Is it just me seething about Arsene?

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I can’t deal with this. Still struggling to keep it all in people.

Story this morning about Welbeck being evidence of Arsenal undertaking and ‘English Policy’…

Jeez, this really gets me. The theory is version two of Arsene signing children back in the day. The idea back then was of you bring in kids, pay them a shit tonne of cash for their worth, when they came good, they’d stay loyal because of the deep bond they have with the club and their team mates.

Where it went wrong:

  • If someone is willing to chunk their hometown club for more money at 16, they’ll be experienced enough to replicate the process at 22
  • Great players want to play with great players
  • Great players don’t believe in socialist pay structures
  • Great players want to win trophies. No bond is too strong to get in the way of glory

England 2.0 is the concept that English players are more loyal to their club.

Issues here:

  • English players are not the best on the planet. Seeking their loyalty is a bit like acquiring an ugly girlfriend because your pretty ex left you for a better looking guy.
  • Great British players still want the same things as great German players. Major trophies. If they don’t get them, like Ashley Cole, they’ll also leave.

This perverse media spin that suggests Arsene has been in for Welbeck all summer is both ridiculous and against the grain of ‘quality over passports’ stance Wenger has. I’m all for British players, but not when there are far more talented options available. I find the British angle being pushed populist and offensive… mainly because it’s quite clear that Wenger wasn’t in for Danny as of the morning. This new spin is used to disguise the shit show that was the summer.

‘Oh, he waited until 1230 to sign Welbeck because he was English’

I mean, come on, how can anyone suck that up? (unless it was for the promise of exclusives)

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m game for Welbeck, but he’s not kicking us on to the next level. He’s a good English player, but all this talk of him being the next Thierry is hopeful and it merely covers for the fact Arsene did a poor job securing the top talent we’ve been missing since Robin Van Persie left.

Still, we’re now at the, ‘shut up and support the team’ stage, and the sentiment is correct. It’s just the groundhog process of being told all summer to wait until the transfer window shuts, then when it does shut it’s ‘judge him in May’… the common theme here? There’s never any accountability. There’s never a consequence. Not many people in this world live without consequence for their actions or inactions.

It’s like being stuck in football purgatory… stuck between the promised land and Spursday night football… SOMEONE SAVE ME!

You know what else makes me go all crazy inside?


What’s the beef with him? Ultimately, Joel Campbell is just as exciting as Danny Welbeck. Both have pace, both are raw talent and both have experience in the Champions League and World Cup. So why is Wenger so keen on binning him off? (trying to. Apparenlty we offered Β£12m and Campbell for Carvahlo. Nice work)

It’s so messed up. Arsene Wenger seems to think Sanogo, who has no experience and looks miles off the pace, is a better option than Joel Campbell whom he tried to flog all summer. I just don’t get it.

Honestly, the more you look at the way Arsene operates, the more you question what’s going on in his head. Nothing he does is based on rational well thought out ideation. He ignores the basics, opts for the bizarre and refuses to change his approach despite it obviously not working.

Thing is, it’s very easy for people to defend it when they’re online. So many people slate me with their tweets and their comments on Le Grove for stating the obvious. However, when you meet these people on a Podcast or in real life, they have no explanation, they can’t argue it in person… because all the justification is based on faith and past glories… because ultimately, if you’re agreeing with how Wenger runs the Arsenal ship… well, let’s just say, you wouldn’t be running my ship. And you looks silly. Real silly.

Anyway, enough moaning… this is too much for even me. I’m negging myself out. I need something soothing… ahh… here we go.

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  1. kwik fit


    Cyrstal Palace have it sussed. The cheer leaders are their before during and after proceeding. Just what the good doctor ordered πŸ˜‰

  2. SUGA3

    as I said before, why oh why did we not push the boat out for Carvalho…

    obviously, Welbeck is keen to impress, good on him, I think he will bench Giroud

  3. kwik fit


    Every single one of them is hot. Imagine getting a couple of hours with them all at once. I’d pay good money for that.

  4. Danish Gooner

    This England team is shit !!!!! If oxlade and jacky are the future of english football God have mercy on the english team.Those two are as sophisticated as a whore in a suit.

  5. bhenChode

    England so much better without Rooney… sterling should be given that 10 role but hodgson not ballsy enough to make such a call especially now he’s made him captain

  6. Arsene's Mortician

    Watching Ozil playing for Arsenal is excruciating, he would rather be anywhere else, he is going through the motions, his body language is appalling, he is too good for this club, he is wasted playing with Giroud,Sanogo,Arteta, etc, it’s like putting a thoroughbred in with a couple of plough horses, they just don’t meant for each other, this guy needs to be moved on, the same with Sanchez, 2 champions wasted at this club, both landed here through the same set of circumstances, unwanted by their previous clubs, shame really they are great players reduced to hacks by Wenger

  7. Arsene's Mortician

    Doesn’t matter how much money Rooney earns a week, he still has to walk around looking like that, ugly head jug ears and a fucked up thatch for hair, embarrassing really, with all that cash he should get a new head

  8. Arsene's Mortician

    yea sure wenger won’t give sagna a contract at 31, and you want him to sign a 38 year old yea let’s do that

  9. Arsene's Mortician

    2 recognised CD Per Kos, that’s it, let that sink in for a minute, 2 CD 9 months, 38 PL games plus CL Cup games, friendlies, travelling , this manger needs to be publicly flogged horse whipped, then fucked up the arse without the vaseline

  10. Arsene's Mortician

    And the response will be when key players injured, we were unlucky with injuries, not, I am a complete fucking moron for wanting to go through a whole season with 2 CENTRAL DEFENDERS, no CDM and 1 broken down striker, Welbeck was NEVER in his plans, this was an Ozil type signing, last day last minute by someone else at this club while the pensioner was in Rome praying for his sins, and there are many

  11. Arsene's Mortician

    Bale was signed at the last minute by Madrid freeing up Ozil, to Arsenal, Falcao was signed by United past the transfer window freeing up Welbeck, and these cunts at AFC are telling me they were planning this for months, Nostradamus could not have seen those coming but the geniuses at Arsenal did, fucking bare faced liars

  12. DaleDaGooner

    Agree with Pedro….what is Wenger’s beef with Campbell?? a player hat has proven he is way better than Sanogo who has not proven anything anywhere??? Podolski? He loves to publicly marginalize certain players so he can satisfy his babies ego. Wheelchair and Sirnogoal don’t deserve to start ahead of Campbell or Podolski. Buying Welbeck to further shunt these 2 out, while ignoring our defensive issues is gross mismanagement. I bet he shunts Welbeck out at some point to continue his sick experiment with Sanogo and Giroud.

    Annoying that he purposely refuses to play Joel.

  13. Arsene's Mortician

    What’s the point of having Ozil pick the lock/open up defences if you have Sanogo as the CF, sure he can make a 30 yard pass to his feet, but what the fuck is Sanogo going to do with it when he gets it, fall over is one option, this club is unbalanced so fucking out of whack it is bordering on deranged, throwing together 11 players is not a team, this is a million miles from a fucking team

  14. Arsene's Mortician

    Anyone remember Aliadiere, french striker at the club around 4-5 years, wenger waiting on him coming good, he never did, finally let go, same as Diaby, fuck me how is this guy at the club still, pulling wages, this is s cunt manager

  15. Arsene's Mortician

    Campbell is like similar players not making the Arsene grade, they are here to be sold on for profit, Joel showed glimpses of form at WC so Wenger was obliged to bring him back, although he never wanted to, and we can see it, no starts for Joel, Wenger wants to move him on for the juicy pound notes, the whole and sole purpose of AFC, MONEY/PROFIT

  16. 124Toeknee

    Where is Abou Diaby? Is he alive? I welcome the arrival of Welbeck but is Wenger going to play him on the left with Ozil on the right and Sanogoal the spear head? Oh I wish Wenger would disappear like his mate Abou.

  17. BacaryisGone

    That’s funny about Nostradamus, Arsene’s Mortician.

    Maybe we should change our name to Scavenger FC.

    We’re picking off the bones from Barca (Sanchez after Suarez), Man U (Welbeck after Falcao) and Real Madrid (Ozil after Bale). Not bad bones, mind you….

  18. Arsene's analyst

    There is nothing wrong with those bones agree, but this nincompoop does not know how to get the best out of them, playing Ozil wide right or left while he is a number 10, but bum boy Jack has that position, and Sanchez great wide player asked to play central as CF. this irritating fucking manager is pure cunt

  19. Arsene's analyst

    I will ask you all the same question, if you were Ozil where would you rather be playing?, same for Sanchez, his fav destination was Juventus, who couldn’t afford him, we have 2 champion players WHO DO NOT WANT TO BE AT OUR CLUB

  20. ArseneWengerNose

    @Arsene’s Mortician
    I want to see Joel get a chance too, but so far, who do you think he should’ve replace in the starting lineup? It’s not like we are light in attacking positions.

    I know a lot of people are suggesting that we should’ve given Campbell a chance up front instead of Sanogo, but the sad reality is, it’s clear since last season AW for some reason believes in the ability of Yaya, and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t play him until he finally scores that first goal in a competitive match!!

    I thought him coming off the bench against Everton was promising. We were down 2-0 and he went with Campbell as part of the rescue party. Really hope to see him start some games in the near future though. He’s a good lad, and I want to see him succeed.

  21. Arsene's analyst

    Rumour is he wanted to go to Benfica on the last day of transfer window, Wenger said no, because the plan he had for months to get Welbeck had not yet materialized, another rumour is Wenger was going to use Campbell as a makeweight to get Remy,

  22. Arsene's analyst

    I have nothing against Welbeck, but at 16 million a piece for each of them who would you rather have, him or Balotelli,

  23. ArseneWengerNose

    I wouldn’t have opposed letting Campbell go if it meant further reinforcements are on the way, although as I stated earlier I like Joel and wish he gets a chance at Arsenal. But now he’s here, he’s stuck with us, and I just hope Wenger doesn’t isolate him. Not saying he should start regularly but still, allow the lad the opportunity to show you what he can and can’t do.

  24. Arsene's analyst

    Welbeck was got on the day when Wenger was in Rome, this was not planed, this was a last minute opportunity by someone else at AFC to get Welbeck, Wenger was quoted the previous day as saying “we have plenty of strikers, we are not in for anyone in that position” you me and the fucking lamppost knew different, that is why when the fuck was in Italy someone acted properly and signed Welbeck, this club is so fucking dysfunctional with Wenger at the helm, when and only when this reptile goes will this club get back on course

  25. Arsene's analyst

    Because of the Giroud injury, Campbell had to remain, he wanted to go to Benfica on loan, Wenger declined because he was going to use him because of Giroud injury, Campbells people were irate, you see, Wenger had no plan to get in Welbeck that’s why Joel could not go, someone at AFC said different, they got Welbeck at the last minute, leaving no time for Joel to Benfica, while the cunty manager was praying with the pope

  26. Arsene's analyst

    I will never have this fucking french farce is our best ever manager, he got lucky with the rise of french football in 1998, Henry Vieira, Pires, Petit. all helped put Wenger on the map, he has been living of the notoriety since

  27. ArseneWengerNose

    Thanks. Yeah, I missed the game so I had no idea he played. Thought he was out for awhile. It’s a good sign he was fit enough to play. Hopefully he’ll start against Man City.

  28. Arsene's analyst

    Danny was dreaming of playing for Arsenal while he was a Manchester player, I have heard it all, what utter fucking tosh, why can’t these people just come out once and tell the fucking truth, we know you would rather be at United Danny, the boy has been there since he was 9 years old, now he is with Wenger, yes he is real happy

  29. Arsene's analyst

    We have Poldi,Ozil,Sanchez,Welbeck, they are the ones I know who aren’t happy at AFC, Wenger bangs on about team spirit and the rest of the bilge, team harmony, collective spirit, mental toughness,all I know is the beat Palace in injury time, should have been beaten by Everton, and drew 1-1 with Leicester, yes things are real rosy in the AFC garden, this is a collection of misfits thrown together, this squad could not possibly finish 4th impossible

  30. Arsene's analyst

    My guess is Wenger will start Sanogo, telling us Danny is not fit enough because he played midweek, anything to play his favourites

  31. ArseneWengerNose

    I don’t think we’ve looked convincing in any of our competitive games so far since the start of the season. Subpar performances to say the least. Surprising to me, not because I had high expectations, but I at least expected a better start after the community shield win and Ramsey coming out and saying the atmosphere at the club is the best since he joined. Doesn’t look it!

    With a tough stretch coming up after the international break I guess we’ll see what this team is made of. Can’t complain really, those are the games where usually the work you’ve done and the season preparation (or in our case, lack of) are put to the test.

  32. Arsene's analyst

    What this club needs now is a sustained, never let up campaign against the manager, the likes of Chris Hudson and Moh and the rest need to hammer home the unrealistic squad imbalance at this club, not just the missing numbers, but pure breds like Ozil and Sanchez asked to play with complete fucking donkeys like Sanogo, Arteta,Giroud, et al, this is not a slight on those players, it is the fault of whoever at AFC put this collection of misfits together, and while I am at it, Ramsey had a breakthrough season last year, as did RVP as did Adebayor when he was with us, these were one season wonders, I doubt Ramsey can repeat last seasons efforts, I hope to be proved qwrong

  33. Arsene's analyst

    Well if you look at the squad, 2 only CD,no real CDM, we have an over abundance of central midfielders all playing out of position, we have a LB who is always injured, Gibbs, we have another LB asked to play CD at a pinch, we have a RB Chambers asked to play CD at a pinch, we have no left winger, Ozil Cazorla Poldi asked to play that position, neither of them is a track back defender, we have two RW Walcott and Sanchez, We had one CF Giroud, I don’t consider Saqnogo, not the boys fault, now we have Welbeck to cover Giroud, Flamini, Rosicky, OX in the middle

    this club is saturated from the middle forward, we are bare as a babys arse at the back

    We have 6 defenders listed at our club, 6 midfielders and strikers 19, 19 fucking midfielders and striker, 19, and 6 defenders
    This manager needs a swift kick in the nuts

  34. Arsene's analyst

    There should a delegation marching right in to the Emirates, demanding an explanation from the board/manager, any motherfucker, as to why this club, paying a manager 8 million pounds a year has 6 defenders on their books he let 3 defenders go, Sagna, replaced by Debucy and Chambers, Vermaelem and Miquel gone, so we lose 3 and get two, so we never actually signed new people, they were replacements for the departed, so we are 1 defender down on last year

    Why are they not picketing outside the Emirates, 9 months, 38 PL games, numerous CL games, FA CUP and Carling cup games, thousands of miles travel, friendlies, internationals, and this fucking ball sac wenger has 6 registered defenders at AFC, WELL FUCK ME

  35. Arsene's analyst

    Do you know how many Everton have on their books, defenders that is 9, 3 more than the biggest club in London, more than the 6th biggest club in the world

  36. Arsene's analyst

    We have played 3 games, there are 35 left, just in the PL, plus CL cup games internationals, injuries, bad form, how do you think I fucking feel

  37. Arsene's analyst

    What makes me even sicker is a fucking relic pensioner gets 8 million quid for to over sea a billion pound business, is this the dealings of a sane man, you think I am a nut, what about the cunt in charge of AFC, his marbles are well and truly gone

  38. Arsene's analyst

    6 defenders, I would bet the poorest fucking club in the PL has more than that, this joint is one of the richest, the 6th richest in the world are you happy with this manager/club, if you are you as fucked up as Wenger

  39. ArseneWengerNose

    That poor cunt crying at the top of the article is Dean Winchester from the show Supernatural. It’s a show dealing with the paranormal. Dean hails from the state of Kansas, where I am told you cannot buy a beach house, and if anyone offers one to you, then he is a swindling piece of shit, and you should probably report that person to the authorities.

  40. Arsene's analyst

    This low life manager has known for fucking eons we need defenders, he lets Miquel go then tries to sigh a rivals CD on the last day of the window, bend over ARSENE, you need fucking

  41. Arsene's analyst

    We sell 2 CD buy 2 RB and no CD this is great work form a 8 million pound man, I would love this pretender to explain to somebody how anyone can go through a season with a total of 6 defenders, where is that pineapple

  42. ArseneWengerNose

    We were snubbed by Nastasic, or did Man City say no? If Nastasic snubbed us makes sense, he might’ve wanted assurances that he’ll be a starter. But yeah, once again we leave it until hours before the deadline closes. No planning whatsoever. Same old shit show.

  43. Arsene's analyst

    I love AFC but I hope the top teams tear this squad a new arsehole, just so this negligent imbecile is punished for this disgraceful management over sight, is this what you get for 8 million quid, a 65 year old forgetful pensioner, and they will be punished, by not finishing in the top 4, we have waited a long time for this bad smell to leave the club, he has started his own demise, cunt

  44. Emiratesstroller

    I think that everyone will agree that the club has accumulated an excessive number of midfielders and forwards many of whom are frankly surplus to

    At the same time the club has clearly pressing requirements to rebalance its
    squad if it is to remain competitive.

    Here is a list of players whose contracts are due to run out over next 2 years. Which if any would you offload.

    Contracts End 2015
    Contracts end 2016

  45. Arsene's analyst

    Are you bending over Arsene, I got a pineapple here and you are going to get the rough end, right up your bony white arse

  46. ArseneWengerNose

    I’d probably get rid of all of them except Walcott, and maybe Campbell. Can’t really say for sure until I see him get a run in the side.

    I have a feeling AW will re-sign Flamini, Arteta, and Rosicky to one year contracts. Personally I’d be looking to clear some space and bring in quality midfielders with size and presence. Highly unlikely that will happen though, it’s us after all.

  47. Emiratesstroller


    That would be my view as well.

    We have at moment quite a lot of mediocrity on our books. The club needs
    definitely an upgrade in a number of positions specifically centre back,left
    back [for Monreal who I have not listed because his contract expires in 2017],
    defensive midfield and left wing.

    I did not list Sanogo [contract expires 2017], but I would definitely offload him
    as well. Personally I would like to see him replaced in squad by Akpom.

    I know that a lot of posters will repeat that we need a new striker, but with arrival of Welbeck that is unlikely to happen now and frankly there is quite a lot
    of investment needed in other positions.

  48. N5

    I see the cretin was up all night for the 60th day in a row, saying the same thing he says every night. What an absolute was of a life.

  49. Emiratesstroller


    Very good article and sums up my opinion of the club albeit that I do not think we will finish in top 4 this season unless there is a rebalance of squad in January.

    We need a top quality DM and additional cover in defence. The trouble is that we have already spent well over Β£80 Million.

  50. Arsene's analyst

    this cunt n5 thinks he’s a clever cocksucker, if brains were dynamite it wouldn’t blow this low life’s hat of his stupid head, cunt of the year, N5

  51. Evan

    Arsene’s Poker face waiting until the last second, completely neglecting how useful a pre-season could be.

    I wonder if 16 million would have captured Welbeck weeks before deadline day?

  52. Jeff


    More and more people are waking up to Groundhog Day. I agree with Emirates that getting fourth might prove to be a bridge too far this time – we’ll find out – sooner than we might envisage.

  53. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Does it matter what we we all think an say?

    Wenger is gonna be manager here for another three years…

    It’s all well an good havin an opinion but ultimately it’s irrelevant …

    Lumbered , dumped on , shackled with this dross of a man till then.