Falcao to United? Where were you Arsene?

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Where to start eh people?

Firstly yesterday was depressing in the extreme, secondly it’s transfer deadline day… to Arsenal fans what Christmas Day is to a Muslim child in London. Everyone else is out there unwrapping gifts and we’re sitting there being told, ‘it’s not our thing’…

Anyway, the folly of Arsene kicked into gear nice and early yesterday when he announced our line up which boasted a wide playing Ozil with Yaya Sanogo as our main striking outlet. It was going to be a tough afternoon in the final third.

Sanchez put us one up when he sniffed out a duffed Sanogo pass Schmeichel failed to deal with. The Chilean drove a low shot home from close range.

Down the other end, Koscielny who had previously been knocked out was allowed back onto the pitch, which to me and all the guys in the bar seemed crazy considering the press focus on concussion in the game. Turned out he wasn’t fit to play. He didn’t seem to have the where with all to focus on the one man he was tracking which allowed Leicester to head home. I don’t mean the pick on Szeceney, but his positioning was terrible.

We huffed and puffed but we couldn’t make anything happen against a resilient Leicester defence. 1 goal a piece felt like a fair result.

Key points for Arsenal:


He’s a number 10, he was in the press stating that’s his favoured position, so why are we playing him out wide where he has almost zero impact. He looks like a fish up a tree, truly woeful. He’s not interested at the best of times, he certainly didn’t enjoy it yesterday. Why won’t Arsene try Rosicky or Joel Campbell there instead? Those two really are on the shit list. The absurdity of playing him outwide is that if that was the plan, why didn’t Wenger buy Cesc as a number ten and flog the fading Cazorla?


He’s a very raw kid who has unfairly been thrown into the cauldron of Arsenal’s depleted strike force. He’s not good enough right now. He’s not good enough for the league right now. Why are we allowing him to cut his teeth in our first team? I mean, I can’t even see where the finished product is going here. His technique is questionable, his touch is heavy, his passing is woeful and his ability to read the game is so off the pace. He’s not even strong.

Yaya in our starting 11 is both laughable and negligent. Things got so bad in the pub I was in, that Liverpool and Spurs fans were singing to keep him on the pitch. The craziest thing about it is we have Joel Campbell who has three seasons of two leagues, a World Cup and the champions league. Why isn’t he being given a shot?


Now, here is where you really get an insight into Wenger’s ‘stubborn to the point of reckless’ behaviour. Against Everton last week, Sanchez had an average first half in his first Premier League game as a striker. Wenger yanked him at half time. A pretty serious move that can be demotivating.

This week, Sanogo absolutely stinks out the place to the point you feel for him. Wenger doesn’t change a thing. He doesn’t just keep things steady for a bit then yank him… he waits into the 74th minute. Where is the consistency Arsene? Absolute madness. That game was crying out for some pace and directness. Wenger sat on his hands and allowed Leicester to taste the finish line.

Key Players:

Aaron Ramsey was very poor yesterday, he had almost zero impact on the game, his passing was off and played like he had things on his mind. Odd to drop Jack Wilshere after he had such a positive game midweek. Flamini was also poor, really not found that form from  early last season. It’s a struggle out there when your main men aren’t firing on all cylinders. Alarming part is that Aaron and Flamini don’t have World Cup fatigue to blame.


As the post yesterday highlighted, Pearson has a plan and he works to the strengths of his squad. If Leicester had more quality in the final third, they probably would have beaten us. They played some very good football at times, their Argentinian striker had the better of our back 4 on numerous occasions. A real worry, because they’re a budget side showing more ingenuity than us.


Again, total disregard for the planning process. If you’re lining up against slow fullbacks, gut instinct would tell you they loading the front line with pace, particularly the wide areas, would be a simple but effective tactic. We don’t even do the basics. Where is the vision for our play? What is Wenger trying to achieve?

I couldn’t tell you. I can look at most sides and see roughly what their coach is trying to achieve. I watched Liverpool before the game, now, I know I’ve a bit of a hardon for Rodgers, but I think he’s a talent. You can see exactly what he’s trying to achieve on the pitch and you can see what he’s trying to build with those players. Power and pace all over the park. Smart set up. Intricate passing systems. Sure, it’s not perfect, but you can see where his plan is going. Mourinho comes in, year one he has a clear out, year two he makes his moves. Two genius signings in Cesc and Costa. He’s built out the rest of the squad with top quality and he’s sold well.

What is our plan? We’ve bought a wide man to compliment our forward line. What else? It’s replacing rather than building. A pal I was with yesterday asked the last time we signed a beast of a player. I couldn’t think. Maybe the actual beast (Baptista). It’s quite incredible to think a man who rakes in £8m a can go into a season with no real plan.


What’s crazy is that we’ve needed a striker for 2 years. We’ve known since last Monday that Giroud is a write off until January. We don’t move for Remy until two days ago, then we pull out and let Chelsea have him? Honestly, what’s going on? Wenger knows he needs a striker and he’s dithering. Arsenal fans can snort at Remy all they want, but ultimately, he’s ten times the player Sanogo is. It’s not like strikers haven’t moved this summer. Diego Costa was £32m on an activation clause, Manzukic moved to Atletico Madrid, Immobile went to Dortmund and Mario Ballotelli moved to Liverpool. Utter madness we’ve let the whole summer pass us by… now we’ve got to pray that there are some desperate clubs willing to let goal scoring talent go at a time when you can’t replace.


… and don’t you dare say money. The biggest clubs find the money to succeed.

Transfer Deadline Day:

Good news is that we are working away at transfers, so we’re not totally cold today. It’ll be a big ask for Dick Law to pull anything off at this time, but he’s trying. However, once again, we’re reacting to a bad result rather than going into a season well equipped to succeed. It’s a massive failing of Arsene, but let’s face it, he’s an old man playing a young mans game, he’s never going to pick it up. What should happen is our CEO should have stepped in and forced some action. He’s let the manager run a shit show again. We’re heading into another season under equipped and he’s allowed that to happen. It’s weak self-serving management all over the club.

… and don’t be arrogant enough to think our top 4 place is secured forever. There’s only so many summers you can piss around and let the competition get better before your complacency catches up with you.

We have a disgusting run of fixtures coming up that could see us in a world of shite if we continue this poor run of form. Manchester City after the international break could be a disaster, Dortmund away is always going to be tough, Villa away will be hard, Southampton are always tough followed by Spurs, Galatasaray capped off with Chelsea.

We look a long way off being ready to take on these games…

Another season with a double helping of more of the same. It’s so boring. But fingers crossed, it’s transfer deadline day, where then magic happens…

P.S. All the below confirmed… no strikers this summer?

Liverpool – Mario / Lambert

United – Falcao

Chelsea – Costa / Remy

If I get any good info later today, there will more posts…

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  1. Arsene's analyst

    Wait until this club starts losing money, wait until their stock drops, sending shock waves to Kroenke in the US fucking A, like United measures will have to be put in place to arrest the slide, Moyes fucked off, and 200 million quid spent on players to boost the stock price, wait until the fans revolt at the Emirates when this team of no hopers fall to 8th on the ladder and CL is a million fucking miles away, wait until all the jewels have been sold by Wenger and there is nothing left, this cunt will be out the door faster than you can say Danny Welbeck

  2. Arsene's analyst

    Because they do just what has to be seen to be doing something, doing just enough when challenged by fans, they are not that arrogant as to do nothing, Keswick knows this, Wenger don’t his head is in the twilight zone

  3. Arsene's analyst

    Chips, unlike hill wood, can sense trouble brewing, and it was brewing last summer, so he did something about it, bought Ozil last day last minute after the Villa fiasco, Wenger can do much what he likes, but sometimes there are critical measures that need to be made, and the Chairman is not sitting by while the irate fans destroy the Emirates when we have 150 million quid and the manager gets 2 free transfers, Chips saw the possible danger then, just like now with Danny

  4. MidwestGun

    So I can blame Chips for Welbeck and telling Ozil and Sanchez to lie about speaking to AW and him convincing them to come. Sorry….. convoluted conspiracy, theory.
    How about AW is in charge and he’s made all the bad decisions including last minute buys.
    My theory seems more plausible and easier to remedy.

  5. Arsene's analyst

    If Arsene Wegner had his way, I know Welbeck would not have been purchased, he said so a day earlier, he has his forward line, imaging for a moment if Welbeck was not bought by Chips, or Gazidis, or LAw, it sure as hell wasn’t Wenger, if there was no striker, just like last season there is a a fan uproar, they are not taking this fucking garbage 2 years from Wenger, no way, and a good Chairman recognized this, just to put Arsene back on track, a little 16 million quid nudge, a back up plan, plan b if you will, good governance by Keswick

  6. Sam

    Window is closed now. I didn’t want welbeck but he’s an arsenal player now
    We didn’t get Cb , we have chambers but huge risk in case of injury to any senior
    We didn’t get DM maybe coquelin should be given a chance till January
    Let’s just get on with it

  7. Arsene's analyst

    This is a billion pound club with many tiers to it, and it will not be ruined by a mad fucking professor who is on his last legs, as Jeff pointed out if this club misses the top 4 it could be out in the wilderness for a while because of ffp, unable to just spend the money they have to get back in, Wenger has fucked this club, that’s why investment is made to just finish in the top 4 to maintain the gravy train ride

  8. ughelligunner

    People saying Chambers would be over played at 19, but are giving credit to Shaw at 18 for 35m won’t this boy be over played too?
    How old was Varane when PePe was dropped for him by morhino? We arsenal fans are always of double standard either way.
    Wishere was burnt out cos he was played all over the age grade for England including matches for Arsenal.
    Moreno (spelling) at Liverpool has played 2 full games against city and spurs, if we had bought him wenger would be roasted for using him against the big sides.
    Double standard. Lets be fair in our reasoning emotions aside.

  9. Arsene's analyst

    Wenger likes the personal touch, he likes to visit the family talk to the parents of the player he is trying to sign, give the effect that the manager cares

    So now you are telling me he is in Italy managing a club side talking on the phone conducting transfer business, yea danny that’s kool you can come to our club no sweat welcome, your in, see you soon as I get back from fucking around over here, last day transfer deadline and this cunt is in Italy, please

  10. Jeff

    So now the dust has settled here’s my verdict and prognosis on Wellbeck.

    As things currently stand, he is better than Sanogo so that is a plus. If we had a super striker and Wellbeck was just a backup (like at Man U), it would be fine – not great but fine. However, I’m sure we’re going to play him as our top striker until Giroud returns – could be up to 5 months. Will Wellbeck get 16 goals? That’s the question we have to ask. Is he capable of that? Well, maybe but it’s not a definite – in fact if I was a betting man I’d say no he won’t.

    So the verdict is that while it’s a good stop gap, it’s not a solution to our main striker problems whether Giroud is injured or not. Giroud himself is not good enough and hasn’t been for any time he’s played for Arsenal. So we will suffer whatever happens – this is almost a certainty.

  11. MidwestGun

    N.eil –
    Well… it’s been a real joy talkin with you whilst you hurled insults at me. Let’s do this again. Maybe you can explain that time machine that takes football back to 1971, again. Enjoy the meds.
    Tell you what…….. I’ll leave it at at least we both can agree AW needed to go last year.

    N5 –
    See…. n.eil and I are besties now. Hahaha.

  12. Evan

    Fergie on Welbeck (autobiography)

    At 19 he was still shooting up and encountering problems with his knees. I told him to go carefully in training sessions and save his best for matches. He was on course to end up 6 feet 2 inches or 6 feet 3 inches tall. But what a good player. Such a confident boy. I said to him: ‘One of these days I’m going to kill you,’ because he was such a cocky so-and-so, and he replied, ‘I’ll probably deserve it.’ Touché. He had an answer for everything.”

  13. Sam

    Without Giroud n sanogo we have good strikers
    The problem is wenger n his selection, if he makes things simple we will play good football. Play Ozil behind a quick striker in this case Welbeck n 2 wingers; Sanchez, chamberlain, Campbell n Walcott
    Wilshere n cazorla on the bench n Ramsey free to roam in the middle.

  14. Wallace

    i know this won’t a popular view on here, but i’m happy to back Welbeck against Balotelli & Falcao. still gobsmacked we didn’t add a CB or DM, but i think Welbeck will prove a very good signing.

  15. Sam

    A real panic buy is that greedy mercenary falcao. 300k a week no champions league football
    If man u fail again will make wenger look like genius
    Bad news if they all click n start blowing teams away
    Falcao-Rooney- van persie-di Maria- mata wow!

  16. ughelligunner

    Cech, we won’t be able to compete for the title true. But the way we do deals and the way of chelsea is different.
    You r into law and you know there are shady business which our beloved arsenal wouldn’t be involved in.
    Comparing us to chelsea you have world class players everywhere? Theirs is just to change 2 or 3 players. Ours is about 9 starting positions.
    Take man utd for instance, they are going all out how much have they spent yet their defence is still a suspect. They have to change the whole lot but still can’t do it in a window.
    Our beloved Arsenal wouldn’t do a window change all of a sudden? That’s what Keyser has been alluding to all this while.

  17. MidwestGun

    15 pages. I feel like I was a part of Le Grove history. 😀

    Anyhow, have to catch Pedro’s post later.

    N5 – I feel like n.eil and I were about to have a breakthrough. I agree he’s mental…..and he agrees I’m annoying him. Hahaha

    Anyhow, catch y’all in the afternoon.

  18. Thank you and goodnight

    Fuck this I’m off. Like Bamford I’ll pop up on here from time to time to take piss out of the AKB’S, but that’s it for me. Arsenal will always be in my heart and blood and i’ll keep an eye from a distance, but fucked if I’m going to waste my emotions on the club while le senile cunt is alive and while it’s still owned by that despicable cunt of a man kroenke. When Arsehole wanker pops his clogs and this club returns to genuinely trying to compete then great….till that day comes FUCK YOU WENGER FUCK YOU KROENKE FUCK YOU GAZIDIS AND A SPECIAL FUCK YOU TO ALL YOU MUG AKB’S.

  19. the Hothead

    Welbeck is a good all round striker he just doesnt score enough. He has been deployed out wide mostly at Man u so hopefully if he starts in the middle for us he will become more prolific.

    He is considerably better than our options at present so I am neither delighted or disappointed by his purchase.

    By far our biggest issue right now is, who the fuck is going to play CB with Kos out of action due to his head injury and Miquel leaving. We have no fit CBs after Merts and Chambers.

    Wenger you fukkin mong! Don’t bother returning from Rome you lanky prick.

  20. gazzap

    First up, Welcome Danny Welbeck, I sincerely hope your Arsenal career is a big success.

    I do wonder what this says to Joel Campbell. No wonder he was trying to get a move to Benfica. Bench all season for him then esp when Walcott returns. So my second point is we have far too many wide attackers (players that only play in the forward wide positions in a 4-3-3). We have Walcott, Sanchez, Ozil, Cazorla, Campbell, Podolski and The Ox (7). 7 for 2 positions.
    Compare that to the number of players we have for the central midfield: Wilshere, Ramsey, Arteta, Flamini, and Rosicky. (5). 5 for 3 positions.
    And we have 3 centre forwards, Giroud, Sanogo, Welbeck, which I think is the right number. So just quality issues there.
    I would rather we have one less winger and at least one more central midfielder. 5 centre mids is not enough to cover 3 positions all season. Arteta and Flamini are probably not even good enough. Ros is getting on a bit. I would say centre of the pitch is where we are well short of both numbers and quality.
    At the back we can bring full backs into the middle in an emergency but we are in reality one centre back short.

  21. Gunneruni


    I used to be a massive Wenger fan, his first two seasons were unbelievable, the invincibles propelled him to godlike status in my eyes… Then it started to go downhill with the sale of our best players, the lack of ambition, the lack of trophies and then during the arsenal v !anchester united game a couple of seasons ago (where Welbeck scored the winner) the mood in the stadium was like nothing I’ve ever seen, fans were feral and I began to doubt the manager.But the farce of this transfer window where we actually are weaker in defence and defensive midfield is CRIMINAL.

    Now I’m done, I want this selfish obnoxious fraud out of my club. We don’t owe him anymore loyalty. He’s holding us back. We will finish 5th this season, there’s no doubt about that. All rivals have better teams

  22. Ashwin Gunner

    We signed Welback

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah.. OMG,. this is too funny..

    We gave them the best striker in PL and got their worst striker.. ha ha

    but.. have to acknowledge. that he is definitely better than the postman..

    but i cant believe that we passed on Baletoll for 16m and got him for the same price.

  23. Thank you and goodnight


    As for keyser mate he’s a bell end. A smug cunt a la wenger.
    “What keyser is alluding to is fact we can’t completely bring in all the players we need in one window”

    Again trying to absolve wenger of blame.
    1) who’s Fucking fault is it that the squad is so poor that only an outlay of 150 million to 200 million would be needed to get this squad to look like genuine contenders? If Wenger had done his Job properly for the last 5 years and replaced outgoing players with equal ability or better incoming players we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  24. ughelligunner

    gambon September 1,
    2014 22:44:01
    2011 – Chamakh
    2012 – Giroud
    2013 – Sanogo
    2014 – Welbeck
    £28m spent on 4 CFs in the
    last 4 years….
    You dont think something as
    gone wrong at Arsenal?
    rollen September 1, 2014.

    And chelsea spent on Toures, Ba, Eto, lukaku, Costa, remy in that same year until they got it right in Costa.. How much is that?
    Liverpool has spent on Carroll, and co. Still looking for that trophy have not got it right even with suarez, that’s why he left.
    Man city had them all over before getting it right.
    We have still not spent half of what they spent to get it right if its what you are saying..

  25. Wallace

    “I don’t know what type of players Arsenal were looking for and frankly I don’t care. However, they are getting a top striker in Welbeck, surely better than what they already have (on the premise that Sanchez is not a pure centre-forward, that is). Although Danny always seemed to be maligned by opposition fans, United fans know exactly how good he is. Excellent ball control, great work ethic, strong ability to hold the ball, immaculate attitude/temperament. The main problem at United was that he could not get an extended run up front to prove how prolific he can be. He was always shunted to the wing and made to do a lot of donkey work. Yet when he had a decent run last season when both Rooney and Van Persie were out, he got 6 goals in 8 starts. I think Danny will be a star at Arsenal.”

    – Utd fan in Guardian comments section

  26. Thank you and goodnight

    A united fan from guardian wrote it…..or his agent? All my family are United cunts aand have at least 7 United fans among my acquaintances and not one of them rate welbeck. In fact 2 of my uncles exact qoutes were precisely ” you can Fucking have the useless prat. Don’t care who has him as long as he goes.”

  27. Jeff

    “I don’t know what type of players Arsenal were looking for”

    Hmm, always smell a rat when an opponent’s fan tells you to be happy with your purchase. 😆

  28. Jeff

    We thought we were out shopping for a Ferrari but came back with a Mini Cooper. Could we afford a Ferrari, yes. Why didn’t we get one? That money is reserved for other things. Sorry.

  29. MK

    Trying to be rational about this window. With the improvements others are making, we will drop out of the top 4 sooner or later if we continue this way. I find it hard to believe that the management @ the club (professionals who do this for a living) cannot see the gaps that most observers can. U can’t deny there are gaps, the results are a clear indicator. If they can see the gaps, why won’t they address them to enable us compete? I’m almost at the point where I’m beginning to wonder if the Arsenal financials aren’t a load of bullshit. Maybe there is no money. Or maybe I’m just looking for excuses, trying to make sense of it all.

  30. the Hothead

    Welbeck is a better fit for Arsenal than Balotelli. Balotelli fluffs just as many chances as Welbeck, Welbeck has mostly been marginalised out wide to accommodate others. His inter play is better than Balotelli, he is faster, he works harder and he wont get carded anywhere near as much as Balotelli. Welbeck will fit into our pass and move style better than “loner” Balotelli.

    Play Ozil behind Welbeck in the centre, with pace off the wings provided by Sanchez and Ox (replaced by Walcott when he is fit) and that is the paciest frontline in world football supported by one of the highest assist makers in world football.

  31. Graham Ward

    Our first team squad is a shambles, much like the clubs dealings in the transfer window, an unbalanced squad that cannot and will not compete for the title or champions league AGAIN ,,,, supporters are being taken for a ride just like the few world class players we have ,,,,, simply disgraceful

  32. Jeff


    Disappointed may be, but not distraught like we were when RVP was allowed to leave. Not distraught when Henry left. Not distraught when Veira left. Not distraught when Fabregas left – all pretty much for the same reason.

    Their only equivalent would have been Ronaldo but they more than made up for it in the years since he went – unlike us. There’s a world of difference Wallace – a world of difference – unfortunately.

  33. the Hothead

    Wenger has mismanaged the club for years, he has eroded squad quality to such an extent that not even the players believe in his methods thats why they queue up to leave citing as RVP did a difference of opinion or to win trophies.

    Neither owner or manager care about trophies, they care about making money and the prestige of playing in the best competition – but not having a hope in hell of ever winning it. Wenger is a one trick pony who has long since been found out. He lucked into the FA Cup win – he did everything possible to lose that match too. The sooner Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal and that moustached prick fucks off back to America the sooner Arsenal can re-establish ourselves as genuine contenders.

    That FA Cup win was the worst thing that could’ve happened to us, now we have this fukkin eejut manager for 3 more fukkin years.

  34. Jeff


    A wife that’s beaten regularly by her lunatic husband and still finds good things to say about him is going to be happy and hopeful when he turns up one day with a shrivelled bunch of flowers from the petrol station.

  35. Kane

    Welbeck is a good signing… but we have once again gone into a season with a squad incapable of challenging for the league and ECL.

    Name another top club who only have 3 centre backs?

    Where is our beast of a DCM?

    Pedro can you please do a Le Grove poll

    With the squad we have do you feel we can challenge for the league / ECL?

    I am going to reckon 85% of fans say NO


  36. jamie001

    i cant believe this, so we now have the same amount of options for the cf role which needs 1 player at a time as we only play 1 upfront so 3 maybe 4 decent players would suffice incase we ever decide to try something new & play 2 up top!! as we do for our whole defence as we only have 6 first team defenders, i mean thats ridiculous anyway you look at it, not happy, not welbecks fault i hope the lad does well but this team is being run absolutly shockingly cant see it happening to any other top 6 club so why should we settle for it at arsenal??

  37. Emiratesstroller

    The most important consideration about Welbeck is that he has played several years in EPL and as an established striker will adapt perhaps more quickly than many overseas players tend to do.

    Also he has something to prove. He will feel rejected by Man Utd and sometimes that proves to be an incentive.

    Welbeck costs us £16 million and frankly that is a low risk cost. If he does not
    make the grade with us there will be plenty of takers in EPL outside top 4 willing to take him off our hands and pay that sort of fee. He is not costing us the
    sort of transfer fees paid for Carroll and Bent.

  38. Roaaary

    People please stop saying welbeck is a good signing. United have offloaded a flop to us. We have been mugged by them again.

    Mark my words on this. Welbeck falls over whenever he shoots and is chamakh-esque in his style. He isn’t deadly at all. Dogshit signing

  39. Jeff

    One thing I will say about Man U though is that if they still don’t manage to climb out of the cesspit with £150m spent, they will be in so much trouble. It is a huge gamble on their part – they’ve actually taken the extreme brute force route to affect a change in fortunes and it had better happen otherwise it’s goodnight from them.

  40. Daniel2160

    We have 6..yeah SIX defensive players in our squad. Monreal is our 4th centre back! I know certain weak minded Gooners have been cumming in their pants at the signing of Welbeck, but let’s not get it twisted.

    The transfer window has been a right royal fuck up and no amount of spin will cover up that fact. Sure, Welbeck isn’t a bad addition, and at least it delays the spectre of Sanogo leading our line against decent sides, but c’mon that was a last minute panic buy to cover up the fact we – The Arsenal – couldn’t get what everyone and his auntie know what we need, a centre back and a defensive midfielder than can run over 3mph and stands over 5ft 5in.

    In short, this cluster-fuck of a transfer window means that we have TWO decent centre backs (Chambers is a fine prospect, but to expect him to perform like a seasoned international is a bit much) 2 left backs (one of which spends more time on the injury table than he does on the field) and 2 right backs (one of which is also our 3rd choice CB). No doubt Bellerin will be promoted to the 1st team squad but that still means we are two injuries/suspensions away from a Chambers/Monreal centre back partnership. Ulp!

    We also have a midfield that parts like the Red Sea around the time of Moses when facing strong, physical, skilful players the likes of which other ‘big’ clubs have in abundance but we don’t have at all. I still have nightmares of the Man Citys, Chelseas and Liverpools of this world cutting through us like we weren’t there, and that’s not even mentioning Madrid, Bayern, etc.

    Now I know Arsene and the rest of the wise monkeys will come out with the usual excuses – i.e. we didn’t have enough time, the players weren’t there, I had a toothache and it put me off, etc, but that’s not good enough or even true. Apparently, Carvalho was available but – quelle surprise – we wouldn’t stump up the cash. Same goes for the Greek bloke who went to Roma. Alderweireld could have been grabbed but went to Southampton, and there are a few others that I haven’t the time or inclination to go into right now.

    In short, we have shown once again that our manager and board are more interested in what’s in our bank account than what’s on the field. I still think that Wenger and his tactics aren’t good enough to win the big prizes any more, and to progress he has to go, but for Gods sake, at least make sure we have a squad that can challenge. I’m so pissed off at putting up with the same incompetence year after year and remaining a little big club – when the fuck will it end?

  41. miki dora

    Imagine if we actually purchased Benzema or Suarez. Or any of the other strikers we were fucking around trying to sign.

    Welbeck isn’t a Wenger signing.

    Like I said yesterday, this is a seminal moment in him fucking off back to France.

  42. Kethees

    Kallstorm signing was more than enough to judge Wenger’s vision & ambition.
    If you want you can add his exceptional quality like – Park, silvester, Sanogo,

  43. Klauspoppe

    Happy Kagawa is back at Dortmund. Disgusting how United wasted 2 years of his time. Even when he had a good performance he never got consecutive run of games.

    Wouldn’t be surprised of Dortmund challenging Bayern for Bundesliga now.

  44. Manzabadman

    Morning peeps!
    Welbeck hey, doesnt seem like a wenger signing to me, reckon the board thought he was taking the piss by going to rome, so they thought, “lets buy us a striker, coz we need one”….and who happened to be training at our ground all day yesterday lol

    An OK signing, not WC, not crap…..COULD get the goals, he has everything we need and reminds me of a certain Henry stuggling at Juve on the wing. Stats show he has been more effective than Giroud and thats from the wing…in our squad, he’ll get plenty of chances and id be confident he can put 1 in 3 away in a match

    I’ll get behind him, but gutted we didnt link a DMF and CB, could bite us, i dont recall there being an up and coming CB in our youth system (under 21s) but from what i hear, we got stiched at the last min for carvalho…sporting bumped their price back up once we had bid the 24m….buggers…but serves Arsene right for leaving it so late! Have a good one peeps!

  45. gunnergetyou

    Let get this right, we actually only have 2 specialist CB’s at the club. Our 3rd choice CB is a rookie 19 year old who is actually more known for being a RB, Our 4th choice is a guy who isnt even convincing in his natural position at LB.

  46. gonner83


    Plenty of takers outside the top 4?

    Tell me, what club out side the top 4 is going to the average Manc 115000 a week?
    It reeks of Nik bentder. If fact, I’d rather we still had Nik B. He’s a better player and his stats prove it.

    Worst of all is Welbeck is a born and bread Manc. Disgusting signing.

  47. Jim Lahey

    So last season for club & country:

    Giroud – Total shots = 171, On target = 68, Goals = 27

    So that is one goal for every 6.3 shots, he is hitting the target every 2.5 shots and scoring with every 2.5 shots on target.

    Welbeck – Total shots = 88, on target 38, Goals = 13

    One goal every 6.7 shots, hitting the target every 2.3 shots, scoring with every 2.9 shots on target.

    Stats taken from ESPN

  48. Emiratesstroller

    gonner 83

    His wages are apparently £80k per week.

    I think that there are plenty of clubs in EPL who would be willing to buy him in
    future. A transfer fee of £16 million and wages of £80k pw is well within compass of at least a dozen clubs outside top 4.

  49. gonner83

    His conversion rate is shocking. He doesn’t compare to a host of players who are on less money – we all know how hard its been trying to shift average players on high wages and here we are offering up that kind salary to a bang average player.

    How any of you can be pleased. We managed to beat Sunderland to him, that’s who we’re competing with for our goal scorer!

  50. theHotHead

    Stats are misleading and don’t forget he has not been leading the line at Man U he has been played out wide. He is a million times better than that fuckwit L’Oreal and the ball won’t bounce off him like it does L’Oreal – we may actually keep possession AND put pressure on defenders.

    Not the best signing but definitely far from being a bad signing. Fuck me, we have been reliant on the likes of Chamakh, Bendtner and Sanogo … so reasons to be cheerful at least with Wellbeck.

  51. Leedsgunner

    If Welbeck arrival means Mesut and Sanchez are brought back into his strongest position fair enough. Not happy about it, but he’s an Arsenal player now and let’s see how he does.

    I overreacted last night in writing him off, more to do with him being a Manchester United product. I’m willing to give him a chance to make something of himself — if he’s willing to work hard for the team and put the ball in net than more power to him.

    Astounded that TV5 wasn’t replaced even though we knew in May he was off and a DM wasn’t bought. We’re going to get overrun in the midfield versus teams that press us and come at us with pace.

    Man City isn’t going to be pretty is it?

  52. theHotHead

    It will be like shooting fish in a barrell when we play the top clubs – especially with Wenger’s “non tactics”. Can someone name another so-called “top manager” whose teams get regularly pummelled by 5 goals or more ??? It doesn’t happen to ANY other top manager and it certainyl does not happen to any other top club.

  53. Asher86

    I think Ozil is playing poorly on the left on purpose. Some of his passing/crosses were so misplaced, they had to be intentional. It’s either so Wenger will stop playing him there, or because he now feels like he’s too good for the team. I’m leaning more toward the latter.