Our new signing has landed, just in time for Spurs

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Someone gave that guy on the fountain chair a child to dance with...

Interesting reading around the web when people talk defensive midfielder.

‘We don’t play with a defensive midfielder’

People getting a little too caught up in literal meanings there because it obfuscates the fact Wenger hasn’t addressed a glaring squad issue. Simply put, we’re struggling with a player who can break up play, intercept at rapid speed and help the team break quicker. I always speak about him, but Jordan Henderson is the perfect case in point here. He’s huge, explosive over ten metres and he can pass… He might not be the most technically gifted, but he’s Premiership attribute heavy.

Arsenal don’t have that at the heart of their midfield. Arteta has never been a natural in that role. Flamini had those skills 5 years ago. Outside that we have no one.

… sorry Arsene, what did you say?

Abou is back?

He can play the holding role?

He’s like a what… a new signing?!

Problem solved guys and gals. The answer was sitting there all along!

So once again, Wenger demonstrate comical predictability in his thinking. Abou does indeed have many of the attributes I listed above. But here’s the thing, he’s had those attributes for 8 years. But he doesn’t have reliability or consistency. He’s an attack minded midfielder who personally told me his favoured position is the number 10 role. For me, there’s almost no point in punting on him for this position. The disappointment the whole team will feel when he breaks down after 3 games is probably more hassle than it’s worth.

‘Oh he’s so brave’
‘You have to give him a go’
‘He’s just like Patrick’

Sorry people, but he’s a waste of time. He’s broken. He’s 28 now. We’ve been playing the ‘maybe’ game for too long. Everyone is losing their mind over Stan taking a £3m dividend every year, this guy takes a £3.5m chunk for having about the same amount of involvement. When do you just call it a day? When do you start acting like a sports club and give up the rehab charity act? When do we stop ignoring flaws in our squad because there’s a Diaby there? When the hell does his contract expire?

The predictability of that statement from Wenger is as predictable as our tactical set up. He’s at best a squad player. Someone you wheel out when you’re chasing a game. You can’t rely on him, because regardless of potential, he’ll never maintain fitness. We needed a 21 year old Carvahlo to play that role. Why we didn’t just pay the fee. I mean, if he’s good enough, what does £22m matter? If he’s not good enough, why show an interest? If he’s not worth £22m, you have to wonder why we’re looking at him… because really, you need a £25m talent in that position. If you can get him cheaper, cool, but we should be looking at players like Carvahlo for ability to impact our squad. If he was capable of impacting it, you do wonder why we didn’t move. Matic looks a steal for Chelsea and he came from the same league.

Anyway, it is what it is… Diaby for a starting role on Saturday against Spurs anyone? Big game… big, big game!

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  1. nasri's mouth


    I’m.kinda with you here. We’re stuck with him so we might as well make whatever proper use of him we can.

  2. cladicus

    nasri’s mouth,

    I think it pisses people off because they feel Diaby is taking up a roster spot. Diaby has been at the club for a long time, Arsenal have bought and sold players in that position since he has been at the club.

    Others seem to be pissed about the wages. I could care less, stan, ivan, nor arsene have ever dialed me and asked me to chip in for his paycheck.

    Like you said, he is here, might be fit. Let’s give him a go.

  3. qna

    There is definately a problem at the club and its not the fault of the players. We get stuck with overpaid guys that we all want off our squad roster. Sqillachi; Bendtner, Park, Gervinho. The list goes on and on and includes diaby. Its a poor situation when you have a player on a long term contract and no body will take them even on a free let alone a decent fee.

    Can hardly blame Diaby for him being overpaid for 8 years. Thats ridiculous. As long as he is with us I hope he can be useful. But we should not be signing him to a long contract. Unless its pay as you play.

  4. Justice4 Sonogo

    ‘Liverpool lost the league last year by conceding 50 league goals. This season they’re on target to do the same. Defensively they’re a shambles and their midfield offers zero protection. But yeah, lets use one of their CM as the player we should be looking to get.,
    Well said mate, I mean Henderson …seriously

  5. Cesc Appeal

    I think for Saturday I’d go with:

    Bellerin, Mert, Kozz, Gibbs
    ——Arteta, Ramsey
    —Sanchez, Ozil, Oxlade

    Be very disciplined, stay solid in the middle because Spurs are just going to want to tap, tap, tap it about when they get hold of it. Don’t leave then any room to exploit or for guys like Eriksen or Lamela to get any time on the ball to think or line up a shot.

    Then counter then with hideous amounts of pace in Sanchez, Oxlade and Welbeck with Ozil pulling the strings.

    It’s a NLD, so you never know, but if we get it right we really could thump them on Saturday.

    Do not want to see a 4-1-4-1, no no no. Arteta by himself and we could see some problems. I’d say well its obvious he’s well, well below the pace of the game now so no way will the manager plump him in there by himself, but…you know

  6. nigel tufnel

    Good comments on diaby from john d and qna.

    I will continue to support diaby as long as he’s with us..

    Yes I wanted a dm also, even khedira. But we are where we are now..

    Id rather be hopeful about the future than just bitter about the past.

  7. LB

    Look, Diaby will end up injured as soon as an attacking opponent looks at him ! How on earth Wenger can keep a straight face whilst decaring he can make a top quality DM, when Diaby’s leg, foot or other nearly falls off after any tackle, is seriously beyond rational comprehension. Utter lunacy !!

  8. Johnty79

    Why diaby hasn’t retired no one knows…you just know he will play a couple of games before he gets injured…the club will say he’s out for a couple of months that turns into a season.

    Arsenal fc…. A charity I’m afraid.

  9. MidwestGun

    Chambers, Mert, Kos, Gibbs
    Arteta, Rambo
    Sanchez, Ozil, Santi

    I think Santi is better at tracking back and understanding interchange with Ozil and Rambo. When to go forward, when to stay. Also he helps link play when Ozil isn’t on the ball. Sacrifices some wing play and quickness but Ozil liked to float wide anyhow. I would play Chambers over Bellerin. Bellerin looked kinda lost positionally last match but luckily had make up pace. Think Chambers would be more solid. Anyhow, that’s my thoughts on it. Otherwise I think that lineup is solid enough. Definitely no 4-1-4-1.

    2 -0… Arsenal. Need to keep the Spuds in their place.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I’d be happy with that.

    But defensively we’re on a knife edge.

    (Anyone listened to the Moh vs GeoffArsenal thing. I really, really detest this GeoffArsenal geeza, what a limp dick. Raises literally no points at all outside of ridiculous whining.)

  11. BacaryisGone


    That’s a pretty underwhelming list, tbh. Can show posts where you told us to buy Suarez back when he was just starting out for Ajax, or Bale in his first few games for Soton (hell, even when Spurs went on the 20 game winless streak with him in the side for the first time).

    Now that would be impressive..

  12. Cesc Appeal

    This GeoffArsenal bloke is full of shit! He just straight up distorts facts sometimes! You can hear the exasperation in Moh’s voice. He’s a qualified accountant with Arsenal accounts in front of him having broken it all down and Geoff is trying to tell him he’s wrong and needs to considered operating costs! Moh tells him he has and to essentially shut up and listen to why he’s wrong…so Geoff of course bottles it and goes for the classic pro-Wenger defence of “well we’re against clubs with bottomless pits.”

  13. Johnty79

    Bacary is gone I m pretty sure I did say sign Suarez on this very site on two occasions in 2012.

    Add him to my list. I think I said for arsenal not to sign bale. If wenger signed bale he would of tried to turn him into a right back.

    I have predicted more players turning into great ones then anyone. Even not signing holtby was a mistake he’s worth 12m now despite not playing at spurs.

  14. Socrates

    “Add him to the endless list of players who I said sign and then shone for years to come.” Then followed up by this list.



  15. MidwestGun

    Hahaha. Not gonna lie I was skipping forward. Don’t know if I can sit thru the whole hour and 45. But it’s the same old same. If you are too negative or question anything it creates an environment where the players will play worse. Huh? I’ve seen players play amazingly in an empty stadium. It’s the
    Whole your not a true fan arguement again if you question the Bod or AW. Like the players will win more if fans root harder. Like I said before if that’s true, Turkish teams would never lose. Their fans are mental.
    That Geoff dude sounds like Pedantic George. I hate when he says older fans understand like the younger fans are stupid or don’t have perspective. As an older fan he’s full of it. I’ve heard this denial of funds thing on other sites too. Like the cash pile is a myth. Anyhow, teeth still intact. Lol

    It basically boils down to, their will always be a division in the fan base as long as AW is the manager.

  16. Cesc Appeal


    And the classic “we have to pay wages with that cash/transfer fund as well.”

    He’s so full of shit and I think Moh is a really competent, well spoken guy who does actually love Wenger. He annihilates Geoff I think. I too had to turn it off because Geoff just comes across as a whiny, spineless baby. He sounds like a sycophant, he literally does not question a thing about the club, “we have a great squad,” “with luck we could win the UCL,” “I trust the club to do what’s right,” “we have used our resources,” “its not FIFA.”

    He just uses the same tired old “defences” that are totally lacking substance, relevance or weight. He speaks in constant hypotheticals.

    Moh had a great point when he said about Geoff saying “there are 90 clubs in the leagues who’d trade with us” – he retorted “Geoff I don’t care about the ones below us wishing they were us, I care about the ones above us and us not using our resources and not TRYING to catch them.”

    “Yeah, but…Moh…but…oil money.”

  17. MidwestGun

    I loved and respected Wenger too as a manager at one time. Really wish he would have retired. Still worries me he hasn’t said this is my last contract. Anyhow, a League title might do the trick. Like the US hockey team. Do you believe in miracles? Lol

  18. Mike adamski

    Just listened to moh v Geoff

    Was a good row actually .
    Moh raised great points and kept composed

    Geoff defends EVERYTHING.

    It sums up my feelings exactly . Arsenal could and should do more to challenge city and chelsea

    Simple as that . No excuses for having a threadbare back line and no proper DM.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Going back to what me and Romford were saying earlier, watching the early season games I really think Schneiderlin has stepped his game up to a whole other level at the minute. Really commanding, composed and a threat going forward.

    I asked for him in January last year with a cheeky punt for someone like Mirallas as well after Walcott got that bad ACL, he wasn’t my first choice over the summer but someone I would certainly have been happy with.

    But I think now he just makes incredible sense for us. Ideally we need two CM/CDM’s but he’s got to be one of them.

    Cannot let Spurs take him.

  20. Thank you and goodnight


    Mate I’ve had a few to drink tonight, wanted to post earlier as I know your in bed snoring now but……

    I’m truly really sorry to hear of you and your kids losing your wife and their mum at such a young age. My words mean very little I know but…raising your kids by yourself I take my hat off to you sir. Your wife looking down on you is know doubt extremely proud of you and you are a man amongst equals sir. The pain you and your family went through is one I hope to never have to face and you handle yourself with dignity and your daughters are lucky to have a man like you to call a father. I hope to one day become the man and father you are. I hope your lives from here on in are filled with joy and happiness. Some things in life are more important than 22 men kicking a ball and I for one am in awe of you. Sorry to go on but haven’t been able to stop thinking about you and your family.

  21. Dark Hei

    This whole injured man bashing got to stop.

    Diaby is just a convenient punching bag because everyone wants Wenger to sign a proper DM.

    But he is an injured punching bag and you guys are shamelessly bashing him.

    Even S*purs did nothing to their own walking wounded. Kaboul, King etc.

  22. Dark Hei

    “Arsenal could and should do more to challenge city and chelsea ”

    I think that at this stage, the answer should be yes.

    The last transfer season represented a great opportunity for us as FFP actually grew teeth and made City and Chelsea tentative. If FFP did not exist, I think spending $$ to catch those 2 would have been futile.

    I am all for staying in black and I applaud Arsenal for doing so. Having cash on hand is not the same as staying in black. Some fans are confusing the 2 issues.

    But given the opportunity to strike while City is trying to balance its books, we should have struck using our accumulated gains to push out for that fabled DM.

  23. gonsterous

    I think when giroud comes back he can play alongside welbeck in a 4-1-3-2.. I think having a second striker makes him a better player, like when he played along side benzema for France and played better than him !!!

  24. Nak

    Wenger is crazy, how can we rely on injury-prone Diaby to be our starting DM. If AW didn’t want to spend on Carvalho or Khedira, he could have at least brought back Alex Song. Song, Fabregas and Remy would have been three really good signings. Imagine Song starting instead of Arteta, Fabregas instead of Wilshere and Remy coming off the bench, WOW!

  25. BacaryisGone

    It just occurred to me that the managers that Arsene seems to have a positive relationship with are managers I also like (Pellegrini, Pocchetino, Martinez, Klopp etc) and the ones he clashes with are largely tossers (Pardew, Allardyce, Mourinho, Pulis etc).

    Maybe this is one of the reasons why I cut him some slack…

  26. Gregg

    TYAG & Tunny

    Just seen your post mate and I’d like to say a big, big thank-you, it really, really means a lot. Football used to be the ‘be all and end all’ for me years ago, now it’s more like an escape from reality for me. Your words are truly humbling and I again thank-you guys.

  27. Bergkamplegend

    Goooooooooooooooood mornig Grovers.

    “Why diaby hasn’t retired no one knows…”
    The money maybe ??

    Spuds tomorrow == >> I can already smell their BLOOD, ah ah!!

  28. Judekani

    Coquelin can play the DM role for Arsenal! Wenger is a first class schumk! Wilshere will neva b a good number 10, he holds on to d ball too much, doesn’t know when to release a pass esp on the break! His final ball is atrocious whenever we are on a counter attack! Wenger is a puSsy! If somebody called me a “specialist in failure” I wuld be “mad as hell” esp if I got beaten 6-O. Why he didn’t buy a world class DM is beyond anybody! Deluded cunt! He has the funds, the resources, the goodwill of the club and its loyal fans (arsenal Fans are the best), why doesn’t he like winning trophies! Instead prefer an overbloated cash balance! “Money over Trophies” that Arsene wenger’s Mantra! Lol! We gats to beat spurs silly! But wenger doesn’t know his best team! Pls don’t arsenal practise defence in training! One tackle, one pass and our foes r right in our penalty box!

  29. Al

    Just heard the Moh Vs Geoffarsenal debate on AFTV….

    Jesus christ that @Geoffarsenal is a serial excuse maker for all of Arsenals failings and mistake. Never have i heard someone find that many excuses for all the mistakes the club has made…Guy literally thinks everything the club and manager have done and are doing is 100% right.
    There is no way a grown adult can be that blind and gullible , just makes no sense.

  30. Rhys Jaggar

    Quote of the day from Arsene Wenger:

    ‘”I’m always a fan of stability because the manager carries the values of a club better than anyone else.”


  31. peanuts&monkeys

    Podolski is loaded with luck that he is part of a WC winning team. He is such shit playing for Arsenal. The only time he started for Arsenal this season, Arsenal lost. Now, what to do with him except pay him and bear his poor jokes around the training ground. The only good use he could come to Arsenal was if could get his master wenger sign Khedira. Wenger is such a scumbag.

    What on earth could have stopped him from siging Khedira/ Tiote/Carvalho?

    What on earth could have stopped him from signing Balotelli/ Costa/ Wilfried Bony?

    Mot!@#$%^ker is a ruiner. Out to prove the world is wrong, and he is right. Bastard!

  32. peanuts&monkeys

    The papers and the portals make fun of Arsenal fans when they start listing down Wenger’s targets from 1st Sep for next year. They know there are no fans of another EPL club who would be more gullible to the shit they serve on their pages.

    I wish you pass away too, Stan Kroenke. Enough!

  33. karim


    I expect an apology from you after the sick and disturbing comments you posted on here yesterday
    It’s not the first time you’re expressing racism and sheer stupidity on here

    If you don’t , which I think will happen, I will make sure you get a well-deserved ban

    Trolling is one thing
    Ignorance and insulting peaceful people because of their origins is one step too far my ” friend ”
    Come on, show you’ve got enough guts and self-respect !

  34. karim

    He said people shouldn’t mess with me or “heads will roll ”
    I’ve got a muslim name, I live in France so me and all people from North Africa are responsible for the beheading of a French mountain guide in Algeria yesterday
    He even dared to add ” lolololol ”

    He certainly hasn’t got a clue about what being an Arab is like since 9/11 !
    He also spends his time asking me whether I’m French or Algerian because he’s too damn stupid to understand that both cultures are part of me

    I’m sure he loves Zidane Benzema and Ozil into the bargain

    Sad, sad man…

  35. Thank you and goodnight


    I’m not disagreeing with you that he was out of order mate, but when day and night the media is portraying all muslims as mad mullahs, is it any wonder that people think the way they do? Too many people in the world are sheep unable to think for themselves, hence the need to be controlled by the media and the reason western governments can do what they like. Take the stupid #notinmyname campaign set up by the media around here in England….. pathetic.

  36. clockendjim

    It was almost a pity that we won the FA cup. It papered over the cracks that are there for all to see and everyone thought all was well in the Wonderful World of Wenger. Sadly though he has lost his touch and is arrogant or stupid not to realise that the most important signing we needed during the close season was a world class defensive midfielder. It was so evident against Dortmund that they just sailed through our midfield unhindered.
    This one essential signing could really have made us contenders this season. As things are shaping up we will be struggling for 4th again