Referee cost Arsenal points at Chelsea, simple as that

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Arsenal fans getting to grips with flares, badly via @away_days

Arsenal fans getting to grips with flares, badly via @away_days

I went into the game with a worry and tenseness that always follows me into a major games under Arsene Wenger. Many questions were laid on the table, in the main; they mostly centred on our planning.

Namely, did we do any?

Wenger immediately did his switch from ‘winning formula’ to ‘not so much winning formula’. The Ox was dropped out of the starting line-up, Jack slipped into the midfield with Flamini, Cazorla played in the hole with Mesut outwide on the left. For me, the visible lack of power was a worry.

I’ve not penned a match report, I’ve just penned the points of interest.


It was clear to me that Arsenal had done some work at the training ground before the game. We held our shape far better than we have done in the last few games against Chelsea. There wasn’t so much bombing forward from the full backs (bar Gibbs who can’t resist), we had a more reserved approach and we were quite happy giving Chelsea the ball for large parts. The fact the game plan didn’t work centred around other items outside our shape / tactics.


You know I’m not one for whining about the conspiracy of referees, but simply put, the standard of refereeing was an absolute disgrace yesterday. Games hinge on the whims of these men who are so often destroyers of games it’s embarrassing.

Early on in the game, Cahill scythed down Sanchez in a disgusting challenge that was a straight red. No question about it. The 4th official saw it, he bottled it, Atkinson cowardly ignored the obvious through fear of what Mourinho might say after the game. So Cahill stayed, which meant, Hazard stayed on the pitch… because he’d have been the luxury player sacrificed by the practical Mourinho.

The second half saw another howler when Atkinson adjudged Cesc’s spectacular handball not to be a handball. What is it with refs and handballs? That was so obvious. He saw it clearly. Yet he ignored it. Again, 1-1 makes it a different game.

Also, I know we were lucky not to lose Laurent. But how Calum Chambers was booked is quite beyond me. I know he’s been a bit clumsy of late, but Hazard played for that booking. When you layer his yellow card over the systematic fouling from Oscar (who didn’t pick up a booking until very late), well, you really struggle to work out what’s going on there… other than Mourinho now having the Ferguson fear factor among refs. Which is so pathetic.

I bitch about football managers not using data properly, who is talking to the refs? Who sits down with those guys before a game and says, ‘Look, Jose will set up a team that will disrupt in the final third with niggly fouls. If this happens more than three times in the first 10, tell the captain you’re booking the next foul regardless’.

No one does. The refs are so wrapped up in their own performance, they fail to see what’s going on from a tactical standpoint, so teams can bully, trick and con their way to points.


Both the goals were of our own doing. As with the last game, we lost the ball twice in midfield and Chelsea capitalised. Two stupid mistakes. The first one was Sanchez in Cheslea’s final third, the break wasn’t tracked because we don’t have the right players, Hazard beasted through the middle of our players, Cazorla missed him, then Laurent stuck out a lazy challenge and felled him. No red card which was lucky. Laurent really has been a shower this season, if he doesn’t want to be here, perhaps he should just say. No excusing his attitude of late, he looks totally uninterested.

The second goal came from Santi losing the ball, Cesc launched a long ball George Graham would have been proud of… our two centre backs both dithered… they didn’t drop deep to clear the ball, they didn’t push up to play Costa offside, so he followed the ball, chested it down and flicked deftly over our keeper and that was it. A really pathetic piece of defending from our centre backs… who sadly have no competition to shake things up. Per needs a rest, Laurent needs dropping. Again, total negligence from the manager to not have sorted that massive gap in his squad this summer.

Point is, both of those mistakes were text box. We really shouldn’t be suffering mistakes like that if we have title aspirations.


Chelsea have a Matic. They have a big huge lump of meat that sits just in front of the back four. He’s explosive over ten yards so he can cover the ground needed to snuff out danger and he’s cynical. Where was our cynical challenge when Hazard broke? Where was our player who would go through the player and the ball to kill an attack? It’s car crash squad planning. We lost two points to City because we lacked a Schneiderlin, we lost at least one goal against Chelsea because we didn’t buy a Carvahlo. It’s been clear for years that we lack power in our side. It’s clear now we lack power. It was clear yesterday we lacked power.

So why is it never addressed?


Again, I know this is to be expected of Wenger and it’s nothing new, but our substitutes at times are completely baffling. The manager takes off Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere and leave on Flamini and Ozil. What’s he thinking? He should have yanked the very average Flamini and Ozil who was having a terrible game again. Even pulling Sanchez, a striker who goes to war everytime he plays shouldn’t have gone off. Wenger really does have a blind spot when it comes to subs. It’s like he makes the decisions based on how much he likes a player, rather than what’s going on in front of his eyes.

Arsenal in final third

We had possession in spits and spats but we didn’t make enough of it in the final third. Jack Wilshere wasn’t great yesterday; his touch let us down badly when he had a clear run of goal. He was wasteful with his passing at times. Ozil was an absolute passenger out there, he really is starting to look every inch the panic buy he was. Again, someone needs to have a quiet word with him about what it is to play for the The Arsenal. Bench him, no one is bigger than the club. Welbeck didn’t get into the game and overall I’d say we were too fussy in their half. We’re playing the same style we did last season when we have players that allow us to be more direct and quicker on the counter. Our front three really doesn’t have any sort of balance at the moment.

Wenger record

It’s really weak against Mourinho. 12 without a win. It’s quite unbelievable Wenger still hasn’t turned him over. The fisticuffs during the game at least showed a manager who cared. I mean, Jose asking the ball boy to hold onto the ball after the first minute and all the rest of the nonsense is just typical scumbag Jose. The idea that the fat little waiter sitting next to him would take on Steve Bould is quite hilarious.

Back to the game, Wenger is usually pretty easy to set up against, not yesterday. He did some homework yesterday, but he was still found out because he didn’t do his homework in the summer and build a decent squad capable of going toe-to-toe with the top guns. We’ll always fall down with Wenger because he’s not elite anymore. However, at least he gave it more of a go yesterday. There are smatterings of progress, even though those progress moments only tend to come when he’s on a very bad run.


I think we’ll still make top four. We were never in the title race. So yesterday was an expected loss. However, if we can get into our stride, continue to do our preparation on the opposition and find something to make the fans smile, I’ll be happy enough. I know the limitations of the manager, I’ve accepted them so I’ll be pleased if we just improve on last season.

Flat ambition, I know. But what’s the point in hoping for the impossible? What’s the point in arguing with people who don’t see it? Because to be honest, if you can’t see the decline in our manager compared to others, you’re either lying to yourself, blind or you’re just playing up to a character you’ve carved yourself online.

Still, good news is on the horizon. Once Ramsey and Theo come back into contention, we’ll be a different side. Having options like Debuchy and Giroud will also give us more quality. I don’t think our crocked right back would have given Hazard such an easy ride yesterday. A Giroud would give us something from the bench we don’t get from Lukas. Finally, at left back, I’m really struggling to see what Gibbs gives us at the back or going forward. Monreal isn’t fashionable, but I think he’s a better left back than Kieran, way more fight.


An expected defeat but one which mostly hinged around terrible standard of reffing in this country. Chelsea didn’t look like future Champions yesterday, they looked like a team that’s set the pace early that could struggle if they pick up one or two injuries over the next few months. Then we’ll see the whinger of a manager they have self-destruct in cry baby fashion like he did last season.

That’d make me smile…

Right, have a great day!

P.S. Arsenal fans letting a flare off… in the bar. Come on guys, lift it!

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  1. N5

    Oh and N4 and three quarters! Genius!! lol, every time you type something you make yourself look more stupid which you would think was impossible at this point!! but nope, every time, you show you have more loaded in your Arsenal.

  2. N5

    That’s a good one Lemonde/Peanuts!

    Other than making you look childlike I’m unsure what you aim to achieve by your word play.

    AKB, haha, I don’t think I’ve supported Wenger in any comment ever.

  3. N5

    “anyway back to being an AKB…………………….fingers tapping on the table”

    Yeah thanks for your little interaction, as always it was mind numbing and cost me brain cells. Keep up the good work and big thumbs up in the username buddy. It’s not remotely imbecilic.

  4. Du Vi

    Having supported Arsenal while a find that one the biggest disappointments with the club is that on average we have some of the most ignorant fans in the league who in my view have lost the moral right to challenge the increasingly clueless manager because they themselves do not know any better.

    For example there is a myth being perpetuated by a vocal majority that Mezut Ozil is being short-changed by supposedly being played on the wings and that should justify his abysmal performances since joining the club. Did anyone with a football brain ever watch Hleb play for Arsenal.Hleb was a number 10 whose preferred position was in the middle, yet through out his time at Arsenal was shunted to the wings, yet irrespective he flourished and was pivotal to the ball retention capabilities and fluent football potency that side showed.

    Newsflash for want of a better word we were mugged by Madrid and his purchase worryingly like many others over the last four years smarks of a fire brigade approach and is a result of abysmal scouting by the club.

    Ala Arshavin it would take us four years and Ozil running down his contract,because no other team will be stupid enough to offer him similar wages, to figure out what it should have taken a discerning football mind a few games to decipher.Mezut Ozil should have been sold after his first season when it was still feasible to cut your losses and gain a reasonable transfer feee for him.

    Its an insult and frankly sacrilegious for every player who works hard in training Ox,Rosicky Joel et all to be benched for this fraud and it clear that the players share this view(see Cazorla reaction after being substituted, and facial expressions made between Wilshire and Cazorla after coming off)
    When it finally becomes evident that Ozil needs to be sold i make bold to say his value would have dropped well below 10 million and would eventually leave on a free

  5. gnarleygeorge9

    R.S.P.C.Arsenal October 6, 2014 19:45:12

    “What’s happened to gnarly ?”

    I’ve lost my mojo R.S.P.C.A 🙁 due to lack of CDM cover caused by Old Frenchie!

  6. Dark Hei

    N5 ain’t AKB. The real AKB is me, Dark Hei. I am the ultimate AKB in Le Grove.

    Though NM runs a close second I admit.

    I love Wenger, I admit as much. But I don’t really think we will win the league with him at the helm. I will be very happy if he can prove me wrong.

  7. N5

    Dark and there is nothing wrong with being an AKB anyway. It’s just a pointless insult, thrown around by morons who have nothing else they can insult you with.

    It’s the internet equivalent of saying “your mum”.

  8. Dark Hei

    Du Vi

    Hold your horses on Ozil. He is suffering due to a tactical switch to 4-1-4-1 in big games.
    But we can and will switch back to the 4-2-3-1 in time. When Arshavin was in his funk, he did not turn up with those performances like Ozil at Villa and Galatasary. He can go missing in big games as long as he gets to slaughter everyone else.

  9. andy1886

    Tactical switch by who DH? 😉

    Truth is we would have been better served buying a striker rather than Ozil last season, but we didn’t so all we can do is hope that he recovers his form as soon as possible. I expect that AW will continue to shunt him around to his detriment, but he certainly isn’t the only one to suffer being played away from his best position. It may well be he just isn’t suited to PL football, but the way he’s being managed certainly isn’t helping.

  10. Bankz

    Dark Hei

    43million players are bought for the BIG GAMES, not for Villa & QPR.
    A Rosicky or Cazorla would effectively slaughter those.

    If things get tough, you look up to the Hazards, Neymar, Messi, CR7, DiMaria, Yaya Toure, Silva, Bale, Suarez, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Aguero etc.

    The only reason why a club splashes big money on big players is for the big games.

    Fact you think Özil can be exonerated because he had one good game vs Aston villa in his last 10games is purely hilarious.

    I don’t know what Özil’s problems are but I’d bet it has more to do with him already being fed up with Arsene Wenger & his archaic/weak tactics.

    I remember Arsharvin still putting on good moments of magic in some big games against Barcelona, Man United, Chelsea and City. He wasn’t even a £43million player.

    The sooner Wenger leaves or Özil escapes from his clutches, the better for the German’s career.
    If he persists with the status quo, he’d become a totally irrelevant player in the next 2yrs.

  11. Wee Geordie Armstrong

    I think pedros piece was a bit slanted to say the least yes it was send off against sanchez as it was against cesc in second half,f out the hand ball by cesc was borderline and not clear at all.
    they are a superior side to us and we are not close to being as good as they are, why is cesc playing for them and not us he is streets ahead of any our midfielders how could AW not know that mourinho didn’t miss it we could have bought him and sold ozil who is clearly not epl materialand still had money to spare, Even I know that.

  12. PieAFC

    Ozil was rubbish. Had no fight, for not a small player got totally handled off the ball too many times for my liking. Lacked any bite or initiative to chase down balls, beat a man. Now and then a few glimpses, he had no drive what so ever.

    One thing is for certain, he isn’t happy at Arsenal or the Premier league.

    Either being played out of position or himself something needs addresses and fast.

    And no I’m not picking a scapegoat here or jumping on the bandwagon. He’s been poor and so inconsistent for way too long now.

  13. PieAFC

    We had no end product.

    We have no style. What are we going for? counter attacking, pressing, possession?

    I have no clue. Nor do the players.

  14. Gary Murray

    These games whenever a move starts back and the opposite side stops the move every time without consequence are terribly officiated. Needless to say we still need a player like a Matic and I say Jeffrey Kondogbia from Monaco. The owner is having all the problems and is looking to offload. I thought hewasfantastic at the U21 euros for France and thought he would be perfect then. We played them pre season and he was fantastic again

  15. Biggus

    I’m not sure why you’re all slagging off Ozil, simply put he was a panic buy. You don’t buy a player for over £40 million on the last day of the transfer market; and please don’t use that silly excuse we were waiting for Real Madrid to buy Bale. If we wanted a player in his mould and RM was dithering, we could have easily identified similar targets. You can’t tell me Ozil was the only one that could shine in the number 10 role.

    Fact is, the club wanted to appease to the fans by buying a ‘top’ player and they already made a hash of the Suarez deal and the money was just there to buy someone of similar value.

    Personally, I’ve not been that impressed with Ozil and even in Madrid I felt he was one of those players that benefited from being surrounded by top class players. Regardless of him playing in the middle or on the wing, he doesn’t offer exceptional play but just flashes of brilliance here and there.

    And the substitution on Sunday was an absolute joke that proved Wenger already decides his subs regardless of how the match is going. Santi deserved to stay on the pitch than Ozil

  16. reality check

    Looks like the oxil debate is never ending.

    ok so, lets be fair and look at players responsibilities.

    Its pers and koz job to stop costa.

    its welbecks job to score goals.

    how did they do? Where’s the balanced criticism for the team and all those who under performed.

    Ozil really doesn’t need to prove anything. La Liga winner, World cup winner, Cr7 and S.Ramos demanding an explanation why hes been sold. Thats WC players literally angry and sad to see you go, why? Take it how you like when jose calls him the best no.10. Mabey he can’t cut it in the EPL. So what they all come here for the wages anyway. He’s made history already. Truth is, its wengers got 2+ years to deliver for the so called AKBs. Ozil still has a whole career ahead of him.

    He’ll probably be gone sooner rather than later. The best players dont stay with wenger, even the ones he loves.

  17. Bamford13

    By the way, just because it annoys me when people cite referee decisions to explain away our inferiority, let me point out that Alexis Sanchez threw a clear punch at Ivanovic — watch the vine making the rounds — and could easily have been tossed.

    Add to that the fact that Chmbers should’ve been tossed with a second yellow.

    As for Cahill, it was a bad tackle, but it wasn’t studs up. Good argument for it only being a yellow, especially at that stage of a big game. Had Kosc put in that exact same tackle against Hazard early in the match, the same folks saying it should’ve been red would be saying it was a yellow.

    We lost because they’re a much better side, with a much better manager — not because of calls and not because of money (which Arsenal have plenty of).

  18. gazzap

    Reading Myles Palmer today he writes “The Numbers Game Why Everything You Know about Football Is Wrong”, the authors suggest on page 267 that Arsenal are 4th because they have more money than the 16 clubs below them.
    Success in football, they say, has two main components: 89% depends on money, 11% on the manager.

    So if 89% is money, in the long run we won’t win very much as chelsea, united and city all have more money than us. Bu I really felt that 11% difference on Sunday – Mourinho made his 11% count and Wenger as usual was found wanting against the best managers out there. If Arsenal are the 10th biggest side in Europe, is Wenger the 10th best manager?

  19. Du Vi

    Our transfer, scouting and general player selection policy is truly shocking. We sign essentially Man United’s fourth choice striker,place him on a five year contract,which no other top club will do,and automatically make him first choice at the club. Wellbeck has essentially strolled into our first 11….

    What motivation does that give to players like Podolski and Joel Campbell and dare i say i Chuba who dare i say if given the same game time as Giroud or Wellbeck is currently getting would score just as many.

    It sad that selection is no longer based on performance on some weird seniority pecking order that Wenger seems to champion,the attendant effect being to kill player confidence.Ramsey a player on the cusp of been offloaded to Fulham a while back has suddenly become undroppable,given a contract he wouldn’t get anywhere else, and become immune to criticism irrespective of his long list of shit performances. Likewise Giroud and Arteta who are being offered new contracts,this would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.

    The teams present and future has been mortgaged on the altar of meaningless stats and poor player contract renewals.

  20. Bamford13

    This is what the board should do: ask Wenger to resign by December 15th or so, and replace him with Thierry Henry as caretaker manager. Keep Bould, obviously, for continuity.

    Host Christmas/holiday parade in north London for Wenger, honoring him for his contributions to the club.

    Then sign Kondogbia, Khedira and Benteke in January. Make a genuine go at it.

    Hope and joy will return to north London — and to Gooners all over the planet — and the club will be recognizable again.

  21. Dan T


    I mostly agree with you. Although I hate to see a referee allow what Oscar was doing. Fouling an Arsenal player at the start of every attack so we couldn’t counter attack. Those tactics ruin the spectacle for me.

    This is the Sanchez punch. I thought he had punched him when I first saw it but hadn’t seen a replay until now. It looks fairly clear to me. Hope he doesn’t get retrospective action for that one.

  22. Wallace

    They are a good side, and deserved the victory for Hazards moment of real quality. But there wasn’t that much in it. As highlighted by Mourinho bringing on Mikel after an hour. I’d definitely fancy us to take them at home.

  23. rollen

    Ozil really doesn’t need to prove anything. La Liga winner, World cup winner, Cr7 and S.Ramos demanding an explanation why hes been sold. Thats WC players literally angry and sad to see you go, why? Take it how you like when jose calls him the best no.10. Mabey he can’t cut it in the EPL. So what they all come here for the wages anyway. He’s made history already. Truth is, its wengers got 2+ years to deliver for the so called AKBs. Ozil still has a whole career ahead of him.


    he will easy get 200-250 k somewhere else or will go to Bayern

  24. Biggus

    The fact of the matter is Arsene is a compulsive gambler that over estimates the talent at his disposal coming to every new season.

    Sanogo was not exceptional in any way and furthermore, he’s injury prone. Why would you even buy such a player?

    You have a natural defensive midfielder in Coquelin that hasn’t really shone of late but try to blood him in for games we are winning and slowly build his confidence up.

    He said to the press that Diaby is destined to play the DMF role and now it’s quiet on that front as Diaby has gone back to what he does best; being on the injury table.

    The most annoying thing is how the press still refer to him as Arsenal’s saviour and one idiotic journalist in the Evening standard citing that Arsenal are on the up due to Arsene signing another three year contract and money restrictions no longer being a problem.

    Are they all scared to lose their jobs or just jump on the band wagon?

  25. Jeff

    You can’t buy a Ferrari and drive it around like a 70 yearold grandad would. To realise its full potential, speed, manevourability and handling, you need an experienced young driver – not one whose only concern is “safety” and doing no more than 25mph all the time.

  26. gazzap

    If Ozil was ripping up La Liga but can’t do the same in PL, then clearly La Liga is a weaker league with teams that generally let you play. I think Ozil can do well in the hole against weaker teams. But you don’t pay £42m for a player to win you games against the weaker teams. The whole point of buying the premium players is that they are meant to make a difference in the big games.
    In essence we overpaid for him and I wouldn’t have a problem if he was dropped for some games. He isn’t playing well enough consistently to deserve to be the first name on the team sheet. Wenger is clearly trying to prove a point with him though and leaves him on when he is stinking the place out. Ozil will know he’s not having a good game, and leaving him on won’t actually help his confidence at all. The fans are behind him, but for how much longer?

  27. Frank

    The strategy is not to go for 3rd or 4th, although that was clearly the target when we were growing the club. It was unrealistic to expect us to sell players and balance the books while competing with Chelsea and Man City. That is straight jacket mentality. The strategy was to build a club that could go for 1st place every season. Whether you accept it or not is your prerogative but we have been playing catch up to Chelsea for a huge number of years. The huge investment they have had with stolen money, the £1 billion quid Abramovich wrote off via Fordstam for example pre FFP, is all well documented. Raising eyebrows and making claims we could compete, while disrespecting 3rd and 4th place finishes, is how some Arsenal fans are wired I guess. We are getting there, we have the renewed sponsorship money now and have seen some big signings. I am not trying to excuse some of the mistakes that have been made but this bizarre illusion that the stadium and renewed sponsorships are irrelevant drives me crazy. Arsenal took tough decisions and our fans have suffered, not because of Arsene Wenger, we have suffered because of the Chelsea and Man City owners ‘investment’, an investment with money not earned from football activities and a level playing field. That is a fact not an excuse. The £3 million taken by Kroenke is small change, if he had wanted to bleed the club dry he would have been taking dividends, whish he has not. In fcat, it is Usmanove that wants to take dividends, so he is hardly the white knight some pretend he is. The fact you are now disappointed that we won the FA Cup because you thought losing would get rid of Wenger is something I have heard a few say. It is a nonsense of course because he would be going nowehere. I have also heard so called fans wanting us to finish outside of the champions league places too. Personally, I can never cheer for an Arsenal defeat. I view Chelsea and Man City as a perfect illustration of all that is wrong with football and the reason for spiralling wage bills that have a knock on effect to the fans. If we did not have FFP and had more obscenely wealthy owners, the bidding war for the best players would have ended up with £1 million per week wages. And £250 ticket prices. We have to be very careful we do not misunderstand this ‘money’ issue. I accept the right to criticise some of Arsene Wengers decisions but I do not accept this delusional and hypocritical notion that he should be expected to out perform odious clubs like Chelsea and Man City. It takes years to catch that level of investment and we are on the way to doing that. –

  28. Jim Lahey

    Why don’t people have the ability to be subjective anymore? People hate Arsené so now the club can do no right, people love Arsené, the club can do no wrong.

    People say poor officiating cost us against Chelsea, other say we just aren’t good enough.

    How about its both? Clearly would have been a different game if Cahill is (rightfully) sent off. Could we have beaten them even against 10 men, I don’t think so (and that is a damning statement). But we should have been given the oppertunity.

    Peoples views are so incredibly polarising.

  29. Du Vi

    Why should Arsenal fans be behind Ozil!!he is paid well over a 150 grand a week. and takes the place of a potentially more capable player in the side.The problem with Arsenal is that vis a vis other fans we have a higher threshold for tolerance of mediocrity.

    Chelsea,Mancity, or Man U would have benched him indefinitely and placed him on transfer after the first year.

  30. goonerboy

    Pathetic gutless display- deeply sick of Wenger- useless manager no clue how to beat Mourinho should be booted out.
    Time to get tough with Chelsea’s win at all costs mob. Time to stop playing soft football. Will never happen with the joke that is Wenger. Clueless French Wanker.

  31. Jeff


    I don’t think it’s as simple as that. There is this record you see that Wenger has never beaten Mourinho in the 12 matches they collided. It is not logical to concentrate on Sunday’s match alone but to open up the debate to underline a history of failure stretching back many years.

    This is what Wenger supporters want to do. Concentrate on one match and find mitigations based on their outlook. The overall picture is direr and a great deal more desperate than one match. If we were beating bigger sides regularly people would have every right to talk about the particular circumstances of that one game – but we’re not and haven’t been for a long time.

    Whatever angle you view it from all roads appear to converge on the one single constant that’s been around and that is Wenger. Whilst fourth may be sufficient for most, it is becoming tiresome for others and most importantly, it is now a habit for Arsene’s Arsenal. That’s the worrying aspect to all this – not one game or one decision by the referee. The bigger picture is bleaker than that.

  32. Bamford13


    I think you mean ‘objective’. And I don’t think Cahill should’ve been sent off. Wasn’t studs up, from what I saw. Early in match as well. Sanchez’s punch, however, or Chambers’s second foul. Good argument for reds on those.

  33. Jim Lahey

    @Bamford – No I think I mean “Subjective” based on ones own personal opinions not some manufactured opinions that they have heard and regurgitated ad nauseam on here.

  34. Sir Chips

    Bamford13 – you say Cahill shouldn’t have gone because it was early in the match.

    Where exactly in the rule book does it say ‘no players to be sent off in first 20 minutes.’ ?

    If it’s a red card offence, the player should be sent off at any time during the game.

  35. gazzap

    Wenger’s record against big clubs in the last few years is terrible. I haven’t looked up the stats but I don’t need to. We don’t get the number of wins that would expect a top 4 side to get from the teams around them.
    We end up relying on teams being in a worse mess than us in order to win a big game these days.
    since we lost a strength in the middle of the park – ie Vieira and even Gilberto , we haven’t competed well enough in those games.

  36. Keef Petrovic

    People are harsh on Ozil, he works really hard, he is often close to the top of the running stats in a match, just too lightweight for PL. He looks to be trying hard to me.

    I blame Wenger for playing him out of position, not putting the right players around him and being tactically clueless. Having two monster DM’s would also help the creatives do what they are meant to do, be creative.

    Because Arteta / Flamini/ Wilshire are so lame defensively the more attacking midfielders have to put in an extra shift defensively, and of course they’re not very good at it either…

    Having said that Cazorla was much better v Chelski, but he often disappears in big games too.