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Bird sh*t really killed the tone of this photo.

Bird sh*t really killed the tone of this photo.

Ok, ok… So seems it wasn’t only me who sees the PR machine covering the tracks of the darling of English football… Guvnor Wenger. WHO LOVES ENNNNGGGGGGGUUUUUUUURRRRLLLLIIIIISHHHHH PLAYERS. Geezer.

Interesting thought, who was the last manager who went for an English core?

Martin O’Neil… basically the reason Villa are is such financial straits right now. Not that I think our British core are that average, more that I think the way Chelsea and City have rebuilt is more aspirational. But hey, who can moan now, it’s 170 days until he window reopens… it’s time to settle down and wonder what could be?

Early test is against City. We really haven’t had too much fun against them recently. They absolutely decimated our defence December last year, but that was away. My concern is that they also destroyed Liverpool. They’re a team of egotistical individuals, so Stoke can trip them up, but in the big games, their big names wake up and come to play.

Early suggestions indicate that Arsene’s approach to tactics are much the same as they were last year. Play your game, hope for the best. The manager hasn’t really solved the pace problem we’ve suffered in the middle of the park and he’s not really imprinted any sort of obvious style in our play moving forward. Danny Welbeck will act as a nice outlet for our wide players who do boast lots of pace. I hope we move Ozil into the number 10 role when he comes back and use Jack and Ramsey to pin the midfield .

The fear is Wenger has made another unsuitable player captain… and that he might think it a sensible idea to line up against City with Arteta sitting in front of the back 4. Suicide in my opinion, or the recipe for a very slow painful game.

The back 5 pick themselves at the moment. Happy with Debuchy, think he’s like for like if I’m honest. Not really happy with Gibbs. The guys injury record around big games is atrocious. He seems a bit Darren Anderton. Any excuse for a few weeks out. He needs to work on that fitness otherwise we should say goodbye and buy in.

Onto Danny Welbeck, I was quite impressed he knew the word ‘envisaged’…

“I’ve envisaged myself playing in this team before. For it to finally happen is very exciting.”

Great thing about ol’ Danny is he has something to prove. Many have drawn parallels to Daniel Sturridge, another very talented player cast aside for foreign talent. I think this move could be very interesting. At best, he becomes something a  bit special, at worse, he’ll be our back up striker if Giroud is shifted on next summer.

“I believe that with the manager’s style of play and with the magnificent players in midfield slotting balls through, I can run on to the end of those balls and put them away,”

… Geoff (Le Grove Geoff) has been saying similar things. He reckons Falcao could be a massive flop and Welbz could benefit from playing centrally with world class players feeding him balls. The front line, as it stands, is pure pace if the right players are put in the side. It gives us a different feel going forward. I just hope the plan B is Campbell, over Sanogo. We really should send him out on loan for a season. Trouble is, I don’t think he’s shown enough for even a struggling Premiership side to punt on him. He doesn’t have the frame yet to get Bolton-ed

Daily Mail are running a Reus to Arsenal for £20m next summer. Pretty much certain his buyout clause isn’t £20m, it’s close to £35m. A club wouldn’t put a £35m buyout clause on Gotze then go for a £20m tag for a player they’ve bought. Point is, there is interest in Reus, things were agreed this summer but not with the player who was most likely looking for a move to Barca which fell through when they instead landed Suarez.

Pretty sure every club with a bit of cash will be in for Reus next year, so it’ll be a big push to land him. But hey, you never know, we have a lot of Germans who love it in London.

Right, gotta save my moaning, not before sharing a funny line from a ranting e-mail my pal at work sent me yesterday.

Amen Sister Sledge… amen.

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  1. kwik fit


    I also heard that rumour. It appears that Wenger had absolutely nothing to do with Welbeck coming in. Would make sense given he had pissed off to Rome. Wenger’s ego must have taken a battering over the past few days. French TV giving him the old heave ho and the board picking the signings. Way to fuckin go!

  2. Gunner2301


    “In this business you cannot count on money you dont have”

    I’m not here to argue the merits of your argument just on this point your not correct. I believe since the stadium move Arsenal have had a 50 million loan available to them which they have never taken up. So in this sense they can count on money they don’t have.

    Add to that there has to be some level of speculation and intelligence used here. Eg. Ronaldo fee paid back already through marketing, shirt sales and other deals. Bale will probably be too in a few years. If you have a player of that calibre although the fee may be large the potential income can be huge.

    I’m no financial analyst but I know it’s just not as straight forward as we can only spend what we have in our pockets at the point of sale. That’s ridiculous. If Arsenal choose to act that way then we are not very well run. 90% of people have credit cards and 90% of them aren’t in trouble with their payments or their mortgage it’s about having manageable debts or loans.

  3. Gunner2301


    I said the same thing about Arteta at the time Wenger was away on that UEFA course or something on deadline day and after the signing he was silent for weeks, was very odd. I think we were saying that Ivan found a piece of paper with some old Wenger targets and just did it while he was gone. Odd working relationship. That must be quite uncomfortable for Welbeck.

  4. Leedsgunner

    If Welbeck is not a Wenger signing — it is indeed bad news — it means after Giroud comes back Welbeck will be made to sit on his arse on the bench — as a protest statement of sorts to the Board by Wenger to demonstrate who is boss. I wonder in retrospect whether some of that power play was going on when Arshavin was here….

    Therefore I hope Welbeck starts slamming them in so that WEnger can’t engage in these silly mind games.

    Talking about great 1980s rock anthems — remember this?

    Strangely very appropriate for Wenger. I would love it for all of the Emirates to sing it to Wenger next time we have have a humiliation at the hand of rivals.

  5. London gunner

    Gunner2301 kwik

    Arteta was a Wenger signing.

    No way would he be captain/played constantly when he shouldn’t if his not a Wenger signing

  6. Gunner2301

    I posted amlnk to the story yesterday Kwik. Finally someone’s seen through the cunt.

    I like how they say after analysing over the years they don’t feel he says much lmfao. Very much like match preparation I would imagine. If he doesn’t do video analysis and doesn’t understand modern tactics he’s hardly going to be able to give valuable insight and that’s the conclusion they probably came to. No doubt he was surprised. After all Arsenal were all over him to get him signed up again. Reality check for Wenger no doubt hurt his pride.

  7. kwik fit


    We really need to thank Tottenham for our deadline day signing. If they hadn’t called him down for a medical we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to sign him 😉
    It will be interesting to see wenger’s reaction to Welbeck questions at his next press conference. I really hope the press bring up the French TV sacking as well. Now that would be priceless.

  8. zacharse

    What is the deal behind the sacking? is it really that his banter was dated? that simple? sounds like it could be related to what we all know is some strange wenger power struggle behind the scenes… the plot thickens

  9. kwik fit


    I think Wenger has grown to love Arteta. Hence he’s still captain even though he was past his sell by date a year ago. Initially however there was a certain apathy towards him.

  10. zacharse


    song’s got some goals and assists to his name at least! never thought i’d say anything nice about that fkn prick again but when you stand him next to yaya…

  11. salparadisenyc

    Think the Vid embed kept crashing the site… those were my early days up in this brothel. Much more sinful back then.

  12. zacharse


    arteta’s got lovely eyebrows and a honey-mellifluous voice. his bod is rockin, wenger’s tastes have changed since they offloaded the entire youth academy last summer…

  13. Leedsgunner

    This is absolutely hilarious. Don’t get me wrong — I love to see the haka performed especially by the All Blacks. Seeing Jonah Lomu performing it stays long in the memory… but basketball players? To the US?

    I find the look of disinterest and disbelief on the faces of the American b-ball players very funny…

    They can perform the haka all they want, there’s no way, NZ is going to beat USA in b-ball.

  14. ArseneWengerNose

    Thanks kwik.
    So he’s not good enough for them but good enough to run one of the biggest clubs in European football.
    That got me wondering, when the day finally comes and he leaves Arsenal FC, what will be the reason? I was hoping towards the end of last season after his side got dismantled so many times he’d just preserve whatever dignity he had left and retire. But nop, three more years of this.

  15. Gunner2301


    He has no dignity obviously that’s why he stayed. I don’t believe there is anything that could embarrass Wenger so much it would prompt him to resign. People complain about some of the PL managers who,jump from club to,club but at least they’re accountable.

    They were saying yesterday I think on the radio while discussing Woy and the apathetic results and whether he should go or stay that Keegan is the only one who said he wasn’t up to it anymore and walked. More managers should have the decency to know when they have not performed and do the honourable thing, but it’s all about money these days not that they haven’t got enough already.

  16. SomeRandomGunner

    @Gunner2301 It is not the money in hand, you can only spend the constant income. I am not sure i understand the point about loan. If you take loan how will you pay it back ? Loan is not free, it will affect somewhere else. Creditcards do not help you make more money. Loan is almost always bad in most cases.

    But it kind of makes sense in the inflationary player market , to take a loan at 4% and invest in players they can make better returns.

  17. ArseneWengerNose

    Yeah mate. I thought maybe seeing his team lose by 5 goals or more three times in one season (I’d like for someone to look up how many Arsenal managers did this and still kept their job), in addition to showing no sign of understanding why this keeps happening, as he fails to make the proper adjustments and sends his players out with the same broken game plan, displaying complete tactical bankruptcy with the whole world watching. One would think after all of that, maybe, maybe he’d just say to himself enough is enough. But yeah, I guess not. Why leave when you can get paid 8m a year doing whatever you want with little to no accountability.

  18. Gunner2301


    We have a loan for the stadium. A managed loan. Like all these things you balance this against your income and not let it get out of hand. Why do we need to wait to qualify for the CL before we can spend? We don’t it’s just that the club prefer to do that. We could draw on that loan I was talking about in the short term if necessary but we don’t need it when we have enough cash in the bank. Just think about it how do other clubs manage? Liverpool aren’t bigger than us. Bayern have similar income.

  19. Gunner2301


    Some clubs will vilify their managers before they get sacked but if you think about it if any of them had the number of chances Wenger has had who’s to say they couldn’t turn things round as well? It wouldn’t surprise me if Wenger was despised by other managers because their looking on seeing this tactically inept guy at one of the biggest clubs in the world getting a Bly because he makes his club profits. Not that anyone would go into management with that purpose in mind. How does your ideals get polluted in such a way?

  20. SomeRandomGunner

    @Gunner2301 If we had extra income we can take loan , but we are barely breaking even without player sales. I think CL is guaranteed to give ~30 M ? But i dont think we waited for that , we waited for bargain basement 🙂

  21. The Poldi Prince

    I missed the gaming convo!

    Huge ps3/ps4 fan!

    Just put some decent time into diablo 3. Hanging out for destiny too. I’m away in queenstown during launch, so will be a few days late to the party.

    Other huge games coming soon are
    Shadow of mordor
    Far cry 4
    Dragon age inquisition
    Fifa 15
    COD AW

    Thats all in the space of about 2 months!

    Then mgs5 and the witcher early next year.

    Holy shit!

  22. Gunner2301


    I haven’t taken in Swiss Ramble for a while so not sure on the status of the finances. I’d just like us to start acting like a big club. Yes be sensible with what we have but also be savvy and having Diaby on the books for 8 years and Djourou for 10 as well as all the other dross doesn’t scream out to me that we don’t have a pot to piss in. I remember Wenger commenting on Diabys last contract increase when someone criticised it. He said if we can do it why not? Yes a bit blasé but shows the level of fucked up thinking on one hand at the club. If your poor act poor in all respects not just in the quality of your purchases.

  23. David Smith

    Danny not a Wenger signing… I have heard it all! Absolute Bollox, wenger may have had some powers removed…….such as the finer dithering……sorry negotiating, but if anyone thinks the board would sign a player completely behind wengers back, they are seriously underestimating the influence this guy maintains.
    I would love to think the board had that sort of power over Wenger, but sadly, they don’t. If they did, we would surely have a defender and midfielder as well. Stan would never allow his man to be usurped to that degree……with his money.
    As for Arshavin, Some people with agendas and clearly not the insider knowledge they claim are making huge assumptions. 2008, the height of wengers powers, and he let a new CEO sign the Russian against his wishes. REALLY?