Will Szczesny keep the number 1 spot?

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Goooooooooood morning, INTERNET.

How’s it going? Are you full of metaphorical beans? I know I am. I don’t really know why. Maybe I’m just loving life. Maybe the alcohol is still in my system. Maybe… just maybe, it’s because I’m writing for you.


First on the agenda. Nicola Zigic has come out again to clarify that Arsenal were interested in him.

‘My agent was talking with Arsenal but they finally opted for another player.’

I took a lot of flak for suggesting this story was believable, I have no idea why, it’s not like we don’t have previous when it comes to signing horrendous last minute duds. Anyway, one for the ‘nearly 11’ squad I’d say… and a seriously well dodged bullet.

I’ve seen a lot of chat going around about Danny Welbeck. The realisation is dawning on people that we’ve signed a good player that’s probably not kicking us on to the where we need to be. However, what I will say is that this Arsenal team isn’t really about individual talent, it’s about the team. Not that we’ve seen too much of that this term… but point is, Danny Welbeck is a very solid cog who could bring out the best in others. If you have a fast middle man who can release Sanchez and Chamberlain, you have quite a well balanced attack. The issue with him is that his first touch isn’t the best. You can’t break at pace with a heavy touch… good thing is he’s young enough to improve there. Adebayor’s first touch was a pass when he started with us… second season he was electric.

Szczesny has been talking about Ospina in a stranger old interview.

“I know Ospina’s ambitions don’t end at sitting on the bench and clapping his hands while watching me play.

“He is a nice guy. In a sporting sense, he is a suitable player at a suitable club. But it’s easier for me just in one aspect: I do not feel sorry for him.

“I do not think ‘he’s my friend’ as I thought about Fabian [Fabianski]. I was convinced Lukasz deserved to play but not at my expense.”

I think we’re already seeing what a great keeper Fabianski has turned into. He’s doing really well at Swansea. We should have kept him and made him number one. Not sure our current number 1 is mature enough to hold onto the gloves this season. I’m not sure talking about a new player at your club as ‘suitable’ really makes sense either. We’ll see how that ends up, but I think he might lose out this season…

There’s talk that we’ll be back in for Carvahlo in January. Honestly, it makes no sense to me and shows our lack of sporting ambition. We’d rather blow 3 months of season to get a lower price than just suck it up and get the right squad in place. Ultimately, if Carvahlo is a success, he’ll make that £22m look like chump change. So what’s the issue, that Wenger doesn’t trust his own judgement to take a gamble?

Seems odd. Everything about Arsene is odd. But whatever, I’m having a great day and Arsene won’t ruin it for me today.

Ozil might, he’s picked up an injury and could be a doubt for the City game. To be honest, if he’s not playing the number 10 role, it’s a good thing he’s not available. Arsene will be forced into putting Rosicky in, or maybe Campbell.

I have little else for you today, have a good one!

P.S. Wenger dropped by his TV channel… wonder why… Speedos anyone?

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  1. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Rosicky for me against City.
    Must be playing even if Ozil and Cazorla are also playing.
    Love to see above 3 play together
    Rosicky and Cazorla on the wings and ozil behind the striker.

  2. Bamford13

    Good post, Pedro, but you should stop saying things like “that’s all I have for you today” or “I have very little for you today” as it undermines the post.

    Your post is your post. Leave it at that. Whatever it is, it’s always enough. Which is not to say all of your posts are equal, but today’s post was solid and needed no such disclaimer.

    We all appreciate the time and effort you put in, and blogging every day is difficult. We know that.

    By the way, the Zigic story is just perfect. Quintessential Wenger. Always looking for cheap players others aren’t interested in, always looking to win on the cheap with players the world doesn’t really rate.

    Like I said yesterday, Wenger is like the wealthy old miser who can afford to shop in the most expensive department stores but is addicted instead to looking for bargains and hand-me-downs at yard sales.

    As always, Wenger out.

  3. Bankz

    8th Place TROPHY!!!!
    Whoever Came Up With These International Breaks?
    Boring Weekend Whenever the EPL goes on break’.

  4. Rosicky@Arsenal

    @Me gunner

    you are right Alexis shud be in too.

    If Ozil is injured than it shud be like

    Debuchy Mert Kos Gibs
    Flamini Ramsey
    Alexis Cazorla Rosicky

    Tks for pointing out.

  5. ADKB

    @MuddyGooner: I’m very fearful for the future with Arsene in charge. If UEFA says top 6 teams in PL qualify for CL, Arsene will start targetting 6th 🙁

  6. andy1886

    Szcz is better than Fabianski already, and will improve. Flappy was always good for a cock up sooner or later and I’m surprised that anyone who has watched him for several years thinks that he’s good enough to be Arsenal number 1 (except Pedro and sometimes Wenger it seems). Ospina may or not take the jersey, but either way Fabianski never was the answer.

    Welbeck will make a few people eat their words I believe – provided Wenger doesn’t play him wide to accomodate Sanogo of course!

  7. andy1886

    Bamford – you’re back! Thought you had jacked it all in but I guess you’re like the rest of us, you need somewhere to rage against Wenger!

  8. Rich

    We need to stop working in a market where we only go for players who are available and use our vast rescources to make the unavailable, available.
    Schniederlin and Nastasic would have set us up nicely, most likely not quite enough but top4 would be looking more attainable

  9. Bamford13

    Debu Ham Kosc Monr
    Ramsey Cazorla
    Sanchez Welbeck Oxlade

    No matter how you slice it, Wilshere offers more than Flamini, and if his role is defined as DM, this clears away confusion b/t his role/positioning and Ramsey’s. Plus it should force him to play simply and just distribute the ball around.

    This side will still be outclassed by City, but they could surprise them.

  10. Bankz


    You’re Forgetting Wilshere, He Is Almost a Guaranteed Starter this season with Wenger in charge.
    With The Right Starting XI Next weekend & Our fingers crossed, we should be able to get something out of the City Game.

    When is Arteta Coming back?
    Also heard Theo Walcott Could make the bench

  11. Bamford13


    Yes, and I agree with you re Welbeck. He should be played centrally.

    While some of my posts might’ve suggested I was leaving Le Grove, I never meant that. I’m simply refusing to watch Arsenal matches until Wenger is gone.

    An ineffectual protest, yes, but it’s mine.

    And it is nice to have a place to vent. 😉

  12. Swissguns

    Pretty premature dismissal of Schezzer don’t you think?
    I think it’s great that our Golden Glove sharing player is defending his position against all comers. It’s up to Ospina to take the position away and make it his own. If Schezzer screws it up Wenger will drop him like he did before.
    Fabianski is a great goalie, but his injury record let him down. After Schezzer was dropped Fabianski only lost the job when he got injured again.

  13. Rosicky@Arsenal

    @ bankz

    If Wilshere is to get 1st team football he should be good enouhg to play as CDM ahead of Arteta and Flamini which i am afraid he is not good at.

    Now wilshere must be content to sit on the bench and play as a sub and play in cup games.

  14. Doyindav

    No shade to Sczeney but I feel a top keeper stops at least one of the goals we’ve conceeded this season.

    Looking foward to seeing what Ospina can do.

    I think Sczeney can be WC, not sure about now.

  15. MadeToLoveMagic

    “Rosicky and Cazorla on the wings and ozil behind the striker”

    that is genius , we’d probably be so slow that we would actually start going backwards in time due to some space time anomaly or something created by unprecedented lack of pace,, any game we were losing we could simply rewind,

    or maybe we do that already, which is why it always looks like our squad has always played twice as many games as any other team

  16. Dan Ahern

    Zigic walks into his agent’s office. “Any prospects yet?”
    Jolting awake, the agent rifles through the mess of papers on his desk, pretending to search for something.
    “Oh! … Erm, oh yes–! Yes tons of… offers…”
    At last he picks up a random invoice. “Arsenal! For instance. They need a striker, right?”
    Zigic smiles and waltzes off texting all his friends. The agent slumps back into his chair, overcome with relief. He’ll keep this client at least another two weeks.

  17. Wallace

    cool if Ospina can really pressure Szcz, but whether you think him an arrogant dick or not, Szcz has been very solid since he reclaimed the no. 1 spot.

  18. Arsene's Nurse

    Rosicky@Arsenal September 6, 2014 10:00:16

    Debuchy Mert Kos Gibs
    Flamini Ramsey
    Alexis Cazorla Rosicky
    That side would run their bollocks off for 90 minutes. That’s a hard working line up if Cazorla plays the same way he did against Besiktas.

    Plenty of fire-power to bring on to stretch the game later on as well.

  19. Doyindav

    * a Couple of times in the last few seasons.

    You’d think he’ll learn and make necessary additions to his squad. It can’t be amnesia I suppose.

    Mou didn’t win last year and it hurt the man but Wenger just feels things will miraculously fall in place for his team he does the same things again.

  20. Emiratesstroller


    Very sensible post.

    Zigic would be nothing more than a stop gap purchase as indeed will be any additional defender brought in now to increase our defensive cover.

    Wenger has a habit of bringing in such players as we saw with Kallstrom in
    January. My view is that these players are complete waste of money and as I
    suggested yesterday Arsenal have still too much dross in their squad and out on loan and this is tying up money which can be better invested in our squad.

    Welbeck as you and I suggest is a good buy. We do not need 11 or 22 Galaticos.
    Football is a team game. What you need are some exceptional players but a
    team/squad of good standard players who will do a job. Welbeck adds some
    very important qualities to our team/squad namely pace and physical strength plus work ethic and having been part of a successful team.

    Another point I made yesterday was that the trend for top teams is to have smaller but better squads. I looked at the squads of both Real Madrid and Chelsea this morning and that reinforces my argument. RM have a registered
    squad of just 22 players.

    Yesterday I was challenged on my argument about Arsenal’s finances to cover
    transfers. I re-read this morning Swiss Ramble’s 2013 report and that confirms
    much of what I said.

    There are an awful lot of posters who assume that Arsenal have unlimited funds based on its bank balance. The argument he gave last year that some
    of this is tied up on other commitments, but we could and should be seen to
    spend more on transfers.

    This year we have spent actually a very large chunk of money and significantly more than ever before. According to Transfer Markt we spent over £89
    million and our sales were just £13 Million. That is net spend of £76 million
    with commensurate wage increases as well.

    I have looked this morning at what other clubs in Europe have spent. If you
    exclude Barcelona,Real Madrid and Athletico it is not a lot. The latter two
    recouped a large proportion on sales.

    Only two club in Europe spent over £20 million on a single player which was
    Benatia to Bayern at £24.6 million and Luiz £43.56 million to PSG. Apart from
    these sales there have been only 6 clubs who have spent £10 million + on a

    So when posters criticise Arsenal’s spending this summer they should take a
    look elsewhere.

    The only concerns I have at moment are the shortage in cb position and of course defensive midfielder. However, I do understand Arsenal’s point of view if money is tight and clubs with players are holding onto them seeking unrealistic prices or the player/agent demands excessive wages.

  21. Rosicky@Arsenal


    Good analysis but i think you forgot LVG spending above 20 mi+ on Di Maria
    Probably 50 million +

  22. Bankz


    Looks like you haven’t been concentrating on Arsenal Games This season, Jack Wilshere Is looking like a dead cert starter irrespective of whether he is good enough or not.

    He & SANOGO Are looking like Wenger’s pet projects this season

  23. Bankz

    Isn’t it a bit weird Wenger Hasn’t still said a single word about Danny Welbeck?
    If it was a 12yrs old signed from some obscure league, he’d have given about 5 interviews by now telling us how he had the potentials of turning into the next Ronaldinho’.

    I hope he wasn’t hell bent on riding the first half of the season honing SANOGO’s skills to the world

  24. ADKB

    @Rosicky@Arsenal: Hey, it’s a hypothetical “If”. Just saying that if more PL teams qualify for CL, Arsene will target the barest minimum for qualification.

  25. ADKB

    From all indications Wenger didn’t buy Welbeck. If that proves to be the case, we should be prepared for a continuation of the Sanogo experiment.

  26. N5

    I don’t buy for a minute that Wenger didn’t approve the Welbeck purchase. This is a man that would leave the club if he couldn’t decide what chemicals were used on the grass.

  27. Thomas

    Of course Wenger didn’t buy Welbeck. He wouldn’t want to destroy his new pet project. Sanogo will be given 150+ games before Wenger realizes he’s shit.

  28. Bade

    Think the issue around Welbeck centered around the frustration of the lack of top DM & back up CB.

    He’s not the top talent we all envisaged but he’s on OK player & substantially better than Sanogo.

  29. GoonerInNY

    @David Smith

    If that is true, it only means Wenger waited until the last minute instead of sorting the situation early in the summer. Utter incompetence.

    Regatdless, Pedro is right. There is £80m rotting/losing buying power in the bank. If Wenger buys Carvalho in January, it will be further proof he was negligent in the summer.

    Of course, if he doesn’t buy Carvalho (or another top DM) in January, it will be continuing incompetence.

  30. David Smith

    Maybe knocking the French commentator job on the head was part of the new contract conditions? Welbeck……there is no way in this or any parallel universe he arrived without Wengers approval. Nor did Arshavin……2008 the height of Wengers power……like he was really going to let a brand new CEO who he rubber stamped sign the Russian without his approval.
    Too many with agendas…..on other sites….claiming inside info they clearly do not have. Anyone checked the record of Myles Palmer on actually getting things right? I can tell you it is not impressive, at all .The guy recently said we were in for Messi one week, then said the club lacked ambition the next!
    The Welbeck rumours are beyond ridiculous.

  31. andy1886

    Welbeck is something like 1 in 2 games as a CF and 1 in 8 as a wide attacker, so Wenger is bound to put him out wide isn’t he?

    Oh, and if Abou Diaby is given a new contract regardless of how many games he plays (bet he gets a run of games just before renewal time btw) then Wenger needs to be taken outside into a dark alley by a load of drunken Canadian seal hunters.

  32. Bankz

    Arsene’s Nurse
    September 6, 2014 12:29:59

    “Wenger will play Sanogo up front with Welbeck wide! You heard it here first. He is insane enough to do it.”

    I said This On Tuesday. From the whole last minute purchase thing on deadline day, it’s glaring Wenger wanted to go till January with SANOGO upfront.
    Is either he changed his mind in the last minute of deadline day or someone pressured the signing of Welbeck.

  33. Bankz


    “However, apart from Man Utd and Liverpool I do think that there was fairly
    controlled spending by most English Clubs.”

    There was nothing controlled about it. Man City & Chelsea went into the transfer window with clear deficiencies in certain areas, City had need for a no2 goalkeeper & CDM while Chelsea had in the strikers department and Creative midfielder roles.
    They went out and bought the players.

    Arsenal had need of a RVP & Song Replacement Since 2012, we started and ended the transfer window without addressing any.
    We had need for Tv5’s replacement since May because anyone with half a brain knew he was leaving even before the season ended.
    We started and ended the transfer window without addressing it.

    P’S I don’t see Chambers as experienced/good enough to replace TV5 or be a No3 in a club the size of Arsenal. He wasn’t even a No3 CB in Southampton.
    I also don’t see Welbeck as capable of filling RVP’s boots.

    So in other words Arsene Wenger started and ended the transfer window with the same deficiencies despite having an extra £50mill in the bank.

  34. MadeToLoveMagic

    when you go shopping for food you dont think right i need to spend every penny i can , people economise, people save , people make the best of things they have, thats how life works thats how business works, thats how football used to work until people like abramovich came along..

    by asking arsenal to pay astronomical wages pay stupid prices for players you are asking them to be complicite in the death of football as we know it

    city , chavs , psg, while they have bought titles they have hiked up the prices and wahges of players to the point where a 19 year old with good potential is out of the price range of all but the top clubs,

    people who complain that footballers earn to much and are becoming separated from the reality of the everyday fan SHOULD support the way arsenal do business..

    We have to have high ticket prices to stay competitive , as ALL the other teams who arent being funded by an unlimited outside source have had to do.

    IM not defending wenger for leaving us light at the back , but i do applaud him for not bowing to public pressure to spend big on every player in our team

  35. Ozrus

    ‘ I guess you’re like the rest of us, you need somewhere to rage against Wenger!’
    andy1886, you just need to rage at no one or anything in particular. When AW is gone you lot will find something else to whine about.
    Pedro’s posts seem to be getting more hysterical and more desperate too

  36. Ozrus

    Emiratesstroller, while I don’t always agree with what you say I enjoy reading your posts. You make dotpoints look elegant.

  37. Ustynobaba

    Bamford13 can you actually stay without watching Arsenal games? Even recorded matches,i have tried it a number of times but i keep coming back,the level of frustration one gets from watching Arsenal in the last few seasons is alarming,please let me how you do it

  38. Ustynobaba

    I dont think any genuine fan who really love the club will want it to spend reckless money whether worth it or not on any player.all we want is address the issue that had hindered us last season,lets make progress,we cant keep coming 4th every season i mean we are stagnating as a club,why cant we atleast try to buy affordable players at positions we need?why give players who are suppose to go away renewal of contract if what am reading is true,why do we always look for makeshift commodity when we should have gone out there and sign a proper and decent player that suit our need,at the end of the day its a case of so near yet very far cos we didnt fail to spend money but we fail to address our need

  39. SomeRandomGunner

    @EmiratesStroller I agree fully with you on financials. I did some math with transfer fee and wages , it does not look like we are going to be able to spend a lot. I think the trend of one Ozil/Sanchez and few mid range buys will continue .

  40. Zubi

    Extremely ludicrous to suggest that Fabianski is a better keeper than Szczesny. What I would say is that Fabianski is better than what he was a few years ago (flappy-handski) but in no way, shape or form is he even close to the keeper Szczesny is.

  41. Bobby

    Blah blah blah blah blah…….

    Boo hoo……..

    My “mates” all take the razz out of me……..

    Blah blah blah blah……..

    I wish I had grown up supporting Chelsea………

    Blah blah blah blah blah……..,,

    Or maybe even Liverpool……….

    Blah blah blah blah……..

    Yes, them. They’ve won so many trophies, have so many “want to stay at the club” players…………..

    Blah blah blah blah blah…….

    Tick, tock

    Tick, tock

    Tick, tock……….

    Blah blah blah……….

    Ooh, wait, Man Citeh…………

    They’re good, aren’t they?

    Yay! They’re the ones for me. And they have all my favourite ex-Arsenal players. Woo-hoo!!

    Which tube line do I find this Etihad stadium on? Is it the light blue one?

    Oh, wait, might have gone too soon……..should I try Everton? They’re on the up aren’t they? Certainly gotta admire their Champion’s League pedigree. What about the Villains? The only true top club in the country’s second city must be high flyers season after season?

    Nope, still no right. Ooh, wait, I’ve got it. There’s a club all my mates down here support, never fail to make Champion’s League, almost always win the league and pretty much very other trophy, even the poorly conceived one they hand out on darts night, usually they just hand them over without even bothering to play the games. I think their ground is somewhere down Ascot way, or perhaps even Godalming. Plus, they have always employed such likeable chaps to spearhead the organisation at every level.

    Yep, I think they must be the ones for me!

    Toodle pip, and tally ho you Reds. And Blues. And Whites. And any other colour you care to choose. Including the iridescent ones.

    Blah blah blah blah blah……..

  42. Rhys Jaggar

    I wonder whether it would ever be possible for Arsenal to allow another English player to truly thrive??

    Let’s judge Danny Welbeck after he’s played the same number of games as Olivier Giroud, eh?? If the midfield providers at Arsenal really are the dog’s bollocks as everyone says, then Danny Boy has the chance to prove himself as a striker. If he can’t, well he’ll have few excuses.

    Now if the organised crime syndicates say that Danny Welbeck must be ‘injured’, ‘played out of position’ etc etc to stop English players developing properly, then the EPL and all its supporters have crossed a line where sport no longer exists.

    Let’s see what he’s done after 80 games, eh??