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Morning all and welcome to the weekend!

I have to be honest it did slip my mind to write a post today so this one will be a short one, but yesterday’s was pretty long so your getting good value for your words.

Today we face the mighty Aston Villa at Villa Park. I grew up in Worcester so had the privilege of going to a few Villa games when I was a lad. My abiding memories of Villa Park was that it was a dump. I remember seeing Coventry striker Mickey Quinn there and everyone calling him fat. I also remember buying a mars drink on the way back from the ground and thinking it was the best part of the day.

Nothing like match days at Arsenal, which usually involve a massive hangover and a greasy burger from the South American place on Hornsey Road. Then if the hangover is still really bad a £12 bovril from inside the stadium.

What’s the point of all this reminiscing? Well probably to take up space tbh, but look don’t give me grief. You’re still reading it anyway, right up to the end of this stupid sentence.

We covered formations yesterday, but consensus seems to be building that a move back to 4-2-3-1 makes sense and that either jack or Aaron will have to be sacrificed. Funnily enough we didn’t even touch on all the players who haven’t even had a look in yet – Ox, Rosicky, Campbell, Podolski, Gnabry not to mention the returning Theo. We really are spoilt for choice when it comes to small inverted wingers.

Not a bad problem to have, I just wish we had the same embarrassment of riches in defence and at DM.

There has been further reaction from Arsene about Özil – with some hilarious comment about us being unbeaten since April. Sweet Guvna everything is nailed on for fourth in that case.

Also interesting financial news that our wage bill is bigger than Chelsea’s. Is this that interesting? I don’t really care about our wage bill I just care about us being good at football tbh, which at the moment we’re not.

That said a 3% increase in tickets is an absolute piss take. It’s almost like people on the board at Arsenal ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY. As an act of protest, at the next home game I propose everyone comes dressed as Richie Rich and throws Monopoly money around while singing ‘Mo Money, Mo problems’. Whose with me?!

Anyway that’s enough for today, short and sweet. Either Pedro or I will be back tomorrow with more of a breakdown on this and today’s game.

Until then Up The Arsenal x

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  1. Thank you and goodnight


    The guys bang on about Gerrard though. Gerrard is a quarter of the player he used to be. And Qna is right, we go into every season with just 4th in our minds and Wenger does his best to undermine a genuine challenge year in year out. The doomers have been saying this for 5 plus years. It’s only now the media has cottoned onto this.

  2. Second coming of AW

    Did you see the game, it was as though Villa never came out for the second half, and Arsenal responded in kind to passing the ball between the back 5 for 45 minutes, not needing to score and making they never scored own goals, apparently many Villa players were suffering illness, so not a good game to make too many judgements

  3. Second coming

    What manager goes into PL game with NO defenders on the bench, none, zero defenders, this manager needs a brain scan

  4. qna

    @wallace:”no doubt have been calling Henry a waste of money after his slow start to life at Arsenal”

    You mean Henry’s 26 goals and 11 assists in his first season at Arsenal (17 and 9 in the league)? Yeah, terrible start to life at Arsenal. How would any one have known he was not in the same bracket as Welbeck?

  5. Second coming

    And if he has that brain scan, I’m sure the medical staff will not find one, in it’s place will be a mish mash of unadulterated shit

  6. Wallace


    Henry was very underwhelming his first couple of months. you’ve written Welbeck off before he’s even started. somehow doubt you’d have had the patience for Thierry.

  7. qna

    @Wallace. Keep trolling mate. Now your just making up things I have said. I have backed Welbeck for 10-15 goals. Hardly writing him off. As for rating him as a second tier (squad/bench) striker. That is based on his time at United and England. He is just not at the same level as Henry or RVP. He never will be. Let me say it again for you. Welbeck will be a decent squad striker – he is at the same level as Giroud, although a different type of player. As a Podoslki replacement, I dont have an issue with Welbeck. But if we are to challenge again, we need a 25-30 goal striker, like all other top clubs have. We needed one this year and not buying one has eliminated our chances of winning the league (although we also needed a first team CDM and CB cover as well).

    What I dont understand is how your Sugar Daddy has gone from trying to buy Suarez 2 years ago, to only adding Welbeck in the 2 transfer windows since.

  8. Wallace


    we win 3-0 away from home. your first observation is that Welbeck’s still average. your second that Chambers should have been sent off. and i’m the troll 😉

  9. qna

    @wallace your the troll for taking genuine observations that are true, and twisting them to suit your AKB agenda. Both points I made are 100% true, whether you want to admit them or not. If I was trolling you, I would be taking your points and twisting them into lies that suit my Wenger Out agenda. Which I am not doing.

  10. gary

    All this shite about we now have a wage bill higher then Chelsea but are yet behind them..are some of you really that thick… Do I need to go into transfer fees and what they have spent to get this squad together..

  11. qna

    TYAG. He got a special one on one, last warning – type talking to by the Ref. The replay shows him putting his arm across the players shoulder bringing him down. That’s a yellow card all day long. I am not complaining, happy to get some luck from the ref for a change. My issue is that Arsenal didnt have any cover on the bench. When the ref gave that final warning, any decent manager would have taken him off and replaced him. The thing is we didn’t have anyone to bring on other than Coquelen.

    Like all good trollers Wallace is conveniently twisting my words to make it look like my complaint was that it wasn’t a send off, rather than my actual issue which was that we didnt have a single defender on the bench to bring on.

  12. qna

    Gary please enlighten us with your expertise. We are so thick that we need your help to understand how the finances of football work.

  13. N5

    Don’t agree on Henry being underwhelming as there was little to no expectation of him, all we knew was he was a guy that had trouble finding the net in Italy so his bar was low.

    I agree his first match against Liverpool was shocking and all of us thought “what on Earth has he bought here, this fella is awful”. But after that maybe 2 or so matches later he looked brilliant and got better.

    Are you sure you’re not thinking of DB10, he took 10 games I think to score, so people did start moaning about how he wasn’t adapting to the league?

  14. Gregg

    “Both points I made are 100% true”

    Nothing like a bit of early morning arrogance ! – In your opinion qna, in your opinion !

    Decent result yesterday and needed confidence boost. It would be nice f matchday comments could be constructive comments about the game itself and the other 6 days a week, used to harp on and on about all the other perceived failings and all.

  15. N5

    Gary, I don’t think people are questioning the difference in players costs, but the bad management of their contracts.

    If Chelsea buy a player for 25m and we get a player that is half their quality, for half their cost, should their wage be similar?

  16. Gregg


    Henry was sen as Anelka’s replacement and Gooners were somewhat underwhelmed. Wondering how we could replace a striker that was up and coming as world class with a winger that failed in Italy. It was similar when they sold Overmars for £25m and brought in Pires for a quarter of the money. Didnt’ take long for either to convince people we had signed better players.

    problem now is we are unable to do that

  17. qna

    Gary: “All this shite about we now have a wage bill higher then Chelsea but are yet behind them..are some of you really that thick… Do I need to go into transfer fees and what they have spent to get this squad together..”

    Chelsea’s net spending over the past few seasons reads like this (in reverse order – latest first). £16m, £49m, £72m, £63m. That covers most of the current team you are comparing wages with. A total of £200m. When you consider our recent spending and our cash balances of £150m Arsenal could have easily competed with Chelsea by investing in the squad. Keep telling yourselves what you will, but the fact is that Chelsea invest to get their success. They do it better than us too.

  18. N5

    Gregg, I don’t disagree at all my friend, I understand ‘at the time’ Henry was an underwhelming purchase, hence me saying about we knew he was a flop from Italy, but nothing much else. But Wallace wrote:

    “if le grove had been around back then you’d no doubt have been calling Henry a waste of money after his slow start to life at Arsenal. ”

    Which is all I was disagreeing with. Henry was bad at Liverpool….very bad….awful 😀 but after that match he looked really good and just got better. I wondered if he meant DB10, because I can imagine the Grove getting heated that he wasn’t scoring.

  19. Gregg

    N5 – True my friend, true. In fact I believe the expectation was more on Sukur who we also got in return for Anelka. Personally I was all over the henry signing, thought it was great but many thought because he was half the price we sold Anelka for, he’d be half the player.

    That thought process still goes on today ! lol

  20. Emiratesstroller

    The fundamental lessons to be learned from yesterday are:

    1. That Ozil must play in the position, which suits him best. That is in central midfield. I have no issue that he can and should be able to move onto flanks, but that must be within his discretion.

    2. Wenger is correct that there are other players in squad who can fulfil the same role, but let’s be clear none of the others are ‘world class’ in that position.

    3. Sanchez will come back into team and like Ozil he needs also to play in his
    best position. That is is either as a second striker or right wing.

    4. Ramsey should play a box to box role in the team which suits him best. He
    played it very well last season.

    5. Welbeck should be first choice striker, although I assume that when Giroud returns he will come into consideration, because he scores goals more consistently.

    6. This leaves two other positions on left wing and in defensive midfield to fill.
    The left wing main option is Cazorla, but others who could be options are Walcott when fit and Ox.

    7. The one position which remains a problem is Defensive midfield. We must
    buy a new player if possible in New Year. There is absolutely noone at the club
    who is good enough to play position. Both Arteta and Flamini are not quick or
    physically strong enough for this position and so long as we do not find replacement we will struggle against teams who play high tempo game.

    This leaves me with the matter of those players in our squad in midfield and
    up front who are surplus to requirements or simply not good enough to play
    in an ‘ambitious title challenging team’.

    The players who fall into that category are Diaby [too injury prone], Flamini,
    Arteta,Rosicky,Podolski, Campbell and Sanogo.

    The one player where I remain to be convinced about his future at the club is
    Wilshire. Currently he does not do enough to justify a place in the team. He
    is not strong enough defensively to play dm and he is not as good as Ramsey
    to play box to box role. Whenever he plays we are playing too many intricate
    and square passes and he has a propensity to slow down our game.

    The defence does need a rebuild.. The main problem there is that we lack bodies, but my view is that we should perhaps be looking for a new first choice left back and possibly also replacement for Mertesacker if Chambers proves
    not good enough in that position.

  21. Wallace


    maybe my thinking it took him a few months to settle is a bit of a stretch, and i think Henry always likes to exaggerate how bad he was initially, which might be influencing my recollection. i guess i was just trying to highlight how even the greatest don’t always hit the ground running, and to dismiss Welbeck as average after a couple of games seems a little dumb. to me anyway.

  22. N5

    Ha ha, sorry TYAG. I’d never insult the god of football. I just would love to have read the Grove during his first 10 matches. Patience wears thin so quickly that I imagine he would have been called a blonde c*nt! 😀 😀

    Gregg, how could I have forgot about Suker! god we’ve had some amazing players over the years, but he was only with us a very short time wasn’t he.

    I often feel blessed at the types of players I’ve seen play at, or come to Arsenal.

  23. N5

    Wallace I agree with your view there and understand why you used Henry, I just remember it taking DB10 longer and look how they both turned out.

    Welbeck is a tidy player and could become something special. He seems to have it all and his shooting will get better. I admire his work rate.

  24. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    I think we need to take each game at at time

    most key thing is for the injuries to stay down

    Players who score gain confidence simple as that

    So keep positive.

    Expecting Ramsey to get scoring again.

    Chamber love the guy. Loved the way He shouted TIME to Mert yesterday shows hes a communicator

  25. Rosicky@Arsenal


    Good analysis on the current midfield and striker roles.
    What about the defwnce?

    I agree to your points but will prefer wallcot on the right but i dont know sanchez can play on the left.Though he scored a stunner agnst city from the left side.

    Also i dont agree with you regarding Rosicky. He is the most experienced player in the team.I agree he is on the wrong side of his age but whenever he is on he brings a lot to the team.
    And with our poor injury record v cant afford to offload him for another 2 years.He is always creating goal scoring chances with his incisive passing.
    He can remain a squad player till then .
    If giggs can play till 40 why not Rosicky till 35.we need his services for 2 more seasons.

    I know wenger rate highly.

  26. Gregg


    Ah yes we had some great players, though from what I recall of Suker was his best days were a bit behind him and he seemed to enjoy the London casino’s a bit too much. We soon got shot to West Ham.

    As for welbeck. He’s a work in progress, what I like about him is he has a real hunger to be a better player, to be the best he can be. He may be another great striker or not, one things for sure, he will work as hard as he can do to improve. If only a finisher like Podolski had the same hunger and desire.

  27. Emiratesstroller


    I am looking forward and not laterally.

    Rosicky is okay, but he is 33 going on 34 and clearly is not in Wenger’s plans. How many times has he come off bench this season?

    I am not suggesting that Sanchez cannot play on left wing, but my view for what it is worth is that our TOP PLAYERS should play in their favoured positions. What is point of spending £35 Million on such a player if you don’t get
    the best from him.

    At the moment there is quite a lot wrong with our defence. It needs rebuilding, but that requires some careful consideration. For example Koscielny is
    at moment our best defender, but he makes quite a lot of mistakes and his
    concentration can be woeful particularly at set pieces. Mertesacker is lacking
    in pace and mobility and I do have major concerns about left back position.
    Gibbs would be okay if he was not so injury prone, bur reliance on Monreal is
    a problem.

  28. Gregg


    Question for you mate (as a veteran supporter lol)

    Was talking to my West Ham mate yesterday and said I couldnot remember us ever signing a player from them. Certainly not in the 40 years ive supported them. Can you ? if not ask your Dad too. Seriously It’s a real puzzler

  29. Thomas

    “It’s always a very sensitive point if you leave them out, you never know how they will respond. Ozil wants to play in the middle but I have 10 others who want to play there.”


    Lol so Wenger didn’t play Ozil in the middle because he didn’t want to hurt other players feelings. What a weak cowardly manager.