Wenger fiddled in Rome whilst his squad burned (out later on in the season)

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Arsene is back. Back with a vengeance. Back with stubbornness. Back with the 1998 rule book. Back with an old strategy and a tactical execution plan he forgot to share.

Arsene blew the window once again. He didn’t just blow it, he flipped it the bird whilst riding around Trafalgar Square on a unicycle in a Christmas Party hat. His decision to take a trip to charity football match on the most important day of the window was quite unbelievable even for a man who spent most of the summer months posing for pictures in his speedos. Firstly, when you’re a man as wealthy as he is, you don’t piss around with Easyjet flights and hang around in the departure lounge at the busiest airport in he world. It’s f*cking stupid. Pay for private checkin, ask Stan for his Netjets card. Borrow Usmanov’s private jet.

Secondly, even if you are planning on doing fuck all… like a PM during a homeland crisis… you don’t take a holiday regardless of connectivity. It’s disrespectful, it’s public and you literally can’t get a reception in most grounds.

Onto the window. What a disaster. It all started so well. Loads of intent. Loads of new players. Then it all stopped. He couldn’t push it over the line. In doing so, he killed our title hopes this year. We recruited the least players in the league. Not always the most important stat, but it is when you consider we’re always let down by a shallow squad and actually, we didn’t really move squad wise. 19 year old Chambers replaced our captain… leaving us with 6 defenders at the club… which for me, is verging on gross misconduct.

Debuchy replaced Sagna. Ospina replaced Fabianski. Sanchez was probably the only upgrade. Danny Welbeck dropped into the fold late yesterday. The madness of that move when you consider the talent that has flown us by this window is crazy.

Here are my Topline thoughts after watching yesterday unfold:

Arsenal can’t afford Falcao

Watching the Arsenal media supporting the inaction of the club has been embarrassing. Falcao is one of the best strikers in the world. He’s moved to United for £16m for a year. A United is disarray. With no Champions League football. We’re then handed their reject who couldn’t get a gig centrally. Someone mentioned online that United replaced Robin Van Persie before we did… very true. We could afford Falcao’s wages. It wasn’t an ideal punt, but the sort of punt that kicks you into title contending contention. The sort of punt you take when you’re planning process is so poor you have no other choice.

I also saw some media say Arsenal fans would be jumping for joy if we’d signed Welbeck and Sanchez the other way round. Really odd thing to say, it has no relevance to anything that arsenal fans get excited about great players. The other interesting line was that Arsene elected to move for Welbeck to support his ‘English core’ strategy. I mean, come on, we’ve gone. From a manager who doesn’t look at passports to one that sacrifices quality for a bit of English grit. What makes this route even worse is that England aren’t exactly smashing the international scene. Anyway, people thinking Welbeck was the plan all along… have a word. 26 goals since 2008, the long term striking plan?

Danny Welbeck

Ok, so firstly, once you got over your… WHAT THE HELL moment, Danny Welbeck is a massive upgrade on what we currently have in the side. He’s tall, he’s much faster than Giroud and he has a lot of raw talent. What he doesn’t have is a great first touch or a goal scoring record of note. I think he has 26 since 2008. I actually don’t mind him, in fact, I’ve said before that I think he’s a good player. I’m not totally flatlined by him.

What I am disappointed with is the amount of talent we let fly us by. Falcao, Lukaku, Manzukic, Mario, Costa… all players who would have improved us. I mean, even when you drop down a level, Demba Ba and Loic Remy would most likely have improved us more than Welbeck. But, it is what it is and he could flourish playing in a central position for us over the next 3 months. Another argument I’d also have over Danny W or Welbz as he’s know on the internetz is this… is he any better than Joel Campbell?


United find out Robin Van Persie is fucked, they replace him instantly. Chelsea sell Torres and bring in Remy the next day. We find out Giroud is injured last Monday and do nothing until yesterday. It’s so slow. Zero urgency. Zero plan.

Deadline day

Here’s the big issue with deadline day. It’s exciting, Valentines day for blokes. A chance to go out and act like a dick on TV if you’re a kid. It’s simply the best thing Sky ever invented. However, for me, it’s for bargain hunting clubs or it’s for clubs that haven’t planned their summer properly. Deadline day is for the ingrates. Deadline day purchases show your planning process is inept. It shows you lack professionalism. It’s for the scuzzy clubs like QPR who are scrabbling around for anything they can get their hands on.

Simply put, Arsenal should be bigger than deadline day.

Sporting Director

How many more transfer windows are we going to have to suffer before someone at the club says, look, this is a shit show and we don’t have a squad good enough to win anything of note… so here is your new Director of Football.

Barcelona operate that model, Chelsea have a new guy in who has been working wonders on their transfer business (Gourlay and Emiliano), Madrid have football layered all through their management. It makes no sense to continue to allow Wenger the control he currently has.

It’s two years on from selling Robin Van Persie and Alex Song and we still haven’t replaced either. We have 6 defenders at the club. We sold our captain without replacing him. We allowed Sanogo near our first team.

There is no one with enough expertise or balls at the club to act as a filter to some of the baffling decisions Arsene Wenger has been making. As disrespectful as this sounds, he looks like a tired old man without a clue at the moment. No direction, no plan and no idea how to execute whatever he has in his head. It’s embarrassing and  it’s unforgivable. This club isn’t a charity. We’re a business. If the business is failing because of a dated manager, the club should work to support him with something better. Force a Sporting Director on him. If he kicks out, tell him he can leave and we’ll  bring someone in who can work in a structure that makes total sense in modern football.

This idea that we should wait to fail rather than do everything we can in our power to avoid the inevitable is so counter productive and arrogant.

The power of Wenger has led us to another dismal window. The frustration for Arsenal fans is the only way the problem leaves is if he decides he wants to go or things get so bad he ups sticks on his own.

… and look, things could get quite bad if we don’t come back energised from international break. We have City then Spurs up next.

So all in all, another disappointing window. So much promise dashed inexplicably as an £8m a year manager decided he didn’t need a defensive midfielder, he didn’t need a world class striker and he didn’t need someone older than 19 to sit at centre back cover.

Baffling, not surprising. Arsenal like to put themselves up as a paragon of best practice for business, but ultimately, they’re one of the worst run elite clubs on the sporting side. We’ll never crack the Premier League or Europe until the dictator is usurped… roll on three years, because this is boring and we can sadly see where it’s heading.

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  1. N5

    Eagle, they call that doing a Simon, when you renounce the club and your support, call everyone a cunt and leave the Grove. It comes to all of us eventually.


  2. MidwestGun

    Finally, Alex Cutter is talking sense. And we need cheerleaders dressed as strippers.

    But what do I know because in the future there is no future. But Arsene Wenger is still the manager.

  3. Cesc Appeal



    All good my man, yourself? Someone dropped the political bomb earlier and me and N5 were having some fun.

  4. N5

    Good thanks Eagle mate. How are you?

    I avoided the majority of the day, Post TDD is always a rough one, so i thought I’d come on now, when the loons and the weirdos come out to play.


  5. WengerEagle


    Hahaha he said yesterday that he’s supported us for 9 years and he’s in his late thirties!

    I’m not one to point the finger but glory-hunting springs to mind.

    I’m half his age and have supported us since 1999!

  6. Arsene's Mortician

    Poldoski to be sold in January, along with Campbell out on loan again, or if there are any mugs out there who want to buy him, he’s available

  7. WengerEagle


    Not too bad man, pretty gutted about yesterday still tbh, can’t believe I actually believed that this summer would be different (desperation messes with the mind) but even by Wenger’s standards going into a season with 2 senior CB’s takes the fat lady’s cake!

    Haha political debates never end well on here do they?

  8. N5

    It’s a shame really Eagle, I don’t like people saying their quitting the club, but I can understand the anger. Sometimes I wish I could just switch off to it.

    There’s this old fella at my work, he’s a life long hammer and attending since he was a kid. He always hated Big Sam and all he stands for and said if West Ham sign him up, he’ll never go again and to this day he hasn’t.

    He follows non-league Hastings around now.

    I found that really sad to hear someone giving up their life long passion, but we’ll start to see more and more of it in the next couple of seasons I think.

  9. Cesc Appeal


    I was gutted as well.

    I said yesterday that by 11pm we’d know what this club is about. No we do – at least we have that: #clutchingatstraws

    Yeah, not the place. Ticks me off when people make ludicrous sweeping statements like the US is a nation of genocidal slavery enthusiast. Gets up my nose. Hence the mockery from myself and N5. Funny that some took offence to the piss taking and not the original comment. Or sad I should say.

  10. Arsene's Mortician

    The reason Wenger is still here is because of the fans, who turn up at each match, mass brainwashing at work here, if they loved the club they would demand this manager be removed for gross incompetence and complete negligence, trouble is these fags are in their 20’s, and think everything is kool at the club because they finish 4th each year and they can boast to their cocksucking mates their club is in the CL, it’s just an ego trip for these little cunts

  11. WengerEagle


    Grand thanks mate, have partially mentally recovered from yesterday. 😀 They say that the mental scars take longer to fully heal so for the moment Le Grove is my medicine.

    Yeah I knew that it would be chaotic on here today too haha yesterday was pretty legendary even by Le Grove standards.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    I’m 24, followed Arsenal since I was 5 when my Uncle slapped an Arsenal shirt on me that was like a dress at the time! Still have it in my wardrobe today!

    Wenger sorely, sorely tests my love and devotion. But as I try to say, Arsenal is Arsenal, not Arsene. The two are separate beings bound together by a bond that can and will at some point be broken.

    Could never cheat on my love of 19 years nor could I stray from her side – nor would I want to. Mine eyes see no other.

  13. N5

    Ito and a few others seemed to think it was my fault Eagle, I was getting it from all angles yesterday. I was so upset I cried for 4 hours. 🙄

  14. WengerEagle


    Exactly, it was one of the first times where we clearly had no financial restraints and could have went in balls deep and showed ambition but the club bottled that chance and now IMO we’re inevitably gooing to fall further behind Chelsea and City who have further strengthened.

    I’m actually more sad than angry because I don’t believe that we’re going to compete again in the BPL for a good few years.

    We’ll never win the BPL again with Wenger at the helm.

    Yeah the whole politics arguments on here are always so black and white, there’s no such thing as middle ground. Also the vast majority of people on here don’t know their arse from their elbow when it comes to politics (me included) so it’s best to avoid.

    Haha the art of sarcasm is lost on so many. 😀

  15. Cesc Appeal


    I agree 100%.

    I don’t think we’ll see a major honour won again with Wenger in charge.

    I just pray that we get the right man in after him and that that man is given the keys to the massive haul of money they’ll be. And that the spectre of Wenger isn’t looming over him.

    That would be a tragedy for me.

    We don’t do badly, really, that’s Wenger’s saving grace, it’s acceptable what we do. So we just have to be #patient as Tim Payton would say, not for transfers or anything like that – but for a new gaffer.

  16. N5

    American Dad!

    It was Sarcasm, or don’t you understand Sarcasm….Genius.

    Of course I understand Sarcasm, but I wouldn’t say I was a genius.


  17. N5

    Midwest, you’d have to check the Deadline day we signed Ozil that was close. I also think the one where we signed 5 on the TDD was a huge one too.

  18. WengerEagle


    I’m the same mate, 2011-12 was a horrible season where we played terrible football (lost Cesc and Nasri that summer) and part of my love for Arsenal numbed for a year or two. I still watched every match but it no longer ruined my weekend if we lost which is a terrible place to be as a supporter.

    At times I too could nearly understand Bamford’s decision but to completely pack in his support for the club and support someone else is too far. It may sound corny but I think that a proper supporter sticks around and gets behind the team even when some aren’t good enough quality-wise and the manager’s a stubborn prick. Wenger will go, he’s 65 years old and can’t carry on much longer.

    Agree that is sad, Fat Sam is awful so I can understand how upset he must be.

    It’s a great shame how one man can completely divide a club’s supporters.

  19. N5

    Eagle, although i understand how they get there, it’s not my way of thinking, I’ll support the fellas no matter what, but like you, it doesn’t ruin my weekend anymore. For the first time in 31 years, I feel like I’m just going through the motions.

    Even when were were shite, at least we tried. We wanted to win, we just couldn’t, now we can, we just don’t.

  20. WengerEagle


    Exactly and that’s it really, Wenger has done great things for this club and when he finally packs it in should be recognised for all the good times as well as the bad. The first half of his tenure was magnificent and that’s what makes it so sad really, he completely lost that desire to compete that separates himself and Fergie. Unfortunately he’s not the man to take this club forward and he needs to be replaced.

    Klopp or Simeone would be fantastic replacements IMO, both young, hugely ambitious and very talented managers who have done excellently with shoe-string budgets.

    Both are extremely charismatic leaders who inspire confidence in the players and supporters.

  21. WengerEagle


    Couldn’t agree more mate, talent-wise we have a good squad of players but looking through it I don’t see any real leaders.

    I like Per but he’s no Adams/Vieira.

    I know it’s silly but the whole Szczesny/Podolski selfie trend pisses me off too, makes us look like a bunch of pansies. I can’t imagine someone like Casillas/Lahm tolerating that shite.

    I still remeember the 4-2 UCL QF defeat to Liverpool in 2008 like it was yesterday, when Babel won that penalty I felt sick to my stomach. Was so cruel as Toure made minimal contact and we had literally just scored an unbelievable equaliser a minute before.

    The 0-0 home draw v Real Madrid in the UCL Last 16 in 2006 as well I was literally sweating buckets I was that nervous.

    It’s sad that now in the UCL I just accept that we’re going to be rolled over by a Barca/Bayern in the last 16/QF.

    Really is depressing knowing that we don’t even compete anymore and it’s not because we can’t, we choose not to.

  22. MidwestGun

    Bamford doing a Simon seems pointless. It was pointless when Simon did it.
    Nobody cares about fake integrity on a blog. Do y’all care if I say something like I’m not commenting again until we get an Arteta replacement.? The answer is no you don’t.

    It’s faux outrage. I was an Arsenal fan before AW and will be until I die. Which based on my liver…. might be soon. Lol.

    Anyhow, I have a 2000th comment of the day trophy… bitches!!

  23. Klauspoppe

    When is Ospina back from injury?
    Szczesny is so shit don’t know why he’s getting benefit of the doubt on here. Fucking want him off the starting eleven before Arteta.

  24. MidwestGun

    [2000th Commenter Le Grove]

    I’d like to thank Pedro for this award. I’d like to thank AW for having a terrible deadline day performance, I’d like to thank Ben Affleck,
    I’d like to thank all the other commenters for being wordy, and most of all Id like to thank Sal who inspires me to be a better commenter.


  25. Salvage

    Will Wenger start Welbeck? He may continue using Sanogo up front and introduce Welbeck as a late late substitute while trying to fix Sanogo. The man cant be trusted to do the right thing.

  26. Sam

    Can I just read your comments for a laugh?
    I don’t believe most of you guys are serious or you just drunk

    Look how many attackers we have now
    Podolski, Campbell, welbeck, Sanchez, giroud, chamberlain, Walcott
    If you add akpom n Gnabry for cups game we have 9 strikers n all can score goals

    Please stop fucking moaning

  27. ArseneWengerNose

    That wouldn’t surprise me. Or maybe play him on the left and stick Sanogo up front. With Wenger, you never know.

    They say Danny is injured. Not sure for how long but knowing our luck, he’ll probably miss the city game. I personally would never start Sanogo, if not to improve our chances then for the sake of the kid. His confidence is getting shot every time he has a bad game, and he’s simply not ready for this level yet. Wenger has lost it so bad it’s not even funny anymore.

  28. ArseneWengerNose

    That game against Liverpool in 2008 was awful, up there with Chelsea kicking us out of CL in 2004, and that night in Paris in 2006, it was one of the worst footballing nights of my life, couldn’t sleep until the sun came up.

    The penalty they won was such bullshit, even worse when you think of the penalty the ref didn’t give us in the first leg when Dirk Kuyt brought down Alex Hleb. What a fucking travesty, robbed out of a semi-final appearance.

    Random, but I believe that game was also Flamini’s last game as an Arsenal player before moving to Milan, as he was injured in it, and I recall him missing the rest of the season, but I could be wrong (although I doubt it).

  29. Salvage


    You are right. I am just counting down and waiting for the day, we will wake up to the news that Wenger resigned and has decided to rest from Football…

  30. Arsene's analyst

    I will be working right up to the last minute on transfer deadline day, we still have some holes in our squad and I will be on the case right up until midnight

    We are working very hard to find a solution, we will be very active, really active, this ball sac forgot to tell the fans he would be over in Rome, swanning around the globe while the hands tick down on the clock, the thinnest the squad has been in decades, and this cunt is praying with the Pope, what a low life reptile,

    These cunts at AFC show utter contempt for the fans every manager doing his bit to fix their playing squads, AND THIS CUNT IS IN ITALY

  31. Arsene's analyst

    We are stuck with this rock ape until he dies, it’s no good him going upstairs to become football director, he will try and influence the new manager to do it his way, this is an interfering old sack of shit, he needs to leave the club completely, they need to wash his influence out of the club, he had his time, just piss of please, this is fucking excruciating having him stink the place out

  32. Arsene's analyst

    This scroat is arrogance personified, typical french, below is the meaning of the word, which is old french, theses pricks even invented the word, arrogant
    Having or displaying a sense of overbearing self-worth or self-importance.
    2. Marked by or arising from a feeling or assumption of one’s superiority toward others:

    Those 2 explanations fit Wenger to a T

  33. Arsene's analyst

    I have been in management for 30 years he boasts, how can you tell me anything about football, how many teams have you managed
    This cunt needs a lesson in humility

  34. Arsene's analyst

    I hope City punish this cunt heavily this week end 6-2 would be nice, this french farce needs a few lessons, get ready for more accidents you fucking relic cunt Wenger

  35. Arsene's analyst

    I got a message for you Arsene, you should have stayed in Italy, you are wasting not only yours, but everyone else’s time, you have enough money take it and your rap singing slut box and ride off into the fucking sunset

  36. Arsene's analyst

    Watch where he plays welbeck, it will be out wide, like Arshavin and the others who were not his signings, Ozil included

  37. Bamford13


    I’m not doing a “Simon,” as I’m not saying goodbye to Le Grove. Nor am I — as some illiterates on here claim — ending my support for Arsenal.

    I’ve simply decided not to watch Arsenal again until Wenger is gone.

    This is both my own small form of protest and a way of preserving my sanity: I’m tired of watching the worst-managed “top” club in world football, tired of Wenger’s idiocies, tired of his side’s perennial mediocrity — both in results and style of play — and tired of his absurd pronouncements.

    I, for one, am saying “no” to Wenger. Not to the club, not to the players, but to Wenger. I refuse to be associated with him in any way. Yes, I realize it is a small and ultimately ineffectual gesture but it is nonetheless what I’ve decided to do.

    As for those accusing me of me a being a “glory hunter,” this is idiotic. Unlike the many philistines on here who value only trophies, this has never been my primary concern, nor was it the reason I began to support Arsenal in the first place. I loved Arsenal and chose Arsenal as my team because of their elegant, creative, flowing style of play and their elegant players. Whether they won or lost was ultimately less important to me. I love beautiful football and that’s why I chose Arsenal.

    Yes, I’m aware that the Wenger of a decade ago had something to do with that brand of football, but that Wenger is gone, those sides are gone and those days are gone. Instead of signing top class, elegant players, Wenger gives us the likes of mediocrities like Giroud, Sanogo, Arteta, Flamini, etc. instead of flowing football, Arsenal today play some of the least inspired football on the planet. Instead of pursuing greatness and glory, Wenger is motivated only by his quixotic goal of winning on the cheap with players (mostly unathletic) whom the world doesn’t rate.

    Unlike many of you — the same folks who accuse me of “glory hunting” — I didn’t give a fuck about the FA Cup victory. What a meaningless fucking “triumph” that was. A completely mediocre and uninspiring Arsenal side managed to overcome a depleted Hull City side. What a hollow victory that was — it only papered over the problems with the squad and with the man at the helm of the club.

    I am refusing to watch for one reason and one reason only — and it has nothing to do with whether Arsenal win this or that honor: I am simply fed up with Wenger’s mismanagement of the club. The squad has needed a class CDM and CF for two years now, and yet, despite having more than 100m in the bank, Wenger is once again trying to get y on the cheap. Why? Because his ambition is not to be the best or even to compete with the best — but to simply be “in the discussion” while remaining true to his quest to succeed on the cheap.

    This is fucking asinine, and I for one want no part of it.

    I look forward to the day when he departs. What a glorious fucking day that will be.

    Lastly, Sal, one of the great dipshits here, that Wenger signed the players you named is beside the point. He didn’t sign the players he needed to in order to genuinely compete with the best — and he had ample time and money to do so. It was also patently obvious to everyone with a brain — though not you, Sal, apparently — that Arsenal could not compete with the best without such signings.

    Yet Wenger failed to make these signings. Why? Because he’s not interested in being the best or in competing the best. He’s too busy tilting at windmills.

  38. Dark Hei

    “The power of Wenger has led us to another dismal window.”

    This is terrible Pedro.

    You praise Ivan for the good work done early in the window and said this is down to Wenger having less power.
    But when the ugly head of the window shows up, you are quick to point the finger back at Wenger and say that he is back in control.
    In other words, it is always Wenger, IRRESPECTIVE of the circumstances.

    This, if you don’t know and I doubt that you don’t, this behaviour is called doing things in bad faith.

    This criticism has nothing to do with Arsenal FC, Wenger or Ivan or the transfer window performance (which is disappointing). Its about Le Grove and how it is wants to conduct itself and I hope this site with so many users, can be above such conduct.

  39. ADKB

    Clearly, Wenger isn’t interested in winning the EPL. If he genuinely believes we can do it with the current squad, then he’s deluded.

    There are 20 teams and there can be only 1 winner. Unfortunately, football in the 21st century is primarily a business and the sport aspect is secondary. In terms of where we are, we often/sometimes/usually play good football (when everything clicks, I dance with joy, screaming in excitement at the tele), we’re doing well on the financial front, and somehow managed to squeeze across the line for 4th every year. I see the following 3 goals:

    1. Profit
    2. Entertain
    3. Win

    I often/sometimes/usually get 2 out of 3 – that isn’t too bad. I’d love to see us move to the top of the pile but I’m certainly not for paying a single player £300,000/week. It doesn’t make financial or moral sense.

    BTW, I love Jennifer Lawrence but that isn’t going to happen – perhaps if I’m on £300,000/week?

  40. Arsene's analyst

    Do you believe in your wildest dreams that Wenger signed Welbeck, after declaring a day earlier “we have plenty of strikers”, the next day, HE IS IN ROME and AFC sign Welbeck last day, last minute, while the manager is in Italy, no my friends Welbeck is not a Wenger signing

  41. Arsene's analyst

    If Wenger wouldn’t sign Remy for 8 million quid, he sure as fucking shit DID NOT SIGN WELBECK FOR 16 MILLION, I STAKE MY BALLS ON IT

  42. Arsene's analyst

    But then Balotelli would be too much work for a relic 65 year old pensioner to contend with, too much hassle

  43. Arsene's analyst

    Well adkb, I doubt you will be jumping for joy in front of the Tele this week end, be prepared for a thrashing, get the tissues ready 5-2 City

  44. Salvage

    I also have a feeling he is not Wenger’s signing and that means him playing second fiddle to Sanogo and Giroud whenever he comes back..

  45. Arsene's analyst

    What sort of manager with 150 million quid cash in the bank, brings in 2 free transfers, Sanogo and Flamini, last season, this is Ripley’s believe it or not, Tales from the Beyond, and not only that, he sells Mannone and Gervinho and makes 10 million profit, he then pats himself on the back thinking he is a clever cunt, only for Villa to beat us 3-1 and Chips Keswick ruin his summer by buying Ozil

    Wenger is fucking livid

  46. ADKB

    @Arsene’s analyst: Crawl back to your hole you troll 🙂 Have you been glued to your armchair all these years of watching the Arsenal?

    Re: Welbz signing. Probably a forced signing by Wenger – it’s got his tag on it.

    1. He’s young
    2. He’s cheap
    3. He’s English
    4. He’s level-headed (AFAIK)

    If he hasn’t realised Sanogo isn’t EPL material yet… For crying out loud, Sanogo shouldn’t be close to any training ground talk less of starting at any of the 20 Premier League sides!

  47. Arsene's analyst

    Just imagine, Arsene spent nothing, made 10 million profit, he is in heaven, ejaculating at the thought of the 150 million cash still untouched, and two players added to the squad with no expenditure, this is a perfect scenario for Wenger, better than sex, He is then gutted when Chips, spunks 42.5 million quid on Ozil, Wenger is comatose, unconscious and in need of mouth to mouth resuscitation, to revive him, 42.5 million pounds, say it slowly ARSENE, sacre fucking bleu this cunt never spent that in a transfer window let alone on ONE PLAYER, no wonder the professor wants total control over ALL transfers, but the new Chairman pulls rank and tells this fuck wit to sit down and manage the tea, we will look after the finances

  48. Arsene's analyst

    Wenger never buys English unless they are kids, Ox et al, go fuck yourself son you don’t know shit from clay

  49. Arsene's analyst

    This manager is in Italy on the last day how in the fuck is it AW signing, keep pulling your cock you dim wit

  50. Arsene's analyst

    Leicester 1 Arsenal 1, this manager cannot utilize Sanchez and Ozil to beat Leicester, it’s fucking pitiful

  51. Jeff

    I can’t believe one or two on here have already started talking about the January window as being the one that’s going to see us fill the positions we desperately need. That is some big old glass being half full isn’t it? How much more maltreatment can any Arsenal fan take before they finally “get it”? There are fans out there and here saying that it’s been an “OK” window because of the earlier transfers forgetting that with the exception of Sanchez, all we did was replace people that left and I’m not certain that we actually replaced Vermaelen.

    It’s a terrible indictment when fans openly try to put some sort of a brave face on things because of their long-held allegiance to a man who’s all but finished in just about all respects to do with football. Denial is a terrible thing isn’t it.

  52. Arsene's analyst

    This club has seriously lost it’s way as far as football is concerned, since Dein left this club is the pits, rudderless in a football sense, a bunch of businessmen who have no fucking idea about football,leaving a pensioner in charge to do almost everything, this joint is heading for the rocks

  53. ArseneWengerNose

    In his defense, Sanogo will one day become a 50 million pound forward. You don’t pass on one of those when available for free.

  54. Arsene's analyst

    Not only did we not replace Vermaelen, we lost Miquel, while not a great CD he was a body that could be used in an emergency, Wenger buys 2 right backs, and will use one of them, Chambers as a CD when Kos and Per go down, suicidal

  55. ArseneWengerNose

    It’s absolutely laughable mate. People crying over the Welbeck signing because “it will prevent us from going after a world class CF”, what fucking world class CF? Two years and the mug hasn’t replaced RVP, or Song for that matter. What the bloody hell is he waiting for? Denial is indeed a horrible, terrible thing. Wake up you fools.

  56. Arsene's analyst

    In every corporate business there is structure from top to bottom, levels of administrative duties,each taking care of his own department, at this football club we have the lowest on the rung, the manager, running a billion pound conglomerate, telling the owner what to do, influencing the Chairman on how to run things, the manager getting 8 million quid a year, while his boss Gazidis get 2.6 million quid

    This is a dysfunctional fucking circus

  57. Jeff

    AA, certainly we are short at the back – every man and his guide dog can see that and judging by the performance of the competitive games we’ve played so far this season, it seems to me like we’re heading for the falls and nobody at the club gives a damn. You’d think that even if they themselves don’t know much about football at least they would take advice from the neutrals outside but nope – they just carry on relying on finishing fourth. We are heading for the falls and will be extremely lucky to finish fourth this season.

  58. Arsene's analyst

    No point in having a world class CF, with our midfield, we are as soft as jelly in our middle, Ramsey, Jack, Arteta, they walk through the middle of our team when we don’t have possession, Flamini is a red card waiting to happen every time he steps onto a football pitch

  59. ArseneWengerNose

    I feel like Monreal’s size, aerial prowess, and instincts on defense makes him a prime candidate to be our back up CB.

    If Gibbs is hurt, you go with Flamini as LB.

    If Arteta is hurt, you go with OX or Wilshere in the holding role.

    Easy peasey me thinks. The trick is to not define a player based on his position. When you do that, truly you can plug a footballer anywhere on the pitch and expect him to perform.

    LB, CM, CAM, LW, all oppressive terms to shackle the mind and soul. It’s not like one of them is playing football and the other is playing lacrosse FFS. We have options!

    ^ The Wenger way.

  60. ADKB

    I’d have loved to see Suarez playing for us. Even Balotelli was worth the punt as he can score goals.

    Are ManC rubbish then? Hull beat them 1-0 at home.

    The “D” in my nick is “DOESN’T” 🙂

  61. Jeff


    Is that right? People think Wellbeck will prevent a world class striker from coming in? 😆

    We have much, much bigger things to worry about like the fact that this whole regime simply doesn’t know what to do or how to do it. It is running out of fuel and nobody’s remembered to pack a parachute.

  62. Arsene's analyst

    Is that so nose, let Henry try and play Vieira’s position, then ask Gilberto to play Henry’s position, theses positions are specialist positions, put Monreal in as CD and you will get crucified against good sides

  63. Al

    Jesus christ. ..what on earth is happening on legrove at the moment. The decent posters and post are being lost with the amount of repetitive rubbish some guys are posting.

  64. Emiratesstroller

    We are obsessed with the striker position for the last two or three years, but the real concern for me throughout this window are the cb and dmf positions.

    It beggars belief that we are going into the season with just two established centre backs particularly since Koscielny has missed 2 games with an injury. Chambers may be a talents boy but his experience in that position is minimal.

    Also he is a natural replacement for Mertesacker rather than Koscielny and moving the former to left side of defence did not look particularly successful.

    What I would like to know is why Wenger lost out on Manolas, because this player did not cost the earth and surely we should have been in position to outgun Roma in transfer market.

    Of even more concern to me is that we sold Miquel on last day of transfer window when we had this crisis. At least this player has some first
    team experience. What we seem to be left with in emergency is Monreal who is not remotely suited to position and Hayden who plays mainly defensive midfield in reserves.

    This is untenable position and I suspect that what may happen now is that we land up with a short term loanee who is out of contract should
    such a player exist.

    It will be interesting to hear Wenger’s explanation for this state of affairs and possible solution should one of our two main centre backs
    succumb to injury.

  65. Arsene's analyst

    Well Al with Wenger’s repetitive fucking shit we have to put up with, I guess it was always going to happen don’t fret, nothing new to see here Al move on

  66. Jeff


    Come January, I suspect we’ll be languishing in position 5 or 6 (or even lower) and then what you say will probably transpire – we’ll go out looking for people to push us towards fourth. A freebie or a cheap short term solution to see us through till the summer when everyone will start saying “yeah – this time he has to buy”. He’s been doing this for a decade now – i.e. never quite making adequate provision for the season ahead – and they still go on believing “this time”. 🙁

  67. Arsene's analyst

    We will line up in a CL game with Bellerin at RB Chambers CD, Monreal CD, Flamini LB, it will be a slaughter,

  68. ArseneWengerNose

    Yaya (not the Frenchman) would’ve been Vieira’s replacement, but didn’t Wenger let him slip from under his nose?

    Now he’s more of an offensive catalyst at this stage of his career, but on Barcelona he’s shown that he can break up attacks and shield the midfield. He’s got the total package, like Paddy.

  69. N5

    A1, it’s ne.il, AKA Anal Cyst, who comes here and says the same things over and over and over and over, night after night.

    He’s already been banned twice, but now he has two new accounts. What a winner!!

  70. Arsene's analyst

    Come January I hope we have the luxury of being 5th or 6th, I think lower on the ladder than that, this has disaster all over it

  71. ArseneWengerNose

    Didn’t Wenger say he hates the winter transfer market, and if it was up to him it wouldn’t be there. Yeah, the only way we’ll sign anyone of merit is if we were 8 points or so from a CL place. Like in 2009 when we signed Arshavin.

  72. Arsene's analyst

    Ito had this guy pegged a snipe a gutter snipe ask ito about this low life flea, this turd n5 is one of the reasons wenger is still here with us, this fag follows him around the country, season ticket holder, you should be ashamed N5 you pillow biter

  73. Arsene's analyst

    well come on with the smart snide remarks n5 u little nancy boy speak up, oops sorry I didn’t see the cock in your mouth

  74. Evan

    ArseneWengerNose September 3, 2014 06:53:40
    I’m almost afraid to ask. What’s a pillow biter?

    I thought the same, I can guess what it means…
    Sounds funny, I’d rather note Google search it at work though 🙂

  75. Klauspoppe

    Honestly Welbeck is ahead of Podolski, Ox, Campbell, Gnarby, Sanogo just from his defensive work alone.

    I think he’s better suited to Arsenal’s style of play and actually think he may surprise a few people this season. It’s unfortunate that he was shoehorned into wide positions as a defensive winger at United, but that work ethic he has in tracking back and freeing up space could certainly something Arsenal could exploit to their advantage with Ramsey,Ozil etc making runs in behind.

  76. ArseneWengerNose

    Agreed. I hope his injury isn’t too bad and we see him in action soon. He’ll definitely have a point to prove, and will be determined to succeed.

    Giroud being out for months and not interrupting the process of integrating Danny into the team might be a blessing in disguise.

    Let’s just hope Wenger doesn’t do anything mental, like playing him out of position.

  77. Al


    Not sure if it’s sad or quite worrying. …the guy has been having a one way conversation since 6 in the morning. …If he is based in the UK that is crazy

  78. Klauspoppe

    “Giroud being out for months and not interrupting the process of integrating Danny into the team might be a blessing in disguise. ”

    Lovely ain’t it.

  79. ArseneWengerNose

    Not to sound like an insensitive bastard. I like Giroud, and generally I would be more sympathetic towards a person going through something difficult in his life, like an injury that would sideline you for months. But you know what they say, you got to break a few eggs to make an omlet. If you get your hands on some lemons, make lemonade. Something to that effect.

  80. Emiratesstroller


    What Wenger bought in this transfer window apart from second string gk were all essentially flank players.

    Welbeck may or may not solve our striker position. Time will tell. Despite all the negatives I read I do believe that we should at least give him the chance to prove what he can do.

    My real concern is that Wenger has ‘neglected’ our defence and spine.You
    cannot go into the next 25-30 games with just two established centre backs one of whom has an achilles injury.

    I appreciate that Sporting Lisbon were asking an inflated price for Carvalho,
    but he would have killed in this acquisition 2 birds with one stone and sometimes you need to bite bullet and pay an inflated price. The reality is that Sporting need to sell him because the third party investor in the player has
    gone bust.

    The current situation is now a huge gamble. Others apart from Wenger should have put their foot down and made sure that we are not in such a
    predicament that we find ourselves in.

  81. Daniel2160

    Morning all

    Just read some reports where we offered 16 millions euros and Campbell (12 million euros) to Sporting for Carvalho. In pound sterling, that’s the equivalent – give or take a few spondoolicks – of £20.5 million quid.

    Sporting apparently wanted £24 mil.

    So, instead of stumping up the cash that we all know we have, we decided to haggle like a chav in a car boot sale. If this is true, it speaks volumes about the man running our transfer policy; pay the asking price and get in a highly rated beast of a DM who can also play CB, or fuck about and end up with nothing.

    Marvellous, just marvellous.

  82. the Hothead

    Wenger in the top 10 of managers around? Are you taking the piss whoever said that?!!!! 8 years ago he was but not now, i wouldnt even have him in the top 5 in England let alone taking Europe into account!!! Worst tactical manager in the league, in fact he has 1 tactic and thats it.

  83. Klauspoppe


    All better than Wenger from record in last 5 seasons.

    LVG is a shitcunt. Lower species than Wenger himself. Possibly on the level of Scolari, Sabella, Hodgson cunts who ruined the world cup.

  84. Leedsgunner

    “Just read some reports where we offered 16 millions euros and Campbell (12 million euros) to Sporting for Carvalho. In pound sterling, that’s the equivalent – give or take a few spondoolicks – of £20.5 million quid.”

    Depends when it was made — if it was made in the beginning of the summer people might have been more open because they have the time to get a replacement in. Although if it was me I would have offered a bit more case up front say 20 million euros plus a player to make the actual deal worth as much as the selling club’s valuation. Otherwise people think they are being ripped off. If you offer a fair price as a starting position I think most clubs would be willing to listen. The question is I wonder do we do this? Maybe we have an unwelcome reputation in the market. 🙁

    In fact I bet that’s why a lot of clubs probably won’t deal with Wenger when he wants to buy because he underbids so often and maybe previously they have been burnt…

  85. Wallace

    “there is a reason there is so much good will towards him – not only does he give his all, play with a smile on his face and appear to be a decent person, but he just looks beautiful when he plays. elegant and stylish. i have a horrible feeling he will be excellent for arsenal.”

    – man utd fan

  86. Emiratesstroller


    I agree 100% with that point of view.

    I have no objection to Arsenal buying players at lowest cost possible, but sometimes you do need to bite the bullet. Wenger and presumably the negotiators seem always to walk away if they don’t accept valuation.

    The reality is that there is an acute shortage of top quality centre backs and to
    lesser extent defensive midfielders in market and rather like strikers they are
    now fetching inflated prices. Wenger seems still to be on the £10 million threshold for CB and perhaps between £15-20 million on DMF.

    Arsenal have spent a lot of money in this transfer market by their standards
    with very little coming back in. Apparently according to Transfermarkt we received less than £9 million for Vermaelen and not £15 million being touted. If that is true we were daft in selling him unless he had a long term injury.

    It is for me the same argument as when we offloaded Van Persie. Sometimes it is better holding onto a quality player until end of contract even if he then leaves on freebie.

    As I said Wenger’s ‘huge gamble’ will cost us dear if either Mertesacker or Koscielny get injured and we land up in January or Summer out of equation to qualify for Europe.

    In contrast to Man Utd our club will find it exceedingly difficult to recruit top
    players because the club will not be in that situation spend huge sums of money on buying players.

    At the moment there are in EPL 3 clubs willing to pay inflated prices to secure
    best talent. Arsenal now fit into same category as Liverpool and Spurs who can
    buy maybe one top player each year, but depend on CL qualification to secure
    other good players.

  87. Thank you and goodnight

    I don’t know why people are mocking Bamford. I don’t blame him at all. I’ve supported Arsenal since I was 9, since 83, and I’m now at the stage that win lose or draw I really don’t give a fuck anymore. In fact if we lost every game from now until end of season it wouldn’t bother me at all. I’ve got this customer who was a die hard gooner for 30 plus years. Tells me stories of partying with Arsenal players amongst other stories. He stopped following Arsenal 8 years ago as he said it started to become a business and he could see way football was heading. He doesn’t watch any Arsenal games anymore or even bother reading up match reports either. While Wenger and kroenke remain I am now of the same disposition as him. I come on here because the banter is good and their are some very funny posters on here…..plus I can laugh at the AKB’S as they try to justify the arse fucking we’re going to get.

  88. lemonadethatcoolrefeshingdrink


    Totally agree with you

    I watch the matches only because the two little un’s want to see the games – so we would watch it in a pub (child friendly of course!)
    I would never subscribe to Sky Sports (the death of Football as i know it)
    And i dont give a shit for Arsenal and everything that surrounds it
    I have supported Arsenal (or been a Fan since 78 when we got beat by Ipswich in the Final, My old man is arsenal and i dont think he gives a shit anymore either)

    When i used to go, all over the country, you went with your pals and had a right good laugh etc etc, now when you read the reviews about the Emirate stadium (its a lovely stadium with Leather Seats!…Leather Seats FFS!!!) thats the theatre for me not football

    is boring, sterile shit pit of a ground with no redeeming features. Give me Highbury any day.

    I speak to loads of people who couldnt give a flying fuck about their clubs and now support non league or lower league teams

    When you have a stadium full of AKB’s you know its time to move on and not for you anymore!