Leicester… the detailed lowdown

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I was asked if I could write a pre-match post for Sunday’s game on Le Grove, and I thought “why the hell not?” I know about football. I can write. You see, Pedro and I have worked together for nearly three years now, so he knows exactly how capable I am when it comes to penning a riveting read. My thoughts immediately turned to the great and witty insights I could provide you all with after finally being recognised for my writing skills.

Then it dawned on me. I’m the only Leicester City fan he knows.

To be honest, it’s not that surprising. I’ve lived in London for five years now and I can’t recall coming across another Leicester supporter in all that time. Strangely, I’ve come across a hell of a lot of Coventry supporters during my time down here, but you’re always going to bump in to idiots no matter where you go.

Anyway, here’s my pre-match guide to all things Leicester.

Leicester churns out some incredible people. Willy Thorne? Yup, the gentleman of the baize is a Leicester boy. So is his best mate, Gary Lineker.

They even made a video about how strong their friendship is – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYqxmYgxhUA. It’s well worth a watch if you’ve got a spare 48 minutes and 53 seconds going on a Sunday morning, but did you know that half of MOTD has something to do with Leicester? We all know Gary is from Leicester, but Manish is a Leicester boy too, and Robbie Savage played for us, back when we were good. That was before Wenger came in, made Arsenal good and then gave up.

I remember seeing Robbie Savage driving through Leicester city centre in his silver Mercedes convertible. I think it was an SLK. He was driving at a reasonably slow speed, but his glorious, long, sun-kissed hair was flowing in the wind, elevated so that it protected the back of his neck from the harsh glare of the East Midlands sun. He didn’t look like a football player. In that moment, he looked like the son of a Greek god, raised on a diet of milk and honey. My friend asked me “Is that what a man looks like?” We looked at each other and just nodded in the kind of agreement that doesn’t need words. We just knew.
I saw the same friend the other day and we couldn’t help but talk about Robbie’s new haircut. What had he done?!?! The long, luxurious, carefree hippy locks had disappeared, only to be replaced with a Giroud-esque quiff. It seems to be all the rage these days, but both of our reactions were that of “what the hell has he done?”, but we soon realised that he was in transition, trading in decadence for a haircut for a man equipped to deal with the modern world.

In many ways, the story of Robbie Savage’s hair is a metaphor for Leicester City’s progress from runaway Championship leaders to Premiership new boys. In many ways it’s not, but I like the story and I want to see how much I can get away with on Le Grove.
Last year, Leicester City ran away with the Championship. It was sheer decadence. You see, we’ve got a decent manager in Pearson. I dare say he’s better than Wenger. Now I know that’s going to irritate a fair few of you, but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I’m a Leicester fan writing on an Arsenal blog. That’s half the reason why I said yes to writing this.
But have a read of this and then tell me I’m wrong.

A few years ago, Pearson was backpacking across Romania and was attacked by a pack of wild dogs and beat them away with his bare hands. How amazing is this story? Could you imagine Wenger doing that? Now this isn’t a case of me going “my manager is harder than yours”, but it’s an example of how Big Nige (that’s how I’m going to refer to him from now on) knows what he’s getting himself in for.
You see, before he set out, he read up on the area, heard about these dogs and learned that they have a history of attacking people. He also found out that they have sensitive noses and don’t like stinging nettles, so he made sure he took a big old walking stick with him and armed with his new found knowledge, set off. When he was attached, he dived in to a pile of stinging nettles. When they came back for him, he was nowhere near any stinging nettles, so he used his stick to hit them in the noses. They didn’t like that so they soon left him alone.
Now, if he’s done this kind of reading up before going on a walk, you can beat he’s had a look at you guys. He’ll set the team up to play against you, and that won’t be very hard. Have a think about that when Wenger makes his 70th minute substitutions.
The other reason why Big Nige is better than Wenger is that he’s invested in a team to look after his team. It’s not all about him. You won’t see him on the touchline. He’ll be in the stands.

There’s two reasons for this. Firstly, he can see the game better. He then passes the information down to his team who can do all the shouting and substitutions. It reminds me of Rugby Union, with the manager sat in a box surrounded by all the data instead of getting frustrated with fourth officials and coat zips on the touchline.

The second reason is because he’s built a strong team behind him that he completely trusts. That’s how we got promoted with 100+ points on the board.

I have to admit, I trolled Pete when we got promoted. It was great. We were winning stuff because we had a manager that believed in sports science and I couldn’t help but highlight Arsenal’s deficiencies. I’m pretty sure he’s posted this link in the past, but it’s well worth another read. It just goes to show that keeping your squad together, fit and injury free makes a massive difference. That’s because Big Nige had a plan. He planned the year out, brought in sports scientists and kept a smaller squad together for consistency whilst keeping them injury free.

But you’ve never had any problems in that department, have you?

Thinking ahead tomorrow, you can expect a couple of things. Leicester won’t be an easy game. Everton and Chelsea found that out. If we had a better striker than David “one game, one goal for England” Nugent, we’d have got something out of the Chelsea game.

We look like we can handle life in the Premiership, and if that’s not enough for you, we’ve just signed Estaban Cambi-fucking-asso.

You’re without Gibbs, Giroud and Arteta, haven’t signed a decent striker since RvP left, have a lack of depth in your defence and your midfield is unbalanced and underperforming. It’s the perfect time for a confident, fast-breaking team from the Championship to play you.

We’ll absorb pressure and then break at pace thanks to our wingers. Knockaert and Mahrez are worth keeping an eye on. Both are young, lightening quick, skilful and not afraid to shoot. Chelsea played a high line against us and these guys destroyed it, giving Nugent about 3 one-on-one chances against Courtois. If he wasn’t so good and Nugent wasn’t so mind-crushingly awful, we’d have scored. I hope for your sakes that Szczęsny isn’t the type to switch off.

That’s not to say we don’t have our own weaknesses. We’re looking short of quality at full back. Konchesky just doesn’t cut it I’m afraid, but any Liverpool fan could’ve told you that. If you guys start playing with pace and putting defence-splitting passes in and around our fullbacks, I’m going to have a horrible time watching the game.
But I doubt it. Leicester City are back in the premiership where they belong and I’ll be watching the game in an Arsenal pub, with a load of Arsenal supporting friends in a game that we’re expected to lose, but have a realistic chance of getting something out of it.

What more could I want?

Just don’t get any ideas about trying to poach our manager.

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  1. salparadisenyc

    N5August 31, 2014 23:58:50
    No Ozil isn’t that poor. That ends that…..moving on.


    Love it and I agree.

  2. Relieable sauce


    BBC 4 playing a “New York Rock” series. Patti Smith, Talking Heads, good stuff.

    Hoping for some Beastie Boys with all the talk of 80’s hip hop.

  3. carts

    Riiiiight…..so going almost your whole career injury free to then getting severed by an amateur defender and doing your ACL – AS A RESULT – renders you an “injury prone 28/29 year old”?


    In Wenger I do not trust one fucking bit!

  4. salparadisenyc


    Theirs a massive gap between Sanogo and Campbell.
    The latter , NO i’m not a fan of but he’s played two seasons on loan in La Liga, one in the Turkish league and is coming off leading the line for a Costa Rica that went to the QF in the world cup.

    Sanago on the other hand has done literally fuck all and walked into the side with his 2nd start being a knock out tie vs Bayern in Europe.

    That my friend is baffling and dare I say without banging it to utter finality…. so i’ll whisper it…. you know what I mean.

  5. Relieable sauce

    So the chanting about signing another striker was behind wengers comments…

    ..If only fans could make a difference…???

  6. salparadisenyc


    LOL Keyser’s coming I hear heavy FAT footsteps.

    Sal Paradise is no mafia man… 1st beatnik ever… 🙂
    Protaganist in On the Road (kerouac)
    According to Bamford over rated… gotta feel for a guy like that.

  7. Keyser

    Salparadisenyc – You’ve had a tipple or two haven’t you ?

    Campbell spent his time out wide in La Liga, and he spent a season in Greece not Turkey, we did play a Turkish team in the Champions League just last week though.

    We’ve got two target men type strikers, then Campbell, Podolski, Sanchez, and Theo as wide forward/ strikers, then Ozil, Cazorla, Ox and Gnabry as wide midfielders/ wingers.

    This is Le Grove, home to the baffled and bemused.

  8. MidwestGun

    Damn…. I hate when life gets in the way of my Le Grove conversation, anyhow, Keyser yes, I don’t think we are ever gonna agree. At no point, should a top Club have a developmental CF with 0 goals and limited skills starting important games no matter how fluid our not fluid our midfield.

    You keep bringing up Sanchez’s slowly getting acclimated as some sort of comparison /justification for Sanogoal’s development…… but umm Sanchez scored a goal as a CF despite it not being his best position and the Same midfield players. Sorry but the midfield has nothing to do with Sanogo being terrible. And an unexceptable starting option.. So yes Campbell would even be better. Mertesacker might be better. (Sorry hyperbole)

    Anyhow, count me as bemused by your CF blindness.

  9. Dissenter


    adjective showing a unusual characteristics of saying little with so many word, capacity to defend with copious words without much foundation.
    This language is used by a blogger on an Arsenal fan website called le-grove.co.uk . This involves turning genuine and shitty criticism of Wenger against the accusers.
    Keyser-esque will leave you drained and wondering why you got into the argument in the first place. It will leave you scratching your head as to what exactly the argument was all about. You still wouldn’t know where Keyser stands after a heated argument.

    synonyms: pleonastic, prolix, windy

  10. MidwestGun

    Stan Kroenke’s other football team the Colorado Rapids have a better CF than Sanogoal. Deshorn Brown. True story. (Ok somewhat hyperbole)

    Dissenter –
    Dead on! Contact Webster’s. Im starting to think maybe we have been on here too long. Lol.

  11. Rutu

    Guys , manchester utd have just signed Falcao for 65m will be the highest paid player at Utd
    Breaking News at 3AM

  12. Bamford13


    I called for Vela to be brought back as well, so I want in on whatever credit you’re taking for that now. I’d go do far as to say that Vela might’ve been a better signing than Sanchez, especially given that we should’ve used the Sanchez money on a genuine CF and a CM, not a wide attacking player.

  13. Dark Hei

    I love the postman Sanogo, but he is a useful wildcard at the moment, not a starter as he is too raw. In order to use him properly, the midfield needs to be a 4-2-3-1.

    We are badly missing Arteta and Giroud. Flamini is limited in his deep lying playmaker’s role. He is tactically disciplined, he slows down attacks but he can’t dominate and when teams sit deep, he is of no use.

    We really need that DM and Striker. Go get em Wenger. And don’t forget the CB along the way. Go to the beach if that helps, it seems to work.

  14. Figoxor

    I totally agree with you, Bamford13. We had Vela there almost for free. Look how he trashed Madrid today. I dunno what’s wrong with AW that he’s got to make this so difficult for us fans. He didn’t bring Fabregas because we had Ôzil, yet he insists on playing him wide instead of using him as the perfect 10 he is. I can’t stand this anymore. Chelsea got Remy, United is apparently getting Falcao, Liverpool got Balotelli, and we can’t get shit. How’s that acceptable?

  15. follow the money

    Matuidi could happen. Nasri signed a 3 yr extension with Marseilles a couple months before he moved to us. It’s the way they do it in France sometimes, the selling club gets a better deal and they can tell their fans they didn’t let the player get away on a free

  16. Figoxor

    “I can give you my phone and in the next 24 hours you will see you get plenty of people offered from all over the world.” – Arsene Wenger

    So, basically it’s not an issue of availability, as we already knew. People from all over the world pity Arsenal fans, to the point that they don’t make fun of our transfer failures anymore but instead feel sorry for us. Of course, c*nts will be c*nts. Disgraceful, Wenger.

  17. Dark Hei


    Look I know we have our problems but the last thing United need is a Falcao.

    I forsee a supernova of egos colliding between RVP, Rooney and Fal-cow.

    They have a zillion dollar attacking lineup against Burnley and they got zero goals. If we are poor, they are in the sewers.

  18. Dorobucci

    Seems we are getting the asian messi f*ckin no wan,heard he can play any position on the field. and he is free. lol
    So now that giroud is injured grovers are extolling his qualities, wait till we have him back.

  19. Dorobucci

    Truth be told, whoever wrote that post just said it all about the game, can as well use the write up as post match analysis. Leicester have what we av been crying out for and that is plan. we dont av anything like plan in games just go out n play stuff.

  20. Jeff

    That’s what I call real ambition. Chelsea already have one of the best strikers around (Costa) and a formidable backup in Drogba and a last resort Torres. But is that enough? No it f***ing isn’t. They have Remy as well now. Torres may or may not leave and perhaps it’s because of that but still great ambition and proactive thinking.

    So what are we doing fielding Sanogo who’s even worse than injured Giroud and we all know Giroud is dog-shit. My dear fellow Arsenal supporters; how on earth are we supposed to take this little scenario? Is he going to get into a bidding war with Man U or Man City over Falcao? Be nice if he did – we can afford to in reality but not in Wenger’s mind. So who else is left that’s any good in the striker persuasion? I am sure Wenger is thinking more about not hurting Giroud’s feelings when he returns from injury than winning matches.

    As for the other positions; couldn’t say really. Maybe Carvalho – maybe?

  21. qna

    AW: “We are out there, we try our best and you have to trust us to find the best possible solution.

    Trusted? To do what? Finish 4th. The last 9 seasons proves you cannot be trusted.

    AW: “But as well not to, every time you don’t win a game, to think there is a miracle man who wins you the game.

    Actually, that’s exactly who wins you the game – special players. That’s why you spent 42mil on Ozil isnt it? Looks like you cannot be trusted to find the right solution.

    AW: “Why did Man City not win against Stoke? They have plenty of strikers. Football is a team spirit.

    Are you talking about the same City that are reigning premiers? Sure, if you win the league this year, we will be calm about a 1-0 loss against stoke next year.

    AW: “We have plenty of strikers. Even when we had Giroud – now everyone says suddenly ‘you cannot replace Giroud.’

    What the fuck are you talking about you senile old man? Who said you cannot replace Giroud. Replace him, fucking replace him. Replace all of them you twat.

    AW: “But when we had Giroud you asked me the same question – it’s a recurrence, as long as the transfer market is open, to make everybody dream, by thinking the solution is always somewhere, but it’s not necessarily obvious.”

    The problem is that you no longer have any idea who are good players and who are average and you have no idea what it takes to win the English Premier League. Your time came and now it is over. Time to bring in a manager that understands modern football.

    AW: “Is it unlimited money, no, That’s not the way we manage the club. We try always to make the right decision, we have resources, if we think it’s the right player.”

    So how do we manage this club? Please tell us? Why dont you just admit that the clubs ambition is only to try to make the top 4 and qualify for the champions league. Anything above that is a bonus.

    If you wont admit that then resign and let the club bring in people who can manage the limited (but significant) money in a way that gives Arsenal a genuine chance to win the league. You dont have to know anything about football to know our current strikers are not good enough.

  22. Sam

    Joel Campbell is the new Carlos vela
    He won’t leave now as he’s being given false promises n he will rot while we are being tortured all season with SA-no-goal

  23. SpanishDave

    At the end of today the old fool will say he tried to get this and that player but run out of time. Hes done this many times, he basically cannot be arsed to work at it.
    Hes hanging on at our club because he would be under more pressure elseware and he would be found out for what he really is , a failure.

  24. the Hothead

    @qna, i couldnt have put it any better than you have. Wenger talks complete bollox, he is a laughing stock, every single comment he makes can be rebuffed, his arguments are pathetic.

    Arsenal no longer play attractive football and Wenger is a poor judge of a player’s ability. You only have to look at Bendtner, Chamakh, Gervinho and Sanogo to see that Wenger is not fit for purpose if he thinks any of them are top quality and good enough to lead the Arsenal line !! Look at the other muppets we have been linked with. Kalou, FFS.

  25. wenker-wanger

    A newcastle mate of mine commented that he believes its worse to be an arsenal fan than a magpies fan, both are suffering but with arsenal there is an endless pit of hope/ despair whereas his emotions are more constant and manageable with less frustration. I agree, wankger seems to give us just enough hope pre season only to dash them when the season gets underway…. Manure look to be rebuilding with serious intent… Ramsey may be their next poaching….

  26. Wallace

    we must be the only big club for whom so much rests on transfer deadline day. every fuckin’ year. i could understand it when we had no money, but not now.

  27. Wallace

    “Jamie Jackson has been in touch with some news that will be of interest to Arsenal and Tottenham fans. He says that both clubs have made enquiries about the Manchester City defender Matija Nastasic.”

    – Guardian live DD feed…

  28. N5

    TYAG, I think us fans should get a cut of his wage, considering 2 years in a row now, we’ve had to sing at Wenger what he needs to do. Spend some fucking money and Sign a fucking striker.

  29. SpanishDave

    This is the season it all goes tits up.
    Wenger is as hell bent as ever trying again to prove he is right, Guess what he has been wrong for ten years now.
    Once the rot starts or best players will underperform and leave at the end of the season. Wengers reputation is getting thinner each year, and eventually his so called pulling power will finally go.
    We are in a hole created by Wenger, the owner, the board and major shareholders,and once failure stares them all in the face finally something might happen. But when?

  30. Thank you and goodnight

    Really doesn’t matter who we buy. A wenger team these days has no shape, no structure, no one seems to know what they’re doing defensively or offensively. How he’s managed to con thousands of fans over the years to believe he’s actually any good is a modern marvel. He really is one of the worst managers in the EPL today. That we get fourth is in spite of Wenger not because of him.WENGER OUT WENGER OUT WENGER OUT

  31. Thank you and goodnight

    Get smashed 8-2 = next day trolley dash for shit players
    Lose to villa opening day of the season= next day trolley dash
    Draw against Everton and Leicester= next day trolley dash.

    The man is a cunt of the highest order. Every time his face appears on my telly I want to put my fist through it. Hate the cunt of a man, fuck him. Mug

  32. Dorobucci

    The truth is if you checked le groves comment section last august window and compare it with that of today, its pretty much the same, how someone can defend? wenger is. ridiculous, what exactly was the increased contract for? .Only thing constant with our transfer dilly dallying for the past decade is one Arsene wenger,not even gazidis or kroenke.
    Give the man a life contract please …

  33. qna

    SpanishDave: “This is the season it all goes tits up.”

    Yep, I totally agree. Its actually gone tits up for a few seasons its just that we were dragged out of it by luck or circumstances. Even in RVP’s last season with us, we should have been out of the top 4 except for his unbelievable goals that got us 3 points on numerous occasions. Last year we would have been out of the top 4 as well, but Fergie gave us a going away present.

    But this year, our luck has run out and you can see that on the pitch. United have started poorly, but it looks like a two horse battle for 4th with them and I think their signings and their quality will see them finish ahead of us. Chelsea, City and Liverpool will be streaks ahead of us this year.

    People that point to the FA cup need to really consider the circumstances. No Chelsea, City or United. All home matches against key opposition. We got the luck of the draw.

  34. qna

    “the difference in the club’s commercial income next year compared with last year will be around £70 million. And the important point to remember is that this is not some sort of one-off payment but a yearly change that will be fully available for transfer fees and wages each and every year. It means that, from 2014-15, Arsenal will become one of the select few clubs in Europe to generate more than £300 million a year.”

    This is in addition to our cash reserves of over £140m.

    What an absolute Joke we are. We have spent a net £32m this window. I wonder which EPL clubs have a net spend higher than us this window.

  35. Thank you and goodnight


    Yeah but this year it will all be different….The AKB’S said so. Or as one AKB put it ” the new Arsenal” ha ha ha ha. Fucking mugs. I swear Arsène could do a shit and put a kit on him, before unveiling him as our new signing….francois shitalot. You’d get the AKB’S on here in a minute cooing over the signing and claiming it’s a sign of wenger’s genius and they’ve followed shitalot’s career from the off and he’s an amazing player.

  36. Arsene's Mortician

    I am on ze look out for qualitee, I vil not just sign any one, if we find ze right player and he can improve the team I will get him, I am always keen to add qualitee to our squad, a short time later this fucking reptile manager signed Sanogo on a free transfer, this after the club admitted to having 150 million cash, this was the signing this french fuck was waiting on to improve our club, the qualitee, Sanogo, and you wonder why no one takes this cunt seriously

  37. Ashwin Gunner


    I just wonder, how come a shameless man like Wenger who is being hated soo much, stil continues in his post with pride. It looks like he is immune to all the protests. He doesn;t care. becauase he has the board sitting on his dick.

    Fans were chanting to sign a fucking striker yesterday. but Wenger goes on to defend saying he has lots of strikers. If that is the case, why the fuck his amazing striker are not able put one past the goal keeper..

    Wenger has lost it. He doesn;t deserve to be managing a team of 5th grade kids. forget about him managing Arsenal.

    Wenger is utterly stupid to realise that he is an idiot..

  38. Arsene's Mortician

    The reason Wenger waits until the midnight hour to conduct business is he is after the bargains, you know like people go to the supermarket late to try and get 40% off food items, he hopes clubs are that desperate to offload a player that the will knock down the price just to move him on, then in steps misery guts and swoops, BANG, 8 million pound transfer acquired

  39. Emiratesstroller

    The major shareholder who by all accounts was at the game at Leicester and the CEO need to put their foot down and insist that Arsenal spend some serious money on the three positions in the squad all along the spine which need urgent surgery.

    If they do not then Arsenal will land up mid table, because frankly the team will struggle to score goals and equally concede silly goals as we did on Sunday.

    Wenger insists that Sanogo will come good. That is his judgment. Turning him from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan defies my imagination. However, Wenger has it in him to prove his judgment.

    Play him in U21 Team for a few weeks and see whether he can buck the current trend and actually score goals at that level. If he does and his confidence grows then perhaps at a future date you can promote him.

    At the moment the gamble is simply not worth taking. We do not have enough alternative players in the squad who are capable of scoring regularly goals.

  40. Arsene's Mortician

    People give Ozil a hard time, imagine you are him, and you look up to impart one of your sublime passes that splits the opposition wide open, and you see the fucking postman, how would you feel, does you heart sink, mine would, I hand in a transfer request right after the match, so unbalanced this team it’s laughable, this clown boasts 30 years in management, well Arsene, you didn’t learn very much

  41. Arsene's Mortician

    Snachez and Ozil do not belong at this club, under this current administration, they are utterly wasted by Wenger, it’s like me applying for a part in a Shakespearian play, totally miscast, like those two poor sods unwanted by their respective clubs and land in the hands of the mad fucking professor, who does not know what to do with them

  42. qna

    Arsene’s Mortician: “People give Ozil a hard time, imagine you are him, and you look up to impart one of your sublime passes that splits the opposition wide open, and you see the fucking postman”

    That is absolutely true. Ozil can only play with high quality player around him. He doesnt hold the ball up very well, yet his movement and touch is sublime. He also needs hard men at the centre of midfield to cover his lazy and weak approach to defending. He is like icing on a cake. But what good is fancy icing if the cake is shit.

    Arsene’s Mortician: “Snachez and Ozil do not belong at this club, under this current administration”

    Emphasis on the last part of the sentence. I would rather say the current administration doesn’t belong. Sanchez and Ozil to belong at this club, but they need better quality teammates than we have to thrive or show their worth.

  43. qna

    Our centre of midfield is weak. Even Ramsey is not of the quality most Arsenal fans believe him to be. A CM must have better defensive qualities than he has and also not make the mistakes he makes. Because a mistake at CM leaves you exposed to a counter attack directly on goal. He scores goals yes, but he also exposes us too much. But so as not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, we must persist with Ramsey in CM. We can only do this by investing in a world class DM to shield the back 4. In attack we lack not one, but two top quality first team players (30m plus).

    But most of all, our greatest weakness has become our style of play. Our attack is slow and predictable with poor movement and our defensive setup allows every team we play against to create excellent scoring opportunities.

  44. Bankz

    Conduct A Private Interview On Each Of Our Players & Ask If They Love Playing Behind SANOGO, I’m Sure 99.8% Of Them Would Reply “F#*k That Sh*t Man”.

    Yet People Still Find It Difficult To Understand Why Özil, Podolski & Co Look Disinterested & A Shadow Of Themselves.

  45. Hitman49

    Don’t bother looking for any signings until 9/10 tonight as that’s when they start to knock down the prices, of the unwanted left overs ! As that’s all we are good for now days !

    Eat your cake and suck it up !


  46. TOLI83

    People give Ozil a hard time, imagine you are him, and you look up to impart one of your sublime passes that splits the opposition wide open, and you see the fucking postman…

    haha – brilliant.

  47. the Hothead

    TYAG – I thought I was the only person who wants to punch the tv whenever Wenger appears. This level of anger I have towards him right now is on a par with someone bumping into me continually after I told them to stop. It gets to the point that a good fukkin punch in the face or solar plexus is the only thing they will understand!

    The sooner Wenger leaves Arsenal the sooner my anger levels will return to normal.

  48. useroz

    “I love the postman Sanogo, but he is a useful wildcard at the moment, not a starter as he is too raw. In order to use him properly, the midfield needs to be a 4-2-3-1.”

    Wildcard at League 1 may be. He’s too old for our U19 and too shit to go near our 1st team, if not the Frenchman-u-know-who.

    Dare say no PL club would take Sanogoal at his current level. Why AFC – the 5th richest club – wastes our time with this specimen??

    Forget about CF, wot about a CB? So Chambers @ 19 is the 3rd CB? So anyone seen the 4th? Don’t tell me it’s Hayden or something ffs.

    Arteta and Flamini would be lucky to be on bench for a top4 PL club and they are Wenger’s bloody core! You just can’t beat this guy…

    And where’s Ivan and his Dick? Sent Wenger to Itlay and signing some behind his back?

  49. the Hothead

    I had a season ticket 2 seasons ago and we were shit !! I spent £1300 to leave the Emirates angry and annoyed almost every game. I deduced that Arsenal season ticket holders in recent years are bloody masochists – especially the ones that renew.

  50. the Hothead

    Anyone who thinks Sanogo is an Arsenal quality striker had forgotten the calibre of strikers we used to buy. Wenger has eroded squad quality to such an extent that any old chump is being passed off as good enough for us. The likes of Sanogo, Giroud, Chamakh, Gervinho, Adebayor and Bendtner should never have seen the inside of the Arsenal Home changing rooms !! Its a fukkin disgrace what Wenger is doing and the players he is buying (or not buying depending on your perspective)

  51. Gunner2301


    That’s the whole,dumbing down strategy that’s been going on since we arrived at the Emirates.

    I,feel sick and i have conditioned myself not to care over the last few years so I can’t imagine how some of you guys feel. A tragedy unfolding.

  52. Carlos

    Excellent read. Looking forward to many more articles from you.

    Unfortunately your observations on our manager is spot on. He took the team many miles ahead and will not leave until he completely retracts the team.