Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham. Groundhog season

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Oh my god. What the hell was that?

I put in a lot of time and effort yesterday getting hammered before the game, only to sit through a performance as convincing as an Oscar Pistorius alibi.

All jokes aside, the prospect of having to sit through another season in which we stumble and falter, put together a decent run of games and then scrape fourth place, kind of makes me want to cry.

It’s like constantly shelling out £1000 for a date with a girl who is pretty but only talks about cats. As much as you love cats, after the fifth or sixth time you start to seriously consider whether it’s worth the money, time or effort.

There were so many baffling things about yesterday. Why did we revert to a 4-1-4-1 formation when we destroyed Villa last week with 4-2-3-1? Why was Özil shunted out on the left again? Why was Ramsey starting when he is clearly knackered. And why did our star signing play 90 minutes in the league cup only to be left on the bench for the derby.

The only thing about all these baffling decisions is the degree to which they aren’t really that baffling. It seems whatever is the most obvious answer – using a formation that works, signing a DM – our manager will do the opposite. Why? I don’t know. Maybe to prove a point to people or to himself. Or to Jesus.

What I do know is it means we’ve dropped two points at home against the worst Spurs team I’ve seen in the last 5 years. They were so awful, they were like a U2 acoustic set in your front room where Bono talks about his charity work in between each dreadful song. Or a dinner party at the Redknapps where all they serve is port and offal and their dog keeps trying to lick your toes under the table and then you’re forced to play Nintendo Wii with them for hours while ‘Arry sings ‘My Way’ over and over again.

They had a player on the pitch whose shirt number was so high he could’ve been an American footballer. And yet despite being about 12 and absolutely shit, he had a worldy against us because that’s what happens when you play Arsenal.

We had a lot of possession, Özil, Gibbs, Jack and Calum played very well. But all that possession led to nothing more than intricate passing on the edge of the box and crosses into nobody.

And then there were the corners. Dreadful, dreadful corners. Can we have a moratorium on these please? Or better yet, every time we win a corner, just give the opposition team a goal because our corners are not only ineffective but almost always result in a chance for the opposition.

This should have been a comprehensive victory. This should have been an exciting derby. Instead it was another flat, turgid performance in our groundhog season.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. We will put together a decent run, and all the überpositives will crow about how we were wrong to judge the manager, but don’t kid yourself that we will see any improvement on last season. It’s fourth place all the way.

Ozil, Cazorla, Sanchez, Ramsey, Wilshere – we have a team bursting at the seams with quality. The fact we can’t mount a credible title challenge is down to the manager.

Still, enjoy what you can for the time being and remember, it’s only two more seasons until this team can start to fulfil it’s potential.

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  1. tunnygriffboy


    It still makes me physically sick when we lose. I hate it. I’m angry with Wenger because he didn’t sign a DM and a CB. It didn’t give the team or himself the best chance. He’s obviously been looking for one. I’m angry that we changed formation and can’t do fucking corners loooool

    However I still enjoy it when we win. I enjoy watching players like Santi, Alexis and Ozil. I like seeing Rambo, Ox, Chamberts etc develop.

    We’re an ok side, not a great one. We should be better but I try to give them a bitof credit when they put effort in which they did yesterday.

  2. Mike adamski

    Where would Cesc play though ?

    I think we shouldve got him back too , he’s been annoyingly good for the chavs . Hate seeing it .

    Wenger trusts in Ozil jack and ramsey . That doesn’t really leave too much space for Cesc .

    Although an argument could be made he would do better in arteta position that arteta

  3. london gunner


    Sorry about before I realise I am an aggressive guy but it works both ways. Its a negative and a positive.,

    Case point if you were stuck down an alleyway with 4 nutters coming at you to do you damage I would be the friend who would hold your corner and fight with you rather than run away..

    I get aggressive because I feel Wenger is making a mockery of our club and is even betraying it.

  4. Le wisham gooner

    Common sense tells you to park the bus at chelsea… Mf decimated, 6-0 fresh in the memory… So no other choice really… Surely?
    Back 4 who defend as a 4…no gibbs and chambo running down the flanks together at the same time, in fact no running down the flanks at all… That halfway line is where the pitch ends for you guys. Central mf, well we’re pretty fucked with no wilshere or rambo… Arteta out? Maybe thats a blessing. Were forced to play with 2 dm’s… Just ram it down flminis throat dont dawdle on the fuckin ball get rid of it… Coq alongside him – 2 players whose sole purpose is to harry and close down.
    Chels also dangerous on wings so the wide boys need to be quick and disciplined. Gotta be ox and caz for me… Stick to flanks, be ready for the break away…
    That just leaves the front 2… For me we have to have pace. Welbecks a no brainer, theres no one else… As for his partner id have to choose Alexis – play a free role, use either flanks…

    If we MAKE chelsea commit and play a high line they will… We’ll be guaranteed chances on the counter.

    What wont work is playing the arsene(al) way. . Ie high line, tippy tappy with fullbacks overcommiting and flmini thinking hes fucking xabi alonso. We will be brutalised.

  5. Thorough

    Funny thing is injuries seem to help us pick our team. I remember last year against the Spurs, Wengers favorites were out and we had to use fringe players like Rosicky and Gnabry. Fallout? we played a blunder, even with ten men we didn’t look like we were gonna loose. For the sake of Arsenal I hope Flamini is injured alongside Arteta, Wilshere and Ramsey. Then we have to hope that by some stroke of luck Wenger decides yo go back to 4-4-2. I sure as hell believe we stand a better chance with Coquelin and Rosicky playing the double pivot behind Ozil; Alexis and Ox on the wings, and Welberk upfront. Too sad I don’t think we will see that team which even though not as talented as the one Wenger fields, is by far more balanced.

  6. Mike adamski

    Just crap isn’t it.

    If we finish fifth , cue the whole ” we have budgeted So that this may happen ”

    ” I have qualified for champions league 15 out of 16 seasons , tell me who has done that ?? ”

    I can see it now

  7. Bamford13

    At this point I think I’d play Coquelin over Flamini. While he’s no better on the ball and is liable to make mistakes, he’s younger, quicker, a better tackler and less lax.

    In the very least he’d give his all, which is more than can be said of Flamini.

    I’d play the following:

    Cham Mert Kosc Gibb
    Coqu Cazorla
    Sanchez Ozil Oxlade

    One other thing: please stop predicting 6-0 losses.

    This will allow apologists and AKBs to claim “victory” if we manage even to lose by a respectable scoreline. These shitheads have no shame, know no bounds. There is no mediocrity too mediocre, no idiocy too idiotic for them. They can rationalize everything.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, well we all have to cope in our own ways.

    I’m done with the positivism. Not that I’ve been overly positive since 2010/11 and Wenger utterly flopped by refusing to correct the GK and CB issue in what was a fantastic side.

    I’ve just accepted Arsenal are a fourth placed side and Wenger for whatever reason has now adopted an overly, hurtful frugal type nature and now puts his ideology, agenda and ego ahead of the success of the club.

    As long as he gets fourth every year all the failings are forgiven.

    It is what is.

    But I’m seriously not looking forward to Sunday. My only hope is Chelsea take us too lightly and we catch them by surprise. But Mourinho HATES Wenger, and I think he’ll sense he could destroy us again and make Wenger a laughingstock again. Could easily happen again.

  9. gazzap

    I wouldn’t have a problem with seeing something of Coq. He did well at LB in the League cup and it’s not even his position. He’s like a young version of Flamini I think. He’s not a world beater but neither is Flamini so if the choice is between them two then yes why not see at least something of the Coq in the next couple of games?
    A whole paragraph about Coq and not a single double-entendre – it can be done.

  10. kwik fit

    Cesc is played by Morinho as Fat franks replacement. Box to box beside a proper DM. I now its unfashionable but it seems to work Arsene.

  11. gazzap

    It’s not surprise to me that we are losing central midfielders. Its the hardest position on the pitch physically speaking. Ask anyone that has played there about how knackering central midfield can be – about the amount of ground covered in 90 minutes – no wonder we are getting injuries when we use the same weak/ injury prone players there twice a week. Bad planning once again from wenger. And Ironically we are well overstocked in the wide/forward positions and some of those players can’t get a game.

  12. Bamford13

    As for the dipshit above who wrote that sophistical nonsense about the club improving “elegantly” all the while, what can be said about someone like this — aside from the fact that he should be thrown into the Thames?

    How completely and utterly delusional! The club has been in decline for several years now, our play ever-more uninspired and mediocre, the XI ever-more feeble and disorganized, our tactics ever-more ineffective and incoherent.

    Elegance? We haven’t even played GOOD football — much less elegant football — for years now. Maybe ONE exchange here or there. Maybe.

    Otherwise it’s a shit-show, top to bottom. We’ve needed a quality CDM and CF for two years now. What does Wenger do? Sign no one of note.

    (I like Welbeck just fine, but he is not a top striker. Not even close.)

    At this point one must almost hope for a disaster of some kind. Finishing fifth. Ozil and Santi putting in transfer requests. Something that helps to bring this regime down.

    Wenger fucking out.

  13. Mike adamski

    We need to defend like bastards at the bridge .

    We leave gaps and we will get destroyed

    Break with pace when we can . That’s our lot .

  14. Dissenter

    You could have made the same point without referring to the poster as “dipshit”?

    You didn’t have to take the bait?

  15. Cesc Appeal


    Flamini, Coquelin, Hayden…they are all bad options. A club with £100 Million in transfer funds shouldn’t be at this juncture!

    We’re all overlooking Gala as well. That is not going to be easy and having lost to BvB we need to win this one. The way we’re playing now and with this stupid 4-1-4-1 crap it might be an awkward night of football.

    I really don’t know for central midfield. He might go for Oxlade and Flamini with Sanchez, Ozil and Cazorla beyond if he does engage his brain and go 4-2-3-1.

    But don’t know. Don’t care to be honest. I’m so “can’t be fucked” with Arsenal right now.

  16. Jeff


    I think we were out of the title race soon as the summer window slammed shut. Mr brainless, clueless, senseless twerp of a manager that all these AKBs continue to revere is cluster f***ing the club and them right before their very eyes and all they can say is thank you – more of the same please.

  17. Sam

    Hardworking Coq hardly had a bad game in arsenal shirt but wenger doesn’t like to be challenged. I believe wenger will still pick his favourites, pussy diaby will start no place for Coq unfortunately

  18. Rod

    Mr. Wenger has demonstrated repetitively to many observers that tactical decision making is one of his weaknesses. The real tragedy for fans is that ownership and the board are oblivious to this and do not act. As it is, fourth place is the best we can hope for.

  19. TitsMcgee

    We could get smashed by Chelsea 3-0 next week and some will claim it’s improvement because it’s not as bad as 6-0 last year and that Wenger deserves credit.

    That’s how fanatical those fans are and you know what? They will deserve every ounce of the defeat.

  20. Dusty Kart

    Who was it who said we don’t buy superstars we make them?

    Someone tell that twat Wenger ffs he’s motto is I buy superstars and then fuck em up big style!!

  21. Cesc Appeal

    As much as we hate this 4-1-4-1 thing I think it’s actually doing us some good in terms of what we’ve been hoping for on here, and that is fans starting to hold Wenger accountability.

    4-1-4-1 and Ozil out wide is really starting to piss fans off now, especially after we did so well against Villa with a 4-2-3-1 and Ozil at No.10.

    No one else to apportion blame to for the line up, not Chelsea or City’s fault, not oil money, not referee’s, not length of grass nothing.

    Just scrolling through the Arsenal fan TV comments and anybody speaking about that (vast majority) are now talking about Wenger’s stubbornness and tactical ineptitude – the only ones defending him can only raise things like “you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

  22. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Our main problem in the coming years is clearing the deadwood and dross off the wage bill, we have seen how difficult that has been when we have overpaid average and below average players in recent years. We have a larger squad wage bill than chelsea yet we have a poorer squad in terms of ability, how has this happened?
    We do not have many players of note that would fetch a decent price in transfers, in fact most of our squad would be lucky to reach the £15 million mark and we no longer produce a good level of talent, our academy under wenger has actually been poor considering his “reputation” for producing talent.

    I cannot wait for wenger to go, i don’t care if we fall out of the top four and no longer play for the money it brings in, we are like a non-league club that gets a day out against one of the big boys in the FA Cup, we know we can’t win it but the board are ecstatic about the money.

    And i don’t want to hear about how we will not be able to afford top players, when we do sign one he gets played out of position and fails to perform.
    I also want to see a more dynamic Arsenal team, not the turgid sideways and backwards we see at the moment, i also want to see us with a bit of physicality on the pitch, not the cast from a Snow White pantomime in Cleethorpes, mind you we are a bit of a pantomime.

    I don’t care about trophies and the money the board make, i want to see an Arsenal team fighting their ground and getting their hands dirty if needs be, we are too one dimensional and easy to figure out.

    That said, at the end of the day i could accept wenger staying if we became an entertaining team again, but the football at the moment and for the past 3-4 years has been pretty average most of the time with a few good performances against lower opposition sides.
    This is probably a reaction to yesterdays game as well, i have never watched a NLD and been bored rigid, but that is how i felt yesterday and through many other games in the past couple of years.

    Bring back the entertainment.

  23. John

    Not surprised by yesterday’s result and Arteta’s & Ramsey’s injuries. I mean we’ve seen this all before. What’s disgraceful is that the owner and Board continue to let the French Rascal, masking himself as a manager, get away with it.

  24. Goondawg

    It is sheer lunacy not bringing in a DM or a CB. But am I surprised. Fuck no. Since when has Wenger complemented a squad with ALL that he needs. Time after time its always one or two signings away from competing. Sick and tired of it all.

  25. Second coming

    I take exception to the line, I could accept Wenger staying, full stop, After all this crap, the last 10 years, the stashing of money, the refusal to spend in the right areas of the team that need strengthening, and you don’t mind if Wenger stays, well fuck me I have heard it all

  26. Emiratesstroller

    On Saturday I commented that our ‘corners’ were poor.

    Interesting to read on BBC Website a report published in Daily Mirror today that Wenger is organising in training the taking of corners in view of the team’s
    poor performance with the 15 taken against Spuds!

  27. fourthisatrophy

    The interesting thing about the corners is Wenger is playing the game at about 70%, corners and free kicks are practiced by most clubs I would suggest, and goals do come from these set pieces, all except Arsenal, how many goals do we score from corners, and free kicks, well according to stroller, none, 15 taken, zero goals, why bother trying for a corner kick, waste of time, you see, Wenger had Henry and Vieira, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljunberg et al, there was no need for corners or free kicks, these guys slalomed their way to goal without the aid of those things, the invincible’s never needed any assistance to score, and this manager has his head still in those wonderful times, he is in a time warp, all of a sudden someone at AFC said, Arsene, can we practice corners and free kicks, it might add to our goal tally, then bingo, a light goes off in his head and he thinks fuck yea, that might work

  28. peanuts&monkeys

    Alex, first things first. I like the way you write much much better than Pedro. Pedro’s diplomacy and his playing peek-a-boo with Arsenal fans about all things Wenger is ludicruous.

    “The fact we can’t mount a credible title challenge is down to the manager.”

    Can you guys state unconditionally one day, that Wenger is a sack of ego and rottem tomatoes now. He is stale, pungent. Everything about him is so very rotten. He is finished! Oh God, let Stan listen up one day and do somthing about thsi shit that going on. This is season too is gone down the drain. Motherfucking Wenger must die if the fans are worth a thing to the club.

  29. peanuts&monkeys

    Stan and the entire board should be held captive by fans till they sack this Frech rascal. he is finished himself. Taking the club down with him. What a shame he was given a contract after that silly FA cup win over a relegated team.

  30. Dark Hei

    I have absolutely no idea why we retained the 4-1-4-1. It is probably something on the training pitch or something specific that Wenger is trying to get out of the squad.

    Anyway, I have no idea and my personal choice is always the 4-2-3-1. Perhaps Wenger thought that he can nick an odd goal against the Spurs.

    Then again, I have no idea why Ramsey is “knackered”. He is a guy with a big engine who got a midweek rest. Kind of silly to blame Wenger for this. Most neutrals have it down to bad luck (see ESPN)

    Anyway, we have low points and remain undefeated. Shite Invincibles anyone?

  31. MidwestGun

    The ball crossed the line, the referee didn’t see a penalty when JW twisted his ankle, Tottenham didn’t come to play, the referees allowed Tottenham to waste time, the grass was too tall, short, wet, dry, the injuries caused us to play different, the referee should have given red cards instead of yellow,bad luck, it was only one bad moment,at least we didn’t lose/still undefeated.
    Etc…. etc…

    We just need a better manager who can put players in a position to succeed. Imo, you make your own luck by being prepared.

  32. MidwestGun

    Does AW at this point in his career do everything in his power to motivate and prepare the players physically and mentally for every match? And do everything in his power to have the best 24 players (more or less) he can find to play after every transfer window? That’s the 8mill a year question.

  33. Jeff


    Excuse making is state of the art among Arsene’s faithful. When the only explanation left is that the manager is simply past it and must be replaced – they turn on the excuse machine and leave it on till the next game. We can lose or draw 4 games in a row but if we win the 5th, all is forgotten, all is forgiven. This is nothing less than religion based on so much irrational belief that every time an AKB thinks a bad though about Wenger they give themselves 10 lashes on the back and come on here to make his excuses. They are fooling no one but themselves.

  34. Jeff

    Wenger is shitting himself now because it is looking like we might actually drop out of the top four and stay below it for some time. That is probably what is driving the extra corner taking practise. But we’ve never utilised corners with any kind of quality or intent. We hardly ever score from corners and we haven’t really got anyone who is a prolific header of the ball.

    The game against Chelsea will almost certainly be a loss. Then we have a steady stream of games against the lower sides but we cannot be guaranteed to win those with the injuries we have and those that are still yet to happen. So Wenger is definitely worried at this stage that the beloved CL football for which we receive participation money is in real danger this season.

  35. Wallace


    “Wenger is shitting himself now because it is looking like we might actually drop out of the top four and stay below it for some time.”

    hmm, we’ve started slowly, but we’ve still started a lot better than Man Utd, Liverpool & Everton. so not sure how you get to the above.

  36. MidwestGun

    Jeff –
    Ya… well now it’s the negative bloggers and tweeters fault. It used to be blame the media, now it’s blame social media.

    Dark Hei –
    I really wasn’t refering to your comment. Just blowing off some steam from another blog I read. You seem like a decent enough dude.

    I actually think we will still finish 3rd or 4th because other than Chelsea nobody is really playing decent football. If AW is somehow motivated by fear or injuries then great because I’m sick of losing to Chelscum. Too bad he wasn’t motivated when the tw was open to ensure we had some depth.

    Anyhow….late night for me. Probably should sleep.

  37. tunnygriffboy

    Walcott Gnabry, Debuchy, Giroud all long term injuries

    Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere , Monreal all out as well.

    Nightmare going into another really tough week . Hate to think what team we will put out v Chelsea. Very worried. Wenger concerned, rested Ramsey and Arteta midweek. Wonder what’s going on ?

  38. Jim Lahey

    @Tunny – “Hate to think what team we will put out v Chelsea. Very worried.”

    He will put out an attacking side, we will attack Chelsea, they will snuff out any threat, hit us on the break and we will be lucky to come out of it with a 2 or 3 goal beating (very lucky).

    Then he will make up some sort of excuse about the pitch, or kick off time or whatever he can think of to divert the blame from him, and things will go on from there.

  39. Leedsgunner

    Sadly with all these injuries coming upon us, I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that if we are to go anywhere in the league (ie. challenge for the title) we can’t compete in Europe as well… a pretty ridiculous state of affairs considering how much money we have in the bank. Oh well, if we perform true to form we’ll probably make it out of the group stages by the skin of our teeth — then get knocked out in the second round anyway maybe seven games at most?

    Sadly we had added another utility CB and a DM we wouldn’t be in this mess but hey we all knew this would happen didn’t we? It was plain to see how lightweight we were and how lacking in depth we were too.

    Even our much vaulted CM where we may be high on numbers but low on type and variety… a small technically gifted but brittle as glass.

    So close but yet so far…

  40. tunnygriffboy


    Wonder if injuries due to new training methods and getting used to them ? 3 first choice midfielders in one game. Wow !

    Be patched up side for weekend , a nightmare. Also got huge CL game on Tuesday. Does he go with Ox or Rosicky inn midfield ?

  41. qna

    Galatasary is a must win game in the sense that we must put our best available team out.

    For Chelsea away, I would try Chambers as CDM alongside Flamini. I know its a risk, but in my opinion the game is as good as lost. But I would rather see what a Chambers-Flamini looks like rather than what we already know a Coquelin-Flamini looks like. I would go:


    If we do this ridiculous 4-1-4-1 against Chelsea away it might be our worst thumping under Wenger yet. 8-0 perhaps?

  42. leprofessorknowsbest

    “Hate to think what team we will put out v Chelsea. Very worried.”

    Well, this will not be the first time (neither the last) that we will be outplayed by Maureen’s boys. It’s a question of habit.

    Maybe, now that Cesc is with them, that the defeat would be a little more painful ??

    Anyway first things first : are we really able to beat Galatasaray ?? I am not sure at all…

  43. leprofessorknowsbest

    “Hilarious… it’s only October.”

    Wenger has never retained the lessons of the past, and it’s a bit late to start now.
    But better late than never ??

  44. Dusty Kart

    I think Chelsea away is more important than the Gala game in terms of bragging rights !!we all know we haven’t got a chance of winning the big one so what’s the point!!

  45. Dark Hei


    No problem man. Sometimes I sound like I am defending Wenger, but I am actually just trying to figure out what he is thinking. I doubt he is deliberately trying to troll the fans by flanking Ozil, but he does leave folks baffled.

    Personally, I would have gotten straight up with the 4-2-3-1. Ozil in the middle with Carzola and Sanchez on the flanks. We press high up the pitch and just work rate the opposition into submission before hanging back and kill off the game with counters.

    I like to take initiatives. Arsenal was at its most beautiful, under Wenger, when they play football that takes initiative. I do appreciate the more cautious football we played last season which got us the points. But it was boring. I want football that excites, and with guys like Sanchez, Ozil, Carzola and Welbeck, Wenger has no excuse not to play exciting football.

    It is up to him to make it happen. To me, rediscovering what Arsenal is all about is more important than winning trophies.

  46. leprofessorknowsbest

    We often repeat : “a bit less than 3 years of this shit, let’s be patient…”

    But I am sure that wenger will find a way to stay even longer.

  47. leprofessorknowsbest

    “To me, rediscovering what Arsenal is all about is more important than winning trophies.”

    One of the best recent quotes on Le Grove.

  48. King Henry

    You really are a miserable lot aren’t you. So apparently we’ve got no chance against the chavs and we’ve already lost the game. If that’s the case I guess we should just forfeit and give our players the weekend off.

    I know we all have a problem with the manager but how about trying something different today and actually getting behind the team.

  49. N5

    Yeah Henry, two wins out of eight if you include the cups, only one of which was convincing. I can’t see any problem at all beating the best team in the league after that build up!!

    Just because people voice their concerns doesn’t mean for a minute that they don’t sing and cheer along with the team at the match. How about you stop being a sheep and accepting what we have is as good as it can be and maybe we’d all be a little better off.

  50. King Henry


    I’m not saying i’m impressed with how we’ve played. But going into a game thinking we’ve lost is the worst possible thing to do. It’s defeatism at it’s highest level.

    And i’m not talking about people voicing their concerns, I for one am concerned with what’s happening. i’m talking about people who are saying we’ve already lost the game. We haven’t even played it yet and there’s every possibility we could win. oh and bah bah

  51. tunnygriffboy

    Morning N5

    Who plays in midfield on Tuesday ? Ox, Rosicky, Diaby ? Rely knackered re injuries. Arteta and Ramsey rested midweek and had light week training. What’s going on ? Changes in fitness routines ?

  52. qna

    Dusty: we all know we haven’t got a chance of winning the big one so what’s the point!!

    You mean UCL right?

    Money. At the moment it will bolster cash reserves but the dream is it will one day be available to reinvest in the squad. Or ir could go to dividends in which case it will simply be so we can watch an extra 2 games againat some european big dog.

  53. N5

    In fact Henry, I’ll go one better. You start the positive conversation off and I’ll follow you.

    Tell me what we should all be positive about today………..go.

  54. N5

    Henry my last comment wasn’t meant rudely. I’m honestly wanting to back you with the positive comments, it would be refreshing to see.

  55. N5

    Morning tunny, it’s a hard one mate isn’t it. I really want to see Ozil in the #10 position, but if we’re going to stay as we are then Ox, Rosicky, Diaby is more than likely the best choice. He says’ he’s going to play Diaby as a CDM which is going to be really interesting considering his injury record. Rosicky didn’t look great the other day, he often plays better from the bench. Ox, I know gets hate, but I like the guy. He isn’t a bad player. But with Jack and Aaron as they are plus Arteta being as he is, we’re already really limited for choice.

    What would you go with?

  56. Leedsgunner

    ” If that’s the case I guess we should just forfeit and give our players the weekend off.”

    King Henry

    I doubt that would work, I’m sure our players would STILL find a way to injure themselves.

    The truth is our squad is not deep enough in terms of depth and quality. But I guess we’re just so-called moaners because we choose to look at the truth…

  57. Cesc Appeal


    Are the team playing today?

    Is it inside the 90 minutes right now?

    Ohhhhh, so what you mean is “please stop pointing out the laughably obvious failings in the squad that ‘Le Prof/Le Genius’ inexplicably didn’t correct because it’s making me upset when you do.”

    There’s getting behind the team when they play, then there’s doing what people like you actually mean which is Arsenal fans just refraining from critiquing the club and more importantly Wenger at all.

    Just say what you mean. Don’t mask it by trying to comment on fans credibility.

  58. Cesc Appeal



    We got some rain here this morning, the air had become a little stuffy and it felt like we needed it. So, there’s that.

    I managed to avoid going out, wasting money and getting totally ruined this weekend. So there’s that.

    Ummmm…I’m out.

  59. leprofessorknowsbest

    “It’s defeatism at it’s highest level.”

    It’s wenger’s mantra you’re actually talking about with this quote. 😉

  60. Thank you and goodnight

    @King Henry

    But wenger goes into every season with a defeatist attitude by always leaving himself short on purpose. Why should some of the fans be different?


    Lovely to see you back. Hope family and yourself are all good

  61. N5

    CA hello mate, did you manage to get up to the match on the weekend? I’m really sorry to have been a let down. I went but I didn’t get up until really late. I’ve had a few issues in my private life that has prevented me being online and whatnot so I couldn’t even let you know.

    I hope you had a good time regardless, and if you’re ever up again, I’ll owe you a few beers as an apology.

  62. N5

    Cheers TYAG, it’s been an interesting few days mate. But all is settled down now and I’m back to normal. Hope you and yours are all well mate.

  63. Cesc Appeal

    The bes part of my Saturday trip to Arsenal was the XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger on the way back at Victoria.

    THAT tells anyone everything they need to know about the NLD.

    Ohhh, and seeing that mini-riot break out by the Bailey. Walked straight into it unawares at first. Gawking I got a riot coppers shoulder to the face. Should have screamed “I am a Lawyer! (whispers second year student) AND I WILL SUE YOU!!!”

  64. King Henry


    I think we have lots to be positive about. Alexis Sanchez has hit the ground running and looks like a proper player. Ozil is starting to find his form which is very encouraging. Jack has also been playing well. I thought Gibbs and Chambers we good on the weekend. We have Walcott coming back soon which will add a different dimension to our game. Welbeck, although not being clinical is looking like he’s going to fit in very well to our team. Lots there to be cheerful about.

    yes there are lots of negatives, the manager, injuries and results but starting one’s monday with all the negativity is not a great way to start the week. It sets the tone and I for one want try to be positive. I understand I’m fighting a losing battle but I might as well try.

  65. tunnygriffboy


    I would probably go with Flamini ( is it fair to chuck Coquelin in for these games ) and the Ox as two midfielders. Then Santi and Alexis wide, Ozil behind Welbeck. He may play Santi in midfield and Ox and Alexis wide. Who knows.

    Getting 3 injuries in one game is ridiculous.

  66. N5

    I heard about the bust up at the Bailey. I’m gobsmacked really as the Spuds are such a bunch of spineless mugs at the best of times.

    They came to the pub I drink in and smashed it to pieces, but in true Spud like fashion they did it on a Monday night (a few seasons back), days after we’d played them, so only an old lady and a dog was inside. Absolute gutless pigs.

  67. Dissenter

    I’m having difficulties waking up to the reality that we couldn’t beat a weak Spuds team with Danny Rose and Kyle Naughton as full backs.

  68. N5

    tunny, if there was a choice of us playing the formation that suits your choice, I would go with that all day every day. Flamini was horrible against Tottenham, but it was hard to pick a player that wasn’t average at best, so I won’t hold that against him. But yeah if we could, then your choice is spot on.

  69. Cesc Appeal


    I think it’s just carry over from the weekend mate. I’m a student, I shelled out £75 for one ticket, plus travel, plus drinking since midday so it was quite an expensive day. You’re taking £150 or something.

    Then the club serve that up.

    My mate had an issue with his red member card so he had to run to the box office and get a proper ticket printed out to get in. So we got in with 10 mins to kick off. Asked some geeza what the line up was he went “errrrm, defence, Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere…”

    At that point I promise you I smashed my fist onto the counter I was standing at and screamed “FUCKING HELL!!!!”

    The amount of people mate saying “fucking 4-1-4-1” or things to that effect, or “Ozil out wide again? What?!” Fans are starting to get a bit sick of Wenger now I think. As I was saying yesterday, if you hate 4-1-4-1, Ozil left, or you think it’s stupid – there’s only one bloke to blame.

    This year I’ve only managed to get to two games, United 0-0 and Spurs 1-1. The lethargy Arsenal showed in both games is what really hurt me.

    On Saturday Wenger set up not to lose first of all, the fans didn’t take to the day with the same attitude, the pubs weren’t filled with people singing from midday “let’s not lose.”

    The club has become so much about Wenger and it’s really depressing. Agenda before Arsenal.

  70. Cesc Appeal


    Oh no worries mate.

    The pre-match was actually the best part at the end of the day. As I say my day got soured when I found out we’d gone into this 4-1-4-1 shit in the ground.

    Me and Tunny were saying on Friday we thought he’d do that. As it’s the complete opposite of logic and what’s best for the team you just knew it’d be 4-1-4-1.

  71. Jim Lahey

    I love how any sort of realism regarding the state of affairs become defeatism and not getting behind the team. I can safely sat that 90% of posters on here are behind the team once the whistle blows at kick-off, just because we voice our concerns we’re a miserable lot…

    Chealse will beat us, if they don’t it will be extraordinary, look at the two squads, look at what happned last year. its is an inevitably.

    I could pretend that it will be an evenly fought battle. but that would be foolhardy of me at best.

    Wenger is leading his men to Little Bighorn.

  72. King Henry


    That’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m not disagreeing with criticism. We are perfectly in our rights to criticise. I’m not happy about a lot of things going on at the club. However I’m not going to say we’ve lost to the chavs and have no chance because we have every chance of winning against them. With the attacking quality we have who knows what will happen. Our defensive is leaky as fuck but football is a strange game where anything can happen.

  73. N5

    “I think we have lots to be positive about. Alexis Sanchez has hit the ground running and looks like a proper player. ”

    Agreed King, I really really like him, he is a player that knows how to find the net and has that real Barca fitness level, he runs and runs. I’m over the moon with him.

    “Ozil is starting to find his form which is very encouraging. ”

    As one of Ozil’s biggest fans, this makes me happy, but it doesn’t suit him on the wing. I know others have said he’s played there before so he should just get on with it, but he’s a #10, I don’t care if he’s played defender before, #10 is where he should be and my god he looked good the other day against Villa.

    “Jack has also been playing well. I thought Gibbs and Chambers we good on the weekend. ”

    I am happy that Jack has been finding form, I was getting sick of waiting for him to pick it up after his injury, but his character has been impressive. I don’t like him and Ramsey int he same team and think they would work better as part of a rotation, but Jack is doing well. Chambers I love, the fella has so much class for a young man. He really is special. Gibbs, I like and although I would like a better LB eventually with Gibbs being a second to them, he still is a very good player.

    “Walcott coming back soon which will add a different dimension to our game. Welbeck, although not being clinical is looking like he’s going to fit in very well to our team. Lots there to be cheerful about.”

    Welbeck is another player I like. Him and Ozil linked really well against Villa. If we stop the 4,1,4,1 formation and play as we did against Villa, then their partnership could cause a lot of teams a lot of probles. Theo coming back is good news. He’s going to need a while to get back into the swing of things though. Look and Jack and Aaron after long injury. I don’t imagine we’ll see Theo back to his best for a while so people will need to be patient.

  74. Moray

    We are not getting a result against Chelsea. They are 20 times better than us in every area, and what’s more they give more of a shit than our players and they have a handy manager.

  75. King Henry


    Just because our manager is a miserable and defeatist old sod doesn’t mean we have to be. I certainly don’t want to follow his traits.

  76. Cesc Appeal


    I agree. But mate, it would have to be a very, very, very very, very, very, Roswell New Mexico strange event to get anything from there.

    Wenger ruined our chances at being meaningful contenders in the window, before a ball was kicked. He’s holding us back with his (lol) “tactics” and this ridiculous 4-MESS-1 formation designed to jimmy Wilshere AND Ramsey into the side.

    I’m seriously worried about the weekend, just hope Chelsea take it too lightly or something.

  77. N5

    Cheers TYAG, you guys are my online family, so I can’t stay away for long.

    Cesc, it’s interesting isn’t it. People on here say about the sheep at the ground but as you saw/heard, there is an air around the ground that is begining to change. I imagine we’re one big defeat away from a revolution.

  78. leprofessorknowsbest

    “We are not getting a result against Chelsea. They are 20 times better than us in every area”

    + wenger should probably shit in his pants, like everytime he see Maureen right beside of him lol
    So better not hope for a good tactical game from our world class manager…

  79. Thank you and goodnight

    @King Henry

    Well I’ve already followed wenger’s traits. ….I’ve ordered my speedos and should be here in next few days. Can’t wait to try them on for the 1st time in front of the mirror whilst chanting “mmm, top top qualideeee” to myself 😀

  80. Cesc Appeal


    I think because what the fans are pissed off about this season:

    A) Lack of defensive signings
    B) No CDM, despite most fans aside from the GeoffArsenal’s of this world agree we need one. Maybe even him…maybe…
    C) 4-1`-4-fucking 1
    D) Ozil wide left

    All have one source of blame. And that’s the difference, no oil money, no referees, no City, no Chelsea, no length of grass no other avenue of blame there.

    So if you want to complain about them, and you think they’re wrong you ARE criticising the manager. You still get some, I mean listening to GeoffArsenal you still know there’s a huge core of supporters who’l happily say things like “Monreal is a good CB” or “the players weren’t available” or stuff to excuse him. Illogical rubbish, but it pushes the agenda.

  81. King Henry


    It’s a long shot I agree but I refuse to accept we have lost the game until the final whistle. Yes we are the underdogs and if AW doesn’t set the team up correctly then we could very well be on the end of a hiding. However if by a small miracle we do set up correctly we could come away with a positive result. Clutching at straws maybe but why not?

    I also 100% agree that the manager is to blame. He didn’t strengthen where he should of, his tactics are out-dated and he does appear to of lost the plot.

  82. shad

    I think the ironical punchline of us vs Chelski is their squad is miles better than ours and waaaaait for it….

    ….waaaaait for it……….

    ….waaaaait for it…………………………

    …..waaaait for it………………………

    Our wage bill is higher than theirs.

    Ok, I’m done.

  83. Cesc Appeal


    Three year contract was a mistake.

    Bloke will be 67 by the time it’s up and you can just imagine him getting another one.

    Just don’t get it. Wenger is so dated. We end up talking about the same things nearly every single week!

  84. N5

    It’s an odd one for me Cesc as I sit with the Le Grove section of the home support, some would say moaners others would say realists.

    I’ve always found it bizarre that some feel like their being unfaithful if they question whats happening, which is why it’s been allowed to carry on for as long as it has.

    Look at Newcastle, Manure, Liverpool and many others, all over the past couple of seasons have voice their opinion on either managers or owners and changes have happened (Newcastle, will happen).

    For me the biggest issue is the amount we fork out. I don’t mind watching a team that’s happy with fourth and the occasional domestic cup, injury allowing, if they lower our ticket prices. But when you read we have £170 million in the bank and prices are about to go up again a little bit of you dies!!

    Ozil on the wing….wrong, Sanchez on the left….wrong, 4 defenders left…..wrong, Monreal as CB…..wrong, 4,1,4,1….wrong, Diaby as CDM….wrong.

    I love Arsenal, but I don’t like them very much at the moment! 👿

  85. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah exactly.

    Especially as we find ourselves talking about the SAME issues year in year out. It’s not moaning, the fact the subject material for this “moaning” is the same should prove that! Should show there’s something wrong.

    Gala is going to be a hard game midweek, then Chelsea away 🙁 Going to be nasty.

    You can just feel Fabregas to score can’t you.

  86. peanuts&monkeys

    The AKBs – Wallace, N5 and the ilk are back spreading lies about the team, and canards about the Arsenal fans.

    Fuck you Wenger! Your are the scum from hell who refuses to leave and keeps spreading the stench around.

    N5, defeatism…my foot! Having Arteta as the captain, Not buying a DM, Not bidding for a rated striker, and more important celebrating that silly FA cup win and giving the male-witch another three years are loserisms of highest orders.

  87. N5

    It’s bound to happen, but I hope he’s like Lampard against Chelsea and just walks back without celebrating. Although if it was me, I’d proabably do an adebayor and run the length of the pitch to celebrate with see what your missing shirt underneath my Chelsea one. Like the “why always me” shirt.

  88. King Henry


    He should of gone on a high and left when we won the FA Cup. It should of been the perfect farewell. The moment he signed we all knew it would be the same shit for another 3 years.

  89. Jay4741

    Sick of arsenal at the mo & wenger should have gone a long time ago just so disinterested when we have a manager just not tactical capable to get the best out the team. A decent tactical manager who’s sharp on the ball would win the league with the same players, wenger makes so many basic management errors each week it go to stop would like to see front four

    Sanchez. Ozil. Ox


    Just don’t get why he will not try this to me could be best we have

  90. peanuts&monkeys

    The male cunt has dried up like a hole in a log of wood. He is finished! Finished! And whatever he is touching is drying up like charcoal. Fucking hell! Arsenal fans are the highest rated losers of EPL. They lose, they draw and then start finding excuses even before their deadwood manager starts lying.

  91. N5

    “N5, defeatism…my foot! Having Arteta as the captain, Not buying a DM, Not bidding for a rated striker, and more important celebrating that silly FA cup win and giving the male-witch another three years are loserisms of highest orders.”

    Why are you directing this post at me, where did I say any of this stuff, you pointless halfwit?

  92. peanuts&monkeys

    Wenger is lucky that Sours couldn’t hold on to the lead. What a a shambolic display of aimless and purposeless football.

    The manager is as good as a brain-dead donkey. The french rascal should start for heaven sooner than later.

  93. N5

    “What a shame you Arsenal fans. If AVB was around with the Spurs yesterday, you guys would have lost 3 – 0.”

    Why do you come to an Arsenal site if you’re not an Arsenal fan. You’re another one I’d love to meet in person. Always calling names online like some hard case.

  94. reality check

    I think we’ll win the gala game.

    Just onthe fact that you can tell when wenger has got tuff with the team.

    Winning the last two or three games to get top four. You can see the urgency. Wenger will let them know they must win. A lil kick up the arsene, he does do it. Just not enough.

  95. King Henry


    Appreciate your feedback on the positives. See, there are a few things to be happy about on this fine Monday. Not much I grant you but there are glimmer’s of hope.

  96. N5

    TYAG, he always calls me an AKB. Have you ever seen me write a pro-wenger comment? He is seriously backwards. Saying that, this is the guy who wished ISIS would get hold of Wenger and cut his head off. That tells you all you need to know about his level of intellegence/sanity. I mean anyone who think I’m an AKB seriously has got to be backwards.

  97. N5

    King Henry. I’m sorry for the sarcastic first comment. I read your comment wrong and assumed you were having a dig, we get a lot of that on here. After reading your replies you’re a good guy and didn’t deserve a snidey reply.

    Sorry mate.

  98. Dissenter

    Peanuts and monkeys,
    You’re OTT

    Put your Dick back in your pants.
    N5 is far off from an AKB

    And even if he were, he would be a gooner with a different viewpoint, not deserving of your insult.

    If you are angry, send an email to Arsenal football club.

  99. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I doubt he’ll celebrate. But I can just feel it.

    Wenger will play 4-1-4-1 with Ozil out wide and he’ll have a stinker so Arsenal fans will get on his back with Fabregas having a good game. Can just feel it. All totally unfair, the bloke who deserve blame escapes it as always.


    Yeah he should have gone after the cup.

    He just doesn’t have “it” any more, whatever “it” is, he doesn’t have it now.

    Too old, too comfortable, too stuck in his ways, too big an ego, too stubborn, too dated, too out of touch.

    The only way Wenger as manager works for me is if he did what Fergie did toward the end, refreshes his back room and hands a lot of control over to his coaches and over men more in tune with the modern football world and he acts as the figurehead basically.

    Sort of like the Republic of Arsenal, loads of other guys who are actually spinning the wheels of power behind the scenes but you’ve got one guy who acts as the face, the main figure. Just don’t see it happening though, Wenger has all the power and that isn’t likely to change any time soon. Gazidis has to take some blame, I know Kroenke is buried up Wenger’s arse but Gazidis should maybe have taken a stand as CEO and demanded the modernisation of the club at all levels.

  100. N5

    Let’s hope we play better against Galatasaray than we did in the Emirates cup though. I’m sure we will but we made them look much better than they are.

    We really need a win after losing the first game. Thank god it’s isn’t in Hell!

    Do they still have the welcome to Hell sign, does anyone know?

  101. N5

    Cheers Leeds, it always feels odd when I have a few days away, I start shaking and need to call LeGrove Anonymous, but once again I’m back on! I’ll try again in a few years.

    Dissenter, thank you mate, but he is a fan of another club, as you will see a few posts down, where he calls us Arsenal fans but seperates himself from that. He always says some mad thing and goes. Just another troll.

  102. Cesc Appeal

    I think for Wednesday I’d go with:

    Chambers, Mert, Kozz, Gibbs
    ————Flamini, Diaby
    ——–Sanchez, Ozil, Oxlade

    No point in resting people or anything for Sunday, pointless. Just win this UCL game that is most important. Hopefully we can stay in it and then attract big players in January. (Continues his Monday morning drinking.)

  103. N5

    “Too old, too comfortable, too stuck in his ways, too big an ego, too stubborn, too dated, too out of touch.”

    You’re out of touch
    I’m out of time (time)
    But I’m out of my head
    When you’re not around
    You’re out of touch
    I’m out of time (time)
    But I’m out of my head
    When you’re not around
    Oh, oh-oh, oh
    Oh, oh-oh, oh

  104. Le Prof


    ‘I’m a student, I shelled out £75 for one ticket, plus travel, plus drinking since midday so it was quite an expensive day. You’re taking £150 or something.’

    Here’s a novel idea…don’t go. If it pains you so much to pay a premium for a ticket for the NLD and spend a day having a laugh on the piss then there really isn’t much helping you.

    By your own admission you’ve only been twice this whole year so you think you’d just get on with it.

    ‘this ridiculous 4-MESS-1 formation’

    It wasn’t funny the 1st time let alone the 50th, leave the comedy to Kwik and you just stick to complaining son

  105. Bamford13

    I don’t have time to read much of the above at moment, but there are no “positives” to be drawn from things until Wenger is gone.

    As long as he is running things, everything Arsenal does is fatally flawed, futile, and pointless. Two steps forward, two steps backward.

    Wenger out.

  106. Le Prof


    You are a prize cunt undoubtedly. Where are you from that you are unable to organise these mass protest that you fantasise about?


    To be fair you are a flip flopper of the highest order depending who you’re talking to or what day of the week it is.

  107. Leedsgunner

    “Two days later and i’m still f***ed off”

    Now you know the boys in Red & White have REALLY screwed up when Romford is pissed off… see lads see what you’ve done?!? 😉

    Everton, Leiceister now Tottenham — 6 points needlessly dropped — you’re not the only one annoyed — such a soft goal that Flamini gifted them to them as well – made the Spuds look better than they really are.