No spine or character?

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Ahhh jeez, this is like, really awkward. I’ve got my full kit on, I’m wearing face paint and I’ve just sunk my second pint… Only to be told the game is on Sunday!

You see, I blame America. My pal is over from NYC and asked me to get him a ticket for TODAY. I said, it’s Sunday, he told me the game is TODAY. He lied, he let you all down.
Anyway, how are you? I went to a very fancy hotel last night and finished up in Chicken Cottage again… the crack cocaine of takeaway. I can feel the trans-fats ripping through my body as I type.
Anyway, so I blew my tactical load all over the blogosphere yesterday, so I don’t have that much on today.
Cesc… he’s back. In a BLUE SHIRT. Tears. Many tears.
… but I won’t boo him. Why would you? Arsene elected not to sign him. Arsene elected to go with Ozil. We made the decision. He moved to Chelsea because his kid is in London… fair call. The only reason Arsenal fans are so miffed is because he is SOOOOOOO good. That’s not his fault. He’s literally my favourite player outside of Arsenal. I’m gutted his gone, but let’s not whine and pine over him. We are Arsenal. Fact is, Wenger probably would have had him playing at right back anyway…
Joey Barton says we have no spine or character. Think he’s wrong there. I think we have plenty of character and we the only part of the spine that is missing is a DM. What we don’t have is a manager capable of activating the character. You need to give players a purpose and a reason to exist on the pitch. When no one knows what they’re doing individually, it’s quite tough to tell others what to do. If there was tighter management, I think you’d see a better team. ‘Do what you want’ worked 15 years ago, but it doesn’t now. I believe in the squad. It should be breezing the league. Not quite winning, but we should be up there. We’re not though and you all know the reasons as to why.
What I do find interesting is Joey thinks he had character. What, the guy who regularly threw his team under the bus. Beat his team mates. Fell out with everyone? Not sure that’s character…
Chelsea tomorrow is going to be exciting though. Have we changed? Has Arsene learned? Can we mix it in the big games?
Catch you tomorrow for my third preview!

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  1. daz

    I’m referring to people who slate him to the ground saying he has no clue what he’s doing I have no problem with people being critical just saying he has done more good for the club than bad and deserves some respect. I wouldn’t be apposed to a new manager coming in to freshen things up but I would thank the man for his commitment to arsenal not boo him out the door like a lot of people who comment on here.

  2. Hitman

    Daz- you earn respect but can also lose it.

    Wenger has lost all the respect that he earned in the early years.

    I am afraid the world is now all about what have you done for me lately. And at £8m a year – you have to perform every year. People who opt out or make mistakes (especially at the salary level) deserve all the criticism they get. It comes with the territory. If lack of respect bothers him, he should do the graceful thing.

  3. babatunde

    As to Fabregas. I preferred someone with pace. But when u look at it, for 30m he is a brilliant buy especially if he can be fit in his no 10 specialty. I didn’t want fab to come play on the wings. As to welbeck, he is an average player or slightly above average. Simple. We won’t be winning the league anytime soon with him as our main striker and I’ll maintain my stand even if he scores an hattrick tomorrow.

  4. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I want one like Vieiras.

    What you reckon on the Final next week? I told you last year when i saw the players you were getting that this could be a good year for Saint’s, not too good i hope ;-).

    Also fancy us by 2 goals today, i just have a feeling.

  5. Goondawg

    I hope you are right arsenal 86-06. I can’t sleep, in some few hours the wait will be over.

    I can’t remember a match so many arsenal fans were convinced we will lose. Saying that I just want a performance I can be proud of and a scoreline that wont embarrass me further. Hopefully Wenger implements and executes a fine plan to stop Mourinho’s boys even if it is to hire some flare-wielding turkish fans to torch their pitch. Anything. Just fucking DO SOMETHING. Dont roll over and get fucked in the arse. Play for the badge. COYG

  6. Goondawg

    Chambers and Wilshere are a card away from facing suspensions btw. But fuck it ill take the cards if it comes served with prime points

  7. gnarleygeorge9


    Gorgeous weather & daylight saving started today 😎 That means the footy season is over, & the footie season is now in full swing.

    Should I trust Arsene Wenger & stay up for this one or record it & watch it at a more civilised hour, coz I know Maureen will put one over him yet again & I won’t feel cheated for losing any sleep 😉

    The term’ horses for courses’ is not a term Old Frenchie seems to abide by. We know he only knows one way, that is Plan A, yet for such a fixture I’m thinking Plan B might be a better option, that being a strategy that Maureen can’t predict.

    And finally Fabregas! If he sustains a serious injury in this game I will be happy for him 😈 End of

  8. Jeff

    “daylight saving started today”

    In the UK the clocks go back on 26th October. I don’t know if you are in another country and they changed last night?

  9. tunnygriffboy

    Draxler rumours are in the air again. Buy him and get rid Poldi and Campbell and you have a high quality forward line

    Our AM is already quality

    DM is a shambles. Khadeira and Schniederlin in, Flamini Diaby and Coquelin out. Quality DM

    Top centre back in and we then have quality defence

    4 players, that’s all. Wasn’t expecting them all this window with the number of quality players we bought but I was at least expecting one DM. That must come at Christmas, the rest in the summer.

    Heyho a properly balanced squad 🙂

  10. gonnerram

    This is one match everyone knows the results already. If football was played in paper!!!!

    Give the boys a chance. Surely the boys will have the scars from last year in mind and would want to put it right.

    Also, Mouri will not ignore the pace we have with Ozil / Welbeck / Ox / Sanchez.

    Pressing against our Midfield might have worked last year because of our static front line.

    I think now we have a team which can compete with Chelsea and give them a good game.

    Support the team and do the postmortem after the game.

  11. Evan

    Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger claims his record against Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho is ‘irrelevant’

    But Wenger denies that appalling head-to-head record with Mourinho is a psychological barrier ahead of their derby clash – or gets him down

  12. Jeff

    “Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger claims his record against Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho is ‘irrelevant’”

    Irrelevant is another word for “burying your head in the sand” and not taking any notice of what is going on around you. That’s Arsene’s way of dealing with failure.

  13. gonsterous

    Well a great race just ended because of the bad weather in Japan…. Kinda reminded me of the of the movie rush !! xD

  14. gonsterous

    Focking hell… How many stadiums are there in England… Even the 2 nd League have stadiums of their own…

  15. Jeff

    El Tel,

    The so what is for the reader to ascertain. The positions after 6 games last season were as follows – would you like to ask me again?

    1 Arsenal 6 5 0 1 13 7 6 15
    2 Liverpool 6 4 1 1 8 4 4 13
    3 Tottenham Hotspur 6 4 1 1 6 2 4 13
    4 Everton 6 3 3 0 9 6 3 12
    5 Chelsea 6 3 2 1 7 3 4 11
    6 Southampton 6 3 2 1 5 2 3 11
    7 Manchester City 6 3 1 2 14 7 7 10

  16. tunnygriffboy

    Apart from our DM the age of the geam concerns me today and in every game. Most of the team are 25 yrs old or under, young men becoming men. Just too many really sometimes they show their immaturity. In 2 years they will be awesome. No natural leaders yet either though someone like Khedeira would beexcellent not just for his skill and drive but also for his eexperience and leadership. For Low he acts as the link between the bench and the team.

  17. tunnygriffboy

    Robbie Savage is a buffoon. Made a good point yesterday. He said ” anyone going to Chelsea today would get beaten, Manchester City, Liverpool, Man u, anyone ”

    That’s what we’re up against. Hope fully we can get a good performance. Mourinho has lost two or three games at home in all time he has been Chelsea manager, maybe less. It’s a tough ask

  18. andy1886

    “In 2 years they will be awesome.”

    Nope, in just under three years, when we welcome our new manager. 😉

  19. tunnygriffboy


    Fair point. Whoever takes over will have a core of extremely talented players reaching their peak. Can they be contenders before that with WC CDM and centre back ?

  20. Atomic

    I wish Wenger starts this team vs Chelsea:






  21. andy1886

    I don’t really think so Tunny, even if you can pick the top 15 players from around the world it’s still not enough if you put them on the pitch ill-prepared and without a sensible tactical plan. Maybe we’d be closer but when push comes to shove if you keep making the same mistakes you’ll fall short.

    Still doesn’t stop me hoping that we might win today of course, but it’s heart that it comes from and the head is something I don’t want to listen to today.