Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham. Groundhog season

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Oh my god. What the hell was that?

I put in a lot of time and effort yesterday getting hammered before the game, only to sit through a performance as convincing as an Oscar Pistorius alibi.

All jokes aside, the prospect of having to sit through another season in which we stumble and falter, put together a decent run of games and then scrape fourth place, kind of makes me want to cry.

It’s like constantly shelling out £1000 for a date with a girl who is pretty but only talks about cats. As much as you love cats, after the fifth or sixth time you start to seriously consider whether it’s worth the money, time or effort.

There were so many baffling things about yesterday. Why did we revert to a 4-1-4-1 formation when we destroyed Villa last week with 4-2-3-1? Why was Özil shunted out on the left again? Why was Ramsey starting when he is clearly knackered. And why did our star signing play 90 minutes in the league cup only to be left on the bench for the derby.

The only thing about all these baffling decisions is the degree to which they aren’t really that baffling. It seems whatever is the most obvious answer – using a formation that works, signing a DM – our manager will do the opposite. Why? I don’t know. Maybe to prove a point to people or to himself. Or to Jesus.

What I do know is it means we’ve dropped two points at home against the worst Spurs team I’ve seen in the last 5 years. They were so awful, they were like a U2 acoustic set in your front room where Bono talks about his charity work in between each dreadful song. Or a dinner party at the Redknapps where all they serve is port and offal and their dog keeps trying to lick your toes under the table and then you’re forced to play Nintendo Wii with them for hours while ‘Arry sings ‘My Way’ over and over again.

They had a player on the pitch whose shirt number was so high he could’ve been an American footballer. And yet despite being about 12 and absolutely shit, he had a worldy against us because that’s what happens when you play Arsenal.

We had a lot of possession, Özil, Gibbs, Jack and Calum played very well. But all that possession led to nothing more than intricate passing on the edge of the box and crosses into nobody.

And then there were the corners. Dreadful, dreadful corners. Can we have a moratorium on these please? Or better yet, every time we win a corner, just give the opposition team a goal because our corners are not only ineffective but almost always result in a chance for the opposition.

This should have been a comprehensive victory. This should have been an exciting derby. Instead it was another flat, turgid performance in our groundhog season.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. We will put together a decent run, and all the überpositives will crow about how we were wrong to judge the manager, but don’t kid yourself that we will see any improvement on last season. It’s fourth place all the way.

Ozil, Cazorla, Sanchez, Ramsey, Wilshere – we have a team bursting at the seams with quality. The fact we can’t mount a credible title challenge is down to the manager.

Still, enjoy what you can for the time being and remember, it’s only two more seasons until this team can start to fulfil it’s potential.

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  1. GillespieRoadNoMore

    Gruesome and baffling, my verdict – we are going to well and truly filleted at the Bridge next weekend and in all probability Cesc will administer the coup de grace. Chambers now looks like he will be suspended, who do we turn to then in a defensive capacity – this is like a Bowie song – “always crashing in the same car” only not as enjoyable.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    “The only thing about all these baffling decisions is the degree to which they aren’t really that baffling. It seems whatever is the most obvious answer – using a formation that works, signing a DM – our manager will do the opposite. ”

    Exactly this.

    Sick of this bloke now. Puts himself first and the club second. Dropped Sanchez to make room for both Wilshere and Ramsey to play, destroyed Villa last week and played the best we had all season, all down tot eh 4-2-3-1 and Ozil in No.10…so what does “Le Prof” do? Go back to the dire 4-1-4-1 where we’ve looked abysmal.

    In my opinion Wenger played a pussy hand yesterday of not wanting to lose first and foremost. In a NLD, against a terrible Spurs side that is unforgivable for me.

    Wenger is spent. It’s his ideology first, fuck everybody else. Doesn’t do the basics of his job, doesn’t ever (in the last decade) provide a squad you really believe could do something, commits the same failings EVERY year. Jeez, how long are some fans going to just follow this bloke blindly.

  3. Bergkamp63

    “Why was Ramsey starting when he is clearly knackered.” ?

    Why would he be knackered ? no world cup and 6 games into the PL season ?

  4. gazzap

    People criticise Man Utd for having quality up front but a shit defence. We can hardly talk. We are in the same boat. And we can’t even get our world class attack to click – at least united can get that part right.
    I can’t see any reason why wenger would go back to the shit formation after finding the solution against Villa.
    But when we get frustrated, we forget about defending properly and just send 10 men forward so we are open on the counter. We can’t win anything like this and it’s been like this for years. Wenger needs to wake up and sort it out.

  5. Gooner Dan

    Amen the manager is 100% to blame he should be ashamed of the way he makes a young exciting team play every game like they are forbidden to shoot or play killer passes instead of the pointless 5 yard sideways nonsense

  6. Thank you and goodnight

    It’s his comments that make me laugh…
    ” we have to fight first and not forget to play our game”…..

    No shit sherlock. It doesn’t matter if we play a 3rd division team, we should be fighting every bloody game. Every time the man opens his mouth he winds me up. As for the journalists, why not do what your paid to do and ask him a few harsh questions. Stop asking him shit that’s immaterial e.g what pellegrini had for lunch, and start putting him under pressure

  7. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Everyone seemingly is getting injured. Why then is it so much to ask that Wenger too take one for the team and disappear for a while?

    To be honest, I’m done for a while now. Wenger is bad for my health. I’ve turned in my TV package (can always return somewhere down the road) and will only pick up the results in the paper. I can no longer stand the illogical rantings and machinations of this senile old fool.

    Simply put, it’s not worth it and quite frankly he’s not worth it. Arsenal have serious problems, the same problems, always the same problems and it starts and ends with Arsene Wenger.

    To close, the Arsene apologists have serious mental issues, the kind that require isolation. No one can be that openly and blatantly devoid of common sense for this long, no one. It’s not healthy.

  8. WrightIsGod

    I’m also caring less and less about watching Arsenal because it’s lost all heart and soul.

    I knew on Friday morning Wenger would revert back to his idiotic ways. I just knew. I didn’t even get angry. I just accepted. This is wrong.

    It’s not an ownership issue. Or chairman issue. It’s simply a team manager issue.

    Wenger needs to go.

    Idiots like Geoff All About Arsenal and the idiot Wenger apologists on Le Grove actually need shooting. Like need to be put down like sick dogs. Worst of all – King Wenger.

  9. bergkamplegend

    “a performance as convincing as an Oscar Pistorius alibi”

    Ah ah excellent one Alex!!

    @WrightIsGod : you only start to hate him NOW ??? lol

  10. omar

    -Why buy a decent DM when we have Arteta who isn’t a natural DM but was Everton’s playmaker.
    -Why buy a decent DM when we have Flamini who no one in Europe wanted and was snapped up by Wenger because he was free.
    -Why buy a decent DM when we have Diaby who has played less than 10 games a season over the last 4 years.

  11. paulie

    Wenger is not capable of competing anymore that’s all there is to it. Can someone explain to me why Ramsey is tired. He hasn’t played world cup. Will people be honest and tell it like it is. He’s totally overrated because of a few good games last season. He’s been shit this year like he’s been for years. Let’s face it soil is a flop too. Wenger destroys good players just look at arshavin. Kronenke and Wenger are money men no more. It’s a tucking joke the way Wenger is allowed spin lies and bullshit endlessly and never get pulled on it by any journalist or arse licking blog writer. At least legrove questions him but in my opinion doesn’t go far enough. Why not call for him to be moved out

  12. Charlie Boy

    Agree Wenger’s lost the plot – don’t agree we were shit yesterday.

    Yes I missed the game due to a family function – but judging by the highlights we should have had 5 or 6 goals.

    Unless someone has more insight?

  13. Johnty79

    The reason we get so many muscle injuries is because we don’t sign physical specimens we sign weaklings. Look at the team between 2002-4. We played a lot more games and had less injuries..

    Pires vieira Parler wiltord in 2002 was our best midfield when it played. Together.
    Rosicky cesc flamini hleb was a very close second.

    Vieira and silva were never great together. Even vieira and edu was better.

    Now we have

    Ramsay wilshere arteta/flamini

    To small and two weak. Ramsay and wilshere should not be in the same team. One should be sold.

  14. Faiz

    . . . . and we decided not to sign Cesc to play through the middle!?! We were missing the killer pass that he is so still good at (not just this game but all the matches that we have played so far) from the middle and were playing sideways all the time as if everyone has hoping the next person he was passing to would make the cut. Alexis and Chambo both should have started on the wings. Ramsey should have been dropped. And whats all this passing back to the two CBs that we have been doing (really annoying). Do we just expect that our opponents would just press up and we would have an opening, no, they would be happy to sit back and wait. Even in the 93rd minute when we won possession in midfield we played the ball to chambers to start the attack rather than one of our midfielders making a run and taking the initiative. Very poor team selection and approach from Arsene and execution by the players.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    I was at the game.

    Think we were lucky to get a draw to be honest. Yeah we had most of the ball and a couple of good chances but, just never looked like we had good tempo or were really threatening.

    Our fans can tell that 4-1-4-1 and Ramsey and Wilshere together doesn’t work, everyone can tell 4-2-3-1 and Ozil at No.10 is best – except for the bloke on £8 Million a year. Agenda before Arsenal, the mantra of Wenger.

  16. ArseneBgone

    AW stated in post match interview that everyone now puts there men behind the ball and waits to counter, well no kidding there spivey when did you figure that out?

  17. karim

    1st half was pretty dull thanks to our great leader’s dubious choices
    At the start of the 2nd half, we were looking like we were about to score when Flamini (again ) decided it would be funnier if Spurs scored first
    Caz and Alexis brought us back into the game but we weren’t able to get the 2nd one in the last 15 minutes
    I would say we were average, not terrible, not really good either
    Sanchez should have started. no doubt

  18. Cesc Appeal


    “I would say we were average, not terrible, not really good either”

    We were 4-1-4-1. I want that to catch on.

    How were Arsenal today?

    They were 4-1-4-1.

  19. Blsany

    Real fucking disgrace again.ramsey should be rested and we need to see more Rosa and cazorla.Welbeck was anonymous second half as wellbut what do you expect when noone can dribble anyone.di maria wouldhave been abetter buy than ozil and sanchez.

  20. Arsene's Nurse

    Served up the same stale shite year after year but I can guarantee that the Emirates will be full on Wednesday and next Saturday.

    I’ll guarantee that next year the season tickets will all be sold out (probably with another 3% increase).

    Nothing will change because the supporters are utterly spineless peons. I’ve got no sympathy for people who buy the tickets and the merchandise – you know what you are getting.

    I haven’t spent a penny on Arsenal since 2009. It’s saved me masses of money and I’m happy not to contribute to the bank balance whilst Wenger is manager.

  21. jamiea01

    When a team comes away from your home ground laughing there t*ts off with a point but kinda thinking they could of took all three points, you know it wasnt a good enough performance & didnt work hard enough for the win, although mertesackers header did cross the line as pictures after the game show loris palmed it back across the line!!! still no where near good enough from a team whos manager beleives they can take over the world, with no proof from any of the games so far this year, other than just making up the numbers amongst the big boys yet again! if we had any aspirations of competing for the title we should be absolutly steam rolling teams at home making them leave the emirates thinking thank god we come away from there without conceding any more goals knowing they just came away from a battle! makes games at there ground easier also as mentally they worry so cant play there game at there ground, the emirates should be a fortress a place where teams dread to come and play! instead of well if we just sit back and hit them on the counter we will probably get a draw or win, no excuse with the talent we have, no excuse what so ever. Winds me up when wenger says we have this player & that player so we dont need to buy because we have so many options, but doesnt actually trust any of them to play them? to give our strongest players a break, so what is it wenger?? are they not good enough or what? because if they arent surely we should buy? bloke makes no sense sometimes!

  22. reality check

    Something a pundit said about ozil.

    Got me thinking, why is ozil being played on the left. To give room to wilshere and ramsey in the middle right?

    I guess none of this matters because so many are injured now but, the assumptions were that we passed on cesc because we have ozil…

    Hmmmm really. So if wenger said fk it im bringing cesc back. What would have happened. Ozil on the bench and

    Cesc fabregas is definitely a CM. So who would his arrival really haved caused problems for. Ozil? ? No because ozil is a No.10 or a LM.

    Cesc hasn’t put OSCARS position under threat. Nor Hazards.

    Cesc plays CM.

    Who plays CM for arsenal these days?

    Bah… mabey im way off. I mean. Mabey cesc didn’t even want to come back eh.

  23. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s performances this season have been poor. We have played 10 competitive games but in reality we have managed just one comfortable win and in many others we were lucky to get out of gaol.

    Crystal Palace. Conceded first goal and won match in extra time.
    Everton. Conceded first two goals. Equalized with almost last kick.
    Leicester City. Drew, but some might argue against run of play.
    Man City. Conceded first goal. Lucky to draw.
    Spurs. Conceded first goal and drew.
    Champions League
    Besiktas [away]. Hanging on for Draw.
    Besiktas[home] Won 1-0.
    Borussia Dortmund. Lost 2-0. Outclassed.
    League Cup
    Southampton. Lost 2-1 at home. Could have been worse.

    Part of the problem is that our squad is unbalanced.

    1. Just 6 Defenders including one relatively inexperienced player.
    2.Lack of quality in defensive midfield position.
    3.Too many technical offensive midfielders.
    4.Lack of goalscoring potential up front.
    5. Too many injury prone players in squad.
    6.Manager who has become poor decision maker and tactically inept.

  24. Gunner2301

    Great post Alex

    I expected nothing else on hearing the team selection. Wenger is killing us as a club and is sucking the love of the game out of the fans.

    We really have to switch off to this and hope: –

    1. Despite Wengers incompetence the team will have enough not to be humiliated as we’ve become accustomed to.

    2. Wenger will not renew his contract and will leave in 3 years.

    3. We win nothing else as this looks like the only way he might go earlier. Funny how he says he would have considered resigning if we hadn’t won the FA Cup, I’d trade that in a heartbeat.

    4. There will be no new contracts dished out by Wenger we have too many to get rid of as it is starting with Diaby.

    5. Wengers spending is kept to the bare minimum. He’s wasting what we have, spending where we don’t need to and not spending where were desparate.

    6. When Arsene goes Steve Bould goes. He’s another stooge part of the problem and is happy to be a yes man.

    7. The new manager can purge the club of all the hangers on in the back room staff and clear the stench of Wenger hanging over this club.


  25. GillespieRoadNoMore

    Wenger seems to be insistent on being as perverse and contrary as only a Frenchman can be – wilfully obstinate and blind to reality – as a country they elected Hollande and their rail workers go out on strike in favour of drinking on the job.

    What is the point in spunking £43M on Ozil and then NOT playing him in his position? It’s like buying a Ferrari to do the school run, insane.

    Injuries and lack of squad depth are all problems with Wengers fingerprints all over them – lack or preparation and tactical nous is more of the same and to add insult to injury he is the best rewarded manager in the league – go figure?

  26. leon

    I think this team needs much more players like chaimberlain pace and power if look at both city and chelsea they have at 4 players like that in there squad .this team is far to light weight still playing the slow pity paty posession football and its not working

  27. Cesc Appeal

    What’re we going to do for the mid-week game?

    Back 5
    Sanchez, Ozil, Oxlade

    Think it’s more important to play the strongest team possible in the UCL – Chelsea is a write off so the selection doesn’t really matter there.

    Fucking sick of this, every single fucking year.

  28. Edem Sanchez

    we lost Ramsey and Arteta to injuries and had to make 2 early changes. Ramsey was rested mid week and had no world cup, ur point would have been valid if it was wilshere who pulled up. And we created enough chances to beat them. Whether Alexis had started or not, if Flamini didn’t give away that goal, we would have won, and that’s the fact. Not every poor result is down to the manager’s decisions. It’s shocking no one is criticizing Flamini, but I guess that’s cos its not as much fan as criticising the manager

  29. Thorough

    Is there a more annoying human on earth than Wenger? He reinvents everything except himself. watch him convert Sanchez to a central defender. What a despicable human being.

  30. Bobpatdentel

    Great post Alex
    To some extent it helps to read this blog and know that my own feeling are shared by so many Gooners
    Some time ago when we lost a game ( any game) I used to feel physically sick for days
    Not anymore

  31. WrightIsGod

    @tyagn and @arsenes nurse

    I will admit I stopped buying merchandise around the same time but I still go to games here and there. Don’t think i’ll go anymore this season.

    We have a weak manager, with weak players and a weak fanbase. The fact that I support Arsenal will never change but the passion has been taken from it.

    How anyone can support the decisions Wenger has made for 7 years. At any other big club he’d be out the door. WTF is going on at the club?

  32. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    Question: When was the last time Arsenal broke at pace ? Only asking because I can’t remember…

  33. gazzap

    Fixture wise we’ve had a tough start and wenger knew the fixture list back in June, He should have made sure we were ready from the start. He has neglected vital parts of the team over the summer and now with injuries it’s just getting worse.

    We should have sold Podolski and loaned Campbell – got rid of either Arteta or Flamini. Bought Fabregas and Schneiderlin and another CB. WE HAVE THE MONEY FFS.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    That is such a simplistic way of looking at football. Flamini’s mistake cost us the game. If he hadn’t have done that we’d have won.

    Well how about if we’re dealing in hypotheticals, what if Wenger had played the 4-2-3-1 with Ozil at No.10 that he had last week where we won 3-0 and looked the best we had in months.

    Wenger is agenda before Arsenal. Pushing this 4-1-4-1, pushing Wilshere AND Ramsey into the team. I mean he left out a £35 Million half forward, considering how weak Spurs’ fullbacks were so that he could squeeze Wilshere and Ramsey into the line up.

    What if Wenger had done his job properly, and done what the vast majority of Arsenal wanted and got us a commanding CDM, then Flamini wouldn’t have even been there.

    Open your eyes. It wasn’t a Falmini mistake that led to us drawing the match, utterly simplistically you could say that – but did we really truly deserve a win? Yeah we had loads of the ball, but Lloris didn’t really have that many “holy shit” moments. Spurs weren’t under intense pressure in a real way.

    We were at home, Wenger started with a bottle job formation that was about not losing first of all.

    If anything Flamini’s slip and the goal led to a fire starting under us. Otherwise we could have stuttered to a 0-0 because were dire before that.

    Do you see how silly your “that’s a fact” statement is?

  35. MK

    So much of what goes on at Arsenal makes absolutely no sense. There has to be something wrong. One of these days, an Arsenal insider is going to grow a pair and write a tell-all book about Arsene FC that is going to make a lot of AKBs cry.

  36. salparadisenyc

    Not sure i’ve been witness to a worse NLD, for sure we’ve played Spurs sides as shit as the one on display yesterday but we’ve destroyed them on the fever pitch or at least took the game to them and bagged the 3 points in a professional fashion.

    Wenger’s currently operating like a man without accountability and his quirky and utterly poor decisions are on display for all to bare witness. Not even October 1 and were seeing how this summers failures will punish in season ending fashion.

    Top fucking post Alex.

  37. Vintage Gun

    “Some time ago when we lost a game ( any game) I used to feel physically sick for days
    Not anymore”

    I KNEW the feeling…

  38. SpanishDave

    Wengers plan is to have a small squad, then when injuries happen he can spout out that its bad luck. This gives him a nice excuse to hide behind.
    A run of bad results a Wenger will expect the fans sympathy for injuries and not his crap management.
    A fraud that will never leave our club, depressing.

  39. leon

    Wenger pretty much 20 year vetran and has been making the same mistakes for the past 7 years and if you think about it wenger has never made a real effort to improve the squad he only replaces players he never adds more to squad better its always been about saving the board money the worst thing happemd when they won the fa cup it just meant more of the same

  40. TitsMcgee

    if Flamini didn’t give away that goal, we would have won,”

    “If” we had Chelsea’s money we would win the league. ”

    We should have beat City “but”….

    We wouldn’t have lost to Chelsea 6-0 “IF”……

    We should have beaten Liverpool in Anfield last season “but” the transfer window is unfair.

    “Ifs” and “buts” only apply for individual games here or there not over the course of several years. Wenger is the master at keeping sheep under manners.

  41. Ozy

    Like many here, I can’t even be bothered with the result yesterday. Thats what happens when you build a team around trying to save a few pennies. You get a disjointed, boring, unattractive mess. Things will only change if and when Wenger leaves. He’ll never be sacked. He’ll never terminate his contract. 3 years.

    As for yesterday’s game, meh. Defense was average. Our striker, the next Henry, was average, at best. Nobody noticed his Bendtner-esque 360 fall when all he had to do was poke a ball in?

    The midfield is a problem. A huge problem. Ox rescued us a point but was just as average as the rest of the team.

    Funny how Giroud is slated, Arteta, Wilshere, Flamini, Ozil, Ramsey, Gibbs, Monreal, Sanogo, Szczeny, Diaby are all slated and ridiculed day in and day out on here but when golden boy Oxlade is brought up, it’s everybody to the rescue. The boy is average, was average yesterday, and will always be average. But anyway, at least he scored a goal, right? His first of the season and what,6th of his entire Arsenal career? Classy player!

  42. King Henry

    Thought the performance was ok yesterday. We dominated the game but lacked the killer ball or final end product. We still looked vulnerable at the back against the counter attack though, and against better teams – the chavs next week – we will get punished more severely.

    I agree with a lot of the post apart from 2 points. Ramsey has no excuse to be tired. I think he’s just struggling for form. He was rested during the week so he’s had plenty of down time and therefore shouldn’t be tired.

    Also,although Ozil did start on the left he actually drifted all over the place. He was certainly given a free rein to roam. I was furious at the start at seeing him on the left but after 5 mins of the start he was already on the right. Was also very happy with his performance.

  43. GoonerInNY


    Cesc and Dblock are right.

    The fact that Flamini, a player nobody wanted and who is well past it, was in a NLD is all on Wenger.

    Flamini was just being Flamini. The man who signed him and didn’t buy anyone better (with ~ £100m in the bank) is the one responsible.

  44. GoonerInNY


    I want Wenger out today so a new manager can be brought in who can prepare the team for games, rotate the squad and train in a way that keeps all of the players fresh and involved, has a clue tactically, and can put together a balanced squad without obvious holes with the available resources. Quite simply, Wenger is out of his depth.

    But as long as Kroenke is the owner, I don’t believe any manager will be allowed to spend. The man sees Arsenal as an investment, and he does a terrible job running his U.S. teams. Wenger doesn’t have Kroenke’s support despite Wenger’s stinginess. It is because of Wenger’s stinginess.

  45. WrightIsGod

    We just play rubbish football these days.

    Yes we’ll have the odd flash and yes we will beat rubbish like Villa but when the going gets tough we cant go the extra mile. Don’t have the players or mentality or the manager.

  46. silentstan

    Le Grove miseries out in force. at least we were spared Pedro amateur dramatics instead we get someone with a chap sense of humour and bad eyesight.
    We didn’t destroy Villa we scored 3 in 4 minutes after being 2nd best. oil getting an assist from, wait for it, the LEFT.
    We dominated the Nld however having changedformation.
    the defence was left with no protection but Flamini was only on due to injury. TV replays now suggest s shot was over the line. But hey why let these things get in the way of this site’s usual idiotic bitching.


    The bigger question is ” what if nothing changes?”
    What if this goes on till the end of the season? Till the end of Wenger’ contract.
    Are we going to sit on our arses wait for him/club to change? What damage would av been done by then?
    Its one thing for us to berate Wenger and the club hoping for the best but its another thing to sit and do nothing.
    I love my club and its difficult seeing it this way.
    Its all wrong and its a bloody nightmare.
    Are fans that helpless? Is there nothing we can do to convey our feelings? We are the lifeblood of any club and we are really being ignored.
    See, its not about the spurs game its about all the choices made from preseason till now.
    If our manager feels this team is perfect and the board agrees and the backroom staff agrees and we agree ( through our silence) then we are well and truly ………

    We have to turn the heat on…..

  48. Thorough

    And totally agree with you Cesc, people say Arteta has no place in this team and I agree, but so also is Flamini. Aside the fact he’s a red card waiting to happen, he’s also past it, the exact opposite of a bold, domineering dm that this team needs. If we are going to gamble then let’s do it with players like Coquelin who still have a future if they turn out good enough.

  49. Cesc Appeal


    The ones that the pro-Wenger lobby watched, same ones as you and I but for their own agenda’s the ball went over the line.

    Just like it was simply a Flamini slip that cost us the game to them.

    Next week though they’ll accuse everyone of being over simplistic with a criticism.

  50. Thorough

    And those saying Wenger loves to use his thin squad as excuse are so wrong. This present squad isn’t thin, it just has as much deadwood as all Wenger teams since he ran out of testosterone. Campbell, Poldi, Sanogo and Rosicky can’t get a game. Yet we have Walcott, Gnabry and Giroud unavailable. its crazy the amount of wastage this man oversees. Professor of Economy my foot!

  51. WrightIsGod


    I actually agree we didn’t destroy Aston Villa and if they didn’t have a virus and no Vlarr we would probably have drwn that game too. However, they gave up the fight at half time after we had our lucky spell that won us 3 goals.

    For me this makes our deficiencies clearer. After the Dortmund game I knew we’d beat Villa. I went on record to say so. Because thats what we are great at doing – papering over the cracks ie. The FA Cup.

    You actually have made a lot of people’s point in your comment. What was the need to change formation and personnel?

    Quite simply: Wenger uses the money he has to completely addressed squad issues, meanwhile looking to play players in their best positions, meanwhile working on his tactical game, meanwhile maybe working on set-pieces, meanwhile maybe working on defence, meanwhile maybe on working out a way the team can play good football over longer spells……..etc, etc, – THEN NOBODY WOULD MOAN.

    Wenger does everything in his power to not do those things. Your comment is therefore invalid mate. People have the right to moan.


  52. Thorough

    And those saying Wenger loves to use his thin squad as excuse are so wrong. This present squad isn’t thin, it just has as much deadwood as all Wenger teams since he ran out of testosterone. Campbell, Poldi, Sanogo and Rosicky can’t get a game. Yet we have Walcott, Gnabry and Giroud unavailable. its cr**y the amount of wastage this man oversees. Professor of Economy my foot!

  53. Stevanovic

    Injuries all over again! What the fuck is Shad Forsythe’s job description? No chance whatsoever against Chelski, it’s going to be a hardcore porn. Wenger Out

  54. Class is Permanet

    It clearly shows that the manager has not found a working formation and he is experimenting at the expenses of the league…………….when will this end.

  55. Bamford13

    The real “if” here is this: if Spurs were a decent side, it would’ve been 2-0 at half, so badly exposed were we on the counter.

    Despite all of our possession, they created the more dangerous chances in the first half. This was because our formation and shape were wrong, which caused more and more midfielders and fullbacks to throw themselves forward. When a 1-2 or poor touch would let us down, Spurs were off to the races. Luckily for us, they’re mostly gash.

    Wenger is clearly the problem. He doesn’t sign the needed players, plays the wrong players in the wrong positions and gives the team little to no useful tactical instructions. Until he goes, Arsenal will be a hopeless also-ran and perennial underachiever.

    Supporters should make life miserable for the old man and drive him out. Otherwise it’s another three years of ths pointless garbage.

  56. SpanishDave

    There will never be a fan revolt, the akbs say we ate undefeated, the injuries are not Wengers fault, they are blind as to whats going on.
    In the past managers got sacked but Wenger has manovered himself into a situation where he knows he cannot be sacked and he knows it.
    His super ego is more important than this great club is to him.
    He thinks he built this club, but heh it was a superclub 70 years ago,
    Allowing a rich American investor get his claws into a gravy boat is going to be a nightmare, until the revenue starts to go down

  57. Goongoonergone

    @ Stevanovic:”Why is Wenger doing this to Arsenal?”

    Simple, the two clueless idiots, the CEO and the Rancher with the cow’s arse’s wig allow Wenger to do as he pleases.
    Then all the a**holes at the Emirates who put up “Arsene Knows” and “There’s only one Arsene” banners.
    Mate, Arsene Wenger is so full of shit he can be smelt in France.

  58. Chigooner

    Sorry folks, I got off the weekend frustration bus a couple of years ago once I realized that we will never move to the next level as long as Wenger is in charge and is still allowed to call all the shots. I decided I wasn’t going to give one man the ability to destroy my weekends so I only check the scores and watch highlights after the game. I go out and spend game time to actually do something that makes me happy. I’m happy when we win but I don’t get all busted up anymore after a loss. As Aldo said, we will come 4th again and life goes on. I will start having expectations again when Wenger leaves.

  59. Mike adamski

    An underwhelming season so far .
    Best we’ve played in my opinion is the two city games ( bar the defending in the 2-2)
    And villa away was a good show .
    Other than that we’ve been totally disjointed .
    We all know who’s to blame .
    Nothing will change – we just have to wait for him to retire.

    We do not look like a team that can do anything against chelsea .
    I really fear we will lose heavily . I’m already resigned to it.
    Cesc will have a field day .

    Flamini is so out of form I’m thinking we should take a look at Cocquelin and even diaby .

  60. Bamford13

    What needs to be explained is not how we have a higher wage bill than Chelsea, but how we have a higher wage bill and far less quality in our squad.

    The answer is our dipshit manager.

  61. WrightIsGod

    If we Wenger goes at least we can try something new. I can’t see any negatives to it.

    It’s not like we will lose out on amazing tactics or football or winning mentality if he leaves. Things need freshening up.

    Even SAF knew his time was up.

    Just like there are better CB, DM, CF than what we have, there are also better managers at the top of their game right now.

  62. Mike adamski

    Wenger WAS a great manager .

    He’s too stubborn to change and he won’t .
    What’s really frightening is if he decides , and we all know he can , to stay on as boss into his 70’s !!

    He’ll be even worse . As is often said about the elderly ….

    ” he’s so set in his ways !”

    God help us.

  63. WrightIsGod


    Ha Oh please. That picture could either be photoshopped or the ball is in the air, making it look like it has crossed the line.

    The AKB’s will find any excuse. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter. We didn’t do enough to justify winning the game.

    This is actually quite sad. I’m in tears laughing at the lengths are fanbase will go to in order to make excuses.

    When we did the Invincibles do you know how many dubious decisions we survived? No body picks those out and says we didn’t deserve the title. Jeez!!!

    I’m actually sick of Wenger and the AKB.

  64. Danish Gooner

    Sir Alex Ferguson would dominate this league if he was still around,he wouldnt sit around and just witness one train wreck after another,he would spring in to action and fire a rocket up their arses but Wenger have stopped competing he knows that Mourinho is far superior and if he tried 100 times he still couldnt beat him.

  65. Mike adamski

    I honestly think wenger has a madness in him .
    Nothing makes sense . For a guy who is allegedly very intelligent , his decisions can only be put down to stubbornness .

    4-1-4-1 doesn’t work for us, clearly . Unless the ‘1’ is an absolute tank , we have Lego man and flamster , neither are good enough and will get blown away by chelsea .

    Ozil on the left doesn’t work . Everyone knows this.

    Having said that – I though OZIL had a much better game yesterday , saw plenty of the ball and put a shift in .

    Have we ever been such underdogs going into a game at the bridge ??

    I see a 3 or 4 niller.
    Chelsea look a cut above

    And how the hell are we so cursed with injuries ??
    This doesn’t happen to the chavs , ever!

  66. qna

    GoonerInNY: ” @Edem Cesc and Dblock are right.The fact that Flamini, a player nobody wanted and who is well past it, was in a NLD is all on Wenger.Flamini was just being Flamini. The man who signed him and didn’t buy anyone better (with ~ £100m in the bank) is the one responsible.”


  67. Mike adamski

    In real time I said that’s a goal , it’s over the line …

    The goal line tech can’t be wrong .

    That loris keeper is quality . Too good for them lot .

  68. S Asoa

    changing a successful formation, shifting Ozil to an ineffective position.
    Only one inference. WENGER has become senile.
    LE Imbecile.
    WENGER Out along with your 3.5 million pound Courtesan

  69. ramsinho

    How on earth is noone blaming schezny???? in the lead up to sp*rs goal, i said just watch the shez give a shit pass and put his defense in trouble. And what does he do? exactly that. I cant fucking stand him. I am no saying flamini was in the right for holding onto the ball so long but bloody shezny always putting his defense in trouble.

    I rate him as a shot stopper, solid reflexes, good positioning, good reach. But his decision making is atrocious and he almost always does at least 2 stupid passes in each game which always fuck us. Why isnt anyone at the club having a word with him????? Tell him next stupid pass, he is dropped. We have a more than adequate replacement. It is absurd

    Pedro, please write a section about this and chronicle every stupid pass our number 1 has done only in this season and the shit it has put us in.

  70. qna

    Actually 1886-2006 I still havent seen the goal line decision I was expecting. I thought it was a double save. First the save and second to dig it out. I only saw the goal line decision for the save, but it didnt show where the ball spun before it was dug out.

    Not saying it was a goal. I suspect it wasnt but the tv producers just failed to show exactly how far it spun in. The goal line decision showed the ball didnt even touch the line but i am sure part of the ball crossed when i saw it live. That pic shows what i thought i saw live. Probably the whole ball didnt cross but i am sure some if it did.

  71. qna

    Ramsinho you bastard. You jinxed us.

    I agree with you. Poor keeper decision. But it happens to often over the years to be soley the keepers. Its tactical. We shouldnt be playing out from the back into pressurem. We tried our luck a few other times and got lucky not to get diaposessed.

  72. TitsMcgee

    Wenger is probably already writing down the excuse of having no Arteta and Flim Flam and preparing to use it. The irony of it all is just lolz.

    Get ready for more “accident” excuses.

  73. london gunner

    ““There is an irony not lost on many of us here in having a man with the brilliance of Wenger hounded by the likes of those for whom the lights may appear to be on, but who quite clearly, are no longer at home.

    The genius of Wenger is conversely offset by the rank stupidity of a noisy band of barackers, modern-day hecklers who long ago forgot what it meant to support, who today visit upon the club as disconnected strangers sadly oblivious to the maxim of supporting through thick and thin.

    Together this limp collection of disbelievers rally together with the single hollow bond of those claiming to love the club to the ends of the earth, but who in reality, as Bergkamp memorably observed, love merely the version with trophies.

    They lightly skip, trip and stumble over what they would have us believe are the issues of the hour. Meanwhile the club grows and develops, moving purposefully and with grace, ever forward towards a goal and a destiny born of breathtaking ambition.

    A destiny in which we, the fans, had just one job.

    We just had the one job.“

    I was hoping that the fight was over, that the clear and present improvement of the club would allow us to just get on with that one job.”

    Utter disgusting weak cunts who support this club I would smash their faces in if I met them in real life. I have enough of this shit.

  74. MidwestGun

    I admire people who can just feel, meh…. about the way we play. However, I can not. I’ve tried. Fact is I care about how we play too much yet get accused by certain sections of the fan base of having a bias against the manager….. etc…. and not being a “real” fan.
    Well unless your blind and uncaring (care more about loyalty to a manager and his reputation) of course I have a bias against the manager. Because he is in charge of how we are performing. And it’s painful to watch. And it’s not working.
    Bottom line is I want Arsenal to be more successful then 4th place and it won’t be until we get a new manager. Until then I’m rooting for our players to overcome their situation and win because I can’t stand losing. So I might be damaging my liver more but I care. Hopefully, I can maintain a sense of humor for my sanity. And for that I can always count on Kwik. 😀

  75. london gunner

    We can blame szcznery but his obviously been given a mandate to play out from the back at all costs…

    He actually had the highest accuracy delivery rate last season now his been instructed to play it out which is a bad idea when a side like tottenham are pressing so hard but that’s wenger tactically inflexible

  76. tunnygriffboy

    Don’t think we were as bad as is being made out on here. We weren’t great and again our DM was exposed. We dominated majority of game got in good positions but final ball was either not good enough or well blocked. Vertonghen was excellent and Kaboul played out of his skin. Thing is we gave away a stupid goal again and it puts us under pressure. It’s frustrating as hell but we will start to play better especially if we go back to 4-2-3-1.

  77. Mike adamski

    We didnt play badly yesterday .
    We were all over them for long periods .

    The original post is right , that was one seriously bland side that tottenham have , it’s not like the one Harry had a few years back which actually looked decent ,
    We shoulda beaten them comfortably.

    If United and Liverpool click then we will finish fifth .
    No two ways about it

  78. london gunner


    Take of those AKB glasses your incessant trying to be positive is cringy and annoying. Your a nice guy and we all respect you but just dial it down a bit.

    WE dominated possesion the game there is a difference. Spurs purposely allowed us to dominate possesion there manager gave them a mandate of sitting deep soaking up the pressure and then breaking at pace

    If they didn’t have such awful players they would have scored 2-3 goals as it was they broke on the counter got into so many dangerous positions for one of their strikers to skew it wide.

    I mean Adebayour pussied out massively on a one on one with Sczc if he shot he would have scored.

    Chadli skewed terribly wide

    And on a few of the counters all they needed was a half decent cross along the ground to the further player on the right who was arriving utterly unmarked into the box, with a slightly better attacking front 3 they would have carved us into pieces.

    Tunny your not reading the game your associating impotent possession as dominating when it really is not. Spurs wanted to absorb the pressure and we fell into their trap.

    They will be very happy with a draw at emirates seeing as our team on paper is far far superior and we have a much much higher wage bill

  79. Sam

    It seems like debuchy n welbeck were unnecessary transfers
    The money could have been spent on DM n Cb
    Why buy welbeck when you already have akpom n Afobe who are already better finishers
    Compare that to mourinho who spent on 2 players that could win him the tittle, Cesc n Diego Costa

  80. goona

    Wenger has made this club a fucking joke. Not one single team fear us anymore not one. Is it true Chelsea wage bill is less than ours? If that’s the case…

  81. tunnygriffboy


    I know you like Schezzer, as do I. I think he’ll be a top keeper. However he does let himself down with some of his distribution sometimes. He did yesterday. Thing is he’s 25 which is young for a keeper and this sometimes shows. He’s not the only one who shows immaturity in our side.

    When will Ozil and Mert go and see Wenger and tell him we need to go back to 4-2-3-1 ? They are senior players and should be strong enough to tell him

  82. Cesc Appeal

    “It’s frustrating as hell but we will start to play better especially if we go back to 4-2-3-1.”

    But then again the problem is the manager. Why would he change back to a 4-1–4-1 except that he’s a stubborn prick? Sorry but…

    People need to stop with..ohhh if we’re just a bit more clinical, ohhh if we get a CDM, ohhh if our final ball is better, ohhh injuries blah blah blah blah rinse repeat.

    It’s the manager. Same mistakes, same weaknesses, same issues every…single…fucking…year. People need to wake up and stop thinking there are short term solutions to what are long, long, long, long, long standing problems.

    We’re going to have another 3 years of this stuff. Best to accept it now and now think we’re suddenly going to turn some corner and Wenger will start delivering a squad capable of winning without massive holes, or he’ll suddenly learn tactics and adapt on a game by game basis.

    This is Arsenal FC now, Arsene Wenger’s play thing and we live in fourth/third. Acceptable stagnation. Deal with it.

  83. goona

    @London gunner spot on. Every team knows how to play us, no plan a let alone a plan b. You can have 100% possession it don’t mean anything if you do fuck all with it, tippy tappy sideways dross every bloody week

  84. london gunner




    In terms of distribution, the keepers at the current top 4 teams are ranked as follows:


    Distribution Success Rate









    The problems we see this year are Wengers making stop making excuses

  85. Cesc Appeal


    No doubt. It’s harder to get worked up after every big game though that we throw in the toilet.

    Our failings are laughably predictable now. Well, you have to laugh else…


    No not a chance we lose 4th. Wenger will put it out of the fire when he has to for UCL qualification. He gives himself enough to do that, but not much else. Anything else is a happy bonus.

  86. Thank you and goodnight

    Wenger hasn’t just let the fans down, he’s let the players down as well. If I was any of our star players I’d go and see kroenke now and asked if it’s nailed on, wenger seeing out his 3 years. If so I’d hand in a transfer request if I was them. Why waste 3 years of your career for a board or manager with no ambition

  87. tunnygriffboy


    I’m not necessarily an AKB but because I don’t come on abuse him him regularly I get labelled with that tag. Not really fair mate. As for being incessantly positive being cringy I’m sorry you feel like that. I try to bring a bit of balance to the site sometimes. If we were as shit as being depicted we would not have drawn that game.

    I don’t think I am miss reading the game and confused. We created many many positions where either Kaboul and Vertonghen cleared or our final ball was poor. I have said we weren’t great and that i believe that we will get better. I’m sorry if saying that is too positive but i think it’s a fair assumption. I don’t expect to much next week sadly, we’re not good enough

    If i can’t enjoy supporting my team and have a little hope then i’d be pretty miserable. Would rather hope than despair

    We played the wrong team and formation yesterday for sure and that needs to change.

  88. MidwestGun

    TY&GN –
    Ya, I think he just needed a break. I can understand. Would like to hear about his perspective of the game as I’m assuming he went. Think he was getting tired of the constant Le Grove battles. That’s one thing I don’t take too serious.

  89. kwik fit

    Having been linked with all those midfielders during the summer ( Khedira/Rabiot/Carvalho/sched) itn’t it karma for Wenger that now he’s left with Flamini, Diaby and Coq to call upon. Skinflints never have luck. Ain’t that a fact.

  90. Thank you and goodnight


    Tunny is right mate. At least he’s not as miserable as most of us, and if being a little positive stops him going nuts good luck to him. Most days/nights after match day I’m as miserable as sin and can’t see any positives what so ever. So good luck to Tunny.

  91. london gunner


    WE drew at home to a shit Spurs team that is shit.

    Ok its not as shit as losing to bradford..

    But what kind of mediocrity are you expecting when you go hey we aren’t shit because we aren’t as shit as we could have been.

    Who wins an award like that?

    the “Your shit but not as shit you could have been award”

  92. MidwestGun

    TY&GN –
    Well……. we have to let you win the sports you invented so you don’t get a complex. Hahaha. Seriously tho. Europe has some seriously great golfers.
    Well done. 🙂

  93. london gunner

    Thank You and Goodnight

    Its not a problem from me because I just derive positivity from things not connected with Arsenal. friends family ect.

    I think we need to ramp up the pressure on the club.

    I very much blame the fan base for us not signing a DM/ Back up CB

    If there was serious discontent aka like with Ozil I believe it would of forced Wengers hand

  94. KurtF

    “A destiny in which we, the fans, had just one job.” – What is our job exactly? To endlessly hand over large sums of cash so that it can be stockpiled to make a owner, manager and player obscenely wealthy? To say nothing while the quality of the football the team plays declines season after season and obvious gaps in the team aren’t addressed? To sit satisfied and watch our competitors out smart us at every level – tactics, scouting, contracts, wages?

    Wenger should have gone the moment he said 4th place was acceptable – how can you build a team of winners when your players hear you say that (and please, don’t give me the ‘progress’ of our FA Cup victory, unless when we finish 4th and win nothing again this season you are prepared to admit that we’ve taken a step backwards and therefore Wenger should go.)

    There’s a huge difference between supporting the team (which we all do) and accepting seemingly unending levels of mismanagement, underachievement and deception. I don’t doubt that the people who refuse to question anything about the way this club operates do so out of their love for the team, but sadly their tolerance of the way Wenger and the board operate is the reason that the club has become so mediocre.

  95. Thank you and goodnight


    Think we’re fucked anyway mate. Short of putting 11 players on our goal line I can’t see any hope whatsoever. Especially as you know we’ll play exactly same as we always do, leaving huge gaps to be exploited on the counter. But oh, I forgot……according to wenger we never lose. ..just have plenty of accidents.

  96. tunnygriffboy


    They are good stats for Schezzer. As I said I think he’ll be a very good keeper. Howe er yesyerday he did make a poor decision just as he did with a bad kick v Villa early on last week redeeming himself with a top save from Delph


    Sorry you had a bad day yesterday. Re Wenger for the next 3 years, it is what it is. I just try to enjoy game by game and get enjoyment from it. Even with Wenger I’m convinced we can play better and that things will improve in time. Change back to old formation would help. Sorry if it’s too positive 🙂

  97. london gunner


    Doesn’t coq normally do the fucking?

    But seriously he can’t actually be worse than flamini who gifts goals like they are going out of style

    or arteta whose an absolute non entity who can’t do anything to keep up with the game

    I am not expecting wonders from Coq

    Coq is hard though and he likes to get messy he may even score 😉

  98. Mike adamski

    Team for chelsea ??

    Chambers kos per gibbs
    Sanchez jack cazorla Ozil

    This isn’t what I want …
    But I think this is what it’ll be.
    4-1-4-1 Aswell

    Yeah we’re screwed .

  99. kwik fit

    LG LOL 🙂

    Would love if coq could give Cesc a go seeing too. Have a feeling however that next Sunday Wenger will regret not bringing Cesc back.