Did Ivan sign Welbeck without consulting Wenger?

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Yeah, I did it

Yeah, I did it

Oh come on, there was only so long I could hold off writing this bad boy. What, it’s been, say, almost a week since we landed the smiley faced assassin from United and still no word from Arsene Wenger on how technically gifted the boy is?

Weird. Real weird.

… and look, it’s quite plausible Ivan made a decision above the managers head. I mean, a lot of shit happens when you take holiday. Someone once told me that holiday is always the prime time for getting stabbed in the back. People rummage through your files, pick holes in your expenses, check to see if you bothered buying a striker. Wenger hasn’t been stabbed in the back, but Ivan might have seen a gap in the squad, remembered that one time in the Armoury when Wenger said he liked Welbz… BOOM.


… and what could Arsene say in the wash up?

Arsene: ‘I didn’t sanction it Stan’

Ivan: ‘… but Arsene, you said you like him, Sanogo is rank average and I did call you 12 times on deadline day’

Stan: ‘Arsene, why didn’t you answer the phone on deadline day?’

IvanL ‘Arsene, surely you saw the story break on SSN?’

Arsene: ‘I was… errr… at a charity match with my pals’

I mean, even Stan is going to have trouble justifying that little bit of nonsense.

So in short, who knows what the hell went on. What we know is that the striking issue was addressed on Friday, it wasn’t on the agenda on Friday morning and the deal was so tight we had to ask for an extension. At best, it was a last gasp attempt by Wenger, at worst (or best really) it was Ivan not taking any of the managers shit and purchasing a player to make do.

Ivan, what have you done?

… and remember, Shad Forsythe was an Ivan signing as well.

It would be amazing if the management team did make a decision. I mean, I don’t think Welbeck is the talent we need to kick us on, but he’s a very good squad player who could become something very good for us. If Ivan just went all out for him, all he’s doing is saving the club from a nightmare in 2 weeks when we discover that Sanogo really isn’t that good. I don’t like management making decisions for managers, but when you’ve been given 3 months to make your own choice, management has to do what is best for the club.

Also, before anyone says this is irresponsible rumour mongering, it’s not my fault the manager hasn’t spoken about an expensive signing after a week. We normally get a commentary for the 12 year mountain herder he’s appropriated from the dark recesses of Nepal.

In exciting news, Theo Walcott will be make his return against Spurs. Not sure whether that’ll be starting. You have to remember, the reason he picked up his last injury was because he was played 5 times in 16 days after returning from a serious injury. He’ll be eased in with kid gloves this time around and he’ll take a month or so to find any sort of form. So don’t get too excited.

Alexis Sanchez was playing as a lone striker versus Mexico, but failed to score. Interesting that it isn’t only Arsenal that see a future for him there. I think the exciting part about having a strike for of Theo, Welbz and Sanchez is that they can all interchange at pace. It’s a frightening prospect for any club and a delicious one if we have the right creative players sitting behind them.

More stories filtering into the web that Arsenal have more competition for Reus. As I said in the summer, it was Reus or Sanchez. I have my doubts whether we’ll be in for the midfielder, even if Arsene had plans on converting him into a striker. We’ll see though. He’s an incredible talent I’d love to see pull on a sexy tight fitting Puma shirt. I also tried to copy his hairstyle, but I failed, really bad, I looked like a sex offender.

Not a lot more to add into the melting pot, have a strong day! x


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  1. MidwestGun

    It was just a suggestion . Anyhow, should we start with the list of names you call people just because they don’t agree with every aspect of your rants.
    For instance, when you rave about wanting and hoping to lose badly all the time. Or how educated people are ruining football.
    Etc…. etc…. I really don’t have time to cover your manifesto.

    Me picking on you? Hahaha that’s rich.

  2. Arsene's analyst

    go write to Pedro midwest, a grown man trying to get a fellow poster banned from a public site, you really are a despicable individual, I have been slated slighted and abused by many, never tried to get anyone banned, mid and n5 need fucking 2 piss poor fucking sad cases

  3. Arsene's analyst

    but after having the unfortunate displeasure of meeting you and N5 death could not come quicker to you 2, and you can quote me on that, not once did I ever mention the Word pedro and death, you are a vile individual, but lets hope death finds you soon, eh, that would be great,

  4. MidwestGun

    I’ve never asked for you to be binned. Your a self binning prophesy, I don’t have to ask. Personally, I think it’s amusing as hell you can’t see your own psychosis.

    As basically all I’ve ever done is point out what I believe to be inconsistencies
    in your rants. Its my opinion of course. But you always go nuts.

    But whatever………. carry on! Release the Kraken! Or whatever it is that you mental people say.

  5. Alan

    If gazidis , or anyone else, did go over wenger s head, I wish they d done it for a DM and CB too. Schneiderlin was an obvious one to really go for. Even haageland could have been bought as decent cover. Wenger should be sent on a fortnight s holiday last two weeks of August so we can do some proper business up to close of transfer window .

  6. MidwestGun

    It’s wish death upon randam people you don’t know Sunday. Or is it Monday?

    Hmmmmm Might need to work on the title. But it’s better than talk like a pirate day.
    Enjoy your Monday morning y’all. 😀

    I’m gonna work on my epitaph.

  7. tunnygriffboy

    Welbeck. 53 starts for man u. 20 goals. Pace, power ability to run beyond defenders. I think he’ll be a great signing. We’ve all moaned that Ozil has not had pace to pass too. Now he has Welbeck, Sanchez and Theo when he comes back ( he had very few games with him last season )

    Stuff this 4 – 1 -4 – 1 shite. Let’s go back to 4- 3 – 3 with pace up top and Ozil in his best position, a formation that the players are comfortable with. If it means benching Santi and Jack so be it, they will have to rotate and fight for their position which is what things should be like at a big club.

  8. TheBayingMob

    Wow, there are some pretty irate 13 year olds out in forced with a) a pretty serious bitterness problem and b) waaaayyyy too much time on their hands with access to a keyboard. For the record, I think there are some right poncy / cunty Arsenal fans about but I don’t wish death on anyone. You’d be better off wishing the taxman on them, far more of an inconvenience.

    Secondly, Welbz bought over Arsene’s head? It’s an interesting concept but one that has fatal flaws to it. That would suggest that Ivan has lost fait in AW, in which case we have a dithering old man in charge who the management don’t trust, furthermore, they gave him a new three year deal which would seem very odd, unless Ivan fancies himself as the manager but wants to do it by proxy through Weng-er …

    Why wouldn’t you just negotiate away his job by telling him he’s not having any control over transfers? We know this is a massive point for managers, look at Toilet Pen.is over at Palace, he wasn’t in full control of the purse strings this walked. If Arsene has stayed while players are being bought over his head, then that is indeed a far more worrying situation than Arsene being old, past it and still in control anyway (especially if the theory is now that it has been happening since Arshavin).

    No I don’t think so, although he may be pissed that he passed on other options, the catalogue model got injured late, he hoped it wouldn’t be bad but it was and he was forced back to the market at the last minute so didn’t really get the player he would have preferred … We know Arsene prefers young boys with potential, those that can be sold on at a vast profit so he can give it the biggun over what a football genius he is (when he isn’t)

  9. Gregg

    Welbeck shouldn’t need long to settle in. I think with players like him it will comes down to confidence. If he starts well then I think we’ll have a very promising player, if he gets the bird from day one then he’s going to struggle.

  10. N5

    I was starting to think anal cyst had fallen out of love with me and then I wake up to many death wishes. Bless him and his classy behaviour.

  11. tunnygriffboy

    He may be lissed that he really really really wanted Carvalho on the last day ( why we left it so late is another story ). We tried but for possible reasons like not offering enough, trying to push money and loan on them, difficulties with 3rd party control we failed to get him. He would have been ideal. Big, strong, can play midfield and CB it would solve some of our problems in one.

    Wenger maybe pissed at Ivan for that and sulking because of it. I think he agreed the Welbeck deal as there’d been rumours about him all summer but had to wait until Falcao deal done. Perhaps Wenger’s quiet because of the Carvalho balls up rather than Welbeck signing.

  12. tunnygriffboy


    I hope we get behind him and all our signigs. I think in terms of the quality we’ve brought in the signings have been very good. The signing of Carvalho would have been the final bit of the jigsaw. Why oh why didn’t we try to get him before the last day. We must go back for him or Schniederlin and a 4th choice CB in January when hopefully we’ll still be in sight of the leaders.

  13. Gregg


    I find it baffling. Rumour is we offered Campbell and £10m for Carvalho. If this is the case then it clearly says he wanted the boy so why not just pay them the whole fee. We can afford it and he wouldn’t have had to look at that position for a few years to come. It makes no sense to me whatsoever.

    Playing poker with Sporting Lisbon doesn’t work, as Spurs will testify on their several attempts to sign Moutinho, taking them to the last day doesn’t work. Pay the full fee if you’ve identified the player.

  14. TheBayingMob

    I tend to think most ‘swap deals’ have their basis in paper talk rather than reality; very, very rarely do swap deals happen, there’s just too much going on. The accepting club would have to see the player coming in as equal or potentially more than the amount of cash they are giving up, then the players also have to agree this, Campbell would want to go there also (where he fancy trying his luck at Arsenal for the season and get a move to better club elsewhere).

    There’s just too much to go wrong if you really wanted the player. Just pony up the transfer fee and get on with it, I think it’s probably more the case that after having an expected striker bill coming in as Giroud was out long term the club didn’t want to spend the extra money so the deal broke down. Far more likely.

  15. tunnygriffboy

    Baying Mob

    Agree that perhaps the striker need may have skewed our plans somewhat. My point is Carvalho should have been signed earlier. That would have been CB cover as well ( I’d prefer him and 4th choice CB ). If we’d done that deal next summers transfers would just be upgrading those that leave or whose contract have run down. eg if Diaby, Flamini and Coquelin left then you could replace with a top quality midfielder for 25 million and promote one or two from the juniors. Similar with the forwards.

  16. Gregg

    That’s the frustration in that we came up short again. Talk of escalation in financial firepower is just that, talk. You need to have the spine of the team set, then everyone else can play off it.

    We know that next transfer windows is essential for another CB, CM. We need more industry in that central position. We shall see if it’s addressed.

    Arteta / Diaby / Flamini all in last years of contracts ? Though there is talk of a new deal for Arteta.

  17. tunnygriffboy

    I’m ok with Arteta having another deal as long as it’s as a squad player. A good pro to have around the youngsters with good football knowledge. Flamini, Diaby and Coquelin can go. Bring in a 25 million player to replace them as Diaby and Coq rarely play.

    Can do the same with our forwards. It’s all assuming we get that CM in January.

  18. Arsene's ego

    Hi guys

    You might know my other personalities Arsene’s anlayst and Arsene’s mortician. First up I would like to say sorry to all those that my others have wished death upon. They have no self control and usually dribble on ourself whilst bashing the keyboard. I know some of our opinions on Mr Wenger can be spot on but I rarely get the chance to take control to get them out in a nice normal manner. The other 2 are getting stronger so they are the ones who get out to spout the vile abuse.

    I’m trying to fight back and win control from the others so I can remedy the situation with proper help. You could say that this is like what should be happening within the Arsenal Boardroom!

    Well lets just wish that all goes well with the season. I send my love to N5 and Midwest as you guys are great I just wish the others felt that way too.

    Gotta go I can feels the others returning.

    No I wont go back in there ……. Please NO

    trol .. . . . . CUNTS CUNTS DIE DIE DIE

  19. Gunner2301


    I don’t think what Ivan might do and Wengers contract correlate in any way.

    Think about it Ivan has jumped on the band wagon of Wenger will go at his own choosing or unless the fans get him out some years ago. He’s already abdicated the responsibility of sacking Wenger.

    Even the 8-2 mauling and with the fans on his back Ivan wouldn’t do the decent thing so nobody is sacking Wenger even if we did miss out on 4th. There’s too much fan sentiment and Ivan is shit scared of that. Add to that Kroenke is totally happy with Wenger what’s Ivan gonna do?

    So Wenger wins a cup and has made 4th place. Why would they not extend his contract? It was offered to him for him to reject if he wanted to but he accepted.

    Now why would Gazidis go over Wengers head? Maybe because he’s done it before and Wenger whilst he maybe unhappy about it initially has a tendency to go along with it without kicking up a fuss in the press. I believe Gazidis did it before with Arteta and not getting any major reaction from Wenger maybe did it again with Welbeck.

    Let’s not forget about the Nasri and Fabregas case and Wenger saying we are not a big Club if we sell them the week before they were sold. Sounds like We don’t need any strikers the week before one was bought. So they will act above Wengers head when needed.

  20. Emiratesstroller

    What is already interesting this season is that after 3 games only four teams
    remain undefeated including ourselves. The other 3 are Chelsea,Swansea and
    Aston Villa. Frankly I don’t see Swansea or AV as serious contenders.

    Obviously Chelsea are the team most likely to win Title. They have the strongest and most balanced squad.

    Arsenal are unbeaten after 6 competitive games despite not playing particularly well at start of season.

    This week’s match against Man City will be the first true indication of how strong our team is and their prospects. If we win it then we will be strong contenders this season. If we lose then it will reinforce all the negative comments
    made about our team. My view is that Man City are beatable this season.

    My main criticism of our squad is that we left 2 unfilled holes specifically a
    top class dm and a third or fourth choice cb. The latter would not have cost
    the earth to fill. We will need to keep fingers crossed that we don’t suffer
    major injuries to cb position.

    However, I do think that the club have found a decent solution to striker position despite some of negative comments. The club were never going to spend
    £50 million or £200K pw on a player who was going to replace automatically
    Giroud in team. When he got injured we needed a replacement who would
    not rock the boat. Welbeck fulfils that criteria and will be supported by players such as Sanchez and Walcott who will provide us with considerable pace
    and goalscoring potential up front.

    What is critical against the major teams is that Arsenal finds solutions to our
    inherent weaknesses. Those are set pieces and lack of physicality in midfield.

  21. Gregg

    I’m not sure I hold with talk of Gazidas acquiring Welbeck over Wengers head. However it’s bizarre that there has been no comment on the new signing from the manager. The player himself must think that’s quite unusual.

    My concern during the summer was that we always fall two signings short of whats needed, that we’ll always be in perpetual transition. I really cannot see that changing at all with the current management set-up.

  22. tunnygriffboy


    4-2-3-1 vs City. Fullbacks told not to go beyond the ball for first 15mins until game settles. Ramsey to have a disciplined role alongside Arteta playing 2 DM especially early on. Specifically he should be blocking that inside left corridor betweem Debuchy and BFG. Play Ozil at 10 with Sanchez and Ox wide with Welbeck up top.

  23. Gregg

    A roll call on the walking wounded first and then go from there. Sanchez plays at midnight (our time) Wednesday night so there’s no chance he’ll be available for a Saturday mid-day kick-off.

  24. williesgoldensyrup

    I find it no end of sadness that I actually read some of the comments on this site(several notable exceptions-obviously not YOU!!!) but am I the only gunner on here who thinks us getting Wellbeck off UTD is a fucking fantastic piece of business–now get yer largactyl down yer neck n fuck off to cloud cuckooland fer the rest of piss poor excuse fer a life

  25. tunnygriffboy


    That’s shite re Sanchez. Shouldn’t happen. Bench it is for him then. It should therefore be Ox on right , Santi on left and Welbeck up top. Ozil if fit but if not Rosicky. None of this bloody 4-1-4-1 shite.

  26. Ashwin Gunner

    My concern is.

    If Welback is really a Ivan signing, then Wenger might never start Welback. And play Sanogo there, till his love child Giroud comes back from injury. Welback will either be confined to Left Wing or not played at all. We all know Wenger has a massive ego. and he is capable of doing anything to show his authority.

  27. Rhys Jaggar

    Ivan: ‘Look Arsene, I didn’t give you a new 3 year contract to reach the end of the transfer window with no striker no central defensive midfielder and two defenders light at the back…’

    Arsene: ‘We are not short, we have a flexible squad who can fill in where it’s necessary’.

    Ivan: ‘We have a squad that played like crap not once but twice against Besiktas, who aren’t exactly capable of winning North London Derbies, are they?’

    Arsene: ‘You have your £35m, where’s the problem?’

    Ivan: ‘The problem is that fans who know what they are talking about write me fairly ascerbic and potent letters which they leak to people I’d rather they didn’t leak to. They leaked because they’ve spent 10 years trying to do it the other way and getting frankly nowhere. Quite frankly I don’t need that kind of shit and, although I’m paid £1m+ a year to deal with it, my job is to ensure that I don’t need to deal with it by keeping the fans cushty.’

    Arsene: ‘Yaya Sanogo is my new Nicolas Anelka….’

    Ivan: ‘Really. He looks like a slightly less co-ordinated version of Andy Carroll to me right now. Who do you want me to buy before deadline day?’

    Arsene: ‘Is Ronaldo available? How about Mueller?’

    Ivan: ‘Oh do grow up. You know damn well neither is moving this window. You want a traditional number nine who can link play, score goals and won’t cost £50m because we already splashed out on Sanchez.’

    Arsene: ‘I have a prior engagement on Monday. You don’t turn the Pope. Even if you are Arsene. So I won’t be here. Text me about any emergencies.’

    Ivan: ‘ON your head be it. By Monday, Arsenal FC will have another striking option and if you think you’re going to do an Arshavin on me again, think again. I had supper with Ledley King and asked him how they organised getting rid of Juande Ramos…..’

    Arsene: ‘My file on you is most interesting…….’

    Ivan: ‘To whom? I’m so boring, staid and conservative that England-Norway is a box office hit in comparison. No pimps, whores and mistresses in my life…..’

    Arsene: ‘Your signing will play until January. Giroud is first choice thereafter. And as for next season…..’

    Ivan: ‘So I’d better brief the Press Department to get Tony Adams to mouth off about your defensive coaching abilities had I?’

    Arsene: ‘Go ahead….Man Utd gave me my response when they called him a recovering alcoholic….’

    Ivan: ‘We’ll talk after the Leicester game.’

    Arsene: ‘Will we? I have duties with Canal Plus to attend to……’

    Ivan: ‘I see…..not going to brief NATO in Cardiff then?’

    Arsene: ‘A war in Ukraine always bring with it some buying opportunities…..’

    Ivan: ‘Time for me to make some calls then…..’

  28. Bamford13


    This “Analyst” character is spoiling the mood around here, wishing death upon other posters and such. It’s pretty ugly. And I think N5 said he was leaving as a result.

    Perhaps you should bin this guy before he pollutes the place too much.

  29. zzzaco

    like-arsene like-pedro, you guys always keep the fans/readers waiting, the posts now comes in the afternoon (sometimes at night) just as arsene always buy during the closing hours of TW.

  30. Bamford13

    “Arsenal are unbeaten after 6 competitive games despite not playing particularly well at start of season.”

    Emirates – I’d say Arsenal haven’t played particularly well for nearly two years now. Yes, they’ve gotten results at times, but there has been little consistent top quality football, and certainly no champagne football.

    As for Saturday being a test, I agree, but even if Arsenal were to get a result, I don’t think that will tell you that much about the season. Even if the team gets up for this big match, the problem will be how such a poorly assembled side —,which is thin on talent in key positions — will perform over the long haul.

    Doesn’t look promising to me. Not only are sides like City and Chelsea far better assembled, but even lesser sides like Everton, Tottenham and Liverpool may be more solidly constructed.

  31. Bamford13

    In light of fatigue, injury and form, I’d go with the following XI Saturday:

    Debu Cham Kosc Monr
    Ramsey Cazorla
    Oxlade Welbeck Podolski

    Then bring Ozil and Sanchez on in the 70th.

  32. N5

    Bamford, thanks for the comment mate. I’m not leaving, I’m just really disappointed that night after night he wishes death repeatedly on me and comments non stop about me with no moderation and on top of that pedro approved a poster called N5sucksmyballs which isn’t right.

    I’ve been here for years now and id expect a little moderation. Its really going to pot.

    N.eil has been banned twice already and now has two new usernames analyst and mortician. Obviously there is no ip ban just username which isn’t good enough really.

  33. Dissenter

    Yaya Sanogo;

    “Football is the football, but it takes time to adapt,” he told L’Equipe. “When you come out of Ligue 2 and you end up in a duel with [Vincent] Kompany, it is not an easy task.”

    Oh dear. You now know what we’ve always known.
    Pity, Wenger won’t admit it.

  34. Al

    Was having an interesting debate yesterday with my gooner family about the Arsenal. …

    I Was going on about how Wenger is not the man he once was and really won’t ever be…not saying he is a bad manager because he is not but just not good enough for a team that wants to seriously challenge and win things consistently.

    Anyway I asked them if they thought if wenger had that same invincibles team now in 2014 with him managing them if we would win the league?

    out of the 7 of us only myself and 2 others said no. Are argument is that he would get in the way of the team regardless of how fantastic they are…

    The others argued that that team is great enough with enough personality in it and with wenger being a good enough manager for them to comfortablly win the league. ..

    Anyway it was a fun little debate with lots of example and philosophies…

    What you legrovers reckon?

  35. Bamford13


    I think if people ask for a binning, Pedro is usually on it. After all, he wants to keep a good atmosphere here. Guys like Analyst aren’t good for business.

  36. Dissenter

    Why’re you advocating that Pedro ban analyst.

    Are you going to take over his nightly entertainment gig? Analyst might not be the most affable poster but coming here every night like he does should count for something.

    He’s angry and rants a lot, no different from many posters here.
    Ignore him.

  37. Bamford13


    Did you read his comments above? I have no issue with angry rants against Wenger — he’s a public figure after all — but wishing death on other posters and calling them c***s? It’s ugly, and it spoils the blog.

  38. Emiratesstroller

    There are two elements to any discussion about Arsenal.

    1. Who runs the football side of club including transfer business? Despite all
    conspiracy theories I am 100% certain Wenger remains in control.

    2. Is Wenger still the right Manager for the club? I think that there is a shrinking number of supporters who believe he is. On a personal level I think he is past his sell by date.

    However, I want to add something to the so-called conspiracy theory about club. I have been heavily involved in sports market [not football] for many years and have close links with a number of sports journalists including one
    who writes consistently about the Arsenal.

    Privately he has always told me that getting information out of the club is like
    getting blood out of a stone. Arsenal are by far the most secretive club and only provide information on a need to know basis.

    This may explain why you read each year 1001 stories about all the players that the club are supposed to be buying. No journalist knows the true story.
    Arsenal Management are well aware that there are always leaks whether from other clubs, managers, agents or players.

    Therefore I am quite sure that they put out a lot of ‘red herrings’ to divert attention from real targets. When you read a story about Zigic frankly such a
    story is pure bullshit, but it does not mean that the club did not have a phone call from agent.

  39. Dissenter


    It’s just that he’s going to morph into another pseudo.
    I suspect he breaks into his local library overnight to use the computers.

  40. Al

    For Saturday I would play


    I would play sanchez behind the striker against city. Let him roam and cause panic for the city defense by getting up to support welbeck up front