The joy before the storm? | W3LBZ good performance

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Arsenal banged out a stellar performance yesterday as they destroyed a weak Gala by a superb 4 goals to 1.

Highlights of the game?

Dat guy #W3LBZ

The man who has a smile so big he could be the poster child for the Anerican Dental Association scored three brilliantly taken goals to announce himself to the home crowd. He showed deft composure, explosive pace and he also showed you what applied power looks like. The finishes were calm and assured and the best part? He looked like he loved every moment.

Sanchez and the front line

Everyone seemed to click. Intricate passing, breezing past full backs combined with efficiency made for a pleasant watch. The front three, when wenger picks the right combination, is going to be deadly. You can’t deal with Chamberlain when he’s on fire, Sanchez is outrageous with his turn of pace and movement and as Wenger said after the game… WELBZ has Thierry like pace.


Hey, guess what? The German likes playing in the hole and he likes playing with Sanchez! They looked great last night. Pace matched with explosive pace and technical ability… it’s like yin and yang, gin and tonic, Vela and lady boys! Perfection! To get the best out of Ozil, play him in the position he likes with players he can supply.

The Keeper

Guys and gals, look, I told you about this. He ain’t quite right. His positioning is suspect, his attitude is questionable and last night, his rash lunge for the ball was very poor. He took a red card and put our goal difference at risk. Ospina, well, the jury is out. What he has is maturity, he’s made it the hard way so he appreciates what he has and he can jump, like, really high.

Chezzer needs to be very careful…


Simple fact is generally, we only rotate the squad in crisis. Not very smart I’ll admit. So we have one day less rest than Chelsea… we’re spanking Gala out of sight, at that point, we should be making 2 half time subs and shutting up shop with low energy second half football.

…  because I don’t want to be hearing, ‘we were a little bit jaded’ post Chelsea.

We scored more goals, we didn’t shut up shop, we let Gala in. We dropped to ten men. We conceded a goal. Which was unfortunate. But come on, elite teams don’t surrender 3 goal leads with 9 men! Wenger waited until 67mins as usual to make his first unforced sub. All chance of rest ceded. The alarming point is so many Arsenal fans thought that was the right decision because of games like Newcastle. Honestly, the fact fans fear is losing 4 goal leads says it all really. Arsenal, under Wenger used to be better with 10 men! We’d chase teams down and beat them with 10! Oh how times have changed…

Joy before the storm…

‘We’ve come if age’ ‘things have clicked’ ‘it was just a time thing’

Seriously, don’t bite on these headlines yet. Beating Gala is great, but they’re not a great side. All Turkish sides are a million miles off the pace. The test comes at the weekend. We play a seriously scary Chelsea side that have to be up there as one of the scariest teams physically since the last Mourinho offering. This is a game we’re not supposed to win on paper, but football isn’t about paper… it’s about thinking. It’s about preparation. It’s about knowing what they’re going to bring to the match and flipping what they KNOW we’re going to do on it’s head and surprising them.

Point is, Chelsea is the focus. We should be winning at home. It’s brilliant we won by such a margin. It’s brilliant the players lit up the place. But the lack of thought that goes into closing games out worries me. The lack of thought about the weekends match worries me. The fan high worries me, because it’s generally just an illusion. Those players aren’t given the tools to succeed.

… but we’ll see. Rapha Honigstein exposed the lack of video analysis we do at Arsenal in an article yesterday, stating that it’s only just come into force. Something I’ve been telling you about for years eh? Remember the Dropbox stories of last season? The most alarming part of his report, but not surprising, is that one player has told him he runs for 12km a game and he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to be doing.

That approach will take you to fourth, but it’ll never take you to major trophies.

Hopefully the boys will know what they’re doing at the weekend. I’ll catch up with you tomorrow on what I think we need to do to win.


Also salute my new #WELBZ glossary of goalscoring hashtags. Thank me later darlings. x




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  1. MidwestGun

    Radio –
    If we get good JW I’m ok with that switch. But if he starts the dribbling into 3 players thing and not looking for thru balls. It won’t work. I saw where Santi and Ozil completed 40 passes to each other. Seemed like they were on the same page. Jack needs to be more aware of positioning and have a little better vision.

  2. NYCgooner

    The game plan should be the same as Dortmond last year. Everybody defend like crazy. Flamini shouldn’t even go beyond the half way line. We have enough pace to attack them with the players we have up front when the moment presents itself.

  3. Joe

    The same line up we played v gala for me. Switching jack for Santi isn’t going to make much of a difference.

    We lost this match when wenger failed to buy a DM or any defensive cover

  4. Radio Raheem


    I agree with you we’d need the good version of Wilshere. Whoever starts I’ve got an irrational positive feeling that we won’t lose. If our front 3 play well I think we’ll cause them problems. Chelsea might be the best side at the mo’ but they’ve not looked unbeatable.

  5. luke

    Well- the Ozil mystery has been solved thanks to Raphael Honigstein. A German journalist says an Arsenal midfielder joked that he runs 12 km a game and doesnt know where to go. Who the hell do you think that is? I’d be frustrated if I was the genius that Ozil is and had to run 12 km with no directions. Wenger out. This has to be the answer to the Ozil mystery, no?

  6. bishop

    Flamini has a classic case of short man syndrome, he is so damn angry all the time, needless yellows conceded again last night, he is obsessed with leaving his foot in, let them know your there mentality.”This is the problem with him. Spends too much time shouting and pretending to be a ‘hard man’ rather than concentrating on his day job ”


  7. babatunde

    Hmm. Gabi seems to be viewed with some sympathy. I wonder if he was a barcelona or a madrid player, will he still be pitied.. Hmm.

  8. fourthisatrophy

    Lets see what the manager does when Giroud is back from injury, my guess is he will slot right in at CF, pushing Danny W out wide left or right, I don’t care how many goals Welbeck scores, Giroud is the teachers pet, wonder why Podolski was not sold in the summer, maybe no buyers with his high wages being as usual the stumbling block to offload these highly paid under achievers, word is he’s gone in January, I wonder who the idiots are who’s buying him,

  9. Al

    Why are people so hell bent on comparing welbeck to Balotelli. ..I get they are both strikers but they are nothing a like. ..Their actual game is completely different from one another and one has had a number of chances at a number of clubs to play in his correct position while welbeck is finally getting his first real opportunity to play in his favoured position

  10. qna

    Ballotelli vs Welbeck is far from over. Both are 23 yo. Years not weeks left in this debate. Balotelli will be a 30 goals per year striker one day. Welbeck will not.

    Welbeck is like Henry is also ridiculous. Welbeck may have Henrys pace but Henry also had sublime skill which Welbeck does not. Welbeck is a good second striker but we will not win any major trophies if the club decides he is to remain our no 1.

  11. Leedsgunner

    Wenger’s 1,000th game in charge of the Gunners turned out to be an occasion to forget for the Frenchman. His team were 2-0 behind after seven minutes, 3-0 down after 17 minutes and then saw Kieran Gibbs wrongly sent off instead of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.
    “Last year’s slow start exposed us to counter-attacks. It was a very bad memory but football is not made of history, it’s performance,” says Wenger.

    BBC 3/10/2014

    Utter hypocrisy.

    So on one hand he is dismissing the 6-0 loss to Chelsea last year because it’s “history” because football is “performance” — but even with that hat on Wenger, that game wasn’t that much of a performance was it?

    However, Wenger relies on “history” when it suits him.

    Why does he demand respect? Isn’t because he has 18 years at AFC? Why isn’t that history that should be dismissed? Isn’t because he has qualified the Champion’s League 17 years in a row? Why isn’t that history that should be dismissed?

    What a complete self important hypocrite. What a complete muppet.

  12. Leedsgunner

    I wish the journos at these press conferences would ask more incisive probing questions… with Wenger being the force that he is at AFC — it is one of very few ways he could be held accountable… that is, when he shows up.

  13. Dark Hei

    I am trying to read the Rapha Honigstein article via Google translate.

    The thrust of the article is that Wenger methods were outdated, and Wenger himself is now, belatedly trying to correct that.

    Personally, I think Wenger is going in the wrong direction.

    Wenger should be setting out the vision of the footballing style instead of the day to day work. He is a fantastic visionary with an eye for detail. He should take a step back, let the new boys run the show while putting in his inputs (e.g. he noticed Pires has better vision when played on the left). But he shouldn’t be trying to learn new things at this stage of his career when he can hire someone to do the job.

    Take Alex Ferguson’s relationship with Mike Phelan as a case in point. Let the young man run the show while giving directions from afar.

    I am not sure Steve Bould is that man. I know Wenger do defer to him at times. You can see the change in approach that coincided when Bould signed up; a lower backline, a more cautious approach, less pressing and more positional defending. But he does not strike me as an attacking visionary and thus I am not sure if he combines well with Wenger.

    What this team needs is a Martinez or a Rodgers as AM with the security of Wenger as the manager. This will really bring the club forward. End of the day, organizational change can only truly happen if the man at the top is willing to support the change (he does not need to do the change himself). That must come from Wenger.

  14. Bamford13


    While I agree with you to an extent re Welbeck and Balotelli — (1) Balo is fundamentally a better striker, (2) Welbeck isn’t good enough to win titles — my opinion is evolving. Balotelli is beginning to look like a fantastic talent who won’t ever reach his potential because of his mental makeup. I think he’s a fantastic talent, but he switches off a great deal and doesn’t move off the ball enough. Re Welbeck, while I see him disappearing in big games and missing important chances, I’m beginning to think we could win the EPL with him (in a year or two) if we improved elsewhere — namely at CDM, CB, RB and CM. For example, imagine (1) we sign Lars Bender as a CDM, (2) Bellerin and Chambers progress nicely and (3) either Jack or Aaron or someone else give us top quality CM play, the following side could theoretically win the EPL in a year or two:

    Bell Cham Kosc Gibb
    Bender Jack
    Sanchez Ozil Oxlade

    Not a perfect side by any stretch, but given certain players make good progress, I could see the side above makings title run. Especially if we had a smart, ambitious, new manager. Not that we’re going to get him, but Klopp could win the title with that team.