, we couldn’t find the zooooper zooooper qualiteee player Wenger wanted in some positions so we didn’t sign anyone at all… We’re going backwards.

    Enough already. Surely the commercials will be impacted by all this and even silent Stan will take notice and see the need for change. Everything looks and feels flat. I could barely motivate myself to watch the match. Wenger has got to go.

  21. shad

    Totally agree with you @ Bade.

    It was a set up of going out to not lose (by a heavy margin) than going to win. Wenger still uses blind trust and plays his love children over form. Even if we got the personnel in Jan to plug the gaps (which I don’t think he will anyway – remember how we got broke back KK to wind us all up?), Wenger is still too stuck in the past to challenge for anything.

    It was damning to hear our very own captain admit that “they were better and still better, and have to learn quickly”.

  22. DUIFG

    Was fairly happy with the shape yesterday, a little more resolute at least. new we had no chance of winning the game once I saw ozil out on the left.

    How many times do we need to see this failed experiment, he is utter garbage there and does not want to fight for it either, it was nothing short of a disgrace him being left on over cazorla who was at least trying and looked a hell of a lot more likely to get a goal.

    Felt sorry for welbeck yesterday didn’t have a great game but we were not exactly making it easy for him.

    This lopsided formation really isn’t working, enough now please.

  23. Adam A. Carbarundum

    It’s good to empty ones bowels every now and again. Yours is more the colonic cleanse variety, Pedro. Good to get it all out of the system. Arsenal really are shit and they showed it for all to see yesterday. They are a true reflection of their so-called manager, end of story. Time may improve things, but who really cares as long as Wenger is running things, nothing changes.

  24. shad

    ION, I really feel sad for Joel Campbell. Should have sold the lad instead of icing him and watch his stock decrease with each passing game he doesn’t play. Arshavin Mk II.

  25. Shaun Wilson

    Totally agree with your assessment of the Ozil situation Leeds – then again I’m a former Crossgates boy.

  26. GunnerPete`

    What a bunch of tosspots you anti Arsene are. So, we have a weak ref who does not have the guts to send off Cahill ( whole game would have been different) . The same ref then denies us an obvious penalty ( 1-1 would have seen Chelski panic). Then to cap it all Maureen tries to stop AW going to his recently fouled player and gets rightly shoved out the way? We may not have been great but deserved better with six top players still out. BUT NO…its all Arsenes fault because he does not intimidate refs ??? what sort of bent ,logic is that. As for Neville saying that continuous fouls is normal……it may be for clubs like Manure and Chelski who have the refs on their side every week, but its not acceptable to clubs who want to play football as fair as its possible. A word about Chambers…..this lad has bee given Yellow card for bugger all most of the time and then sees four Chelski animals hacking down his mates for 90+ minutes with no problems from the officials… is that a good education in fair play???

  27. qna

    Arsenal have dropped so far back to the pack its not funny. I think Arsene Wenger’s days must be numbered. Something has to give.

    We do have some half decent players in the team, but you could not tell that if you watched us play 90 minutes in isolation. I wonder how many regulars will be dropped from their national teams due to their club form.

    Its so depressing the thought of 3 more years of this shit.

  28. leprofessorknowsbest

    Not only wenger destroys what he has build piece by piece, but he also destroys his most talented players.
    Ozil will be the next, but wenger the scum knows best.

  29. Emiratesstroller


    I agree that the first decision by referee not to send off Cahill was poor.Koscielny should also have been sent off. However, most of other decisions were subjective and made on spur of moment.

    I expect Chelsea to win league title. Nothing yesterday changes that view. On the other hand positions 2-4 is open to at least three or four teams including ourselves, but NOT if we continue to play the way we are at moment.

    There need to be better team selections and tactical naus and Wenger needs
    to replace Arteta/Flamini and bring in an additional defender in January.

    The absence of a top quality Defensive Midfielder has probably cost us at least
    4 points this season, which is difference of being second in league and where we are now.

  30. Mark

    October 6, 2014 08:36:24
    Generous report Pedro…Ref didn’t cost us… Having no attempts on target did.
    Agreed. Blaming the ref is what we used to do in the playground.

  31. Al

    Every team tactically disciplined rotationally fouls….how about we grow a brain and join the party rather than letting players of hazard quality waltz into our box before we attempt to tackle him.

  32. Adey

    Guys, how many times are we going to say the same things over and over again?

    Thing is so far Wenger is still at Arsenal, we will still be written off, and run over by the likes of Chelsea, City and Man U.

    Something has to change. Wenger himself needs a new challenge. Arsenal needs a new manager. Jurgen Klopp would be the ideal manager to stand up to Jose Mourinho. Jose Mourinho will be here for a while, and I can’t see Wenger taming this beast yet.

  33. Al

    Think your being harsh on kos and mert. … last year they had a midfield 2 of ramsey and arteta always screening them which led to us being harder to get through except in some games but generally hard to beat. .

    This year because of this ridiculous tactic we keep employing they are having to deal with having only one guy provide the shield and it happens to be our slowest players in arteta or flamini providing that cover

  34. Leedsgunner

    “We may not have been great but deserved better with six top players still out. BUT NO…its all Arsenes fault because he does not intimidate refs ???”

    I’ll give you two in Ramsey and Walcott… who are the other 4?

    Diaby? Giroud? Arteta? Who else?

    They would have not not made one bit of difference. In fact, surprisingly Flamini had one of his better games yesterday. Arteta along Flamini would not have shielded the back for anymore nor would he have given more attacking impetus.

    No, I don’t think anyone is saying it’s Wenger’s fault because he does not intimidate referees… that’s not why we lost the game.

    Although it IS his fault for

    1. perpetually not addressing the weaknesses in the squad
    2. perpetually playing a formation that marginalises our most gifted players
    3. perpetually not rotating our squad so that our strongest players are not at their freshest for the most important games
    4. perpetually selling our best players to our rivals, either directly or not buying them back when he had the chance
    5. perpetually extending contracts of players who are not good enough but not acting in the transfer market because there aren’t any “quality” players, that is better than what he has.
    6. perpetually complaining about other club’s spending on better players (despite no. 5) even though he refuses to. At least have the grace to stand by your decision and NOT whinge about it!
    7. perpetually not practising tactics or set pieces so that we are indept on them offensively and leak goals defensively.


  35. John Mark

    Each time we lose, we all complain about referee. Laurent could have been out with red card in the first half and can we play Chelsea with 10 men after penalty? Gosh! We are not Mancity. Welbeck too could have equally got red as well as Wenger himself. The point is that Wenger always over prepared for some games, thinking some players like OX was not fit for first half action. William Cavalho was not that good as you have mentioned. he played against Chelsea in Champ Lge and was shit. Mancity, Chelsea and Mancity probably sowed where they are ripping from. Wenger needs to get a decent CDM. While is he still waiting on Diaby after how many season?

  36. Keyser

    “Agreed. Blaming the ref is what we used to do in the playground.”

    Lol you used to have refs in your playground ? Did you pay subs ? Was it a dinnerlady ?

  37. andy1886

    I can only assume that ‘Pete’ is a relatively new Arsene supporter as he clearly wasn’t around for the first five or six years of Arsene’s tenure.

    Remember that Pete? The time when we had the worst disciplinary record in the league year on year? And to be clear it wasn’t a ‘conspiracy’, the likes of Vieira, Petit, Adams and Co liked the rough stuff and weren’t afraid to dish it out.

    Of course Pete may have been there decrying all that foul play, castigating the team and Wenger and weeping for their poor victims, but I doubt it eh Pete? So, either you’re a newcomer or a hypocrite Pete, which one is it?

  38. Leedsgunner

    “Agreed. Blaming the ref is what we used to do in the playground.”

    Where was this on the playing fields of Eton?

  39. leprofessorknowsbest

    Keyser don’t know what to invent for wenger’s defence, so he tries some stupid and useless jokes…

  40. Wolfgang

    The fm and not the ref is the reason why Arsenal lost. To be brutally frank,Wenger
    is the problem. His tactics are so predictable that it’s no wonder his record is so poor against the top sides.In spite of repeated losses and embarrassing scorelines he still tries to muscle /pass way his past ten tough defenders.
    Iam afraid he has lost the plot and too much time has been wasted on him.Imho,he shd leave asap so that the new guy will have time to shape the team

  41. Keyser

    It really isn’t about the formation or that Ozil is supposedly playing wide left somewhere near Cardiff.

    Last year as shit as you think Giroud is, Ramsey and the team at least had something consistent to work from, and Ramsey in himself was playing at a ridiculously high level, when you add that to Koscielny and a somewhat stable defence it gives the impression of a spine.

    This year Ramsey’s form has been shocking, and we’re basically starting all over again with Sanchez and Weleh, both have done relatively well, and have sparked into life at times, but 7 games in we’re obviously nowhere near clinical or developed enough to not only face sides like Chelsea, but also defeat them.

    That’s it really, Cesc sums it up, we’ve spent 3 years trying to move on and Mourinho’s basically parachuted him in to the sort of team, style and system he left us in 2011, at 23 he had more experience and regular gametime than probably both Wilshere and Ramsey have combined now.

  42. kapslock

    Had Wilshere’s touch been better, we would have been 1-1, and that was a fair reflection of the game in the first half. 2nd half we were poor, the front 3 just did not click at all. We need Theo back quickly.
    9 points behind Chelsea already but I think it’s ground we can make up, especially with the games we have coming after the break. We should be racking up some serious points until United come to us. Chelsea have had a good start but they’re bound to go through a bad patch.

  43. Micheal

    Spot on Leeds.

    The Chavs were better than us in every department and the referee was poor in decisions affecting both sides. Cahill and Kos should have gone but playing 10-a side would not have affected the result.

    And the really awful, gut-wrenching fact is that it will happen again, again and again. Read Leedsgunner’s post again – AND WEEP.

  44. Keyser

    “Keyser don’t know what to invent for wenger’s defence, so he tries some stupid and useless jokes…”

    Sylvie is that you ?

  45. Stan

    As a Chelsea fan at the game yesterday I was scared stiff of Arsenal all afternoon. I thought they played OK. It was a bit of a surprise walking away from the game fairly happy that we realised Arsenal had had no attempts on target (I cant remember the one they were supposed to have had).

    How many times yesterday was I cringing just before yet another sideways pass was made rather than having a shot? Don’t you do shooting?

    Its like that bloody perfect Wilshire goal a couple of years ago. It took about 6 years of trying for that to come off once, and all you seem bothered about is trying to do it again.

    Even when Barcelona were in their absolute pomp a couple of years ago, they had variety in their game and were also just about the most snide niggly side out there. I am sure Wenger isn’t thick but in trying to consistently row against the tide he does a very good impression of it.

  46. Leedsgunner


    I agree we need Theo back but one player coming back isn’t going to change anything until all the issues I mentioned in my post 0931 is addressed. We aren’t missing one player — we miss a strategy, a playing identity and motivation. In short we looked washed up yesterday and it’s only just beginning of October. 🙁

  47. reality check

    Ok pedro I see what you’re doing there with that post so fair dues, it’s is a worry though. How long has wenger been a manager in the toughest league in the world.

    So it’s either he refuses to adapt to the league he plays in or cannot.

    Even if the refs are out to get us..


    There’s millions of pounds at stake here. People’s livelihoods are on the line. Jeez some of these people involved in this game cant even promise their families, they’ll be around.

    Look at cescs kid going school in one country while daddy gets the bread in another.

    There’s no time or space for ‘I play fair, you play fair, we all play fair together’

    Shit is real.. it isn’t a “game” anymore.

  48. crackv

    Different season same problems again:
    . Unable to win against the big teams
    . The stlye of play is so predictable and boring no wonder we struggle against more organised and better teams
    . players are not encouraged to shoot from outside the penalty box
    . not signed a defensive midfielder when the team desperately need one
    . players getting played out of position
    . still have a long list of overpaid and not good enough players in the squad; rosicky, podolski, flamini, arteta, coquelin, giroud and 2 games a season abou diaby who should be forced to retire (why is he still arsenal player).
    . still missing important players to injuries
    .cant defend from set pieces

    and many more

    whos to blame

    wenger, wenger wenger out!!!!

  49. emmanuel

    It’s very easy to push Ozil of the ball. He is weak; even Fabregas who has a smaller stature won most of the duels against him. I don’t agree that Sanchez should not have been subbed. If we really watch football properly, we would notice that Sanchez is never positive in his runs whenever his is in possession, hardly gives out the ball to a free teammate until he is crowded out by the opposition. All said, I think we matched Chelsea yesterday in most departments, but lacked that winning mentality which comes with the confidence that you have one or two quality players on your side, who can a moment of magic in a match at this level. Wenger lost it during the last summer transfer window.

  50. paulie

    Totally disagree with how you see things Pedro. You neglect to mention wellness challenge also I think chambers should have had 2 yellows and again konchelsi should have been off. How come you reckon the ref done us looking at the full facts. Mourinho love him orhate him is miles ahead of wWenger and makes him look like a fool all the time despite what some deluded arsenal fans will tell us. I know you can’t keep hammering Wenger every post and I give you a lot of credit for regularly doing so but in this instance I disagree with your post. Wenger and his team of overpaid chokers are solely to blame as usual.

  51. kapslock

    Leedsgunner –

    To be fair, we looked good for the first 20-25 minutes, we kept our shape. We kept Costa quiet most of the game, I don’t even think Fabregas did anything of note up until that pass.Koscielny and Ozil were very poor yesterday. There wasn’t a lack of effort (apart from Ozil), it was just 2 pieces of quality that seperated the sides. We’re just not as good as Chelsea. Should we be? Definitely, especially with our financial power. There is only one man to blame for that and it comes down to the manager. However, I think with Ramsey and Walcott back we will look very strong. Hopefully we can go on a run similar to Liverpool’s last season.

  52. TitsMcgee

    These days under Wenger it’s always about what might have been. We could have signed X, we nearly signed Y, we couldn’t find the zooooper zooooper qualiteee player Wenger wanted in some positions so we didn’t sign anyone at all… We’re going backwards.”

    That is pretty much it. If after every major test we keep saying “if” this and “but” that then obviously it is more than just bad luck. Some will have you believe the universe is against us but they need to wake up. We make the same mistakes repeatedly because we are getting our cues from someone who is out of his depth.

  53. reality check

    People upset fab went chelsea. I was at first but, fk it he’s got to do whats best for him and his yoots.

    all this ref talk deflects from the root problem. I mean if you wanna get picky about it. Welbecks two footer?

    Both teams would’ve ended with like 9 men each. Another excuse for why we lost.

    All I wanted before the game even started was for them boys to act like men. We lose we lose, but don’t get bullied and brushed off and pushed around. Have some self respect.

    Only a few stood tall. Even less than that.

    (Why did jenks go out on loan? Chambers is a walking suspension right now)

  54. Danny

    Some of you lot must’ve been watching a diferent game. We had NO shots on target. That is bloody useless. Forget about the bent ref, if you can’t get close to scoring then it’s all worthless. I believe that is the point of the game.

  55. TitsMcgee

    Wenger set out to not get destroyed yesterday. End of. He basically said to himself anything but 6-0 and I can live with it. Then complains about financial might after the game with 200 mil in the bank like he didn’t name Arteta captain two weeks before the season started.

  56. andy1886

    RC – Pedro’s been the butt of the pro-Wenger brigade recently, I could be a little unfair but could it be that he’s trying to move a little bit back towards the centre so as to keep his readership numbers and hits as high as possible? Either that or Ivan has slipped him a brown envelope 😉

  57. Leedsgunner


    Fair points. We often start well but that there doesn’t seem to be any fighting spirit in the squad this year. Especially in the past 10 games if events are going against us — our heads go down. Last year Ramsey was de facto leader who took games we were losing and picked it up by the neck to get a result. Özil should be that leader but he seems so disinterested. I wouldn’t be surprise if he’s shifted out come the summer. Completely mismanaged imo.

  58. rollen

    ref cost us?

    Kos chambers and welbeck could/should be off.
    we bearly had shot on goal.
    midfield totally destroyed by chelsea pace power work rate and fouls. Agree that arsene actually set team in decent way.

  59. Emiratesstroller

    If you play a game of chess you need to think what the opponent plans to do as well as your own tactical game.

    Unfortunately Wenger and some of his players only think what they want to do.

    Our achilles heel for a very long time is lack of physicality in team, inadequate
    defensive cover in midfield and [poor] zonal marking at free kicks and corners. The fact that manager does not change any of these situations is an
    indictment on him.

    I wrote also on the last thread that Arsenal’s success in winning 2 of 3 League
    Titles was down to a large degree to the back line he inherited from George
    Graham. The sad fact is that Wenger has never been particularly ‘hot’ when
    it comes to building a strong defence.

    No team wins league titles if you cannot defend properly. That is why we continue to be so vulnerable in ‘big’ games.

  60. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Dont blame the refs .Tough you are right Cahill shud have been sent off and Osacr shud have been cautioned at leat twice before he got a yellow at the end.
    But same goes for Kos who ahould have got a red too.

    Also i dont agree with most of you that Ozil is not doing well and he is not interested.If it was so than why he played so well in the villa and Galla game.

    It is simple . Chelsea closed the game for him and Cazorla by man marking and keeping the midfield area closed. They kept there midfielders occupy therer own half by not going forward. There back four also kept tight and dizdnt went forward through out the match.
    It was plain n simple game plan.

    People forget even the likes of Suarez cudnt score agnst chealse when the defences are kept so tight.

    Jose specializes in playing ugly football. A

  61. Leedsgunner

    (Why did jenks go out on loan? Chambers is a walking suspension right now)

    Speak to the manager mate — because we have have such a small squad we are forced to play people who are in bad form because

    1. Manager is forced to by injury
    2. There simply isn’t anyone to play… especially in defence.

  62. DUIFG

    Ozil was ok in the galla game , lets not make out he was ripping new ones, villa he ws good, 1 good game in about 9 months now, the kid needs to be central or nowhere near the team

  63. Leedsgunner

    “If we scored 3 goals we would have beat them”

    …. the fact is we didn’t. If we didn’t lose any games last year we could have ended up with the quadruple…


  64. kapslock

    Arsenal fans frothing over Fabregas. People need to grow the fuck up and remember that he sulked and refused to play until he got his move. When that all fucked up he whored himself around and went to Chelsea. Don’t believe all the shit about ‘ I still have Arsenal in my heart.’ It’s utter bullshit. He means nothing to me, just another ex Arsenal player. Fans still crying over it really need to man up.
    On Ozil, he was awful yesterday but Mourinho had a plan of exactly how to deal with him. Close him down, offer him no space. Also, there were a lack of runners going in behind, Sanchez or Welbeck weren’t offering this at all.

  65. DUIFG

    Think the shout of lets target terry is more hope than expectation, he had welbeck in his pocket yesterday, didn’t get a sniff.

  66. gambon

    Wenger is an utter embarrassment to this club.

    Nervous wreck of a cunt on the touchline, complete inability to win big games.

    Gonna be another long season.

  67. andy1886

    “I wrote also on the last thread that Arsenal’s success in winning 2 of 3 League
    Titles was down to a large degree to the back line he inherited from George
    Graham. The sad fact is that Wenger has never been particularly ‘hot’ when
    it comes to building a strong defence.”

    And you can put the undefeated season down to the key aquisition of Campbell from the Spuds too, Sol made Toure twice the player he would have otherwise have been.

  68. Radio Raheem

    I don’t agree with that Pedro. I think Koscielny has been our best player so far. Unfortunately, giving away a pen he did comes with the Kos package.

  69. augie

    Embarrassing summation – yes they should have had an early red card yesterday but we should have had two red cards (albeit that wellbecks was in injury time). We had ZERO shots on target in 90+ minutes and you want to blame the referee ? I think that is a new premier league record (to go alongside the first team in champs league to not have a single shot on target in a game). Our manager is weak – he is moaninho’s bitch and it is a shocking when you consider the great teams we had in years gone by, that he has never once beaten the portugese d*ckhead. Yesterday he dropped the ox in what is becoming his customary team selection balls up – why would anyone drop the only energetic and gutsy midfielder we have, and then play two of the more lazy (especially defensively) players in our club ? Hasn’t he learned by now that we simply CANNOT play away games with ozil and cazorla both starting ?

    It also needs to be said that our players are weak – we have NO player who can stand up and unify his team when the pressure is on. People will moan about wilshere but yesterday he was the player that kept trying to drive us forward whilst other players hid. With the exception of the 2nd goal, the BFG’s performance was good yesterday – he read the danger brilliantly all day and made some fine tackles and interceptions.

    Finally, your claim that hazard would have been subbed if cahill was sent off is both ridiculous and incorrect – anybody that knows football would realise that Oscar would have been the player to make way and hazard is country miles ahead of him in terms of quality and in terms of importance to their team

  70. Ishola

    Chelsea were far from their best yesterday but still ran out pretty comfortable winners in the end. You can point to Arsenal making things difficult for Chelsea and being compact and competitive to some degree in keeping Chelsea quiet for periods of the match but Chelsea were misplacing some basic passing which was evident especially in the first half. Also Chelsea were pretty patient playing the waiting game in this match. They were quite conservative compared to some of the attacking football we have seen from them playing at home this season but of course they can easily revert back to a more cautious, patient approach under Mourinho.

    It seems that some Arsenal fans are not too displeased with the defeat yesterday. They cite refereeing decisions and compare the match to the humiliation there last season. This really shows how plenty of the fanbase are just as unambitious as the board and are as delusional as Wenger. To take positives from yesterday is just the usual clutching at straws. Arsenal went into yesterday’s game determined not to be humiliated again and played with caution and although it made the game relatively tight it in turn nullified Arsenal offensively. Arsenal never convinced going forward in this match.

    Fabregas didn’t have much of a game really overall. He was quite anonymous until he provided that great throughball for Costa to seal the match. I got the feeling that he wasn’t all that comfortable playing against his old team.

    This season is going to be all about the progression of Jack Wilshere. Wenger has decided this season will be the one where Wilshere must kick on as an individual player. And this is why Arsenal are nowhere near winning the league as they haven’t been for so many years now. Wenger takes great stock on progressing and developing individual players. Now Jack Wilshere isn’t too bad at all as an attacking midfield player and he does need more matches which Wenger is going to give him this season to improve and he will improve by the end of the season. But this is the difference between Mourinho and Wenger. Mourinho will sit down at the end of the season and pinpoint the areas that need to be fixed to win one of the major trophies (we are talking about EPL/CL titles here, not second level FA Cups) Wenger on the other hand will look at his individual players he already has and look to improve them on an individual basis. He will not be ruthless and get in the players needed to improve the side as evidenced in the summer transfer window, For all those bemoaning not seeing Ozil in the centre playing as a central playmaker this is because of Wilshere. As said Wilshere will improve, he will even get many fans purring over him by the end of the season but it will be in the end to the detriment of the team as a whole. Wenger’s insistence this season to make Wilshere first team starter in central playmaker position will do harm to the team overall. Great for Wilshere though as a individual player and great for any Arsenal fans who want to see an English hero in the team that they can worship.

    btw the Sanchez signing was superfluous and opportunistic one. I like his work-rate and what he can provide as an all round attacker but for the rubbish that was spouted that Sanchez could be the answer to the CF position by some fans at the beginning of the season well we can see that this is nonsense. He is not a CF and doesn’t make the runs of a CF to ever be really good in that position. He can play in and around the box and that is it. He can fill in at CF on certain occasions but that is all.

    The Sanchez signing is just another example that Wenger is nowhere near getting his head around getting his team to ever win another EPL title again. The money laid out for Sanchez was not necessary. Not when you are so short at the back, have nothing in your squad for holding midfielders/DMs and still lack a top class CF.

  71. Emiratesstroller


    I agree the acquisition of Campbell was also a major reason why we were ‘undefeated’. That was of course a ‘bosman’. Would Wenger have recruited this player if he had cost us a transfer fee? I think not.

    The facts are that Wenger will never spend serious money on defensive options. Our transfer budget will always be well under £20 Million.

    That is why we will not bring in world class defenders if they become available. World class centre backs are like ‘gold dust’ and probably rarer than strikers today.

  72. Paulinho

    Koscielny is like a trained dog. Ask to perform specific tasks and he will do it but he has no wider understanding of the game, and has zero composure. So of course he was going to stick his leg and take Hazard down while a genuine top defender would feign to stick a leg out and wait for the obvious Hazard dive.

  73. Keyser

    Steve Bould playing a delicate chip throughball over the Everton defence for a marauding Tony Adams to hit a 20 yard half volley, on his weaker ? foot, to cap off a 4-0 win and the league title, is exacly the sort of defensive drill Graham got them to practice over and over again in training.

  74. Rosicky@Arsenal

    This blog is getting so much bi polar.

    Some say kos is good some say he is bad
    Some say jack was good sone say he was bad.
    People say Per was exceptional yesterday but he cudnt stop costa to score.

    That is why i always try to calm down the bloggers not to criticise team and players.
    After just 3/4 games.

    Teams should b judged on a season basis and not on every poor game.

  75. Keyser

    EmiratesStroller – They put Campbell on 100k a week, so while it might have been a free transfer or even a fat signing on fee, the example is a pretty poor one.

  76. Keyser

    “No Shots on goal you Gutless Imbecile? No shots? Is that a new record of your specialization of failures
    Total muckhead, you bastard. Why don’t you hang yourself?”

    Lol, with my cynical Le Grove hat on, is this someone from Untold, taking the piss ?

  77. Alfie

    Has anyone considered that the reason we aren’t doing too well is because we aren’t that good??

    The ONLY saving grace is the fact that we have played Everton, Man City, Spurs and Chelsea. Our next five games are pivotal to our season.

  78. Radio Raheem


    That’s harsh on Koscielny. I like his very proactive approach to defending. The benefits far outweigh the costs. I don’t there are calmer CBs on the ball than Koscielny. Certainly none more elegant on the ball. But I do agree he can be too ‘proactive’ which spills over to the odd pen given away. Overall I’d say he is the best CB in the league.

  79. Alfie

    “No Shots on goal you Gutless Imbecile? No shots? Is that a new record of your specialization of failures

    Total muckhead, you bastard. Why don’t you hang yourself?”

    LOLZ! Calm down, its only a game.

  80. Thomas

    Poor bitter post really. Yeah the ref cost us the game lol. The specialist in failure got bitch slapped by Mourinho again. That’s what happened. Wanker didn’t set up to win the game, he set up not to lose 6-0. Cowardly manager. And his antics on the side? ‘I don’t know what the cameras showed but nothing happened’. Pathetic.

  81. Dissenter

    The referee card being used again?
    I cannot believe you just wrote that.
    The referee was an equal opportunity douche bag, Koshielny should have been sent off but he stayed. Chambers shouldn’t have made it past the 60th minute.

    Wenger should have been sent to the stands but he stayed.
    Is this your idea of reapproachment?

  82. andy1886

    Stroller, exactly what I’m saying, the third title was purely because AW was fortunate enough to get Campbell. Without him we wouldn’t have gone unbeaten I’m sure, maybe not even the title that season. As Arsene said, we’re an offensive team in his head and he’s never going to assemble a great defensive line up on his own, not that it’s very high in his list of priorities to do so. Once the option was there Campbell was a no-brainer, it didn’t take a genius to make that deal (no doubt negotiated by Dein).

  83. Emiratesstroller


    We have quite a few players at club who would walk into other major clubs if they become available.

    Frequently they play better when they leave us and go onto win league titles.

    The sad fact is that Wenger’s teams are always short of what is required to win
    trophies and ‘improve players’ who join us.

    In recent years players like Fabregas, Nasri,Cole and Clichy have moved to pastures new in their prime. Others like Van Persie and Sagna have done so
    for a fresh challenge at clubs, which they believe are more ambitious. Then there are those like Hleb,Song and Adebayor who were not exceptional, but
    still managed to attract offers from big clubs such as Barcelona and Man City.

    The real question, which you need to ask is whether are becoming a ‘better’ team in last two seasons following the increase in our transfer budget and wages?

    My view is that we are not getting better despite better quality players coming in.

  84. andy1886

    No sign of GunnerPete then? Like a dog that drops a turd on your lawn then runs off before you can kick it’s backside.

  85. Paulinho

    Radio – He’s far too lightweight and ditzy to be regarded as the best in the league. He is absolutely awful in the air as well and is bullied easily. He’s great on the ground when the game is front of him and can swoop in and out but there’s so much more to being a top defender than what he excels at.

    The best in the league is Kompany by far. He can be a leader and organise the defence as well and match up pace wise with anyone.

  86. Dissenter

    I wasn’t expecting us to win so it would be unfair to whine.
    Chelsea are the form team and will run away with the title by January.

    My gripe is with Wenger and his never ending penchant for excuses.
    He managed to make Mourhino look like a saint yesterday.
    Mourhino defending his technical area and Wenger whining about financial clout.

  87. Loyal Gunner


    Ozil is proving to be an expensive luxury in this side. He looked dejected and even the basics didn’t come off for him. His morale must be rock bottom now. But what can we expect when he was a panic buy and there was no thought about what made him a special player and how he needed to be used. Right now he’s a £40m+ left side makeweight just to ensure he gets playing time. Wenger is out and out incompetent.

  88. Loyal Gunner


    The reason players tend to play better when they leave us is that at other clubs they get properly coached, know what is expected of them, are prepared properly for matches by the manager and properly looked after fitness-wise, and are played to their strengths.

  89. Dissenter

    I expect Wenger to sell Ozil off next summer. His agent will start agitating for a move this winter.

    In all my years of watching football.
    I’ve never seen a footballer giving his jersey to the opposition manager after a grudge match.
    What is going on inside our dressing room?

    It seems Ozil was sold a keg of snake oil by Mr. Wenger. That was passive aggression at its worst. He wants out quickly.
    Who would have thought Wenger saw Ozil as cover until Jack returned back to physical fitness. The 43 million acquisition is now an expensive paperweight.

    It’s so inconsistent of Wenger. I didn’t buy Cesc because I have Ozil, yet I’ll play Ozil out of position to accommodate Jack.

  90. Keyser

    The penalty wasn’t about being proactive, you basically let Hazard clean through on goal or attempt a tackle, because he was slightly unbalanced he planted his foot and Hazard being the fucking cockroach that he is doesn’t need asking twice.

    That’s it really, over the past couple of seasons what’s been patently obvious is that if Koscielny doesn’t have a chance, then somethings clearly gone wrong defensively, or it’s just down to the luck of the draw.

    A bit like both goals against Dortmund, Immobile is comfortably within Koscielny’s grasp, but because his touch was soo poor, Immobile gifted himself an extra yard, likewise Aubameyang’s shot, he hits it soo poorly that it rebounds up above Kos’s last gasp attempt at a clearance.

    I’d worry about his Achilles though, while Costa’s quick, he usually has another gear to go to.

  91. Thank you and goodnight


    Oh but according to the AKB’S and the oily salesman gazidis, ozil’s transfer to us was months and months in planning. Bollocks! ! We got trashed by villa at home on our opening day season game, first time wenger and the board had seen the fans turn in numbers like that and they started to shit it and lo and behold Ozil fell into their laps. A bit like welbeck signing this summer.

  92. Emiratesstroller

    Koscielny is not remotely a ‘World Class’ Centre Back, although in a team more focussed on defence than we appear to be his deficiencies could be camouflaged.

    For a start he is reckless as he demonstrated yesterday in conceding penalty. That is most certainly not the first time it has happened.

    Also his positional play is not always of the best as we saw with the second goal
    scored by Costa.

    Then you need to see how often he is beaten in the air at set pieces. Far too often for my liking.

    The real question is whether he would play better in another team under a
    manager more focussed on defence. My guess that he would improve. The
    same might well have applied incidentally to Vermaelen. The fact that both
    Man Utd and Barcelona rated him says everything about us.

  93. Loyal Gunner


    I fear you could be right. I don’t hold too much hope that Wenger will play Ozil in his best position, even now Welbz and Alexis offer him the kind of outlet he needs and thrived on at Real.

  94. Dissenter

    Ozil is in a better position to assess Wenger.
    He was coached by Mourhino before and he can tell the difference.
    Mourhino tells you to your face what he expects of you.

    Ozil knows he’s wasting his time at Arsenal and he wants out.
    Who buys a player that is so gifted and plays him out of position.
    Anyone who watched Ozil pre-Arsenal knew you had to buy a mobile and athletic DM to complement him because he won’t put a leg in. Wenger failed to do this.

  95. Paulinho

    Koscielny is fragile. His pace seems to go along with his confidence.

    The match at Anfield last season was a prime example. For their third of fourth goal Coutinho played a pretty regulation ball around for him for Sturridge and Koscielny was flailing like a lame bird, unable to keep up with Sturridge. He almost seemed as slow as Mertesacker.

  96. leprofessorknowsbest

    “Kos the Boss
    Our most consistent player for ages people of le grove”

    Hope for him that he will be smart enough to leave us soon.
    He deserve better, but I guess he’s not the only one…

  97. andy1886

    “I’d worry about his Achilles though”

    Me too, it’s gonna blow sooner or later unless he gets a rest. Hayden needs minutes, or when Kos is out and Chambers is suspended we’ll have someone with zero PL minutes stepping out onto the field.

  98. moray

    Nothing more to say about the game. We were never going to win but I thought under the circumstances (played out of position with no real game plan) most players did ok. It won’t be the last time our lack of a DM screen means Koz will be making that last ditch tackle against a flying opponent.These big games are best forgotten quickly. Just accept we are rarely ever going to get anything out of them.

    On a different note, why do we struggle with basic things we used to do well, even under the same manager? For instance, do we not practise taking corners and free kicks?

  99. leprofessorknowsbest

    “Ozil knows he’s wasting his time at Arsenal and he wants out.”

    == >> see my comment above about Kos…

  100. Carts

    Wenger’s substitutions were embarrasing.

    I’d be the first to say that Wenger isn’t using Ozil to his strengths. At Real Madrid we saw Ozil occupy the centre of an attacking three who’d play behing Higuain or Benzema. Other times he’d play wide right. For Germany, in the WC, he played wide right/ left on almost every occasion.

    Now, I know just because Ozil is asked to play LW, he isn’t confined to the particular area of the field. But when he drifts in-field, the logical thing would be for someone to fill in for him – something I never see happen. In short, Ozil is practically useless playing LW. I saw our attacking 3 be Ox-Ozil-Sanchez/Theo, otherwise don;t boither.

  101. Keyser

    We lost to Villa, beat Fulham away, Fenerbachce home and away and then Tottenham at home, then we bought Ozil.