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“I think [Welbeck] has an interesting potential and let’s see how he develops. He has a good mentality, good physical potential, good technical potential, he contributes to our team play because he doesn’t lose the ball up front and those are important qualities. [Henry] is a good act to follow, you know … I have nothing against it.”

No Arsene! Don’t do this to us. Thierry Welbeck? WELBZierry? Danielle Welbacary?

It’s too tantalising a propsect. I get it though. The frame, the cutting in from wide, the wayward composure at a young age… the smile (come on, Thierry used to be a smiler). Confidence breeds everything in football, well if you have the basics. Whatever happens, he’s proving his value in a more prominent way than Giroud. If he gets his head down, works on his game, well… he’ll have a good career and I’m sure he’ll become a fan favourite.

Results worked for us yesterday. United unravelled in spectacular fashion against Leicester… losing a 2 goal lead! I’ve penned quite a bit on Pearson, mainly because I have LCFC fan in my ear everyday. He’s a smart manager and he’s working wonders with this squad when you consider the horrendous start they’ve had. LVG really has had a shocker based on that cash splurge. Title klaxons feel a bit premature if you ask me.

Chelsea / City was as joyless as usual. Seeing Frank Lampard bury the equaliser was a bit special. A draw suited us. Liverpool are learning the hard way what extra games brings to the table… no zip in their game at all. Finally, Spurs took a 1-0 HAMMERING against WBA.

… it’s fair to say the metaphorical hardon I had for this weekends results wasn’t Viagra induced.

Hilarious scenes at Fulham. Felix Magath bantered the Fulham squad into oblivion with calls to heal a Hangeland injury with a lump of cheese. After losses he’d call players into a meeting room, stare at them for 3 minutes without saying a word. Then ask them to leave. I love that. Get to a certain age and say,

‘fuck what the doctor says, GOD IS A MORE POWERFUL HEALER’

‘Who is God?’

‘Me, now hand me the Monterey Jack, immediately’

That’s a meeting I’d have wanted in on.

Feeling the urge for cheese puns… may-brie that’s not s gouda idea?


They’re playing poorly, but hey, I remember when they were basically rooted to the bottom of the league and we had that ridiculous draw with a Bentley screamer to finish. I think that was around the time we started involving ourselves in the high scoring school boy  games Alex referred to the other day. Anyway, our form is marginally better after the weekend. My worry is that the result was slightly aided by a sickness ravaged Villa squad. Spurs will be a different type of test. I’m always confident going into these games, but Pochettino makes me nervous, I really think he’s the best thing to happen to them management wise in years. Smart, astute, good with youth and very modern in his approach.

We’ll see though… making the jump from an expectationaless midtable team has foiled many a man…

Head on over to the Swiss Ramble’s take on Arsenal’s finances. £168m wage bill these days, I’m sure I heard that was higher than Chelsea’s. That £200m cash in the bank is also pretty much higher than anyone else’s. Not all for spending, but still an embarrassment of riches considering our squad lightness. Also some critiquing of the board for our slow uptake of secondary deals compared to our rivals.

Finally, a piece on the Portland Trailblazers and how they brought more young people into the game. Really interesting read on how they used UX and personalisation to drive more sales. Part of the issue for Arsenal and tickets is that 99% are sold. The issue is how do you make it well bloody easy to give your ticket out and for the club to ship it back out in seconds… because a 53k ‘actual’ attendance isn’t good on a financial level (selling stuff) and a ‘ new fan on-boarding process’.

Right, that’s me done. HAVE A GOOOOOOD DAY.



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  1. london gunner


    I think Klopp would be a Wenger like figure

    Be great at first but not necessarily adapt to football.

    I think his very much got his style and vision and that’s that kind of guy. Which is great on paper but we can see how it goes wrong with Wenger.

    I also think getting players to play Klopps style in the premier league would be very effective at first but be even worse in terms of burnout/fatigue injuries than in the Bundlisliga. Are league is pacey and high octane that to plays Klopp style would require even more effort and fitness

  2. cladicus


    Couldn’t agree more, well said. Your comment stuck out to me because I haven’t seen many critical of Klopp here.

  3. nasri's mouth

    @lomdon gunner

    Has Jovetic actually played as a single striker? He’s excellent as a second striker but there’s a bug distinction between the two roles. Anyway its a pointless discussion. With only Aguero and Dzeko, ManC just wouldn’t sell.

    Benteke has had one good season and looked indifferent apart from that.

    If Lukaku does develop and he still looks very raw, it’s even less likely Everton will sell!!

    I’m not sure the whole world does think Draxler could play as a striker actually.

    Lee was right, you’re playing football manager with no or little idea of how things work in the real world

  4. london gunner

    Nasri Mouth

    The reason to resort to immature name calling was…?

    “Lee was right, you’re playing football manager with no or little idea of how things work in the real world”

    Bit pathetic someone disagrees with you your ego can’t take it so you start slinging mud like a child.

    So yes Jovetic has played at times as a single striker I have seen enough of his overall abilities to believe he could own the role, the fact his got great hold up play is very good with his back to goal, has great movement/turning on the shoulder also his excellent first touch help in those scenarios when required to play as a the single man up front it gives him the ability to control the ball instantly under pressure and then release it with his well honed link up skills/passing ability.

    Benteke had a great first season he has regressed because of injury lets not go round in circles

    Lukukua is raw but he has enough polish right now to score at a constant rate and to be a real game changer. His abilities and weakness will improve even faster at a team like Arsenal with better more technical players.

    Its like any sport you play and train with the best and you pick up things and work them into your game.

    as it is his certainly good enough for Arsenal and I expect he will have a strong season. His a future Costa like player for me. As for Everton not selling do you know anything about football or historical context? Everton always sell! They are a selling club.

    Nasri Mouth many people by analysing draxlers game have come to same conclusions as me has all the abilities of a striker. Pace, strength, movement, finishing, composure, ability on the ball. Many have compared him to a young RVP/

  5. london gunner


    but my comments were based on watching these players play football.

    Nor were they rude or aggressive I was not attacking anyone on this blog or anyone of our players.

    So why be a complete arsehole?

  6. london gunner


    Give us a review once you have used it for a bit.

    I went from Samsung Galaxy 4 to a iphone 5s was quite disappointed

    Its a good phone no doubt just was expecting more somehow

  7. Swissguns

    Agree with your assessments, no one can say for sure that Benzema won’t be available with that circus at Real Madrid. Would just be thrilled if we actually needed none of them come next summer, as the others have kicked on.
    Not to optimistic I hope?

  8. nasri's mouth

    @london gunner

    I wasn’t aware I was name callimg.

    Name calling would be saying you’re an idiot or a Muppet.

    Whereas I was explaining why pretty much all of your ideas weren’t very good, possible or even practical.

    See the difference?

  9. nasri's mouth


    He’s a favourite there and he’s just signed a new deal. If he wanted to leave he would have left this summer when he only had 12 months left on his deal.
    Just don’t see him leaving

  10. Lee


    What did I say that was rude or aggressive? Please inform me.

    Explaining my views on balotelli in a collected manner is not aggressive or rude.
    These views are based on watching balotelli
    When has he ever dominated a football match. Germany aside

  11. Swissguns

    I Get your logic, just not sure Real does.
    Özil and Di Maria both favs as well, just commenting that some things don’t make sense there

  12. Marko

    Valencia look decent these days. Gaya, Otamendi, Rodrigo, Piatti (always liked him) and Andre Gomez look quality. And that Paco Alcacer fella looks absolute mustard

  13. MidwestGun

    Ballotelli scored 12 goals In 12 games when he first went from City to Milan. Pretty dominate. Amazing talent, completely mental when it comes to taking his career seriously. So what this arguement basically boils down to is did AW make the right decision in taking Welbeck. In this case, I think he did. About time.
    I’m also a big fan, because anyone who has the potential to keep L’oreal and Sanogoal on the bench is tops in my book.

    But comparing Welbeck to Henry?……. no, not gonna do it. That’s what AW should have said. Interested to see what our lineup will be for Cup. Get a chance to see some youth hopefully. As I don’t get the youth games.

  14. Dorobucci

    When I visit spuds blog,I find out that as shit as their team are,they dont moan the way some of us do here. maybe its cos we are more used to winning than the yids, but come to think of it, our moaning dont get to wenger, so we might as well join them, its obvious no one is getting sacked anytime soon,as three years contract indicates….so from today till wenger decides to step down I am officially joining the AKBs, any question? .

  15. nasri's mouth


    Benzema is a favourite of Perez though. Not sure that applied to ozil or Di Maria.

    Personally the only one that is actually a proper striker AND is good enough to be a worthwhile improvment over what we have AND is possibly available next summer is Cavani.

    The problem is, hes not young. If we signed him for 4 years, there would be no re-sale value and theres a good chance, he’d be on the downward slope for the last 2 years.
    If it was me though I’d look at Reus, but we’d struggle to get him. Maybe the fact we were in contact last summer would give us the advantage.

    However I think with Giroud, Welbeck and Alexis ( in no particular order) I think Wenger will be satisfied with what we have and look to strengthen other areas

  16. Emiratesstroller

    Earlier today I suggested that tonight’s U21 game against Newcastle would provide an indication of the team, which will play in League Cup tomorrow night.

    James Bird who writes regularly on Arsenal Youth Football confirmed that 4
    players mainly defenders had been pulled out of the team which lost 2-1.
    These were Bellerin,Hayden, Ajayi and Akpom.

    This suggests to me that Wenger will not be using many players who started
    against Aston Villa on Saturday or are likely to play against Spurs next weekend.

    My guess is that we are likely to have a very youthful defence in view of the
    shortage of resources currently available and reinforced by the fact that Debuchy will now be out for 3 months following an operation.

    Any thought of Wenger selecting a strong team has gone out of window, because of shortage of defenders and also our commitments in both EPL and
    Champions League over next 8 days.

    It will be interesting to see how Spurs line up on Wednesday, because they
    have one day less to prepare for the fixture.

  17. london gunner


    But I was never talking about Ballotellie

    I think you have mixed me with someone else!

    hence why you directed a rude comment at me.

    I haven’t mentioned Ballotelli once today that was Qna

  18. nasri's mouth


    Zelalem and Crowley were both involved tonight though, both of which could well have been in the squad.

    It’s going to depend on how strong a side Southampton put out but I think we’ll have a pretty strong side out there with a fair few players with a point to prove; Bellerin, Akpom, Campbell, Hayden, Diaby

  19. london gunner


    That’s your opinion on my opinions it is not a fact despite how much you want it to be and how vainly you try to prove it so with your poor arguments that are easily countered. I personally think your opinions and most of the points you come up with are contemptuously weak that once again is an opinion.

    But what is a fact is that you have disappeared from this blog in the past when you can’t cope with people disagreeing with you and calling you out.

    I remember you used to be a full on Wenger supporter when things turned bad and posters like KIyoshi Ito and gambon called you on it you ran away and then come back a few months later with snide comments, I also remember you swore Wenger would do so and so in the transfer window and belittled people for disagreeing when it turned you were wrong you disappeared with your tail between your legs

    So well done your obviously such a big man…

  20. Blsany

    Balotelli looks to be regressing and greedy. I really want him to be a feared striker but he is noťAlso there are quite few italian knocking around these days. Looserpool has to work out for him.

  21. nasri's mouth

    @london gunner

    Easily countered?

    You’ve listed a whole load of players and I explained that only 1 was actually possible.

    Just to explain it to you, you lost.

    And now you’re calling me a full on Wenger supporter? Really?

    Can’t wait to see the proof of that one.

  22. WindyCityArse

    Saw an interview with Pippo Inzaghi on BeIn sport which was telling…. When questioned on Balo leaving for Liverpool… ‘We may have lost a good player but we gain something so much more important – team spirit.’
    Balotelli is a cancer as Bwenda will eventually find out.

  23. Bamford13


    “Costa’s a crap player that looks good because he plays in a good team.”

    Yet again undermining your Wenger criticisms by saying things that are fucking idiotic. Anyone who knows the game and watches Costa for ten minutes can see that he’s a fantastic striker.

    Along with saying that Zidane was “all hype,” this is yet more evidence that you know fuck-all about this game (beyond Arsenal Football Club).

  24. Bamford13

    Any ideas on how we can persuade Wenger to sign a quality, athletic CDM (and CB) in the January window so that we can actually make a go at winning something?

    (I’m sort of kidding, obviously.)

    Further, any reasonable/feasible ideas re who this CDM or CB might be?

  25. Dark Hei

    “Further, any reasonable/feasible ideas re who this CDM or CB might be?”

    William Carvalho is big and will fit the 4-2-3-1 formation nicely.

    Verratti can do the job for both 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-4-1, but he is not available.

    Rabiot is better for the 4-1-4-1 than 4-2-3-1 I think.

  26. gonsterous

    I’m quite happy at the moment in the league… Just put a run of wins together and we are going into Christmas still in the mix… Then it’s up to Wenger to be a twat and not strengthen or to acknowledge the needs and weaknesses that we have an get the players…Then we can see how the rest of the season goes !!

  27. qna

    Debuchy is now out until January.

    AW: “”It is a blow of course, how big it will be we will only know afterwards because it will be down to how well we replace him. We bought [Calum] Chambers for that.””

    Really? Fuck wit? So if Chambers is your backup RB then who is your backup CB? You sent out Jenkinson and Miqel and sold Vermaelen and we were already short at CB. You are a complete disgrace to your profession and to the mighty red and white jersey. Wenger the fuck Out!!!!

  28. Wallace

    ” Ferdinand questioned Van Gaal’s decision to sell Danny Welbeck to Arsenal on final day of the summer transfer window. “I was surprised [at the move],” he said. ‘Gutted really. He’s a local lad and has come through from the under-8s. For him to leave was a little disappointing. I don’t think we’ve seen the best of Danny. He’s still got a lot more in him. I hope the Arsenal manager gives him the chance to be that responsible front man he wants to be. I’m sure you’ll see him flourish.'”

    – Rio in the Telegraph

  29. Thank you and goodnight


    Spot on mate. 6 games in and down to the bare bones defensively. If anyone’s going to the game tonight I’d bring my boots along if I was you……way things are going you could probably get a game. Diaby is playing tonight, isn’t it amazing that now his contract has one more season to run diaby has magically made it back to fitness

  30. Emiratesstroller


    You have hit the button. Chambers was bought as a second string right back to replace Jenkinson, but Wenger has decided to use him as a utility defender rather similar to Jones and Smalling at Man Utd.

    We need only see what has happened to the careers of both those players! I
    agree with earlier comment about Chambers being probably better suited for
    CB position, although he is not the tallest player for that position.

    I made the point two days ago that Arsenal need actually to bring in several
    defensive players and not just one or two. We need definitely a new left back,
    because Gibbs is too injury prone and Monreal is not defensively good enough. I think that Mertesacker will need replacing sooner or later and it
    is questionable whether Chambers is good enough at this stage to be a first string.

    However, the most important recruit must be Defensive Midfield. That should
    be Arsenal’s priority in January if we can find the right player. We need a first
    string in that position to remain competitive in EPL.

    The biggest problem that Arsenal have got at moment is that there are many teams around Europe including Man Utd and Liverpool looking for top quality defensive players. There seems to be a dearth of talent, which is why transfer fees are rising so rapidly.

  31. tunnygriffboy


    We need defensive cover and a CM in January. Pray that we still in touch by Christmas. Problem is top players don’t always move in January so our choice maybe limited. We sign a stop gap then we risk not buying a better player in the summer. Why did he let Jenkinson go on loan ?

  32. qna

    E stroller/TYAG. You dont have to be a football genius to know some basics about managing a football team. I absolutely loved the move to get Chambers and send out Jenks. I dont rate the latter and even if Chambers doesnt turn out to be great – its a good gamble. So Sagna and Jenks out, Debuchy and Chambers in. Perfect start. We are slightly stronger than last year IMO at this point. But at this stage I still feel we need another 4th CB, since we hardly ever go through a season without extended injury layoffs to our CBs and usually we have a period where at least 2 are injured at the same time. At that moment, I felt our most pressing need is a CDM, but we also need a real top quality striker and if an opportunity came up for Reus, we should have taken it.

    So what happened next. Arsenal sold Vermaelen and sent out Miqel. Right now our most pressing need is obviously another CB. But I am not worried about that, because I am 100% confident that we will get somebody – hopefully a young gun like Nastasic or even Manolas – but somebody. I am so confident, I would bet my house that we will not go to September 2 without signing one. So I am thinking our main priorty is CDM, with a new CB in the bag, and hopefully we can get a Reus or Cavani (or both) and we are title contenders.

    What happened next was a complete disgrace. Completely unprofessional squad management. I still cannot believe it. Now we have both Debuchy and Monreal injured and we are playing our only decent CB cover as a RB. It is ridiculous. Last week we didnt have a single recognized defender on the bench. When Chambers got his final warning (that probably should have been a 2nd yellow in itself), we didnt even have the option of bringing him off.

    What happens if either Mert or Kos go down with injury. It is malpractice by the management IMO.

    Given our current situation the best practice is to keep Chambers wrapped in cotton wool as our CB back up and bring Bellerin into the match day squad as the RB. The fact that AW is not even doing that is quite unbelievable. For a man that is risk averse and hates to gamble with transfers – he is completely the opposite when it comes to risking players health that eventually result in long term layoffs and first team crises.

  33. Gregg

    Gibbs to play 2 games a week from now to mid October ? Not an ice-cream’s chance in hell.

    No idea what side he picks tonight, defensively he cannot risk anyone, surely.

    Interesting to see Diaby. Whatever his injuries etc, he will be a contributor this season if he can remain fit so we need to give him the support.

  34. tunnygriffboy


    I think it’s 3 games Gibbs will have to play before Monreal is back. Those games are Spuds, Gala and Chelsea. We lose Mert or Kos and we could end up playing Bellerin and Chambers in the defence v Chelsea. It’s disgraceful. Going to have a good look at Bellerin. We haven’t even got a midfielder like Song to slip in there as an emergency.

  35. Gregg


    I know mate, it’s crazy. Still a good chance for Bellerin to showcase his talent. I guess Wenger feels he can use Flamini or Coquelin as emergency full-backs if needed (which it will be needed). Quite staggering really

  36. tunnygriffboy

    If we had brought in a Winston Reed and a Schniederlin/ Carvalho I think we would be contenders as our midfield going forward and the dynamic options we have upfront are excellent. It’s just so frustrated.

    Noises about Schar at Christmas. Good young versatile defender, 22yes already loads of CL experience and played in WC. Him and Chambers could then eventually take over from Bfg and Kos

    Lisbon will listen to offers for Carvalho as theyskint. Want him to sign new contract though. Also linked Khadeira but he injured again.

  37. Dark Hei

    “I would bet my house that we will not go to September 2 without signing one.”

    Lol, qna, good thing you didn’t. And so did I. I was nailed on in thinking we would have gotten a CB too.

    Sigh. I mean I agree that signing rubbish like Silvestre and Squillaci is as good as signing nobody, but surely the transfer team has a good backup beyond Manolas and Sokratis? I wouldn’t even mind if we have gotten a veteran on loan.

    Benayoun, IMO, was one of the most underrated signings and he did at fantastic job for us. Surely we could have pulled something like that right?

  38. Emiratesstroller


    Let’s be quite clear Arsenal are unlikely to bring in more than one first string player in January transfer window. My preference would be a DMF e.g. Carvalho who is young and less injury prone than Khedira.

    In the case of CB we are talking at moment about a third or fourth string player and at that level you need a competent player who can be brought in
    on loan or is unlikely to cost big money.

    However, sooner or later Mertesacker will need to be replaced as first string CB.Although I think that Chambers is a talented young player I think that he is well short of becoming a first team regular.

    There is an article in today’s Telegraph which highlights the dearth of English Defensive Talent. When I look at Arsenal’s current squad only Gibbs out of our current English contingent would be guaranteed a starting place in our
    first team if every player in squad was fit and that includes Walcott and Ox who would be competing with Sanchez for right wing berth.

  39. qna

    E-stroller. I believe we had discussed this earlier in the window. I suggested there was a possibility of us adding to our current signings (minus Welbeck) there was a strong chance we could see us add four first team players as good as

    Manolas/Nastasic AND Carvalho/Khedira AND Cavani/Falcao/Benzema/Balotelli AND Reus

    Noting that I dont rate Welbeck even close to that list of forwards.

    I thought that the tides looked to have turned and I could see it happening. You insisted this was an impossibility. The way things turned out – I was completely wrong and in a dream world. You were completely right – even more so than I could have imagined in my worst nightmare regarding not even buying another CB.

    Here I am, humbly admitting that I was completely and utterly blind and stupid.

  40. Gregg

    See I’m against signing players that are happy to be 3rd/4th option. They have no hunger as proved with Silvestre / Squillaci etc. You want a player that will compete for a starting place, keeping the current duo on their toes and taking his chance if it comes along. It’s a ridiculous position for a team that has ambitions of being amongst the elite and fighting on four fronts competition wise.

  41. TheBayingMob

    Dorobucci September 22, 2014 19:55:30

    When I visit spuds blog,I find out that as shit as their team are,they dont moan the way some of us do here. ”

    this is what’s funny about the fucking women who as soon as you question anything Arsenal say “well why don’t you get yourself down the road and support Spurs then / City / Chelsea / [insert an other club here]”

    Every club has exactly the same dynamics in their fanbase, the same arguments, the same characters, the same mentality, the same chants … you just change players and colours and it’s all the fucking same really.

  42. TheBayingMob

    Thank you and goodnight September 23, 2014 06:18:51

    Diaby is playing tonight, isn’t it amazing that now his contract has one more season to run diaby has magically made it back to fitness”

    Ouch, that’s a little harsh! For me Diaby represents the worst aspects of AWs managerial shit holes. The constant contract extension and maxing him out to 50/60k a week without actually proving you deserve it was mental. The 5 year contract extension was a joke at the time, completely mental mismanagement; but the man himself, I mean his legs must look like he’s been kicking in thick glass doors for the last few years; I do have respect for him to keep going, it must be so hard to keep coming back time and again from those injuries but don’t blame him. We’d all do the same, let’s face it he’s not going to get another contract like this in football anywhere so why shouldn’t he bleed the f**king pricks dry!?

  43. Dark Hei

    “Of course, your bank acount certainly helps you to keep your “dedication”, dear Abou ?? (lol ?)”

    That is uncalled for.

    Sometimes folks here take this frustrations they have with Wenger out on Diaby, almost as if Diaby is a Wenger-Punch-Bag proxy.

  44. Bergkamplegend

    Dark Hei : of course it was a bit easy and harsh…

    But if Diaby really was a “classy” player, he would have ask himself to take less money during the time he was injured, don’t you think ?? 😉

  45. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    But diaby could have said / done something to show he is genuinely cares ?
    Donate to local north london charity ?
    Donated per cent age of wages ?

    All we know is he wears spurs shirt at home an goes to Saudi Arabia for Ramadan ?

    He could do more ? Surely

  46. Al

    Te only issue i have with Diaby is that he chose to be part of the France team a couple of times when he really shouldn’t have and think about the club first rather then his own desire to play for France considering how loyal the club has been to him during his years of injuries.

  47. goonpharm

    R.S.P.C.ArsenalSeptember 23, 2014 10:19:38
    But diaby could have said / done something to show he is genuinely cares ?
    Donate to local north london charity ?
    Donated per cent age of wages ?All we know is he wears spurs shirt at home an goes to Saudi Arabia for Ramadan ?He could do more ? Surely

    Ask anyone at regents park mosque,where he prays regularly, and they’ll tell you about his generosity in terms of charity.

    Say what you want about his injuries and all that but to question his integrity without knowing him is weak.

  48. MadeToLoveMagic

    Think this will be Diabys last season with us if he breaks down again, ,

    but if he doesnt, by some miracle if he stays healthy then , we have one of the best DMs in europe in our squad

    Strange thing with diaby is that it isnt the same part that breaks down constantly,, last time wasnt it his thigh that kept him out? its like as soon as one thing heals another breaks

  49. qna

    reality: “I’m telling you guys Giroud is still No.1”

    Maybe. I think they are about the same level and offer different things. They both have good movement. One has pace the other is stronger in the air. It will be a good battle for No 1.

    Its going to be interesting to see a front four of either Welbeck or Giroud in front of Sanchez, Ozil and Walcott. That will be interesting, especially if Ramsey picks up his game from deep again.

  50. qna

    MadeToLoveMagic: “but if he doesnt, by some miracle if he stays healthy then , we have one of the best DMs in europe in our squad”

    I do agree that he once appeared to have the qualities, but I have gone off the idea because of his fragility. How can that ever work. Diaby as a DM? You cant have a fragile midfield beast. Every time he goes in for a robust challenge we will be cringing with fear.

  51. goonpharm

    Magic – that’s the issue. I remember Wenger mentioned that there was a genetic issue with his muscle fibres. Basically they can’t cope with his skeletal frame hence why he gets so many muscle injuries and strains.

    I believe his last injury after that decent start (against Chelsea) was a groin strain that ruled him out for the season.

    If true then why hasn’t his training and diet regimen been altered? Why hasn’t alternative training methods like Yoga or Pilates been considered? They are both clinically proven to help lengthen and strengthen muscle fibres.

    If you’re going to invest 60K a week in him then surely give him some help?

  52. Gregg

    I’m sure all options on treatment for Diaby have been thoroughly investigated. However some players just pick up injuries all the time. Keiron Dyer the best example

  53. MadeToLoveMagic


    Van persie showed that against all odds he could produce 2 injury free seasons in his late 20’s, lets hope abou Diaby can do the same

    A fit diaby and the whole complexion of our squad gets darker, er i mean changes,, sorry

    i agree that every time he would challenge someone we would wince but hey even that is better than the thought of going even till xmas with arteta and the flame as our only options

    we should all dance the diaby tonight

  54. salparadisenyc

    Diaby didn’t ask to be a permacrock, regardless of the clubs seemingly endless generosity towards the player one has to feel for a man whose body isn’t fit for service. On a playing front if I’m honest I never really saw the quality to justify this endless patience and last contract renewal which for me is as puzzling as Park Chu Young. Why not work a payoff to terminate the contract?

    That said id love to see him be able to contribute in some way on his last year with the club. It is his last year if I’m not mistaken? Sadly the outcome is likely a few games and out.

  55. Gregg

    At the end of the day if he is fit then he’s another option. Best of luck to him to stay injury free for a while and get his move to West Ham next season

  56. Emiratesstroller


    The reality is that Arsenal’s transfer budget as I pointed out earlier in transfer window INCLUDES wages and agents fees. So that when we talk about transfer budget of £100 Million that factors wage increases.

    This was disputed by one or two people at time, but significantly has been included in financial report on Arsenal’s website.

    However, there is one aspect of Arsenal’s accounting which is of course a notional cost and that is the rather large figure of ‘depreciation’ of fixed assets.
    That is a figure to reduce tax liability but offers one explanation why our bank
    balances keep on rising. If you are calculating in this way £15-20 million and
    still managing to make a profit the money can be better spent on the team rather than sitting in a bank account. Also Arsenal must be one of few clubs
    who land up paying £2 million in corporation tax.

    What I do accept when we discuss transfer policy is that Arsenal should concentrate on buying top quality players for first team and that we are also investing in young talent for squad. We should not be recruiting dross as fillers.

    Arsenal should under no circumstances renew Diaby’s contract next summer. If Wenger wants to keep the player then they should do what was done with King at Spurs. Pay him when he plays. If the player does not accept such an arrangement then he should be offloaded.

  57. Bergkamplegend

    ““I’m telling you guys Giroud is still No.1″”

    Of course!! And he took the picture with maradona, just in case wenger had forgot lol

  58. MadeToLoveMagic

    If true then why hasn’t his training and diet regimen been altered? Why hasn’t alternative training methods like Yoga or Pilates been considered? They are both clinically proven to help lengthen and strengthen muscle fibres…………………………………………………..

    thats interesting, i didnt know about the muscle fiber thing, but it makes sense,

    Im sure that abou does more yoga and stretches than your average Bhuddist monk TBF , they would have to have him on some regimine,,

    Just imagine having a job getting paid that much and them just saying oh you’re sick again? thats cool, ill see you in 8 months when you are feeling a bit better, ok? Im sure arsenal put a lot of resource into getting abou fit, as we all know how much wenger rates him,