Homophobia: Arsenal say no with superb video

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Short post, because I was going to bomb it off today, but long term Grover @BennyDevito has a birthday today and he wants an LG fix.

Here it is.

Arsenal players have immersed themselves in a Stonewall advert about Rainbow laces. No wait, they’ve immersed themselves in the fight against homophobia, with the message that you can’t help who you are and what you look like.

No wait, I’m getting this wrong.

I can’t help that I look like Aaron Ramsey Gareth Keenan. Theo Walcott can’t help that he looks like Lewis Hamilton and Arteta can’t help that he has a first touch like Olivier Giroud.

It’s great content. It’s so much better than the shit fest that was the last Stonewall campaign in London which was something like ‘I’m gay, get over it’ all 0ver the London buses. This has way more depth and it’s caked in Arsenal, which makes me proud to be a Gooner.

Well played boys. Top effort! I’ve had my say on homophobia in the game, it’s there and it’s unacceptable. Love that the Arsenal players are onboard with it and hopefully we can stamp it out.

Also, well played to the Daily Mail. Super nice of you to put a 30 second Treseme advert over a charity campaign message. At least you’re getting paid. Was really worried about that not happening.

Anyway, have a great night, see you in about 8 hours you sexy Rainbow beauties.


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  1. goonpharm

    Who gives a shit about who’s bumming who?

    If some brothers like a bit of fudge then let them gorge on it and be happy. Why so we have make a song and dance about everything I’m these days.

    What about the ginger people? Then get picked on literally by everyone!!!!

    Don’t see Arteta strapping up any orange colour laces in their honour…

  2. Bade

    This clip is just genius.

    Santa’s one, although anticipated, was still hilarious….

    Pedro, happy you’re alive mate. Wed on the street was you were negotiating terms to write constantly for untold …

  3. Tom


    There wouldn’t be a problem if everyone had an open mindset like yours. Couldn’t care less about a player’s sexuality… too bad some dimwits wouldn’t agree.

    If I was a homosexual footballer I wouldn’t be going round parading it.

  4. N5

    Great video guys, ox at the end was brilliant. I cantz help I’m gorgeous from loreal was good and little santi, bless him.

  5. The Poldi Prince

    I missed the gaming convo!

    Huge ps3/ps4 fan!

    Just put some decent time into diablo 3. Hanging out for destiny too. I’m away in queenstown during launch, so will be a few days late to the party.

    Other huge games coming soon are
    Shadow of mordor
    Far cry 4
    Dragon age inquisition
    Fifa 15
    COD AW

    Thats all in the space of about 2 months!

    Then mgs5 and the witcher early next year.

    Holy shit!

  6. N5

    Poldi, I’ve pre-ordered COD AW and Far Cry 4, I will get FIFA 15, Destiny and Unity this year also. And then I’m going to try and find time to play them all.

    What a year coming up. Plus the The Last of Us Remastered, GTAV Remastered and the upcoming Uncharted 4! I’m going to be skint.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    That’s it grown up employed people, rub it in the face of a student who’s going to have to buy BOOKS…yes BOOKS instead of games.

    But I’ll be laughing, laughing when my legal career takes me to the highest office in the land; FA Chairman. And I will laugh, and you will cry, and I’ll just be laughing, laughing at your tears, laughing so much that I cry, so we’re both crying but I’m the only one laughing.

    And I’ll have a throne, and make Greg Dyke wear a French Maids outfit and keep me cool with a series of chilled beverages delivered to me throughout the day. And David Gill will fan me whilst telling me exactly what part of my outfit he likes best for that day. And I will laugh at you little people, drunk, always drunk
    on power.

  8. Gunner2301

    Pedro, happy you’re alive mate. Wed on the street was you were negotiating terms to write constantly for untold … Looooooooooooool

    I was over there the other day I think they slag Pedro off on a daily basis or make references to le-grove as if they are some kind of upper echelon of arsenal blogs pmsl. I think they got about 50 posts on transfer deadline day the tossers.

  9. N5

    In a few days Cesc Playstation are rolling out friend share, so you can play games that belong to friends. I’m not sure how it works, If they have to be online at the time you come on to set it up or whatever….but anyway, the point is any one of us could have shared our games with you…..but now, you can cry and we will laugh and then cry and your sadness and then get drunk and cry some more.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    Oh we’ll see N5. When I change the title from Chairman of the FA to High Dread Lord and insist ALL games must be played on a Monday at 12 30 PM then we’ll see. And I’ll tell every football fan in the country that it’s your fault!

    And then I’ll be laughing. And drunk again. And laughing. And crying because I chose academia over assassins. And for some reason I will blame you, you and Pedro.

    All hail the High Dread Lord of the FA. Me.

  11. N5

    I’d like to take this early opportunity to apologies to my fellow civilians for the impending tyrony heading our way, courtesy of Chichester’s answer to Johnnie Cochran, only whiter, drunker and much much more evil!!

    I apologies for stating I may laugh at him and would like to offer myself as a sacrifice if it means games will remain on a Saturday and at a normal time. Oh and he must make Tottenham’s games Monday at 12:30pm.

  12. tunnygriffboy

    Fuck Welbeck not being Wenger’s signing. He’d better play him grrrrrr !


    I like your team v City. He won’t play it though , he ‘ll stick with the usual then play them again in Dortmund. Chambers would at least give us some power and physicality.

  13. bennydevito


    What an absolute star you are! You’ve absolutely made my day putting up a post and giving me a shout out on here and on my birthday of all days. I must try and contribute more again amongst the comments and get to know some of the great new posters. This is what makes Le Grove the best – a personal touch from Pedro and great commenters.

    Thanks very much Pedro!

  14. bennydevito

    Cheers N5, yes have had a nice afternoon with my kids, missus cooked a nice tea and tomorrow I’m taking them to Swindon on the train from Bristol to go to the Oasis water slides. Good thing is I won’t be having to check for scores and Arsenal can’t let me down against City until next week!

  15. Gunner2301


    “And then I’ll be laughing. And drunk again. And laughing. And crying because I chose academia over assassins. And for some reason I will blame you, you and Pedro.”

    Sounds like an Ed Sheeran song πŸ™‚

  16. bennydevito

    Thanks Midwest, Cesc appeal, tunnygriffboy.

    I kept refreshing my phone half hourly all day today checking for the post. It must be seriously exhausting writing on a daily basis and holding down a job. I think Pedro should enlist Alex a bit more and possibly the odd guest grover post like Gambon and Suga did a while back. I like the occasional posts from other fans too like the recent one from the Leicester fan was good.

    Keep it going Pedro, we all love your efforts.

  17. salparadisenyc

    Odd regarding Nastasic, apparently had the chance to join on deadline day but opted not to. Said it before, dudes an ideal Koz replacement.. who knows the full story or what was actually offered.

    Happy Birthday Benny, feet up and beer in hand I hope.

  18. ArseneWengerNose

    I said before I wouldn’t be surprised if Arteta, Flamini, and Rosicky all re-sign, and then having that be an excuse not to sign a quality DM and some big physical midfielders we so desperately need. So predictable, yet so infuriating.

  19. bennydevito

    Gunner 2301, the odd bit of cock sucking goes a long way….. ok I was trying to think of some witty retort but nothing I thought of came across heterosexual enough!

  20. Cesc Appeal


    I just read that.

    Praying giving Arteta a 12 month extension doesn’t mean what I think it does. Hopefully he either refuses it for a lucrative offer in the States where allegedly his wife is keen to move – or we’re keeping in almost a coach within the squad type role.

    I always get the feeling Wenger thinks he’s our Xabi Alonso.

    If he offers Diaby a contract extension that really will be the final straw. Pay as you play, don’t care; the bloke needs to be shown the exit door. Every year now he even admits he’s held up as a “new signing” – but a new signing that never plays. Send him to a slower paced, less combative league with a lower skill level and see if he can at least get a couple of seasons of semi-decent playing time under his belt.

    I do wonder with Diaby whether these constant and numerous injuries will affect him later in life. I can’t remember the guys name I think he was an Argentine player, but there was an article this week where he said he literally pisses the bed and stuff because he leg puts him in such excruciating pain now he’s retired from football that he’d rather piss himself that get up to go to the toilet and risk the pain.

  21. Moray

    If Wenger wastes any more money on Arteta by extending his contract then he needs to be locked in a dark room with two gay boys and an anal dildo.

  22. Salvage

    They should just play football and leave gays to be gays…

    Your rivals wont remember your rainbow shoutout whatever when they are stuffing you .

  23. ArseneWengerNose

    I can’t believe Diaby has been around since 2006.

    16 league appearances in the last 3 seasons.

    Is his goal against Liverpool in the quarter finals of the CL the most valuable he’s ever scored for us? I think it was 2008.

    Biggest blunder has to be that own goal header he scored on Manchester United’s behalf. I don’t remember the year, 2010? 2009?

    Wow! Nearly a freaking decade, I can’t believe it’s been this long and we’re finally about to say goodbye. The only thing I can truly say is, I wish we would’ve seen more of ya!

    I wish him all the best in his life.

  24. The Poldi Prince


    I’ve been off COD for nearly 2 years, but this one looks awesome.

    Cesc, I was in your boat 2 years ago. Med school and poverty.

    Now I can have what I want. Well worth the lean years!

    I’ve preordered all the games I’ve listed.

    If anyone is keen to make a destiny fire team add me on psn: RobertoVerge

  25. Arsene's analyst

    Poor Arsene has the hump, he wanted total control over transfers, while he was hob nobbing in Italy with the elite, some bastard signed Welbeck, he was/is furious,just like he was when Ozil was signed, looks like this arsewipe don’t have complete control over everything, just as fucking well because we would never, in 2 million years got Welbeck if nitwit was in England, thank fuck he was in Rome

    Arsene left instructions, we have enough strikers at this club he was quoted as saying, we will not be signing any more, reading between the lines,” We have Giroud”

    The very next day while this galoot was praying, someone signed Danny, this is gold, absolute gold, and as reported elswhere, Danny gets the cold shoulder because it’s not a Wenger signing

    Wenger is a fucking absolute cunt of a human being, a low life arrogant spoiled, child

    I hope Wenger is punished heavily on the pitch, marginalized Arshavin, Ozil and he will do the same with Welbeck

    But there is a good side to this, season ticket holders and those that follow this freak around the country, will suffer heavy defeats. I will think of these poor cunts as they trudge back fro the North after being arse fucked by the Manchester teams, just like they were disappointed after being held to a draw by Leicester, you deserve this manager you really do, keep supporting him for another 3 years, this manager with a team of Internationals could not beat a newly promoted team, fucking hopeless, lucky to beat Palace in injury time, should have been beaten by Everton and held by Leicester, in a word, DISGRACEFUL

  26. Leedsgunner

    “I always get the feeling Wenger thinks he’s our Xabi Alonso.”

    Agreed. He could have had the real man for Β£8m?!? Morale of the story? Stop p*ssing about and spend the money on quality! For if you do otherwise you end up spending it anyway without getting the same results!

  27. Arsene's analyst

    Truth be known, this manager is a masochist, signs sub standard, every Arsenal supporter would agree Arteta has had his day, most thought he should be moved on
    What does this ball sac do, Give him another year, he is slower than the tea lady

    Arteta is 32, will be 33 next March, Sagna is younger and he couldn’t get a new contract, Bacary is twice the player Arteta is, another reason why I hope Wenger suffers on the pitch, he needs to be punished heavily, for the last 8 years, don’t worry, it’s coming, what goes around comes around,

  28. ArseneWengerNose

    Unfortunately, even if we did bid for him, I highly doubt he would’ve signed for us. Listening to him talk after joining Bayern, he clearly wanted to play for a big team that can actually compete for major honours.

    Would’ve been a classy addition though. Always been a fan.

  29. Arsene's analyst

    Club dysfunction, that’s what AFC should change it’s name to, who puts 2 champions, Sanchez and Ozil, with donkeys like, Arteta, Flamini,Diaby,Coquelin,Giroud,Sanogo,Gibbs,Monreal, this is the most unbalanced team I have ever fucking seen, bar none

    The two stand outs were not Wenger signings, the last 8 are clearly Wenger signings, 5 French duds

  30. Alex Cutter

    “Hopefully he either refuses it for a lucrative offer in the States where allegedly his wife is keen to move…”

    What makes you think he’d command a lucrative offer there? He’s old, not very good, and has little, if any, name recognition for the common fan.

  31. Evan

    From Arsenal to PlayStation Games.
    N5, next week is all about Destiny can’t wait, you getting involved?.
    Far Cry 4 looks the nuts the third was probably my favourite game. Whilst waiting for delayed PS4 releases I opted to buy a xbox360. I went old skool to play Witcher 2, so I’d be ready for Witcher 3 which looks incredible. I just hope the combat is vastly improved and more inline with Dragon Dogma’s combat.

    It’s good to have another hobby, keeps you sane whilst watching the Arsene Wenger show πŸ˜‰

  32. N5

    I wasn’t going to Evan, but seeing how many people are going to be getting involved, it may be silly for me to not. Up until yesterday I wasn’t that keen, now having spoke to you guys on here, I will give it ago.

  33. Dorobucci

    PEDRO we get it, you are an arse man.now lets move on,the world has no many problems that needs attention and spending time on homos ain’t helping ebola go out of west africa. No wonder we are gonna get some arse job against city next week.

  34. SUGA3

    what more is there to write about on the international weekend, these games are, well, a bit gay πŸ˜†

    before I get a shelling, I am only kidding, but still, club before country any day!

  35. SUGA3

    …especially after just three league games played!

    this being said, the team getting a break from one another may not be a bad thing, they were not exactly pulling up any trees before the break, no?

  36. andy1886

    Still no welcome, comment on or positive statement about Welbeck from Wenger? Wierd, what’s wrong with the guy? Toys out of the pram because he’s spoiled ‘project Sanogo’? If he plays Welbeck out wide to accomodate his pet he deserves to be kneecapped, end of.

  37. Arsene's analyst

    Wenger had a chance to sign Balotelli for 16 million, could have signed Remy for under 10 million, didn’t need a striker might spoil Giroud when he comes back, was never in for a striker, was praising the Lord in Rome instead of being where he should have been signing players, so someone with more balls that Wengr will ever have signed Welbeck, to the disgust of the manager, the manager is livid, gave explicit instructions, we have enough strikers, obvious now this guy hasn’t got the pull he used to have
    And on a second note, great news, someone actually showed some balls and SACKED THIS CUNT, French TV pissed the fraud off, word is Wenger is still in shock, at last someone showed some nuts, and got rid of this imposter

  38. Dorobucci

    Are you guys actually suggesting wenger dont like welbeck?, the lad is gonna be our savior this season, considering how slow giroud can be who is to say he will hit the ground running in january. for me poldi cant lonestrike.

  39. Arsene's analyst

    What the fuck is Wenger going to do with Sanchez, Giroud,Walcott, Podolski, Sanogo, Welbeck, Campbell, 7 potential strikers, this in a system 4-2-3-1, that plays one striker, no wonder Arsene is cross
    Come January expect Campbell, Poldoski to be gone,now you can see why the toys are out of the pram, no communication at this club

    Dysfunctional, this is the end result of having a dictator who is now losing his power, he don’t want a striker, someone higher up the food chain thinks does

    We have 6 defenders, and 6 strikers, how do you think this fucking club is going to go, 7th if lucky

  40. Thank you and goodnight

    I just can’t see Wenger allowing anything to go on behind his back, like the welbeck transfer. Sorry but this is a guy who is a total control freak. Wouldn’t surprise me if he even gets involved in how his players are banging their wives/partners etc. Don’t know why their is silence involving the transfer of welbeck, maybe it’s because his way of operating is being questioned in the media and he’s got the hump…..After all we know how much he sulks like a baby when his supposed genius is bought into question

  41. Arsene's analyst

    And good ol danny boy has been dreamin of playing for the gunners, SAF will be glad to hear that, and if he went to Spurs I suppose he dream t of playing for them, stupid footballers come out with all sorts of shit,

  42. Arsene's analyst

    It’s so simple, he says one day we don’t need strikers, we have plenty, the next day he is in Rome, last day of the window, Welbeck is signed, surely you are smart enough to know it wasn’t Wenger who signed him after refusing Mario and Remy, it’s not fucking rocket science, 2+2=4

  43. Arsene's analyst

    If your not convinced what is he going to do with the ones I named above, 7 strikers, Sanchez, Giroud, Campbell, Podolski,Walcott, Sanogo, Welbeck, we have 2 central defenders, and 7 fucking strikers

  44. Arsene's analyst

    If the administration had a pair of balls between them they would follow suit of the French TV station and fire his bony arse instead the weak cunts gave him 3 years

  45. Arsene's Vet

    If someone actually signed Wellberk without Wengers permission then the end may be closer than we think. Can’t believe I’m taking a solace in that. Wenger makes me detest football. The earlier he’s gonethe better. And my haunch says he’s not gonna do three years. I live in hope.

  46. Hitman

    Sanchez & Theo aren’t strikers.

    We only have authentic 4 strikers.

    Welbz, Campbell, Pod. Giroud is injured so that leaves 3.
    Pod probably aint good enough to play on his own. That leaves 2.
    He doesn’t rate Joel. That leaves 1.
    Welbz isn’t a Wenger signing?
    That leaves Sanogo! Who isn’t EPL ready which is why he doesn’t count.

    For the good of AFC, AW should persevere with Welbz & Joel up top. They will come good with Theo & Sanchez on the wings.

  47. Rhys Jaggar

    Will you get over it if Spurs fans are gay?! How about if they’re black?! What about if, horror of horrors, they are Jewish?!

    I’m all for a lack of phobias, but you can’t be anti-homophobia and pro Spurs-phobia. There’s no difference. You’re a racist, it’s just that the race you hate isn’t defined by national borders, it’s defined by a football shirt.

    Very hard for football saying you have to live and let live in all areas of society and then Monday morning saying ‘We hate Tottenham and we hate Tottenham….’

    By hating Tottenham, you hate some gays, you hate some Jews, you hate some blacks and you hate some Muslims. Oh and, horror of horrors, you hate some women.

    As for hating Alan Sugar, well you’d be hating immigrants as well!!

    Next up, you’ll be told to tolerate Vladimir Putin.

    Oh, no, I forgot: NATO decided that Putin is the next Hitler.

    He’s not but who gives a shit about anything when hatred comes to town??

    Certainly not the UK/US axis of weasels……