Wenger in spectacular admisssion

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Bird sh*t really killed the tone of this photo.

Story goes like this…

Le Grove raise theory around Wenger not being the man who signed WELBZ as a bit of joke centred around the more serious question of Wenger’s silence on the matter.

Internetz goes totally mental.

Arsenal PR steams in gives exclusives to journo’s and bloggers saying Wenger was on the blower to WELBZ agent.

Everyone smugly satisfied the theory I had was a incorrect…


Says this…

“If I stayed at my home, Welbeck would not be hereโ€ฆthat is the truth”


The PR machine gob smacked

‘… but… but… but… Arsenal told us this wasn’t the case. We dedicated contentz to dispel the evil Le Grove theory, for WHAT!’

Yeah, the manager really threw a lot of people under the bus with that little pearler.

So there we have it people, Wenger has gone on the record to say that if he was in the country, WELBZ wouldn’t have signed. I mean, what a f*cking bizarre comment to make. Whatever the reasoning behind it, it gives you a bit of insight into why he hadn’t said anything for 8 days… which outside the conspiracy theory, was the reason I was interrogating the matter.

I guess we’ll have to wait for the ย book…

Point is, whoever signed him has done a good job. My guess, and let’s be brutally honest, my guessing is on fire this week… is that WELBZ was put forward by Arsene with a price tag, United or WELBZ might have asked for more cash and Ivan / Dick just did the deal . I think Wenger is saying he wouldn’t have signed because he had a difference of opinion on something.

Bad news is this… Wenger might start withYaya Sanogo if he’s not happy. That really would cap it all off. Hopefully he can see past sulking and do the right thing for the team.

What’s done is done… so let’s move on. I won’t find all the people who said my line of fire was ‘Daily Mail’ and smugly show them what the manager said on the record.

Additional news is that Rambo has a chance. Ozil, Gibbs and Arteta are all fit. So we have a pretty strong squad going into the game. Wenger also said Theo is 3 weeks from full training. So as I mentioned, talk of a Spurs return is laughable.

Bad news with Ozil being fit is Wenger might be tempted to dump him on the wing… Ozil chasing Zabaleta for 90minutes. Imagine the horror show. If that’s how we line up, I’d say our chances of securing a victory are substantially lower.

We’ll see though… I hope a bit of tactical nous is shown and we actually have a think about what we’re up against. We’re not good enough to wing it… shame of it is, with a bit of thought, we really could be contenders. We have a good team packed with team players, with tactics and better prep we could be something special.

Right, not much more from me, I’m off to solve some more mysteries.

Remember kids, question everything.

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  1. Keyser

    LG – Lol you’re basing it on reserve performances which is a joke, I’ve watched the reserves, I remember Sunnu, Emmanuel-Thomas and Rhys Muprhy they all looked as good if not better than Akpom did last year, they also won the Youth Cup back in 09′.

    If Sanogo can’t score at Champions League or Premiership Level, he’s scored loads at every other level.

    That’s why you’re talking bollocks.

    Sanogo got a chance it didn’t work out or whatever, now compare his record to Sanogo’s at the same level’s and tell me why Akpom deserves a shot now.

  2. MidwestGun

    I’m still waiting……. where was I rude today? I wasn’t was I ? Was it when I did a Simon? Which was brilliant by the way.

    I said he was stalkerish, and acting like a crazy homeless person. Which is tru, imo. But not rude. So………. get off your b.s. I did nothing at all today., to warrant his crap. In fact, I was argueing with Keyser….. lol. Imagine that.

  3. Dissenter

    Sanogo really was a 20k a week risk.
    It should have stayed that way, send him out on loan. Let him work his way to the top if he’s that good.

    Problem is Wenger put him in the queue ahead of true strikers like Akpom.

    That for me is a travesty. Akpom will never get his chance at Arsenal with all the strikers ahead of him. He should be the youth product in the set-up.

    In Basketball, the say you cannot teach height.
    For strikers, you really cannot teach goal scoring. A goal scorer can get better at goal scoring but there’s an innate part of it that cannot be taught. Chuba has it. Sanogo wont ever have it.

  4. MidwestGun

    Yep, dude was obssessed from 3 days ago because I made him look silly because he was ranting about how Pedro was the cause of all the problems at AFC. I merely argued Pedro has a right to comment and you should attack his content on the blog and not slander him personally. And maybe, just maybe AW might have something to do with any problems and attacking Pedro is one way of deflecting off that and trying to silence any critique.
    And that’s it, I rarely attack anyone personally.

    Real was going on about my free time, and not going to all the games live, and owning a truck, and implying I was a kid and i liked One Direction.
    I didn’t ask for him to be binned. He binned himself by being who he is.

    So Kev you are wrong. And that’s all I really care to say anymore about it.
    Because it’s boring as hell.

  5. nasri's mouth


    Don’t think its that simple though

    Sanogo’s scored plenty of goals though, he’s just scored 3 in 2 for France U21s.

    Bendtner’s strike partner ( whose name I’ve forgotten) at reserve level scored by the bucket. He’s now serving pizzas at his dads Italian restaurant (or something similar)

  6. Dissenter

    Radio Raheem,
    I don’t have any thing against Sanogo. He’s kid trying to make use of a big opportunity. I’m not sure Wenger is doing him any favours by throwing him in the deep end so soon.

    I really think that when he gets his first goal, he’ll be fine.

    The question is when does he get that goal?

  7. TheHotHead

    People still crying about Pedro being right ?!! Daaaaaaaaaaamn !

    Some U21 players stand out head and shoulders above the rest, I remember when I saw J.E.T, Wilshere, Coquelin and Frimpong play, Frimpong Wilshere and J.E.T stood out head and shoulders above everyone but only Wilshere has been able to take that promise to the first team .. to a certain extent .. he still needs to improve but he certainly belongs. Coquelin could easily play at a low to mid level Premier League team, just not at Arsenal.

  8. london gunner


    Difference is sanago was piss poor in the reserves and pre season

    Akpom has been immense in reserves and pre season as for England he statistically pretty much scores a goal every other game.. not bad.

    If sanago isn’t as good as Akpom in the reserves and in lesser standards of football matches do you not get the next logical step… of thinking well perhaps Akpom may be better at higher standard of football matches…? Its hardly the biggest leap faith less than saying Sanago will be the next adebayour or WC.

  9. Keyser

    LG – Lol you’re just making stuff up now, Akpom hasn’t even been on loan yet, he’s almost 3 years younger than him and our reserve team got relegated from it’s Division last year, whatever that means. I mean Afobe should be ahead of him, Sanchez Watt actually looked like he had a shot.

    This place is fucking mental you can’t tell the difference between the different standards or why it might be a step up, and others want him to play in Premier League games because now the Carling Cup isn’t enough, Sanogo made his first start in February of this year. Then you’ve got people who think there’s some sort of agenda, like Wenger wouldn’t promote someone from our own Academy first.

    That’s not even mentioning the sheer misery on here and all the bitching and whining, but now Akpom isn’t being promoted quick enough.

    Or the ones who want Welbeck in straight away or Campbell to get his chance, before we even talk about Theo or Podolski.

  10. tunnygriffboy

    Been reading the blog all day. Bit of a shitfest. People on both sides of the divide
    appear to be pretty intolerant of one another and are condescending and rude to each other. The terms WKB and WOB don’t help either. Opinion is highly polarised and no one is budging.

    In fact it’s been a bit rik boing ding cuckoo cuckoo all day ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Phil

    If I see that smug French cunt in the street if am going to tell the cunt what a cunt he is ….I could have said I would dump him on his fucking French smug arse but I don’t roll that way….the French cunt….errrrghhh

  12. Revving Kevin

    Great post Keyser and backed up by facts. Respect.

    This making up of stuff (lying) seems to be a recurring theme on here. I guess that’s what comes from having a weak argument or not having a scooby what you are talking about.

    it’s 12:40 am here, time to turn in.

  13. Thomas

    Sanogo is just utter garbage. Would struggle to make the squad on a Championship team. Another travesty brought on us by the senile cunt.

  14. tunnygriffboy


    I doff my cap to you. You’ve had a bit of shite thrown your way today but you’re still here in the wee small hours ( just gone 1 here). Been a bit of a bizarre day all round. Keep smiling. Here’s to tomorrow and hopefully some talk on the City game ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    It’s only a blog. :grin; Not exactly life altering. But I’m 6 hours behind, so not late. And. I have a window open on the computer doing some work.
    Agreed need some football.

  16. The Poldi Prince

    I refuse to go into tomorrow’s game with expectations. I think I have for almost every big.game in the last few years (because on paper we had a shot), however have come out red faced almost every single time…

    The only big one I remember recently is whopping chelsea when rvp dominated…

    Our mids will likely get bossed again, unless we play with some tactical superiority, which is rare for us, though clearly there for the comm shield.

  17. Bamford13

    God, I love you, Le Grove. So dysfunctional, so fun.


    I completely agree that Real was a c*nt, a snob, a pedant and a bore, but I hope he was binned for all of that and not because he disagreed with Pedro on this Welbeck thing. It was probably HOW he disagreed. Guy was a wanker.

  18. Dark Hei


    Akpom is a great talent. But you have gotten your facts turned around.

    Last season Akpom was too good for the reserves, he went on short loan spells, did ok but got zero goals. Jonker was looking to get him out on loan, probably in the 2nd half of the season just like last year.

    So is he ready? I think not quite but it seems he is improving fast. Neither is Sanogo ready. But Sanogo has the ability to influence games by being a wild card sub since he is just tough to deal with.

    Let’s not kid ourselves, the only reason why Sanogo got a chance last year was due to OG thinking with the wrong head. He wouldn’t get a start if OG was fit this season too. I think he acquitted himself ok for a rookie. He scored zero and officially had zero assists, though I would consider that ricochet in the Liverpool match as a notch.

    His record when he started last season wasn’t terrible.

    Liverpool 2-1 Win
    Bayern 0-2 Loss
    Everton 4-1 Win
    Wigan 1-1 Draw

    And of course FA Cup final against Hull where he came on and turned the game around by being mind numbingly irritating.

    Does Sanogo need to go on loan? Probably so, and we will see it second half of this season when OG returns.

  19. Bamford13

    Having read a bit more of the day’s commentary, I now feel badly about insulting Real above. He was actually pretty decent towards me today.

    My sincere apologies, Real, if you’re still out there. I just don’t like a lot of the arguments you make, but you’re probably a decent sort.

    My biggest issue with your arguments is that you accuse Pedro of “lying” and of being dishonest when that is simply not the case. I wouldn’t even read the blog if I thought Pedro was dishonest — regardless of how much I liked the other posters and the banter.

    But Pedro does not “lie,” and he is not dishonest. He makes mistakes, sure, as he did this morning with Wenger’s comments on Welbeck. But there’s a difference between misreading something — as Pedro did — and lying about it. The former can be forgiven —- it happens to all of us — the latter cannot.

    While Pedro might’ve made a mistake today re Wenger’s comments, he is not dishonest. Not at all.

  20. the Hothead

    I have pretty much disagreed with everything Keyser has written in this this and most other threads but I cannot argue against his logic regarding the comparison between Sanogo and Akpom, fair play bloke.

  21. Revving Kevin

    Dear Bamford
    I missed yesterday (gutted) so I too read through all the comments. Real may have insulted Pedro and he may have been a dreaded AKB but that does not mean he should have been binned. ๐Ÿ™‚ not one swear word. Handbags. He just didn’t like Wengers quote being changed. He was right that was out of order, no excuse for that. Look at the disgusting things some people say on here!! He was binned for one reason only, disagreeing with Pedro. That does not seem right but I guess it stopped the debate!

    Ps: He complimented you I noticed, which I find hard to understand, lol. Perhaps he was nuts!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Revving Kevin

    Tough game tomorrow against the Champions but I fancy us a win. We have improved the team from last season. We bossed yaya and Nasri a few weeks ago, so we will do that again. 2-1 to the good guys with Welbeck scoring on his debut and a great performance.

  23. Bergkamplegend

    “Danny Welbeck had been here since he was nine, but after he came back from Sunderland, he does not have the record of Rooney or Van Persie, and that is the standard,”

    Van gaal on wellbeck.
    It’s funny that this dutch biatch didn’t notice that van pussy’s “standard” was already awesome BEFORE he joined those fucker…

  24. Bergkamplegend

    “We bossed yaya and Nasri a few weeks ago”

    Another stupiq quote by Kevin…
    The City team that we beat for the community shield was a pathetic “B team”…

  25. Ben D


    Weren’t Yaya and Nasri in that ‘pathetic “B” team’ as you call them? Some of you on here just cannot even give the team credit where it’s due!!!

  26. Dark Hei

    Did somebody get banned?

    I am surprised I am still around I guess “)

    Big game tomorrow. No I do not want a draw Wenger. We fans demand a win or at least get robbed by refs or something. If we are to improve on last year, we need to start delivering.

  27. Thank you and goodnight


    I have to agree with revvin I’m afraid mate. Wether we bossed yaya and nasri because they weren’t up to speed yet, I really have no idea. And yes both might tear Arsenal a new one tomorrow afternoon, but in the shield on the day we did boss them.

  28. Dark Hei


    I doubt it will be a repeat of the Charity Shield match. Toure and Fernandos (one of them) were simply overwhelmed by our 4 man midfield.

    With Jovetic now out, City will likely play with just a single striker and add another midfielder to help those 2 out and the nature of the match might change.

    Will be tight I guess.

  29. Bergkamplegend

    TYAGN they were playing without their best strikers and some of their best players…
    And for them it was nothing more than a friendly game.

    Ben D : fuck off.

  30. Ben D

    So in your mind, the absence of Zabaleta, Demichelis, Aguero and Kompany implies Yaya and Nasri either didn’t play also, or weren’t bossed?,

  31. Dark Hei


    Demichelis is not going to start and Kompany is out. So is Jovetic and Augero might be out as well.
    This is the best time to take on City, though I was hoping that they continue to stick with their 2 striker policy. Dzeko in a single striker role is deadly.

  32. the Hothead

    Bergkamplegend is spot on, we beat Man City’s B team and any argument to the contrary is frankly absurd. Did we boss the City B team? Absolutely !!

  33. Vikram

    Hi Pedro,

    I really like’d’ reading your stuff. I admired the truth or theories you put out there and transfer window was fun here as you knew stuff and I trusted that “stuff”.

    However, recently, every time I read your blog, all I can see is a blogger biased as hell. And it has been increasing. I know this wouldnt make a difference to you, but here goes.

    Usually I dont write anything here, cause I check the blog from my office where internet firewalls dont allow me to post stuff, but I always read.

    However, today I would like to tell you that you have your head so far up your youknowwhere (Sorry for the language, but my limited command of English language meant I couldnt find a better suited phrase), that you cant put an unbiased post even if your life depended on it. The fact that you took “wenger dint sign welbz” from his latest statement means that all you want to say is “I told you so” and “I am right. Always have been”. Are you so blind?