Has the ‘thought revolution’ landed?

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The big one is here. We go to the favourites for the league, away from home with it all to prove.

Chelsea have it all. Power, speed, technique, finesse, brutality combined with a system… there’s nothing their side don’t have within their ranks.

Arsenal go there with more than they did last year. We have mobility and pace up front. The lack of those ingredients last season allowed Chelsea to press us much higher up the pitch than they’ll be able to this year. So at the very least, our front three which will likely be WELBZ, Sanchez and Chambo, will ask questions of the Chelsea backline.

Trouble is, Chelsea have more than they did last year. Namely, they have a certain Cesc Fabregas who defies the laws of Premiership football because he possesses very little power or speed… all his speed is in the mind and we know all too well what he can do to a team. They also have a the beast that is Diego Costa. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but his determination, power and finish mark him out as Drogba MK11. I have my worries about his impact today. City had a Vincent Kompany to dominate him, we don’t really have a player like that.

Chelsea will likely look to exploit our marauding full backs like they did to great effect last time we played them. They’ll give us all the possession, like they always do… so don’t crow post game if we lose that we owned the possession stat, because Mourinho gives that to us before the game. It’ll all be about the break for them. Let us make the mistake in midfield, two passes, 3 seconds later, they’ll be in on goal.

What’s Wenger going to do to prevent that today? Well, for starters, we’ll have the speed up front, so getting the ball out of our half will be a lot quicker than usual. Will Wenger play the normal style? Or does he have a way of nullifying the way Chelsea play? Will there be a plan to exploit John Terry’s lack of pace combined with Azpilicueta lust to bomb forward? Will Wenger go toe-to-toe with Cesc by playing Ozil in the hole he likes to own? Will Wenger try and stop Cesc playing with a special plan? Who is taking care of Hazard? Will Arsenal turn it on?

Many questions will be answered today. The main one being… ‘has Wenger considered what’s going wrong the last 5 times we’ve played Chelsea?’

Just give us something different Arsene. Show us you’ve thought about it. Show us you can adapt like Mourinho has done his whole career. Give Arsenal fans something exciting that demonstrates some sort of ‘thought revolution’. Because if you don’t, the likelihood of us causing an upset are very low…

Regardless of how I think the result is going to go today… I’m excited. What you have on paper doesn’t always translate. Chelsea are massive favourites out there, but this is the Premier League, we have great players too and anything can happen!



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  1. babatunde

    How much have chelsea spent in the last 3 years. How much has abrahamovich written off. Chelsea are sending youngsters on loan to make money off them not because they bought them and they couldn’t fit into the club and abrahamovich had to write it off. Most of those players, They knew they wouldn’t fit in the club immiediately when they bought them.

  2. ughelligunner

    Baba, Costa was chelsea bound. Hazard? Man u and city couldnt get him, its like slating chelsea for not getting Neymer. Fabregas, we had ozil the previous year ( he knew we were going for ozil last year while he was patronizing man u, he doesn’t own our cards). Strooman, we had Ramsey and wilshere as box to box. Mata i can understand, but he too would have been exposed to insult like ozil because he is also light weight, thats why we got Cazorla, if i am right. Did i forget a player?

  3. babatunde

    YÒur- 26- players- on- loan example only applies If each of those players were bought and placed on high wages and abrahamovic had to write them off out of pocket. But that’s simply not the case. Those 26 players are no doubt on the same wage structure as applies to the rest of chelsea. Those players were bought as a form of investment, not otherwise. So the question is this: why are chelsea able to buy players for less wages than arsenal( when you compare their individual quality). If it was simply because of abrahamovich’s wealth, that would mean that chelsea are spending more on wages, not less

  4. ughelligunner

    Dissenter, baba do you think city and chelsea planned it. Abramovich got Peter Keyon to help him broker deals for players early on and he got him morhino. That’s what Gazidis and Sir chips are suppose to be doing not leaving it all for wenger……
    Ask me what the financial advisers of Malager, Monaco, the Chinese club drogba went to and Leeds did that chelsea didn’t do. They too had good advisers.
    Abramovich was just luck to find consistency in spending because he loves football and wanted an investment in the UK. Same as man city and Psg to protect their oil company later years and to help propagate most of their business, in advert and commercials.

  5. babatunde

    Costa was chelsea bound meaning we couldn’t even try hard for him, right. We had ramsey and wilishere meaning its a crime to have several great players in your team especially if you are trying to win the league and become a big club( as we were promised). Especially when yÔu also consider that strootman didn’t cost so much in wages. Fabregas patronised man utd meaning we couldn’t buy him again because he would make a lesser number of assists for us after patronising man utd . And because he isn’t better than ozil, and because it hurts to have two players fighting for a position or simply playing elsewhere occasionally( within limits of course). And we couldn’t drop ramsey to the dm role and play fab and ozil together as I have called for( he would be a far better player than arteta and the best clubs have multi positional players who are world class). Did I forget to counter any of your excuses. The net effect of all the excuses is that somehow arsenal have trouble buying stars to improve the team while other clubs do so regularly.

  6. Danish Gooner

    Where would Chelsea be today if Abramovich hadnt written off 650 mil pounds in debt,never forget that as he is the only owner of the company he can do whatever he pleases and Chelsea would have been the new Leeds.But it would make no sense for him not to write off this debt i would have destroyed the club but ohhh so easy to forget the past and then take the morla highground when infact you have bend the rules.

  7. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal’s weaknesses are not the transfer fees or wages we pay, but the manager’s decision making and naus.

    Last season we failed to buy a second striker and were more or less totally dependent on Giroud up front particularly when Walcott got injured. I think that
    the same would have happened this season if Giroud had not suffered a long
    term injury. Would we have recruited Welbeck?

    Similarly last season we cut our defensive options to seven and this season we
    cut them further to six particularly when you have an injury prone left back like Gibbs. What other team would have made such a decision?

    Everyone in world of football apart from manager who has clearly a blind spot
    for Arteta and Flamini knows that we are short defensively in midfield. Only Wenger would have gone now four seasons without investing in a quality player.

    Then I look at how Ozil is being used. Ozil has not become overnight a bad player. Some may argue that he is unsuited to intensity of English game but the truth is that to get best out of him you must play him in centre and surround him with physically robust players who can do the dirty work. Today
    we played him on flank and played two small lightweight players in Wilshire
    and Cazorla in middle.

    Lastly today is the first time in many years that our defence man marked at
    corners and free kicks. We contained Chelsea. Why has it taken Wenger and Howe so long to organise our team in this way?

    I agree with all the critics that Wenger is past his sell by date and has been for a long time tactically inept.Another manager with fresh ideas would definitely
    improve performance without making major changes in personnel.

  8. Keyser

    Paulinho – Lol because he played the full 90 against Man Citeh and Dortmund, you muppet, helping my case ? Right now you have no case, you’re being ridiculous.

    Sanchez came back late from the World Cup, and barely had a rest as he played in almost every game, right now it’s more ‘wtf are you on about, oh it’s Paulinho.’

    Has his role changed ? Has he had to adapt to the players around him ? Yes and Yes, even if his ankles were plaguing him, he was still pushing himself into areas he rarely ventured into back when he first broke into the first team, If I went back, I’d probably find remarks to this effect.

    I’ve said he’s more rounded, of course he is, but then Sanchez is more explosive, and can be more incisive. they’ve both shown their good and bad points and that should be patently obvious when you look at BOTH objectively.

    Weleh still hasn’t shown his hold-up play is as good as Giroud, especially aerially, and he’s missed key chances in games where one or two chances is all he’s going to get, Lord knows what you’d have made of Weleh’s airshot against Spurs if that was Sanchez.

    This doesn’t mean to say I’ve made the same sort of judgement about Weleh that you’ve made about Sanchez, the two runs where he nicks the ball one side and runs the other, aswell as the Ozil throughball, even if it was around Senderos show his potential more than anything else he’s done.

  9. babatunde

    Arsenal fans say the most bemusing things. We had ramsey and wilishere so we couldn’t get strootman. Barcelona had messi pedro and villa yer still bought neymar and suarez. What the sensible clubs do is that they let the three players fight for the two places places. If all three become good, you sell one if necessary eg mata to man utd and make a profit. If only two become good, you sell off wilishere and free up a wage bill. What arsenal instead do is that they leave the two mediocres to have assured spots. Since they don’t have competition, there is no question of them becoming world class- yet arsenal increases their wages arbitrarily.

  10. Keyser

    babatunde – The only reason it’s taken then 5 years to comply with FFP is because of Abramovich’s spending, it doesn’t matter if they’re on loan, because they’re still part of the clubs assets and they’re doing simply to get around FFP, how many clubs can afford to have soo many players on loan, some of which may never play for the club ?

    This is the closest we’ve been to competing with Chelsea, and it’s taken 11 years, and this doesn’t register in your head ?

  11. babatunde

    Emirates stroller. That’s not true. At least I don’t agree. The succesful coaches of nowadays have the best squads. Simple. Don’t forget we are competing against others who have very good squads too so even if we bought a dm and a striker this year, I still won’t have expected us to win the league or to even have as much of a chance as city and utd to win it. Another manager could improve performance I agree yet not make it likely that we will win the league. There is a reason klopp is not doing well in germany and it isn’t because he isn’t a good manager. Or simeone for example who I am sure won’t come any higher than third this year. In my opinion, an ability to navigate the transfer market and to buy world class players at the cheapest posiible fees is probably the most important criteria a coach can have especiallyif he is not funded by unlimited wallets.

  12. Paulinho

    “Weleh still hasn’t shown his hold-up play is as good as Giroud,”

    What? He’s already shown it’s far better. Has far better feet and can ghost past players in midfield unlike Giroud who just gets dispossessed time and time again because defenders can afford to crowd him. Giroud backs into defenders in the box better, but it’s far more important to be able to hold the ball 25-30 yards from goal, and that’s where Giroud was absolute shit and Welbeck is far better.

    Of course both Sanchez and Welbeck have flaws. What’s your point?

    You haven’t come to a judgement because it takes you an age to come to a judgement about anything. You still won’t admit that Wenger failing to compete against the top sides has more to do with his poor management than finances, despite his two top signings(worth a combined £77 million) being two of the worst players on the pitch. I don’t really expect you to come to a judgement on anything newsworthy, because I don’t think you’re capable of it.

    You will find f-all remarks relevant to my point Wilshere because it’s complete crap. He was getting into good positions and messing it up three/fours ago and he’s still messing it up now alot of the time. That will always be his weakness. What I’m referring to are the fundamentals of football. It has nothing – repeat nothing – to do with his role. Read the Wenger quotes again FFS. The man is spelling it out for you……”for a long time”………….

  13. babatunde

    Keyser. Skipping the point as usual. If chelsea have player A for 60k a week, why do on average arsenal get player B who is worse off for 70k a week. Is it because chelsea have player C on high wages who they have loaned out. Well, that’s not true because all of chelsea’s players on loan have the same AVERAGE wages as the rest of the club because its the same wage structure. NOTE: I am talking AVERAGE wages here, not of individual players because that’s what a WAGE STRUCTURE measures.

  14. Daniel

    Ozil being played on the wings is not an excuse to be poor.
    He is an attacker and playing there should max,reduces his efficiency a bit not completely destroy it.
    Hazard plays from the wings yet created that penalty from the middle.
    The problem is from his end he never takes the game by the horn,can’t singlehandedly change a game on his own ,not at Madrid
    Arsenal .

  15. babatunde

    Keyser. Skipping the point as usual. If chelsea have player A for 60k a week, why do on average arsenal get player B who is worse off for 70k a week. Is it because chelsea have player C on high wages who they have loaned out. Well, that’s can’t be it because all of chelsea’s players on loan have the same AVERAGE wages as the rest of the club because its the same wage structure. NOTE: I am talking AVERAGE wages here, not of individual players because that’s what a WAGE STRUCTURE measures. This is not about abrahamovichs money here because if it is, they should have average wage bill much higher. I am talking wages here, not transfers.

  16. erase

    Ronaldo is just good can’t fault the dudes hardwork…….remember when he first came to the pl was more of a show boy didn’t expect him to be this good

  17. Matt

    Keysers posts literally never make sense. He loves arguing for the sake of it. He would argue that water wasn’t wet and the sky wasn’t blue. Basically he’s a complete cunt!!!

  18. Keyser

    Paulinho – Against who ? Both Weleh and Sanchez were abused against Dortmund, against Citeh he did little of note, bar work hard, and missed the one chance our pressure forced from Citeh, he did nothing against Chelsea either.

    Weleh’s hold up play isn’t as good as Giroud’s, especially aerially, twice he dropped deep today and just lost it as he meandered, this is fine, but either he truly needs to develop this aspect to his game or people need to accept he offers something different which is why his missed chances are soo important.

    He’s not Giroud, we didn’t especially expect him to be, and he’s obviously got potential, both he and Sanchez have had similar starts. To have such a disparity in your opinions of both is borderline idiocy.

    Likewise with newsworthy, you’re not fucking Galileo, which is the point I could make knee-jerk and snide remarks about players from one game to the next, but it’d hardly make me Galileo either.

    Like I said I could go back, but then how long before the next Paulinho fuck-up, Lol he was dropped, what a muppet.

  19. Paulinho

    “Lol he was dropped, what a muppet.”

    Yeah he was dropped. Absolute dogshit against Dortmund, couldn’t trap a bag or control a bag of cement, and he was promptly dropped for a must-win match. He then played in the Carling Cup – which Wenger always does with diplomatically dropped players – and got dropped again for the big one against Spurs.

    Deal with it.

    You couldn’t go back. What have you got? Ramsey possibly, at best? Even then it’s tenuous because again it was solely injury related.

    I could literally be here all night thinking of things you challenged me on and got proven totally and utterly wrong. Wenger of course being a big one, our style of play going to shit after Hleb left, Gerrard being a liability for Liverpool and England, Juan Mata being a paceless non-entity whose exclusion from the Chelsea side supposedly showed Mourinho’s ‘limitations’.

    Lol, the list is bloody endless.

  20. Keyser

    Who the fuck’s this ‘Matt’ cunt.

    Babatunde – After 11 years our wagebill might come close, might, after 11 long years, think about that, and within 2 months of this knowledge you decide to throw your arms up in the air and wonder why, it supposedly amazes you.

    Chelsea helped create the ridiculous wage inflation, likewise you’re still ignoring that both the Manchester teams will comfortably have higher wagebills.

    When Chelsea can not only pay the wages they do, but also the fees, when they can have 10’s of players on loan, they can pick and choose who they sell and who they keep.

    They are now simply trying to fight against the inflation they’ve helped create, except like you said it’s taken them 5 years to get to this point, it’s taken 11 years for them to break even.

    How can you not work out why we’re not quite as efficient ?

  21. Paulinho

    Hleb is bit of a sore one for you isn’t it?

    Probably your finest(worst) moment.

    Apparently all the good football was down to the Wenger system and the likes of Walcott, Denilson, Diaby would be able to re-create it no problem.


  22. Dissenter

    Keyser still doesn’t get it.
    Everyone else does.
    We lost the moral high-ground when we paid 43 million for Mesut Ozil.
    We are the third highest spenders on terms of wage bill, not that far from City and United.
    The only difference is that we prefer to pay players like Sanogo 25k weekly when he would have earned 7.5 k at Westbrom. Anyone can see that our pay structure is based on Wenger idea of social harmony.

    We have £207 million in the bank and Wenger is still talking about Chelsea having more financial clout.
    We are living by the informed choices that we’ve made. Theres no honor in whinnying about it.

  23. Thank you and goodnight

    26 points out of 93 over last 5 years against the big boys and still people make excuses for le senile prick. Reason that twat Maureen hates him so much is because he knows wenger’s a fraud, an average manager at best.

  24. Dissenter

    For the record.
    I think we played well today, the score line was flattering for Chelsea.
    We were undone by individual brilliance of three players not by Mourhino’s superiority in tactics or game planning.

    My only gripe is Wenger’s lack of grace when he loses. That comment about “financial clout” is pathetic. He is not accountable to anyone but himself.
    That’s the real issue.

    Wenger above the club.

  25. Keyser

    Dissenter – Lost the moral highground ? All that means is that for the past decade we had the moral highground, where do you think you’re typing this ?

    We finally get our wagebill to the point it’s competitive to the teams above us, no it’s not that close to the Manchester teams, and it’s because of FFP and even then Chelsea are looking at ways around it.

    This is the closest we’ve been, and this is now a point of great shame ? You’re just trolling now.

  26. Dissenter

    The other day i heard a Chelsea fan grasp at straws.
    He was claiming that we used our real estate division from the old Highbury stadium to circumvent FFP.
    It was laughable and petty.

    That griping is no different from Keyser’s argument that Chelsea’s is cheating because of their elaborate loan system. We have Miyachi and overpay him so much that we still pick up most of his wages on loan. Chelsea do the same thing but actually buy players like Lukaku that other players will pay decent money for in 1-2 years.

  27. Paulinho

    0h dear.

    Wenger when asked why we lost today said “They had more financial power and used it”.

    What did they do? Did Mourinho make a quick jaunt to the bank and start obscuring our player’s vision from the touchline with £50 pound notes?

  28. Keyser

    Dissenter – No, you made a big deal about our wagebill, when we have 7 players on loan and Chelsea have 26. On top of our respective wages.

    Chelsea spent 18 million on Lukaku and sent him on loan for 2 years, we paid what for Miyachi ? If we’re paying his wages that makes it even worse because it’d actually be part of our wagebill.

  29. Dissenter

    You still don’t get it.
    This is not 2007 anymore.
    We are big spenders too.
    How many clubs can spend 43 million on a player and pay him in excess of £150k weekly. Only a big spending club like Arsenal, Chelsea or Man City.

    You haven’t been listening to Gazidis, have you?
    “This year we are beginning to see something we have been planning for some time – the escalation in our financial firepower.”
    We have joined them. We can’t have our cake and eat it. We aren’t Ajax that can only sell good players.

  30. Dissenter

    Yes, Chelsea have 26 players because they are pursuing a US style farm system that based on baseball. Emenalo, their director of football spent a huge chunk of adulthood in the US. He’s the architect of this policy.

    It’s like saying that we cheated in 1996-2002 because we had a unique advantage in France at a time when French players were the best in the world.
    Some clubs do 3rd party ownership like Atletico madrid, some do Galacticos like Real Madrid. Everyone has a niche, exploiting the loan system is Chelsea’s.

    No big deal.

  31. Keyser

    Dissenter – We don’t play in the Eredivisie, we play in the most lucrative league in the World, Everton spent 30 on Lukaku this year, United spent 65 on Di Maria.

    It’s like you said Chelsea splurged financially to catch up, this is how distored your perpsective is.

    They didn’t do it to catch up, they did it to dominate, in 2003 Abramovich didn’t spend another 5 million on wages to match ours, he doubled Chelsea’s wagebill in one season, and ours.

    That’s where you’re going wrong, after 11 years we’re starting to try and compete on a relatively even footing with Chelsea alone, let alone Citeh or United, we haven’t even begun to do what Chelsea did.

  32. Paulinho

    It’s completely mental seeing a picture of Terry with his arms round Fabregas posing for post-match victory picture. It makes bit easier to take defeat when football has become as mad as that.

  33. Keyser

    Dissenter – The French League and it’s players were open to everyone’s perusal, buying up and farming players out on a scale Chelsea are doing wasn’t open to us, so you’re wrong again, this is simple logic.

    Likewise there’s still plenty of other dubious things Chelsea have been doing.

    The Premiership doesn’t allow third-party ownership. Which is why this is something else.

    “The Premier League seems to survey all this from a moral high ground, yet its stance is seriously undermined by Chelsea’s apparent involvement in the third-party ownership fund Burnaby Investments, advised by Mendes and the club’s former chief executive Peter Kenyon, as revealed by the Guardian in January.”



  34. andy1886

    Wenger’s examples of Chelsea’s so called extra financial fire power were Hazard and Costa. Apparently they “made the difference”.

    That’s Hazard that Wenger declined to buy even though we had the funds (check the accounts that year) and rather bought the cheap option (Gervinho – how did that turn out?).

    Perhaps his memory is going – when Chelsea bought Costa we paid MORE for Sanchez. The year before that we paid MORE for Ozil than Chelsea had for Hazard. So, to be clear Hazard and Costa, where the difference, whereas Ozil and Sanchez, who cost MORE than both of the two Chelsea players WERE NOT. Question is therefore did we overpay or is it perhaps that Wenger is simply not a good enough coach to get the best out of them?

    Either that or he’s just fumbling for any pathetic excuse that he can come up with between the end of the game and his post match presser.

  35. Keyser

    If you swapped them around they’d probably be just as valuable as each other, Kroos is obviously better in the long run, Alonso’s experience was key at Madrid, he’s little more than a stop-gap for Bayern.

  36. SpanishDave

    Its never Wengers fault, deluded excuss of a manager, we are now below West Ham in the league!,,,,
    We have won two games in 7.
    This year it will all go tits up and the board will be afraid to sack him.

  37. Dissenter

    Chelsea’s spending didn’t stop United from having success.
    We just happened to be reacting to the stadium transfer at the time.
    Even then we could have still beaten them with one hand behind our back.

    If we had not had the misfortune of the Lehman send off at the Stade de Paris in May 2014 or had Martin Taylor not broken Eduardo’s leg, the history could have been different.
    Wenger almost beat their advantage but for misfortune. He could have made the financial argument in 2007. That excuse is long gone now.

    We have the resources to match anyone for anybody within the limits of FFP. We are longer victims.

  38. Thorough

    So let me get this straight, Akbs have ran out of excuses and now shifting the blame to money.
    1. Has Wenger spent the money available to him to address our very obvious needs?
    2. If he does and we fall short does he think its impossible for our money men to do some manouvering to make more money available?
    Akbs this is what you don’t get, Wenger is like the man who beats himself and cries. Why does he keep bringing rods to a gunbattle yet thinks he will win? It is his delusion that worries every sane man. with all the embarrassment he’s taking himself through you’ll think he will man up and buy two defensive midfielders in January, but his ego will not let him. Simply put, he’s a madman yet to be diagnosed. let the idiota carry his miserable self and go back to France.

  39. babatunde

    Keyser. Assume am dumb. Break it down for me. How does chelsea’s spending over 11 years mean that they will have a lower AVERAGE wage bill than us this year and not a higher one. Do the players they send on loan hide their true wages. Once again, remember I am talking about wages not transfer fees. The manchester clubs- man utd is far richer than us and have been more succesful with a lower wage to revenue ratio. Its like the story of the billionaire I talked about earlier. City have been in the same position too and could afford it. Not so with ffp and they are working on it. We of all people should have been much more circumspect.

  40. babatunde

    You mentioned lukaku. How much did they pay him when they bought him. It was a comparatively low wage I am guessing. Then look at all the players at arsenal who aren’t half as good but earn the same or higher and you will get my point. ONCE AGAIN, DO you understand that I am talking about wage structures and AVERAGE WAGES per player irrespective of how much they were bought for. If chelsea are buying higher priced and better quality players than us, yet still keeping them on LOWER WAGES, then how are you not proving my point.

  41. babatunde

    In addition keyser, yÒu say our wages have become competitive with chelsea. No our wages have not. Because we have worse players and a worse squad. This seems to reveal the flaw in your thinking which is that everything is about how much money is spent. Its not. Our wages would be competitive if we had the same squad but as it is, it just shows how much uncompetitive they are. Also when you compare to tottenham and everton whom we have finished only slightly ahead of, wenger’s wages and squad and policy in general is very uncompetitive and that’s the last thing a club in supposed financial distress should be doing.

  42. Gambon

    Once again Mourinho bitch slapping Wenger on the field where it matters most while all Wenger resorts to doing in shoving and whinging.
    At this stage, its more than obvious that Arsenal will never be able to compete with the big boys as long as this senile maniac is in charge.
    Passing up on Cesc made absolutely no sense because he’s better than all the midfielders we have at Arsenal combined, and its not even a joke. Nothing really surprises me anymore, wake me up when the Senile’s one 3yr contract is up

  43. tunnygriffboy


    Thank you. Your comment earlier about us playing ok. A bit of analysis. A lot of what has been said today strikes me as cliched and what was supposed to happen, them smashing us on the break. It happened for the 2nd goal with a brilliant ball when we pushing for an equaliser. It was a game of very few chances. Hazard’s brilliance got them one. Jack’s touch was too heavy.

    We stifled them for long periods with the 3 in midfield. Hence Ozil on the left. It was a very cagey niggly affair all round. 2 moments of quality sealed it for them.

  44. tunnygriffboy


    New team, new language, new league, playing 2x a week, no time to practice. 5 goals. Pretty good start I’d say. He has to get used to the way the team plays and the team get used to his movements. The same is true of Welbeck.

    I thought we looked as if we’d worked on team shape today. Long may it continue.

  45. Keyser

    babatunde – The concept is simple, Arsenal and Chelsea work from different ends of the spectrum, we’re building towards where they are, they’re streamlining what they have.

    I’m not sure how I’m supposed to condense it down for you in a way you’d understand.

  46. Keyser

    Dissenter – United are something else entirely, honestly this isn’t about Wenger it’s just how it is.

    Last year Mourinho said ‘Mata, nah, not what I want, Luis ? Nah, not what I want, Lukaku ? Are you taking the piss’.

    At what point have we been able to do that ? We’ve finally caught up in terms of wages, but how long before we’re able to turnover players like that ?

    As for today’s game Amy Lawrence wrote this about the Galatasaray game.


    “The key to Arsenal’s style in the good old days of league titles and eye-catching attacks, according to Dennis Bergkamp, was about practising patterns. The combinations, the rapports, whether they were between Thierry Henry and Robert Pirès, or Bergkamp and Freddie Ljungberg, was all about working at the patterns until the players knew instinctively who would be making a certain run and how they liked to receive the ball. It became second nature. It was at the heart of everything they did.”

    We’re trying to develop those understandings while blooding 2-3 new players with as much game-time as we can, no pre-season and however many injuries, it’s going to take time.

    Jeff gave us last years’ league table and we had 16 points I think from our first 7 games or something similar, except last year there was no World Cup, we had a full pre-season and had almost everyone available, though by September Ox and Podolski were out long term. Ozil was the only real addition.

    This year we’ve already played Citeh and Tottenham at home, Chelsea and Everton away in our first 7 games, and we’ve tried to blood 4 new players.

  47. tunnygriffboy


    I get where you’re coming from. Only now are we buying players regularly over 15million. Chelsea have been doing it for years and have a much stronger base to work from. Our team is made up of very good promising young players, most 25 and under, a few experienced heads and a couple of big signings.

    We are now able to compete with some of these fees and wages but we have to promote from within as well. We struggled in attack today against the best defence in the league. Welbeck and Sanchez have started a handful of games together and by keeping it tighter we didn’t commit as many men forward as we usually do, something that was requested vehemently in the days leading up to the game.

  48. tunnygriffboy

    I said earlier, and I was expecting abuse, apart from Everton we have had a pretty tough start to the season. Factor in those CL qualifiers where we missed out on 2 weeks of practice ( see keysers post above ) we have been playing 2 games a week since August, no pre season trying to integrate Sanchez, Welbeck and others into the team. I’m optimistic we’ll see an improvement as we move forward.

  49. Follow the money

    Wenger will panic buy more useless players in Jan. He’s terrified that with money to spend the team gets worse. Which is happening. And make no mistake José is going to try and go undefeated this year to crush Wenger once and for all

  50. Keyser

    It’s been pretty pointless debating stuff on here lately, which is funny when people start talking about Untold, like there’s much difference, and I’m probably being harsh on Untold.

    I’m not going to lie we’re in a precarious position, Ramsey’s out, and his form has been shocking in comparison to last year and probably poor compared to the tail end of the year before. Last year almost by sheer force of will, he knit our team together, a bit like Suarez for a far shorter period, he was everywhere.

    Every game he’s out, is one less game he has to work out Sanchez, Weleh and Ozil’s game, and one fewer that he and Wilshere have to build up any sort of understanding, and they almost have to really, these are two key players that cost relatively nothing and have a decent upside, I’d add Ox in, but he’s yet to make the wing his own, let alone develop other areas of his game.

    To replace either would be a massive loss, and another step further away from the sort of position Chelsea’s in.

    I’d be more confident if we had Giroud and Debuchy, it’d mean we at least have some fallback, especially now Chambers is missing the next game.

  51. fourthisatrophy

    this club is now a disaster, not because of the Chelsea defeat, but because the greedy mugs at the top allowed Wenger another 3 years, it is obvious to most he is finished as a top PL manager, 4th will not be achievable this season, who in their right mental state plays Cazorla, 5 feet 4 inches, Wilshere, 5 feet 7 inches, Flamini 5feet 10 inches as the three midfielders in the middle of the park, where the game is won or lost

    Wenger would view this as a victory, getting tossed 2-0 is a huge improvement on 6-0

    And for this relic to use money as an excuse is rude and vulgar, this is a club who spent 42 million on Ozil and 31 million on Sanchez, and grossly over pays useless duds 50k a week
    This manager lost the plot ages ago, the ONLY reason he is still there is he MAKES THEM MONEY ON TRANSFERS

  52. Bamford13

    Ozil apparently gave his jersey to Mourinho after the game and said the following:

    “I gave my jersey to Mourinho because he’s the best coach in the world and I love him like a father.”

    Hmm, I wonder if Ozil is happy at Arsenal? Wonder if he thinks Wenger is a great manager? Wonder what Wenger will make of this remark, given how insecure and proud he is?

  53. Dissenter

    Wenger should have fought Mourhino by using transfer money appropriately. He should not be playing the transfer record signing out of position and playing converted attacking midfielders in DM.
    He’s created an expensive imbalanced squad.

    Arsenal is just his pre-retirement experiment. How can he justify giving Arteta an extension.
    Didn’t he see the raw power and athleticism that Matic gave Chelsea. How can he see that and still think of extending the gravy train to Arteta.

    He shouldn’t be pushing Mourhino. He should be buying players that can challenge him Chelsea on the field.

  54. Bamford13

    Even when Wenger spends money, he gets it wrong.

    Despite our needing a class CF and CDM far more than a CAM, he signs Ozil last summer for 43m. Now he’s not even playing Ozil as the CAM. We now have a 43m wide player who isn’t even a wide player.

    Then this past summer, when we again needed a class CF and CDM more than anything else — and certainly more than we needed another wide attacking player — he signs Sanchez for 30m.

    The guy is fucking clueless. Honestly.

    And attributing Chelsea’s win to financial clout is just too much. This from a man who is sitting on more than 100m in cash reserves. What a fucking fraud.

    Didn’t even have the decency to apologize for his bad behavior today. A gentleman — which he and his devotees always claim he is — would have said that he lost his head in the moment and that he apologizes for his behavior. Wenger: nothing.

    The guy doesn’t even have “class”: to fall back on now.

    Wenger out. Now!

  55. Dissenter

    If the need of the team was a left winger then we shouldn’t have spent 43 million buying an AM.
    Mourhino identified the problems of his team in months and used two transfer windows to fix it.

    He’s said “financial clout” over and over again that he’s forgotten that this is 2014 not 2007,

  56. Daniel

    Just saying, maybe as fans we need to be more realistic cheiseablooks the real deal now,even at the etihad they almost won it.we lost at Stamford not cause we didn’t put in a great shift.game was balanced, have my reservations about wenger but the fact that he shoved at mourinho shows he got the fire back. He wanted so desperately to prove a point maybe that affected the players phychological especially in front of goal.
    Chelsea is better but the gap is not that much all we need is a CDM and centre back to replace mertasacker in games where we will be countered.

  57. Dissenter

    Wenger wants to prove that he has fire back?
    By starting a new season with only 6 defenders and playing converted attacking midfielders in DM.
    We are only staffed to play football one way- the Wenger way.
    We don’t have personnel to going put a result against a top side.

    If Wenger wants to prove that his Mojo is back then he won’t be offering Arteta a new contract. Didn’t you see the beastly presence of Matic everywhere on the field?

  58. moray

    Daniel: “Just saying, maybe as fans we need to be more realistic”

    Daniel, Wenger has never beaten a Mourinho Chelski side. This is not just a one-off. He failed to beat Mourinho even when we had a better team than our current one. Heck, he would fail to beat Mourinho even if he used the players in their correct positions on the pitch. We do not set up, prepare physically or mentally for these big games as we should.

    Nobody expects to win every game, but for the same failures and shortcomings to happen every year without fail, this is why many supporters have lost their passion for the club.

    “Chelsea is better but the gap is not that much all we need is a CDM and centre back to replace mertasacker in games where we will be countered.”

    Wenger will never again put together a squad that is complete, lest he be judged for failing with it.

  59. babatunde

    Keyser. I think I see what people mean when they say yÓu are a politician. You have deflected a lot of my questions and always managed to go off track without answering anything directly. Well done.

  60. Thank you and goodnight

    2 wins out of 7 games and people are using money as an excuse. Wenger is finished as a top flight manager. A has been, a fraud. I’m beginning to now wonder how much influence he had in our glory years? Did he actually contribute to our success or was our success in spite of him?

  61. gonsterous

    Hahaha Nice to see us regarding Arsenal as a bug club… No other teams see it that way… You could argue we pay high wages to players and can spend money but if that was the case, Monaco would have been considered a big club when they got their money… We r a 3-5 place team at best

  62. Thank you and goodnight


    3-5 team at best and that’s being polite. As for being a big club, just check out bayerns team last year pissing themselves laughing when hearing they’ve been paired against us in the CL. Until wenger and kroenke leave our days of being a top club are finished. And while we’re no longer London ‘ s foremost club, we all should pray that the spuds don’t get bought out by some Arab or Russkies, as we will lose our bragging rights of being best club in North London.

  63. Keyser

    babatunde – You asked me to ‘dumb’ it down for you, I honestly don’t think I’m smart enough to ‘dumb’ it down far enough for you to understand.

    I mean where am I to start ? It should be simple enough as it is.

    Everton haven’t won a league title for 3 decades, Tottenham haven’t won a league title for 50, but you think they’re relevant and you say I try to deflect things ?!

  64. Keyser

    50 years, not decades, phew I can just imagine someone thinking Tottenham won their last league title in Ye Olde times, wonder if they had Arab backing from the crusades ?..

  65. gnarleygeorge9

    Diaby Out!

    I remember when he arrived I thought he could be the next Vieira, thats how long he has been coming on & off the medicos table since about 2005. How the phuck does he avoid being sold/pissed off to another club. He commands a princely sum per week for doing what, nothing? Its disgraceful & it pretty much sums up Wenger in that period since Vieira left.

    Diaby should be shown the door & Arsene Wenger follow. My interest in The Arsenal has waned over the off season & I just can’t seem to get it back due.

    Old Frenchie is Maureen’s bitch & there is nothing that will change that, not even a slap fest on the sidelines from all accounts.

    I didn’t even bother staying up for the game, nor could I even be bothered watching the recorded version coz I new what the result would be 😉

  66. gnarleygeorge9

    Who are the Bulldogs? Oh that load of Sydney tripe 🙂 Thugby League’s motto should be “You can’t Polish a Turd” 😆

  67. Emiratesstroller


    I do not expect us to win the league this season. Chelsea are the stand out team with by far the best squad smaller than many other clubs. What it offers is quality in most positions and of course organisation and ‘football intelligence’.

    Our squad has plenty of talented players, but is lacking in balance and above all a manager with tactical naus. Bluntly we have lost points this season not
    because other teams were as good or better than us but through poor decisions.

    Most of the goals conceded were the direct consequence of ‘zonal marking’ or
    our midfield being overrun on counterattack, because of defensive frailty.

    Also poor management decisions such as against Spurs when we omitted Sanchez from the team. Looking at set up of team at start of game I posed the
    question how we were going to score?

    The Borussia Dortmund game also highlighted the deficiencies of our squad,
    because they played exactly the same way as an increasing number of teams
    in EPL play against us which is a ‘pressing’ and ‘counter attacking’ game.

    Wenger’s teams are in many respects totally predictable hence the accusation
    that there is never a plan ‘B’. We are simply not good enough to play this way.

    The defensive midfield position is crucial, because it frees up other players to
    play more creatively and allows you to play a ‘luxury’ player like Ozil in centre
    of midfield. At the moment we struggle because players like Ozil,Wilshire and
    Cazorla are too easily dispossessed and there is nothing behind them to break
    down play, because Flamini and Arteta are not strong or quick enough to hold
    up play.

    The real problem for me at moment is the manager and not the budget. Also
    you need 22 good specialist players [ie 2 in each position]. At the moment we
    have too much surplus in some position and dross in others.

  68. MidwestGun

    Just rewatched the game again after reading all the comments and looking at all the statistical sites. And, we didn’t play terrible no, but we lost because the overall quality of our players aren’t as good and we set up tactically wrong again.
    Mainly, because we keep trying to play JW as a cm playmaker. And he isn’t good enough. He wasn’t terrible but he horribly upsets the balance of the team by crowding the middle and offering no defensive cover. Also, he doesn’t shoot unless he can pass it in the goal. . At this point, he should only play as a squad player in case of injury and shouldn’t start.
    Ozil I see is being trashed again, but he wasn’t as bad as made out to sound.
    He played no worse then Sanchez. If you look at a positioning map. Ozil was
    cutting in from the right. Sanchez was cutting in from the left. JW and Santi were on top of each other and Welbeck was dropping back. This resulted in 5 players all in the middle standing on top of each other. And Flamini isolated by himself. Not hard to understand why we lost. Hazard sliced right thru the middle, Costa sliced right thru the middle in the space behind these 5 players. Also, 90% all our shots came from the middle. We played so narrow it was bordering on comical.

    It boils down to AW isn’t good tactically and doesn’t have good enough deeper lying play makers to beat the top teams. I thought AW was trying to show some fight by confronting Mourinho(fuck off) but he should have spent more time on game prep.

    The financial debate is ridiculous. Our owner and board have more billions then Abromovich 9.3 billion, Stan 5.3 billion + Usamanov 18.6 billion. Our owners and Bod obviously just don’t care about on field performance in the least bit where as the other billionaire owners do and hold their managers accountable.

    Just more frustration and disappointment to come, basically, unless something changes.

  69. peanuts&monkeys

    Zero Shots on Target! So much for not buying a striker? So, much for ignoring Cesc Fabregas.

    What the creepy fuck we are being served with under this deadwood manager. His brain is as dry as his heels. Was this bastard born to screw Arsenal fans? He is finished. And, he is KILLING us slowly over the last 10 years.

  70. Emiratesstroller

    Midwest Gun

    You have just expressed the opinion that my son made yesterday.

    Wilshire is a decent player, but he is not good enough against top teams in central midfield. He slows down play and more often than not gets caught in possession and is knocked easily off ball. He spends also far too much time on floor feeling sorry for himself after getting dispossessed.

    Personally I don’t think that he is a particularly intelligent player. Top players
    are better decision makers than he appears to be.

  71. moray

    “I can just imagine someone thinking Tottenham won their last league title in Ye Olde times, wonder if they had Arab backing from the crusades ?”

    I suspect the Saracens would not have been backing Tottenham somehow….

  72. MidwestGun

    E-stroller –
    The thing about it is……… is I want JW to succeed he just is hurting the team right now much more than he’s helping. I’m just so frustrated right now because the stubborn nature of AW and trying the 4-1-4-1 with JW pushed up higher is just painful to watch. Combined with our Cdm situation and it’s just maddening.

  73. Thank you and goodnight

    We nearly all slated Maureen for that disgusting poke in the eye when he was at real, we all slated pardew for his antics on the touchline……I wonder how many will slate wenger for embarrassing the club yesterday? I’d love to see the journos doing their jobs and asking wenger some testing questions just to see him lose it again. As for ozil that’s another sly dig at wenger yesterday with his comments about Mourinho. That’s about 3 digs now. It’s so painfully obvious that Ozil has seen through wenger and wants out. Watch his agent try and manipulate things in the January window.

  74. Emiratesstroller


    Totally agree.

    My son stopped watching game after second goal, because of his frustration with the way we were playing and the manner in which our defence was left exposed.

    Mourinho has demonstrated this season with acquisition of Fabregas what we
    are missing. Fabregas can play both attacking midfield and deep lying central
    midfield something which was noticeably absent in Wilshire’s game.

    The key difference between both players is ‘football intelligence’.

    Ramsey is a better option when fit, but even he is not always a good decision

    The key to improvement of this team has to be to have more ‘balance’ and ‘discipline’ in midfield. That is lacking at moment.

  75. reality check

    The signing of cesc wouldn’t of disrupted or unbalanced anything.

    We’ve just been lied to. Again. In protection of his favourites.

    Sanchez LW
    Ozil RW
    Jack CM
    Santi CM
    Flamini DM

    Ok so chelsea

    Hazard LW
    Schurrle RW
    Oscar AM
    Cesc CM
    Matic CM/DM

    Whoever plays CM these days for arsenal, is the reason we didn’t take cesc back. Including the Subs and injured players.

    It has nothing to do with ozil

    Why is ozil starting out wide?

    Wenger knows…

    (Ozil coming in from the wide is not the same as starting from inside, like thierry playing CF over LW, even though he drifted to LW)

  76. Jeff

    We thrashed about a lot yesterday but had nothing to show for it. No penetration. No guile. Nothing that we could use to hurt Chelsea with. All they had to do was bide their time and cut through. It was stupid playing Wilshere down the middle again and Ozil wide. It’s sheer lunacy and it will go on.

  77. lemonadethatcoolrefeshingdrink

    Any fucker on here who still supports Wenger is a fucking deluded mong! Seriously you fucking are…how can yo defend spankings at your rivals, not being able to beat Mourinho in 12 attempts, leaving us short with 6 defenders, not buying a defensive midfielder, persisting with Diaby

    you are as fucking deluded as him and the drivel you spout makes me want to puke ..you aint football supporters, you havent got a fucking clue..

    go and plant your arses in another Blog and spout your inane shit

  78. Thank you and goodnight


    What’s worst is the idiots who genuinely think we were the better team. Granted we weren’t as bad as last season’s fixture, reality is though chelsea didn’t get out of 2nd gear and didn’t need to.

  79. babatunde

    Keyser, so you do not think arsenal’s wage structure is unbalanced?. I brought up totenham and everton as part of a larger point.

  80. Rosicky@Arsenal

    People criticizing wenger and the team have small vision.

    If maureen parked the bus there was very little chance that v cud have won let alone draw the match.

    Maureen crowded the midfield and the defence so it was not easy to score . Remember last year liverpool with Suarez arguably the best striker on planet today cudnt score against chelsea at Anfield or the bridge.

    Arsenal had 53 pct pocession which shows the boys put a good effort.Chelsea were also silent and at the back foot through out the match.If v cudnt hit on target they too had only 3 attempts on home soil.

    Atleast one should accept v played much better than last year.

  81. Dream10

    reality check

    agree with you on the Oezil point. He has to play wide just to accomodate Jack.
    A team who has aspirations to win a title can’t play Wilshere as a starting CM week in week out. Midwest and E-Stroller are spot on above. He does not have the ability of an Oezil and does not possess the intelligence of Fabregas to play two positions at a top level.

    Having four midfielders who want the ball at their feet in the XI does not equate to being offensively potent. Essentially, we are playing a 4-5-1. Most matches this season, w/ the exception of Galatasaray, having been a slog.
    We have not even been able to destroy the weaker teams. AW would rather have 11 midfielders and depend on them for goals instead of having three or four capable goalscorers.

  82. Rosicky@Arsenal

    People hailing Fabregas forget Arsenal cudnt won a single trophy when he was with us.

    We won the FA cup last year without him at last.

  83. leprofessorknowsbest

    Good morning.

    It become absolutely pathetic, wenger is desperatly jealous from maureen…
    This is OUR manager FFS. And his behavior become more and more embarassing for the fans. Without speaking of his incompetence.

    Wenger is sinking, and he won’t stop until our club sinks with him.

  84. Rosicky@Arsenal


    Atleast he was part of the team and the captain too.He had some responsibility.
    But its a hard fact.

    When people hails viera that he was the real force and leader on the pitch for team success Fabregas was the leader during all those so called barren years.

    why not slag him?

    And v won the cup without Fabregas.

  85. wenker-wanger

    @ Tyag … I always fully agree with your points about wankger and the state of our once beloved club. You mentioned how much influence this charlatan had over the glory years. I would contend that he had a modest influence and the backbone and winning mentality was already in place from GG s team. Adams was the driving force and DB10 was the essential game changer. Wankger had the luck to have a very useful connection with world class french players. Wankger was in the right place at the right time. Put it another way wankger would never have assembled a dogged british- based defense of adams bould dixon wintetburn… He would have overlooked them in favour of ball playing lightweight defenders that played out from the back. The statue of Tony Sdams

  86. wenker-wanger

    @ Tyag … I always fully agree with your points about wankger and the state of our once beloved club. You mentioned how much influence this charlatan had over the glory years. I would contend that he had a modest influence and the backbone and winning mentality was already in place from GG s team. Adams was the driving force and DB10 was the essential game changer. Wankger had the luck to have a very useful connection with world class french players. Wankger was in the right place at the right time. Put it another way wankger would never have assembled a dogged british- based defense of adams bould dixon wintetburn… He would have overlooked them in favour of ball playing lightweight defenders that played out from the back.

  87. ADKB

    Serious doubts about Wenger and our club. Maybe Chelsea’s squad is more expensive than ours but our wage bill is higher. And they’ve got a solid squad with top players. At this point in time, if we play them 10 times, we’ll be lucky to draw a single game.

    This suggests that our financial policy doesn’t have success on the pitch as the top priority. It seems to me we’re no longer a football club but 100% business entity that happens to operate in the footballing world.

  88. Hunter

    It’s no good beating ourselves up on this blog about what’s wrong at AFC,the owner ,CEO and Board have made it quite clear that they are highly satisfied with WENGER and underlined it by offering him a new two/three year contract and by giving him a rise too!.We have to accept we are stuck with this idiot until HE decides he’s had enough.In that time we will not get 4th or higher but will fall away to 5th/8th over the next three years and even then at the end of his contract he will probably move ‘upstairs’ to continue his influence.Looking at our squad this season in my honest opinion we have only made 1 decent signing who has potential and that’s Wellbeck,Sanchez ,Debuchy and Chambers are just average players ,only Chambers has got long term potential.As for our midget midfield none of them inspire me,Arteta,Flamini,Carzola are over the hill,Wilshere,Ramsey are too big for their boots and lack game changing talents(ok Ramsey has had one season of brilliance)and are so injury prone it’s ridiculous.Diaby should just go!and Ozil will be gone by January ,he clearly doesn’t want to be here,the premiership doesn’t suit his style of play and I think he has no respect for Wenger .As much as I have been a Wallnut beater I can’t wait for his return but some major surgery NEEDS to be done in the summer starting with Wenger but as I have already stated the ‘love in with him is cemented in stone’ so that just isn’t going to happen.Accept our fate and you will all feel a lot better but of course the frustration will remain for the next few years.

  89. Dark Hei

    The best part from yesterday was clearly the shove, and the fight in the team.

    We are not ready to face Chelsea. When will we be ready will be my question. Hey I don’t mind losing to Chelsea if we are playing fast flowing football and spanking everyone else. But it is clearly not happening yet.

    BTW, those who are pushing Diaby out of the door; are they seriously asking the club to negotiate with an injured guy for early termination?

    C’mon guys, I know that everyone is frustrated. But please take it out on the manager instead of someone crocked.

  90. Emiratesstroller

    The main differences between Arsenal and Chelsea are:

    1. Mourinho maintains a consistent team unless someone gets injured. 9 players have started every EPL game this season. Five have played every minute. It would be six if Coutinho had not got injured.

    2. He recruits intelligent and disciplined players. They play or adapt to a system. Players who do not adapt or are mavericks are offloaded as we saw this summer with Luiz. Schurrle falls probably into same category and is mainly
    squad player.

    3. There are no duffers in his squad. Most of squad players would get into starting line up of virtually every other major club.

    4. The manager thinks on his feet. If he needs to change tactics or even close a
    game down he does so.

    When you look at Arsenal that is not what is happening. Wenger is not ruthless enough in culling dross or players surplus to requirements. There is no
    leadership on pitch. Defensive qualities and discipline in midfield are limited
    and above all the manager does not know when and how to change the tactical

    One final point Wenger’s success has been primarily built on the first six or
    seven years of his career as manager at club. The first two league titles were
    won when we had the same defence which he inherited from Graham plus likes of Parlour. He has won only one league title without those players.

  91. wenker-wanger

    I meant to add that: if the size of tony adams statue represents the glory influence he had on arsenal , then wengers statue would fit in an action man box.

  92. Leedsgunner

    “Özil is useless.”

    If we say it enough, does it become true? If enough people say it, does it become right?

    Yes, he perhaps should be showing more industry. The main problem though is how Wenger is managing him. We have a £42.5m asset being completely misused and somehow it is completely the player’s fault. Perhaps that was true with Arshavin, Reyes… oops do we see a pattern here?

    If he is so rubbish ask yourself the question if we placed him on the open market would the biggest club in the world pursue him? Would Man City, Chelsea, Man United, or Liverpool be stronger with him in their colours?

    The answer is obvious isn’t? Y.E.S.

    This present Arsenal squad doesn’t have very many players who would be welcome at any other club in the world. Mesut Özil is one of them. We should support him and criticise the manager for completely using him the wrong way.

    As our club’s record signing he needed have a team built around and not be marginalised.

    It is clear that

    1. he needs to be played centrally in the no.10 position.
    2. for him to last and perform the whole season, fresh and in form he cannot last the whole game. He needs a supporting cast member to support him. There is a ready made cast member in Cazorla. They should be changing for each other, during the season.

    If it is decided that either Cazorla or Özil are too important to be played like that they should play every other game. Özil cannot be played constantly. He looks jaded mentally and physically. Some will blame the player for this. However the blame for this lies squarely with the manager for purchasing a player who is not physical enough for our league. If this is true as it appears to be, he needs to be managed so that the club maximises his strengths. By being played on the wing, we accentuate his weakness and fatigue him even more.

    Another approach that could used is the bring in a playmaker from the under 21 squad to sit and play as an understudy for Özil. In my opinion, Kristoff Olsson by all accounts was a similar type of player and he would have been idea for a supporting role for Özil. As it happens he’s on loan now and therefore perhaps either Crowley and or Zelalem could be brought in to fulfill this role. This way we support and existing player and blood in a new player rather than bring in an exciting youth prospect and play the legs off him. That’s clearly what we did to Jack and he’s the worse for it.

    This is what man management looks like. The manager supporting his players. The the moment, Wener is very unfairly leaving Özil to bear the criticism — it’s like Arshavin all over again. Wenger, what a coward.

    Who will it be next year’s culprit and scapegoat– Sanchez?

  93. leprofessorknowsbest

    “Who will it be next year’s culprit and scapegoat– Sanchez?”

    Leeds, for me that will always be wenger… 😉

  94. Emiratesstroller


    I agree 100%.

    When you analyse our 1st X1 if all fit we are probably only one player short of a team capable of finishing 2nd or 3rd in League.That is Defensive Midfield.

    However, we are probably three or four players short in our squad specifically
    in defence and as back up defensive midfield plus an understudy left wing.

    KOSCIELNY [ ? ]
    GIBBS [ ? ]
    ? [ ? ]
    SANCHEZ [ ? ]

    To win League Title then we need an upgrade on at least two or three more world class players in first team.

  95. reality check


    It’s weird. When ozil came it was like the saviour has arrived.

    People upset at his work rate ect. I mean it’s like they never watched one game he had with madrid.

    Its like when bergkamp went to inter. After a few months he got slaughtered. Why? Well the fans and media wanted an out and out goal scorer. Which they finally got with zamarano then ronaldo9.

    Yet today bergkamp is a legend. A WC er cf/am er no.10 er off the top man er..

    My days what was bergkamps position again. I mean he’s WC so it won’t matter. Play him the hole, play him on the left, he’s supposed to be WC.

    Imagine wenger shoving the legend thst is bergkamp all over the plsce like he does ozil.

    How we blame ozil. He just came, AFC has bern playing this way for years. Losing away to top teams for years, just getting top four? For years.

    This shits been happening,
    ozil hasn’t got anything to do with it.