Where is the playing vision? | Why are Arsenal players breaking?

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Late post today? Why? Smashed my teeth eating a lobster. Most middle class injury since I splintered my hand on a Camembert box.

So what did I think of Spurs?


Sorry, not today people. I’m not playing those games. Serious face on.

I thought it was flat. I thought we were dull. I felt like there was no vision again. I know I keep referencing it, but when you’re a top club there has to be a vision of how you want to play. What does that look like for Arsenal? Is it short one touch passing? Is it explosive counter attacking football? Is it high line pressing? I can’t see what we stand for and I can’t see what we’re trying stand for. I can’t see why Wenger buys players and doesn’t have a plan of how to activate their talent.

Does Wenger even talk to the players? He doesn’t during the game. It certainly doesn’t ever feel like there’s a reaction from them. I also think it’s worth referencing what I said post deadline day. When Wenger failed to do his job properly, he gave the players a licence to fail. Now, that won’t necessarily manifest itself in literal failure, but in a game of marginal gains with people who are prone to switching off… well, it could be that two percent of half arsed behaviour that makes the difference.

Mourinho made excuses about failure all last season and he paid for it when his team failed. He SHOULD have won the league with that team. He gave them an excuse to fail because he didn’t have a striker and he consistently complained about it. The Arsenal boys are football fanatics as well. They can see the sorry state our defence is. They can see Calum Chambers has been unfairly tossed into he firing line. It’s not good enough and it once again shows Wenger’s contempt for the psychological nature of the game.

What’s else isn’t great is the injury pile up that’s occurring. What really hacks me off is the glee in which people come at me, like the whole premise of our fitness being the responsibility of Arsene was incorrect, or that it’s amusing it’s still looking like a sh*t show. Or even worse, that people still believe in the ‘lady luck’ theory… like Arsenal spilt red wine on her party dress and didn’t apologise. In some respects, we have been unlucky. Debuchy blowing out his knee is bad luck. Jack rolling on his ankle is bad luck. Aaron picking up a hammy… well, something is up there. Arteta picking up another injury, well, he picks up a lot of injuries… is he being looked after by the people who train him?

The major issue as I see it is that we’ve brought in a new guy and asked him to help… but, you know, could you help by working into the current set up. We basically have two Heads Of Fitness at the club.

Now come on. Have a think here. Two heads of fitness and one Master of the Universe. How is that supposed to work? Can you imagine going into a new company and being asked to work with Sgt Colbert. Doesn’t exactly look the most dynamic of chaps and we know his work has been faaaaaar from dynamic based on previous achievements such as ‘8 injured left backs’ of 2006 or the ‘most injured table topping 2013-14 season’. So my point here is that Shad is looking very much like the hat tip signing… you know, like when a celebrity gets caught cheating on their wife they go to sex therapy to treat their addiction.

Is Shad just a luxury signing? Because the way I see it is this… he took a German squad that mostly all played in the Champions League, all had tough seasons playing in all the major trophies… and kept them fit and firing in one of the most fast paced hottest world cups of all time. Now he’s here and our team is breaking in exactly the same way we were last year.

Something ain’t right… and I have a feeling it’s probably not the new guy that’s the issue here.

… but hey, I might be wrong, this might all be one luck driven nightmare… but that would be a very unanalytical and naive way to blow an excuse out into the web.

Many things to ponder. We needs to kick our season up the arse and sharpish.


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  1. NYCgooner

    Me being the eternal optimist, i think we gonna smash gala wednesday and then shock the football world by upsetting Chelsea on the weekend.

    Who is with me?


  2. Ozy

    Just read today’s embarrassing article by Untold on why they support “Mr. Wenger” (am I the only one who gets a little uncomfortable by their persistence to call him Mr. Wenger?)

    What filth. Shit like that makes my blood boil. Bunch of morons celebrating mediocrity. Fucks sake.

  3. NYCgooner


    That was what came to mind while typing it.


    I’m like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest… I don’t have a chance on here.

  4. WengerEagle

    Same shit different season, fuck it I’m done trying to be positive (relatively).

    Until Wenger goes we will never even compete for the Premiership/Champions League never mind win them.

    Like many others I’m beyond the point of caring that much and don’t lose sleep when we get smashed anymore which tbh is tragic.

    Thank fuck for Le-Grove, keeps us drunk-with-anger Gooner loons off the streets. 😀

  5. Dan Ahern

    “He’s got 5.7 billion in assets. Now thats 5.7 million million. Yet the fucker took 3m from ‘our’ transfer kitty.”

    mate, that’s a 5.7 thousand million. 5.7 million million would be.. I think a quadrillion? Pretty sure that amount of money doesn’t come close to existing in the world.

    (take your point though. it’s infuriating b/c it’s about the same amount as tickets went up.)

  6. Dan Ahern

    kwik — Wow that’s really interesting, had no idea! And it turns out my math is shit and a million million is obviously a trillion.

    Let’s settle on him having “too damn much money”?

  7. WengerEagle

    Antonio Di Natale is ridiculous, 37 years old in a couple of weeks and he’s smashed in another 2 tonight taking his season tally to 8 goals in 6 matches.

    He’s an underrated legend, he’s easily been one of the top 10 best strikers in Europe over the last 5 and a half years.

  8. Dissenter

    Alan Pardew will be out by Saturday.
    I expect Swansea to deliver the knockout blow.

    They’ll appoint David Moyes over the international break.

  9. salparadisenyc

    Slow work day for me, following Ashe’s battle with Untold; a site i’ve not been to but heard oh so much about. I went in, and I went in hard to back him. Sadly i’ve not made it out of the moderation. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  10. TitsMcgee

    Lol Giroud extension.

    If he didn’t get injured we wouldn’t have even tried for Welbeck.

    By 2018 he will be completely useless.

  11. WengerEagle

    Di Natale is the dictionary definition of a late bloomer as well.

    Since 2007 when he turned 30 years old he’s scored 174 goals and assisted a further 41 (215 goals/assists) in just 269 apps for a pretty rubbish team in Udinese.

    That’s nothing short of miraculous. In all seriousness it’s f***ing outrageous and I’m amazed that he’s still relatively unknown around Europe.

    I bet that half of the BBC/ITV/BT pundits wouldn’t have a breeze who he is.

  12. WengerEagle

    Dan Ahern

    End of the season mate, he’s a world champion and isn’t going to hang around Arsene’s Circus much longer to be played out of position. He won’t be short of suitors that’s for sure, wouldn’t even put it past Mourinho to make an extremely cheeky bid for him.

    Alexis Sanchez must be starting to wake up at night screaming just about now.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    Guys, guys. At least he’ll be with us until he’s 32 at least, that way we may actually get to see the spectacle of him slowing down even more and actually travelling back in time with every step

  14. Dan Ahern

    WE — Could you imagine? Mou signs Özil, plays him where he’s supposed to be, and wins the title by an even bigger margin than he’s going to this season. Cesc and Özil lift the trophy together. Wenger promises us next year will be Jack’s year, and makes Flamini captain.

  15. salparadisenyc

    Ozil to Chelsea… fucking hell that makes my stomach turn. Hey ho, any things possible. On a serious note, did L’Oreal really sign a long termer?

  16. london gunner

    Why sign Giroud till his 32?

    Is this club run by incompetent wankers… well yes we already know that.

    So what does this mean? We will have Giroud as deadwood when ideally we should be selling him in the summer and brining in a much better replacement

    Giroud is garbage sorry we are throwing millions down the drain and guess what happens when we dont sign a wc striker because wenger says we have players with great quality

  17. WengerEagle

    Dan Ahern

    What’s sickening about that image is that it could actually happen haha I’d put nothing past the old hell-raiser at this stage into his dementia.

    Mourinho grinning as he backslaps Cesc and Ozil while walking up to collect their BPL winner’s medals is an image that will ravage me now.

  18. Dissenter

    I’ve been a defender of Giroud on this blog and I’m not going to stop now.

    Based on the salary structure that has Welbeck, Podolski, Schezny and Rambo on 100k weekly, Giroud’s 80k weekly deal is good value.

    We would have won the spuds game had Giroud been fit and playing, that game was begging for him.

  19. salparadisenyc

    You keep the faith, honorable. I’ll hold the hope that new deal is setup to maximize his sell value this summer so we can sign ________. I’m not bothered with OG being option II, not sure that will be the case once fit.

    Reus fills the blank for me, the idea of Reus playing off Welbeck up front is a tasty proposition imo. Bergkampish.

  20. london gunner


    But why sign him tell his 32? That’s setting the bar at mediocrity also there was no real need 1 no one is in a rush to sign giroud and 2 we should really be selling him off next summer his ok but we need a striker on the same level as a diego costa (not even asking for an aguero or rvp level striker)

    Giroud will be just another case of flamini/arteta two ageing slow players who cant keep up with the game but wont be replaced because there favourites of the manager

    Also saying we would of won because of Giroud is something I would take with a massive pinch of salt of a shovel if you will… his just as likely to miss numerous chances with his awful finishing as score in the derby.

    People forget how many very very poor performances his put in and how awful statistically his finishing and his much lauded hold up play is actually bullshit his passes from knock-downs are incredibly inaccurate

    He wins aerial balls yes but he miss-passes or loses possession when he has the ball so his a very wasteful striker

    We can and should do better there was no reason to throw millions at an ok player that we should be looking to improve on anyway

  21. Bamford13

    Le Prof

    I will ignore your nativist remark — most of what I say is echoed by all of the Brits on here anyways, so I’m not sure why being “a Yank” matters — and get to the main point.

    I made two basic claims this AM: one, that as long as Wenger remains at the helm, there are no positives to be drawn from anything; and two, that with Wenger it is always two steps forward, two steps back.

    I stand by both of these claims and challenge you to rebut them.

    First, as long as Wenger is at the helm, we will not compete for either the EPL or CL title. This is a fact. We might finish third, we might finish fourth, we might finish fifth — but Wenger’s failure to sign quality players at key positions (CDM, CF) will keep us from competing for titles.

    Thus this will be yet another pointless season. Whether this or that aspect of our play is better — at moment there is little if anything that is better than it was three years ago — is irrelevant given that we’re ultimately going nowhere under Wenger.

    Further, while Wenger signed Debuchy, Sanchez and Chambers — all decent signings — each of these “steps forward” were negated by his failure to sign a quality CDM and CF. On top of this he is now experimenting with a new and counterproductive formation which represents another step backwards. Thus it has been three steps forward and three steps backwards.

    Thus we’re no better off than we were last year — in fact, we may be worse off. Time will tell.

    The team has been on the decline for several years now and nothing has changed this year. We played like utter crap all last year, yet people were supposed to be happy that we eked out a fourth place finish or that we eked out an FA Cup victory over a depleted Hull City.

    Enough is enough. Wenger out.

  22. Bamford13

    As long as Giroud is our third option, I have no issue with keeping him, but that would make him a very highly paid third option. Welbeck — despite his weaknesses — gives us more than Giroud, but is still not quality enough. Thus we need someone even better than Welbeck, which makes Giroud third-choice.

    In truth, we should sign someone of real quality and sell Giroud while he can still fetch a decent valuation. Too late for that. Wenger runs a friendship camp, not a football club.

  23. NYCgooner


    Tunny to the rescue

    I knew i wasn’t the only glass half full guy around here

    As the kids say around my way………………..My nigga!!

  24. Dissenter

    Giroud for 80k/weekly or Podolski for 108k/weekly. I’ll choose Giroud every day of the week.

    I hate to burst the Wellbeck bubble. Wellbeck is not going to outscore Giroud over an entire season.
    Giroud will easily knock Wellbeck back to number two.

  25. tunnygriffboy

    I’m ok with Giroud as back up as well. If keeping him means getting a WC midfielder for 25/30 mill I’ll survive with him as a back up.


    Ozil to Chelsea with Cesc. Fingers in ears la la la la la la la la………. refuse to listen 🙂

  26. Daniel

    What I don’t understand is peoples reaction to issues, just because @Pedro posts something that’s is 80% bullshit doesn’t mean you have to support. I think apart from akbs we now have pkb-Pedro knows best.
    Blame wenger for not buying a CB and a CDM, but to blame him for injuries is way over board, common nobody is blaming LVG for mufc injuries less be objective here.
    As for dropping Sanchez ,it’s a none issue I said it here after the Southampton game, he clearly creates an imbalance in the side, needs to be eased into the team, and to expect him to play every game is simply hypocrisy cause when injuries come you blame the coach.
    As for the 4141, I 8 dat formation but if 4231 worked well last season , and the coach has decided to rotate both formation this season he has a point cause who wants to just lose-nobody
    #spurs was our best game thi season and I feel the only reason we didn’t win was cause bar Sanchez we had no attacking changes towards the game which was down to injuries

  27. Daniel

    As for chambers being tossed in the firing line, strange comment.
    Go find out how many games varane played for Madrid at 19 …. And guess who the coach was mourinho.
    Also surprised the clamour for klopp has gone down a bit , losing 2games.
    Sad reactions, so sick and tired of people with zero objectivity,perspectives just wan a vent their anger wen frustrated with every da world.
    Just to avoid name calling go check my previous post , I wenger out when I should and based on justifiable reasons but today and over these points it’s just meaningless.

  28. Dark Hei


    Pedro has the right to post his thoughts. Maybe they are rubbish, but he still has the right to post them.

    I largely disagree with him with regards to Chambers. Chambers has done very well. I think Pedro got it wrong the other way round. It would have been unfair to leave him out of the firing line since he has done so well.

    But Pedro do get some parts right. The fluency in our play is not there yet and this is up to the manager.

    I also agree that our fitness and all that can do better. Pedro, as usual, is not game to blame it on the new guy as he has been singing praises about Shad and how Shad isn’t a Wenger signing and all that jazz. Kind of like he is trying his best to pin the blame on the shoulders on one guy.

    But still, he is right. Good intentions are just vapour; results are what’s necessary. Our first team staff have very good CVs. Look at their profile, their experience and job description. There are a mix of old and new and there are hardly any role duplication. So we have a good setup. Now that needs to translate to results.

  29. fourthisatrophy

    well consider that done dissenter, Arteta is a Wenger pin up, just like Jack, a new contract will be hand delivered to Arteta ASAP

  30. Dark Hei

    It is ok to give Giroud an upgrade on his contract. He is definitely worth 80k a week which isn’t all that amazing honestly.

    The man is a known quantity. He is adapted to the league and he gives us a big man option, plan B (we have been crying for 1 for years right?). His productivity (goals + assists) are quite ok and he knows the team and they know him.

    Welbeck on the other hand is still a work in progress. He can go on to become very good. Or he can plateau his progression and get sold to a mid table team. We will find out as the season progresses.

  31. fourthisatrophy

    When Wenger uttered those famous words, ‘fourth is a trophy”, what he was trying to say was that winning the Capital Cup is worth 100,000 quid, winning the FA Cup is worth 1.8 million quid, finishing fourth and playing CL football can earn you in the region of 30 million quid, so it is a no contest really, the fans want to win trophies, the management want to earn as much money as they can

    So the management’s view that coming 4th, as far as they are concerned, is better than a trophy, but Arsene could not come out and say that directly to the fans, so he disguised it somewhat by saying 4th is a trophy,

    Imagine if these guys told the truth, we don’t care about winning trophies, cups, we want the money, how would that go down with the fans, so these thieves have to choose their words carefully, they do not want the fans offside, wining one FA Cup in 10 years bought them a little time, that’s all

  32. MidwestGun

    so sick and tired of people with zero objectivity,perspectives just wan a vent their anger wen frustrated with every da world.
    Ummmm who are you? And why do we care what your sick off? Pedro isn’t venting his frustrations. He posts every day on the Arsensal events and gives his opinions on whats going on. You can either agree or disagree. Why are peoples reactions sad? And who made you the arbitrator of objectivity?
    Clearly there is an issue with fitness and as Pedro said something isn’t right.
    It can’t be bad luck every year, year after year. If it is…. we need a voodoo doctor.

  33. Dark Hei

    ” If it is…. we need a voodoo doctor.”

    Might as well have one as part of our first team staff. I mean I am going to take up Wenger’s offer of doing everything within his power. How much are the going rates for ghost busters nowadays?

  34. Jeff

    Giroud signing a new contract till he’s 32 means one thing and one thing alone. We expect and want nothing more than fourth. That number is the sum total of all our ambitions and no matter what bullshit Wenger spins for his followers to swallow, that is exactly where our aspirations lie – even the excuse of billionaire owners and much awaited FFP were all just empty talk to ensure that fans didn’t rebel or stopped going to matches. In fact for Wenger, it was a godsend – because it meant he had the perfect alibi to hide behind in order to camouflage his floundering and incompetence.

    In reality, and this will be no surprise to anyone, Emirates may as well be just a supermarket or a leisure complex ticking over nicely. It is there to simply go through the motions, pretend to play football, present a couple of attractions and pass itself off as a serious contender season after season. It is dead and buried – a lot of fans simply haven’t realised it yet.

    When will it be resurrected? Well it’s going to take a monumental change to sweep away the cobwebs left behind by this regime – the agony of mediocrity will continue. Wenger considers himself fit and ready to serve another 3 years after this latest contract and probably one more after that while Kroenke polishes the key to the petty cash.

  35. Daniel

    Mid west
    Understand where u coming from but my rant was for people who will rather swallow anything from anybody apart from the club.
    We should learn to praise the team wen they are good, and criticize wen they are poor since we all want the best.
    Agreed we need voodoo and mourinho can give us since he is always lucky with injury

  36. Wallace

    “Giroud’s previous contract expired in 2016, the same year as Walcott, with Arsenal now preparing for talks with the England winger….Further major signings are unlikely in January but the club would have around £15 million to spend on a right central defender or holding midfielder.”

    – Jeremy Wilson(Telegraph)

    don’t see the problem with Giroud’s new contract. 2yrs left on his old deal it’s standard to renegotiate now. and 80,000pw is hardly crazy money for a guy who petty much guarantees you 20+ goals a season.

  37. Wallace

    “A defeat would have turned up the volume of the crisis talk but now Dortmund find their ears ringing. “We will go home and have a shit evening,” said a dejected Jürgen Klopp after the third defeat in six games. Individual mistakes at the back – they were 2-0 down inside 23 minutes at the Veltins-Arena – and a lack of fluidity in wake of too many injures have seen Dortmund slip to 12th.”

    – Dortmund lose the Ruhr derby. le grovers switch back to Mourinho as point of comparison when bashing Wenger.

  38. Thank you and goodnight


    Agree with you. Fact we’ve just signed welbeck and now looking to tie down giroud means wenger has no interest in going after a WC forward. Get ready for Ozil to hand in a transfer request at end of season. Sanchez will probably give us an extra season before he also wants out.

  39. N'Gambo

    Did everyone see the stat that Arsenal (on average) are the smallest and the lightest team in the league.

    As I’ve said before, Wenger is afraid of grown men.

    Whoever said the other day that Arsenal is like Snow White (Wenger) and 7 dwarves was spot on!

  40. wenker-wanger

    Giroud having a new contract again confirms the lack of ambition at this feeble club. I said ozil would go at the start of this season and whilst wrong it would appear that my judgement was basically correct. How top players appear to want to play for wankger is a mystery to me. Just watching a cross section of our matches surely gives enough Proof that we are not a club with any top pedigree…. If I were a sanchez type player I would want to know what the ambition was and where I would be playing. Before joining.

  41. Radio Raheem

    I don’t see the point of extending Giroud’s contract when you’ve got Welbeck (and Sanogo). At the point Welbeck can do Giroud but faster. Sanogo is actually better at protecting the ball and battling defenders than Giroud. He just hasn’t got any finishing.

    I can’t see us going for elite strikers but we could have gone for a different profile of striker to Giroud.

  42. leprofessorknowsbest

    What a perfect way to begin a day!!
    L’Oreal to extend his contract until 2018.

    Does that means that wenger will be there, him too, until 2018 ?? lol


  43. Dark Hei

    “At this point Welbeck can do Giroud but faster.”

    Ehhh, no. Their styles are different. I think Giroud is better as an impact sub. A more silky but less deadly Dzeko with better potential coming off the bench.

    Welbeck, on the other hand, has the potential to really up a notch.

    I am happy with our forward line (bar Sanogo). In fact, I think we do not need the fabled “world class” striker. Heck. What we need are results at this point, not strikers. Oh, did I forgot to mention that we need a CB and DM as well.

  44. Wallace


    nope, Klopp’s excellent. but his team’s lost 3 of their first 6 games and they’re currently 12th in the Bundesliga.

  45. N5

    Dark Hei, with the greatest respect, you don’t need to worry about this one. I’m never insulting to people on here until they are me. Have you read this stuff he writes about me daily?

  46. Bamford13

    Dark Hei

    Did you just describe Giroud as “silky”? Maybe when he’s wearing silk underwear, but not otherwise. He’s an oaf, mate — literally the opposite of silky. When he’s tucked beneath silk sheets? Probably very silky. I wouldn’t know. When he’s playing between two CBs, however? Positively cloddish.

    As for needing “results ” and not a new striker, I trust you see that getting results depends on putting the ball in the back of the net, which in turn depends on having quality finishers and goalscorers. Neither Welbeck nor Giroud is either of these things — though I grant that Welbeck might be something of that a year or two from now.

  47. Jeff


    Yes, unfortunately there is no quick end to the rot. It will continue. It is sickening, it is disappointing, it is infuriating but it will remain, and it will carry on. The only glimmer of hope (and it is only a glimmer) that I can see is that Wenger manages to hang himself completely, (not just partially as he does season in season out) and loses support even among the die-hard devotees.

    For that to happen we have to drop out of CL and not just for one season but for several. But that isn’t easy because as hyped up as the premier league is; it has in it some 12 or so terrible teams who are only interested in staying in the PL and nothing else. Our problem is that we are only interested in staying in the top four and nothing else – and mostly we get what we want and more to the point – what we deserve.

    A prolific manager who knows his tactics, better training techniques can change games and is able to successfully utilise weaknesses in opposition will do a lot better with the team we have even with some of the mediocrity it has. But we will not be witnessing that for a long time yet in my estimation.

  48. Bamford13

    Simeone and Klopp are the two best managers in the world by some distance, for me. Followed by Ancelotti, Pep, and Mourinho.

    Wenger isn’t even in the top ten, for unlike other competent managers, he actively undermines and hinders his team’s improvement — by not signing needed players, by over-relying upon average and unathletic players, and by not giving his sides proper tactical planning and instruction.

  49. N5

    “Simeone and Klopp are the two best managers in the world by some distance, for me. Followed by Ancelotti, Pep, and Mourinho. ”

    Agreed, where do you put Rudi Garcia Bamford?

  50. Bamford13


    Wenger said publicly that he would’ve considered stepping down had we lost the FA final. This tells me he was closer to leaving then people realize. I think a combination of spectacular failure — we had plenty of that last year, though perhaps not quite enough — and continual mockery from the fans could push him out this year. I really do. But you’re right that it might require missing out on top four.

  51. Wallace

    it’ll be interesting to see how Roma do tonight. everyone on here seems to love them. if they head back to Italy with a draw i’ll be impressed. think City will beat them by at least two goals though.

  52. N5

    Wallace, a draw would be massive tonight according to Romford as they are missing numerous key players.

    Bamford, I don’t know a huge amount about him, but Romford follows Roma and puts him above Klopp and Simeone. There is so many classy managers out there that I can’t help but look at the clubs with envy.

  53. Bamford13

    Two other things: one, anyone notice how dead things are around here recently? This is Wenger’s doing simply nothing to get excited about. Little to complain about either as it has all already been said a thousand times.

    Two, I agree with Johnty, believe it or not, on injuries. I think it’s a combination of the physical type — read, relatively unathletic —Wenger relies upon, as well as an outdated strength and conditioning regimen. The former should not be dismissed, however, assist plasma part.

  54. Jeff


    He may have declared that he would have considered leaving if he lost the FA cup but then we all know he is a serial liar. He has told us some very big ones in the past and continues to lie about certain things just to make himself look innocent and to hide his incompetence. But when it comes down to it – he won’t resign. Managing a football team is like a drug and he won’t give it up easily especially as he pretty much is free to decide his own destiny.

    In short, I don’t believe a single word of what he says when it comes to signing new players and his own future.

  55. Dark Hei

    N5 – Lol, peanuts is a bad act to follow. But you can always claim self defence.

    Bamford – I think with Sanchez, Wenger has enough firepower. That man is awesome so I am not going to give Wenger a break just because we don’t have a “world class” striker. With that kind of talent, we should be getting more points. And Sanchez can’t get us points while on the bench.
    We will have to agree to disagree with Giroud. Cept on that part about silken underwear and beds……..eewww

  56. N5

    Dark Hei, you were right though, I shouldn’t sink to his level. Anyone who wishes Wenger gets beheaded by ISIS obviously isn’t all there, so I make myself look bad even engaging with him.

    I do apologise for the outburst.

  57. Bamford13


    Agree that Wenger is not to be taken at his word — he often just makes shit up, clearly — but he is very proud, and I think it took a lot for him to say publicly that he had considered stepping down.

    Further, his body language last year and this year reads like a man who is at times at the end of his rope.

    I believe a combination of significant failures and continual fan mockery could bring him to the end of that rope sooner rather than later. But it would take both.

  58. leprofessorknowsbest

    “He may have declared that he would have considered leaving if he lost the FA cup but then we all know he is a serial liar. ”

    Let’s not forget that, if wenger stays, it’s also (mostly ?) because the board members have not the balls to fired him.

  59. N5

    Jim, I’m not sure. He always makes comments like, “the thing with you Arsenal fans is….” which makes me think he isn’t. Revvin Kevin said that he told him he was a Chelsea fan also, so I don’t understand why he comes here every day if that is the case?

  60. KurtF

    Perhaps Wenger’s grand plan is to sign a 3 year contract, balls everything up this year so his position becomes untenable, and walk away with a nice 2 year pay off. We can only hope (although it would explain his 4-1-4-1 formation and a host of other otherwise inexplicable decisions))

  61. Al

    Nothing wrong having players like Arteta around squad….Just cannot be bloody first choice and bit part experienced players around the squad.

    The issue is Wenger clearly has not got a clue on how to assemble or manage a competitive squad.

  62. qna

    Al: “Nothing wrong having players like Arteta around squad….Just cannot be bloody first choice and bit part experienced players around the squad.”

    In theory yes. But in practice (the AW way) it wont serve us well. We keep older players like Rosicky and Podolski out in the cold for months on end and when they are called upon they are not match sharp. Having a slow CDM who is not match sharp is a liability. Arteta is not that great in that position to begin. I think this is a big mistake. I think Rosicky is a good player to keep in the squad, but he got absolutely caned on Le Grove after his Carling Cup performance. I personally think he was harshly dealt with on here – other than the penalty, he was ok. But even I admit that he wasn’t at his best. But I didn’t expect him to be either – he was left out cold for 6 weeks and then brought to start. This type of use of Arteta next season will be a huge liability for us. And that is the best case which assumes we even buy a proper CDM for next season.

  63. Ozrus

    This blog is now so shit. It was actually better with the mad dog Geoff writing an occasional post even though he banned people left right and centre cause he could I guess. There used to be a genuine variety of opinions though. Now it’s just a never ending moaning fest. Fuck off you whiny boring cunts

  64. N'Gambo

    The thing is … post- the invincibles, Wenger thinks it’s all about him and his 50,000 substitutions.

    He’s assembled team after team of cheap mediocrities because he thinks it’s all about him.

    He persists with “project players” long after they’re proven deficient because he thinks it’s all about him.

    He buys players and then plays them out of their position or benches them, including Arsenal’s two highest ever signings, because he thinks its all about him.

    He’s signed Giroud, Welbeck, and Sanogo – while Mourinho went out and signed Diego Costa … Wenger would prefer 3 mediocrities to one World Class striker, because he thinks it all about him.

    Wenger hasn’t signed a WC CM because he thinks he can covert one of his mediocrities, because it’s all about him.

    For the first time I hope Arsenal lose every game until Wenger is sacked and he cashes out his 3 year contract, because it’s all about him.