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I was asked if I could write a pre-match post for Sunday’s game on Le Grove, and I thought “why the hell not?” I know about football. I can write. You see, Pedro and I have worked together for nearly three years now, so he knows exactly how capable I am when it comes to penning a riveting read. My thoughts immediately turned to the great and witty insights I could provide you all with after finally being recognised for my writing skills.

Then it dawned on me. I’m the only Leicester City fan he knows.

To be honest, it’s not that surprising. I’ve lived in London for five years now and I can’t recall coming across another Leicester supporter in all that time. Strangely, I’ve come across a hell of a lot of Coventry supporters during my time down here, but you’re always going to bump in to idiots no matter where you go.

Anyway, here’s my pre-match guide to all things Leicester.

Leicester churns out some incredible people. Willy Thorne? Yup, the gentleman of the baize is a Leicester boy. So is his best mate, Gary Lineker.

They even made a video about how strong their friendship is – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYqxmYgxhUA. It’s well worth a watch if you’ve got a spare 48 minutes and 53 seconds going on a Sunday morning, but did you know that half of MOTD has something to do with Leicester? We all know Gary is from Leicester, but Manish is a Leicester boy too, and Robbie Savage played for us, back when we were good. That was before Wenger came in, made Arsenal good and then gave up.

I remember seeing Robbie Savage driving through Leicester city centre in his silver Mercedes convertible. I think it was an SLK. He was driving at a reasonably slow speed, but his glorious, long, sun-kissed hair was flowing in the wind, elevated so that it protected the back of his neck from the harsh glare of the East Midlands sun. He didn’t look like a football player. In that moment, he looked like the son of a Greek god, raised on a diet of milk and honey. My friend asked me “Is that what a man looks like?” We looked at each other and just nodded in the kind of agreement that doesn’t need words. We just knew.
I saw the same friend the other day and we couldn’t help but talk about Robbie’s new haircut. What had he done?!?! The long, luxurious, carefree hippy locks had disappeared, only to be replaced with a Giroud-esque quiff. It seems to be all the rage these days, but both of our reactions were that of “what the hell has he done?”, but we soon realised that he was in transition, trading in decadence for a haircut for a man equipped to deal with the modern world.

In many ways, the story of Robbie Savage’s hair is a metaphor for Leicester City’s progress from runaway Championship leaders to Premiership new boys. In many ways it’s not, but I like the story and I want to see how much I can get away with on Le Grove.
Last year, Leicester City ran away with the Championship. It was sheer decadence. You see, we’ve got a decent manager in Pearson. I dare say he’s better than Wenger. Now I know that’s going to irritate a fair few of you, but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I’m a Leicester fan writing on an Arsenal blog. That’s half the reason why I said yes to writing this.
But have a read of this and then tell me I’m wrong.

A few years ago, Pearson was backpacking across Romania and was attacked by a pack of wild dogs and beat them away with his bare hands. How amazing is this story? Could you imagine Wenger doing that? Now this isn’t a case of me going “my manager is harder than yours”, but it’s an example of how Big Nige (that’s how I’m going to refer to him from now on) knows what he’s getting himself in for.
You see, before he set out, he read up on the area, heard about these dogs and learned that they have a history of attacking people. He also found out that they have sensitive noses and don’t like stinging nettles, so he made sure he took a big old walking stick with him and armed with his new found knowledge, set off. When he was attached, he dived in to a pile of stinging nettles. When they came back for him, he was nowhere near any stinging nettles, so he used his stick to hit them in the noses. They didn’t like that so they soon left him alone.
Now, if he’s done this kind of reading up before going on a walk, you can beat he’s had a look at you guys. He’ll set the team up to play against you, and that won’t be very hard. Have a think about that when Wenger makes his 70th minute substitutions.
The other reason why Big Nige is better than Wenger is that he’s invested in a team to look after his team. It’s not all about him. You won’t see him on the touchline. He’ll be in the stands.

There’s two reasons for this. Firstly, he can see the game better. He then passes the information down to his team who can do all the shouting and substitutions. It reminds me of Rugby Union, with the manager sat in a box surrounded by all the data instead of getting frustrated with fourth officials and coat zips on the touchline.

The second reason is because he’s built a strong team behind him that he completely trusts. That’s how we got promoted with 100+ points on the board.

I have to admit, I trolled Pete when we got promoted. It was great. We were winning stuff because we had a manager that believed in sports science and I couldn’t help but highlight Arsenal’s deficiencies. I’m pretty sure he’s posted this link in the past, but it’s well worth another read. It just goes to show that keeping your squad together, fit and injury free makes a massive difference. That’s because Big Nige had a plan. He planned the year out, brought in sports scientists and kept a smaller squad together for consistency whilst keeping them injury free.

But you’ve never had any problems in that department, have you?

Thinking ahead tomorrow, you can expect a couple of things. Leicester won’t be an easy game. Everton and Chelsea found that out. If we had a better striker than David “one game, one goal for England” Nugent, we’d have got something out of the Chelsea game.

We look like we can handle life in the Premiership, and if that’s not enough for you, we’ve just signed Estaban Cambi-fucking-asso.

You’re without Gibbs, Giroud and Arteta, haven’t signed a decent striker since RvP left, have a lack of depth in your defence and your midfield is unbalanced and underperforming. It’s the perfect time for a confident, fast-breaking team from the Championship to play you.

We’ll absorb pressure and then break at pace thanks to our wingers. Knockaert and Mahrez are worth keeping an eye on. Both are young, lightening quick, skilful and not afraid to shoot. Chelsea played a high line against us and these guys destroyed it, giving Nugent about 3 one-on-one chances against Courtois. If he wasn’t so good and Nugent wasn’t so mind-crushingly awful, we’d have scored. I hope for your sakes that Szczęsny isn’t the type to switch off.

That’s not to say we don’t have our own weaknesses. We’re looking short of quality at full back. Konchesky just doesn’t cut it I’m afraid, but any Liverpool fan could’ve told you that. If you guys start playing with pace and putting defence-splitting passes in and around our fullbacks, I’m going to have a horrible time watching the game.
But I doubt it. Leicester City are back in the premiership where they belong and I’ll be watching the game in an Arsenal pub, with a load of Arsenal supporting friends in a game that we’re expected to lose, but have a realistic chance of getting something out of it.

What more could I want?

Just don’t get any ideas about trying to poach our manager.

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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Capital letters eh

    Ohh really serious…

    Steve not really

    He depresses me
    Listen to depressing music puts things in to perspective he don’t upset me know more ..
    Just want him out of the club.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    On Vela…we can do better.

    The fact that right now we’d all be delighted to have him shows how poorly executed this summer has been.

    Nothing against him [Vela].

  3. Dissenter

    It seems City are going all out for the CL this season.

    Monaco bit more that they can chew with Falcao. They have a small income and fan base so FFP is killing them. They have to let go of Falcao.

  4. Dissenter

    I feel the same way about Wenger.
    You don’t know how many times I delete a post before posting.


  5. Cesc Appeal


    Think they may go a bit tits up like some of the other Billionaire play things that were dropped once they got bored or realised its not as easy as all that.

  6. Dissenter

    Thing is big clubs don’t wait until transfer deadline to sort out glaring holes in their squad.

    Shame on Wenger.
    Shame on Gazidis for not matching his loud boasts with the assertiveness a CEO should have.

  7. london gunner

    Cesc Appeal

    I dunno mate his been one of the top performers in one of the best leagues in the world for 2 seasons now in a team that has far less quality than RM and Barca.

    His been nothing short of sensational I think its time people stop using his time at us as a youth player as a yard stick to measure his ability.

    I suggest not just to you but others to actually watch li liga outside of RM Barca Classicos

  8. Leedsgunner


    Maybe time to listen to something else than the Smiths (especially at this time for us AFC fans)? Wishing someone dead is a bit OTT? I just want him gone.

  9. Cesc Appeal


    Just don’t think he’s what we need.

    Costa would have been the buy. Someone who combines finishing and pace with size and strength.

  10. london gunner

    Cesc Appeal

    At this point I would be happy with Bony tbh a very slight upgrade on Giroud in terms of ability but can actually finish

  11. Wallace

    “Manchester City and Arsenal have been offered Monaco’s Radamel Falcao for around £55m (€70m) and are battling to sign the Colombia international before the transfer window closes at 11pm on Monday night. A deal at that price would smash the clubs’ transfer record.”

    – Guardian

  12. Leedsgunner

    What an immense player Vela has become.

    Whatever way one looks at Wenger doesn’t come out of it looking good.

    Important Qs to be asked.

    1. Why wasn’t Wenger able to develop Vela to become the player that he clearly is now?

    2. What is Señor Simeone doing differently to motivate and transform a player who was a fringe player for us?

    3. Did we sell the Vela grossly at undervalue?

    Obviously the powers to be at AFC are rarely interested in answering such questions, hence the reason why lessons will not be learnt and these mistakes made again.

  13. Dissenter

    There’s no way City can afford Falcao

    …unless they are willing to buy and pay any fine afterwards.

    If we get Falcao, then we’ll be challenging for the title.

  14. andy1886

    Falcao? No chance, no chance at all. Even then Wenger would use him as a DM. Really beginning to think that you could let Wenger pick any 25 players in the world for free and he’d still finish 4th. Coach of the century alright, the eighteenth century.

  15. N5

    “If we get Falcao, then we’ll be challenging for the title.”

    I still don’t think it would be enough, there are other things that need addressing too. He might get us into 4th this year though.

  16. Dream10

    Jermain Defoe has had offers from English clubs and arrived in England earlier today.

    Reckon us or QPR will sign him on loan

  17. Dissenter

    Re; Vela
    Some players just have to go and play to get better.
    Vela won’t be half the player he is now had he stayed with us.

    At least with Vela, one could tell there was talent beneath the youth.
    With Sanogo, I’m sorry I don’t see anything beyond “being a nuisance”

    Did you see the cross he let go between his legs, what striker does that in front of the goal post. The ball was not behind him, it was in shooting distance.

  18. london gunner

    55 million for an injury prone 29/30 year old LOLZ

    only Wenger would get us into such a desperate situation like this

  19. Cesc Appeal


    If that happens I’m shooting Wenger myself. The yids would piss themselves if we got Defoe.

    That is a solid Arry move.

  20. Dissenter

    “Arsenal still allegedly pushing for Sokratis. Can’t see it but would be a hell of a signing.”

    Yes. He’s determined to seek the fa our of the Greek Gods this season.
    First it was Manolas
    Then Soscratia.
    Who next, Archimedes? 🙂

  21. Leedsgunner

    “If we get Falcao, then we’ll be challenging for the title.”


    Don’t get me wrong I’d be pleased but we still need a commanding DM to break up opposition attacks. Our midfield looked extremely porous and lightweight against Leicester. *facepalm*

    We also still need a strong CB especially if Kozzer is going to be injury prone this season.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    No City have only £24 Million left to spend with FFP unless they sell.

    What’s likely is Negredo goes on loan with an option to buy next season and the same happens with Falcao coming in.

  23. N'Gambo

    I never understood why Wenger got rid of Vela – after all, Vela has the most important of all Wenger’s qualifications: he’s under 5 ‘ 6″ short.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    Doubt City would have sanctioned that.

    Why are we in this situation again. Scrabbling around for players.

  25. WengerEagle


    Falcao would be great but we weren’t destroyed by City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Everton last season because of our CF’s.

    Problem lies deeper, we need at least a CDM/CB as well.

  26. Leedsgunner

    “Did you see the cross he let go between his legs, what striker does that in front of the goal post. The ball was not behind him, it was in shooting distance.”

    Laughable isn’t? £50m worth of striking goodness right there.

    For Sanago’s sake I hope he gets a goal soon, otherwise his end of season highlights feature on Arsenal.com is going to resemble a blooper reel. Even Park had a goal to show besides his name in our team colours.

  27. Relieable sauce

    As things stand, i think we’ll finish 3rd/4th. Pool, spuds & Everton will struggle with European football imo & MU have plenty of work to do.
    I think we might drop more points against the lesser teams this season & still don’t see us getting the better of the chavs & city head to head.

  28. N'Gambo

    Our current first-choice striker has yet to score a competitive goal in 17 matches.

    Let me repeat that:

    Our current first-choice striker has yet to score a competitive goal in 17 matches.

    Arsenal is the 4th richest club in the world – and the fans pay the the highest ticket prices in the world.


  29. SUGA3

    off Tw*tter:

    RN ‏@RehanArsenal 10m

    Colombian football presenter, Palema Gutièrrez, said on live TV that Falcao has turned down City & Madrid for Arsenal, set to sign tomorrow.


    chew on zis 😆

  30. Leedsgunner

    “…unless they are willing to buy and pay any fine afterwards.”

    I’m sure Sheikh Mansoour is REALLY worried about a fine. Unless FIFA and UEFA can manipulate the world oil prices – fines are meaningless to these fellas.

  31. Dissenter

    “DissenterFalcao would be great but we weren’t destroyed by City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Everton last season because of our CF’s.Problem lies deeper, we need at least a CDM/CB as well”

    I don’t really agree
    Before the goals rained at Stamford Bridge and Anfield, Giroud had chances that he spurned.
    Had a scored, those games would have been different.
    A fit Falcao changes everything, it frees up Ozil and Sanchez.

  32. Leedsgunner

    “Colombian football presenter, Palema Gutièrrez, said on live TV that Falcao has turned down City & Madrid for Arsenal, set to sign tomorrow.”

    One of sir chip’s ITK contacts obviously 😉

  33. Relieable sauce

    …I’ll take Falcao…
    Schniederlin & Reid or just Carvalho if wenger wants to be minimalistic. That’ll do me.

    C’mon Arsene you mad old cunt! 😉

  34. andy1886

    It not only frees up Alexis, it means that he and Ozil can play their game in the knowledge that if they play a great pass it wont be ballooned or shanked by a donkey.

  35. Keyser

    He left the ball because he thought there was a runner behind him or he got the call.

    Kwik if you’re around you need to get on the Jennifer Lawrence leaked pics, people need cheering up.

  36. Dissenter

    Leeds Gunner,
    ““…unless they are willing to buy and pay any fine afterwards.”I’m sure Sheikh Mansoour is REALLY worried about a fine. Unless FIFA and UEFA can manipulate the world oil prices – fines are meaningless to these fellas”

    Fines apart, why will Falcao go to a club with Aguero, Jovetic (red hot) and Dzeko.

    He’s spent one year in front of Conference football calibre fans.
    There’s only one club in the world that will give him all the games his legs can manage. FFP-wise, there’s only one team that can afford him this late in the window.

    It’s Arsenal, Arsenal Arsenal

  37. andy1886

    Come to think of it, if Wenger saw the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse he’d ask them which one was the left back.

  38. Cesc Appeal

    The way some people are trying to say “We had a UCL game on Wednesday night remember, Leicester didn’t.”

    Oh do one. We KNOW we have mid-week games. Unfortunately for the club it’s the price of that £35 Million a year. So have a squad capable of handling it. Don’t be a stubborn prick through the window refusing to correct glaring issues and then try to blame mid-week games!

    Remember as well Sanchez is the only addition in the proper sense we’ve made. The rest are all replacements.

  39. Relieable sauce

    Kos going off suited us, stopped mert getting exposed by Leicesters LW, Schlupp(?) IMO

    Surprised more teams don’t focus on that weakness, was terrible at times last season, especially when Jenks was playing.

  40. Dissenter

    I still find it hard that Wenger believed the talk about having enough strikers of quality.

    He did try to buy Suarez and Higuain so he knows the difference between Sanogo and “qualidee”

    I expect a world class signing come tomorrow. I said so yesterday.

  41. Keyser

    Palema Gutièrrez

    Suddenly millions of people find out who this is, instant fame, fucking Sky and Jim White.

    This feels like Diwali/Guy Fawkes where someone’s let a few fireworks off a day early before the real barrage starts.

  42. Cesc Appeal


    That’s why I say if Sokratis was to come to the club (don’t think it’s that likely but…) he’d be a starter in no time in my opinion.

    Love Mert, but he is so, so slow and has the turning radius of a battleship.

  43. Leedsgunner


    Special limited edition “Get well” cards in honour of our striker Olivier Giroud – get it now before it’s gone! (Available until January 2015 from Arsenal.com)


    Special edition scarves to celebrate Olivier Giroud last gasp goal at Everton, August 2014 available from Arsenal.com

  44. Leedsgunner

    “Come to think of it, if Wenger saw the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse he’d ask them which one was the left back.”


    If he saw the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse he would still maintain he had enough strikers… 😉

  45. Relieable sauce

    Leicester should have no worries about going down if they can maintain their early form. Ulloa, Schlopp & their CB had a great game today, as well as others.

    Sanchez i thought was great today, he is a real fans/players/managers player, incredible determination & stamina. Could be a great player for us for years but deserves genuine WC around him…same as Cesc did…same as RVP did…wenger insults them with sub standard players whilst claiming he can’t find better quality, window after window, year after year.

    Cesc was offered to us! did you get that?


    Our manager said we didn’t need him….


    Alarm bells were ringing in my head a long time ago but J to the F to the C.

  46. Bristles

    Joel Campbell – frozen out. Podders – all but frozen out. Ozil – played out of position. Sanogo – just needs another 15 or 20 starts to get into his stride – confident the boss will give him all the chances he needs…

  47. RJM

    Carvahlo and

    Best bit of panic buying ever!!

    With that idiot in charge we got more chance of
    Nobody and
    Darren Bent!

  48. Relieable sauce


    Don’t know much about Sokrates but BFG was never really the right signing imo. Don’t get me wrong he has improved us in certain areas & his experience is invaluable & i like him but he was a bit like how i see the giroud signing. Not really good enough but just good enough to improve the team, failures to upgrade & reasons not to sign WC players. I mean who can argue against 100+ caps for the bosch or being francais no 1.?

  49. Dissenter

    It seems away strikers chanted “sign a fucking striker” for about five minutes towards the end of the game today.
    Away fans are normally the most dogged of fans. The same fans that still sang after being bashed 8-2 have had enough of Wenger’s dithering.

  50. Gunner2301

    Saw Ozil talking about his partnership with Ronaldo at Madrid on Skysports 5 earlier. He must be devastated right now to find himself among this shower of shit, what must be going through his mind to see Sanogo where Ronaldo used to be. He won’t hang around for long. It must be dawning on him that Wenger is a fraud. He’s already voiced his opinion about being the best no. 10 and being played out of position.

  51. TheHotHead

    For club who “should” have ambition drawing at Leicester is a terrible result. At some point dropping points where we should be getting maximum points will kick us where it hurts, we will drop off the title race and be embroiled in the usual battle for top 4. We buy these players who are world beaters on their day and marginalise them. What other club on earth would you buy one of the top creative midfielders in world football playing in the centre … and stick him out wide ? Wenger is a bloody idiot.

    He has sent out a team under prepared as usual, he is picking players who should not be picked, Rosicky should be the first name on the team sheet because he is the only one who doesn’t really disappoint in midfield and at least he can beat a man, the tempo of the team when he plays is always higher. When you have a team of 4 or 5 very inconsistent players how can you expect to do anything sensible !!

  52. Gunner2301


    You’re right about BFG. Wenger always half does a job Mert has some of the qualities we need but because we were so starved of quality we have accepted him but he clearly isn’t suited to the pace of the league.

  53. Leedsgunner

    So we take all summer (which we still haven’t done) what Chelsea manages to do in 24 hours.

    I never rated Remy personally but you have to admire Chelsea’s efficiency. No, we’ll make do attitude there!

  54. MidwestGun

    He left the ball because he thought there was a runner behind him or he got the call.
    Which is why he is a terrible striker. Take a neutral fan, take off the names and have them watch that performance and in particular Sanogoal and 99 out of 100 say he is bad. The other one is blind.
    4 or 5 completely clumbsy strike attempts, one so bad that even the opposing keeper was so baffled he could only tip it away.
    2 offside plays called back that were so wide open that all Sanogoal had to do was hold his run a half second and he was in acres of space. A basic, basic CF skill.
    And then with the game on the line, Ozil makes a perfect pass to him and he decided to step over it. A chance virtually 999 out of 1000 world strikers try to shoot.
    But ya….. he put himself about and isn’t slow as a turtle…. so he isn’t too bad.

    Damn…. it’s pathetic.

    But at least Jennifer Lawrence is hot. 😀
    So thanks.

  55. Goondawg

    LOL alex cutter! Good ole imgur

    That twitter accounts been suspended!

    Wish they’d go do caught offside now as well!

  56. TheHotHead

    I still can’t get over the idiocy of Wenger claiming we have more than enough central strikers.

    Campbell, Sanchez, Walcott, Podolski and Sanogo. This is Arsenal freekin Football Club and Wenger thinks that lot are good enough to take on the best – which is by the way what Arsenal should be doing considering the size, turnover and wage bill of the club !!!

    Sanogo should not be playing Premier league football – let alone be at Arsenal.
    Sanchez is not physical enough to play a central striker role … yet.
    Walcott will never be a central striker, he is better making runs from outside to in.
    Campbell has no experience in England and very little as a central striker.
    Podolski is terrible in a 4-3-3 plus was deemed not good enough by Wenger.

    So all this nonsense about the number of strikers we have is just that – nonsense. You could have 10 strikers but if they are all shit at the role what’s the point !!

  57. Relieable sauce


    Crazy how his mind works, we all try to 2nd guess him but the only logical explanation to me seems to be greed & hubris. Getting paid a huge salary & all he wants to do is prove sanogo is a £50m player to massage his ego, all at the expense of ARSENAL Football Club.

    Is he a genius or are the majority of Arsenal fans idiots???

    After years of this BS i’m genuinely & deeply sorry that i feel its the latter. I honestly don’t think this would be tolerated by the vast majority of any other clubs supporters.

  58. Keyser

    Midwest – You’re right, it is pathetic, now do the test for however many other players you want to, get them to wear plain white t-shirts and ask someone what team was playing, and you’ll start to understand that while individuals might have poor games, we’re hardly firing as a team, and that’s far more worrying than your own obsessions with strikers.

    Or maybe try to understand why we’re playing like we are. Or why you feel the need for petty hyperbole.

    Even better watch all of Sanchez’s games that he’s played for us, and despite a pitiful sample size, you can see an obvious progression, as he gets fitter or his confidence grows or he adapts to the team and league.

    But maybe just fuck it, it’s deadline day and the fun or abject misery is just starting.

  59. salparadisenyc

    Oi Boys.

    4-1-4-1 is as tedious as my ex’s belabored efforts down south.
    Were better than that, I hope?

    Ozil anonymous as ever on the left, same on the right, really takes some ass to spend that much coin to play a man out of position, 3rd highest transfer in England?
    That said, he needs to step up in a very large way.

    Pretty dire stuff if your honest. And with 24 hrs left relief looks like January again.
    🙂 Good ole Draxler

  60. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    There’s a reason I’m obsessed with strikers. Me and virtually everyone else. Also, why good ones tend to command huge price tags. Because they win you games.
    I think it’s strange you continually diminish poor CF play.

  61. salparadisenyc

    Thought that may be a bit random, leave it to Middy!
    1 nut and winning…. kind of.

    That front three for Liverpool with Ballosdeep is going to be a wrecking ball this season.

  62. MidwestGun

    Can we get Pedro to upgrade the server? I’ll pitch in 10 bucks, a case of beer, and a half eaten sandwich. The extent of my expendable valuables at the moment.

  63. N5

    Well I don’t like to Brag middy, but I’m bringing in a cool 4 figures a year!!

    Don’t let that change how you feel towards me, now you know I’m loaded.

  64. Relieable sauce

    I got a letter from the Arsenal, the other day, i opened & read it, it said you’re a sucker.
    They wanted me for a season ticket, or whatever, picture me giving a damn i said “never”
    Here is a club that never gave a damn….

  65. salparadisenyc

    Wenger is quoted as saying Campbell is going nowhere, which is incredibly odd if you look at whom led the line today. It’s like a fucking Will Ferrell skit.
    Imagine that, Will as Yaya Sanogo.

  66. salparadisenyc

    Lets hope this one is 100% accurate.

    The Sun reporting that Arsenal have asked #MCFC to see if defender Nastasic is available. #AFC

  67. Keyser

    It’s odd people want Campbell to play, similar to the Akpomies, we don’t want someone raw and inexperienced, we want someone who is raw and inexperienced.

    Midwest – We’ve had this conversation, you can’t explain your view, which basically amounts to whoever’s at the front is the best, we couldn’t string two passes together against Crystal Palace, Sanchez looked out of his depth against Everton according to the masses, we’ve got some of the best creative talent in World football and are struggling to control play let alone create chances, there’s more to it.

    I honestly can’t work out how you’re ignoring this or what has made us great in the past, whoever we’ve had up front.

  68. N5

    Apparently the entire met have been called in today from 4am and are advising everyone traveling to and from work to avoid the tubes. With the terror threat being raised to severe it may be worth listening too.

    I just read it on Facebook, but from a Met link.