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Oh hi der…

Welcome to Friday, one of the better days of the week. Why? Because Friday is the precursor to FOOTBALL SATURDAYS.

Yes people, tomorrow is the NORF LAAANDON DERBY and I’m super stoked about the prospect. My work Spurs pal reckons his side are going to roll over and take a beating. I’m not really sure to be honest. I have this weird confidence that we’ll not struggle. I feel guilty about it. Like I should be more nervous?

We have Gibbs, Mertesacker and Flamini available, which is grand. We’ll have a relatively well rested squad after the Carling Cup in the week. So it should be a full compliment of players to pick from.

I’d be looking to push the same team I’ve been pushing for weeks. Backline picks itself, you know, because we only have 4 fit defenders (did you read the Wenger comment about it being hard to buy defenders? What a joke). The midfield should be Aaron and Jack pinning, with Ozil sitting in the hole. My front three would likely be WELBZ, flanked by Sanchez and Chambo. We need to obliterate Spurs early doors. If we slam them with explosive energy, they won’t know what to do.

My concern is we’ll go for a midfield with Arteta sitting at the heart. Really don’t enjoy that scenario, even when it’s against weak opposition.

My opposition concern is that the new Spurs manager is a very smart guy. He’ll have a plan in place. That, fuelled with the the randomness that is the NLD… well, you just don’t know what you’ll get. We need three points though. We need to continue to rack up points and keep pace with Chelsea.

Just a short post today, I’ll catch you tomorrow!

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  1. WindyCityArse

    Wenger deserves all the criticism that comes his way regarding our lack of squad depth, tactics, being a surrender monkey among many, many other things.
    However, I am an Arsenal supporter & can never agree with those of you on here that wish Arsenal lose a game… Are you lot Mancs/Spuds/Scousers/Chavs? Or just bell ends that insist on swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool?

  2. SpanishDave

    As Diaby has been at the club for 8 years hes had one or two contract extensions. Why?
    Why did he get so generous extensions?
    Wengers management of players is very poor. Podolski doesnt give a shit, why.
    There is some real dross in the squad, all of them overpaid and having a laugh on us.
    There now telling Sanchez to slow down,because he is showing the others up .
    Welcome to Wengerland lick his arse and earn 20 mil, come on down.

  3. MidwestGun

    Hmmm Welbeck is 4 to 1 as first goal scorer. I really hate to bet on Arsenal because I’m already too nervous but I might go with Ozil at 9 -1. Seems like an in improving form shot in the dark.

  4. Romford Pele

    Jim – Don’t think we would ever go back in for Higuain, how much would he cost now? We’d have to pay a bomb. And for teams that tend to play a lone striker system, you don’t really need more than two strikers, especially when you have wide forwards who could play upfront in a two.
    4-2-3-1 would be my default formation but then i’d also have a 4-4-2 diamond as well.

    Going with what you posted, be something like this:
    Debuchy CB Kos Gibbs
    Carvalho Ramsey
    Alexis Ozil Draxler

    Debuchy CB Kos Gibbs
    Ramsey Wilshere
    Sanchez/Theo Giroud/Welbeck

    Adapt accordingly!

  5. Jim Lahey

    @RP – If we got the rest of the players I could live without Higuain!

    When playing at home to one of the poorer sides

    ————- Carvalho ——— Ramsey ———–

    Sanchez ————— Ozil ——————–Draxler

    ———————– Welbeck ———————

    When playing away to Chelsea/City

    —————- Carvalho —— Rabiot —————-

    ———————— Wilshere —————–

    Walcott ————————————— Sanchez

    ————————- Giroud ————————

  6. Romford Pele

    So there’s no beer being sold in the away section tomorrow. Could end up backfiring. Most are just gonna start drinking from around 10/11 and not leave the pubs until late. Definitely trouble brewing.

  7. Romford Pele

    Jim, Love the two DM ideas against bigger teams. Would be so nice to see us shut down teams for a change! Can’t ever see Wenger doing that though. I’d also replace the teams that Ramsey and Wilshere are in. Ramsey carries a greater goal threat.

  8. NYCgooner

    3 – 1 to the Arsenal

    Goals from Alexis (his preferred name by the way), Ramsey and dat guy

    2 assists for Ozil

    you heard it here first.

  9. Gregg

    I agree with the take on the ‘perpetual transition’ – we’re always one or two short. Wengers has often relied on 3 CB’s. Initially Bould, Adams, Keown. Then Adams, Keown, Campbell, Then Toure came in for Adams etc. However Grimandi played countless games at CB and done a good job when called upon.

    This season he seems to be sailing too close to the wind for my liking. Still, it is what it is for now. Tommorow’s game is what it’s all about this weekend.

  10. nasri's mouth


    Diaby got his last contract extension because he was playing regularly. Simple as that. It wasn’t bad management at all, it was just bad luck that after he resigned, he got some more bad tackles on his ankle that required him to have more surgery.

  11. Hitchy


    I tend to go for scorecast’s in the vain hope one will come off one day!

    Welbeck and 2-1 Arsenal wouldn’t even be great odds though.
    Koscienly and 3-1 Arsenal would be my (very) long-shot.

  12. cladicus


    That Rosicky goal last year! I had the radio clip of that saved to my phone, just so I could listen to it now and again.

  13. Hitchy


    Its far from nailed on though! Still if im going for a long-shot Kosc the boss does like a goal in these kind of games.

    Quite like the idea of Ozil @ 9-1 as Midwest said, but certainly NOT if he’s being played out wide…

  14. Jeff

    Is anyone else getting a bit tired of Fabregas talking his bollocks off about coming back to Premiere League and (Arsenal)?

    “I was always going back to the Premier League because, to me, there’s no other league around the world that’s better than it.”

    If that’s the case Cesc, why did you rip your arse and wear it on your head to force a move to Barcelona. And now that they don’t want you – oh the PL is the best league in the world. Don’t believe your double standards or your stupid lies.

  15. Relieable sauce

    Not really a betting man but i once won around Β£100 on the NLD after betting Β£1 on the 1st goalscorer & final score. Great value for what was a fairly plausible punt.

    Pires was in great goalscoring form & was the 1st scorer, with Poyet scoring in the dying minutes to make my 1-1 prediction complete.

    Tough one to call tomorrow, i think we’ll win but wouldn’t be surprised if the spuds scored 1st.

    Something like Verthongen 1st scorer & a 3-1 result would have huge odds.

  16. MidwestGun

    Cladicus –
    Hahaha ya, I recorded it on dvr. I have that and FA Cup goal by Santi to play once in awhile. It cheers me up. That strike by Rosicky was one of the sexiest things I’ve seen tho. πŸ˜€

  17. cladicus


    That Santi goal in the FA Cup final was the most important goal of the match for me. We were reeling, and needed something good to happen. Kindof made him a hero for me, and I was surprised so many wanted him sold in the off season.

  18. MidwestGun

    Cladicus –
    Ya, well, I get the criticism of Santi being a bit slow and undersized physically and he gets too tippi, tappi sometimes but he’s one of our best players, imo. And if he plays well, we rarely lose. And experience counts. It’s just when physical ability declines past experience advantage when it’s not good like Flamini and Arteta to some extent. But I don’t think Santi is to that point, yet.

  19. cladicus

    I was checking out the big scientific and technology milestones of the week, and I am blown away by the advances in artificial intelligence. I can see it now, Le Grove is in meltdown because Josh Kroenke won’t buy the latest updates for our AI Coach.

  20. salparadisenyc

    Cesc’s premiere league DNA is getting tedious, that said it still unsettles me in somewhat awkward fashion to see him the in the Chelsea blue. If I take the emotion out of it and think about the prolonged / forced move to Barca, the DNA and all the rest of it; fuck it Chelsea and Fabregas deserve each other.

    Sad though he’d of made our side tick over rather nicely at the expense of either Wilshire or Ramsay, a move another manager with a ruthlessness to him would of made, perhaps Mourinho. Can’t deny we’d be a better side with him in the starting XI.

  21. london gunner

    sums up pochettino

    “So much hype and praise for Pochettino when as far as I can read from the PL table, Soton are 8th and but 2 points ahead of Newcastle who have an inferior squad and a manager who is widely considered to be terrible.

    He inherited a team that was roughly in the same position(8th), that was littered with talented players like Lallana, Lambert, Shaw and in the summer he was handed nearly Β£50m, Β£15m of which was spent on Osvaldo who was a complete disaster.

    Just going to point out that not long before he landed the Soton job he was sacked by Espanyol, so wondering what he’s actually done in his career to warrant the praise and football-hipster love in? “

  22. tunnygriffboy

    Carvalho is a beast and Rabiot is 6’3″. Those two in front of the back four would be solid. Rabiot can play a bit as well.

    Sell Poldi, Campbell and Sanogo and bring in Draxler / Reus

    Do you then get a 3/4th choice CB for another year of Mert or do we get replacement ? Personally if we got the 3 players above I’d go one more year with Mert. 4 more players, that’s all it is. Frustrated as hell.

  23. cladicus


    I know, makes me very afraid that he may be holding the purse strings one day. At least looking at Stan’s stoic, grumpy, mustachioed face gives me some kind of weird comfort that he is just old and miserly. I can’t even look at his boy without feeling like he is a little shady.

  24. london gunner


    Santi is a quality player and quality guy.

    But I think people look at his lack of athleticism and his age and think… OH shit….

    His athleticism is only going to decrease its kind of down here from this point which is a shame but his already lost pace/acceleration from his days in Spain

    I think we can prolong his career a couple years at the top by playing in the middle but then Ozil gets priority which relegates him to a some what bit part role…

    Like I said a Santi a few years younger would be great on the left but his already struggling and so I think we should focus on giving that position to Santi for when Walcott gets back

    Look at the future not hold on to the past

  25. london gunner


    You buy Reus… then its sanchez or walcott relegated to the bench. (or do you mean to play Reus as 1st striker and have welbeck on the bench?)

    You buy Draxler as a winger? So that’s

    sanchez reus walcott

    Back up
    Draxler Welbeck Ox

    I would much prefer Schnerdlin than Carvalho more pace, better passer and better tackler as well as has developed his attacking game even though his seriously brilliant defensively still.

    Rabiot as understudy? Don’t know anything about his quality.

    If your buying Reus tp play a winger role would say that’s a bad idea as I don’t think Sanchez or Walcott should be benched

  26. MidwestGun

    Cladicus –
    Ya, he’s a tool. Only hope would be he sells off enough shares to not have controlling interest to concentrate on the teams he directly has an interest in when the old man is gone. Getting named to the Bod tho is not a good sign. πŸ™

  27. Thomas

    Wenger about DM – β€œAsked if he regretted not signing a defensive midfielder, Wenger replied: β€œNot at all. Abou Diaby is a natural resource that I have because he’s a top-quality player. If you look to find better quality players than Diaby on the market you will have big problems.”

    Another Alzheimer moment for the specialist in failure.

  28. cladicus


    Fair point on Santi. I definitely think he has a little gas left in the tank, but agree he will need to be rotated out in a season or two.

    Arteta on the other hand has reached the point where I feel sorry for him. We are literally watching congnitive dissonance with him. He still believes he can do it. His body isn’t able, and you can see it written on his face when he can’t cover the ground, or is late on a tackle.

  29. nasri's mouth


    I can at least watch Cesc playing for Chelsea, (I actually find shots of Mourinho on the touchline more likely to make me feel nauseous). When RvP went to ManU I hardly watched them for an entire season. Even now if they were to start winning I’d probably have to turn off.

  30. tunnygriffboy


    Fair shout re having Alexis, Theo and Reus. Thing is the deadwood of Poldi, Campbell and Sanogo could go, then to have those to rest and rotate would be awsome. Schniederlin with Rabiot as understudy or to play alongside in certain games would please me no end.

    It’s the Mert question. Do we get understudy eg someone like Schar who then comes through with Chambers eventually to become our 1st choice pair or do we buy the finished article to replace Mert next season ?

  31. Leedsgunner

    Ooops hit the Enter button too quickly…

    1. There weren’t enough quality defenders out there — so don’t blame me for signing no one!

    2. Diaby will be our super DM — but don’t blame me if he breaks down for the nth time.

    The Wenger Motto — Don’t blame me.

    Diaby has been the most destructive player under Wenger’s reign as manager for our club — why? He has stopped Wenger getting a quality replacement…. year after year after year.

  32. salparadisenyc

    Schneiderlin Ramsay
    Sanchez Ozil Reus

    That side competes for the title, over the next several years. Walcott, Sanchez and Reus rotate based on form, odd man out comes on as an impact sub. Depth wise i’d like another CF, Rabiot would be a great bit of business as well. We then sell Arteta and Flamini or release. Defense needs obvious upgrades as well with Mert approaching the failsafe of his career.

  33. tunnygriffboy


    If he plays Mesut on the left tomorrow I fully expect you to start the chant/song ” play him in the middle ” . I want you to get the whole ground singing it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Seriously have a great day tomorrow and hoping for a good home win.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    You’ll see some drunk, ridiculously good looking bloke clamber down from the stands and drop Wenger if he does that and scream “I have no regrets” into the Sky Sports camera as I’m dragged away by police with GeoffArsenal shrieking from the stands “lock him away for life…for LIFE!!!!”

  35. Cesc Appeal

    My NLD line up now because by midday tomorrow I’ll be utterly shitted…fully aware it’s a 5 30 kick off.

    Chambers, Mert, Kozz, Gibbs
    ———Arteta, Ramsey
    —–Sanchez, Ozil, Oxlade

  36. salparadisenyc


    Its on you son, you started it!!
    Agree on Campbell, like Vela never going to be good enough for the Arsenal IMO.
    Poldi seems to of already checked out, I say move him in January if possible and use the wages to pay Schneiderlin.

  37. Johnty79

    Nasri s mouth…memory serves.. Diaby in 2010 had a run of about 10 games with out getting injured( whoopie). There was a rumour( probably not true) that Chelsea were preparing a 10m offer. Arsenal cave in and give a four year contract.

    The worse thing about this is diaby has two years left on his contract so at some point his contract must of got renewed. I don’t remember it being publiced.

    How diaby and miyachi get contract extensions should be investigated it just isn’t right. Both will never make it at top flight clubs. Why should arsenal be a charity.

  38. Johnty79

    This is why wenger constantly fails. Youth players should be bloodied one at a time. Hayden( despite being one of our better players) should be integrated into a full strength team maybe next to mertzaker.

    Then judge how good he is.

  39. tunnygriffboy


    Agree totally with that line up but wouldn’t be too upset if Santi started and Ox came on at 65 to run at tired legs. You just know it’s going to be 4- 1 – 4 – 1 with Ozil on the left, even though Ozil said they were much better organised and solid using the formation used at Villa * sigh ****

    Got to laugh Ox and a few others had to tell Alexis to calm down and use his recovery time after Tuesday as he was so hyped for the derby he was training like a loony πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I love him, hope his attitude rubs off on afew others

  40. salparadisenyc


    Do us a favor, when its all going according to plan and Sanchez nets his third rip the t shirt off and have something we can all relate to spayed on you’re person. Ideally something simple… like SHIT

    “Wat you think of Tottenham”
    Stadium erupts with all pointing to Cesc’s raging 6 pack S H I T.

    Enjoy dude.. it will be an ole boozerooney for sure.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    If he goes to a 4-1-4-1 with Ramsey and Wilshere playing we’re going to struggle, and potentially I’d say we could even lose if Spurs get their tactics spot on.

    No reason whatsoever for that diabolical, shapeless formation.

    Would be typical Wenger though, player like Ozil has the best game he’s had in about a year and Wenger will then stick him in some shitty position on the field where he’ll have a mare and people will say “Ozil doesn’t turn up in big games.”

    I really will be pissed if I read Wilshere and Ramsey are in the team. Will ruin the day for me a bit.

  42. Cesc Appeal


    I will do this now…for you

    I’ll also have “Liquid Football” sprayed on my buttocks for the camera close up

  43. Johnty79

    Wage conundrum wages per week.

    Schezzny 100k
    Debauchy 80k
    Mert 90k
    Kos 80k
    Gibbs 55k

    Arteta 80k
    Wilshere 80k

    Sanchez 150k
    Ramsay 100k
    Ozil 150k
    Wellbeck 100k


    Courtouis 100k

    Ivanovic 100k
    Cahill 75k
    Terry 130k
    Aziklibelleta. 60k

    Rameriz 80k
    Cesc 90k
    Matic 80k

    Hazard 90k
    Costa 110k
    Willian 110k

    Very similar wages but Chelsea are on a different planet. There team will beat us every time.

    And our wage bill is higher? How…….

    Note: hazard signed for relative peanuts in wages terms.

  44. nasri's mouth


    36 appearances the season before and 40 the season he signed.

    That deal runs to summer 2015.

    Stop making stuff up

  45. kc

    Wenger’s moving down his typical list of excuses awfully early this season. Diaby like a new player, βœ”. There weren’t any quality players to buy, βœ”. Sure hope he’s worked on some new ones to last the season.

  46. Cesc Appeal

    Who thinks Wenger is going to put his money (lol) where his mouth is tomorrow and play Diaby next to Ramsey?

    Or is this another classic Wenger deflection do we reckon?

    Β£100 Million in transfer funds available, nothing better than Diaby available apparently…incredible from our Β£8 Million a year manager, really gets better every year the material he gives us doomers.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    Think Schniederlin has to be our man now, most realistic, I’d go for him in January, go hard, go deep, go wet.

    Then target another like Lars Bender or Khedira in the summer.

    You imagine if you will for a second the perfect scenario of grabbing Schniederlin in January, Khedira on a free in June and then winning the tussle for Reus at Β£20 Million.

    Won’t happen because of Le Grande Ditherer but, one can dream. For the small fees involved, Β£40 Million spend maybe, what an improvement to the squad!

    Arteta, Diaby, Flamini, Coquelin out. Schneiderlin, Khedira in. Be chuffed with that.

    Podolski, Sanogo and some youth shite out, Reus in. Be chuffed with that.

  48. nasri's mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    His comments about Diaby weren’t massively complimentary. He was saying hes still pretty rusty. That doesn’t sound like someone who is about to pick him in an unfamiliar position in a NLD

  49. MidwestGun

    TY&GN –
    True……… but it would be a hell of a brewery for the first year! πŸ˜€

    Secretaries with amazing dance skilz and names like Porche, Charity, Crystal, and Sparkles. Lol.

  50. MidwestGun

    True………. but it would be an amazing place to work for about a year.:grin:

    Secretaries with legendary dance moves and names like Porche, Crystal, Sparkles, and Queen Isis. Lol.

  51. BacaryisGone

    Interesting breakdown on the Telegraph website.

    Wenger vs Francis: W1 D2 L0
    Wenger vs Gross: W0 D1 L0
    Wenger vs Graham: W2 D2 L1
    Wenger vs Pleat: W1 D0 L0
    Wenger vs. Hoddle W3 D2 L0
    Wenger vs Pleat W1 D1 L0
    Wenger vs Jol W5 D4 L0
    Wenger vs Ramos W1 D1 L1
    Wenger vs Redknapp W3 D3 L3
    Wenger vs AVB W2 D0 L2
    Wenger vs Sherwood W3 D0 L0

    Total: Won 22 Drawn 16 Lost 7

  52. salparadisenyc

    Mid bar staff:

    Delight and

    I once had a Raven “serve me a pint”.. blew the lid off.

  53. Sam

    Wow Campbell is the new victim on le moan

    Anyway, Isaac hayden looks like rio Ferdinand I can’t wait for wenger to make sweet comments about him

  54. cladicus


    The Arsenal could have beens. Don’t they just jump in and buy whoever we are linked to?

    Honest answer, They have some good players, and when they are all on the same page it can work out, although most of the time it looks like square players playing in round holes.

    Best answer, they are SHIT!

  55. Cesc Appeal


    Reus will be summer if ever, his release clause comes into effect. We just need to grow some nuts and really go hard in terms of wages and selling ourselves…AND having the squad that makes him believe he can win things here!

  56. Thank you and goodnight

    Why do the bloody journalists ask wenger pointless questions like what he thinks about lampards move to city, instead of doing their job and asking the real questions a lot of Arsenal fans would like to know….e.g why did you not replace TV5? Etc etc etc

  57. Al


    Sit across her….hold both her hands….look deep into her eyes. …and ask her.

    “What do you think of tottenham?”

    If she answers incorrectly. …LEAVE

  58. Romford Pele

    Lol cheers guys. Just waiting for this stupid ugly friend of hers to leave then I can go #Balosdeep!

    Can’t believe I’m missing the game tomorrow, so distraught, hope the lads do the business! Such an important game

  59. Keef Petrovic

    I am totally convinced there are regular pro-Wenger posters on this and several other blogs (using more than one pseudonym often no doubt) who are employed by Arsenal’s digital marketing agency or similar body, freelancers no doubt, to” balance the conversation” after our glorious leader’s latest disaster, sorry – accident.

    I recognize of course some pro-Wengers are just genuine deluded sweet souls, naifs and still believe in the tooth fairy .

    I’m talking about the aggressive ones who really go after people who question the management issue, sometimes referring to history from way way back, It seems like like they’re reading from a brief and proving their (fake) Arsenal credentials. I don’t know any old timer Arsenal fans happy with this fiasco, and I know a lot.

    Am I paranoid or does anyone agree with me?

  60. Second coming

    Sam, a lot of questions need answering about AFC, what cheapskate billionaire takes out 3 million quid,this ugly yank is just a petty scrooge

  61. Evan

    Happy NLD Grovers lets beat these buggers. Alexis and Welbeck will run riot today, confident of win.

    Shame Theo ain’t available, he likes scoring in the derby.

    2-0 Gooners

  62. useroz

    Incredulous what Wenger says these days to cover his tracks and failings managing what could have been a top top team. Words fail to describe this guy anymore.

    One day, wenger will be honoured when CEO, investment managers, etc are charged with have committed a “wenger scheme” and have defranded tens of thousands of investors/ customers.

    Touch wood…I should out live Wenger and many akbs to see some light at end of the tunnel. But of course the source of crime that is SS & family still lurks aorund unfortunattely.

    Today, we should win but probably under early pressure/ pressing from these spuds. But think we have more qualities to lose/draw. But seeing s’ton you’d never know.

  63. qna

    Johnty – Dont worry mate. Bellerin will come good. Lets just hope that Chambers is Englands No 1 centre back come Russia 2018. He will be worth 50m if he is.

  64. Hitchy

    Koscienly and 2-1 arsenal = 200/1 worth a quid every day of the week πŸ™‚
    Welbeck and 3-1 = 80/1
    Sanchez and 3-0 = 65/1

    Confident we’ll get the win today….

  65. WengerEagle

    Just watching Sol Campbell on his whole racism claims again there today, fuck me he was a great player for us but he’s a massive twat.

    I’m going with 3-1 to us today with 2 from Welbeck and one from Sanchez.

  66. Al

    James mccarthy is one i would happily break the bank for. ..such a great player and has shown great tactical and positional awareness. Also powerful and pacey to dominate in thay defensive midfield role…..imagine a middle two of his and Ramsey. The amount of ground those two would cover would really allow ozil and the boys in front of them to really florish