Who would be in Wenger’s Whatsapp group?

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Gooood morning! Totally locked out of our office this morning which is fun when you get in early. Real fun.

Anyway, let’s kick on!

Talk of Theo Walcott coming back to action early is premature. Wenger said he’d be back in full training post international break. That’d give him two weeks to recover from 9 months out the game. Ambitious in the extreme. I’d say there’s no chance of his return that early. He’ll need to be eased in and then he’ll need to be given time to get back to his best. It’ll be the end of October before we start seeing a full speed Walcott.

Fans need to give him time as well. The club should be more transparent with player returns. What’ll happen is he won’t start at Spurs, we’ll get irritated and blame the medics for delaying the return, then when Theo does get back we’ll berate him for being off key despite him being out for 9 months!

Bad times. The manager should be open about how long it’ll take to get him back and fit. Which will be just around the time we need him for.

City are fast approaching and it’s looking very interesting. The lineup needs to be Welbz, Sanchez and Chambo in the front three. Pace, power and trickery. Wenger most likely won’t have the option of Ozil out wide which is brilliant news because he ain’t chasing Zabaleta all game. Hopefully he won’t be tempted by Cazorla wide either, because if he is, we’re going to get destroyed. Start players that ask questions of full backs bombing forward.

At the back, things really are desperate when it comes to bodies. When you imagine the level of information Wenger had pre-window about his defence, it is staggering he didn’t make a move for a defender. Kieran Gibbs in massively unreliable and injured. Koscielny is carrying a achilles problem. Per Mertesacker is heading into basically his 2nd straight year of football without a rest and is probably due an injury and our third choice centre back is also our back up right back.

This weekend could be stretched. Laurent didn’t go with France because of a head injury, so hopefully the club have treated his foot injury. We really need a result to kick our confidence up a level.

Just before I go, as a quick kick on yesterday and the absurdity that is the internet and the group think pack mentality that happens. Yesterday’s post was supposed to spark a debate, it was written tongue in cheek with a serious question underneath.

The manager hasn’t spoken about his 3rd most expensive player in over a week. He has a smartphone, he has an iPad and he’ll have wifi or a business roaming plan that’ll take care of those pesky international costs. It’d take two minutes to make a call or despatch a whatsapp with a few lines to welcome Welbeck.

That it’s strange is indisputable. That it goes against the grain of best practice PR is undeniable. That I question it, is important.

The reaction. Oh my. Like I’d just questioned validity of Prince George’s lineage at a royal banquet.

… and here’s the thing. No one had a decent justification for it. Why? Because there isn’t any.

‘Player be busy fool’

… isn’t a valid response.

‘Maybe he was on holiday’

Again, not a valid response when we’ve seen the car crash 6 week Brazilian holiday he took this summer.

The critique is interesting. ‘He has an agenda’ some shout… no more of an agenda than a blog that refuses to look deeply into anything. The Welbz-silence is a question fans are asking amongst themselves. I’m a fan. Blogs talk about fan stuff. It’s how it works.

People on the web go in flocks. Cool. If you want bland, whimsical, ‘could be this, but could just be luck or could be jam eating fairies or ‘whatever just support damn team” go to the 500 publications out there who build a reputation on placating people who need agendarised positivity to make it through a morning.

But know this… outside my quite poor scatter gun approach to players I like, transfers I want to happen and emotional approach to writing, this blog follows the narrative of what’s going on more accurately than any publication. One day, it’ll all come in the wash, I promise. It’s just amazing that this earns you the most flack. But I guess in the world of book deals, secret hospitality and a lust to become the media… dissent doesn’t earn you many favours.

Doesn’t fuss me though. The only thing I depend on is what the core readers here think, which is mostly super positive. That’s because this is always honest thoughts and musings. You don’t get that in too many places in this online ecosystem.

Dissent shouldn’t be sneered at, it should be embraced, especially at a club that is suffering because dissent isn’t tolerated at all.

Have a great day… and imagine this… Wenger probably has Whatsapp. Who would be in his group? Would he use emoticons? Could you emoticon a Welbz prezzer?

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  1. Revving Kevin

    Yes one of my mates is a mad Manc fan, travels up to every home game. He loves Welbeck and says their fans are pissed he was sold. He is another that highly rates him over there.

    He fits us and the creativity we have. Unlike a foreign striker, he is used to the PL and no bedding in time needed. Should hit the ground running. I wouldnt want to be a defender facing him, Sanchez and theo running at me! I reckon we should strap ourselves in, could be fun again.

  2. N5

    Kev, I have a very similar thing here. A friend of my dads is both a Celtic and Manc fan. I’m not sure why those two teams go hand in hand. Anyway he was very much like your friend. Very annoyed about Welbeck being sold. He said he’s untidy, makes bad decisions, but has huge potential and was one of the few young ones that people at Manure were excited about.

    Welbeck is Manures Akpom.

  3. Ozy

    N5, thanks, my good man. Owe you a drink. Though my morals are anything but admirable – I’ve had the odd internal conflict or two of cheating on the girlfriend.

    I will say that the aspect of Welbeck needing no bedding in is a favorable one. I really want to see Walcott back, hopefully back to his frustrating ways.

  4. MidwestGun

    There are so, so many people on here that know plenty about football that’s it scary. Not gonna name, names because I’ll leave somebody out unintentonally. Hell even Keyser if you can figure out what it is he is saying. (Annoying Lol for Keyser) Which is why I get defensive when someone pops on suddenly and calls everyone idiots or kids or Pedro’s sheep.

  5. Revving Kevin

    Great comments mate. Football is played in the head as much as the feet. Confidence plays a massive part especially for goal scorers. Play them in their favoured position, give them praise and bingo. Those two goals will do him good.

    As you say, he is very athletic and will allow us to press high as both he and Sanchez are team players. Defend from the front, not something we are so good at.

    The second goal was impressive. 94 minutes and he still opened his body up and had the composure and technique to finish calmly. Late on muscle fatigue often disrupts technique and decision making so that was a great finish.

    I am getting excited, I love our signings. Sanchez, Welbeck, Debuchy and chambers are all great additions. With Theo to come back too, you’ld have to be a manic depressive not to be excited with our options and the threat we now have.

  6. N5

    MWG, that’s what annoys me. I read some of the posters comments on here and I’m gobsmacked by their understanding of the game. But because of the nature of the Grove, it attracts the odd nutter which casual visitors to the Grove assume is all of us.

    Isn’t it about time for Anal Cyst to come on now as one of his million other usernames?

  7. N5

    Ozy, obviously I couldn’t comment on your personal life morals, but the way you’ve stood up to racism and the like on here is not a simple thing to do, it’s often met with anger as people don’t like being asked to tone it down.

  8. Bamford13

    What’s unfortunate is that if Wenger had simply invested in a quality CDM as well, the addition of an in-form Welbeck with something to prove would make Arsenal a very solid side — maybe even title contenders.

    Even Schneiderlin would’ve improved us. Instead we’ll be held back by Arteta, regardless of how well Welbeck plays.

    The XI below would’ve been pretty solid—

    Debu Cham Kosc Gibb
    Ramsey Ozil
    Sanchez Welbeck Cazorla

  9. Revving Kevin

    We had TYAG and Mudwest earlier declaring love for each other, which was a bit gay. In fact it made me feel quessy. Now you want N5 and Ozy sharing a room. This is turning into a blog for gay swingers! No way I’m meeting up, I’m giving that a bum steer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. N5

    I know this isn’t football related, but I’m getting sick of all these Harvey Cartel car insurance adverts!! the bloody theme tune!!

  11. N5

    “This is turning into a blog for gay swingers! No way Iโ€™m meeting up, Iโ€™m giving that a bum steer. ”


    “I may have a large didgeridoo but I live on the Essex borders mate.”


    Lol, see you’re part of the manlove.

  12. Revving Kevin

    N’gambo hates the English? Shit, I’ld better say he was right in the first place and I was an Ozy. That’s fair dinkum.

    Anyway, it’s a silly name, M’Bongo is much better, it has rhythm man.

  13. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Yep, exactly that’s exactly what’s frustrating. It’s not even huge huge signings (altho i would take Cavani) but identify your weaknesses and address them. Push the boat out. Stop the favoritism. Same…. old same stuff. Like that lineup. Plus deeper bench.
    Thanks for assist yesterday, also.

  14. Revving Kevin

    You may have a troll magnet but you need to be careful you don’t end up with a gay one.

    Reading the man love between Mudwest and TYAG earlier was hard to take, if you excuse the pun!! Those two need to get together and share a box of Kleenex, it was pretty arse kissing from where I was sitting! Good job they’re continents apart, TYAG is sex obsessed and Mudwest lives alone. Going to be very messy if they meet ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. N5

    Kev, it’s not so much me anymore. It seems to be MWG has taken the magnet.

    I only had the one, although he was vile and wishing death on me and my family, the others have all disappeared. I honestly don’t get involved any more. I used to, but as the site approved a user called N5sucksmyballs then why should I defend the Grove when I’m not offered the same.

    Pedro or Geoff had to approve that name. See below this box, First time commenters will go into moderation!

  16. MidwestGun

    Kev –
    Homophibic much? Lol Unless your young blonde and have a vagina. Your safe. Altho I think they have an operation for that. Can’t help you with the young part. ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Revving Kevin

    Good response ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yep, N5suckmyballs is hardly a sensible user name and clearly to take the piss out if a regular contributor. That was poor. But I keep telling you all it’s all about traffic but you don’t listen. No loyalty Becos it is about self interest. . ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It annoys me Becos it’s dishonest, untruths are posted as fact to generate comments. Crazy thing is the number of regulars that believe some crazy shit he makes up.

    For a blog to survive it needs content. If you can do that every day, you will attract greater numbers. Internet and social media expert, it’s all a game. You .don’t matter one jot.

    Trolls are needed for traffic generation. That’s why they are tolerated until they go too far. We all know this place is littered with them. They get defended which does my head in. It’s a great blog with huge effort to make a daily article but dishonest.

    Sorry but you started it ๐Ÿ™‚


  18. N5

    The majority of the “troll” posters I don’t pay any attention too. I always know when people are about to troll, they dig me out as they’ve read previous posts and think they’ll get in on that. The first thing they say to me is about me being the self proclaimed ENFORCER, ignoring I didn’t give that name to myself. Our American friends come up with that name for me.

    I did always get involved in ones bad mouthing the Grove and Pedro and I’m not sure why I did as nine out of ten times i would then end up with 3 on 1 and only Midwest would ever jump in. It then got us both the name of “moderators”. I wish I was, because I’d ban everyone!!!!

    Marble is the only one I regret, because I toyed with him as much as he did me. We both were on the wind up there. But I don’t come on here to argue, I come on to chat with like minded individuals and escape the realities of life for a while.

    But you’re right, trolls = clicks and N5sucksmyballs being passed on moderation after 4+ years of me posting on here is just bad form if you ask me.

  19. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Are you sure it’s not automated approval after a predetermined time period. As mine got approved in the middle of the night. You could be right but I’m in doubt as to wether Pedro has time.

  20. Revving Kevin

    N5 and Midwest
    It’s not automated.

    Best not get too worked up. It’s just a blog mates. Its largely unreal, few present their true names, it’s what it is a page on the internet designed to generate traffic and popularity.

    Individually you all mean nothing. 5 years, 20 years, you are just a clicker there is no loyalty whatsoever. If N5sucksmyballs encourages conversation it’s all good.

    Ask yourself this. How often is the leader on here contributing? Does he interact with you and join in debate? No. All he does is light the blue touch paper with a bit of creative writing and hope that gets him clicks. Not rocket science. Lots of very gullible people that have joined the ‘gang’ to vent and who don’t realise it but are believing crazy shit.

    Ps: Ever studied Webers self fulfilling prophecy?


  21. N5

    See Kev, I’m a real guy and I use my real name (Glen) and have offered to meet people for a drink at Arsenal. I was up their the other night during the ECL match and commented before the game asking people if they wanted to meet up.

    I don’t see it as protection behind anonymity so I can behave different to how I would in real life and I genuinely don’t understand those that do.

    Still, as I said, I don’t let it work me up now. You watch though, in a day or so, someone will bring this conversation that we’ve had tonight up and say “whinging, calling for bans” etc to try and bait me into it again, because I’ve obviously now got a reputation for it.

  22. Bamford13

    “I spoke with my agent and told him to look for a team for me. The offer arrived from Chelsea, and for me it was about returning to London, the place where I grew up. There was no better destination. I spoke with [Jose] Mourinho and he told me things I needed to hear. I felt valued, I felt I was going to be an important piece of something important.”
    – Cesc Fabregas on his move to Chelsea

  23. Bamford13

    What are you all even talking about? I got Analyst removed this morning simply by calling Pedro’s attention to how vile his comments had gotten. As Pedro noted, people simply have to alert him to a problem.

    As for the rest of Kevin’s conspiracy theorizing, Pedro wasn’t simply stirring things up for hits with the Welbeck-Gazidis piece. That Wenger had/has yet to say a word about Welbeck IS unusual, and there were plenty of people discussing the strange situation online. Pedro was just commenting on the situation.

  24. Revving Kevin

    Mate we’ve discussed lots of things, personal stuff too, I know you are real. Half the others I’m not sure about. I detest the deliberate lies and I am no longer surprised people beleieve this bollox. Tomorrow will be more ifvthecsane. Groundhog Day. It’s not the way to support the club you claim to love, constantly slagging it off and the players. And other fans.

    Night mate

  25. MidwestGun

    Needless to say I don’t think questioning the management of a football club is crazy shit. Crazy shit is believing a manager is mostly infallible or doesn’t have diminished passion, creativity, and drive after 20 years in the same job.
    Not gullible in the least. The opposite.
    As to what is and isn’t automated on a computer blog I have no idea.

  26. N5

    Night Kev, speak soon mate.

    Bamford, I’ve called his attention to it in the same manner you did today (in the comments section) numerous times and it just gets missed. It was a case of good timing today because he saw yours when he was on, but due to his job, he usually misses them.

  27. Klauspoppe

    Jesus fucking christ.

    Its amazing how all the senile cunts on here disregard advances in science or find ignorance bliss because they are too old to understand.

    Yep because an old dementia cunt watching an odd few games of other teams apart from Arsenal and few youtube clips are suddenly better than people that work with the actual players in recreating their individualistic movements.

    What is c++ though? What is p-value? Derp derp derp

    And you’re a fuckwit if you think I rate players solely from fifa. The majority of my posts is purely football related as I invest a lot of free time watching and analysing football games from around the world and enjoy reading football biographies because it is my HOBBY.

    My hobby isn’t going around being the internet police on here you miserable cunt.

  28. Revving Kevin

    “That Wenger had/has yet to say a word about Welbeck IS unusual”

    As Tom Jones would sing, it’s not unusual.

    International break, Wengers overseas and no press interviews = no comment. Two England games, one a qualifier tonight and the press are busy. Anyway, you don’t know if it was agreed to say nothing until after the game.lots of reasons why it’s not unusual.

    You need to have a day off from this Wenger obsession. Stop trying so hard to turn EVERYTHING into a negative for your agenda. Seriously. Just think about it and stop doing yourself a disservice, I thought you were brighter than that. Gazidis signing Welbeck, fuck me can you inagine Wenger putting up with that. Utterly preposterous made up story. Pathetic. Shows how desperate you are if you believe that shit. Send your email, I bet you USD 50,000 it’s bullshit.

  29. MidwestGun

    Klaus –
    I agree with what your saying as I’ve said before, Nascar drivers use video game technology to practice on unfamiliar tracks and pilots use flight simulation games. Not to mention I’ve heard John Madden talk about what goes into the NFL video game to make it realistic.
    To say it has no value is pretty archaic. In fact players, get mad if it isn’t accurate. I assume you are referring to Kev’s penchant for calling everyone a Fifa armchair manager. But Kev is straight out of 1970, and will use any lame excuse to ridicule anyone on here. So what do you expect.
    For what it’s worth your knowledge of how various teams play in all the Leagues seems pretty spot on to me.

    But his agenda is to put everyone down, as how can anyone be as knowledgeable as AW? It’s tiresome honestly.

  30. tigerz

    Revving Kev, I agree.
    I think the press were more interested in what current and past Man Utd players thought about the transfer.

  31. Sam

    At the moment coquelin will have my vote for DM position
    He’s faster than Arteta n more disciplined than flamini

    All depends on how wenger prepare a player n give him a run
    Or will waste him on the bench all season

  32. Klauspoppe

    Thanks Mid

    It’s been a while since there has been normal conversations on here past midnight in Engurland lol

    Wonder how long this will last before the spamming returns.

  33. MidwestGun

    Klaus –
    No prob. I remember you talking about the various WC teams during the WC and it was pretty accurate. As I was paying attention to try and win a dollar or 2.
    I don’t know how long. I give it maybe a week. I hope all the Aussie posters , West Coast and far east come back on as I like reading their stuff.
    Moray, Gdaddy, San Fran, Follow the dolla, Gnarly, Nose, etc….. sorry if I missed names.

  34. Klauspoppe

    I’m with you on Coquelin. He has the pace, engine and tackling ability to protect the back four.

    His time at Freiburg was a tragedy. Arsenal didn’t do their homework and sent him to a manager (Streich) that is fixated on tall holding midfielders. Thus, Coquelin became an utility player at LM, RB and LB. Rarely was he featured as his optimal defensive midfield.

  35. Klauspoppe

    There were so many reports in Jan Coquelin making a return early as we needed cover but Wenger opted for experience instead in Kallstrom.

    Can be due to us in a leading position in how many seasons and Wenger opted for stability only to cock up in his face and the fact Coquelin took a massive battering in confidence and his form was way off as the time he spent on the bench was ridiculous.

    When Schuster was out for few weeks who was the starting holding midfielder, Hofler benchwarmer was given the chance ahead of Coquelin who has been covering various positions. A massive letdown and betrayal if I was him.

  36. Wallace

    “The major disclosure was made by Arseblogโ€™s podcasting partner in crime, Gunnerblog. According to his sources, this is what happened early on on transfer deadline day:

    Danny Welbeck is represented by his brother, who acts as his agent, Chris Welbeck. For Arsenal, to do this deal, and to not just be dealing with the Welbeck family, brought another agency on board to help managed negotiations. And I know for a fact that Arsene Wenger himself made a call at about half past seven in the morning to that agency to express hir urgent desire to push that deal through on deadline day.

    Wenger was directly involved in the [Welbeck] negotiations.

    The reason why these facts are being revealed is that some Arsenal fans, unhappy with the purchase of Welbeck, are spinning rumours that Ivan Gazidis, and not Arsene Wenger, was supposedly the mastermind of the transfer. Those conspiracy theorists should now be put to bed.”

  37. The Poldi Prince

    I thought le coq had a future a couple seasons ago.

    I think he deserves another season with the team to see if there is anything there. Should play our local cup games and the easier CL matches.

  38. Shaun Wilson

    Is it a coincidence that no sooner is Ne.i.l bumped off the roster, Rev and the other AKB,s come out to play? I,m not sure which of the two extreme’s is preferable.

  39. Klauspoppe

    I enjoyed the diamond formation with Sterling as the Trequartista. It worked as England fielded two “ultra-modern footballers” as Michael Cox puts it. Rooney and Welbeck are the ideal footballer adept in every part of the game except goal scoring, which Welbeck silenced some doubters.

    The movement and horse-labour by the front two was extremely complimentary to Sterling’s direct movement with or without the ball. The tactical fouling at the start was alleviated towards the end when Rooney and Welbeck’s movement became more coordinated and active.

    The difference between Sterling as the trequartista and Kaka for Milan isn’t Kaka’s slightly superior distribution of the ball by working as an advanced pivot or “enganche” when needed but the “regista” and “b2b” behind him lacking the technicalities to support him. The Trequartista is efficient when the players behind are adept at their roles as it is a fixed system. Henderson is turning out to be a decent B2B central midfielder but Wilshere and Delph are less aware of their fixed roles or are not suitable to the roles they are responsible for.

    Delph is not a regista or deep lying playmaker and Wilshere is more suited to total football played by Barca and Arsenal in the Cesc era. He is above average in all aspects of the game but his pace, strength, close control and decision making, not one of those is outstanding to be a trequartista like Sterling or an enganche like Ganso/Coutinho or an connector like Ozil.

  40. Revving Kevin

    Shaun, nice AKB accusation. No mate, just not an IKB. (I Know Best) Just Becos I am not aobsessed with Wenger and don’t make up lies, like this Gazidis tosh, does not mean my opinion is invalid. In fact, the opposite is true. I don’t have herd mentality.

  41. Klauspoppe

    Joel Campbell on Arsenal.com : “I must say that Santi Cazorla has some exceptional technical skills. He can take corners or free-kicks equally with his right or left foot. Thatโ€™s some technique! That is a very unusual thing to see and it has left me astonished.”

    Yes son, Cazorla is a freak of nature.

    I hate the 4-2-3-1 or practically 4-5-1 where we field five midfielders. This requires precise movement from everyone to create the angles and spacing to find goal-scoring opportunities which is impossible with Arteta, Ramsey, Giroud or the Ox. None of these players are capable of total football as they lack significantly in one aspect or another.

    Cazorla as the enganche (pivot) distributing from a fixed central position with pacy outlets around him is the most efficient system. Ozil can start inside left with Rosicky and Ramsey making runs in behind.

    Defense is a collective effort and Rosicky is one the best slide tacklers in the world. His pace is certainly more effective than Arteta and put in some good shifts from central midfield.

  42. Klauspoppe

    Watching Arsenal clips from 2008 onwards and now, there is a massive difference in the quality of our triangle passing. If there is a point A,B,C and point A has the ball but wishes to pass the ball to C. This pass is blocked by a defender and thus passes to point B as a rebound/deflection to reach point C almost instantaneously to create ridiculous passing routes and angles. The weight of the pass did not slow down, which was Barcelona-esque.

    This allows greater penetration when cycling the ball around the opposition third without movement and ideas. It also releases counter attacks quicker as it finds the targets making the lung bursting run when the player in possession of the ball is blocked by bodies into the route of an open player.

    Arshavin, Nasri, Cesc and Denilson were excellent at this. Only if we had Arteta joining earlier and an industrious DM we would have won the league. All options we could have covered with minimal financial muscle flexed. sigh…

  43. Klauspoppe


    PS4 and wait for FIFA 15. It will give you new perspectives to criticise from. and a broader perspective on how rest of the world rates players other than pundits and bloggers as EA the game company is also open to feedback from fans all over the world. It is an enormous scouting network. The fans go into billion (exaggerating).

    Don’t know how much it goes for in the UK.

  44. N5

    Strange question I know, but when did TH14 get all his tattoos? I’d never noticed how many he had until I saw him on a poster last night.

  45. wenker-wanger

    As much as I despise the self- proclaimed know-all wankger, I find it hard to believe wankger didnt authorise the wellbeck deal. The arrogance and ego of wankger surely wouldnt tolerate any player decision over his head. Perhaps the author is correct, which then asks the question : why would wankger tolerate that? Whats wankger signed a 3 yr deal for?

  46. TheBayingMob

    There comes a point in ones adult life where you simply do not have the time or inclination for gaming. No grown man can sit up to 4am going goggled eyed at a screen with a wife that needs attention, kids that need beating to get to school or a job that needs you to be on your sh1t. Enjoy your gaming time, not everyone’s cup of tea to be sure but it is a privilege of youth. You have no idea how time rich you are. I know that sounds patronizing, but you really don’t. Lol.

  47. Emiratesstroller

    Last night’s game proved that Welbeck will offer Arsenal attributes that we have needed for a long time namely a physically strong and quick striker who when played in right position can score goals. Also he works hard even when required to defend set pieces, which is something that many of our other forwards and defenders have failed to do.

    What I hope that Arsenal will now focus on when they look at new signings is
    on the two major weaknesses in our squad namely the DM position plus an
    additional CB.

    Arsenal for all negativity are not short of offensive players. In fact I would suggest that we have perhaps too many on our books. Players like Rosicky, Podolski and even Campbell are probably now surplus to requirements.

    They are decent players but where and when are they likely to play in team?
    I am doubtful that Arsenal will keep on buying 5 or 6 new players each season
    or spending ยฃ80-100 million on new players.

    From now on I would like to see the club buy each season a couple of ‘quality’
    players, which are needed and start following the route of Real Madrid and
    Chelsea who are downsizing their squads but focussing on quality rather than

  48. TheBayingMob

    I was sitting in a hoteal bar a few years ago, in Cardiff, I had an evening to myself so was winding down with some Cuba Libre’s baaayby, there was something going on for the yoots in town and there was a table of four kids, two boys and two girls; it’s funny how your perspective changes; there’s me sitting there thinking that if I was in their bodies with my mind I’d be upstairs boning the women senseless, but no, they were talking Xbox, and here came the best like of the evening …

    “you’ve got an xbox live account!!?”

    (assume you have to pay subs for this!?”

    “if I had an xbox live account, well, I’d never have to leave the house again!”

    hahaha, it made me laugh. Bless them.

  49. The Poldi Prince

    One of my bosses is well into his 50s, a consultant physician and has 7 kids…he plays video games all the time!

    Pretty good way to stay in touch with your kids too.

    I reckon I’ll game forever!

  50. N5

    I’m a 35 year old civil servant with kids and a wife and I game, it relaxes me. I only get about 2 hours a week, but its great escapism.

  51. Revving Kevin

    “Enjoy your gaming time, not everyoneโ€™s cup of tea to be sure but it is a privilege of youth. You have no idea how time rich you are. I know that sounds patronizing, but you really donโ€™t. Lol.”

    Good point. It’s amazing how times have changed, these youngsters have so much free time, how much is didn’t on here all day! They are spending most if this free time in a world of fantasy. But each to their own. I used to be in the streets with my mates and a football or out riding a bike or socialising. The idea of being cooped up in a bedroom is alien to me. Not my cup of tea either. But times have changed.respect too.

    I was merely responding to an earlier sarcastic comment from klaus and Mudwest Becos I found the argument of using FIFA games for scouting purposes ridiculous. Like you I am a bloke that just does not have time for computer games, last one I owned was Galaxian, used to love shooting those aliens! ๐Ÿ™‚