Arsenal to unleash ‘like a new signing’

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Oh here she is, it’s the Carling Cup… or Milk Cup… or Capital One Cup. Whatever, it’s that time of the year where we get to see what’s coming through the ranks, or, the more recent trend of seeing what’s coming out of the medical room.

… and first out of the blocks.

It’ll be our chance to clap eyes on the the enigma that is ABOU DIABY.

He’s been the ‘like a new signing’ poster boy for the last 8 years. He’s fit, he’s ready to go for 56minutes and I can’t wait. He’s always been a talent, but realistically, he’s 28 now… if there were such thing as a mental footballing age, he’d still be 22. Massively inexperienced, very rusty and hugely inconsistent. You could see Paddy 02 or you could see Nik B out on the wing. Who knows…

I’d expect that we’ll see some other players who are pottering around the edge of the first team. Ideally, we won’t see any first team defenders because those boys are more precious than the The Ring at the moment (Lord Of The Ring… not that ring you pig).

We’ll be seeing a debut from David Ospina. The Columbian World Cup hero. I really hope he turns in a stunner of a performance. I still think he’ll be number 1 by the end of the season. We’ll see though, making the move from an dirt average French club to the Premier League is a massive ask. Also, Wenger and keepers is a blend as smooth as whisky and orange juice. Hopefully he’s got this one right… we’ll see though.

Midfield will lean on the experience of Thomas Rosicky, a man ostracised for no apparent reason this season. I’d like to see someone like Zelalem make a start. Lots of potential that seems to have moved off track recently. I like the look of Crowley, he feels like the next big talent on our books, maybe a bit early for him to make a debut.

Up top, I think it’s going to be Sanogo. I’d prefer to see CHUBA, but hey, that’s just me. I’m just a big old xenophobe. Jokes aside, I think Akpom looks the better talent right now, but hey, I only see the players train when I hide in the Colney bins. Not the best view.

We’ve a  dearth of talent coming through. We have a new man in Joncker, but he won’t have had time to impact how we operate. The League Cup used to be an outrageous talent show, it’s lost its sparkle of late because our scouting network has been caught and surpassed. City and Chelsea seem to be dominating where we once excelled. One of my main issues with Arsenal is there’s never a reaction. Other teams found France… instead of going East, we carried on trying to tap France. What’s our reaction to the youth scouting issue?

Who knows, I’m just a blogger who hangs out in bins.

Important thing tonight is that we rest players. We have some big games coming up and this Cup really isn’t top of the priority list when you consider our injuries.

Right, enjoy tonight if you’re going and please, please, please… refrain from Mexican waves.

P.S. Ozil said Arsenal had analysed how Villa play pre game.

1. About time.

2. Analysing the opposition should be like having a brainstorm at a marketing agency. The fact he’s saying it shows it’s a new thing. Let’s hope it’s continued.

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  1. Daniel

    my tots tonight
    1.Sanchez creates an imbalance in the team, he needs time
    2.playing without a traditional striker blocks our outlet,akpom should have started.
    3.rosicky,podolski,and to an extent Campbell had a bad game,opine too nervous
    4.Campbell won’t make it at afc,will be off in January.
    5.wenger should have taken rosicky off for carzola, tells it all bout him.he’s too scared to tweak formation midway or substitute big players wen off the pace

  2. BacaryisGone

    If we have to get knocked out in the Capital One Cup, best do it early.

    Our much-mocked hunt for a trophy is over, so I’m more than happy to keep our somewhat undercooked squad rested for the league and getting out of our Champions League group. This will be no easy task after losing to Dortmund.

    As much as there’s an air of negativity around here, it’s interesting that Kompany thinks we’re headed for a three-team title race with us, Chelsea and Man City. He clearly was impressed with us and I think they both legitimately see us as contenders.

    Also, interesting to hear Cesc say that Arsene hasn’t spoken to him since his Chelsea move. That does not sound like the actions of a man who was delighted to pass on him coming back to the Emirates. More plausibly, it sounds like a guy that was pissed that 1) a gun was probably put to his head regarding Cesc’s lack of interest in returning and the cost of bringing him back and 2) Cesc clearly tried to pin everything on him by claiming we didn’t want him.

    There’s far more to Cesc’s move to Chelsea than meets the eye.

    Last thing-that cold chill down by spine must have overlooked a Sanchez wonder goal.

  3. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s be clear the team which played against Southampton tonight was basically a combination of squad and U21 players.

    The only player in the starting line up who might be playing on Saturday against Spurs was Sanchez and this seems to be uncertain.

    If we are going to miss out on trophy and reduce our commitments then I would rather that it is the League Cup.

  4. tunnygriffboy

    That Southampton side is better than last seasons. Our full team would have to be ono top form to beat them. Tadic > Lallana, Pelle > Lambert and that midfield with Wanyama and Schniederlin in is really strong.

    Podolski needs to go.

  5. Bamford13

    Any good performances tonight? Any positives?

    Didn’t see the match and sounds like I didn’t miss much. Those who excuse this poor performance by pointing either to the starting XI or to the relative insignificance of the competition need to answer this question: do other top clubs put on performances like Arsenal’s tonight, with a starting XI as shabby and unimpressive as Arsenal’s tonight?

    Or is Arsenal fairly unique among “top” clubs in putting out these shabby performances and sides?

  6. WrightIsGod

    I’m sick of AKB’s creating excuses for defeat.

    A cup’s a cup and we should look to win every competition we enter.

    Saying a cup is not worth winning allows complacency and mediocrity to run rife in this club.

    Wenger creAted this culture of arrogance.

  7. Dissenter

    How come Sanogo is never fit for games like this.

    Come Bayern or Real Madrid in the last sixteen of the CL, he’ll be clogging up space.

  8. tunnygriffboy


    Man u went out 0-4 to MKDons last round
    Liverpool won 14 -13 on pens against Middlesbrough and were lucky
    Everton lost 0-3 to Swansea

    Chelsea and Man City play tomorrow and the have the best and most balanced squads.

    We would have to play well with our full side to beat this Southampton side. They are a good unit

  9. Bamford13


    Culture of “arrogance”? You have to be the best — or one of the best — to be arrogant.

    More like a culture of rationalizations and excuses.

  10. Relieable sauce


    He seems a little concerned but i’m sure he just sees it as bad luck… & we have gained another left back in Coquelin 😉
    The cover is ok at the moment & Bellerin & Hayden do need some games imo, but another key injury & the totting up of cards already happening means they will have to be played regardless.

    on whether he felt short defensively…
    We are a bit short, yes because of the injuries we have. You sit there and you think Gibbs couldn’t play because of a slight problem, Mertesacker is a bit on the edge and then we have no choice.

  11. tunnygriffboy


    Our youth is not as good as it was, certainly in numbers. There a few coming through. Long term Jonkers must start to weave his magic. Also a lot of prem sides have got stronger over the years. The draw was a tough one. Southampton are one of the form sides. I think that they’re better than they were last season.

    I agree with Emirates. That was bar 2 or 3 a youth and fringe side v a quality full strength PL side. Bellerin and Hayden will gain from it. 3 nineteen year olds in the defence needs to be taken into account .

  12. tunnygriffboy

    The myth that is Joel Campbell. One good WC game. One great goal v Man u in CL.

    Podolski, enough is enough.

    Get rid of both and look to get a Reus/Draxler in. ( this is assu ing we get a CM and CB in January ) **** Either Wanyama or Schniederlin would do ****

  13. salparadisenyc

    I’ve no problem loosing this game if it means a rested Ozil, Welbeck and Ramsay turn up and burn the dampness out of the Emirates pitch this Saturday. Absolute requirement to my happiness moving into Autumn.

  14. Sam

    Yes I am disappointed we lost the game we should have won even though it’s just a silly cup. Uninspiring performance is the managers fault. Podolski seems uninterested, rosicky was shit. Happy for diaby, impressed with bellerin, Hayden should be our 4th CB n utility man coquelin is better at left back than monreal. Sanchez man of the match I only wish he was rested if wenger had no jntention of winning this game. We need him fit for the next 2 games.

  15. tunnygriffboy


    Yes the next 3 games are ore important. Think anyone of those 3 youngsters could do a stand in job for us at the back but not 2 or more together and pray not v Chelsea.

    Good to see diaby back but Podolski has to go, lazy bastard

    Looking at all of the teams that played tonight , on paper Southampton looked the strongest. If we are to beat them in the league we will have to be at our best.

  16. Sam

    If you put too many inexperience players in one team you shouldnt be lazy sitting, should be busing shouting.
    Joel Campbell had a bad game coz he looked so desperate to impress, should have been told to keep things simple. I think he deserves a run

  17. Second coming

    You might be right n’gambo, LVG is 63, Roy Hodgson is around 66, Wenger is close to 65, how well are these relics going, old dogs and new tricks being the obvious, LVG, trying to buy his way to success, and doing a very poor job of it, he is nothing special had success at clubs I could have managed at, Barca, Bayern, Ajax, he is a fraud, just like Wenger

  18. MidwestGun

    Finally got to see the game. Thanks Bein sport for playing it 6 hours after the
    Anyhow, we were the better team in the first half. But behind because Rosicky dove in for no reason trying to defend. Rosicky seemed to be trying to hard to impress with Captain’s armband. Also, the whole formation seemed to be an attempt to see if Alexis can play at CF. He shouldn’t. He spends too much time pressing and chasing when none of the rest of the team is. His freekick goal tho was beautiful. Dude can shoot. But there were several crosses which went begging with no true CF.
    Podolski complete waste of space. Looks like he thought he was gone this summer. Diaby and Sanchez were the best players first half.
    Southampton’s goal was a wonder strike, off a corner clearance. Set piece again. Jack still dribbles too much. And isn’t a great shooter but he played ok. The team just doesn’t seem to play as well when he starts,not as smooth flowing. Ospina didn’t play bad. Made 2 great saves.
    2nd half. More of the same. Basically, lots of dribbling with no final ball. Sanchez had a point blank shot, probably should have scored. The young defense played ok.Thought Coq played well.
    Basically, what I saw is what a team with no Ozil looks like. No creativity in the midfield. Keep that in mind Ozil haters. We don’t have a deep team is what this game tells me. Our 2nd team can’t beat a first team Premier League team. Altho, arguably we had many first teamers in midfield after subs at 75 minutes. Bellerin with more wasted crosses. No height in the box. Southampton should have scored on a free header on another wide open corner, too. Akpom should have started and not Podolski.
    Don’t no whether to be relieved we don’t have to play in another competition or mad we didnt really have any depth and our midfield was disjointed in another game. And it’s a trophy so we should try.So basically I feel, meh…..
    Anyhow, that’s my 48 cents. Sorry if I repeated earlier comments but I’m too lazy to read back.

    Also, how many fuckin times can you sing when the Saints go marching in. Ffs learn another song.

  19. Dark Hei

    Sorry folks, but I can’t be arsed about the result. Just a little surprised by what we learnt from it.

    The kids are ok. They are better than Squillaci and Silvestre. Our patchwork defence is better than our patchwork attack, despite our attack approaching that of a first team.

    This simply means we won’t go into an immediate meltdown if another defender gets hurt. I know 1 game don’t mean everything, but we can only judge base on the information on hand.

    Diaby turns out to be ok in the deep lying role. He lasted about an hour. Let’s see where he can build from there. He isn’t going to get many chances as there are like a zillion options in front of him. But, he is the only big guy on the list.

    Coquelin turns out ok and it is a shame we got knocked out early as it means there are less opportunities for him to impress. His future might not be totally be outside Arsenal as yet.

    Podolski is the German Arshavin. He is unsuitable for Arsenal. He is as un-Wenger like as possible. Could be just a big name we sign to try and convince RVP, fans and perhaps Wenger himself. Both sides need to part. Podolski skill sets are not suitable for Arsenal and he is not good enough to build a side to accommodate him.

    Campbell deserves another chance. Let’s see what he can do next time.

  20. Sam

    We have a better team B than last season
    Only missing a winning formula
    Our reserve CBs can defend better than man utd

    Again they need a better coach I even forgot Steve Bould used to be a cb. Smh

  21. Emiratesstroller

    If there was one positive yesterday it was that Afobe scored 2 goals once again in a League Cup game for MX Dons as he did in previous round. Frankly he must be a better option in our squad than Sanogo,Podolski and Campbell.

    Yesterday’s game highlighted once again Arsenal’s weaknesses against teams who play pressing high tempo games and of course the way we handle set pieces. Until the manager and coaches address those problems we will continue to struggle in such games.

    Also Wenger needs to play both Ozil and Sanchez in their favoured positions and not where he wishes them to play. Personally I am not a fan of the concept that most players should be utilitarian.

  22. Dark Hei

    “Frankly he must be a better option in our squad than Sanogo, Podolski and Campbell.”
    To be fair, Afobe did not exactly set the league alight last year in his loan spell. The standout performer among our loanees was Aneke.

    “pressing high tempo games ”
    Personally, my solution will be to press back. Kind of worked against Aston Villa and Man City. It is getting players fit enough to do that all the time. Dortmund pressed like mad against us and paid the price during the weekend when they lost 2-0 to Mainz.

    “Ozil and Sanchez in their favoured positions”
    I agree, to a certain extent. The 4-2-3-1 is probably favoured by both Ozil and Sanchez and since they are our best players, we should be building our side around them rather than Jack Wilshire, who seems fantastic in the 4-1-4-1 but not so impressive in the 4-2-3-1. That are certain matches that will warrant the use of the 4-1-4-1, especially in cases where you feel Arteta or Flamini might get swamped in a counter. But other than that, the 4-2-3-1 should be our default formation.

  23. Second coming

    Typical Wenger, an after the event man, telling us he could have signed Ronaldo, sure he could have the only stumbling block this skinflint didn’t want to part with the 12 million quid, what an arse, a guy who was valued at 80 odd million quid could have been gotten by Wenger if he went the extra mile, his life is full of these regrets

  24. Second coming

    He could have had Alonso as well if had gone the extra 2 million quid, also could have kept Ashley Cole if he had given him the 5000 quid a week extra he asked for, but this slimy tightwad just won’t spend

  25. Al

    I would just play sanchez on the right till debuchy comes back for 2 reason. The first being his work rate will help chambers and number 2 being that he is such a menace the opposition left back would not dare attack and leave space for him so it will further help chambers in making his job easier

  26. TheBayingMob

    Hard to believe Abou has been with the club for 8 years now. He’s averaged roughly 15 appearances per season. If we say he has maybe cost the club £20m in waves over this 8 years that’s around £160k per game.

    Would he have had so much generosity from the club or AW had he not been French? I do wonder, I mean 8 years is an awful lot of waiting.

    Not worried about the result last night if it means we pound tottenham at the weekend. Seems we do have another wenger situation with disaffected players sacked from the squad while taking up wages and PL quotas in Podolski and Rosicky (you could argue Campbell into that maybe?)

  27. Wallace

    “The weekend showdown at the Etihad Stadium was billed as the battle of the big hitters but Kompany believes Arsenal, who are one point better off than City and four off top spot, are ready to make it a scrap at the summit.

    ‘It is not fair to call it at the moment,’ said Kompany.’ First of all we are not even close to Chelsea yet (in the table). Secondly, I have seen good things from Chelsea but I have seen maybe better things from Arsenal so I guess it will all be about consistency and, with the Champions League, it will get messy around December.”

    – daily mail

  28. Emiratesstroller


    If we play our best players in their correct positions and are able to turn out our best side we could be a match for anyone.

    However, we have seldom that luxury and we are still 2-3 players short of being realistic title contenders.

    I believe still that Arsenal do need to clear out those players in squad who
    are past their best or are not good enough for an ambitious club. There are
    still 5 or 6 such players in squad.

  29. Wallace


    yeah, pretty much. i’d say an imposing midfielder makes us very competitive, although still 3rd favourites. and every squad contains some deadwood. we’re certainly carrying less than we used to. only Poldi of the current group, especially with his wages.

  30. nasri's mouth


    As a defender, Kompany’s view might be a little biased. With Chelsea parking the bus he probably had less to do aganst them than he did us. I wonder whether Aguero had a similar opinion?

  31. qna

    Last nights game highlights an interesting question that many fans or both Arsenal and Southampton have pondered: Was it the right decision to sign Chambers over Clyne. Many Southampton supporters have suggested we took the wrong RB.

    Looking at Clyne’s stunning goal, its hard to disagree. For me the question is not whether Clyne is a better RB than Chambers, its will Chambers be a world class CB in the next 5 years. Based on what I have seen, the signs look good and its certainly worth the 16m gamble in my opinion. Chambers would also be perfect as the right side of a back three if we ever looked at that formation in the future. I am a fan of that formation and who knows what the next manager would like to do.

    A second question might be better asked – why didnt we try to buy Clyne as well. He may not have been for sale, but even if he was, I think the answer to that question is – we have Bellerin. I thought he was very impressive last night. Its hard to say that when our defense was a bit of a shambles, but I think in isolation he did some very good things going both forwards and backwards. It remains to be seen who is better in the long run, but I think we are on a winner with Bellerin. I have no doubt Clyne is also a winner, but you can really only develop one at a time.

    Given that we dont have any CB cover, I would like us to risk Bellerin as the 1st choice backup for Debuchy this year and develop Chambers as a CB who can cover at RB.

  32. Radio Raheem

    So Wenger confirms he is transforming Diaby to a DM. No surprises there then. Like I said in the summer having Diaby was one of the reasons we didn’t sign a player in that position.

  33. Wallace

    nasri’s mouth

    yeah, but i like Kompany, and respect his views. that said, the City game was far and away the best we’ve played so far this season.

  34. Wallace


    yeah, looks that way. although i also think Wenger has specific targets in mind for DM. he couldn’t get them so was prepared to go with Arteta/Flamini/Diaby. little surprising bearing in mind he knows he’s probably coming to the end of his time at Arsenal.

  35. Emiratesstroller


    Chambers is 19 and cost £16 million. He was brought in initially as an understudy RB to replace Jenkinson. He may well be better suited at CB, although
    he is not tallest player in that position.

    However, it is too early to assess whether he has World Class potential or indeed will become a first string player at club. Nevertheless I am not concerned because you have to pay that amount of money for a squad player
    today. Let’s face it Shaw is not much better and he cost Man Utd double.

  36. nasri's mouth


    Yah, not saying Kompany isnt telling it how he sees it, just that others might have seen it differently.

    I don’t think we’re too far off to be honest. Trying to accommodate new players and different styles has hurt us. Add in players coming back late and at different times and its no surprise we’ve struggled.

    Having said that, I really think we ought to be seeing better performances from now on

  37. qna

    E-stroller: “He was brought in initially as an understudy RB to replace Jenkinson.”

    Yeah that is the official line. But selling Vermaelen and sending out Jenkinson and Miqel and not bringing in anybody else. It could be argued that Wenger is doing another create a player by playing him out of position job. It also doesnt make sense to develop two 19 year olds at the same time. Wenger knew how good Bellerin is, its not really his style to develop 2 full backs at once. I think he identified him as a CB that is being played at RB. He immediately trialed him at CB when he could have given him his first outings at RB.

    E stroller wasn’t it you that was insisting that Sanchez was bought as a CF? I could be wrong, but somebody was insisting on that. So Sanchez a RW to be played at CF and Chambers a RB to be played at CB.

    Anyway, I think we did well with Chambers, I cant see him being a star RB – not quick enough. But I can see him being a star CB. Bellerin and Clyne both look like fantastic prospects. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the 2 best right backs in the premier league in 5 years time.

  38. Hitman49

    In all fairness diarby played well last night.

    But to be honest again he never had much challenge to that.

    A poor team set up poorly.

    A real shame because you can see that there is talent out there.

    Same ol same ol

    WENGER is done !

  39. Thank you and goodnight


    Totally agree with you mate. Barring a few individuals, we have a talented group of players. All they need is a bit of direction and organisation and we’re not far off challenging for major honours, with a couple new players that we all know we need. Wenger is just clueless

  40. Emiratesstroller


    No I never suggested that Sanchez should be brought in as a main striker.

    What I have suggested is that he can play either right wing or second striker a la Bergkamp. What I did suggest before Welbeck arrived was that Arsenal would have this season considerably more firepower in their squad with Giroud,Walcott, Sanchez and Podolski all having scored 20+ goals in recent seasons and both Cazorla and Ramsey having scored double digit goals as well.