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Here we are people.

This is it.

Spurs come to The Grove in bad form. We welcome them in indifferent form. Who knows what we’re going to see today.

The hope?

Blood, guts and thunder.

This season so far feels like it still hasn’t started. The team have been lethargic, the style of play feels clunky and we haven’t really owned a game yet. What better way to start than with a powerful victory at home against the boys from down the road?

No better way.

As you can see, I’m really struggling with coherence today. I’m nervous and abbbbbsolutely hanging.

Have a good day. See you tomorrow!

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  1. Paulinho

    Not one of Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez actually took up a position in the area to allow others to play off the them and create angles. They just just bottled it and stood around the corner flag hoping for Gibbs to do the work.

  2. gunnergetyou

    The team looks so disjointed at the moment I don’t know if Wenger’s got what it takes to knit things together on the evidence of this season so far. Not sure what he’s going to do when Theo returns he’ll probably put him at RB

  3. Relieable sauce

    Bamford13 September 27, 2014 18:16:21

    If Wenger had signed a proper CDM this summer and if he would simply play Ozil centrally, this would likely be an easy win.

    Agree with this completely., Spurs aren’t a good team & were there for the taking.

    We should have beat Villa by 5 the other day, chelsea will probably slaughter us with mo challenging them to better the result ofle profs illustrious 1000th game as lighning conductor.

    wonga with his warnings about a stadium move as well, what a joke.

  4. Evan

    Fabregas up next, ain’t looking forward to see him play against us, it just aint right.

    Mourinho will start his assault on Arsene and we will be told to respect Cesc.

  5. Dissenter

    Our scouts scoured the entire footballing universe and they still cannot find any defensive midfielder that’s better than Dead- leg Flamini and no-legs Arteta.

  6. gunnergetyou

    Not sure if Wilshere went off due to injury but our MF went to pieces as soon as he came off. Missed placed scrappy passes all over the place. We finished the game very badly when they were there for the taking.

    Spurs being so happy to settle for a point in a NL derby tells you how poor they are.

  7. Ofebs

    Our reactionary manager strikes again…
    A reactionary manager is the equivalent of a player that has lost a yard of pace.

    Wenger cannot take the initiative anymore in games, he is no more innovative, he chases games rather than boss games.

    Arsenal have the mentality of being underdogs rather than being bulldogs.

  8. Goongoonergone

    It has bee confirmed by Arsene Wenger that Diaby is injured again.
    He pulled a muscle in the left buttock while sitting on the bench as he shifted in horror at Flamini’s loss of the ball that led to Spurs’ goal.
    Wenger said it will be three weeks for Diaby in the Emirates clinic after which he is expected to regain match fitness in the reserve team. He should be back by the beginning of December and if things go well with him, Wenger has confirmed there will be no need to get a DM in the January window as Diaby will certainly be a new signing.

  9. tunnygriffboy

    By far the better side. They came for draw and got one. We would have won if wedidn’t have a pair of nitwits in the shape ofFlamini and our goalkeeper. Some ok performances out there but threw it away just because of stupidity between those clowns.

    Wonder how serious our injuries are?

  10. rustygunner

    We conceded because Flamini is no DM. And we scored our equalizer when Ozil was in the middle. What’s this nonsense Wenger of playing people out of their positions? This is a game we ought to have won. What use is 63% possession in the first half if we can’t score goals?

  11. tunnygriffboy

    Giroud would have caused more problems as they defended so so deep his strength would have helped. Gave ‘dat guy ‘ no space to run into.

    Rambo and Arteta out for at least next two games.

  12. London gunner


    We still lacked quality we should be dominating these games and winning them comfortably 2-0

    Spurs first 11 was far weaker we may have dominated possession but we were so very scrappy at times and impotent with the final ball

    We need to be dominating teams like spurs not just about better than them

  13. MidwestGun

    If AW played his best players in positions they understand and doesn’t start 5 CM’s we would be fine.
    Back 5
    CDM?, Jw or Rambo or any of 3 others.
    Ox or Sanchez, Ozil, Santi or Sanchez
    It’s really not that difficult. Our manager just likes to make it difficult with inadequate backups, unbalanced team and lineup, and favoring older out of form players for an important holding/defensive role.

    Ahhh well….. gonna do serious drinking now. Take care y’all.

  14. WengerEagle

    Barcelona have started this season like a freight train, 16 points from 6 matches, 17 goals scored and NONE conceded. And they haven’t even been able to use Luis Suarez yet!

    Messi has scored 5 and assisted 8! 9 if you include Champions League.

    They were my tip at the start of the season to win the Champions League and I’m sticking with them. Neymar and Messi are finally clicking.

  15. Romford Pele

    We actually haven’t lost a league game for quite a while and our home record is good but far TOO many draws. Very frustrating.

    Blame Wenger tbh. Should be smashing Spurs, they’re turd

  16. Romford Pele

    Eagle, it’s cos Messi is playing as more of a playmaker now. Dropping much deeper. Allowing Neymar to run in behind more. Neymar has stepped it up immensely. Top top talent he is. Still unsure about them defensively, mind.

  17. TitsMcgee

    “We would have won if we…..”

    ..but we didn’t did we Blanche?

    “If” should be your middle name.

    Followed closely by “but”….

  18. TitsMcgee

    I can’t wait to see wenger’s tactic for the next game lol”


    Guarantee Mou already has a plan for next week’s game.

    Wenger will say go out and play boys.

  19. Minaj

    During the preview of this match, some fans here were saying how confident they were that we’re gonna win this match. I was thinking if these fans had forgotten that Wenger is still in charge of this team. How could he have accommodated wilshere, ozil and Ramsey at the detriment of the the team? All my family members now laugh at Wenger whenever he’s been shown on TV, even my mum who doesn’t watch football. This man is a hell of a joker, I really pity those worshipping him.

  20. Leedsgunner

    Fair enough we didn’t lose… but drawing too many games is still dropping points. Why oh why did Wenger shaft Özil on the left after his rave performance in the centre last week? Welbeck and Özil seem to feed off each other — why not let them exploit it more? Honestly Wenger seems to love making his life all the more difficult just to prove how much cleverer he is than everyone else. Shame about Flamini’s calamitous giveaway that led to the Spurs goal… what an undeserved gift?!?

    I hope Mathieu apologised to the team for that mistake!!!

  21. TitsMcgee

    It’s amazing that every season this gutless wonder leaves us short before the season starts. Every year the “moaners” are proven right.

    Now the two aging mediocre CDMs are injured (as predicted) and we are totally “fooked” at that position going into a game with a physical Chelsea squad.

  22. WengerEagle


    Yeah he’s thriving in the CAM role for Barca, allows him to make the most of his exceptional vision and passing ability which are sometimes overlooked and tbh shit all over Ronaldo’s. He’s still good enough that he’ll score in virtually every game but he’s creating buckets full of chances as well which atm Neymar is the main beneficiary.

    Neymar’s been brilliant since he’s come back from his injury too, has really stepped it up like you were saying and is showing everyone that he is in fact the real deal. Scary to think of how good going forward they’ll be when Luis Suarez returns to playing.

    I actually think that they’ll be ok defensively this season, Vermaelen and Mathieu while not being WC defenders are both solid and are upgrades on Bartra who was exposed last season.

    Suarez gives them a different dimension going forward as well and although Cesc is the better no.10, Rakitic is better suited to the CM role for Barca IMO.

  23. leon

    Not impressed not at all there no way I can see this team beating chelsea home or away far to light weight very little width far to wide open at the back and knowing solid chelsea are at the back

  24. Evan

    Ex-players love scoring against us, I nearly destroyed the TV when RVP scored, the remote nearly snapped and my tourettes kicked in hard. Cesc Fabregas and Arsene will be Arsenals downfall next weekend

  25. Dissenter

    I hate it when we lose the game before the transfer window. IRS always tears up the fan base.
    If we lose to Chelsea ( which I expect), we’ll be chomping at one another until we play the next game against Hull on Oct 18th.

  26. Romford Pele

    Anyway, I’m happy for Ox. Lad played well and is a talent, very explosive and powerful when he gets going. Hopefully he can push on.

    Chambers is top notch. Still quite rash but mainly down to age and inexperience

  27. Dissenter

    Milan thought 25k weekly was too much for Flamini!
    They were trying to renew his contract at 10-15 kW weekly and so he left.

    Big daddy Wenger took him back on 60-65k weekly on a three year contract.
    If he’s so bad in the second year, can you imagine what he’ll be like next year.

    I don’t feel any sympathy for Flamini. I’ll hold back for any other player but he’s different. He left us in the lurch the first time and made us lose Diarra too.

  28. Paulinho

    Really impressed by Neymar in the world cup. Effortlessly moves with the ball and go drift either way no problem. He’s a player that enjoys being able to float around the pitch and pick up the ball in different areas and play from there. Great talent.

    Also think Barca are more fluid without Sanchez in the side.

  29. Romford Pele

    Eagle, agree about Barca, they generally look a notch above anything we’ve seen from them in the last couple of seasons, and the heavy pressing is back too. Be interested to see how Suarez integrates into tie side.

    Neymar is something special though. Two-footed, goes either way, has an array of tricks and a very good finisher. Always thought he’d make it at Barca. You saw how he literally carried Brazil to the semi-finals by himself

  30. Romford Pele

    Dissenter – it’s not really a case of me being proven right. I want everyone who plays for Arsenal to do well. Just frustrating we have a relic managing us who has such a flawed style of play

  31. Goongoonergone

    I think it’s beginning to seep into the Wenger lovers that their old man is now truly impotent and going nowhere slowly.
    His team selections defy any logic. Ramsey is out of form; give him a break. Arteta is slightly quicker than a centipede and has the tackling ability of a frightened fowl.
    Where was Sanchez? Keeping him on the bench to accommodate both Ramsey and Wilshere so that his favourites can play.
    Allegiance to the players before the good of the team.
    That’s why it’s called Arsene FC and not Arsenal FC.
    I actually laugh when I see him doing his Mr Bean impersonations at the fourth official.
    Other teams have football managers; we have a bank manager.
    Three more years of high interest rates and low dividends.

  32. tunnygriffboy


    I agree we should be beating teams like spuds. Teams that come and park the bus. We may well have beaten them had it not been for Flamini and Schezzer. Disappointed to lose Ramsey and Arteta early it MAY have hindered us a bit along with original team set up.

    Welbeck quiet, well marshalled by their two centre backs

    Ozil, Wilshere, Santi ( who looked pissed off coming off the bench ) were tidy. Ox, Kos, Chambers and Gibbs were very good

    However Flamini has once again cost us a win due to switching off. I’d rather Hayden play, at least he’s young and athletic.

    Schezzer has got to improve his distribution and decision making.

    He MUST buy a midfielder in January.

  33. Paulinho

    He struggles in pretty much every position apart from a withdrawn central role and with him being the go-to-guy that everyone looks for.

  34. Ofebs

    Wenger’s decision making is so bad at so many levels – transfers, contracts, tactics, motivations – that it is beyond comprehension he is still manager at Arsenal. This is the saddest joke in football worldwide today…

  35. Romford Pele

    Alexis is very much a maverick. A scorer of great goals but really needs to improve his understanding with his teammates. Maybe it is a case of just time but I’ve not seen the don use his left once

  36. WengerEagle


    Agree on Neymar, the lad’s a phenomenal player and at 22 has a limitless ceiling. He’s so unpredictable as he can beat players with skill, outright speed or by feinting as he’s good on his left foot too. I’d personally have him over Bale but that’s a controversial one.

  37. Romford Pele

    Haha, Eagle it is controversial. I think Neymar is the more naturally gifted of the two, Bale is a better athlete. I think they’re both suited to their current set-ups. El Classico should be something special this season. But if Neymar, Messi and Suarez all click, then it’s a lot of trouble for everyone else tbh

  38. Paulinho

    I don’t think it’s time. He’s just a limited footballer. You can tell by his build that he will just never be a smooth Neymar type. As you said he can’t use his left at all, and you can see that in his one-dimensional dribbling and movement in general. He’s got an awful touch as well which means he can’t do subtle link-up play. He just stabs at the ball.

    By the way, as I was saying in the during the match, the replay for the Mertesacker header which Lloris saved was shocking. Lloris actually palmed it backwards but the replay stopped the moment he touched it so we didn’t get to see how far the ball went back.

  39. tunnygriffboy

    Injuries :

    Debuchy, Monreal, Arteta, Ramsey, Walcott, Wilshere ( possibly ) Is it starting again ?

    At least Ramsey and Wilshere won’t start together v Galatsaray.

    So so disappointing. Even with the team that started we should have won that. Time Flamini goes.

  40. Emiratesstroller

    Manager took a ‘tactical’ decision not to play Sanchez. Arsenal need to take a
    ‘tactical’ decision and get rid of Wenger. He is utterly incompetent.

    You do not need to be a genius to work out what Spurs tactics were going to be today. They ‘parked’ the bus and wait to ‘counterattack’. Bluntly they could easily have won this game if they had a decent finisher, because they had two decent chances in first half.

    The truth is that Arsenal were awful. We spent most of the first half passing
    backwards and square rather than with penetration and pace. Most of our crosses were poor and it beggars belief that we are incapable of putting across
    a decent corner.

    However, my real concerns are that we were impotent for most of the game. Welbeck was anonymous for almost all second half and the question I ask is
    who was expected to score goals in the first 70 minutes?

    We have spent large sums of money on Ozil and Sanchez. The former is played out of position and the latter did not play for 70 minutes! Even when he
    did he played on left wing.

    However, the real concern for me is that we continue to play Arteta and Flamini. The latter who usually gets carded whenever he plays managed to throw the game. It beggars belief that we are still playing him. It is yet another
    recruit like Sanogo whom Wenger brings into the team depute being no better than Championship standard.

    Chambers is another concern for me. He is definitely not good enough as a right back. Maybe he is better as a CB albeit he lacks height. His decision making today was very poor and I have to ask does Wenger consider that he is
    a better RB than Jenkinson? Personally I don’t think so.

    We may not have lost any games in EPL but we are becoming draw merchants and that is only marginally better than losing games.

    I can see us getting canned next week by Chelsea.

  41. tunnygriffboy


    Summer before last he apparently bid for Bender. Nothing since.

    So we have 3 midfielders missing for Wed and Sat. Ramsey, Wilshere and Arteta. Does that leave us with Flamini ( omg ) and either TR7 or the Ox in CM?At least Ozil may play 10 then.

  42. Salvage

    Ramsey needs to grow up really. All those amature flicks he attempts at dangerous places in our half is irritating. What about playing the ball and mastering the simple things before running ahead of yourself? I was glad he got out of there. Maybe a long time on the sidelines would give him a new and better perspective on the game.

  43. Paulinho

    Salvage – The goal line technology stopped it at the wrong time. It stopped the play the moment Lloris touched it when the ball actually went backwards after that. If they had stopped it half a second later or so later the ball would’ve been alot closer to the line.

  44. WengerEagle


    Yeah you’re right they both trump each other in some respects and are both perfectly suited to their respective teams. Neymar’s more of a baller, smoother touch, adept at playing the intricate passing game, better in tight spaces and has more tricks in his locker. Bale’s much more direct but is superior to Neymar athletically and aerially. On the counter attack Bale’s as good as it gets which is why he’s thriving for Real, he gets those pockets of space to stretch his legs and explodes past defenders. Both are exceptional goalscorers too.

  45. Salvage

    Emiratestroller, you were right in most of the things you said but you totally bungled it on Chambers. Chambers was one of those that turned up today and he is definitely better than Jenkinson

  46. Romford Pele

    Paulinho, for sure Sanchez will never be as smooth as Neymar. There were a couple times in the game where Ozil had the ball and was waiting for Sanchez to make a run but he just stood there. Hoping he improves for sure, needs to stop trying to do things on a whim.

  47. salparadisenyc

    Dearie me not sure DB10 and TH14 could effective in the setup today. Most tepid NLD I’ve seen in years, wat a shit Tottenham display. Not sure what that says about our current plan as the gulf in quality was evident to all.

  48. Paulinho

    “There were a couple times in the game where Ozil had the ball and was waiting for Sanchez to make a run but he just stood there. Hoping he improves for sure, needs to stop trying to do things on a whim.”

    Yep. That’s a sign that he doesn’t back himself to actually receive the ball in tight areas and control properly. He knows he will do a heavy touch and crowd will groan.

    Genuine top players – think Ramsey last season for example – plead for the ball just inside the area and want the challenge of out-foxing the defenders that will be right on top of them.

    Bad sign that he’s already hiding on the flanks.

  49. Minaj

    I think we can’t expect these players to rise up to occasions as men because eve the coach behaves as a kid. You could imagine Ramsey thinking he is what,, with those stupid flicks here and there, wilshere running like an headless chicken, no urgency, no purpose, they move ball around like their lives depend on just passing the ball about. People should just stop blaming welbeck and ask yourself, how many balls he saw today? Who was suppose to be the link between our defence and attack? I have only one wish now,,, my wish is to have Wenger in front of me,,, I bet the whole world won’t recognize him again in the next 5 minutes cos I would have dealt with him as an obstinate kid he is.

  50. Cesc Appeal

    Last time I shell out for tickets.

    Knew we’d make hard work of that as soon as I saw the team sheet.

    What is Wenger doing? What is the vision at this club. Listenening to Arsenal fans after the game as will is just fucking pathetic…”at least we’re still unbeaten.”

    Our fans are now as devoid of ambition as our manager, perhaps it’s because of the latter that the former now finds themselves happy with three mediocre results.

    I’m not going to bother with what went wrong, same co alliances every week.

    Need to get to the source of the problem now…Arsene Wenger. For Arsenal to grow we need to move on from Wenger. Same shit, different game, different season.

    What’s the fucking point? We don’t even try to pretend were bothered anymore

  51. tunnygriffboy

    Very early days for Alexis. Think he trying ultra hard to do well. 4 goals in 6 ?
    Think he will come good but we have to be a lot more fluid first.


    Not like a Derby at all. Spurs came to get a point and frustrate. Their CB’s had really good games as did Lloris. We gift them a goal then it’s harder for us. Very disjointed, injuries early probably didn’t help.

  52. WengerEagle

    It’s worrying how poor Sanchez has looked on the wing so far. He’s ineffective as a lone CF too so that leaves us having to consider a change of formation to accommodate him.

    The problem is that if you play him up top off Welbeck then where do you play Ozil?

  53. Ekow Hayoward

    Flamini ran down his contract and went to Milan
    Darren Dean managed to get a threyeare contract for him
    He cost us the game with City and now Spurs

    Think Chambers was one of the best players today. Don’t really understand your drivel against him

  54. Emiratesstroller

    Romford Pele and Savage

    No I am not. I was at game. If you leave out last 10 minutes Chambers was poor.Frankly I have yet to see a performance when he played full back which
    impressed me.

    He is far too often in wrong position defensively. He may be suited as a CB but
    not as RB. Personally I think that Jenkinson was better in that position and he was certainly not first team material.

    However, the truth is that our team this season has been poor so perhaps I should not highlight one player.

  55. SpanishDave

    Wenger is in a tacticle mess this year. Constant changes because he radomly buys players and then doesnt know what to do.
    He inherited a settled defence when he arrived and managed to find relacements when the transfer market onky had us and Man U.
    For 10 years now he has just fiddled arround aimlessly without a clue.
    Why anybody thinks he is a great manager is beyond me.

  56. Salvage

    gary, I doubt you are an Arsenal fan. Nothing ever bothers you.. Nothing, lose , draw, win, its all the same to you . What a shame

  57. TooMuchCesc

    Every match this season has had (altogether too brief) periods of sublime football from Arsenal, but most of it has been frustrating and tedious. The team looks disjointed and clueless most of the time. We never seem to adapt our formation to the way the opponents are playing.

    Spurs were sitting back in numbers and compacting the middle, which left a lot of space down the flanks. That’s where all the joy was today. But Arsenal are awful crossers of the ball, so the only option would be to run to the by-line with the ball and pull it back in the box. But with only Welbeck in the box that becomes useless. Today was a day to go to a 4-4-2 with both Welbz and Alexis in the box. With Flamini and Arteta as our DM options, is it really any worse to play without a DM, especially the way Spurs set up today.

    To get the best out of Alexis, he needs to play off a main striker. In his post match comments, Wenger complained that sitting back deep and playing the counter has become the standard in the EPL. If you know that, why don’t you set your team up to break that down? “Play the way we like to play” is not a tactic.

    What? 50 corners today? Only one shot on target. Unbelievable! If they don’t work on corners in training, they certainly had training on corners today. But of course no one was coaching them on corners like they would in training. Oh wait…..

  58. Leedsgunner

    How anyone can be pleased that we drew against that sack of spuds I cannot understand, they were very poor especially in the opening stages… We should have killed off the game then. Özil must be pulling his hair out thinking what he must do to play centrally…. Wilshere in my opinion, although looks lively isn’t playing so well centrally in the middle of the park that Özil needs to be banished to the wings…

  59. Roaaary

    I watched the game in a shit pub without sound so couldn’t really make the game out.

    I thought ozil looked good actually and didn’t give the ball away very much. Made incisive passes and looked interested.

    I thought welbeck was shocking. If that was giroud he would have got torn apart. The boy face the ball away continuously. Terrible performance.

    Pocchetino saw our weakness and hit us hard on the break. Their decision making in the first half on the break stopped them scoring a few times. They just ran behind mert again n again.

    I thought ramsey was anonymous and wilshere again shine today.

    Tactically we were awful again. Playing tiki taka on the edge of their box. Nothing dangerous

  60. Cesc Appeal


    They have to be happy with a draw, else they would have to criticise, that would likely mean blaming Wenger…that is something they will not do!

    Literally mate queuing for the Underground and listening to SOME Arsenal fans made me ashamed to be one. Pathetic drivel they were spewing, the likes of which you’d find on Untold or Positively. They were talking as if we’d escaped from Chelsea or City or something with a draw.

    It was Spurs who got the good result tonight, ours was shite.

  61. Cesc Appeal

    Really now we’re seeing people divvying up into two categories. Those that are pro-Arsenal and really want the club to move forward and recognise the glaring errors in the team. And those who remain pro-Wenger first and foremost, really was evident today at the ground. Haven’t been since United in January and the mood was totally different at the ground today.

    Wenger reverence is diminishing.

  62. leon

    I don’t know about anyone else but I think this getting beyond boring same problems season after season same light weight team and going up a an extremly well drilled organised who have pace and power and are very clinical team and have good players in every position

  63. Cesc Appeal


    That’s exactly it.

    The reparation of the problems season after season means that change needs to be made in the hot seat.

    Just common sense.

    Only fans fears, nostalgia and the profit orientation of the board getting in the way.

  64. bergkamplegend

    wenger about injuries : “Suddenly we are short because if we lost three players today, and let’s not forgot that we already have two out long-term plus Walcott, that’s six. Diaby is not ready so it starts to become a worry.”

    “Suddenly we are short” == >> sighs… (over and over again)

    But of course we will bounce back (ironic tone).
    Personally I think that Galatasaray are better than the spurs…

  65. babatunde

    How many akbs do yÓu think will find it easy to let go. Lol. It takes bravery admitting you were wrong all along especially if you were very wrong. Until we become a total shambles, there’ll always be people supporting Wenger.

  66. Cesc Appeal


    I think that’s a actually a crucial point.

    For fans who’ve banged on for years supporting Wenger, to then do a U-Turn and say “actually, you know what…” well that takes a lot.

  67. babatunde

    If liverpool were not silly enough to overload their team with average players and actually spent their money wisely, if we came fifth this year instead of fourth- do you think that untold guy would suddenly come out and say he was wrong. No, he would find another reason. Its Attribution error, confirmation bias- that kind of thing. Its partly because he doesn’t like to be proved wrong and partly because he really really believes what he is saying after all this while.

  68. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s be clear I am certain that everyone who went to Emirates today knew exactly how Spurs were likely to play. They would ‘park the bus’ and ‘counterattack’.

    That was how they played and it was up to Wenger to find a solution. Yet he
    started the game with just one forward. If you neutralise Welbeck as Spurs
    did after the first 20 minutes or so who exactly was supposed to create the goalscoring threat?

    Sanchez may not be producing his best form this season, but he has scored 4

    Defensively Arsenal have been fragile in most games they have played this season.Apart from the game against Aston Villa can anyone name a game where we have been in control? In most other games we have struggled including against Crystal Palace.

    We have been lucky to come out of most other games with a point. My opinion about Chambers is that I do not consider his game as a right back an improvement on Jenkinson. Jenkinson cost £1 million and Chambers £16 million.

    The major concern now is that our squad is depleted through injuries with
    inadequate cover in most defensive positions. That is down to some degree to
    ‘poor management decisions’.

  69. tunnygriffboy

    Would honestly rather see Coquelin or Hayden play instead of Flamini. Two tough games coming up. Need to improve. Despite the selection injuries and not playing well we still should have won today and would have apart from a monumental blunder.

  70. qna

    Listen to Arsene bitch about his poor luck with injuries. Its the same story every year and yet he acts like its a bolt out of the blue.

    What complete and utter disastrous team management. We now have no first team defenders on the bench and our only fit first team central midfielder is Flamini who is in the worse form of his life and wouldn’t make the first eleven of pretty much every other team in the league at the moment.

  71. Honest Bill

    I wonder how much longer we have to put up with this shit. It’s the same problem all the fucking time. Players are always trying to be flash cunts and do sexy 1-2s all over the field which leads to constant pressure on our defense. We have zero intelligence in the midfield. if we just passed the ball in to space like any normal team we’d have the talent to dominate games but instead they have to try a hollywood passing move in to crowded areas. We don’t have fucking Messi and Iniesta so at some point we need to stop pretending we do.

    At best Wenger is allowing this self indulgent wankery from players like Jack and Rambo to continue. at worst, he actively encourages it and instructs them to play that way. Either way, if he won’t deal with the issue or perhaps is too thick to realise that there is one, then let’s have a manager who will. Everyone’s fucking sick of watching the same thing every single game.

  72. Ofebs

    Chelsea will sit deep, counter-attack with pace, power and long balls. They will tear our midfield to shreds and leave Mert in tears.

    I predict a score of 8-0 with Costa scoring 4.

  73. Honest Bill

    I guarantee you, stick Per in Chelsea or Man City, and he’d be regarded as one of the best defenders in the game. You wouldn’t see everybody moaning about his lack of pace. It’s Arsenal’s generally naive play that exposes our defense time and again.

  74. qna

    Honest Bill: I am not moaning about Per. I thought all of our back four played well last night. I think Per has had a slow start, but what do you expect after he didnt have a pre-season. The reason the fans are on Per’s back is due to Wenger giving them extra time off and then throwing them in the deep end. Same with Ozil. Minus the extra time off and both of those players are where the rest of the squad were in week 2, which is why they look to be playing well again.

    None of this changes the fact that Wenger is an incompetent old fool that needs the sack before he drags us even further down the toilet than he has the last 4 or 5 years. His mismanagement of the defensive players in his squad is indefensible. Fans that defend him are also dragging the club down.

  75. Uwot?

    God help us next week!we,re going to get shafted big time-time to stick the coq in .we. Need some legs & physicality in the centre or we are royally f******!

  76. Honest Bill


    I didn’t mean to imply that you were moaning about him. however i see that happen all the time on here. People are always moaning about his lack of pace and saying he’s a weakness in the side, but he’s far from it. People seem to think that if a team’s defense isn’t working, the defenders must be crap. It doesn’t work like that. The whole team is responsible for defense and every position on the field is inextricably linked. It isn’t like american football where you are either in defense mode or attack mode.

    How often did people say Tony Adams or John Terry weren’t good enough because they had no pace? Not often, because they weren’t playing in teams with such a lack of intelligence as ours.

  77. qna

    Honest Bill. Mertesacker has looked off the pace at times this year. But I blame that on his preparation. If we were going to give him extra time off, we should have planned to keep him out of the team in the first few weeks while he got up his fitness and sharpness. Last year Mertesacker was one of the best CBs in the league.

    HOWEVER, he is now 30 years old and was never that quick to begin with, so he will come under more and more pressure in terms of his pace. I think this will be the last year that he will be good enough to be the first choice CB along with Kos. That doesnt mean we have to sell him. Far from it. He can be our squad CB for the next 3 or 4 years and a fine one at that. But if we dont replace him soon he will become a liability – like he was in the first few games this year when he was unconditioned and off the pace.

  78. Thank you and goodnight

    Every team and his dog knows how to beat Arsenal, sit deep and hit them on the counter. We hare forward gung ho with no discipline in our play whatsoever. Our DM is so far forward and so slow it’s inevitable he’ll be caught out of position when they break, if Tottenham had any other striker than adebayor yesterday they would of won the game comfortably. ….and this is one of the worst spud sides in years

  79. Honest Bill


    exactly. Thank fuck spurs are dreadful. It’s just so predictable. Let us build up slowly and push everyone up, knowing full well that we will cheaply give the ball away. get enough counter attacks and you’ll score. We have been playing the same boring shit for two years now. The attractive football we are known for is largely dead.

  80. Honest Bill

    Since Fabregas left i’d say. Our players just aren’t mature enough to know when to keep it simple. With the exception of Ozil.

  81. Wallace

    wouldn’t mind seeing Coquelin get a start against Galatasary.

    Debuchy, Monreal, Arteta, Ramsey, maybe Wilshere, Giroud, Walcott….just imagine how bad it would be without the amazing new fitness guy. might be a blessing in disguise if it forces Wenger to go in against Chelsea a little more cautiously.

  82. Socrates

    I think the team performed okay yesterday. For long periods I felt like we were playing against 10 men, so much was the pressure. Maybe Spurs are not in good form but we dominated them much more than I had expected. I think we just need the team to consistently play together to get a good understanding of each other.

    Someone on here just posted that Sanchez is hiding on the flanks. This illustrates my point, a simpler approach would be appropriate until there is enough understanding among the players to make more intricate runs and movements.

  83. Thank you and goodnight


    While wenger might to blame for a couple of long term injuries throughout the season, I think the majority of them are down to the style of football we play and the type of players we have. Gibbs has been injury prone for years now, as has diaby, Sanogo etc. In fact both Sanogo and diaby have been injury prone throughout their careers and signing them is a gamble that hasn’t paid off unfortunately. Are we honestly surprised with injuries we get considering the change in wenger’s attitude to the type of player he goes after these days? In his first 8-10 years at Arsenal most players signed were 5 10 to 6 ft. Last 10 years I’d hazard a guess but say average height has been 5 ft 8.

  84. Socrates

    I think the team performed okay yesterday. For long periods I felt like we were playing against 10 men, so much was the pressure. Maybe Spurs are not in good form but we dominated them much more than I had expected. I think we just need the team to consistently play together to get a good understanding of each other.

    Someone on here just posted that Sanchez is hiding on the flanks. This illustrates my point, a simpler approach would be appropriate until there is enough understanding among the players to make more intricate runs and movements.

  85. Wallace


    i agree. strange to think we could dump a couple of our gifted little attacking mids, bring in two brutes and we’d be a far more effective side. i think we are going to be excellent going forward this year, but Arteta/Flamini at the base is going to cost us a decent shot at the title. as everyone and his dog knows.

  86. Brigante

    This must be the worst Arsenal blog on earth, where the owner condones posters calling the manager names like “old fool” senile and many other derogatory ones.

    Agreed the manager is past it tactically, but what use is the name calling. I hope you all grow well enough to be his age!

  87. Brigante

    I started reading this blog 5yrs ago and I was mostly impressed by the balance which both Geoff and Pedro brought to it. As one was more vocal and the other a bit tempetate.

    In those days the comment section was a huge attraction and posters where more respectful or at least seemed to be. There has always been the extremely insultive but even then Geoff and Pedro brought sanity to the blog by constantly giving warnings and binning multiple offenders.

    All that is in the past now, since Geoff left, Pedro has taken a more anti-Arsene role(no problem with that) and maybe in a bid to get hits, had constantly tolerated the vile that gets thrown here.

    I am 35 and have supported this club all my life. One thing I enjoyed other than the football was the class our fans show, it would be nice to have that again. Criticize the club as it is your right to, just show some respect and ‘class’ in doing so.

    Ok, am done ranting

  88. Wallace

    got to mention Chambers. he is looking magnificent. as at home on the flank as he is in central defence. bet he’d do a hell of a job at the base of the midfield as well. shame we haven’t got enough defenders to find out.

  89. Emiratesstroller


    I have been a supporter of Arsenal for more than 60 years as well as season ticket holder. There are many others who are long term supporters. Yesterday I met someone at Emirates who had been to a Cup Final in 1930s and still goes to all home matches.

    My experience at the moment is that very few ‘supporters’ who turn up this season and watch Arsenal actually ENJOY the experience. Almost all those who are in seats around myself agree that the problem is that we have a manager whose decision making whether in transfer market or in tactics when we
    play is poor.

    We have played 10 competitive games this season and apart from the one against Aston Villa we have ‘struggled’.

    1. We beat a weak Crystal Palace at home with almost last kick of game and
    conceded first goal.

    2. We drew with Everton having conceded first two goals. Again with almost last kick.

    3. We were lucky to come out of game with Leicester with a draw.

    4. We were lucky to draw with Man City. Again we conceded first goal.

    5. Tottenham could have beaten us yesterday if they had converted their two
    chances in first half.Again we conceded first goal.

    6. The two games against Besiktas were excruciating. We could have lost first
    game and we managed a single goal at home.

    7. We were utterly outclassed against Borussia Dortmund.

    In summary we are going into two critical games this week, which could well end our season. If we lose both we will not qualify for CL and I suspect the EPL
    will be out of reach because Chelsea would be 9 points ahead of us in first week in October.

  90. Hitman49

    I think everybody is free to express themselves how they see fit it’s called freedom of expression.

    We live in a classless society so why are you so surprised.?

  91. Cesc Appeal


    I came out of the Bailey and was walking down the road just as it all kicked off, literally right in the middle of it…was anarchy! These Spurs fans were running away and there were traffic comes being launched, some bloke was being done over by the traffic lights next to the London Met building. Riot police swarm the place and some Arsenal fan even lamped a copper I think!!

    Proper nasty it was.

  92. Rosicky@Arsenal

    @ Brigante

    Completely agree.
    Reading the blog full of foul words makes one think What on earth makes these guys to write just bad language and nothing else.

    It would be nicer to read a post without Bad and foul language than reading bloggers just calling names day in day out.