Arsenal 2-2 Man City. Hasa Diga Eebowai

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Well well good morning. Alex here, taking over from Pedro, to report to you following yesterday’s excitefest against champions Manchester City. I don’t have highlights available to me so apols for the startling lack of detail.

Let me start with a confession, and this may surprise those of you who are regular readers of Le Grove, but I was absolutely despairing at full time.

Maybe it was the contrast to the elation I felt after we came back from 1-0 down with two outstanding goals. Seeing that amazing comeback squandered with some shitshow defending on a corner really hurt.

Maybe it’s the sense that we seem to play for a draw against the big teams when at home. And look there’s no shame in playing for a draw. In fact I’d love to see us play for a draw in a lot of big away games, but if we have serious aspirations about winning the title we have to start beating our rivals at home; bringing on Arteta in the 90th minute is not an indication you are ‘throwing the kitchen sink’ at the game in order to get a result. We drew against City, Chelsea and United at home last season too. Thehow y know to come to the Emirates and frustrate us which is… frustrating.

However, more likely my despair stemmed from the fact that, just for once, I’d love us to grind out a completely undeserved victory against a rival in the way that City, United and Chelsea ALWAYS do against us. After we went ahead we rode our luck so much we looked like Dot Cotton on a bucking bronco. However, we are totally due some kind of bastardry like that – some completely unjust, unfair result that leaves Man City fans crying into their cornflakes.

In the cold light of day, however, I can see that 2-2 is a good result (no I’m not going to say I would have taken that result at the start of the game because people who say that are pricks) and a reflection that we still probably aren’t serious title contenders.

We were very impressive in the first 30 minutes and really pinned City back, while always looking vulnerable to a quick counteract. Newest signing Danny Welbz looked very good, combining the hold up play and touch of Giroud with the pace and mobility of Sanogo, without the ‘shank the ball into row z’ finishing of Giroud and Sanogo. I have to admit I was pretty underwhelmed when we signed him, especially when names like Falcao and Cavani were being bandied around on the absolute farce that is Sky Sports’ Transfer Deadline Day. However I’m growing to like the man from the north. His transfer annoyed United fans which is always welcome and he does look like he’s going to improve our play as a team. He was so unlucky not to open his account with an absolute gem of a goal, a dinked chip over the king of bad marketing choices, Joe Hart.

Unfortunately our other new signing, the young, pacey Defensive Midfielder had a bit of a mare. Oh no wait that was Flamini who lost Aguero at the near post for City’s opener. Twitter seemed to be going mad on Mathieu yesterday. Other than his horrible tracking for their first I didn’t notice that he was that bad. Nonetheless, I don’t know if it was down to his lack of mobility or awareness but that mistake was bloody awful.

For me it was Ozil who really stunk the place out yesterday, again. I hate to say it but I’m falling out of love with him. He avoids tackles and headers, he doesn’t track, most of our counterattacks broke down because of him and he had one pass so wayward yesterday that it killed a passing kestrel. Many more performances like this and he’ll become the new boo boy. I don’t know whether it is because he is being played out of position or he just can’t be arsed, but he improved markedly in the last 15 minutes when he moved inside. I really don’t think he should be left to find his form out on the left, just play him where his £42million arse can do something effective.

Contrast Mesut’s performance with Alexis, Wilshere and Koscielny. They dominated the game in their respective positions, working their proverbial bollocks off and the former two produced absolutely world class goals. That drag and dink from Jack. That volley from Alexis. Woof woof.

One final point from me – because I’m much too hungover to write anymore – Arsenal and Delaware have finally heeded my advice and binned off the atrocious ‘Gunners hot dog’ (it didn’t comply with FFP and is wanted for war crimes). They’ve replaced it with a Jerk Dog which, thank Christ, doesn’t have coleslaw on it. I didn’t get one yesterday but rest assured I will look to and report back to you because here at Le Grove we talk to you about THE THINGS THAT MATTER.

Have a lovely Sunday and follow me on twitter @aldo_doel I need to up my follower count x

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  1. Bamford13


    Like that side. Agree that Ox and Sabchez wide is the way to go. Pace, dribbling and constant pressure on fullbacks, with Welbeck giving options inside.

    Jack is in the side no matter what, and Ramsey simply needs to find his rhythm.

    Cazorla and Ozil late would give people issues.

  2. kwik fit

    Personally I’d play Hayden in the DM Role cos every time Wenger puts coq there he always seems to pulls coq off before he’s peaked.

  3. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Ah the memories! The best centre back i have seen at Arsenal, a clinical striker and finally ‘GOD’.
    What wouldn’t i give to have those three in their prime at Arsenal right now.

    I remember when Brady left, i stood outside Highbury crying my eyes out.

  4. andy1886

    Not entirely pointless. Keyser gets to prove his point, one that no-one else was interested in anyway, show just how clever he is and message his own ego. It’s not even about Arsenal, or Wenger, it’s all about Keyser. Probably does the same thing on non-football sites too.

  5. Daniel

    Hanford quite agree with your second point as per the game,for all man city s powerful cdm they conceded 2 goals.the main issue which you have rightly pointed out is wengers tactical nous,all we needed to kill off the game was fresh legs. Ramsey for carzola,ozil for ox.

  6. Daniel

    @bamford quite agree with your second point as per the game,for all man city s powerful cdm they conceded 2 goals.the main issue which you have rightly pointed out is wengers tactical nous,all we needed to kill off the game was fresh legs. Ramsey for carzola,ozil for ox.

  7. kwik fit


    I was at Milan museum a couple of years ago and ‘chippy’ was absolutely idolised by the Inter fans. . He said that he could never play for another English team , unlike Stapleton. Brady would always be in any Arsenal all-time eleven.

  8. andy1886

    Massage even, although maybe he does ‘message’ his own ego.

    “Keyer, you’re the best”

    “No, Keyser, I can’t compare to you”

    “Oh come on, I’m nothing next to you”

    “You arguing with me?”

    “No, you’re arguing with me, I knew you would, you have an agenda”

    “Ah! Gotcha Keyser you bastard!!”

  9. leon

    on a plus side I can’t say good enough things about sanchez he is an abolute work horse ,wellbeck I really like as well. However they still have not learned from last season they still leave themselves wide open at the back

  10. gary

    We’re just rubbish.. . So what if we are undefeated despite playing 2 difficult games.. we were lucky in all games this season..the goals yesterday were just lucky

  11. Relieable sauce

    People who still defend or excuse wenger have passed the point of no return, they cannot admit he isn’t good enough & that they were wrong. To accept this would be an admission that they have wasted their time & efforts defending him for the last eight years or so & this is something they & wenger cannot do.

    They’ve pandered to his vanity & ago, all to the detriment of AFC.

  12. Lee

    This new guy is even worse than Pedro.
    Yeah, totally depressing Alex……
    I mean £300m squad there and we only outplayed them and got a draw. Shame on wenger
    Wilshire, you’re rubbish.
    Why didn’t you score the winner??
    Ramsey would have if you weren’t in his way for 90 mins
    If falcao was out there we would have won.
    Wenger out!!!!
    What a shit show!!!
    Yes Alex, Le grove is a shit show all right.
    17 games unbeaten now in all competitions!!!
    How awful

  13. DieCashleyDie

    Alex – The Book of Mormon on a Sunday morning. Great shout!

    Would like to see the player stats, Citeh just went around Big Per – I don’t think Mertesaker made a single tackle, block or interception. Just occupies a space. Kos makes him looks better than he is.

    Debuchey seemed to do a Giroud and hurt himself. He so justs want to be L’Orial jr…Big fan of Matty already

  14. idagooner

    Wenger has lost the plot yrs ago! Now it’s just painfully predictable players played out of positions,can’t make the right sub to help,havnt improved at fuck all on defending on counter or set plays(shocking my u12 boys are better) and after admitting we needed a dmid he fucks off all summer and were stuck with flamini and arteta! Fun times for us fans!

  15. Joaquim Moreira

    4 games for the league: 4×900=360 minutes plus arround 15 minutes of discounts =375 minutes
    we were ahead: a) 2 minutes versus Palace(we scored at the extra time)
    b) 5-6 minutes against Leicester
    c) 9 minutes versus
    d) against Everton, we always been at defeat.
    so, for win 6 points in the League, we have been ahead for arround 20 minutes in 375 minutes played…
    not a very good performance or i’m wrong?

  16. WrightIsGod


    ” I mean £300m squad there and we only outplayed them and got a draw. Shame on wenger”

    Stoke beat them at the Etihad.

    From what I see of Pellegrini – he is also not as tactically astute as he could be.

    We had City on the ropes and should have won that game. It reminded me of Man Utd last year against Man U. There for the taking but couldn’t complete the job. That’s what champs are made of.

    Couple that with the ever-growing defensive issues we have, ie. the number of personnel alone, I think people can choose to see the glass half empty if they want to.

    Our tactics and formation just leave us so exposed in the exact same areas – as they have been in the last 5 – 10 years.

  17. Lee

    andy1886 – Excuses in terms of Chelsea, the fact is, to say Chelsea are having to comply with FFP now, you’d have to ask yourself why ? Because for the last 10 years they’ve been relying on their owners benevolence.If that was Arsenal, you’d be wondering why Courtois was on loan to the team who knocked them out of the Champions League, why they sold Mata when they couldn’t break teams like Crystal Palace down, why they didn’t buy Costa in January and if they couldn’t why didn’t they at least give Lukaku a chance, and in the end why they won fuckall last season.But because it’s Chelsea and not us, you’re willing to rationalise and excuse them.


    Well said and very true
    These guys aren’t fans or supporters.
    If their team doesn’t win they just want to suck the joy out of football.
    Only one team can win the league. They don’t seem to get it. There is still plenty of joy in arsenal. Plenty to be proud about. The oligarch era has ushered in some real twats

  18. karim

    Only difference being we had time to gel before playing Man U last year = no excuses
    This was Wellbeck s first game and you can already see Sanchez is far better than last month
    So I wouldn’t draw any conclusion on that matter so far

    Or you could see it half full but you prefer it half empty
    We re still unbeaten ( including CL + CS ) and managed to grab at least a point while being led every game

  19. Lee

    So if we had gone for the 3rd goal and lost you would all say wenger is a fool. He threw the game
    Mourinho would have nicked a draw.
    Our direct opponent has not gained any more ground on us.
    We drew at Everton also when we lost that fixture last year.

    STILL UNBEATEN IN 17 competitive fixtures

  20. Dissenter

    “This new guy is even worse than Pedro.
    Yeah, totally depressing Alex……
    I mean £300m squad there and we only outplayed them and got a draw”

    Pedro is bad …Alex is worse and you’re still here mithering.
    Don’t you get tired of moaning about Legrove while commenting on Legrove.

    Can you not imagine any reasonable or plausible reasons why some gooners might see things different from you.

    Like why do we have only 5 established defenders to cover 4 positions?

  21. Northbanker

    So now that Debuchy is obviously out for months (doesn’t surprise me – i ould see yesterday he went down with no one near him – you could tel it was bad) that means Chambers willl be deputising there. Fine i itself – he’s likely to be a great deputy. The prolem is – he’s our only deputy at CB!!! So that means we have to hope and prat that Kos and Per can last until december with no rest and no injuries

    Wenger has brought this on himself

  22. Dissenter

    North banker’

    Bellerin (covering for Dubuchy who’s out for God knows when)

    Hayden (he’s not established, you might disagree)

    Gibbs ( I didn’t count him because his legs are made of plastercine)

  23. WrightIsGod


    I think City were there for the taking. The fact we dominated the first half and still came second best seems very familiar. Why? Because we still have the same issues defensively.

    Again, in the end, we had the opportunity to win and we couldn’t do it.

  24. Relieable sauce

    Just think how much Chambers will be worth after all the game time he’ll get this season!
    City will pay 30 mil + in a year or 2.

    My cup runneth over.

  25. Bankz


    Debuchy is out for 8 weeks or more.
    If you ask me, I’d count Monreal & Gibbs as one.
    One is always injured & the other damn as he’ll isn’t good enough.
    Nice free kick from DiMaria by the way. Do we practice how to score from set pieces?
    Cazorla was a wicked scorer of free kicks in Villareal & Malala till he joined us.

  26. andy1886

    @Lee – it might help if you read the whole thread not just an excerpt. As you can’t be bothered I’ll put in black and white for you. The question was why Chelsea didn’t buy Costa in January, my answer was because a) Atletico wouldn’t let him go then and b) because of FFP. Nothing more, nothing less. No attack on Wenger or AFC, no comparison made. Keyser likes an argument so he tried to turn into something it wasn’t. He’s a bit sad like that.

    Funny how you appoint yourself arbiter as to who and who isn’t a fan. If anyone can ever have that role I’d suggest someone who can end an argument without using words like “twat” or “mong”.

  27. Bankz

    DiMaria is a class act’.
    Even with his sickler looks, the energy & pace he brings to the pitch is explosive’.
    If only Özil showed half that energy or motivation on the pitch, we would have had some of our £42.5mill back by now’.

  28. MidwestGun

    Alex –
    Just popped by to say nice post. Enjoy your writing style. I too was massively deflated at end. Or at least exhausted after several post clangers by City.

    I jumped out of my seat and nearly sprained something after Sanchez goal, then Debuchy with what looked to be a serious injury really brought me down. Especially, knowing we are woefully thin at back 4 coverage.
    And then the worst corner kick defending effort I’ve seen in a long time, followed by some dodgy defending. Ya, relief to get a draw muted what was a great comeback effort. Also, 4 draws in 6 games not exactly awe inspiring.
    Anyhow, rambling answer to say good job.

    Also, Wenger on defensive shortages:
    “You can ask me who I will buy, but the transfer market is closed”

    And some people are baffled why AW inspires anger, and distaste in some.

  29. Relieable sauce

    Buying Ozil didn’t make much sense at the time, & to play him out wide makes even less sense.

    Buying Sanchez to play CF, if indeed that’s what he was bought for is even more ludicrous.

    Only in a wenger wonderland.

  30. WrightIsGod

    Harry Redknapp was lucky to get into the Prem in the first place. He’s lost that spark he once had at Spurs. Nobody cares he’s a lad anymore it’s all about tactics these days……cough cough….Wenger.

  31. Jake

    Lots of Ozil revisionism going on recently. Are you all really forgetting the impact he had on us last season up until the Bayern game. We led the league for a long time and Ozil was probably our second best player for that entire period. Second only to Ramsey who benefited largely from Ozil.

  32. Bamford13

    Ridiculous ball there from Di Maria.

    No doubt United will pass us in due course. Arsenal will compete only for fourth — along with Liverpool, Everton and Spurs.

    Not because they don’t have the money of the top three but because they have a manager who refuses to spend it.

    Fucking absurd. Wenger out.

  33. Bamford13

    Actually, Jake, Ozil really hasn’t been himself since he refused to applaud the away supporters after our 6-3 drubbing at City.

    Maybe a decent ten minute spell here or there, but has been a shell of his former self for almost nine months.

    The only revisionism here is yours.

  34. andy1886

    Also, Wenger on defensive shortages:
    “You can ask me who I will buy, but the transfer market is closed”

    If he did say that then he clearly hasn’t a clue what ‘insensitive’ means.

  35. WrightIsGod

    Arsenal vs QPR

    QPR get two early goals from from a Monreal mistake, a Mertesacker slip and Arteta unable to keep up with Fer.

    Arsenal come back in the final 10 to draw the game 2:2.

    Le Grove realists: “But Man U and Spurs battered these lot.”

    AKB (led by Keyser): “What a great show of mental strength to come back. At least we didn’t lose. Not our fault we can’t afford WC talent like the big boys.”

    This is the reality of our club and fanbase,

  36. Bamford13


    Make an argument. When has he shined since? For more than 15 minutes at a time?

    What about for Germany this summer?

    Every single commentator agrees with me: Ozil has not been himself for a very long time now.

    The only clueless person here is you — a poster who has shown countless times in his comments that he doesn’t know fuck-all about the game.

    You watch Arsenal and know little else. You’re just another Arsenla-only dipshit.

  37. WrightIsGod

    Oh I forgot.

    AKB: “Not our fault half our team is injured and we don’t have adequate back up.”

    That sounds more like it.

  38. Bamford13


    And by the way, what do you think his refusal to applaud the away fans signified in terms of his attitude? How do you think he was feeling about his transfer to Arsenal at that moment? Playing for a side that was clearly second-rate relative to the class of the EPL — yet coming from the class of the planet, Madrid.

    I’ll tell you what he was thinking: “This is fucking pathetic.”

    And he hasn’t recovered since.

  39. Thomas

    Jake September 14, 2014 16:24:21

    Lots of Ozil revisionism going on recently. Are you all really forgetting the impact he had on us last season up until the Bayern game. We led the league for a long time and Ozil was probably our second best player for that entire period. Second only to Ramsey who benefited largely from Ozil.


    So what? He’s playing shit now.

  40. Bamford13

    The British commentator on NBC said at one point yesterday: ‘Honestly, Ozil is so invisible out there that Arsenal are basically playing with 10 players.’

    This isn’t some conspiracy against Ozil, or some failure to understand the subtleties of his game. It reflects the fact that he simply isn’t doing very much and looks a shadow of his former self.

  41. Bankz

    Reliable sauce

    I kept posting on here all through preseason that Alexis Sanchez wasn’t & still isn’t a Centre Forward & would flop massively if Wenger tried converting him to one in the EPL But the like of Romford & Revving kept reminding me of how Henry + RVP were converted & how Wenger had alluded to the fact of signing him as a centre forward.

  42. Keyser

    Bamford13 – Who is the British commentator on NBC ?

    Southampton away, Everton in the FA Cup at home.

    He’s been back barely a month and was injured against Leicster away, played on because we’d used all our subs, he missed the International break with Germany.

    It seems like you’ve got a new project, Wilshere’s playing well, but he Ramsey, Ozil and probably a few others players like Sanchez like to occupy similar positions and spaces on the pitch.

  43. tunnygriffboy

    What people think of team for tuesday. Gibbs in, Chambers in. Santi for Ozil and Rteta for flamini. Would like to see TR7 on the bench to be used at some point as well. We’ll probably play 4-1-4-1 but I’d prefer to go with 2 holding players.

  44. WengerEagle

    london gunner

    Sanchez is more what we need because he’s a much better goalscorer than Di Maria.

    Di Maria is the far better creator.

    For us I’d prefer Sanchez over Di Maria but for someone like PSG Di Maria would be the far better option.

  45. Relieable sauce


    Yep another wenger obsession thats costing us in many ways.

    If you know you need a striker, why not just buy one??? Not a wide forward, not a £50 mil postman, but a striker.

    As for not getting a DM & CM…how can anyone excuse this?…

    Trying to be clever again while another title challenge is over before we’re out of the blocks.

    The conversion of Henry into a CF is dubious for me as well. I’m fairly sure he started as a CF at Monaco, was moved out to the wing by the french national team &/or Juve.
    Not saying Wenger didn’t improve him as a player, just the conversion from a wide forward into a centre forward isn’t as revolutionary as some make out.

  46. london gunner


    What lost us the City game was not playing chambers as DM.

    The mistake Flamini made on the first goal is very similar to mistakes arteta was doing last season aka not keeping up with his man and allowing them to score goals to easily. So arteta is really not a good solution at all.

    If we had Chambers there we win that match. In Jan we can get some defenders in probs the easiest position to buy for in January.

    It makes sense we need to start raking up points and Bellerin time has come his slightly better at RB than Chambers so should be given that position and he has a mature game to him.

    If one of our CB’s are injured before Jan and Chambers its unlikely but it can happen but the pros out weigh the cons at this point by the fact we would have saved so very many points by playing Chambers as a DM

  47. andy1886

    On cost/performance I’d take Sanchez. He’s the best part of a year younger and I’d say when the going gets tough Di Maria is less likely to scrap than Sanchez.

  48. tunnygriffboy


    Agree that Chambers may well end up in midfield and he may have done a job there yesterday. I’ve not seen him play there so difficult for me to comment. It may be a risk in game of that magnitude.

    I am however very pissed off with our lack of a top quality midfielder who relishes defending. As you know I’m always a glass half full kind of guy. Our attack when it gels will be really exciting and vibrant. Just gutted with our lack of numbers in defence.

  49. london gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    I get what you mean but for me its works both ways.

    WE need a goalscorer aka Sanchez because Giroud is so shit (sorry Giroud loves its my opinion live with it)

    But at the same time we have a missed a playmaking winger with athleticism aka Pires, Nasri. Santi/ozil just ain’t the one on the left

    At some point Walcott is back so you will have Sanchez and Walcott which will either work brilliantly or completely flop in my opinion, as they are both direct and both goal scorers I can see it causing carnage against the open teams but defensive teams it might be like running into a brick wall.. Also I am sure it would leave us vulnerable on the counter… Sanchez does put in a lot of effort to win the ball back but I rate Di Maria’s defensive contribution higher whilst Walcotts is non existent

    I suppose then it also involves the Ozil debate if his creative juices are flowing and he is on fire then the Sanchez Walcott might work

    Otherwise its insanely attacking team With Sanchez Welbeck Walcott Ozil Ramsey and Jack

    But utterly vulnerable on the counter aka exactly what happened against City (1st goal)

  50. london gunner

    I would actually play Coq over arteta.

    I think his game is very simple and very tidy his no way good enough for a permanent position but his better than flmadster and farteta

    He gets a lot of hate on here and everyone references his last season on loan
    But he was played on the wings for christs sakes. It was a joke of a loan that made no sense for either party they had defensive midfielder role well covered so they signed A DM for Wing cover…. ok….

  51. Bankz

    I will take Sanchez.
    He’d easily score 15+ goals & 10-12 assists if our strikers learn the exact position of the goalpost.
    He’s got more stamina and if properly motivated, is a player that brings 110% to the pitch all season long.

    DiMaria on the other part is more of a creator, what we prayed Özil would turn out to be.
    He’d easily get 20+ Assists with Falcao & RVP.

  52. BacaryisGone

    I think it’s Efan Ekoku who does the colour commentary. He’s terrible. Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe do the studio analysis and they are a little better.

    Having said that, Ekoku is a football guru compared with Michael Owen.

  53. Arsene's Vet

    Bellerin for right back for me all the way. First, about time we keep playing people in fixed roles rather than killing them by playing them everywhere. If we’d been playing Wilshere centrally maybe we wouldn’t have d 42million problem we presently have.

  54. ughelligunner

    Its surprising when people don’t agree with Pedro and the doomers, but are told to rather ignore the blog.
    Yet these same doomers know wenger is here to stay with his policy yet wouldn’t ignore his comment or the club…for just three years?
    What is bringing this positive people back to the blog is what is making the negative people always back to condemn the club/wenger.

  55. Keyser

    I think the problem is when analysing games, you’re basically asked two questions who did well and who did badly ? So you get commentators relating it to one game and to play to the viewers they end up sensationalising things.

    There’s his bald dude on Espn’s soccer show, I think he’s Irish and used to play for Liverpool, on the same show they have a kind of fat Frankie Boyle both can be annoying as fuck. You used to have MOTD and that was about it over here, but with the way television has risen as a way of promoting football you get everything analysed and hyped up to sell.

    Like Wilshere, we’ve barely played 4 games, I think he’s started slowly, but has played well, yet with the whole ‘Make or Break’ season rubbish, he’ll keep going through the cycle.

    I dunno in America maybe because American Football is a very tough game or there’s just more to commentate on, the commentators seem to have more respect for the players and just commentate on what they see ?

    You get something similar over here with the rugby, they’re far more forgiving of mistakes and how the game is going.

  56. tunnygriffboy

    Lot of talk about some teams sending their players video analysis of their performances so they can look at them at home.

    Bugger that , I’d just send our fullbacks the following e-mail

    ” for the 1st twenty mins of Dortmund game DO NOT GO OVER THE

    Much as I hate Shearer he did highlight this on MOTD last night. It leaves our DM and CB dealing with 3 or 4 playrrs running at them on the counter.

  57. Keyser

    This also seems to have lead to an increase in Bi-polar fans.

    No offence but comparing Di Maria and Sanchez a couple of games in ?

    I know this much either Sanchez and his work rate undergoes an optical illusion while I’m watching or he simply has to fade soon, like watching Vela or Arshavins legs when they went into hyperdrive, they kind of turned into a blur, like Kung Fu Hustle.

  58. Lee


    I have no idea what you mean? I didn’t direct a comment your way, did I?


    Then why do Pedro and Alex keep attending arsenal games they get so little enjoyment from it. Give up your tickets and let someone who “supports” the team watch

  59. Keyser

    tunnygriffboy – That relates into what I mean, Shearer highlights it therefore it must be a weakness or a flaw, instead of a risk we were willing to take to pressurise higher up the pitch.

    If you watch the instances Shearer highlighted the goal came from Sanchez running into Kompany and losing the ball cheaply, another instance was Ramsey who fired in a pointless cross from deep, which didn’t even make it past the first man in the box, even the goal Flamini was unlucky his rebound firstly stayed in and secondly fell right into Navas’s path.

  60. Dissenter

    “I dunno in America maybe because American Football is a very tough game or there’s just more to commentate on, the commentators seem to have more respect for the players and just commentate on what they see ?”

    I believe it was Lee Dixon ( Arsenal’s Lee Dixon) who made the comment about “Arsenal playing with 10 men” beach of Ozil’s effectiveness.

    You might want to revise your theory about American sports, blah blah. The key EPL commentators on American TV are Brits who played in the premier league.
    All a lot better than Owen et al.

  61. ughelligunner

    tunnygriffboy September
    14, 2014 17:25:33
    Both top players. Was DiMaria
    available when we bought
    Sanchez. Sanchez been
    fantastic so far. Too early at
    the moment. Dimaria cost 2x
    Tunny, wait till next season when somebody gets Reus and the doomers tells you sanchez was a wasted buy, and wenger has made him redundant. Maybe you might be on the dark lord side (pedro) by then, like London gooner ( and talk like you never ever supported arsene ones).

  62. Keyser

    Dissenter – Yeah and who commentates on NFL games ? I don’t think you’ve understood my point. Though I do think you could say there’s just more ‘plays’ to.

  63. andy1886

    Lee you quoted Keyser where he referred to one of my posts. As I said, I made a simple suggestion about a topic and he tried to turn it into something it wasn’t. Thanks for the polite reply though.

  64. Dissenter

    “Dissenter, Then why do Pedro and Alex keep attending arsenal games they get so little enjoyment from it. Give up your tickets and let someone who “supports” the team watch’

    You can love Arsenal and still be critical because you believe we can do better.

    It’s a lot different from griping all the time about how a blog is so crap and dishonest, yet you keep coming back.

    I disagree with Pedro on a lot of stuff. The whole soft injury stuff he ran on last season was bollocks in my opinion. I openly disagreed with him about the speculation about who bought Welbeck. I disagreed with him about Cesc returning.

    I don’t think he’s dishonest or pursuing an agenda, you differ.

    You keep yowling about how dishonest or wrong Pedro or Alex are, yet you keep returning. Maybe it’s not as bad as you constantly whine about.

    There was a prominent poster here called KJAFC who chose not to return. He was honorable and didn’t hold back from challenging Pedro. I don’t recall him whining as much as you. He chose to leave rather than continuously moaning.

  65. Keyser

    andy1886 – I didn’t, you replied to Wallace, firstly Costa had a buyout clause in his contract so they didn’t have to deal with Atletico at all, secondly he had a cheaper buyout clause a year earlier for 20 million.

  66. tunnygriffboy


    Agree about us losing the ball. Sanchez lost it in the area and Monreal missed the tackle on the edge of the box. That move then goes 80 metres. What was more of a concern was the lpool example when we lost the ball just in our own half early in the game and our fullbacks were 15 yards ahead of this. It left Arteta. Kos and Per with 4 players running at them. That surely could be rectified particularly away from home in big games.

  67. Dissenter

    Who the hell cares about NF commentators. They don’t go anywhere near football (soccer). They would consider it a demotion.
    Does Rugby or cricket commenting impact on how football commentaries are done in England.
    Do they have Martin Johnson or Michael Vaughn calling premier league games?

  68. ughelligunner

    Players bomb forward, its normal to join the attack and help add to the bite in creating goals. Just because an ex football pundits says its dangerous does not mean it does not work.
    Why is emphasise not made on the players who lose the ball that led to the counter in the first place?
    If it works and the team ends up winning with high margins like Raphel/man utd against Qpr, they tell you your fullback should be able to join the attack and bring crosses in, and then people come back here after lapping everything up like dogs and talk about it as if it was there invention rather than the invention of pundits.
    Just like the word tactics is thrown about/ the 4-1-4-1 talk, When last season wenger was highly condemn for not changing his 4-2-3-1 system.

  69. london gunner


    “I dunno in America maybe because American Football is a very tough game or there’s just more to commentate on, the commentators seem to have more respect for the players and just commentate on what they see ?”

    Keyser american pundits can be some of the worst douchbags in existence they are egotistical annoyin cuntswho love nothing better than to talk about gossips and try to act as in your face and offensive

    Aka Trash talking

    Is an old clip but its still the same

  70. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Nbc carries Premier League
    Fox carries CL and Europa
    Bein sport carries Cup games, La Liga, and French, and some Championship
    Espn carries International games like World Cup and MLS and Mexican
    Spanish Language carries Mexican, some Brazilian, and some German.

  71. Keyser

    tunnygriffboy – If you watch the Liverpool game back, it was more us losing the ball cheaply each time, like I mean just inviting pressure.

    Nasri’s Mouth made the same point, but where we are right now or were last season we could sit deeper and so on, but it’d just mean having to deal wih other problems.

    Last year we had no concerted pressure on opposing teams, and we couldn’t pass our way out from deep meaning we’d barely be creating anything.

    I’m hoping from yesterday’s game we’re hoping to really get a high press going, we didn’t really create much, but that’s to be expected until Sanchez, Welbeck, and the likes start to synch. Our pressure did lead to the error that let Welbeck in on goal though, if we’d taken the lead I think we would’ve sat a bit deeper, and would’ve been just reward for our efforts.

  72. andy1886

    Keyser, even with a buyout clause you still have to deal with the club holding his registration. I understand that you have a perfectly valid alternative reasoning, if you’d have stuck to that rather than suggest that my reply was somehow intended as a criticism, or implied one, then the whole discussion could’ve been a lot shorter and more amicable.

  73. london gunner

    Sanchez and chambers are both brilliant signings

    But that is the frustration Wenger is still capable of pulling of the occasional brilliant moments, but we always fall short of the one key area aka a defensive midfielder

    Man City result is evidence of that.

    Its a crying shame tbh.

    I think if we had signed a DM who can play CB that would of been a decent solution to our problems at the back and in the middle

  74. Keyser

    Dissenter – Yeah, but the NFL’s revenue hugely depends on Commercial/tv monies doesn’t it ? We’ve seen the same sort of expansion over here with SKY and now BTSport, I’m coming from a general position of ignorance dependant on how much I get to watch of American commentary, but it seems like commentators on other sports are more reserved.

    I watch the British commentators and the way they try and polarise opinion is just annoying, like the way they talk on the ESPN soccer show.

  75. El Tel 1

    You can all laugh at this one but would love to see Giroud and Wellbeck playing together with Theo on one wing and Sanchez on the other.

    Play three at the back too.

    Midfield would be Ramsey, Jack and Ozil for the smaller teams.

    I would then change to five at the back against the better sides with four in midfield and a lone striker.

    My two teams would be like this


    Chambers, Merteseker, Koscielny

    Ramsey, Ozil,Jack

    Walcott, Wellbeck, Giroud, Sanchez

    After an hour bring on The Ox for Ozil, and Campbell for Theo have Rosicky ready to replace either Jack or Ramsey as they will need a break.



    Debuchy, Chamber, Merteseker, Koscielny, Gibbs

    Ramsey, Rosicky, Arteta, Jack


    Bring on Wellbeck or Giroud for Sanchez. Bring on The Ox or Ozil depending on how we are doing for Rosicky. Save the third choice as we usually get an injury in the big games.

  76. Lee


    By that notion, surely I can enjoy the blog even if I don’t agree with it’s author?

    Or if Pedro keeps whining about arsenal then he should do the honourable thing and stop attending.

    You are creating one set of rules for Pedro moaning about arsenal and an entirely different set for me moaning about Pedro, moaning about arsenal.

    Double standards?

    Andy 1886

    You are quite welcome.

  77. Dissenter

    London gunner,
    I’m not so about the trash talking thing on American sports commentaries.
    There is a formal disposition in the studio for NFL games. They have to be formally dressed.
    The professional sports reporters don’t trash . How you trash talk dressed in a 10k Armani suit? Maybe some ex-players still talk ghetto because they aren’t able to adapt to what’s expected.

  78. Keyser

    andy1886 – Firstly I explained why, secondly you replied to Wallace’s quote anyway, do you not get that means you’re wading into an ongoing conversation.

    Or do you randomly pop up in pubs around London.

    – Going to get my car serviced Jim.

    andy1886 walks in, leans over the table

    – Thing is Chelsea had to deal with FFP.

    Jim and his friend perplexed.

    – I’m Sorry mate, who are you ? I was just talking about getting my car serviced.

    andy1886 with a knowing smile.

    – Yeah, but Chelsea are sponsored by Samsung right, and where’s the Samsung building over the road from that Car Service place in Stoke Newington.

    andy1886 downs his pint, walks to the door, tips his flat cap..

    – FFP, boys, FFP..

  79. Dissenter

    El Tel 1,
    I see you have Ospina ahead of Schezny even though he’s yet to play a single game for Arsenal?
    Is he really that good?

  80. Dissenter

    It’s good that we can have a civil and respectful conversation.
    I dint think it’s double standard.
    You’ve suggested that people here are drones and sheep for agreeing with Pedro. I’m just telling you that there’s more dissent than you think.
    It’s disagreements not that Pedro is pursing some hidden Agenda.
    What was so toxic about Alex’s match summary that made him worse than Pedro?

    Anyway, have a good day.

  81. Keyser

    london_gunner – That was Jim Rome wasn’t it ? That looks like ages ago to ? I think even he’s calmed down a bit.

    I think that to sell the game, to constantly keep people interested in an expanding market they try too hard and/or are forced to sensationalise things or resort to humour.

    I remember on RTE Liam Brady screwing at the other muppets because they’d decided to do a Basil Fawlty skit on Wenger without telling him beforehand.

  82. El Tel 1

    The football commentators in general are all shitbags. Most of them have an anti Arsenal agenda.

    We have really head fucked most players and fans of other Clubs.

    The Northern bias also stinks.

    I mean how the fuck do Liverfool get preference for TV coverage in this weeks Chapions League? They are palying some no hopers yet get the deal.

    The old Liverfool p,ayers detest Arsenal. I guess it has a lot to do with the 89 season as we fucked them big time.

    The Manc players will be jealous of our unbeaten season but generally have been dominant after that so are not so bad, they also respect us for being their main rivals. Liverfool have never done anything since 90 season in the League. A year after we screwed them up.

    The Spuds players and friends of these Northern Clubs just jump on the anti Arsenal bandwagon.

    most Referees are from the North West or North East. The bias for the North is astonishing over a 100 + year period.

    The Chavs have had the best team these past ten years yet they havent won anywhere near what they should have. Fergie and his agents saw to this.

    Amazing how the Boltons and Wigans of this world play their hearts out against us and use crude tactics. Yet they hardly break sweat against Mancscum.

    Is football bent.

    In my opinion. yes

  83. kwik fit

    Fuck so it is Keyser. Didn’t realise he was a pro footballer in the day. I suppose it makes a change to the bunch of actors we have today.

  84. kwik fit

    Wenger tells @beINSPORTS: “I’m very happy with our signings, we could have done maybe one more player, but we didn’t find.”

    Change the last word to pay Arsene and that sounds about right

  85. london gunner


    That was the most absurd weak argument. I expect better from you.

    Your saying because they are wearing 10K suits it means they arent capable of acting like over the top egotistical arseholes huh???

    I watch american sports commentators all the time and they speak utter trash

    Lol look at Stephen A Smith for christ sakes.

    Also what are you on about Jamie redknapp probably wears suits that run into the thousands his extremely well dressed his also an idiot who trashes players and panders to social media fools.

  86. london gunner


    Also the CEO of the company I work for trash talks all the time? He probably earns more 99 percent of this blog.

    Since when has trash talking been about how much you earn or don’t earn of even what you wear?

    I get your sticking up for America but its ludicrous

    Just spend a second listening to Skip Bayless and stephen a smith for 5 seconds

    In fact here is a link to some of the dumb shit they say..

    They wear nice suits though

  87. Keyser

    london_gunner – What are you watching to be listening to Stephen A Smith from over here.

    I think he’s done PTI before ? Just out of curiosity I’d like to hear an American view of him, if he’s the same dude, says some odd things at times.