Is Danny Welbeck the nation’s saviour?

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Wenger don't got no signal

Wenger don’t gots no signal

Danny Welbeck!

Yah, scores when he wants, right?

Damn right.

In what turned out to be a typically turgid England game, WELBZ ingratiated himself with the Arsenal faithful with a delightful brace.

His first came from a well timed run into the box that allowed him to slot a Sterling cross home. The second was another example of great pace that allowed him to take a Rooney pass, power through on goal, shape the ball onto the right and slot home.


He has all the raw ingredients you look for in a modern striker. Tall, fast, solid technical ability and hunger. His touch and decision making need work but that’ll come as he develops. He’s put a stake in the ground for a Saturday start through the middle. There really is no other option. If it’s Sanogo, well, you’ll find me banging my head against an Emirates seat.

Ivan must be over the moon at his first signing…

Still no word from Arsene.

Hey Arsene. What’s the score? Even Sanogo has given an opinion?

Jedi PR tricks? By not saying anything, he keeps the story going?

Chuba Akpom broke the clubs land speed record with a cool 1.53 seconds over ten metres. When I talk about explosive pace, that’s what I’m talking about. In the box, pace like that is essential. You also need speed of thought, so if Chuba is a bit dim, the speed is wasted. Good to know he’s making positive noises. I think he has more about him than Sanogo for sure.

Talking of Yaya, he’s chirpsing in the press about the criticism…

“They criticise me (pundits). That’s their problem. I will always be there, I’ll play, go forward and score goals. Sooner or later it’s going to happen. ”

Well good for you darling. You come back when you have that goal and we’ll all feel better about life. Looks as though you might have your work cut out with WELBZ joining the club, but that’s what top class professional sport is all about. Competition.

Cesc has been preaching to the news…

‘I will always feel a Gunner and I know that I am going to return to [the Emirates Stadium] and I feel that it will be a special moment but I am committed’

Whatever I felt in the summer, I don’t feel now. We didn’t want him, Chelsea did. It’s as simple as that. Do I regret it know what I now know? Yeah, you could say that. Cazorla as a number 10 doesn’t work for me on any level (any level is an exaggeration). Ozil on the left with his dedication to effort? Doesn’t work for me. Wenger should have landed Cesc if he was going to play around with the team like he has. Pretty poor forward planning. I also thought we’d land at least one more spectacular player. We didn’t, it is what it is. I won’t be booing him though.

Another interesting scouting oversight by Ivan Gazidis was the miss on John Stones. Arsenal knew Sagna was leaving a whole year before he did, John Stones was at Barnsley and moved for what, £1.5m? He looks a superstar in the making. Where were our scouts? How did we miss an England international in our own country when we had a need?

Honestly, our scouting network really isn’t doing the job. I’m hoping now Ivan has taken over he can kick it up a gear.


A couple of other things I thought I’d bring up. The favoured method of attack on Le Grove in general is to pick holes in my scouting record. Fair shout, I’m not actually a football scout. It’s a bit like picking my girlfriend picking on my beans on toast comparing it to something she’s eaten at Maze. Anyway, bar the complete pointlessness of picking on players and managers I liked 4 years ago, one player that’s consistently cropped up of late is…


Yeah, sure I did. He ripped many top teams in the league a new one single handedly. What’s interesting is I have a friend who attended a gala dinner and shared a table with Arsene. He was told, by the second in command (Arsene) that he actually tried to sign Fellaini when he went for Arteta.

Interesting, eh? From the horses mouth.

It’s like the lambasting I get for Ashely Young. He was one of the most promising talents in the league before he moved to United. It’s really not my fault he failed so badly when given the chance. And hey, look, I’ve called some poor names, but Arsene will always have Park Chu-Young on his record. Still without club apparently.

Which leads me nicely on to football manager… another regular quip from the munch bunch brigade is this.

‘Mate, this isn’t football manager, it’s real life’

Well, apparently the guys who make Football Manager are now opening their platform to clubs in conjunction with real life sports performance company Prozone. Really interesting,  because the game has always been a very good barometer of up and coming players. The management simulator has a huge network of amateur scouts who profile players yearly. Now real managers can tap into that data.

So in short, being good at football manager means you’re good at real life football management.

Hence the reason Ivan Gazidis has been so bold of late.

Right, that’s your lot.



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  1. Real Gooner

    Honest: “The catering is shit”

    I have heard that. I never eat at the ground so I cannot comment. However, the bars at club level just bring a whole new dimension to the game; the entire Emirates stadium is stunning. What a place, cannot wait for Saturday! Fans that have not attended games there are missing that ‘wow’ moment. What a fantastic achievement our stadium was. I have completed two stadium tours, one with the legends (Charlie George) and every time I get goosebumps. It is an incredible place, an amazing achievement despite a plethera of obstacles we had to overcome.

  2. Keyser

    Jeff – We bought Ozil last window, this year say we’ve bought Sanchez and Welbeck, and yet we’ve had to replace Fabianski, Sagna and in a roundabout way Vermaelen, what happens next window ?

    Are you saying we’ve made no progress ? You’d have to irrational to say we haven’t, but what’s the likelihood we were or are going to find every player we need in any one window ? Very remote.

    Surely you see this ? Mate, I really want to say you’re obviously still at the point where your frustration clouds your judgement, but what are you disagreeing with here ?

  3. Honest Bill


    I agree that’s part of the manager’s job. But there are many others out there who would be willing.

    To be fair to them, there has at least been an improvement in results and investment in the playing staff. We got an FA cup and lots of signings. They moved in the right direction and i hardly think it needs such a massive shake-up as people like to insist. Christ we were only 7 points off the league. We have the quality of players to do better. They just need a mental shift to allow them to compete in the big games.

    Sure we’ll be better off with another CB but i’m sure we’ll get that soon.

  4. Honest Bill

    Real Gooner.

    Club level is a bit out of my price range. But, yeah… avoid the food. Take my word for it.

    It is a great stadium. Can’t deny that. now we just need the quality of football to match the venue and price.

  5. Arsene nose best

    Not such a bad thing Ramsey being injured, he looks drained, poor fuckers been carrying the team for the past year now, let’s see if wilsheres has got the minerals to do what Ramsey has been doing, doubtful.

  6. Keyser

    Honest Bill – I think they’re still working within their comfort zone, and while I can’t really blame them, it is still quite a precarious position, because the margin for error is still pretty small.

    Like Welbeck, you could point to Falcao’s arrival, as it being an oppurtunistic signing with United more willing to sell, but at the same time it’s another head to integrate as opposed to giving us a bit more stability with our striking options.

    We’ve amassed a decent group of talented individuals rather than the finished article, and to win the title, or to even qualify for 4th, we’re relying on how many of them we can get to fulfill that potential.

    In that respect I think it’s hard to judge potential progress, things like no pre-season, at least 3 first team starters having to be brought in are going to have a significant effect on the progress we made last year.

  7. Bamford13

    ” you old devil. You villain of the peace. You appear with the inevitability of an unloved season.”

    Brilliant again, Jeff. That last phrase is good enough to be Shakespeare. Funny that it’s Ian Fleming.

  8. theHotHead

    Why can’t Ozil play in the centre of a 4-1-4-1 ?? A good manager could work it out, a good manager would not play their best and most expensive player out wide. A good manager would choose a formation to suit the players he had and would not keep putting square pegs in round holes !!

    As for praising the club, what is there to praise ? Anyone who can tell me going to watch Arsenal represents value for money is a bloody liar ! The football is kack, the players sub-standard, we pay the highest prices in football, we sell our best players, the chairman has nothing but contempt for fans and small shareholders alike.

    What made Arsenal a great club in the past has been eroded away by greed/money, the fans want to see competitive teams not partially competitive teams that assure 4th place finishes and CL money and nothing else. FFS we were gifted the FA Cup last season due to luck of the draw and did everything we could to try to lose that final !

    I was born and raised in Holloway, I have Arsenal in my blood, when Wenger goes Arsenal will still be there and I will still be supporting them but anobody telling me they are proud or happy about where we are now compared to where we were 10 years ago. A brand new stadium with no atmosphere whatsoever. Great !

  9. Honest Bill

    Ramsey’s actually been a bit poor this season. Keeps trying to be too flash, even after acknowledging that simplifying hig game made him a much better player.

    Wilshere needs to realise that too. i hope Wenger has a word with both of them.

  10. Jeff


    Your point is that we have started making big purchases with Ozil and Sanchez that to you signals the beginning of a change in philosophy and by extrapolation if we keep doing this in the next few windows we’ll have a winning team.

    My disagreement is that it need not be that slow. Has it occurred to you that we’ve started buying big because it’s suddenly dawned on the stubborn one that buying cheap no longer works? We could have bought players of Ozil’s calibre at least 2 windows before the last. Most people agree that we had the money even then. But now that we’re actually swimming in it, they can’t hide behind the “poverty” excuse any longer. In any case, our net spend this season is still woefully small – say £36m (including Wellbeck) compared with what we actually need and could have spent.

    However many windows you want to go back, our ambitions for bringing in top talent either to replace or replenish our depleted squad have been very conservative. Am I saying we could have swept up all the trophies had we bought more and better? No. Am I saying we would have had a better chance of winning the PL? Yes.

  11. Real Gooner

    Of course we have improved from last season. Very surprised someone would suggest otherwise. Debuchy is better than Sagna, Vermaelen was always injured and prone to mistakes (Man Utd away) and Chambers is a great addition. Sanchez is an pure class, Campbell has been recalled and Welbeck has just been added. The pace we lacked last season is resigned to the history books. Have not improved? This is the desperation that drives me insane, there is no attempt whatsoever to look forward or be positive. One minute we wont win anything with Giroud and he is too slow and now the same misery guts are saying we have not improved.

  12. Honest Bill


    True but we’ve kept all of the key players which is important. It’s better to be adding quality than to be constantly replacing like we have recently.

    I’m still undecided on Debuchy though.

  13. Bamford13

    We might’ve marginally improved in the window — maybe — but we didn’t fill those positions that would’ve raised us to the next level — ie, CF and CDM — and that’s all that really matters.

    Wenger has had ample time and has ample money to fill these needs, but he failed to do so. This from his stubborn attachment to outmoded principles and average players. Welbeck was only signed because of the Giroud injury, and though he improves us, he cannot be cited in Wenger’s defense — as he does not elevate s to the next level and was only signed bc of injury. Otherwise Wenger would’ve stuck with G and S.

    Enough with the empty apologetics. Wenger out.

  14. theHotHead

    Just imagine how competitive we would be right now if Wenger had not been a tight arse and instead spent some money during the years we had Cesc, RVP and Nasri, look at the dross we have since bought. And we won’t get the best out of Ozil until he has quality players around him. Thats what infuriates me the most, he does just enough to survive when we always had the funds to go a step further – as our wage bill and bank balance prove.

  15. Bergkamplegend

    Ramsey injured… Just wonderful.

    But hey, that doesn’t matter, Keyser still think that wenger has made an awesome summer market. lol

  16. Biggus

    I’ve been reading the debate about Pedro’s supposedly fabricated stories to bring down Arsenal and I just want to add my own opinion.

    First of all, as many here keep mentioning; it’s not easy to write a blog every day for the last few years and even more so considering we seem to face similar issues year in year out but Pedro takes time to do so out of passion for the club so we can’t fault that.

    Yes, some of his posts are hit and miss but that’s what he’s thinking about and it’s not gospel. You have bloggers like ANR that writes like he has inside information but most times talks rubbish. He also asked the question regarding why Arsene has yet to comment on the signing of Danny boy. Cast your mind to our last deadline day transfer Ozil; Wenger commented on the player a few days at least when it happened. Now it’s hard to say why he’s not done so at this time but that opens up different theories which Pedro put forward his own.

    In regards to the people slagging off the club rather than Wenger, I don’t think it’s the case but I do feel the club have empowered Wenger way more than any other manager in the world and he seems to be drunk on this power and make some very dodgy decisions. That’s why some managers have come out in the past to state that if he was in another club, he would not be in a job.

    I’m not a fan of Wenger, I think he did great for the club at the start but I think he’s been stagnant for the past 9 years. He’s more reactive than proactive these days which is not great for a club as big as Arsenal.

    We should not be buying much needed players on deadline day which seems to be our norm these days. Everybody knows we needed a Defensive midfielder and Center Back but he refused to address that issue. We had different strikers pass us by before we settled on Welbeck. Now he might do well or not but from my perspective, he sees him as a stop gap or someone that he can easily move to the left or right to accommodate his preferred strikers – Donkey Giroud and Sanogoal.

    I could be wrong but that’s my opinion. To conclude, Pedro writes this blog to bring people together and yes some of the content are a bit toxic at times but you can either stay there and try to prove the issues otherwise or just ignore it but don’t accuse anyone of trying to bring the club down; Arsene got that covered already!

  17. Rich

    Jeff up until last summer we were running at an operational loss, granted that was partly due to paying certain players too much and having too much dead wood, but that wasn’t a problem unique to us, if you gamble and it works your a genius, if you don’t pay the money and players peak then leave its your fault for not renewing, overall we done quite well.
    As of this summer and last I agree that we should have gone bigger and more aggressive, as you rightly say we have tons of money, £70million surplus revenue p/a for the next 5 years and £120 million available in the bank.
    We could have got Schniderlin or Lars Bender and a decent centre half, had we done that I still don’t think we’d have won it, but We’d have been in with a better shout of trophy’s
    Arsene failed the club, the fans and the players

  18. Bamford13


    Again, we might’ve marginally improved, but not enough, and not where it matters most. Sticking with Arteta was asinine.

    And while I defend Jack often on here, he’s not a top class CDM — if played there — for a variety of reasons.

    And he only signed Welbeck because Giroud went down. Otherwise he was prepared to go with Giroud and Sanogo.

    Two steps forward, yes, but four steps were needed.

  19. peanuts&monkeys

    ManU’s ambition is exemplary. In spite of having Europe’s two best strikers – Rooney and RVP, they buy Falcao. I would have gone and kissed Wenger’s bare ass if he bought Rooney and Falcao in one window.

    Why the fuck do Arsenal fans have to bear the brunt of a few men’s stubbornnes and lac of ambition? Why? Why year after year after year?

  20. Keyser

    Jeff – No, stop reading what you want from what I write, the change is obvious, it’s tangible, the fact we’ve bought Ozil and Sanchez is tangible, whether this continues we’ll have to wait and see, but it should buy some leeway after however many years of frustration.

    “My disagreement is that it need not be that slow.”

    Lol well say that then, and stick to it.

    “Titles are won and lost in the transfer window.”
    Lol you really need to stop pushing this, stick to the ‘We could’ve spent better’, because we’re not going to win titles in transfer windows are we.

    That’s what I wrote, don’t go on about titles being won in transfer windows, because the liklihood of this happening after X amount of years in any one window, season or more, is pretty miniscule.

    Stick to saying we could’ve bought better or we could push the boat out a little more, because that’s the margins we’re working in, surely that’s fair, rational, logical ? At least as a starting point for debate.

    It’s like saying we have ‘Money’, having ‘money’ has never been the problem, it’s how much, just like buying more or taking more of a risk, isn’t really the problem, it’s how we buy well enough to beat our competitors isn’t it ?

  21. peanuts&monkeys

    Let me for a day accept that Arsenal doesn’t have money like ManU to throw around. If so, why dont you get in a manager who has fresh ideas about playing football. That could have at least got some new excitements going on the players. And, the fans enjoying a new style of Arsenal game.

    What will it need for teh BoD to realize that Wenger is FINISHED?

  22. Rocky Pires

    If Ramsey and Ozil are out is this the team to go with ?
    ________Danny Welbechio

  23. Keyser

    N5 – I don’t think it is, we’ve scrambled through the last month, no-one’s really in form, but we’re adapting to new players and other problems like the lack of preparation while trying to play massive games, for us at least, in the Champions League qualifiers.

    Apart from the gradual improvement in Sanchez, I think we’re still struggling to piece everything together.

    This year could be more like 2012, but probably in a more positive way. Where we start slow, and kick on, except this time we’re starting slow because of all the players we’ve added, not because of having to adjust to the massive players we’ve lost.

  24. Honest Bill

    i still don’t think we need to spend too much. We could go out and buy a CB and DM but it won’t improve us that much. The issue that needs to be addressed is that we begin every game so timidly. The players need a psychological shift. The players we have are capable of playing much better than they are.

  25. Emiratesstroller


    Despite all the negatives, which we read the fact is that our squad has been improved significantly this season.

    I would go so far as to suggest that it is our best squad since we last won League Title.

    There are of course still some negatives namely the lack of a quality dm or
    holding midfielder and at least one extra central defender.

    Part of the problem with most bloggers is that they want ‘eldorado’. The reality
    is that it does take time to build a successful squad unless you have an unlimited budget and the ethics of an ally cat.

    Arsenal brought in 6 new players this summer. These fall into three categories:

    1. Out and Out replacements. Ospina and Debuchy for Fabianski and Sagna.
    They are at least as good as those they replaced.

    2. Young potential. Chambers and Campbell. The first is clearly a very good
    defensive prospect who can play in both full back and central defence

    3. Two forwards in Sanchez and Welbeck. They are without question
    significantly better than what we had on our books last season.

    Personally I am not concerned about our goalscoring potential even if we do
    not have a prolific striker on our books. You can win the League Title scoring just 70-80 Goals. This squad are certainly capable of scoring that number.

    Where we need to improve now is in those games which we lost badly last season. That mean winning or drawing games against those opponents.

    At the moment I see Chelsea as the team to beat for League Title. That may be
    a bridge too far, but I believe that Arsenal are more than capable of beating
    Man City, Liverpool and Man Utd to second place providing that we do not
    suffer the spate of injuries as we did last season.

  26. Rocky Pires

    Fair enough Bamford, Rosa street smart would lead me to giving him the nod but Ox is due a big one and having lost his England place, we might see a reaction from him.

  27. Bamford13


    The 2010-11 team was better than this one, and Wenger has had both the time and money to replace Arteta and Giroud. The notion that this hasn’t been feasible given Arsenal’s resources is ludicrous.

    The reason these players haven’t been replaced is because of Wenger’s insistence on sticking with the players he has and on getting by on the cheap.

    Welbeck, again, was signed only because Giroud went down.

  28. Radio Raheem

    I thought Sanchez looked more dangerous when he played left, cutting in into his right, against Leicester.

    My front six for the 4-1-4-1 are


    Ozil Wilshere Cazorla Sanchez


    But Icprefer a 4-2-3-1

    Arteta Ramsey/Wilshere

    Chamberlain Ozil Sanchez


  29. Ben

    We won’t improve until we get rid of that moron of a manager. I have no doubt with a quality manager like Klopp we would win the league.

  30. Paulinho

    All the players we’ve added?

    Only two are current first teamers – Sanchez and Debuchy – that’s it. It’s one player LESS than we incorporated when we started off pretty sharply two years ago.

    More excuse-making.

  31. Rocky Pires

    4-2-3-1 suits us best I think . Suits Ramsey best anyhow he is trying to be too classy and the fulcrum of all attack minded play in 4-1-4-1 .
    4-2-3-1 requires him to be a box to box midfielder and gives us more balance

  32. Emiratesstroller


    I beg to differ the 2010-11 team/squad was not better. They fell apart after Eduardo got injured. Psychologically they were quite brittle and the squad lacked depth.

    This squad may not contain world beaters, but it is clearly difficult to beat. What I want to see are players who don’t have just a lot of flair, but are prepared to work hard around pitch. Both Sanchez and Welbeck will offer that.

  33. Ashwin Gunner

    “The stadium is amazing, but the atmosphere is embarrassing. There is something sterile about the Emirates.”


    You nailed it mate.. They built a WC stadium at the cost of trophies. Its like you buying very expensive honeymoon package tour, from the alimony you got from the divorce.

  34. Real Gooner

    Ashwin: “You nailed it mate.. They built a WC stadium at the cost of trophies. Its like you buying very expensive honeymoon package tour, from the alimony you got from the divorce.”

    Bollocks. They did it to grow the club for the future and increase revenues so we can be competitive year on. This is the ignorant bollocks that drives me nuts.

  35. Bamford13


    Well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. The only advantage the current side has over that one is the organization of the back four — which is more solid. Otherwise that side was better in midfield and much better in attack.

    This current side would not give the 2010-11 Barca side a run for its money. Not even close.

    As far as I’m concerned, this side has never even played particularly well, though they have managed to get results at times.

    Far from an impressive or inspiring side, though.

  36. Ashwin Gunner

    Let me put this to all AKB’s

    If Welback is indeed a Wenger signing, why hasn;t he come out and given an interview to Arsenal player (or to any other paper in the world) till now on the lad??. He did for everybody else, didn;t he…

  37. Paulinho

    Emirates – I agree but I wasn’t arguing against that. I was arguing against the notion our underwhelming start is due to World Cup hangover or new players bedding in.

    I expect us to improve, but will largely because of Danny Welbeck’s arrival and the fact we can’t really get any worse.

  38. Paulinho

    Keyser – I think you’ll be disappointed if you expect us to improve on last season in any meaningful way.

    Yes, sharply. We actually played like we had a pulse against Liverpool and City away, although it wasn’t as good start as you were trying to claim a year or so back.

  39. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 13

    Yes we will have to disagree.

    George Graham’s Championship winning teams did not contain the best players at the time apart from Adams. However, they were the best organised and most difficult to beat. Hence 1-0 to the Arsenal.

    For me it is the defensive side of our game whether in midfield or back, which
    needs improvement and not as many suggest in offensive department.

  40. Jeff


    You are very quick to tell other people what to read and what to write but do you ever read what you yourself actually write. Because whenever anybody actually tries to decipher what you write you always tell them they’re wrong.

    Whatever I’ve written and whatever you’ve written, it changes none of the facts that year in year out we get humiliated and embarrassed by the big teams and sometimes even by the smaller ones and end up fourth. Does that not play any role when you arrive at your conclusions about the transfer window, the manager or anything else? Is it always someone else’s fault for you?

    You mention the frustrations of the last 8 years always in the second person. Aren’t you frustrated as well? Do you not care that we can’t win anything major and we won’t this season either? How is it possible to simply bat everything away and assume we could not have done any better under anyone else – because that’s what it sounds like to me and you’re going to tell me I’m wrong again – aren’t you? Lol.

  41. Keyser

    EmiratesStroller – I can’t really agree, there’s too many uncertainties, we’ve had better players and better teams in each of the other squads, I could if you mean’t potential in specific areas, but how far are we from realising that ?!

    This team will most likely be 06-07, and 09-10, the team before the season it really did click, and then we’d still be a season away from building on what we had rather than seeing players move on again.

    There are a lot of question marks over players who could be very exciting to watch though.

  42. Ben


    Yeah mate Man U’s 4th choice striker will improve us when 77m worth of the supposed world class players Ozil and Sanchez haven’t done shit

  43. Wengaball

    The Cesc debate is so one sided I am going to risk the wrath of a few who may have read this and post this again….

    Wenger’s cryptic comment on Cesc transfer, “he went where he wanted to go”.

    What does that mean? To me very simply it says it was Cesc’s choice not to come to Arsenal.And yet every one and his dog here is 100 per cent sure that Cesc wanted to come, Wenger did not want him. Not even an iota of doubt. How could there be when you have your favourite whipping boy to slap the blame on aka Wenger?

    The truth maybe somewhere in between. Maybe Wenger wanted him and Cesc wanted to come as well. But maybe Arsenal offered him only 130k on par with Oezil but Cesc wanted 200k which is what he gets at Chelsea. He took a pay cut last time he moved. Maybe he wanted to make up this time.

    All this is pure conjecture. But so is “Wenger didn’t want Cesc”. As if anyone knows what exactly transpired.

    So speculate and second guess by all means. But don’t be malicious. And try and understand the difference between criticism and accusations. Because none of us knows for sure what exactly goes on behind the scenes. This includes the blogger.

  44. Ashwin Gunner

    “Bollocks. They did it to grow the club for the future and increase revenues so we can be competitive year on. ”

    LOL. competitive….
    9 years on.. revenues are flowing, money is sitting the in bank, and we are still tyring to be competitive..

    what an irony..
    We built a WC stadium, to increase revenues , so that we can be competitive and buy best playes in the world,

    but we still end up with a post man on free transfer.. ha ha..

    Stadium and club have become competitive but not Wenger. Wenger’s ambitions are..
    1) motivate players to get 4th place.
    2) keep fingers crossed not to get humilated against big teams.
    3) Give new contract to Diaby.
    4) Do all charity matches.
    5) prepare for the loss speech, a day before the match.
    6) Crib about January transfer Window
    7) At the end of the season, take a long long vacation so that nobody questions what i am doing in Transfer Window

  45. Paulinho

    Ben – Welbeck will improve the team more than Sanchez, and Ozil has always been a flimsy soul.

    Get your point though, and I’ve argued for years that with or without money Wenger doesn’t have what it takes. You could point at the spunking of £77 million on those two players as more evidence of that.

  46. Paulinho

    Also the fact that with all this money he even signed Ya Ya Sanogo in the first place.

    Why did he even sign him?

    I think we all know the answer. Developmental manager obsessed with randomly giving players ‘a chance’.

  47. Ben

    Cesc has instantly been the best player in only 3 games. he has created 4 assists in 3 games, pretty much won games for Chelse particularly performing in big away games against everton where Ozil did his usual dissapearing act. Thats what world class players do. Lol at all the ones who said Ozil is better than him he is nowhere close to him.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s judge Welbeck at the end of the season and not on what he did at Man
    Utd or for that matter with England.

    Torres may have been brilliant at Liverpool, but he was not at Chelsea and he cost £50 million. Arsenal have bought several average players in past who blossomed when they came to us.

    The best example was Ian Wright who came to us via Non League Football and Crystal Palace. Noone would suggest that he was a duffer. What he was
    was a ‘late developer’ something which sadly is today’s market less likely to happen, because most clubs operate ‘short term strategies’.

  49. Keyser

    Paulinho – Mean’t the 2011-12 season, was going to correct it, but then didn’t bother.

    2012-13 – We beat Liverpool, then struggled to create or score for the next few games, although we didn’t really concede either, I think I was pretty even handed then to, the players we bought in were Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla, 3 experienced and consistent performers in the right situation but who weren’t going to have a significant upside otherwise, that’s hardly the same as to what it is now is it ?

    Not to mention that a year after losing Nasri, Fabregas and Clichy, we lost Song and Van Persie, who’d both had their most productive seasons to date.

    Even Ramsey has to replicate his form from last year, which will be hard considering how marked the improvement actually way.

    I think it could go either way, but it’s hardly ideal is it, especially soo early in the season.

  50. N5

    Ben, you really need to move on from Cesc. Its bordering on obsession and your comments read like a cheated wife! Get over it.

  51. Paulinho

    Keyser – Sanchez and Debuchy are both experienced. Sanchez only a year younger than when Giroud joined.

    Not sure what point you’re making really, and going by what you’ve said, it should be easier now than it was then because we haven’t lost four important players in the last two years.

  52. Keyser

    Jeff – All I wanted to point out is that after all these years of frustration there is not going to be an easy solution, and you’d be deluding yourself to think there was one.

    To say ‘Titles are won and lost in the transfer window’ is a pretty pointless statement and if you truly believe it to be true then we’re not going to win anything for a while.

    You’ve gone full nutter, and brought out every tangent you could think of when the premise is simple.

    Years of inaction whether you like it or not is going to be very hard to solve solely in any one transfer window, season or more, what’s wrong with this statement ?

  53. Paulinho

    Ben – Flamini has always been absolute shite. I remember slating him at the start of last season and someone came on here defending him against my tirade, stating he was as “hard as nails”. Laughable stuff.

    It’s amazing how how a bit of pointing and shouting can distort perception.

  54. Ashwin Gunner

    “Years of inaction whether you like it or not is going to be very hard to solve solely in any one transfer window, season or more”


    Well. we have the money mate. Just sell all the average players and bring in new WC replacements. Yea. we will have some problems at the start of the season till players get to konw each other’s game and get adjusted to a new way of life. but eventually we will start winnign trophies.

  55. Jeff

    “Years of inaction whether you like it or not”

    Keyser, there you go again writing in the second person. I would have more respect for you if you said

    “Years of inaction whether WE like it or not..”
    instead of
    “Years of inaction whether you like it or not..”

    See the subtle but mountain of difference it makes? No. Oh well. 😆

  56. Real Gooner

    Ashwin: “Let me put this to all AKB’s If Welback is indeed a Wenger signing, why hasn;t he come out and given an interview to Arsenal player (or to any other paper in the world) till now on the lad??. He did for everybody else, didn;t he…”

    Sighs heavily. My point proven about Pedro knowing there are idiots that will believe everything he says or infers. Here is one of them, nice bloke but a bit dim.

    Come on Ash the Bash, take your head out of your backside. Try it, it is a lovely sunny day today in the real world. Don’t worry about those pesky aliens and their abduction forces, they are looking for human intelligence out there; you will be quite safe.

  57. Bamford13

    For those still interested in the Cesc question, the quote below sheds additional light:

    “I spoke with my agent and told him to look for a team for me. The offer arrived from Chelsea, and for me it was about returning to London, the place where I grew up. There was no better destination. I spoke with [Jose] Mourinho and he told me things I needed to hear. I felt valued, I felt I was going to be an important piece of something important.” – Fabregas on his move to Chelsea

  58. Paulinho

    Bamford – Can you imagine Fabregas coming back after all these years, and playing with Sanogo?

    Part of me would have actually wanted to see it happen to see what a tit Wenger would have looked.

  59. Keyser

    Paulinho – To improve on last season, to see Man City as some sort of test, we lost two players and relied on the consistentcy of two others the following year, all had been allowed to grow and develop over significant years at the club. We still fluctuated through the same positions or various competitions we deemed ourselves to be competing in.

    Stop scrambling to find some perceived fault.

    What are you trying to say ? That we’ve had the ideal preparation and we should kick on from last year effortlessly ?

  60. Jeff

    Every transfer window for the last say 5 years including this one has been inadequate – one or two were atrocious. If you want to build a proper team you make damn certain that you buy the players the team needs at every opportunity – not wait for future windows gambling that what you already have “might” work and you can then be heralded a great genius. I don’t for one second believe that Wenger is slowly building a winning team. What he’s doing is trying to get away with minimum expenditure for maximum gain. It pleases the hierarchy and it pleases him too.

  61. Keyser

    Jeff – Lol that is feeble, my respect for you, or your respect for me doesn’t really matter.

    Do you understand the statement ? Surely you see that all that bundled frustration is going to be hard to resolve in such timely or adequate measures ?

  62. Paulinho

    Keyser – I’m not scrambling. It’s very easy to pick huge holes in your apologetic excuse-making.

    You’re ‘scrambling’ to avoid the reality that your hero is washed up and what we’re seeing now is the logical progressive manifestation of a decline one would expect under such a manager. That’s why we won’t ‘kick on’, not because of perceived under-cooked preparation.

    Our preparation hasn’t been ideal? Big whoopee. You could say the same for every club in the league.

  63. Ashwin Gunner

    Real Gooner

    you still didnt; answer my question which you copy pasted in your comment.

    BTW.. I was talking about Football.your abuse was unwarranted. you can only do these thing on internet as you dont meet the fellow bloggers. Please dont try this in real life. you might get beaten up..

    Have a nice day..

  64. Keyser

    “Our preparation hasn’t been ideal? Big whoopee. You could say the same for every club in the league.”

    Then say that then, don’t make a snide remark, and then when you realise you’re actually talking shit, try and make it about a wider point in general.

  65. Wengaball

    To those of you who say ‘no trophies in 9 years’ I’d like to see you go into the ring to face world class heavy weight boxers with one arm pinned to your back. We’ll see how many trophies you win.

    No one is above criticism, least of all a manager of a high profile football club that has millions of fans emotionally invested. But no one, and I stress, NO ONE, should be subjected to accusations without evidence. That amounts to character assassination and I hope people can recognise the difference.

  66. Jeff


    “Surely you see that all that bundled frustration is going to be hard to resolve in such timely or adequate measures ?”

    I can understand it but what I don’t understand is why you won’t venture a guess as to how many more windows you think it’s going to take so we can relax and wait. If you want my opinion, Wenger can have another 10 windows and we’d both still be here saying the same things – over and over again.

  67. Paulinho

    Keyser – I shouldn’t even have to say it in the first place, but then you’re a bit dim with things that are common knowledge to most people.

    And when we’ve reached that point where you’ve got nothing to reply with. Again.

    Something is always ‘shit’ and ‘snidey’ when you can’t argue against it.

  68. Keyser

    Jeff – If you understand it, then you can understand why making definitive statements like that is pointless, by the end of the week our views could’ve changed one way or another let alone by the next transfer window.

  69. Jeff

    What you really have to do is cut all the crap and get down to the actual issue which boils down to three simple questions any honest Arsenal supporter has to answer.
    Over the last decade has Wenger:
    1. Overachieved?
    2. Underachieved?
    3. Stood still?

    I know what those of who won’t hear a word against Wenger will say. The really hard-core die hard Wengerites will pick 1. The middle of the road ones will pick 3 and give us all sorts of excuses as to why. Those on the verge of leaving Wenger will pick 2 but still cite some reasons why it’s not his fault. Those who want to try a different manager will pick 2 because they can think of only one reason – that he’s actually not a very good at manager.

  70. theHotHead

    Real Gooner – are you having a laugh ?? So we bought a couple of players to replace a couple of players and we have improved ? You want us to jump for joy ? How have we improved ? Give me Cesc and RVP over Ozil and Sanchez any day. If you are talking about recent improvements, yes, we are better this season than the last but thats no reason to start swinging our cocks !!! We have eroded so much squad quality that we need another 4 Ozil and Sanchez purchases to be where we should be .. plus other high calibre players for squad depth. It would be remiss for us to stop putting pressure on the management to improve squad quality just because we are “slightly” better than last season, the FA Cup win should have signalled intent and made us kick on, but its all been a damp squib.

    As for moving stadium allows us to make good money, yup, it sure does and guess who contributes through the nose for that !! Arsenal fans. Some people use the argument if we are not in the CL we won’t be able to buy top players. Well last season was the first season we actually bought a top player and we have been in the damn competition for 16 years running. Where were all these top players we supposedly “could” attract because of our CL participation ?!!