CRISIS – but it could be a good thing

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So it’s Wenger’s happy 18th year in charge.


Errr… this is a bit like my 14th birthday after I’d just been caught shoplifting Lynx Africa from Boots. Awkward.

I don’t want to be a sycophant because I’m not one, but this doesn’t feel like a celebration. I have all the respect in the world for a man who can last 18 years at a club in this day in age, trouble is, at any other club, he wouldn’t still be in charge. He’s celebrating 18 years because he’s the main man and he decides how many anniversary celebrations he wants to have.

Anyway, I was going to preview the Chelsea tactics I expect to see on show at the weekend, but shoot me down, I totally forgot we have the return of Galatastaray. Could we see the return of Eboue? I hope so. I’d love to play against him and actually enjoy one of his performances for once.

Sadly, I won’t be going. I am ill, which NEVER happens without alcohol playing a key role.

So, I’ll be watching it with all the lesser fans on TV. Right? Just jokes people. The lesser fans are the mexican wavers or the half scarfers… you know who you are.

I’ll be watching it on TV so I can gain a better understanding of the tactical intricacies of our game. You know, so I can give the deep dive tomorrow when Wenger showcases the false 3 this evening.

I don’t think the game will be a cake walk, mainly because we’re in a bit of an injury crisis. We need to bounce back from a very disappointing result against Spurs. At home, in the Champions League, a win is a total essential if you want to ease to qualification. We need to chalk up some points, but more importantly, we need to earn some credit back with the home fans.

Trouble with this game is that there will be an eye on Chelsea at the weekend. Well, there should be. They have an extra days on us, though they did travel away and they all looked totally ruined by the end of their closely fought 0-1 victory. Our issue is squad size. We can’t really rotate any of our backline.

Midfield is totally shot to pieces, Abou Diaby has a hip problem… of course he does, right? Jack is expected to be rested, Arteta and Rambo are out. It’s really not looking too grand. How does our midfield line up? Errr…? Flamini, Ox, Chambo, Cazorla? I mean, however it looks will be not the bestest eh? No balance in there.

Up top, Welbz, Sanchez and… Rosicky?

Man, I don’t know what’s going on tonight… but it doesn’t look too handsome a situation.

Here’s the thing though, the players he’ll have to play have something to prove. So we could see a really impressive reaction. I think our best game last December was Hull (?). We rested 8 players and put on a storming performance.


I guess we’re praying for a few things.

1. 3 points

2. No injuries

3. Injured players recover

Right, that’s me done. Enjoy the game, I’ll catch you in the morning for the match report, sympathies for illness accepted in the comments with gratitude.

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  1. goona

    ….its amazing what you can achieve without the tippy tappy midfield players….pace and directness =chances and goals

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Told you. Easy peasy.

    Gala playing right into our hands with their line up.

    Sanchez is having a stormer, fantastic stuff from him. Chambers as well has been brilliant, Oxlade rough round the edges but bags of energy and is direct, Cazorla playing next to Flamini in almost a Kroos style role and he looks good, happy for Welbeck as well, hopefully builds some confidence…even with a depleted line up we look SO much with a two man deeper middle platform and a three behind a striker – it isn’t rocket science is it?

  3. NYCgooner

    I think the yellow from the lunatic Flamini was justifiable in this case. A message had to me sent that we can dish it out too

  4. Joe

    Wenger will hate to be proven wrong by playing ozil central and Sanchez today. He will play ozil out wide v Chelsea

  5. Arsene's Nurse

    Excellent – 3-0 up at half time playing 4-2-3-1 which means that we will go to the Bridge with the 4-1-MESS-1 set up and fail.

  6. Jeff

    I don’t know why the commentators keep referring to the opposition as “The Turks” as if it’s Arsenal versus Turkey. Half the Gala team comprises of non-Turkish nationals. When Barcelona plays against Arsenal; why is it they don’t refer to them as the “Spaniards”?

    Sometimes, the language used betrays so vividly the real sentiment behind the words.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    I’d actually maintain this sort of line up for Chelsea, I’d even sacrifice Ozil and stick Diaby in there to really clog up the middle. Just have Sanchez as our Sterling basically, loads of speed but can also playmake – not as well as Ozil but enough, then Welbeck and Oxlade for sheer pace along with Sanchez.

    Clog the middle, protect the back line against Chelsea and then hit them hard with speed and (hopefully) finesse.

  8. MidwestGun

    Best part of halftime was Wynalda having to compliment Arsenal….. he’s such a tool.

    Would love to see a hat-trick for Danny but agree should sub him early.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    I’d give Coquelin some time here, see how he does, really need players to clog the middle against Chelsea and just shield the defence.

  10. Jeff


    Passions run very high in football and events like that happen sometimes and you’ll agree they are not confined to one country or one club or one place. The point I was making is that there seems to be subtle difference in the language used in respect of certain countries or races.

    My point was that if commentators want to bring nationality or race into club football, they should do it for all clubs – not just ones based in Turkey and I think maybe a few other countries as well – like Greece. I’m sure I’ve heard them refer to Olympiacos or Panathinaikos as β€œthe Greeks”.

    The sentiment behind the words is that the smaller footballing countries are looked “down” upon whereas the ones from the more established European ones automatically command greater respect.

  11. Wallace

    loving the speed and and movement of our front 4. if we could get the first goal more often we’d be a very dangerous side…guess it would be suicidal to go in away to Chelsea with the same players.

  12. london gunner

    What a fucking goal

    Had everything great team goal great indiviudal work from Welbeck

    The build up then the nutmeg pass from ox then that perfect little dink



    We are so much better with pace

  13. BillikenGooner

    I know we are up 4-0, but I hate when we do all that dribbling around… those are the times when we aren’t up 4-0 that the other side gets a cheap goal because we lose it for no reason at the top of our box.

  14. Arsene's Nurse

    This place is going to be infested with AKBs as they crawl out from under their rocks for the first time in over a week.

  15. reality check

    oh shiit danny got a hat trick before giroud in a game that matters.

    wait, am I right. giroud hasn’t got a hat trick yet right?

    look at alexis, working his arse off, fighting for his place.

  16. Jeff


    I doubt Mourinho will play with the defensive formation and tactics as Gala tonight. He’ll pack the back with bodies and pounce when we lose the ball. That’s what they all try to do against us (even the smaller teams) and it often works a treat because we have no plan B. Tonight, our plan A is working beautifully.

  17. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Isn’t it nice to see a striker who can run in behind defenders and beat them for pace, actually it is nice to have a striker who can run, nice finish for his third as well.
    We also look more fluid and threatening without jack alongside Rambo and Arteta. If we had a proper DM and a quicker CB we would be half decent.

  18. london gunner

    Arsene’s Nurse

    I like Revin Kevin his a good guy but he will make an apperance on here tomorrow

    His always around when there is a good result and starts to dissapear after a few bad ones.

  19. zaco

    WELBECK OVER FALCAO (sorry not a champions league player)
    WELBECK over Gir…………………………………GUESS WHO?

  20. Arsene's Nurse

    Cazorla has played well tonight – worked hard. He suits that Ramsey position next to Flamini.

    Why Wenger has to fuck about with the line-up I just don’t know. Keep it 4-2-3-1 and just rotate the players.

    Play Ramsey, Ozil, Cazorla and Rosicky in the middle and leave Sanchez, Ox, Campbell, Walcott and Podolski out wide.

  21. Thank you and goodnight


    Your mum’s been married to a turk for 7 years…..your poor poor mother πŸ˜€

    Scez needs to be dropped. …problem is I wonder if ospina is good enough?

    4 nil up I’m as happy as Larry, wenger’s face comes up on screen and I want to smash it. Sorry

  22. Arsene's Nurse

    Fuck sake. That was due to playing silly buggers in the middle of the park again. Sanchez this time. When are they going to learn not to get caught? Do they not shout man on?

  23. DUIFG

    Told people so many times about sizes committing like that. Bayern, did it against dortmund, tonight. Really poor

  24. BillikenGooner

    It looked like Chez short armed that, too. He could have stretched and got the ball.

    Between him and Flamini, we have our full load of nutters who can ruin a match in a couple seconds.

  25. BillikenGooner

    The scary part is that with 30 minutes, us at 10 men and a goal, Gala will probably get rambunctious trying to get back into this and that could lead to some ugly tackles.

  26. Craigy

    Why the fuck did wenger insist on keeping Campbell when he clearly doesn’t like or trust him? Would like to see him given a couple run outs

  27. Thank you and goodnight

    I know we were 4 nil up but that moment of madness from scez has really pissed me off. No Fucking need whatsoever. I know people go on about his clean sheets last year etc etc, but for me he’s not good enough. Ok a million times better than Almunia, but still I think we could do better.

  28. S Asoa

    Arsenal threw Gatarasrray with pace. But when the need arises Specialist in Failure removes Sanchez and Chamberlain the players most effective.

  29. reality check

    oh shit the ox looks a little pissed, doesn’t look tired at all. Sanchez got the ice pack on but shit, Ox was probably enjoying that.

  30. babatunde

    Someone was asking why we won’t play like this against chelsea. Well, that’s simple. Chelsea isn’t galataseray. I expected at least a two goal win here. But Still not good enough, don’t be fooled.

  31. london gunner

    Decent save but not actually that great should of held onto the ball tbh.

    His ok Szczney is still better (statistically the second best keeper after Cech last season despite being very young for a keeper and lacking the experience cech has)

  32. Jeff


    I think he can be just as good if not better than Szcz. But he needs more chances to prove how good he is. I don’t think any of us have seen enough but of what I have seen I think he’s decent.

  33. london gunner


    ospina is to short for premier league his 6 ft max maybe even 5 11

    Szczesney is 2 years younger at 24 and was the second best keeper in PL last season…at 24 to be just behind Cech is WOW!

    He is a monster just look at his stats, aka saves, collecting the ball from crosses/in the air also his distrubtion was actually the most accurate last season.

    Don’t beleive me? Look it up for yourself

    Osipna has average written all over him his a solid keeper but certainly no wow factor

    I would actually rate flamini ahead of ospina

  34. Arsene's Nurse

    Oooooooooooooh Santi! That was so deserved tonight – what a shame. Santi, Ozil, Welbeck, Kozz, Sanchez, Ox, they all had great games tonight. Team worked their socks off.

  35. MidwestGun

    Thought we were gonna have to put Mert in the goal for a sec. Lol.

    Hope we can take some confidence into this weekend. Tired of losing to them. Resting JW makes me think we will start him. Hope not Santi has been good.

    Good win. Happy.

  36. london gunner

    Its the mexican keeper who impressed me at the WC

    When we signed Ospina basically because of his WC performance I was like really I watched all the columbia games and thought yeah his solid that was about it

    He made saves he should of made which is good but top keepers make those saves they shouldn’t

  37. Relieable sauce

    Sir chez is dodgy as, ospinas team finished 17th in the french league, he’s decent to good.
    If wenger wanted genuine competition for VS he should have bought begovic.

    Joe Hart might be on the market soon as well!…we won’t be in for him either.