AARON IS FIT and he passed his medical

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via @Arsenal Instagram

via @Arsenal Instagram

Mad LOLz with that headline. Aaron has passed his medical according to Wayne Veysey, which is banging news.

Danny Welbeck has been in all the company shots looking athletic and fancy.

It’s feeling good. Real good.

I’ve no idea what to expect from today. I think post international break games are a little like derbies… there’s no real way of telling what could happen. Players go to all sorts of weird places and play on all sorts of terrible surfaces, so you really don’t know what you’re going to get. I think it was Spain who always used to play some dodgy game in Ecuador and Cesc would always come back broken. So who knows what state players will be in…

City have a good squad to pick from. I mean, as Geoff alluded to yesterday as we shot the breeze in Cov G, even when half their squad it missing they still have 40% more depth than we do. They have Jovetic missing and the impressive Fernando. That doesn’t really feel like a City suffering for me. Aguerro and Dzeko as a duo is always going to be a nightmare to deal with.

We have a  full squad to pick from pretty much. Even Abou Diaby is walking at the moment which is so unexciting I don’t even understand the point in Arsenal.com reporting on it.

The big question is this… will Wenger start WELBZ centrally. He said he makes sense through the middle in his pregame presser and he made the point that lots of 23 years olds come to us and make great careers. His goal record needs to improve, but let’s be fair, Thierry had a pretty average record before he landed. And WELBZ has a similar frame to Thierry, which is 60% of the job done.

Surely, just surely, there’s no way he’d roll with Yaya Sanogo?

There’s no chance of that, right? Come… be honest with me… it couldn’t happen, right? I mean, that’d be mental.

I can’t think about it. Let’s just go with this side and be done with it.

Sanchez WELBZ Chambo


Ramsey Wilshere

Gibbs Mert Kos Debuchy


I reckon, the chances are, this might be the side.

Ozil WELBZ Chambo


Ramsey Arteta

Gibbs Mert Kos Debuchy


One side is about pace and energy, the other is about playing it safe and using experience. I personally think an Ozil start on the left is going to play right into the hands of Manchester City. Ozil won’t chase back, he’s not capable, he won’t be interested in doing that. I also think Arteta through the middle is another problem because against midfields packed with explosive power, he struggles. He has the will the chase back, just not the pace to keep up.


Indeed I will. Today is massive for us. 1245 kicks offs are usually a touch flat and we made a habbit of getting spanked at the time last year. A combination of nerves and not enough opening hours to get suitably ‘dutch couraged’ enough to make a noise is also a problem.

Pretty sure I head Pelligrini say that Sanchez had played in France. 

Back on the game. It’d be great if we scored a nice early goal, it’d be great if we played with a style and purpose, it’d be great if there were some sort of recognition tactics to counter the mess that occurred last time. It’d be great to land a hard fought win against top opposition early on in the season.

Feel like Jack has missed a big chunk of Arsenal’s history with this comment…

‘In today’s market £16m is nothing really. With the quality Danny’s got, we have a bargain.’

‘There are not many players that leave one top club for another in England, especially English players. It’s unheard of really.’

Errrr, Jack, Cashley Cole…

But the sentiment is there. Quite amazing we landed WELBZ for the same fee we landed Chambers, Chamberlain and Theo Walcott all that time ago (with inflation). Think they might live to regret that… my City supporting fans are pretty certain he’ll score today. I have the same vibe.


P.S. Not sure how I feel about all the ex-Ennnnngggggguuuuurrrrllllaaaannnddddd players coming out to talk about Arsenal players. Feels very unArsenal. Not sure how much I like being media darlings? It’s a bit weird… are we going to start getting more decisions?

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  1. TOLI83

    I was there as normal today . JW10 what can you say? One of the best performances in an Arsenal shirt I have seen. That nutmeg as well…

    Hats off.

    Ozil is a funny one, when he comes into the game he dictates it but it isn’t often enough, Wenger needs to change that.

    Sanchez was quality, we could have got the win but didnt and they hit woodwork few times late on.

    Great game.

  2. Southernpeople


    I am all smiles!!! nothing to be downbeat about, but at the same there’s always that regret; we could have see the job through.

  3. goonpharm

    Cesc AppealSeptember 13, 2014 17:47:15
    GoonpharmDon’t think I did with you.You got your panties in a twist about my Wilshere comments and decided to “come at me” and then I took exception to your whole weird “Gazidis is to blame thing.”You’re another one, can’t handle debate, get all flustered, get rude and then skulk off. Seen your kind, seen them off before, clearly you’ve given up so that’s another one

    This is where you’ve developed selective amnesia fella. If you recollect I enjoyed the thought provoking Wilshere debate and I even praised the blog that day on the quality of the posts. You accused me of being on a crusade I think – who got flustered?

    As for the Gazidis thing – I admitted Wenger is an issue and that Gazidis and Ivan need to give him the boot or make him step up – you didn’t like that because I dared to question someone else that’s not Wenger and started the “apologist” nonsense.

    Please show me where I was rude and ill glady apologise straight away. I have always been polite but if you thing otherwise then please feel free to prove me otherwise.

    All the best.

  4. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Ok……. that explains it some. A blog isn’t the greatest way to delve too deep tho, either. Format is limited. Plus the editing is almost impossible.
    I’ll actually see if I can find a more accurate stat. And get back to you. 2 in 4 is actually a worrying trend to me. Especially the ease in which it is happening.

  5. Keyser

    Midwest – It really isn’t, it might turn into one, but then right now it’d be a guess, the ease at which it’s happening could just as easily mean it’s individual errors and could be just as simple to correct.

    Seriously go back and read people’s comments before the game and see how they correlate, it’s actually funny.

  6. Southernpeople

    The greatest team in the country according to Owen has just lost at home!!

    can’t wait to see Owen’s take on that one!

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Any who I’m off to sample the Chichester night life and then perhaps Brighton (feel free to make any kind of joke you like in my absence). It’s going to Lionel, very, very Lionel.

    Good night, good health and good luck to all of you. And for all those Lads out there tonight about to rock, I salute you.

  8. Bankz

    Özil Is Too Lightweight For The EPL & He Shies Away From It’s Physicality.
    Cesc, Silva & Even The Skinny DiMaria Embraces It’s Physicality.
    That Has Been My Reservation On Özil From Day One.
    How Wenger Didn’t Figure That Out Before £42.5mill Is Beyond Me.
    He’s A Luxury Player’.
    Funny Thing Is, EPL Doesn’t Look Kindly On Luxury Players.
    Everyone Has Got To Put In A Shift @All Times vs All Teams.
    YiYou Don’t Want 11 vs 10 in the EPL.
    Even a QPR or Burnley will punish you if you start 10 men against them.

  9. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    I was here, sort of. I think I had a comment. But I was half asleep.
    I’ll reread. You can’t truly be surprised at any comment anymore tho, can you?
    But I rewatched the goal about 10 times. 2 players overloaded the zone so Kos didn’t know who to mark. Then City set a basketball type pick and Demichelis was completely free. Mert who was in the adjacent zone had nobody to mark and stood there instead of trying to pick up the free runner. And Ozil’s zone apparently was 20 yards from the goal. As he stood and watched from 6 yards away. So that’s what I’m talking about with system and ease. So we will see but I’m worried.

  10. leon

    I really think that wenger needs to grow some balls and bench ozil and give risicky a chance cant believe he didn’t even make the bench.I feel wenger is holding this team back with his poor tactics and god knows why he didn’t sign at least one defender

  11. tunnygriffboy

    Gibbs, Santi, Arteta in for tuesday ? Got to bereplacement spot for TR7 as well as Wilshere and Rambo will tire.

    Rodgers moaning about lack of money now looooòoool. He’s sure spent enough of it over the last 3years

    God I’m gutted we didn’t get a DM.

  12. Thomas

    Lol Wanker can’t win a big game to save his life.

    What was that dickhead Kevin saying now again? Something along the lines of “We’re going to be flying this season”

    lol what an utter tosser.

    Also £42.5 million for Ozil? Hahahahahahahaha

    Fabregas & Silva >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ozil

  13. Revving Kevin

    That was a terrible Liverpool performance. Those praising rogers and that team and those signings need to rethink. Lallana played like a llama, Baolotelli played like a ballerina and I’ve seen more cohesion in my Dad dancing. Have they done a spurs and Spunked money on average players, possibly.

    Great game today v City.

    Those of you unfairly bashing Wilshere endlessly were proved wrong today. This should give you a dose of reality and make you realise you are not the expert you think you are. If he can bring consistency to his game, he is going to be some player.

    Great goal Sanchez and well played Welbeck. Great performance today but we need to take better care if the ball, Ramsey in particular. Roll on Dortmund.

  14. Bankz

    A Fernandinho or Gustavo kind of CDM could have easily won us the game today.
    The defender issue is what Shits me now. We better all pray for an Injury-Free run of games for our remaining defenders through the next 10 games.

  15. Bankz

    Revving Ken

    I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but I see this Liverpool side giving us a run for 4th or wherever we plan to finish at the end of this season/when the time comes.

    I care more about Arsenal’s issues. We have too many that it’s hard for a logical fan not to see it would take divine intervention for them not to come bite us in the ass.

    Liverpool have lost 2 games and are still level with us on points. Now that should bother me more than dancing around because they lost to a team that have obviously worked out a pattern of beating them at Anfield.
    Last season it was 3-1 to Villa at Anfield.

  16. zacharse

    Did anyone else notice that wenger sounded like he was on some pretty good cocaine in the post match press conference. The guy’s looked like a mess for ages and now he suddenly is rational-sounding and without smarminess.
    At this point I picture wenger as a sort of half-brilliant half-Tati kind of pantomime, and it seems like he’s just figured out we have a team that might be able to compete this year, at least for 2nd place. Big improvement from 4th

  17. Southernpeople

    Rev Kev

    “That was a terrible Liverpool performance. Those praising rogers and that team and those signings need to rethink. Lallana played like a llama, Baolotelli played like a ballerina and I’ve seen more cohesion in my Dad dancing. Have they done a spurs and Spunked money on average players, possibly.”

    He’s a greater manager Rodgers, but he’s bought anything and that wouldn’t work at this level.

    follow the money
    “Wenger won’t sign a DM until Diaby dies. That much is clear”

    Are you wishing death to the guy!!

    well, wenger wanted to buy Carvalho and made 2 serious bid despite knowing Diaby is fit and gunning for a start!

    Diaby is not a proper holding midfielder although I prefer him start in that role ahead of Arteta.

  18. karim

    I saw a good Arsenal team today

    Even being unable to maintain our lead for 7 minutes thus failing yet again to get all 3 points vs a top dog team isn’t enough for me to moan

    Up the Arse !

    Couldn’t beat Serbia yesterday in spite of a magical yet useless come back but had a great finish vs lithuania earlier today
    Bronze medal is ours !! 🙂

  19. Keyser

    “As you said, it involves a lot of factors but just conceding the least last year doesn’t fully explain away if their is a problem with the system.”

    Nor does it mean there is a problem with the system.

    We haven’t even begun to see how this team fits together and people are nitpicking already, it’s the same with the criticisms of the transfer window if we’re having trouble acclimitisig these few players you’d expect the same if not more with others.

    Think about it bar Giroud and Sanogo even if switched to man marking you still need height and defensively able players to work it.

    I’d worry more abou Debuchy and how little we’ve created efficiently in the final 3rd, you look at our two goals today and you’d say we’ve certainly got talent, for all the stick Giroud got how many clear cut chances have we created for Sanchez and he’s already got 3 goals.

  20. El Tel 1

    Wasnt as bad as the doomers make out. We did play better than them today. The marvellous David Silva was a star for them and Aguero was also an handful. Othe than that they got away with trying to beat us up today. The Ref sorted it out very late with a few bookings.

    If there is one person who should get some stick it is the Pole in the Goal. His indecision is not helping the defence at all. The bloke is all over the place. Looking by Flamini’s reaction to their second goal he probably called it. The Pole in Goal though wanted to act the Hero and yet again screwed it up.

    I have heard nobody mention the fact that our concentration dropped after Debuchy got stretchered off. It was us who lost the momentum.

    Someone said they had chances to win it at the end but we could have been three up after ten minutes.

    Anyway these are my marks for the players.

    Chesney: 5 he caught a couple of daisy cutters but other than this was totally all over the place. When is he going to make a match winning save and I bet his shots on target to save ratio is no better than 4 shots to each goal.

    Debuchy: 7 He gets forawrd far better than Citehs newest bench warmer and defends with zest too. Shame he got injured.

    Monreal: 7 Those saying he was shit must have missed the fact he was being doubled up on and he had the superb Silva taking him on.

    BFG : 6 To be honest he didnt have a lot to do but he is great at reading danger and a good leader.

    Kosser: 6 not one of his better games. He got drawn to far up field and unusaully isolated BFG.

    Ramsey: 5 He was clearly out of sorts and was flagging after the hour. Wenger should have guve the bloke a breather. I can see Rambo picking up another big injury if Wenger doesnt protect him.

    Jack: 9 he holds the ball way to long but that second half was immense. Good goal too on his wrong foot. Jack is one of very few players who can carry the ball through an whole midfoeld.

    Ozil: 5 one of his worst games for the Arsenal, my excuse is that he had no pre season and is still catching up. The first ten minutes he was great then he dropped off.

    Flamini: 6 the usual Flamster performance, works so hard but had too many araa to cover. I like the fact he trys to drive the team.

    Sanchez: 9 what a player, where does the energy come from. He was kicked all over the place but kept coming back for more. Great player and what a goal.

    Wellbeck:7 worked hard but ran out of steam. The chance that hit the post was so unlucky. I honestly believe if that had gone in we would have scored a couple more. He also linked well with Ozil in the first 15 minutes. Lets hope he goes on to be the striker we really need.

    Chambers: 6 our player of the month slotted in well and did little wrong.

    The Ox: 6 never had the time to get into the game. Wenger should have given him 30 minutes not 10

    The Skipper: 5 Came on so late, Did he touch the ball?

    Wenger: 4 this game was there for the taking but he left Rambo and Ozil on too long. He ever switched it up when we had the momentum.

  21. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Sorry, click on last year,2013/2014 and corners tab. Don’t know why that link didn’t fully work.

    Karim –
    How’s it goin!!!! Ya, too bad, I was looking forward to a friendly trash talk. 🙁

    Don’t think you would have had a chance anyhow. 😀
    Impressive performance none the less. Really thought Spain would get in.

  22. rollen

    Great goal Sanchez and well played Welbeck. Great performance today but we need to take better care if the ball, Ramsey in particular. Roll on Dortmund.

    Great game sure but Flamini is championship player atm.
    No RB no Dm, Ozil on the left is not working.
    Jack and sanchez were great Welbz decent – very unlucky with the lob.
    Far from great performance an any draw at home.

  23. Bankz

    Diego Simone Has Certainly Worked Out The Equation On How To Beat Real Madrid @The Santiago Bernabèu Season After Season.
    3rd Win In A Roll

  24. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    I think we should use a combo of zoning and man mark, but anyhow ya you already know how I feel about the backline situation. Is Bellerin anywhere near ready? I don’t get the youth games.
    Also, we were overly intricate at times which hurt our clear cut chances. I think Theo might help that if he can come back healthy. Big if.

  25. Southernpeople

    el tel

    agree with most of your ratings, excepting Koz, he was very good today.

    “I have heard nobody mention the fact that our concentration dropped after Debuchy got stretchered off. It was us who lost the momentum.”

    agree with that statement as well.

    yes, wenger should have substituted Ozil after we scored if not before that.

    When are we going to see Campbell???

  26. El Tel 1

    We are a Keeper and a DM away from being a true title contender. So Chavski beat Swansea today and they are already champions.

    I remember Citeh winning with ease like this a couple of years back. The same words were being said about them. They didnt win the title.

    Lets hope Chavski drop off too

  27. El Tel 1


    Campbell wasnt even on the bench. Neither was TR7 I think.

    To be honest our bench looked strong today with Chambers ,The Ox,Arteta,Cazorla,Ospina but Wenger didnt use them properly yet again

  28. Bamford13

    El Tel

    And we’ve had two years to sign a DM. But Wenger likes to try to get by with what he already has — no matter how average. How badly did Flamini get exposed today? How average is Arteta?

    Wenger out.

  29. El Tel 1


    Monreal looked comfortable the first 15 minutes with Ozil in front of him. Zabaletta was very cautios. Wenger changed Sanchez and Ozil around the 20 minute mark and this left both our full backs exposed. Debuchy now had the innefective Ozil in front of him and Sanchez looked like Arshavin used to look down our left. Monreal then had the fantastic Silva and Jesus of Nazareth taking him on plus Zabaletta. He did ok really. Kosser is one of my favourites but he was getting dragged about today. Still quality but caught out of position.

  30. El Tel 1


    I think Flamini had too much to do as Ozil and Rambo were awful today. They just didnt support and unusaully gave the ball away.

    I am not disagreeing with the fact we should have had a powerful DM but Flamini is not to blame. He had three great attacking mids to contend eith and for me did a decent job most of the match

  31. Lee


    SPNo Lee did comment on me. And I thought it was pretty pathetic of you to try and make out he’s some bastion of pure thought and sense when he slings insults round the gaff most of the time, witness my orders from him to go and lick Jose Mourinho’s anus and then factual describing me as a crack licker if I did in fact partake in such an exercise.So you know. You sling around accusations of childish insults and then go and try to side with a bloke who literally slings c**ts, wankers, crack lickers etc like an ill disciplined kid with tourette’s.

    Pure genius. You are hilarious mate.
    I was only joking. You’re not a crack licker at all.
    Such humour deserves and apology, so in my best tom hanks voice


  32. El Tel 1

    We should have gone big time on Petar Cech or Canizares.

    I hope Ospina is a great keeper because we are going to need one.

    That arrogant twat in our goal is our liability.

    We havent had a decent keeper since Jens was dumped

  33. karim

    Ça va très bien merci ! Yourself ?
    Yeah I stayed away from here lately as the general mood was a bit too grey
    Seriously looking forward to seeing how this new team gels.
    Today may have been the start of something special if the football Gods leave us alone this season

    Just trying to support my team mate 😉

    Midwest Goon
    Would have loved us to play team USA
    Would have really been beneficial for that young team
    Anyway, we’ll deal with you guys in Rio hopefully
    No Parker, Noah, Séraphin and a couple of rookies a la Rudy Gobert and we managed to be 3rd !
    Quite an unexpected achievement to be fair

  34. Bankz

    Perez Is A Very Intelligent Businessman But Selling Alonso & DiMaria In The Same Window Was Frankly, Point-blank & Capital Lettered STUPID

  35. MidwestGun

    Well im assuming Chambers will play Rb so who is the backup CB, I’ve only seen that Hayden kid in the Red Bulls game and he didn’t look very good. But neither did the whole team and he was paired with Monreal at CB.

  36. El Tel 1


    Sanogoal will be the cover CB

    Now Gazidis has signed Wellbeck a place is needed for the great leaders special project

  37. karim

    El tel 1
    Koscielny caught out of position ?
    Must be that famous french bias as I thought he was great and a reassuring presence again today…

  38. MidwestGun

    Actually, answering my own question I guess it will be Monreal if Gibbs is healthy. Sorry but, This is such an unnecessary situation and completely shows a lack of foresight and planning. And Kwik’s AW qoute about it wasn’t serious was it?

  39. Keyser

    Koscielny hasn’t looked quite as sprightly, maybe that’s be knowing about his achilles, but usually him being caught out of position is him trying to do a bit too much to compensate for others.

  40. karim


    Yeah just blame Jerry Sloane !
    Btw, be careful with the Serbians, they got Vlade Divac as chief cheerleader lol !
    And Teodosic is on fire too

  41. Dissenter

    “Well im assuming Chambers will play Rb so who is the backup CB, I’ve only seen that Hayden kid in the Red Bulls game and he didn’t look very good. But neither did the whole team and he was paired with Monreal at CB”

    “Actually, answering my own question I guess it will be Monreal if Gibbs is healthy.”

    You haven’t answered the question.
    ..because we all know Gibbs isn’t made of sapphire glass. He’ll get a run of 3-4 games then will be out for 3-4 weeks.
    …and Monreal is a very poor option at CB.

    Wenger said Monreal’s injury is a bad sprain but in the typical Arsenal manner, MRIs will reveal much more in Tuesday.

  42. MidwestGun

    Karim –
    Hahaha I used to love the way announcers would say his name. Vlaaaadeee Deeeeeevach in a real low voice. Not worried much. Coach K is awesome, he won’t let them let down for a game.

    PSG with a goal.

  43. MidwestGun

    Dissenter, Karim,
    Thanks, ok… I’ll wait til Monday to panic.

    Karim –
    That’s unbelievable AW likes to push the buttons, eh? I’m sure it will be covered tomorrow. 🙁

  44. Salvage

    People here don’t talk about what a liability Per Mertesacker is. He is slow and clumsy. The other defenders around him do extra work for him while he just trots about shadow marking even in open play.

  45. karim

    Yeah heard he was on 10 million bucks a year !
    Not bad for a University coach
    I’m joking i know they ll win by 20 pts 🙁

  46. Omerta

    “Well im assuming Chambers will play Rb so who is the backup CB, ”

    Erm, well, I don’t know much about anything, especially when it comes to football. But to me it would be quite obvious to move Chambers to CB and put in Bellerin as RB if such a need arose.

  47. andy1886

    “Think about it bar Giroud and Sanogo even if switched to man marking you still need height and defensively able players to work it.”

    Not strictly true. Man to man negates some of the height advantage because the opponent doesn’t get a run on you which is an added advantage for the attacker. For smaller players a standing jump against a bigger opponent on the run is a disaster, you’ve no chance. Man mark and run with them and no only do you have a better chance but you also get to disrupt them and at least make it more difficult for them to get a decent connection.

    So man marking is a better option if you have a height disadvantage.

  48. El Tel 1


    French bias? Me? You got the wrong person.

    I travel to france on my motorbike often. Love france mate.

    I have never slagged off French players.

    I also said Kosser is my favourite player.

    He was out of position a lot today. I was there and saw most of the match.

    Clever forward play drew him towards them and away from BFG. There were big gaps down our left side.

    BFG is not a liability. Like Ozil he returned for pre season late. He is a good defender and links well with Kosser.

  49. gary

    Some real miserable bastards on here .. actually so what’s new….and for those of u who don’t rate Jack…u know fuc all about football

  50. goonpharm

    Any idea what’s up with Rosicky? He had a storming match for the Czechs and yet he’s not on the matchday squad?

    Please tell me he hasn’t fallen out of favour with Le Boss????

    Hope not. Would love to see a midfield three of Wilshere – Rosicky – Ramsey sometime. Surely Rosicky has the legs and tenacity to do a better job than Flamini and Arteta???

  51. karim

    El Tel 1
    Nah !!!
    I was implying I was biased !
    Sorry if it wasn’t clear
    Being an armchair gooner blessed with a tv, i also noticed he won his fair share of duels but I trust you on that one

    ” I was there and saw most of the match ”
    Hopefully yeah 😉

  52. Omerta


    I think the fact that Rosicky played 90 minutes against Holland last tuesday, and the fact that next tuesday we play against his former club, Dortmund, a game he wouldn’t want to miss, might have something to do with it.
    But that reeks of rotation, a word best not mentioned here.

  53. Dissenter

    City’s second goal was really poor from Schezny.
    Just watched it on a continuous loop now?
    Flamini was on course to clear it before Scheny interfered and didn’t even take care of it properly.
    There’s a reason why you (Schezny) out someone on the line to defend the set-pice.

  54. Omerta


    I wasn’t being sarcastic. You asked a question. I replied.
    Maybe you suspect me of being sarcastic, or even implying you were ignorant, as you say, because the answer I gave was a very simple and logical one.
    That, however, is not my fault.

    And I think that my current post will raise your testosteron levels even higher. So let me assure you: yhere’s no need. I only post when I’m drunk. So you can discard anything I write on here anyway.

  55. MidwestGun

    Dissenter, ya that was my point, And I don’t even know that dude. Have never even talked to him. That’s the crazy part of the comment section.

    Oh well Le Grove, trolled by thousands. Lol.

  56. MidwestGun

    “Erm, well, I don’t know much about anything, especially when it comes to football. But to me it would be quite obvious to move ”
    Really? I was born but not yesterday. But if your drunk, ok I respect, that.

    Also, my testerone level is pretty normal. Altho, the slowly receding hairline probably means I need a boost or something. But I’m not doing a Rooney. So it is what it is.

  57. Keef Petrovic

    Ozil was ok today, lots of tidy passes in last third, I bet his stats were pretty good.

    I agree he can improve but he certainly looks like he’s trying hard to do so. He needs a break, like a stunning goal or assist to lift his confidence and get him going.

    Even at reduced capacity he is well worth his place and creates space for others which ironically makes them look better than him to the less aware observer.

    We’re lucky to have him, when it all clicks with Sanchez, Welbeck and Walcott it could be awesome.

  58. Keef Petrovic


    After all the kudos he got MANY YEARS AGO converting Henry from winger to striker he has been fucking around with players’ natural positions ever since, often to the detriment of their careers.

    Sanogo is another ego driven project to try to prove he is an alchemist.

    Maybe he just got lucky with Henry, anyone can win the lottery once.

  59. N'Gambo

    Here’s my ratings for the game today:

    Chesney: a poor 4. He shouts a lot but he’s a poor organiser – between himself and the play-acting Flamini they managed to let the headed goal go through. How do you get to be the Arsenal GK in this day and age, and not be able to reliably kick the ball out. It’s typical of Wenger to have put him in as 1st choice goalkeeper at 22. Another one who has served his apprenticeship in the first team, and will now have t backtrack – probably at some other club.

    Debuchy: 7 Is he the best of the summer’s recruits – he’s obviously an upgrade on Sagna – fast, aggressive, goes forward, tracks back, commits, and unlike Sagna, he can cross the ball. A big loss if the injury is serious. It really looks like Wenger’s arrogance is going to be found out at the back.

    Monreal: 5 I find him so anonymous – once or twice a game you notice him. How is he playing for Arsenal?

    Mert: 5 Someone else said that retiring from international football after a World Cup win as probably a mutual decision. Like so many others in this side – his best days are clearly behind him – just like his Manager.

    Koscielny: 6 – good and bad – mostly good. Indicative of the fact that Arsenal play as disconnected individuals, not a disciplined team – once again, just a reflection of the Manager.

    Ramsey: 5 Put him and Jack in the same team and just wait for the comedy of errors. Neither of them has a clue what themselves or each other is supposed to be doing in a *team* sense – I suppose their just “expressing themselves”.

    Wilshere 6 -blunder, thunder, chunder. Superb goal. Compensated for running face-first into every single defender he saw. Gets chopped down a lot – has he thought about that yet? e.g., passing the ball?

    Ozil: 5 – Thinks Wenger is a fuck-wit. He’s right.

    Flamini: 3 – This guy is a total fuckwit. Like an outdated character actor from a Martin Scorsese film – Wenger’s idea of a DM in 2014.

    Sanchez: 8 – This is how football is played these days – high tempo, pressing, relentless, aggressive – and superlative skill (the goal!). Wenger will have him on the bench by January.

    Welbeck: 6 – could have been a 9/10 – but wasn’t that what they said at ManU – he can’t finish. After the first 20 mins and the missed sitter, wasn’t sighted again. Still, he showed at least as much commitment as anyone else on the pitch. Look stylish anyway.

    Chambers: 7 – He’ll be our player of the year.

    Alex-Ox: 6 – Wenger has built a totally unbalanced squad. Alex gets afew minutes at the end to run around energetically and purposively, but not to any real co-ordinated purpose.

    Arteta 4 – Should have retired, not been given the captaincy. He’s going to get slaughtered this year (or rather, get us slaughtered). Old and slow. Playing for his retirement years.

    Wenger: 3 – “The king was in his counting house / Counting out his money”, oh and arguing with the 4th official – because that’s where and when strategy takes place.

  60. Charlie Boy

    Glad to see Jack getting his mojo back. Sad to see Aaron’s disappear. Spending too much time modelling and hanging with stars. We need the hungry Welshman back with a point to prove!

  61. Emiratesstroller

    My main concerns about Arsenal is not our offensive players. Frankly we are
    now overloaded with players in midfield and up front particularly when they are all fit. Where are they all going to play?

    However, we are seriously short of quality at the back including defensive midfield. The combination of Koscielny and Monreal does not work together and that was obvious in this particular game. Koscielny did not have a great game and was definitely to blame for second goal.

    The club’s main priority in next two transfer windows must be to add quality
    in our back division. Also there needs to be a rethink as to how we play at back. It is staggering that a coach like Steve Bould who was a solid defender seems incapable of sorting out the way we play there.

  62. salparadisenyc

    Managed to get in the ole Emirates today last minute… we out played those shit cunts. Should of walked with the 3. Bit naive at key moments, which certainly disappoints. Epic day in the sun (ish) and contrary to what many think, Wilshire lacked imo.

    Sanchez is such a beast live.. and our #11 record signing yet again dissapointed on a major day.

  63. Bankz

    Keef Petrovic

    “We are lucky to have him”
    We paid £42.5mill for him. You call that “lucky”?
    I’m trying hard to think of a big game, he was so outstanding in & directly changed the results in our favour.

    He had a pathetic game yesterday. It got so bad that at the hour mark, an Arsenal mate was screaming Wenger takes him off & replaces him with anyone, even if it’s SANOGO (he doesn’t even rate SANOGO as a footballer so you see how bad it was).

    I love Özil but nothing I’ve seen convinces me he’d make it in the EPL. He Shies Away From the physicality of the EPL. I have NEVER seen a player who succeeded in the EPL by shying away from its physicality. You have to embrace it.

    As brittle & skinny as Mata & Silva are, they’ve embraced the EPL’s physicality far more than Özil has. Yet Mourinho still thought Mata wasn’t “good” or “cut it” enough for him.

    DiMaria despite being skinny and looking like a perpetual sickler looks like someone who won’t shy away from the EPL’S demands.

    Özil is very very talented but with that attitude that stinks all over the pitch, trust me, he shouldn’t be playing a full 90mins for us.
    If he wasn’t a £42.5mill player, I’m sure most Arsenal fans won’t be making excuses for such performance.

  64. Ben

    Mertesacker and Szczesny have been exposed for how shit they are. Mertesacker was exposed at WC as not being a top class defender arsenal fans make him out to be against top level attackers and Low dropped him. Always out of his depth against anyone with pace.

    Szcesny has conceded 6 goals against 9 shots on target. This guy is utterly shit and a complete clown. Worst keeper in the league.

  65. Ben

    A very average team led by a mug who has 6 defenders for 4 positions who is obssesed with shitty rip off Barca tiki taka. I hate Wenget. 32 more years of this clown.

  66. Ben

    Wenger is an incompotent manager. He couldn’t organise an organise a well drilled side to save his life. Look at City how well drilled they are each player knowing what they werw doing while ours looked clueless. Any decent manager does it but Wenger has no clue about the basics of management. Its obvious he is a fraud who was in the right place at the right time and got lucky. He is gotten away with murder. He has stagnated the club for the last decade yet he had the audacity to sign a new contract for a payrise and thinks he is doing us a favor. Wenger is a complete scum. I wish he had never joined the club. I absolutely hate him

  67. Klauspoppe

    “Szcesny has conceded 6 goals against 9 shots on target. This guy is utterly shit and a complete clown. Worst keeper in the league.”

    Thank god im not the only on here that sees that.

  68. peanuts&monkeys

    Arsene Wenger has not got anything left about football in his head. All he has left is his misplaced ego, stubbornness, and sense of false pride. What a cunt! And he is aeven bigger cunt because he is lurking on arsenal fans’ heads. What a stink this cunt is! He is the stink which, i fear, might need a few years to clear our even after he has left the Arsenal dressing room. Death to him if he doesn’t quit and leave.

  69. peanuts&monkeys

    ” The draw casts further doubt over Arsenal’s ability to beat the division’s other leading clubs, having only registered one victory against top-six teams last term.” There is not a shred of doubt. s long as there is influence form this stinkiest cunt around Arsenal, Arsenal will remain a mid-table team.

    The football manager does not have anything left technically to drive a team’s moves, plans, strategies of a simple league match. There isn’t more than 2% of Arsenal fans (the fuking AKBs, i mean) who believe there is any planning which goes into the team’s strategies for any match. Its just some casual discussions before the match and the pack of Arsene’s donkeys are let go on the pitch to go and get their own spoils, as they can. Wenger is finished! Sack him BoD! Sack him BoD! Sack him BoD! Sack him BoD! Sack him BoD! Sack him BoD! Sack him BoD!

  70. peanuts&monkeys

    Why the fuck did the L’oreal Mark II (Arteta) come on the pitch? He is the current Wenger bum-boy. That bugger is worse than Diaby. (I never believed i would let Diaby sound superior than anyone on this beautiful planet).

    I think Diaby’s by-standing days should be over. He is bound to get crocked again. Better let him on the pitch and do something for the team before he goes back to teh injury table. Why is Wenger protecting him? I think Wenger is trying to prevent further criticism about his support to Diaby. Because if Diaby comes out and gets crocked again, perhaps the AKBs too will start some murmur. Wenger cannot lose his only support base, the AKB bastards. Hence, Diaby is remaining protecxted.

  71. peanuts&monkeys

    The repeated right wing moves from City by Navas and proved how ineffective the Arsenal left back Monreal is. And, how ineffective DMs we have. Flamini has run his course, WengerStinkingCunt. Keep him for pep-talking the dressing room. Thats what he can do best. And, Monreal is a complete lost case. He is unfit to be anywhere close to the top 10 teams of PL. Defending in the midfield was terrible terrible. But what a waster putting these efforts trying to explain the senile bastard. He wont buy, he will only lace Stan’s balls with mor e and more millions. Fuck you! May death pick you up if you dont quit and go.

    It was not an encouraging performance from Arsenal by any measure. Sam and other AKBs are trying to keep teh baying mob away by writing shit on LG. The technical vacuum is creating loud noises now.

  72. peanuts&monkeys

    The repeated right wing moves from City by Navas and David Silva (both short and weaker footballers of PL) proved how ineffective the Arsenal left back Monreal is. And, how ineffective DMs we have. Flamini has run his course, WengerStinkingCunt. Keep him for pep-talking the dressing room. Thats what he can do best. And, Monreal is a complete lost case. He is unfit to be anywhere close to the top 10 teams of PL. Defending in the midfield was terrible terrible. But what a waster putting these efforts trying to explain the senile bastard. He wont buy, he will only lace Stan’s balls with mor e and more millions. Fuck you! May death pick you up if you dont quit and go. It was not an encouraging performance from Arsenal by any measure. Sam and other AKBs are trying to keep teh baying mob away by writing shit on LG. The technical vacuum is creating loud noises now.

  73. peanuts&monkeys

    Alas! If the club management is determined to stay underachievers and if they dont wish to compete for titles, how can a few handful fans change the course. The sad part is this fuck-up has been happenning for far too long now. 10 fucking years! One decade is gone while Arsenal fans keep trying and crying. How sad!

  74. gonsterous

    watching match of the day…it breaks my heart watching cesc play for chelshit !!!
    Thats wenger for you… and I laughed out loud when he said top top qualidee and mental strength in his post match interview… the guy is finished as a manager !!! he’s just here to collect his money !! the Pensioner !!!

  75. qna

    Watching Cesc dominate the league is painful, but to be honest I am getting more enjoyment out of it than anything else this year. Dont get me wrong, I hate Chelsea, but I will always see Fabregas in Red and White tinted glasses. Chelsea fully deserve its success. Costa and Fabregas could have easily been Arsenal players if the club had the ambition of a top club.

    Arsenal are a complete joke now. Apparently Welbeck played a good game yesterday. What??? Was I watching a different match. He is a second rate striker, playing for a second rate team. We are stuck with his poor finishing for the next 5 years as Arsenal slowly but surely go down the toilet.

    I feel sorry for Sanchez, a fantastic player, playing for a club without ambition and who will only be adding players of quality not befitting the man. I feel sorry for Ozil too, he was shit yesterday and I have no hopes for him playing well again with this group of players. He would dominate the league at City or Chelsea, but that is never going to happen with his current team mates. He is better off going back to Germany or Spain where his weaknesses are less.

    Congratulations to Stan and Ivan. I wish you another profitable year right out of the pockets of the gullible and the stupid.

  76. gambon

    Well, its clear we have absolufuckinglutely no chance yet again to win the PL

    Wenger has left us well short of the competition again.

    Dont forget guys Costa is no better than Giroud

    Ozil the best number 10 in PL

  77. SpanishDave

    Watching replays of the game, our defenders are slow and half arsed in their organization. Theres a problem as they dont seem to fully understand their roles.
    We continue to give away games so easily and year after year this problem goes unresolved. Perhaps he just hasnt got a clue.

  78. Wallace


    “Wenger has left us well short of the competition again”

    huh? we just slugged it out with the Champions. how many times have they found themselves behind after taking the lead? it was a fantastic game, full of quality, we scored two cracking goals, and all you want to do is piss and moan.

  79. Brigante

    We came back from a goal down to Crystal palace and won the game, we recovered from 2 goals to draw at Everton, scored two cracking goals after Citeh had taken a one goal lead. Wenger has my permission to talk about Mental strength

  80. kwik fit

    Despite having ample time and and more than a sufficient budget gaping holes are still apparent in the squad. Arsene Wenger is solely culpable.

  81. Dave

    Usual mix of the 2 extreme points of view. We’re either totally shot or going to win the league. The truth is that we are somewhere in between. Jack, Sanchez and Debuchy were excellent. Ozil was vey poor. Monreal was often faced with 2 to 3 players against him and we got slaughtered down that side. Ramsey has gone back to his flicks and tricks self. No one on the posts at corners is madness. Wellbeck looked ok but should have scored. Wengers tw has been totally exposed again as we all knew it would.

  82. El Tel 1

    Wow all the doomers and imposters come out for the night shift.

    The ground was as good as full hesterday and people actually arriving before the game started for a change. Not many left before the end either.

    Anything else to bitch about?