Does Danny Welbeck have a better haircut than Aaron Ramsey?

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Yo fool, did you say Cesc?

Aaron Ramsey has twisted his ankle and could be a doubt for the City game.

Ball ache.

I think international games are so out order fresh off the back of a greulling World Cup. The football is dull, no one can be bothered with it… I mean, I’m speaking for myself here, but something ain’t right that our £120k a week superstar is now a doubt for one of the biggest games of our season.

He really is a major loss. His engine and penchant for the spectacular really will be a massive miss. Hopefully the twist isn’t that bad… but comments form Bale on the disgraceful Andorra pitch don’t bode well.

Interesting talking around the Arsenal fanbase with regards to Welbeck. I don’t think I’ve spoken to anyone who has a bad word to say. He makes sense despite not making sense, if you get what I mean. Geoff thinks he’ll be a major, major asset to us… reckons he has it all to be something special. High praise!

I’m looking forward to seeing him play. He’s a great jigsaw fit and I hope he’s played centrally from the off. I also like his hair cut. If I could grow a WELBZ wedge, I would. It’d certainly look better than my Marco ‘sex offender’ Reus look. Question is, does Aaron have the better hairstyle? Well, maybe not… but package it with the beard and you have a tough decision on your hands.

Seen as you’re asking, I also like Simeone’s haircut… nothing says irrational violence quite like that slick operation.



What really amuses me is the reaction to the question I posed about Ivan owning the deal. All the Arsenal friendly journo’s and bloggers are so keen to stress Wenger’s involvement off the back of it… but… all missing the big question.

Why has Wenger gone on a communication blackout?

What is he up to?

Moving house?

Blocked sim card?

Holiday to a desert island?

This conspiracy is going to drag on longer than the ‘Who shot JFK’ mystery… but fear not people, we’ll unmask the truth by hook or crook.

Possibly a bad hair cut?

By the time I reach the end of the article, news has reached me that Aaron isn’t that injured.


Have a good day, get your barnet chopped like WELBZ and ponder the Wenger blackout.

Poor signal?

Self imposed technology ban in the Wenger household?

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  1. kwik fit

    Dear Kev,

    Further to your earlier post regarding Arsenal’s inability to defend against the better teams and how our new offensive pace in the team will ensure that this won’t happen going forward. May I take this opportunity to concur with this opinion.

    Yours faithfully,

    kwik fit

  2. Revving Kevin

    Dear Kwik
    I can’t wait for Gazidis new formation on Saturday. Be interesting to see if wengers at the press conference or if Gazidis still has him locked up in his cupboard. 😉

    Ps: Where’s your picture of Diaby on the moon?

  3. Revving Kevin

    Dear N5
    Yes, when we have theo back we are going to have some threat. Seriously mate, we’ve made great signings and the dynamic has changed, not sure why some can’t see this but hey hi. . If this team clicks our rivals should be very afraid.

  4. Revving Kevin

    Kwik been waiting for that, nice!

    Gutted Pedro didn’t nick one of my suggestions for today’s post. It was a toss up between “Diaby found on Moon” and “Wenger ate my Hamster”. I guess he just couldn’t make his mind up, so he went for a story on men’s hair, Lol.

  5. kwik fit

    N5 LOL 🙂


    A head line of Wenger ate my Hamster would have been classic LG 🙂
    But you need ball’s to post a blog with such a Header. The easy way out is to lead with a couple of cute German girls. 😉

  6. Dissenter

    ” Atmosphere is not idiots screaming “you’re going home in an ambulance” or “you’re gonna get you’re fking head kicked in”, those people are morons. Atmisphere is about singing, cheering and loads of banter. Inspire our team. And you won’t get that with loads of corporates”

    How do you define banter?
    I though home fans were supposed to create an intimidating atmosphere for the visiting team.
    you’re going home in an ambulance” or “you’re gonna get you’re fking head kicked in”, should qualify as banter.
    I would imagine that the Arsenal fan chant about RVP being a c**t will qualify as banter.

    Football is tribal.

  7. Dissenter

    The civil war at United has started
    Gary Nevile and other United greats have started murmuring about the Welbeck transfer.
    ““It’s not the way I would expect United to go about their business; I thought it would be more controlled,” Neville, an England coach, told TalkSport. “I can’t work it out and I know I worked with Danny Welbeck last week, but it’s odd. I have to admit I thought the Danny Welbeck sale was a strange one, but that’s just me.

    “Of all the prices paid this summer, there are right-backs and left-backs galore who have been bought for £14m, £15m, £16m. How have Arsenal got him for £16m? I can’t work it out. It has helped out a competitor because Arsenal are the team they are fighting for fourth”

  8. N5

    Radio, both are great but Deer Hunter is a much harder graft to get through. So it depends on if you are OK with joining them in Russian Roulette or you want to see the coolest Brando movie ever!!

  9. N5

    I honestly have only ever heard one team singing your going home in a etc, and that was Wimbledon in the 80s, I never hear that sort of Chanting.

    There is ones like the “hello, hello we are the Arsenal boys, Hello hello, we are the Arsenal boys and if you are a Tottenham fan, surrender or you’ll die, we all follow the Arsenal”.

    Thats fine if you ask me. In fact, it’s fun to sing

  10. karim

    Ha ha ha, France just caused a national trauma in Madrid
    Spain 52
    France 65
    23 / 9 in the last quarter ! Without Parker and Noah !
    Bring on the yanks ! Just need to beat Serbia now i m fucking buzzing !
    Mid we re gonna kick yo ass !
    Allez les Bleus

  11. karim

    Exactly what I meant !
    Now seriously, been waiting since 2000 to play you again, hope Serbia is not gonna kill the dream only lost by 11 pts back then…
    You should have seen Ramos and Casillas’ faces hey hey hey
    Vamos !

  12. Revving Kevin

    I have been going to games for almost 40 years. I love the chanting and singing but don’t like stupid abuse like death wishes or what Liverpool fans and the mancs often have to hear.. Some of the very best banter is the funny stuff, the funny songs are great fun. Having some person screaming abuse, personal/racial or anything else every 5 seconds is not atmosphere. Atmosphere is the banter, the songs, the cheering, the general noise, cheering your players on, putting the opposition off etc.

    I enjoy the game more when the atmosphere is pumping. For me champs league nights are the best, something about those evening games under lights. A chance to get rid of the days frustrations and have a couple of beers pre-game. Special nights.

    Ps: Best thing the club could do is get those who want to make noise sitting together.

  13. Revving Kevin

    Perhaps a giant singing section for us all to build the atmosphere, that could work. Some fans dont want to get into that, those of us that do should be together. Just a thought really.

  14. Revving Kevin

    N5 any song or chant is fine that is banter, especially against spurs, chavski, the Mancs and Stoke. Stokes treatment of Ramsey is the shit I dont like. Lad has his career almost wrecked by a thug, goes through god knows how much pain and aggravation and those cnuts treat him likes hes shagged their sisters while their mums watched.

  15. Dark Hei

    Here is the reason why Wenger is keeping silent about Welback……he has been talking crap about not needing a striker the entire season and in actual fact he knew he needed one.

    Not sure when the penny dropped for Wenger, but my guess is that Welback has been on his radar since forever but Welback only became available once Falcao became a realistic signing for United.

    Another surprising turn of events is William Carvalho reported transfer to us in January, which is kind of weird as we could do with him sooner rather than later.

    Did we run out of cash? It is hard to say, but looking at the financial statements of 2012/2013 accounts, I was kind of surprised to see a slight negative cash flow and very modest profits of only 6m which amounts to 2.4% margins. That was the season we sold RVP and the title to United and bought Giroud, Podolski and Carzola, kind of the ins balancing the outs.

    I will be looking forward to the 2013/2014 accounts. Perhaps it can shed some light.

  16. ikon

    I think we are going back to the days when we used to have frightening pace upfront. I am surprised Wenger talks so much about using intelligence but he still prefers to use a towering forward to hold up the ball while others join in from midfield.

    In my opinion in the premier league at least, defenders are so committed to tackles and so slow to turn back from a committed challenge if they miss the challenge, that it is worthwhile to try to use a completely mobile forward line, which is intelligent at making runs rather than looking for holding up the ball most of the times, and allowing defenders to reorganize.

    With a trio of Sanchez, Welbeck, Walcott I think we will cause the opposition a lot of troubles. Wenger has been silent about Welbeck because
    1) its not his signing for sure
    2) its a fundamental deviation from the way he likes his forward line organization

    I hope he at least tries to change this fundamentalism and experiments with this frontline…. all three of the above are very very potent finishers… and in Wilshere and OZil and Ramsey we have very good distribution system.

  17. Dark Hei


    Wenger called Welbeck up at 7.30am on transfer dateline day. He wants Welbeck, that is a fact.

    Sanchez, Welbeck, Walcott can probably work in a 4-2-3-1 if we do sign William Carvalho. The only drawback is Walcott’s work rate when it comes to pressing. If all 3 press together, we can easily play high up the pitch with relative safety, as long as we get the fabled DM in place. But I see Walcott more as an opportunistic presser rather than a hard worker so unless he gets his fitness levels up, someone else will have to do the hassling up the pitch.

    The 3rd presser/hassle is probably Ramsey. But you don’t want him too high up the pitch since that will leave too many holes at the back. That leaves us with Ozil, the languid presser, who is deceptively good but not in the same class as Rosicky the super irritant pesky pressing midfield dynamo.

  18. Wallace

    intersting story, although it’s the daily star…

    “Gunners skipper Mikel Arteta and vice captain Per Mertesacker played a key role in sealing the surprise £16m signing of England star Welbeck. Starsport can reveal the pair took it upon themselves to urge the club to land Welbeck on transfer deadline day after learning only Tottenham were in for the striker.

    Spurs wanted to sign Welbeck – who scored both goals in England’s 2-0 Euro 2016 qualifying win in Switzerland on Monday – on a year’s loan from Manchester United. But Spaniard Arteta and German Mertesacker campaigned for Wenger to snatch the 23-year-old from their bitter north London rivals. The amazing late drama came after Arteta and Mertesacker met Welbeck in the Arsenal gym at their Hertfordshire training ground. Welbeck had been training at the complex with England prior to their Wembley friendly against Norway. As they chatted the Arsenal duo realised there was a chance the Gunners could snap up Welbeck with a surprise bid.”

  19. Ashwin Gunner

    Morning all

    With Walcott back we can have a very pacey forward line. As some one suggested the problem will happen in counter attacks. we need a strong DMF. From what i have heard Carvalho is strong, but pace is not his strength. if that is the case, we need some one like Luiz Gustavo in that role.

    or for an experiment perspective we could play Ramsey and Ox in the CMF

    back 5

    Walcott —— Ozil ——- Sanchez

    Both Ramsey and Ox have a lot of pace. and can develop a good understanding. on who needs to stay back and when. Add to this the fact that Sanchez is good in his defensive duties, if Walcott improves his game, then we can play such a formation.

    Wenger says, Ox will end up as a midfielder. i wont be surprised if Wenger tries this thing against weaker opposition but who have pacey strikers.

  20. Thank you and goodnight

    Apparently the spuds could be up for sale as the owner will listen to offers….seriously.
    Why don’t we club together on le grove and buy them out, then we could really fuck them over. If everyone chips in we should have enough……I’ve got a shirt button and 10 pence in my pocket. Brilliant, another 90 pence and we should be there.

  21. Dark Hei

    Those jokes have seriously messed themselves up with that stadium move. They will have to knuckle down once building and construction actually starts.

    Christian Eriksson will be sold to the highest bidder while the team sputters around the lower regions of the EPL table.

  22. Keyser

    “What we do, and how we do it, lives on through the ages. Our actions, our creations, our progeny, they are all echoes of ourselves that travel through history and time.

    “A little piece of each of us will live on, somehow. Great men will have statues, but even the man who works at the shipyard or digging into this great earth for fuel, plays his part in the wonder of what we call life.

  23. Jim Lahey

    Please god no….

    The scum would destroy the place. And could you image what nearly 60+ games in one year would do to the pitch?

    Plus there isn’t a priest on the planet that could exorcise the demons from the place once they were done.

    Could you imagine playing them “away” that year, a few thousand Arsenal fans in the corner of the Emirates while 20,000 spurs fans are scattered around the home section.. I shudder just thinking about it.

  24. peanuts&monkeys

    There is something special about the TV cam positions they install at WH Lane. The ground span that cams at WH Lane can cover allows a much better view of the moves, position of players et al. Has anyone noticed this?

  25. Bergkamplegend

    Keyser spends his life on this blog, marvellous…

    In other news, Arteta is fit for saturday, YAY!! lol (sorry keyser…)

  26. Al

    “I will tell you the story one day,” he joked, before cryptically adding, “If I stayed at my home, Welbeck would not be here…that is the truth.”— Wenger

    What absolute nonsense the guy chats

  27. SomeRandomGunner

    @Dark Hei regarding high line with Walcott, Welbeck,Sanchez. I feel it is the opposite , it is going to allow us to play deeper. It does not make much sense to play high line with pacy forwards where they will have less space to run into .

    Also high line with Mertasacker is not too safe. Full pace will help us to sit deeper and still make our attack good enough with fast breaks.

    Without pace we will have to have Giroud to hold the ball up and wait for others to slowly arrive. With those front three we can sit back a bit and break forward at speed and numbers , without a holding striker.

  28. Bergkamplegend

    ““If I stayed at my home, Welbeck would not be here…that is the truth.””

    Quote of the decade (one more) by Le mighty professor.

  29. Real Gooner

    ikon: “Wenger has been silent about Welbeck because:

    1) its not his signing for sure
    2) its a fundamental deviation from the way he likes his forward line organization”

    + + +

    Noooooooooooo! What the hell is wrong with some of you.

    1. Who signed Welbeck then?
    Was it Gazidis, Kroenke, Bould, the Kitman, Earl Grey the tea lady, Annie Wenger, the chairmans cat, Bob Wilson, Charlie George, Batman & Robin?

    2. Rubbish. Wenger has always loved pace, as does every manager. Pace destroys defenders. From Henry to Overmars and Theo etc.

    The Ox and Theo have pace but we lost both of those players for long spells last season which left us with no pace Giroud as our only threat. He tried to buy Suarez. He bought Sanchez who has pace. He has bought Welbeck, who has pace.
    How is it that you ignore the fact Wenger bought Sanchez but seem to be in denial about Welbeck?

    When you find out Wenger likes Fish & Chips you will be reporting him to the Fisheries Commission for cruelty to Cod. Pollocks.

  30. Shaun Wilson

    You seem to have some kind of inside track into our clubs finances, could you therfore please supply the details regarding our surprisingly relative impecuniosity?

  31. zzzaco

    some of you are always looking for a way to discredit wenger for everything good about the man and the club,, what a shame

  32. SomeRandomGunner

    @Shaun Wilson I do not have any inside info about our club’s finances , i never claimed to have.

    If we do not have player sale profit overall we would have had loss for the past few years. That means that we cannot be spending really high year over year.

    Lets say we are ok to have a cash balance of 75m instead of existing 150 m then we can have one player with 30m transfer fee with 150k wage . This is just one time .

    Approximately we can have net transfer spend of around 50m (assuming 20m increase in wages) year over year with the new deals and we are breaking even.

    The only way to move forward is to spend efficiently.

  33. Revving Kevin

    “When you find out Wenger likes Fish & Chips you will be reporting him to the Fisheries Commission for cruelty to Cod. Pollocks.”


    Funny how all some people want to do is make up shit and repeat it endlessly to batter the Manager 😉

  34. Dark Hei


    Having a high backline has its advantages.

    It squeezes play. Opposing teams are forced to play balls over the top. That is only possible if the team you are facing can’t be arsed to press. If you have a forward line that has both pace and work rate, it is a piece of cake for Mertasacker to mop up aimless long balls that CBs are forced to punt when faced with a relentless press.

    Seating deep does make us vulnerable to opposing teams who utilises a deep lying playmaker (Southampton last season came to mind) or against a team that isn’t afraid to spread itself. This season against Everton, in the first half, our pressing work rate was ok, just that by seating deeper, we conceded space to them and they were able to triangle around us by spreading their players wide. And of course they were very confident in their passing ability. In both matches, we got back into the game by pressing high up the pitch.

    I guess having a variation of both approaches is the key.

  35. Bergkamplegend

    “some of you are always looking for a way to discredit wenger”

    I’m sorry but keyser and kevin disagree!! lol

  36. Dark Hei

    Shuan Wilson
    Do you need the link to our finances? It is on You can download it. It is not hard to read. You just need to have the desire to click on it and spend about 5-10 mins.

    We have 150M in cash equivalents on hand every year. I think that is deliberate figure that the board maintains. It gives Arsenal a net debt of around 90M. Personally, I am not sure why net debt is of importance, but guys like SwissRamble thinks that is a better indicator of stability. I am cool with keeping a lower cash balance and having higher debt as long as the revenue streams are stable.

  37. Real Gooner

    Bergkamp Legend:”Are you Darth Vader ?? lol”

    Well I am from the Dark Side. What does lol mean, lots of love? Bit gay if it is.

  38. zzzaco

    one of the things “we” have always accused wenger of is no having plan B in the event that plan A fails, now welbeck who obviously is a plan B has been sign because we couldn’t get Plan A (falcao and/or cavani), but instead of of seeing that as a positive change in attitude from wenger you lots are now saying it was ivan’s signing. you accused someone of being stubborn and again accuse him of shifting ground.

  39. Alfie

    Bergkamp –

    Why do you have to ‘lol/pmsl/lmao/rofl’ EVERYTHING?

    Are you actually laughing out loud, which if so is cool as fuck, but I cant honestly see anything that would.

    Its all very Facebook.