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Good morning all. So tonight we face a real test away in Dortmund. Pedro will be there the lucky git, it looks like such an exciting ground to watch football in. Amazing atmosphere, amazing fans and apparently you can get a chateaubriand with a glass of verve clicquot at half time for 3 euros. Yet another damning indictment of the disgraceful way in which us hard working fans are proper mugged off #FAout

In many ways Dortmund and Arsenal are kindred spirits. The Germans have lost two of their best players, Gotze and Lewandoski, to their bitterest rivals and their other best player, Reus, is injured. They also look to play attractive, exciting football, except at the moment they are slightly better at it than us.

We got one of our best results (though not performances) when we beat them in Dortmund last year. Despite this, and the absence of the three aforementioned names, this will be a very stern test. However there was an indication against City that we are starting to find our form. We had the champions pinned back for long periods on Saturday. If we can come out of the blocks like that tonight and get an early goal, it might make the bitter pill of conceding from an own goal in the last minute a little easier to swallow.

The only concern is that our back line are dropping like flies and so blooding ballerina (ipad speak for Bellerin), if it comes to that, is going to be a huge risk but we covered that yesterday.

Lots of interesting comments about the change in formation, my understanding is that 4-1-4-1 gives us two box-to-box midfielders at the expense of a traditional number 10. Maybe why Ozil is struggling but also why Arsene is more confident of not getting spanked in big away games.

The other interesting tactical discussion from Saturday is zonal marking. I have to admit I always balk when an absolute clown like Andy Townsend berates the system but I am starting to wonder if it is right for us. We don’t have the height or the discipline to make it work effectively, so you wonder if it is time we went back to man marking. That being said I seem to recall a stat floating round that we concede very goals from set pieces.

A bigger bug bear for me and everyone I sit near in the stadium is our own set pieces, particularly our amazing awfulness to clear the first man on a corner. I wonder if arsenal do any set piece practice in training because it seems like such a wasted opportunity.

Anyway that’s all I’ve got for you today. Fingers crossed for a good performance and result tonight and keep an eye out for Pedro, he’ll be the one with the shit Marco Reus haircut.

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  1. bob

    you idot check the stats over the last 3seasons and check for urself we have droped more points when jack wilshere is on the pitch. 2-0 down away at everton soon as wilshere is off we come back and draw 2-2. my point is the boy is not arsenal level just like sanogo

  2. jamie001

    welbeck should have scored tonight definatly but he didnt, dont worry he will get bucket loads more chances to score this season and will put most of them away (i hope) remember its only his second game with us it will come,
    what worries me is how easy teams just walk through our mid/defence & score, making mistakes at our end of the pitch like that is more costly in the big games then strikers missing oppurtunities, arsenal will always create chances to score but if teams can just walk through our team or play one ball & force an error and score against us it all comes to nothing as we will find ourselves trying to out score teams with giroud/sanogo & welbeck as our options, but a strong defence 0-0 there tonight with the same chances created & missed by us would have been a good result instead we got beat and come away with not even a point

  3. london gunner


    Better players can make up somewhat for poor management.

    Look at Pellegrini I really don’t rate him tbh. Nice guy though.

    Thing is its either a new manager (which wont happen)

    Or better players (which is not likely but more likely than the above

    I think without doomers we wouldn’t of signed Ozil (realise he hasn’t worked out so far but still) Or even Sanchez.

  4. tunnygriffboy


    Why am I bullshitting ? I was merely pointing out that after 2 games Welbeck getting a huge amou t of stick. It was a general comment not specifically aimed at you

    I don’t disagree with a lot of what you say and wasn’t being personal.

  5. N5

    Sal, they were missing key players tonight also, which is frightening. Paul Merson rang in 5live and said how 4 of 5 times a year Arsenal play matches where they are bossed all over the pitch and for a big club that just isn’t acceptable.

    Every player, pundit, expert, commentator, journalist, columnist and Stevie Wonder can all see the issues we have and yet Wenger refuses to address them. Put Ozil in the number 10 position, who cares that he’s played on the left at other clubs, 10 is where he should be. Put players in their positions, rotate them, use a proper formation, get the right players in. Remove the shite and the prospects and add quality now, not for the future.

    Enough is enough.

  6. Dissenter

    Wenger: ““Congratulations to Dortmund, they were the better team. We had a disappointing performance and the victory is normal. Still the paradox of the night is we had very good chances to to score first that didn’t go for us and went for them.”

    What type on manager considers a loss to be NORMAL?

  7. bob

    ok in know it hurts alot but your boy wonder is just not a top level player. go check the fifa top 50 rankings see if u can find jack wilshere

  8. N5

    Bob, if you think I’m a Wiltshire fan then I assume you’ve never read any of my posts. I’m just saying he wasn’t bad tonight or against Citeh. I’ve had a few things to say about him over the past year, but I don’t wish him to get injured. That’s just childish frankly.

  9. Danish Gooner

    Inspector Clouseau:Arsene Wenger starring as Charles Dreyfus stevie bould.Cato Fong: Junichi inamoto.The Phantom:One Jose Mourinho.

  10. N5

    “all this hype over 1player just coz hes english makes me feel sick. if he was any good he would be at many cit or chelsea”

    So no one good plays at Arsenal then? otherwise they’d be at city?

    Was you dropped on your head?

  11. Salvage

    N5 ,

    Its so tiring and heartbraking . If we had DMs with legs to run, City would have not scored that 1st goal and Dortmund would not have scored their two goals. However, after the DMs, you expect our central defenders to put in their own shift but Per totally tips the balance in the defence in favour of the opposing team because they always start the running from his side. When Kos tries to go cover for him, his own side gets exposed and so on. Whenever the opponents play the ball over Per’s head, you see him try a few paces then totally give up and stop entirely hoping that Kos can cover for him or that some miracle would happen and the opponent doesnt score. Our other defenders over extend themselves trying to cover for Per and they keep getting injured playing with him while he trots around the place with no injury scare .

  12. TitsMcgee

    I honestly think Wenger would still struggle with top players. You want him to sign them anyway in the hope we could just out talent everyone a la 10 years ago.

  13. salparadisenyc

    On the bright side, perhaps Pedro is taking our vengence out on a nice lil Fraulein. I certainly would be like our dear Dial____re trolling the night away.

    If not, utter booze bath with a white knuckler back to Gatwick and those my loves are NOT fun.

  14. jamie001

    wilshere struggles with consistency,wenger wants him picking the ball up deep & driving at players id imagine as he does it so oftenwhich he can do well usually, but when that isnt working he wont stop & think to play the simple ball he will persist with it which i think is what annoys some ppl as when he stops and gets his head up he can sometimes pick out some good passes, it does get frustrating watching him sometimes because you know what hes capable of

  15. N5

    Spot on Salvage, the fact that we are so easily exploited between Arteta/Per/Kos is frightening. Add to that our full-backs (last season) getting caught too far forward, it was a recipe for disaster. It’ll be interesting to see if at the very least our fall back positioning has been addressed.

    Bould needs to take control, make Wenger listen or what is the point being an assistant manager if he can’t stand up to him?

  16. TitsMcgee

    The knock on Welbeck is his finishing. That is something that can be worked on that’s the only positive.

    Point still remains that Wenger gets off on signing major projects over established stars the vadt majority of the time.

  17. tunnygriffboy

    It’s not losing in Dortmund is the problem. It’s the manner in which we lost. We have to have 2 sitting against top teams. Wilshere did it with England, why can’t he be disciplined and do it for us. Getting to stage I ‘d rather see Coquelin in there.

  18. Salvage

    Honestly, Wilshere getting injured right now that he is beginning to step up and while Ramsey is getting poorer by the day, is not a good thing so dont wish that nonsense.

  19. london gunner

    Lol someone on skysports was blaming walcott for this performance… some dumb fucks in the world

    “Walcott and Gibbs. Arteta and Flamini have proven time and time again that they are DONE.”

  20. Gunner2301


    He won’t do it if he’s not instructed to. Arsene should be the tactician work on a style of play bring in the right personnel (not try to convert them constantly) to play that style make changes when needed. Study the opposition so we can exploit their weaknesses. When last did you see Arsenal exploit a known weakness of an opposition team intentionally? Yeah I’m struggling too.

  21. N5

    Alex, I reckon they’ll survive mate. I pick them up and put them out, but I’m almost certain they get the hump because they’re warm in here. I don’t know what the heck they eat in my house though?

  22. jamie001

    if wilshere is injured that means flam the card demon or cazorla?? maybe diaby!! along side arteta? how about no arteta & put the ox diaby & ramsey in there see how that works for afew games? could blood it in on a carling/ fa cup venture?

  23. Bamford13

    Another very shabby performance, one that revealed yet again just how poorly-managed Arsenal are. This was especially obvious because of how well-organized and well-managed Dortmund are, by contrast.

    A few things that have not already been said above:

    1. After 35 minutes, they had 13 shots on goal. Arsenal had none. NONE..

    2. Their CFs simply ran by our starting CBs, both of whom looked tired and slow.

    3. I’m beginning to see why Welbeck is not highly rated despite his talent. Not only does he badly miss good chances, he doesn’t work hard, doesn’t move well off the ball, and doesn’t work to win balls. Not promising in the least.

    4. Ramsey and Ozil were equally ineffective — again. As I said yesterday, we would’ve been better off starting Ox wide — who at least gave us pace, energy and work-rate — and Cazorla through the center. Both of them are in better form than the other two.

    5. Jack began to unravel around 65 minutes, but he had played well until then and was frustrated for good reason. Can you imagine playing for such a poorly-organized, poorly-managed side? Would be incredibly frustrating. Triply frustratring when you’re playing one of the world’s best-organized, best-managed sides.

    6. Sanchez at least has loads of energy and work-rate, though I don’t see it amounting to much this season given the manager’s failings.

    7. Shez is way too casual. He needs to have his job challenged.

    Oh yes, and Wenger absolutely must fucking go. What a farce this guy is.

    Wenger out!

  24. Relieable sauce

    AFC is a project for Arsene to inflate his ego.
    If there was any truth in Real wanting him, it would have been very short lived.
    Twat genuinely believes he would have lasted a season???

    If the AKB are your gauge for the intelligence of your clubs fans, then its no wonder he made such an ridiculous comment.

    Just for the record as well, he recently said that players for England should be English, or something along those lines. During the Januzaj decision i think.

    He didn’t think that way when he was trying to peddle Almunia on England then?

    The man is a fraud.

  25. Bamford13


    Not only was he not bad against City, he was absolutely fantastic. MOTM by far and one of the better performances from an Arsenal player in some time.

    This guy just doesn’t like Wilshere.

  26. N5

    Bamford, I wanted to say that but I assumed he would start the fanboy comments which would weaken my position, but as it was, he did that anyway, so, I shouldn’t of bothered.

    He was great against Citeh and he was good tonight for the majority.

  27. Bamford13

    And by the way, they played without Hummels, Kagawa and Reus — three fantastic players.

    We played without — Debuchy and Walcott.

    Holy shit, people. That’s embarrassing.

  28. N5

    “And by the way, they played without Hummels, Kagawa and Reus”

    I said that too Sal earlier, that’s frightening that they had these guys out and still out played us all over.

  29. bob

    just go look at the fifa rankings see if u can find wilshere. MOTM against city great n5 please tel me when was the last time he got MOTH befor the city game?

  30. salparadisenyc

    Fucking hell Wilshire was good at City but lets not blow it out of proportion?
    Absolutely fantastic was Cesc in Milan in 2008, boss.

  31. WrightIsGod

    When fans of other teams take the piss out of The Arsenal I don’t even care anymore to argue. I just shrug my shoulders and say, “It’s Wenger.”

    That’s it.

    Every year I feel myself becoming increasingly disinterested because the feeling of helplessness is more painful than anything.

    I like the majority of football followers needs to be done but whilst Wenger is around it won’t be. 3 years will leave us in a bigger whole.

  32. N5

    Alex, that’s disgusting but thanks for educating me.

    Bob, I’m more than will to converse with you, but you really need to stop with the schoolgirl like sarcasm. Why say great N5 when I’ve said nothing out of order to you, other than wishing injury on Jack was over the top.

    Another poster called you a cunt, yet for some reason you are being snarky with me. Pull your skirt up, wipe of your lipstick and come and talk to me as a grown man, otherwise please just move on.

  33. Bamford13


    “If anyone ever doubted Wenger’s ineptitude as a manager consider tonight’s performance. To have all this talent and be so ill-prepared is disgraceful. The fanbase deserves better and will NOT see a EPL champinship or Ch. Lge. Champiosnhip as long as Arsene Wenger is their coach. It is too bad Hull City didn’t win the FA CUP last May, we would have been rid of the problem that walks the sideline.”

    Excellent post. Bravo, John.

  34. Keef Petrovic

    Clouseau: I want a reum
    Hotel receptionist: A reum?
    Clouseau: Yes you blithering idiot you are a hotel, I want a reum.
    HR: Ah, I see, you mean a room?
    C: Yes you blithering idiot, that’s what I said, and I want no communication media in there, it is very important to me to be able to bury my head in the sand while the latest storm blows over.
    HR: Anything else Sir?
    C: Yes, my special assistant will be here shortly, send him up to me. His name is Monsieur Diaby. You will recognize him, he will be on crutches.

  35. bob

    all i said was when was the last time wilshere got motm befor the city game?
    i only wanted him to be injured just so diaby or rosicky can play we have a better chance off winning with then

  36. Relieable sauce

    IG & SS will shit their panties if wenger quits, lol (£8 mil pa), or his position becomes untenable.
    They don’t seem to have a clue on who they would appoint…how many top managers will come to an elite club to play accountant?

    No doubt a good manager could get another 10-15 % out of these players with proper tactics, preparation & rotation, & i’m sure there are plenty of managers who would like a shot at it. I’m just not convinced the owner & bods want anything other than a yes man.

  37. Keef Petrovic


    Yes summarizes what most on here feel, he gets his £8M per annum for making a great return for Kroenke (for when he ultimately sells or takes a dividend at some point), winning is nothing to do with it. Why on earth would an uber-capitalist like Kroenke be paying a busted flush like Wenger so much otherwise? It’s so bleeding obvious. Some of the AKB’s would gather in the Emirates and take poison if he asked them to…

    Hopefully more are waking from their trance every day..

  38. Keef Petrovic

    Klopp would get 20-30% more out of this rabble, and after shifting deadwood and filling gaps obvious to us all a lot more.

  39. Bamford13

    People need to think about what can be done to force/convince Wenger to resign. It really is that bad. Indeed it has been that bad for a long time, but some nights this is more obvious than others.

  40. Keef Petrovic

    Bamford 13

    Maybe in the long run Gibbs not being on the post to head off the line in the FACF ie would have been 3-0 down after 10 minutes would have been a long term blessing….?

  41. Relieable sauce

    Lets hope so, but we’ve been here before.

    I honestly thought that he may have gone at the end of the season before last, when the pressure really seemed to be building & some journalists were asking serious questions (why do you look at me season)…But we had a pre planned tour of Asia, notably Japan, where Wenger is highly revered.
    The commercial value of this was never going to be compromised imo, & even with the pressure building, the notion of sacking Wenger probably never even entered their minds, let alone who they could possibly get to replace him.

    We now have US TV money flooding into the prem & the appetite for it won’t be waining anytime soon. You also have the completely untapped market in China, as well as the rest of Asia to some degree. This is going to be a huge revenue stream for major European clubs & with Arsenal being one of the most popular clubs in China & the rest of Asia, i don’t see SS giving selling up anytime soon.

    Maybe the AKB can do something useful if/when they realise that Wenger is no longer the right manager for the club & call on the owner to shape up or sell up.

    They have a lot of power but focus their efforts in the wrong place imo.

  42. WindyCityArse

    What happened to the foreplay? Least we could have done was make Dortmund exert some effort to pull our pants down… Ffs we happily dropped our own trousers, bent over and encouraged Dortmund to give us a good rodgering.

  43. Relieable sauce

    The sad thing is that there could have been a great get out for all concerned if Arsene would have quit after winning the FA cup.
    Contrary to belief, the WOB don’t, or at least didn’t want to see Wenger hounded out of the club.
    I have been one of the most guilty of calling Wenger names & disrespecting him & my motives haven’t always been just. For this i apologise, for what it is worth…but its born of frustration & these are frustrating times, & i cannot promise it won’t happen again.
    But the criticism IS warranted, he is not above reproach, no matter how highly you regard him. Do you honestly think Arteta thinks there isn’t another midfielder available who could do a better job for AFC at DCM???
    We all know there are many…so why does wenger say things like this, it doesn’t help Arteta, it probably hinders him. Same with many squad members…Why do you say these things Arsene??? You come across as Dogberry more & more in your press conferences.

    Back to my original point, i think wenger should have told the owner that he would step aside if he won the FA cup & taken an embassadorial (sp) role for the club, which he would be great at.
    There still is wiggle room to make this happen imo if Wenger, the bod & owner can come to terms with it & use some foresight, before we witness more performances & results like last night & his legacy is totally destroyed.