CRISIS – but it could be a good thing

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So it’s Wenger’s happy 18th year in charge.


Errr… this is a bit like my 14th birthday after I’d just been caught shoplifting Lynx Africa from Boots. Awkward.

I don’t want to be a sycophant because I’m not one, but this doesn’t feel like a celebration. I have all the respect in the world for a man who can last 18 years at a club in this day in age, trouble is, at any other club, he wouldn’t still be in charge. He’s celebrating 18 years because he’s the main man and he decides how many anniversary celebrations he wants to have.

Anyway, I was going to preview the Chelsea tactics I expect to see on show at the weekend, but shoot me down, I totally forgot we have the return of Galatastaray. Could we see the return of Eboue? I hope so. I’d love to play against him and actually enjoy one of his performances for once.

Sadly, I won’t be going. I am ill, which NEVER happens without alcohol playing a key role.

So, I’ll be watching it with all the lesser fans on TV. Right? Just jokes people. The lesser fans are the mexican wavers or the half scarfers… you know who you are.

I’ll be watching it on TV so I can gain a better understanding of the tactical intricacies of our game. You know, so I can give the deep dive tomorrow when Wenger showcases the false 3 this evening.

I don’t think the game will be a cake walk, mainly because we’re in a bit of an injury crisis. We need to bounce back from a very disappointing result against Spurs. At home, in the Champions League, a win is a total essential if you want to ease to qualification. We need to chalk up some points, but more importantly, we need to earn some credit back with the home fans.

Trouble with this game is that there will be an eye on Chelsea at the weekend. Well, there should be. They have an extra days on us, though they did travel away and they all looked totally ruined by the end of their closely fought 0-1 victory. Our issue is squad size. We can’t really rotate any of our backline.

Midfield is totally shot to pieces, Abou Diaby has a hip problem… of course he does, right? Jack is expected to be rested, Arteta and Rambo are out. It’s really not looking too grand. How does our midfield line up? Errr…? Flamini, Ox, Chambo, Cazorla? I mean, however it looks will be not the bestest eh? No balance in there.

Up top, Welbz, Sanchez and… Rosicky?

Man, I don’t know what’s going on tonight… but it doesn’t look too handsome a situation.

Here’s the thing though, the players he’ll have to play have something to prove. So we could see a really impressive reaction. I think our best game last December was Hull (?). We rested 8 players and put on a storming performance.


I guess we’re praying for a few things.

1. 3 points

2. No injuries

3. Injured players recover

Right, that’s me done. Enjoy the game, I’ll catch you in the morning for the match report, sympathies for illness accepted in the comments with gratitude.

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  1. Romford Pele

    Would like to see this tonight:
    Chambers Mert Kos Gibbs
    Flamini Ox
    Sanchez Ozil Santi/TR7
    Dat guy Welbz

  2. @snoekrats

    There are people in Africa (Me) who would do anything to go to the game.

    Learn to handle your hangovers Bitch. Bitch being Pedro’s new name.

    Also Eboue. Cant wait to see him on his knees begging the ref for some mercy after he makes a complete mess of a tackle.

  3. Dusty Kart

    Not even watching the game tonight first time ever not bothered about the result either can do without the bullshit surrounding the club/wenger..

  4. crispen

    What a bunch of nonsense… You think AW just showed up and became The main man. HE EARNED THE RIGHT TO MAKE THE DECISIONS THAT THE TEAM ENTRUST HIM WITH.

  5. shad


    18yrs in charge. 9 good, 9 bad. Guess by he law of math and logic,that makes him average.

    On to the next 2 games – I have zero expectations. I feel like a zombie watching Arsenal these days. Totally lifeless.

  6. Dream10

    Morning Grovers

    Chambers Mert Koz Gibbs
    Flamini Rosicky
    Sanchez Oezil Cazorla

    vs. Chelsea
    – Wilshere in for Rosicky
    – The Ox in for Cazorla
    – Sanchez in for Welbeck if he needs a rest
    – if above change occurs, a MF of Flamini,Wilshere, The Ox, Oezil,Rosicky

  7. ndbest4u

    my prefered squad tonight
    chamber mert kolch gibbz
    flamini coquelin
    sanchez ozil chamberlin
    I think wenger should give him a chance I mean coquelin

  8. leprofessorknowsbest

    “Enjoy the game, ”

    I’m sorry but it’s a very hard thing to do when you’re a Gooner these days…

  9. Ben

    “Arsene Wenger can’t see the wood for the trees. Nobody knows why he plays who he plays or the logic behind who plays where and when. He has nine attacking central midfielders spread out all over the pitch, and can’t get consistency out of any of them. In Wenger’s world, why bother with tactics? And herein lies Arsenal’s malaise. Also, Wenger continues to exacerbate injuries by adopting prehistoric training methods and pushing players to their physical limits, hence injuries to Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere and Mikael Arteta in the first half. All three injuries were non-contact, a sign of nervous-system fatigue due to poor conditioning or insufficient rest.”

    Think this spot on. Wenger is the cancer to this club.

  10. Dream10

    – Roma were very good for the first 60 minutes last night
    – Nainggolan was a terrier
    – Pjanic put in a shift w/ a more defensive role than usual

    -Pjanic is the ideal controller which City are missing. Toure was poor again, w/ the exception of one left foot ball that he played to Milner on the left in the 2nd half. A real moment of class. But was not helped by formation

    – Pelligrini got his tactics wrong. Play more cagey early on. Then bring on offensive substitutions

  11. Tippitappi

    wenger’s like a loan off a shark great at first but we now pay a very very VERY high price for that early success

  12. Romford Pele

    “still thinking whats happened to joel Campbell and lukas podolski”

    1) They’re behind a lot of players in the pecking order
    2) Wouldn’t exactly say we’re crying out for them

    Campbell barely makes the bench, Poldi just about gets on it. They’ll both drop down further when Theo returns.

  13. Romford Pele

    “-Pjanic is the ideal controller which City are missing.”

    This is true. Their midfield just gets bypassed so easily in Europe. They struggle with just the two in midfield. Reminds me of how we were in Wenger’s early days. All power and pace, but technically we were behind the teams we played.

  14. Gunnershabz

    Romford Pele!!!!

    I do like Poldi and Joel, I still think they might add some surprise element but because of injuries in games they don’t get a chance

    they both explosive players and we might need them today to do something different

  15. spandex dan

    Something or someone has to get this team fired up for the weekend else we are in trouble. Mourinho won’t be worried about facing us in this state. As for the Turks tonight we can get a result.

  16. Ben

    Difference between those two 9 year spells is Wenger’s success came from the squad who were coached by great coaches he inherited from Graham/Rioch. But the next Failure era spell the squad was built by completely him and cached by him. He was simply at the right place at right time. He got lucky. He is a conman. we had success inspite of Wenger not because of him.

  17. Rocky Pires

    Romford PeleOctober 1, 2014 09:40:05
    “still thinking whats happened to joel Campbell and lukas podolski”1) They’re behind a lot of players in the pecking order
    2) Wouldn’t exactly say we’re crying out for themCampbell barely makes the bench, Poldi just about gets on it. They’ll both drop down further when Theo returns.

    Ya disappointed with these two . Haven’t really shown anything , fairness Campbell done well against Everton but Podoli being piss poor

  18. Dream10


    Totti has 96 ball control on the 1-Zidane/Bergkamp scale. Unreal!

    Shoutout to the Pjanic though. Everytime the commentator said his name, I did too!

    Why do Roma, with a lower budget than ours, have four defensively capable MF in Nainggolan,Strootman,De Rossi and Keita? FFS

    Lucas Moura gave Barcelona a difficult time. Hope he continues show out.
    No Ibra, no problem

  19. Alfie

    “Learn to handle your hangovers Bitch. Bitch being Pedro’s new name.”

    This makes me a tiny bit uncomfortable. A bit to prison-y for my liking………

  20. Romford Pele

    “I do like Poldi and Joel, I still think they might add some surprise element but because of injuries in games they don’t get a chance”

    Mate, it’s not like Poldi hasn’t had his chances. He’s been here over two years. Outside of his shooting, he doesn’t offer enough. Not very quick, not a great dribbler, lacks incisive passing and off-the-ball movement. Decent squad player at best but he’s behind a lot of players for a reason.

    Campbell is alright but Ox is better.

  21. Mo

    Just win. And, no injuries. I’m not quite sure exactly how shit Galatasaray are at the moment, but I expect we’ll make them look like a really good team.

  22. leprofessorknowsbest

    “Mourinho won’t be worried about facing us in this state. ”

    He can’t wait to improve his record VS wenger lol

  23. Romford Pele

    Dream – Totti’s ball control is mesmeric. His vision in the first half alone split the City defence 4 times. Had Roma taken a bit more care in the final third, they could’ve got in.

    “Why do Roma, with a lower budget than ours, have four defensively capable MF in Nainggolan,Strootman,De Rossi and Keita? FFS”

    Your guess is as good as mine, my friend. Every single one of those players would walk into the Arsenal midfield. Pjanic is probably not gonna go for less than 40m you’d imagine.

  24. Radio Raheem

    I can’t see Rosicky starting today. He might come on as a sub though

    I think the starting 11 will be

    Chambers Mert Koscielny Gibbs




    By the way I was pleased to see Sanchez initially rested last weekend. We’ve all been calling for more rotation so can’t complain when we get it.

  25. Danny

    So who’s gonna get injured this evening? An easy guess of course is Gibbs but maybe it’ll be somebody like Mert – out for 3 months, now that would make things interesting.

  26. carts

    “Why do Roma, with a lower budget than ours, have four defensively capable MF in Nainggolan,Strootman,De Rossi and Keita? FFS”


  27. Romford Pele

    “I can’t see Rosicky starting today. He might come on as a sub though”


    Also, if Ox is gonna play wide then i’d switch him and Sanchez round.

  28. Alfie

    “@snoekrats October 1, 2014 09:50:36

    This is the consequence of Breaking Bad where the word bitch gets thrown around frequently.

    If you havent watched it everyone dies at the end.”

    Yes, I have seen it but thanks for the heads up to everyone that hasn’t. Very kind but I imagine you are being more a prick than informative.

  29. carts


    Wenger has zero bottle for that kind of shit. Tbf, I;d expect to see Crowley once Cazorla and Ozil get struck down by injury

  30. Radio Raheem


    I say so because Rosicky hasn’t started an important match thus far.

    Chamberlain is better on the right for me. He looks like he might break into good form playing that position. I wouldn’t tamper with that. MoTD also suggested a budding understanding between he and Chambers on the right. I’d like to see how that develops.

  31. Bamford13


    And he long ago unearned it.

    Mediocrity and decline for nine years. Failure to sign needed players at keypositions. Over-reliance on average and inadequate players. All to save a penny — despite having more than 100m in the bank. Humiliating defeats, with no critical reevaluation. Tactical ineptitude. It goes on and on.

    Wenger is a fucking joke.

  32. Ben


    Also Roma bossed City while we were trashed by 6 goals. The have better squad than us and can easily boss our rivals with half the money we have. They made City look average. We really have very poor squad with an even poor manager. we will go through what Man U did with so many average or poor players. Man U spent money to get back to quality. You can bet Arsenal wont. I see midtable mediocrity like Liverpool for us.

  33. Romford Pele

    Fair enough RE Rosicky

    Would have to disagree on Ox, though. Played well against Spurs but if he does play wide I generally think he’s better coming from the left. The partnership with Chambers did look promising but with Theo about to return I don’t think it’ll be given much chance to develop. Plus, Sanchez, while being uber talented, demesne really have a left foot.

  34. Golikethis

    No one cares – it seems
    Well, I do – take your medicine. Your illness sounds all to familiar. I recommend burger, french fries and a classic coke.
    Get well soon Pedro 🙂
    btw – sackaw

  35. nuudles

    Flamini has been atrociously poor of late. He is a wimp, will not fight but is always the first to try to play dirty. There is a reason why he was available on a free…

    Coquelin looked much much better last Tuesday. Surely it is a MUCH better call to start him in the DM role tonight?

    Thats how I would start. Yes Rosicky was poor last week, but he has class and will bounce back. Koz needs a rest because does he not have a lingering achilles problem or something? Chambers also needs a rest because he will need all his energy against Chelsea.

    Bellerin was decent enough against Dortmund and Southampton so he can get another start.

    I wouldnt play Oxo because he is probably our form player and we need him raring at the bit against Chelsea.

    If we lose with that lot tonight then it is not a personnel problem but a tactical/management/desire problem.

  36. Dream10

    Think I remember reading that Pjanic was going to be part of our 2011 supermarket sweep. But his father had given word to Roma smh

    If two of Giroud, Welbeck or Sanchez will start most matches, we need to a top attacker to allow us to choose two from four.

    When was the last time we could score 2+ goals per match regularly in the league? We look like we’re playing in quicksand at times. Nothing worse than relying on central midfielders for regular goalscoring. Ramsey’s early form last year saved AW.

    Only way you can create numerous chances per match in a 4-1-4-1 consistently is with an elite playmaker in centre (Oezil not considered central in this formation) Again, AW is idealistic expecting that Wilshere can play at the level of Mesut/Fabregas on a weekly basis.

  37. Bamford13


    I believe you also forgot to include Ozil in the starting XI, yes? Let’s chalk it up to your illness. You’re right, though, that we may in fact play better tonight. We will see. I’d run:

    Bell Cham Kosc Gibb
    Flamini Cazorla
    Sanchez Ozil Oxlade

  38. Ashley

    I’m actually scared for us against Chelsea , genuinely scared . Mourinho will set up to beat Arsenal , Wenger will set up to play his own way .. How on earth can you play 4-2-3-1 and destroy villa in 212 seconds then revert back to utter stupidity against spuds …. It’s like he does the complete opposite to what everyone wants just to prove a point … And what’s with changing Ramsey’s position ???? The man was immense last year now he’s gone back to back heeling every ball that comes near him and fucking it up !! ….. But yeh , as one of the previous comments said , I’m sure tonight we will showcase galatasary at their very best and make them look like CL contenders …..

  39. Wallace


    apologies for laughing at your Roma boys yesterday. didn’t see it, but sounds like they were quite impressive.

  40. Romford Pele

    “apologies for laughing at your Roma boys yesterday. didn’t see it, but sounds like they were quite impressive.”

    Yeah you shouldn’t laugh about what you don’t know mate. Well deserving of their 1-1 draw, could’ve been more had they taken extra care in the final third. All this while missing Castan, MDS, DDR, Strootman and a fit Iturbe. City, meanwhile were full strength.

  41. Bamford13

    Good point, Nuudles. Coquelin is a good shout at this point. I’m inserting him in place of Famini below.

    Bell Cham Kosc Gibb
    Coquelin Cazorla
    Sanchez Ozil Oxlade

  42. leprofessorknowsbest

    “Remember Wenger’s last anniversary game? His big 1000th when Chelsea smashed us 6-0”

    So his aniversary is on sunday ?? lol

  43. Radio Raheem


    His right foot is good enough for me. I like him cutting in and shooting or Gibbs overlapping.

    I am yet to see Chamberlain play well on the left.

    Theo will need a few games to get back to his best. When that happens Chamberlain will drop to the bench and Sanchez will still play left.

    It is quite pleasing to have all these options shame it ain’t clicked yet.

  44. Dream10


    Fully agree.
    -We have an inflated squad, w/ not enough quality in our first XI.
    We don’t have enough goals in our team w/ an emphasis on midfielders being expected to score

    – We can’t control the pace of a match despite all of creative midfielders wanting to play centrally.

  45. Romford Pele

    “I am yet to see Chamberlain play well on the left.”

    In his debut season he played there quite a few times and did well. Standout performance being against United… Remember it?

    For sure Theo will need games, 10 months is a long time out. Like you say, nice that we have options, frustrating that we’re playing so s*** atm.

  46. Le Prof


    ‘Mediocrity and decline for nine years’

    You didn’t even support the club 10 years ago. The only reason you started following Arsenal was because of the Invincibles.

    Just face it you’re a glory boy as plastic as the seats you’d of sat in at Highbury….oh wait…

  47. moray

    “the players he’ll have to play have something to prove”

    Really Pedders? To whom? Wenger couldn’t give a fuck. As soon as his favoured players are ready, they will come back into the team. Must be soul destroying for out of flavour players like Campbell and Pod. Why should they bother?

  48. Bamford13

    Watched PSG v. Barca last night. Absurd how far behind those clubs we are.

    Also saw that Wenger said something about very few teams having any real chance of winning the CL. That may be true, but that Arsenal is not one of those clubs is down to one man and one man alone: him.

    He has everything a quality manager would need to compete with the best. Atletico, Roma and Dortmund do it. Why can’t Arsenal? They can’t because of Arsene Wenger, the Don Quixote of modern football.

    More than 100m in the bank, and he sticks with the likes of Arteta, Flamini, Diaby and Giroud.

    Wenger out.

  49. Radio Raheem


    Yeah remember the ManU one. He also did well playing right that season. That is a while back though. To my mind he has had better performances on the right than on the left. So it’s of little surprise he is used mostly on the right.

    He said in a recent interview that he was looking to add end product to his game. Don’t have the stats at hand but he does seem to be putting in more crosses. If he puts it all together he takes Theo’s position for me.

  50. Leedsgunner

    Injury Crisis in the midfield? I guess that means Özil will be played in his natural position. If he does, I reckon he’ll have a good game, Wenger will hail him as world class, and talk about how Mesut has all the mental strength and confidence in the world. Then on the weekend he will shove him back on the wing, thereby destroying said mental strength and confidence.

    Absolute lunatic man management.

    Here’s an idea, why don’t we play our best players in their best positions?

    For me — this following lineup for tonight… with Chelsea very much in mind, there I’m rotating the squad.

    Bellerin – Hayden-Kos- Gibbs



    If we haven’t made a breakthrough by half time — THEN make the change with Özil for Rosicky, Caorla for the Ox and Welbeck for Akpom.

    Joel Campbell is fresh and he’ll be hungry to prove something, if he isn’t going to be played for games like this why did we keep him? He should have been sold and the funds used to bring in a DM. Oh yeah I forgot we’re talking about AFC… and Arsene Wenger.

    If Ospina plays well and keeps a clean sheet I would keep him in for the Chelsea game. The 6-0 hammering from last season will be on Szcz’s mind, and it will affect his performance — so I would keep him out.

    For Chelsea I would play




    I wouldn’t start Flamini against Chelsea… despite his experience, his temperament is suspect and I can foresee him being sent off… bring him on later on if (hopefully) we are trying to protect a lead or preserve a draw. We need all 11 men against Chelsea…

    Why oh why didn’t we purchase a a CB and a DM?!? For me THE biggest mistakes of the summer.

  51. Romford Pele

    No doubt in my mind that Ox is more complete than Theo but Theo’s end product is what makes him who he is. For someone who has so many limitations in his game, Theo is incredibly efficient in what he does. I’m a big Ox fan but he can’t bring the constant runs in behind that Theo does. Theo’s a very sharp finisher and considering the lack of goals in the squad currently, his return is all the more welcome.

  52. Leedsgunner

    Although if Flamini got sent off it would give Arsene the perfect excuse to explain away the bad result — therefore he will likely start versus Chelsea… sad, sad times at AFC.

  53. Bamford13

    Memz Dogi just posted a tweet with a picture of the Arsenal starting XI the day Wenger arrived 18 years ago:

    Seaman, Dixon, Addams, Keown, Winterburn, Merson, Platt, Parlour, Helder, Bergkamp, Wright.

  54. leprofessorknowsbest

    @Arsène’s Nurse : wenger is actually SHOCKED by something!!

    It’s a huge step forward for him!!

  55. kapslock

    Would give Bellerin a shout at RB and push Chambers to DM. Anything to keep Flamini away for the team. He has cost us 4 points already this season. Either that or move Coq into midfield, though he was decent against Southampton.

  56. Dream10

    Messi’s finish for Barcelona’s opener was glorious. What a finish.

    – Galatasaray have a dodgy keeper in Muslera. Never feel confident about him when he plays for Uruguay.

  57. Romford Pele

    Kaps, think a lot of people wanna see Chambers at DM, problem being he’s our third choice CB so can’t really afford to burn him out and play him too much just in case Kos/Mert go down. I also generally just like him at CB. Think Bellerin holds his own at RB mind you.

  58. kapslock

    Roma were quality last night. Rudi Garcia is a very good manager.
    I can’t believe we missed out on Manolas when we crying for a CB, looks a prospect.

  59. Bamford13


    I watched about 40 minutes of the game. I wasn’t impressed with Carvalho at all. Seemed a little untidy, uncomfortable on the ball, and didn’t look particularly mobile or quick.

    There are better CDMs out there, for sure.

  60. kapslock

    Romford – agree mate. I would even consider putting Chambers on the bench and giving Bellerin a go at right back again.
    However,Wenger won’t rotate, he’ll put out his strongest team.

  61. Radio Raheem


    Yep you’ve got a point there that Theo does bring something quite unique to the side. This is why, for the time being, I’d play him instead of Chamberlain. But when Chamberlain starts hitting similar stats to Theo then it’ll be Chamberlain for me. He is probably the best running dribbler at the mo, or maybe tied with Sanchez for that title.

  62. Drey

    Was going through the bookies for the weekend games this morning then I saw this:
    Chelsea (1.65) v Arsenal(5.40)….
    5.40?? Have we really fallen that much?

  63. Leedsgunner

    Utter utter shite.

    He really is clueless.

    These injuries will stretch and stretch…. we’ve seen it all before.

    Arsene the reason why Aaron’s physically shot AGAIN is because you overplay him and he is physically and mentally jaded.

    Both Jack and Aaron should be subbing for each other rather than playing together as they try to fulfil the same role on the pitch, because frankly they are both brittle as glass. If we did that they might make it through an actual season in good health and in decent form… but hey who am I kidding!?! We all know it’s not going to happen with Wenger in charge. He doesn’t believe in rotation, practising set pieces (offensive or defensive) and substituting at a point in the game where it matters and a player as a chance to change the game!

    What a complete muppet.

  64. Romford Pele

    Kaps – yeah i’d go with Bellerin tonight and save Chambers for the weekend. Not that Wenger will do that mind you.

    Radio – Yeah Ox is a very explosive runner. Very Bale-like when he gets going, hard to stop him. I was tipping him to have a Ramsey-type season, fitness permitting. Hopefully he gets more game time and builds up that consistency needed to take him to the next level.

  65. kapslock

    Anyone know a pub around Bank to watch the game tonight? I’m going to miss the first half but think I’ll be able to catch the 2nd half.

  66. Bamford13


    Agree re Messi’s finish. Fantastic buid-up, fantastic one-touch clinical finish. Messi thinks so quickly. Truly a genius, though Barca are still not good enough.

    Did you see Pastore in that game? He was fantastic. Fantastic dribbler, pacy. A real showman.

    Both those sides are a million miles ahead of Arsenal — and will remain so until Wenger is gone.

  67. Gunnershabz

    Bamford and Romford

    yeah I guess hence why we didn’t go all out for him but he will be an improvement, we really needed Lars Bender he is the ideal man. am surprised we couldn’t get him this summer.

    Sami Khedira talk is still there but I don’t think he is the answer unless he is a replacement for Rosicky

  68. Romford Pele

    Shabz, Lars Bender was always my number one. Looks to have been our main DM target for the past two summers. We had a £20m bid rejected in 2013, according to BILD. He then signed a contract extension during the middle of last season which takes him up until 2019. I think we then inquired again in the summer but he said he wasn’t leaving. Not sure how much he’d cost tbh, he is the Leverkeusen capatain as well.

  69. Josip Skoblar

    I’m more and more impressed by Rudy Garcia. I wish he was the new Arsenal coach.
    I watched PSG_Barca yesterday. The French looked very strong without Zlatan. They’re contenders for this years’ CL’s title.

  70. King Henry


    While agree in the past he has been very guilty of overplaying players I can’t agree with the sentiment that Ramsey ‘is physically and mentally jaded’.

    He had no world cup hangover to deal with, he was rested during the week and was apparently given a light training regime ahead of the spurs game.

  71. Romford Pele

    “I’m more and more impressed by Rudy Garcia. I wish he was the new Arsenal coach.”

    You and me and both my friend 🙁

  72. Radio Raheem

    I’m not a betting man but I’ll put money on Arsenal winning this weekend. Yes I know it doesn’t make sense but I just think Chelsea are due a freak result. The tonking of last season and our injuries will get our boys fired up even more than the City match. Totally mindless bet yet one I’ll have a go at.

    Saying that if we lose today I wouldn’t make such a bet.

  73. Dream10

    Radio Raheem

    Two things w/ Ox

    1) What is he? He has been moved around. Is he a winger, a CM, a second striker? Lad does not have a set position.

    2) Will he be given the same time to reach a good level like Walcott has been allowed to develop? Our history suggests we will. Theo had the luxury of three or four years of regular playing time to get better.

  74. Leedsgunner

    King Henry

    Point taken. Let me amend my comment to Aaron is playing like he’s physically and mentally jaded.

  75. Arsene's Nurse

    Risking Chambers at RB or DM is stupid. If he gets injured through a bad tackle or bad luck like falling oddly then we have no 3rd choice CB until January.

    Play Bellerin and keep Chambers on the bench.

    We are at home so I’d go with a more attacking line up.

    Bellerin Mert Kozz Gibbs
    Flamini Cazorla
    Campbell Rosicky Sanchez

    Plenty of threat and pace with a compact hard working midfield if Cazorla plays industriously like he did earlier in the season (against Besiktas?) when he was in the middle with Wilshere.

  76. Dissenter

    There was a time when our squad would be comfortable in the elite of Europe – 2002-2005. We were as good as Madrid, Barcelona or anyone else before Wenger broke up the invisibles.
    Now we are not even good enough when compared with the likes of Second rank European teams like Athletico Madrid or Roma.
    We are dropping down really fast. There used to be a time when playing Turkish teams was a sure banker for three points.

  77. Dream10


    I saw a few bits as I watched more of the City-Roma clash.

    -I was campaigning for Pastore not to start. But I was wrong. He played well. He looks to be a completely different player this season.
    -Motta looks to be regaining some form
    – Lucas Moura showing glimpses of what he is capable of. He was excellent in the Ligue 1 last midweek as well.

    Agree w/ you. We’re not at the level of these two teams. One man responsible for this.

  78. carts

    “but I just think Chelsea are due a freak result.”

    I agree; every top team is due a tonking/shit result. It’s how the premier league functions. However, does Chelsea losing, to us by no more than a 2 goal margin, constitute a tonking or freak result?

  79. Radio Raheem


    For now Chamberlain is a right winger and can do a job on the left if required. The more he plays the position the better he’ll get at it. He might develop into a CM in a few years time. I don’t see him as a CM at the moment.

  80. Paddy got up

    I have tried to be compassionate
    But I can’t wish any good thoughts towards Nosetrough.
    This is a bloke who has casino luck. Someone said he was good for 9 years???
    98 – 2004 with Vierra and Adams running things in the dressing room and Dein off it.
    He has bought shit from all ends of the earth, paid them astonishing wages, and then kept them!!!
    He has fucked up careers of many a player, with his inability to do what he should do.
    Arshavin, Eboue even Bentner to a lesser degree. Now add Bug Eyes and Welbeck who will both be on anti depressions from this fraud in a couple of years.
    He hates the fans.. Guess what we hate him aswell!!
    We need a midfielder, he gets another full back and so on.
    He left the country more than once on transfer deadline day and Gazides and co swallow it.
    He lied to us about that pop arena ground.. ” we need it to compete with Barca and Madrid” he said LIES LIES LIES!!
    He has pocketed a fucking fortune out of us, whilst watching the fans get fleeced every year..
    He should of gone years ago. I for one hope he never sees 19 years at our once great club.
    A sad day for many a Gooner today

  81. Romford Pele

    “There was a time when our squad would be comfortable in the elite of Europe – 2002-2005.”

    How so? As awesome as that team was it didn’t even get past the CL QF. John Carew last laying eggs on us each seasons. Funnily enough, it was the season Vieira left that we ended up reaching the CL. Go figure.

  82. Dissenter

    Radio Raheem,
    “I’m not a betting man but I’ll put money on Arsenal winning this weekend. Yes I know it doesn’t make sense but I just think Chelsea are due a freak result. The tonking of last season and our injuries will get our boys fired up even more than the City match. Totally mindless bet yet one I’ll have a go at.”

    Yes. You said it best. You are not a betting man.
    Adrenaline rush or the revenge drive will only carry us for say 5 minutes before reality sets in.

  83. Gunnershabz

    I think we should blood bellerin at right back and have chambers in defensive midfield he can bring good energy and he is good at intercepting and reading the game

  84. Radio Raheem


    A tonking will beating them by 3 clear goals and giving an overwhelming performance so much so the 3 goals flatters them. Otherwise beating them by 6 will also be a tonkings.

    Going by recent history and current injuries beating Chelsea, by whatever margin, will be a freak result.

  85. Dissenter

    The year we went unbeaten, we were the best team in Europe. If we had not gone on to lose to Chelsea(fluke loss), we would definitely have won the CL.

    We had a strong squad with depth and player for player we could match any team in Europe.

  86. King Henry


    I can’t argue with that. He has been quite poor so far this season. Maybe it’s an FA Cup hangover? Seems a bit of a stretch though. Maybe it’s the 4-1-4-1 formation?

  87. Uwot?

    Nucleus-spot on with the line up-accept would switch santa for Campbell & have oz as 10-def need coq & tr7 in line up…who will get injured tonight I wonder?i thought wenger going to see the pope was to get the curse lifted!

  88. Romford Pele

    The year we went unbeaten, we were the best team in Europe.”

    We had a great team, sure but I also remember us getting spun 0-3 at home by Inter Milan so it wasn’t like we were untouchable in Europe. We barely got out of that group. Funny thing is we actually have a better record in Europe since the Invincibles departed. There were quite a few times that we failed to get out of the group with the Invincibles. Not that it’s any consolation now but our record in the CL is actually post-2005. Go and check the records if you don’t believe me.

  89. Dream10

    – The Valencia QF loss on away goals in 2001 was HORRIBLE. We would played Leeds in the SF.

    – It is up there with the UEFA Cup final loss to tonight’s opponents Galatasaray and losses to Liverpool in the 2001 FA Cup Final and 2008 UEFA CL QF.

    Most painful loss in the AW era has to be the 2001 FA Cup Final. Damn boy wonder. I was floored.

    The CL final in 2006 was a bonus. Although, when Sol Campbell scored, I probably jumped higher than Michael Jordan to be fair!

  90. Gunnershabz


    am talking about short term solution as we have debuchy out but I actually think chambers will be good as defensive midfield he has the stamina energy and reads the game well and good recovery too

  91. Romford Pele

    “Most painful loss in the AW era has to be the 2001 FA Cup Final. ”

    Michael Owen roasted our Dads Army defence that day.

  92. Radio Raheem

    I used to think the year Wayne Bridge knocked us out at Highbury was the year we should have won the CL. Thinking about now we would have faced Jose’s Porto in the final. Not so sure now 🙂

  93. carts


    Yeah I agree. And the likelihood of winning, let alone convincingly and by such a margin is slim-to-none

  94. Dream10

    Radio Raheem

    We choked against Chelsea in 2004. We were non-existent in that 2nd half when Wayne Bridge scored. Absolutely deserved to lose.


    The losses in finals in 2000 and 2001 is one reasons why that IMO the 2002 season is the greatest in the AW era. Recovered and won in style. His best team. Those were the days smh

  95. Gunnershabz

    Sometimes a loss can be a good thing especially as we got battered by Dortmund

    but do we learn from it??? I don’t know!!

    I still don’t think we hit our peak this year and as long we not losing and picking up dodgy wins am happy I rather we peak later on the season

  96. Dissenter

    The year we got beaten was the year we lost the QF at home to Chelsea.

    The teams that made it to the semi finals were Monaco , Porto (with Mourhino), Deportivo and Chlesea (who had never beaten us until then)

    Yes. I insist that we were the best team on Europe, based on form.

    Wenger wanted it all- the treble. Has he prioritised the CL and sacrificed a league game we could have won the CL.

    I guess hindsight as they say is perfect.

  97. Romford Pele

    Dream, funnily enough, I also preferred the 2002 title side to the unbeaten one. Robert Pires was playing in God mode that year and was the best winger in Europe! Unbeaten away from home in the league, spun Chelsea in the F.A Cup final – those were the days 😀

  98. Leedsgunner

    Oh stop it… all this talk of the 2002 side, 2001 side — those were the days… we were kings then. Tragic that the same man that took us to those heights have reduced us to such a shambles of a squad. For the love of Arsenal Wenger — just go!!!

  99. carts


    I suppose as the confidence in Coq, from both fans and manager, is non-existent; blooding Bellerin while Debuchy recovers, and shifting Chambers to DM might not be such a bad idea. I’m just concernend that Chambers could end up like Wilshere.

  100. @snoekrats

    The Fa Cup Final loss to Owen was very harsh as we were so dominant and also there was the clear handball not given.

    As for the Chelsea CL knock out we were also very dominant just could not kill them off.We should have won the CL that year.

    It was of course the weekend after that Henry scored his brilliant solo vs Pool in the league at highbury.

    One CL tie that also sticks out is the loss at Liverpool after the Adebayor had put us ahead with only a couple of minutes to play. What a run that was from theo

  101. Radio Raheem


    Tell me about it man. Seems to be we’ve always had that propensity to choke or play like zombies in the CL . The last time being Dortmund away. And then you’ll get Inter away, Napoli home, Real away, Barca home (well kind of)…

  102. Gunnershabz


    yes I can understand what you saying but we have to use players and coqulien is another box to box midfielder unless he is getting developed for the a deeper role but we need hungry players and we should use them now.

    Diaby is another but he needs to improve his fitness big time, I hear he is injured again

  103. leprofessorknowsbest

    “but do we learn from it??? I don’t know!!”

    Of course we do!! Wenger is the “specialist in learning”.

    Another “speciality” for le senile one…

  104. MarbleHall

    Best team in Europe in 2004.
    Based on what.
    We choked two Cup competitions within the space of a few days.
    The 1999 Cup Semi-Final defeat was criminal and the most damaging loss

  105. silentstan

    he has lasted 18 years you cretin because he kept a club in the top 4 whilst they funded a new stadium and spent only a net £5m a season on transfers.
    You are not going? god what a surprise. GO, please go. Go and ‘support’ someone else

  106. Bamford13

    One of Ramsey’s issues is the fact that he’s simply not that great of an athlete. Anyone ever watch him try to run someone down? One honestly has to feel sorry for him, so pitiful does he look. He’s working so hard just to barely keep up.

    Yes, his work rate allows him to defend and tackle relatively well, but he’s working twice as hard as, say, a Toure or Maitudi.

    This need to work twice as hard leads to exhaustion, errors and injuries.

    I encourage anyone who thinks I’m simply being negative or unfair to observe Ramsey closely when he eventually returns. Watch him struggle to run and keep pace with the opposition. Then tell me I’m wrong.

    As always, Wenger’s over-reliance on relatively unathletic players — and an inadequate strength/conditioning regimen — is an important part of our problems.

  107. Radio Raheem

    Most embarrassing results have come against ManU.

    V ManU at home in the CL was simply awful. For once the support pre-match was bang on. Then boom Ronaldo scores from 200 yards. Noooooooo

    The 8-2 tonking was bad but we could barely field a side that day. Ramsey was shit at the time. Really we only had RvP and Koscielny.

  108. MarbleHall

    Wenger’s legacy playing jumpers for goal posts football and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and never winning the league cup and never winning a European trophy.