Leicester… the detailed lowdown

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I was asked if I could write a pre-match post for Sunday’s game on Le Grove, and I thought “why the hell not?” I know about football. I can write. You see, Pedro and I have worked together for nearly three years now, so he knows exactly how capable I am when it comes to penning a riveting read. My thoughts immediately turned to the great and witty insights I could provide you all with after finally being recognised for my writing skills.

Then it dawned on me. I’m the only Leicester City fan he knows.

To be honest, it’s not that surprising. I’ve lived in London for five years now and I can’t recall coming across another Leicester supporter in all that time. Strangely, I’ve come across a hell of a lot of Coventry supporters during my time down here, but you’re always going to bump in to idiots no matter where you go.

Anyway, here’s my pre-match guide to all things Leicester.

Leicester churns out some incredible people. Willy Thorne? Yup, the gentleman of the baize is a Leicester boy. So is his best mate, Gary Lineker.

They even made a video about how strong their friendship is – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYqxmYgxhUA. It’s well worth a watch if you’ve got a spare 48 minutes and 53 seconds going on a Sunday morning, but did you know that half of MOTD has something to do with Leicester? We all know Gary is from Leicester, but Manish is a Leicester boy too, and Robbie Savage played for us, back when we were good. That was before Wenger came in, made Arsenal good and then gave up.

I remember seeing Robbie Savage driving through Leicester city centre in his silver Mercedes convertible. I think it was an SLK. He was driving at a reasonably slow speed, but his glorious, long, sun-kissed hair was flowing in the wind, elevated so that it protected the back of his neck from the harsh glare of the East Midlands sun. He didn’t look like a football player. In that moment, he looked like the son of a Greek god, raised on a diet of milk and honey. My friend asked me “Is that what a man looks like?” We looked at each other and just nodded in the kind of agreement that doesn’t need words. We just knew.
I saw the same friend the other day and we couldn’t help but talk about Robbie’s new haircut. What had he done?!?! The long, luxurious, carefree hippy locks had disappeared, only to be replaced with a Giroud-esque quiff. It seems to be all the rage these days, but both of our reactions were that of “what the hell has he done?”, but we soon realised that he was in transition, trading in decadence for a haircut for a man equipped to deal with the modern world.

In many ways, the story of Robbie Savage’s hair is a metaphor for Leicester City’s progress from runaway Championship leaders to Premiership new boys. In many ways it’s not, but I like the story and I want to see how much I can get away with on Le Grove.
Last year, Leicester City ran away with the Championship. It was sheer decadence. You see, we’ve got a decent manager in Pearson. I dare say he’s better than Wenger. Now I know that’s going to irritate a fair few of you, but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I’m a Leicester fan writing on an Arsenal blog. That’s half the reason why I said yes to writing this.
But have a read of this and then tell me I’m wrong.

A few years ago, Pearson was backpacking across Romania and was attacked by a pack of wild dogs and beat them away with his bare hands. How amazing is this story? Could you imagine Wenger doing that? Now this isn’t a case of me going “my manager is harder than yours”, but it’s an example of how Big Nige (that’s how I’m going to refer to him from now on) knows what he’s getting himself in for.
You see, before he set out, he read up on the area, heard about these dogs and learned that they have a history of attacking people. He also found out that they have sensitive noses and don’t like stinging nettles, so he made sure he took a big old walking stick with him and armed with his new found knowledge, set off. When he was attached, he dived in to a pile of stinging nettles. When they came back for him, he was nowhere near any stinging nettles, so he used his stick to hit them in the noses. They didn’t like that so they soon left him alone.
Now, if he’s done this kind of reading up before going on a walk, you can beat he’s had a look at you guys. He’ll set the team up to play against you, and that won’t be very hard. Have a think about that when Wenger makes his 70th minute substitutions.
The other reason why Big Nige is better than Wenger is that he’s invested in a team to look after his team. It’s not all about him. You won’t see him on the touchline. He’ll be in the stands.

There’s two reasons for this. Firstly, he can see the game better. He then passes the information down to his team who can do all the shouting and substitutions. It reminds me of Rugby Union, with the manager sat in a box surrounded by all the data instead of getting frustrated with fourth officials and coat zips on the touchline.

The second reason is because he’s built a strong team behind him that he completely trusts. That’s how we got promoted with 100+ points on the board.

I have to admit, I trolled Pete when we got promoted. It was great. We were winning stuff because we had a manager that believed in sports science and I couldn’t help but highlight Arsenal’s deficiencies. I’m pretty sure he’s posted this link in the past, but it’s well worth another read. It just goes to show that keeping your squad together, fit and injury free makes a massive difference. That’s because Big Nige had a plan. He planned the year out, brought in sports scientists and kept a smaller squad together for consistency whilst keeping them injury free.

But you’ve never had any problems in that department, have you?

Thinking ahead tomorrow, you can expect a couple of things. Leicester won’t be an easy game. Everton and Chelsea found that out. If we had a better striker than David “one game, one goal for England” Nugent, we’d have got something out of the Chelsea game.

We look like we can handle life in the Premiership, and if that’s not enough for you, we’ve just signed Estaban Cambi-fucking-asso.

You’re without Gibbs, Giroud and Arteta, haven’t signed a decent striker since RvP left, have a lack of depth in your defence and your midfield is unbalanced and underperforming. It’s the perfect time for a confident, fast-breaking team from the Championship to play you.

We’ll absorb pressure and then break at pace thanks to our wingers. Knockaert and Mahrez are worth keeping an eye on. Both are young, lightening quick, skilful and not afraid to shoot. Chelsea played a high line against us and these guys destroyed it, giving Nugent about 3 one-on-one chances against Courtois. If he wasn’t so good and Nugent wasn’t so mind-crushingly awful, we’d have scored. I hope for your sakes that Szczęsny isn’t the type to switch off.

That’s not to say we don’t have our own weaknesses. We’re looking short of quality at full back. Konchesky just doesn’t cut it I’m afraid, but any Liverpool fan could’ve told you that. If you guys start playing with pace and putting defence-splitting passes in and around our fullbacks, I’m going to have a horrible time watching the game.
But I doubt it. Leicester City are back in the premiership where they belong and I’ll be watching the game in an Arsenal pub, with a load of Arsenal supporting friends in a game that we’re expected to lose, but have a realistic chance of getting something out of it.

What more could I want?

Just don’t get any ideas about trying to poach our manager.

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  1. kwik fit

    So Wenger’s seems to have lost his Poker game again. Remy going to Chelsea as talks had progressed too far for Arsenal to intervene. Once again we make a complete mess of the transfer window. The guy was just waiting on a call from Arsene yet he waited too long before making his move. Will someone at the club question Wenger on why he continues to be totally incompetent in the transfer market.

  2. TitsMcgee

    Remy going to Chelsea when he’s been sitting there all summer is the epitome of an Arsene Wenger summer transfer window.

    Last minute scrambles that often don’t come off because well they are last minute scrambles.

  3. bergkamplegend

    Good morning (except to a few ones…) Grovers.

    Hey Arsène, what do you think that we need to add to our squad to compete with chelsea ?
    Relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax Boss, I’m kidding!! 😉

  4. Chika

    United are still struggling to secure a work permit for Rojo. No team is perfect afterall.

    I wish for a resounding victory today. Sanchez to net a brace?? COYG!!

  5. Rich

    At any other top club Remy would be considered a good stop gap, at Arsenal he would have been a reason not to buy a world class striker for another 4 years.
    As we stand we’ll come up short again this year regardless, at this point I’d be very pleasantly surprised if we did any business at all.
    I suppose all we can do is support the players, we’ve got a good honest hardworking bunch it’s not their fault they have a manager who won’t apply the finishing touches to give them the best possible chance to succeed

  6. SpanishDave

    Wenger or Walter Mitty should we call him really does treat us all with utter contempt.
    The old fool forgets that the same old excusses have been peddled out by him over and over again.
    Chelsea will give us a good hiding again and on it goes.
    Making up the numbers.

  7. bergkamplegend

    OMG, I just realized it’s DEADLINE DAY today!!

    Le professor prepare some good surprises for us, can’t wait until midnight!!

  8. GunnerPete`

    @Kwik -Fit, You do know that Arsene gives his board a list of players he would like and then Gazidis and staff negotiate for them….don’t you?

    The only reason most top players want to come to AFC is because of Arsene. The very fact that Ozil & Sanchez are with us is AW……….so belt up sunshine and support our God Arsene for once.

  9. Insomnia


    I’d be happy with 1-0 too – but I’d really like to see us playing fluently.

    I’m going to stick with 4-1
    Chesney og

  10. andy1886

    Blimey, my post has vanished. In moderation perhaps – I did suggest that our guest poster could give Pedro a few tips on writing an entertaining piece. Or was it because I called Nugent the Olivier Giroud of the midlands?

    2-1 to the gooners today.

  11. Insomnia

    Actually 5-1, last goal ozil wins a crunching tackle then meanders up the pitch and shoots from 30 yards then pulls up his jersey to read:

    “Lazy? Ineffective? Daily mail nazis can kiss my skinny arse”

  12. Phallusaurus

    If it’s Remy or nothing (as is pretty bloody likely), then of course Remy should’ve been bought. He’s cheap, got Prem experience (important) and isn’t a bad player. He’s never world class or even of the standard we require but he could fill Giroud’s boots quite comfortably till Jan or Feb or Mar or….

    As for us potentially snatching him from under the Chavs noses, well please, be serious. Like Mourinho was ever going to lose face to Wenger on whats such a piddly signing for them, never going to happen unless HE allowed it.

    Saddest thing in this is that Remy would’ve been bought to lead the line for us for half the season if not more, in Europe as well as at home. At the Chavs he will be cover for Costa (a real forward) and rotated as such. With the European group they just jammed they can even afford to rest Costa for most of it so Remy will get his Champs Lge game time anyway. No brainer if your 28 and looking for that last comfortable contract.

    Wenger the Poker man……do me a fucking favour!

  13. andy1886

    Pete, you’re a cock.

    Nothing to do with over a hundred years of history, huge wages or the lure of the greatest city in the world? Just Wenger then. Loooool.

    Btw I think the window closes at 11pm on Monday, not today.

  14. bergkamplegend

    “Btw I think the window closes at 11pm on Monday, not today.”

    Really ?? Holy shit, what a SUSPENS lol

  15. Jeff

    Right I’m going outside to do some garden DIY and will be back by 4pm to watch Arsenal. Beers on the ready. Hope we can secure the 3 points – goodness knows we’re going to need them against the “lesser” teams.

  16. theukun

    Wow this guy is good. I mean I know he support an awful team.
    But at least, he can write. Or is that you Pedro who set the bar too low on the writing 😀
    Yeah, thats okay we read it everyday anyway.
    Other blogs have too much AKB notion.
    Remy is not good enough, we need Cavani! COYG!

  17. Insomnia

    Tomorrow midnight arsenal press conference:
    Aw- I have a nice South American surprise for you, world class, can carry Sanogo…
    Curtain goes back to reveal sanchez’s pet llama Maria Luisa

    Aw- read my lips no more forwards

  18. freddylekgunner

    Good morning all… What’s today’s post about? Leicester really? I almost gave up reading the post halfway.

  19. MadeToLoveMagic

    when we signed sanchez, the striker posish was the last one on everyones list in terms of performance,,

    while we are clearly short upfront, if we had strength in depth all over (namely DM and CB) it wouldnt matter nearly as much as people think. We WILL create chances playing the way we play, we do have many goal scorers, maybe not pure CFs but we do have goal scorers in abundance, Walcott, , sanchez , podoloski , campbell. Ramsey, CAz, etc

    What we dont have have, is protection for our Cbs, If we sign Carvahlo I will be jumping around for joy , even more than if we signed Falcao perhaps, as that is our big big weakness,,

    I just read on BBC that we are not in for remy after all, but cant see quotes or source, but it is on the BBC so is probably not bollocks,

    Remy for 8 mil actually is amazing business, but we wont go for him i dont think, which is strange as we could have the two france strikers in our squad, and for the cost of one of Suarez’ boots

  20. Limpar's Wand

    Shit I just got it…

    The only reason I wanted remy is because he looks like henry. They even have that lanky running thing going on.. so it’s definitely not just me being a racist.

    Well, at least these guys wanted to join us. Remy, cesc… both desperate for us to bid for them! At least that’s something we can use to taunt the bnp brigade.. as they win the league by 20 points

  21. kwik fit


    so belt up sunshine and support our God Arsene for once. 🙂

    Wenger’s list of players never change’s even when circumstances do.
    Unless off course he starts panic buying on the last day;

  22. Dissenter

    “You’re without Gibbs, Giroud and Arteta, haven’t signed a decent striker since RvP left, have a lack of depth in your defence and your midfield is unbalanced and underperforming. It’s the perfect time for a confident, fast-breaking team from the Championship to play you”

    That’s my summary of the entire article. Does the writer work for Leicester tourism by the way. If he works with Pedro, he must be in marketing.

    Everyone can see the holes in our team, all except the specialist in f**l***, spell-check, specialist in fourth place.

  23. Lamia

    Why are we supposedly trying to highjack the Chelsea deal for Remy one day before the window closes ?. Has it suddenly dawned on the powers that be that we are inadequate in the strikers department(and elsewhere) even if Giroudwasn’t injured.

    So we are gambling that Remy will prefer more playing time with us than more money and trophies with Chelsea. And if in all probability he chooses Chelsea, will Wenger have time to sign Solomon Kalou. Just who is running things at Arsenal. Who should be held responsible for this fiasco.

  24. kwik fit


    Yes Remy would have been a much better option than we currently have. Don’t think Sanchez can play up top on his own.

  25. SUGA3


    mate, the thing is that these goalscorers are expected to chip in on top of these 20+ goals a top forward is meant to get you, this is because a lot of chances will naturally be presented to the CF one way or another…

    now, how many league goals did OG score last season? 16? you know damn well it is pathetic for the first choice for a club creating as many chances as we do, especially in 36 apps, which is just 2 games shy of full season!

  26. WrightIsGod

    Schneiderlin has looked immense the first three games of the season. Especially yesterday.

    Wenger should just bite the bullet and pay up for him. I reckon they’ll let him go for £25-30 million. He’s young and is the complete midfielder.

    Right now….beggers (as we are) can’t be choosers.

    BTW Wenger is a fossil. Arsenal will never win the Premier League or Champions League with him in charge. He’s tactically so far behind Mourinho and Rodgers its laughable.

  27. kwik fit

    Further shock news Gunnerpete. Arsenal seem to be ‘pipped’ in their pursuit of Rabiot by none other than AS Roma. So much for the ‘old’ Wenger pulling power Eh? 🙂

  28. Vintage Gun

    “Wenger the Poker man”

    Naah more like Wenger the Pokemon as he’s becoming more and more like a cartoon character.

    But still im keeping my powder dry until 11pm tomorrow, And once the window shuts my mouth’s going to open

  29. SUGA3

    now that I think of it: 16 in 36 is a lesser average than someone like Kenwyne Jones would get for some two bob outfits which would never create as many chances as we do…

  30. TitsMcgee

    Ornstein says we aren’t close to signing any striker.

    Day before the window closes and we “aren’t close” to signing anyone to replace the injured Giroud. Nevermind that an uninjured Giroud needed replacing in the first place.

    Meanwhile City with Aguero Dzeko Jovetic et al are rumored to be looking into Falcao and Chelsea are looking into Remy.

    Two different levels of expectations by one set of clubs wanting to win and the other just happy to be in the EPL.

  31. Bankz


    I don’t some you. We have the possibility of SANOGO starting games against Man City & Tottenham, yet you ask if we really want Remy?
    If he can get into that Star studded Chelsea side/bench, then I’m 100% sure I’d prefer him to SANOGO, Podolski and Campbell.

    P’S. – For The 1005th time Alexis Sanchez isn’t a centre forward and playing him alone against the big teams will be 99% ineffective

  32. Ben

    Wenger is an absolute cunt. How dare he make Arsenal his own personal play thing. This is one of the biggest clubs in the world supported by millions world wide. How dare that moron Gazidis and the board allow this. Wenger and his cronies need to fuck off. They have destroyed Arsenal for the last decade.

  33. Insomnia

    “Bankz August 31, 2014 11:41:38

    I don’t some you. We have the possibility of SANOGO starting games against Man City & Tottenham, yet you ask if we really want Remy?
    If he can get into that Star studded Chelsea side/bench, then I’m 100% sure I’d prefer him to SANOGO, Podolski and Campbell.”

    Maybe read what I wrote – I was asking Kwik whether he wanted Remy specifically.

    I didn’t say we don’t need or I don’t want another striker.

  34. Ben

    Wenger is a fraud who got lucky. There is a reason he was managing in Japan. This guy is so arrogant he signed a new contract even after he failed for the last decade. No other manager would have done this. Wenger is absolute scum. I wish he had never joined us. He has conned of the fans for 50m in the last decade. What a cunt.

  35. MadeToLoveMagic

    Suga man,

    Yeah its not great, but If Olivier gets 20 , ramsey gets 20 , sanchez gets 20 and caz 10 thats 70 goals, and i think those players could do that, considerring the way we play,,

    i would love to see a great striker come, but I think the true needs of the team lie defensively for sure ting,

    A great DM to steady the ship , one who could cover at CB and we are in a way stronger position imo than if we sign a WC striker but have arteta and Flamini as our only choices as DM,

    I think we should be praying for Carvalho, seems like its our only feasible signing left,,

    would be very happy witrh remy to mind, but TBH i think yaya sanogo can do great things for us this season,

    i called ramsey right, always new he was going to be WC, maybe not sa quickely as it happened, but i always new,

    I get that Vibe about Sanogo too, shot me down but thats what i see

  36. Bankz

    Whoever writes Leicester City off does that at his own peril.
    With our recent “heart In mouth” performances, I don’t think it’s inconceivable that Leicester playing at home could make today miserable for us’.

    First Wenger has to get his selection right.
    While I’m pretty sure the Leicester manager would have spent the last 48hrs watching & reviewing how we play, you can be 100% certain, Wenger Doesn’t even know what their strikers or forward players look like.

    Leicester are the only team among the newly promoted three that scare me’.
    Hope we don’t take them lightly.
    If we begin the game with our handbrakes on/complacent, you can be sure we’d get horribly punished.

  37. useroz

    Some seem to forget Wenger rakes in extremely handsome salaries (and probably bonuses too) and still sympathise and excuse him for his stunts year in year out… pathetic

    If Wenger does it for a very average salary, sure he’s done very well but your expectation goes up with what we (as fans/supporters) pay him indirectly. Anyone have bought puma runners, tennis shoes, boots, lately?

    Two fairly ordinary trophies Wenger thought he’s superb and gets arrogant all over again…if luck’s with him, we’d get by this season but expects little, unless there’s last second surprise.

    ps. Remy isn’t tat good anyway but chelsea still stock it up ffs

  38. SUGA3


    damn right :mrgreen:

    now, let’s sit back and enjoy the Balo mashing them Sp*d cunts, shall we?

    I am actually very interested to see how well he will do for Scousers, my idea is that he will actually get his shit together and perform, just to prove that his hit and miss thing was down to the hostility he had to endure in Italy, just as I thought…

  39. MadeToLoveMagic


    “destroyed Arsenal”

    Making statements like that devalue any genuine points you may have

    Arsenal have not been destroyed, they are in a good state on and off the field, yes there are problems that we can all see, but destroyed? no

  40. Cesc Appeal

    So Arseblog actually reckons Oxlade might be the guy to sit out as Wilshere and Cazorla were “excellent midweek.”

    So essentially:
    Cazorla, Wilshere, Ramsey, Ozil

    Do Arsenal fans not think for themselves? Or do they try to guess what Wenger is most likely to do then say it so it doesn’t seem so daft when Wenger actually does it.

    I will dread this game today if we line up like that. 4-2-3-1. Same back 5.
    Flamini, Ramsey
    Oxlade, Rosicky, Sanchez

    Plenty, plenty of options to the change the game up but should provide us with a more structured style of play, more pace out wide that the paceless formation suggested by Arseblog and the one I fear Wenger will go with and actually gives us a taller focal point for the attack…however terrible that focal point is.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Get the feeling as well reading around Wenger is going to try to get a deadline day deal on Carvalho. And typically walk away if he can’t get him at his price.

    I called where we’d end up in January last year when we were top and I was right, I’ll call it now. With no additions, or Kallstrom like additions we’ll fight for fourth this year. Potentially third because I’m not sold on Liverpool.

    Predictions for Spurs v Liverpool today boys?

  42. kwik fit


    Think spurs will turnover pool today . Liverpool are not the team of last season and Spurs are in decent early season form. 3/1 to the home side.

  43. Bulgy_pants

    Am I the only one who thinks that arsene wenger should only but a striker if world class, or don’t buy at all?

    Sorry but remy is not world class! Podolski clearly is with his World Cup medal around his neck, so unless wenger has another “Sanchez” in the pipeline then let’s roll with it.

    The obvious person to have bought back was fabregas, just look at what he is doing for chelski now!

  44. Bulgy_pants

    Am I the only one who thinks that arsene wenger should only but a striker if world class, or don’t buy at all?

    Sorry but remy is not world class! Podolski clearly is with his World Cup medal around his neck, so unless wenger has another “Sanchez” in the pipeline then let’s roll with it.

    The obvious person to have bought back was fabregas, just look at what he is doing for chelski now!

  45. SUGA3


    I agree that DM may well be the more important signing than a striker because we are so unstable in the middle it is not even funny…

    and guess what? I have been advocating signing that monster of a DM ever since I started posting on this site, which was something like 5 years ago 😉

    as for Sanogo: I think there is something about him, but is the CL club’s first team the right place to develop him? of course not…

  46. bergkamplegend

    “Deadline day is like playing poker.”

    Let’s take a look at arsène’s cards… Only one pair ?? Are you kidding me ??

  47. Cesc Appeal


    My feelings exactly.

    I’m bracing myself for all the “have Spurs finally arrived” talk. I can see them getting a win today as it’s at home. 3-2 Spurs I think or something like that.

    My house full of yids will go mad, then Arsenal will make hard work of Leicester and I’ll have to sit there listening to them rabbit on.

  48. Lee

    Made to love magic

    So true
    Sanchez was bought as a forward
    Walcott plays as a forward
    We don’t need giroud or anyone as a big focal point constantly.
    Pedro was bagging the drum for a Suarez type forward for variety from giroud
    We have that now. So let him bed in.
    If we buy another striker how many chances will Sanchez get there once giroud comes back??
    Walcott giroud and Sanchez all play as forwards
    That is enough. There is no crisis.

    Well not up front

    I’m not a wenger arsenal kisser
    Because he has left glaring holes in midfield and centre half.
    But if he signs one of carvalho or Solaris or who knows, both of them then we are stocked.

    They te both going to be immense players
    Once Sanchez finds his feet he will be our Suarez.
    He has already added other dimension to our attacking play.
    Hopefully he’ll fill his boots today and gain some confidence too.

    3-0 arsenal

  49. kwik fit

    LOL CA 🙂 For two weeks as we have an international break coming up.

    Could you not put a little something in their coffee 😉

  50. Bergkamp63

    Would not be surprise if Wenger rested Sanchez today and bring him on as sub, he put in one hell of a shift on Wednesday night.

    But then again, Wenger being Wenger, he will probably run him into the ground by December !

  51. Cesc Appeal


    The more the world pushes, the more Wenger resists. Wouldn’t shock me to see MORE ball playing midgets in the 11 today. As Pedro has said, as this bloke has said we need to hit them wide with bags of pace, that means Oxlade and Sanchez wide for me, Rosicky in between because of his forward drives that will make the defence compact in on him leaving more space and the fact he’s a ball of energy old Tomas.

    Ramsey and Flamini deeper to sure things up.

  52. SUGA3


    given how we play 50+ games per season, there would be plenty of games to go around, the fact that Wenger has no concept of rotation is another matter:

    ————————– WS / DO ————————–
    – MD/HB —- PM/CC———–LK/???——-KG/NM-
    –AS/TW ————–??? / OG —————-AOC/LP-

    as you can see, we are still 2-3 players short and two of those should be signed as first choice (DM + CF)

  53. salparadisenyc

    To think later in the evening last night with several beers in me, Remy was an exciting prospect. Arsene you’ve dumbed me down to unspeakable levels and thats unforgivable.

  54. salparadisenyc

    I must be in the minority, as i’m fuming to see Balotelli in the Liverpool kit.
    Wenger fucked that right up.

  55. Bergkamp63

    Spurs v Liverpool should be a good game to watch,

    Although he made a mistake last week, I like the look of Moreno.

  56. Cesc Appeal


    They’re all important.

    We could have got by with Giroud this year, but again why on Earth is Wenger risking it all on having ONE ST?! It’s baffling. It really is. Giroud was due an injury; not saying this one was preventable but look how lucky we got last year with him and Mert and Kozz.

  57. salparadisenyc


    I think its time for me to call it day after that clip… every time I see Wenger i’ll actually be thinking how similar he is to my misses.

    Im fucked for sure.

  58. bergkamplegend

    Augustine : so you really think that wenger will play Poldi ?? Weird…

    And I thought he had quit the club ??? lol

  59. Cesc Appeal


    Oh no.

    I’m sorry. Long dark curtains on that relationship now isn’t it? After a bit of rumpy pumpy “what did you think of that love?”

    Roll over to see your missus looking up at the ceiling, “well I think you performed with the handbrake on, but you had great mental quality and character to see the game through until the end and eventually got the result.”


  60. MidwestGun

    A few years ago, Pearson was backpacking across Romania and was attacked by a pack of wild dogs and beat them away with his bare hands. How amazing is this story?
    Ppppfffffffffttttttt……….. whatever……. where I live I do this everyday just to get my mail. 😀

    Good afternoon, y’all! Going for 1 to 1 Pool v Spuds.

  61. Ozy

    Great post today. Something different and well written.

    Everything about our move for Remy sums up how fucking inadequate and fucking past it Wenger is. Enough is enough. It’s embarrassing. We’re a laughing stock. I literally can’t. How has he left it to the last two days of the transfer window to buy players for such important positions?

    We need to sign two very good players, two immediate starters in both CB and DM to even have a hope of competing this year. I don’t see it happening anymore.

  62. goona

    From what I’ve seen of other teams this year, I don’t think we can confidently predict the result today. Coyg

  63. salparadisenyc

    “well I think you performed with the handbrake on, but you had great mental quality and character to see the game through until the end and eventually got the result.”


    Oh jesus.. its all to relatable…. curtains.

  64. MidwestGun

    That was before Wenger came in, made Arsenal good and then gave up.
    Hahaha. He has given up. Even fans of other teams can see that. Pretty much what my Chelscum supporting brother tells me every day. A-hole.

  65. Lee


    Alexis WAS signed as a striker

    You forgot to includ
    Campbell and rosicky and
    The fact that the ox can play on both wings
    So can cazorla
    So can Sanchez
    There is enough in the attacking positions already to rotate, rest or drop anyone.
    We need carvalho and we need another centre half
    Bellerin looks fucking quality back up. So does chambers.

    Sanchez is our centre forward
    Walcott will play with him. They’ll swap position
    It will be immense
    I guarantee next season wenger will add a new player to the left wing.
    Hopefully reus
    Or draxler

  66. Dissenter

    Just watching Liverpool and even Spuds play just makes me wince.

    No silly tipp- tappy with no end product.
    No £43 million AM running to the left corner post
    Just incisive powerful pacy football.

    How do you cope with Ballotelli – Sterling and Sturridge together?

  67. Lee

    Unless the ox can kick on and make that left wing his own.
    He has everything needed to be world class in a number of positions.
    No reason he can’t be a top drawer left winger

  68. SUGA3


    I am not convinced by Alexis playing in CF in our system, and once his willingness to impress the new employer wears off, you will see what I am talking about…

    Cazorla is pants out wide, just because Wenger puts him out there it does not mean he can play there…

    end of ends, we need a reasonably mobile target man in our system, neither Giroud nor Sanogo are at the level required and the former will never be, simple as that…

    all of this is being said on the basis of my assumption that we are expected to compete, if we are just to make up the numbers like we have been for the last decade, well, that’s a whole different matterr!

  69. MidwestGun

    Ohhh look the playboy, CEO, ex -world class footballer Lee is here to tell us what we can and can’t think. Ya, all CEO’s go around calling people mongs. Which is I’m assuming a derogatory term towards people with a birth/dna. Defect like Downs Syndrome. Your a top class Ceo I’m sure.

  70. Dissenter

    “Unless the ox can kick on and make that left wing his own.
    He has everything needed to be world class in a number of positions.
    No reason he can’t be a top drawer left winger”

    It’s only patriotic English men like you that rate the Ox as much as you.
    “everything needed to be world class in a number of positions”
    …maybe in making youtube videos.

    Raheem Sterling! Yes, that’s the lad that can be really be world class but the Ox hasn’t shown anything consistently to suggest he can be world class in any position.

    How do you define “world class”?

  71. Lee

    Is that an anti English attitude dissenter??

    The ox has everything needed.
    He’s still only 20 years old.

    Beckjam didn’t make his debut until he was 21

    He is strong, fast, powerful, skillful. Can pass, us both feet, had vision and a powerful shot.

    Wenger can turn him into one if the best, like he did with so many before him.


    I don’t care what you think about Alexis. What you think won’t make a difference.
    Now all of a sudden out star signing.
    One of the players if the World Cup isn’t good enough??
    He will just drop off once his eagerness wears thin??
    Tosh man.

    Also if we are there to make up the numbers, we only finished 7 points from being champions.
    With Walcott, Ramsey and Alexis all missing for most of last season but available for this season, do you not think that between them, they have the ability to cultivate 7 more points from a season???
    Yeah. So do I

  72. andy1886

    Lol, thanks for the flashback there Mid, I’m willing to give Lee a fresh start if he posts a few pictures or a link to his supermodel girlfriend 😉

    If it’s Arsene in a wig though I’m outta here.

  73. SUGA3


    what I just said: we need a reasonably mobile target man to play in our system and whilst I can see how Sanchez could work between Theo and Ox, it is not something that can and will work in every game against every opposition

    and I don’t think we will finish anywhere near 7 point off the top this season: actually, I think we blew the best chance of winning the league we will have in a while, hence finishing 7 points off the top was a massive underachievement, feel free to disagree, but just like my opinion, your opinion is of no consequence 😉

  74. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Bastaaad! I just hurt myself laughing because I’m sporting a hangover from hell today. It’s an indoor shades down, kind of day. Why does light make a hangover worse? 😎

  75. Bankz

    Y’all still think Balotelli for £16mill wasn’t worth a gamble especially with SANOGO being our only out & out Centre Forward at the moment?

  76. Dissenter

    “Is that an anti English attitude dissenter??

    How can it be anti-English when I was commending Raheem Sterling for his consistently and constant improvement. Raheem is only 19 years old and is already twice Oxlade, he’s the ones who’s more likely to be as good as Angel Di Maria very soon.
    We do have a prodigious English man, his name is Chambers. Of course that’s not if Wenger does not run him into the ground like he did to Wilshere.

    Of course, I know you disagree.

  77. Cesc Appeal

    I thought this game would be frantic like chances galore. Hasn’t proved that way, may have to revise my 3-2 prediction if the second half stays the same.

  78. MidwestGun

    Bankz – not me, I was a founding member of #Balosdeep. Because I’m thinking he will play like a house afire for a year to prove a point. But I must say in this game his finishing is pretty bad.

  79. Dissenter

    16 million for Balotelli will prove to be the buy of the season.
    Have to think Liverpool have done well considering they lost the third best player in the world last summer.

  80. MidwestGun

    Bankz- not me I was a founding member of #Balosdeep because I’m thinking he will play like a house afire to prove a point for probably about a year. But I must say in this game his finishing looks frighteningly bad at the moment.

  81. Bamford13


    Neither Alexis nor Walcott is a lone CF. They are wide attacking layers, strikers. Describing them — as you do — as “strikers” is only a half-truth. You’re leaving out key info.

    Even if you play them centrally, they need to be played with another central striker in order to be effective. That means a 4-4-2, which we haven’t played in years, and which you can guarantee Wenger hasn’t trained on. Thus neither is a solution for us now. We have been playing with a lone CF for years now, and a proper lone CF is what we’ve needed since the sale of RVP.

    If Sanchez is a great CF option, by the way, can I ask why Yaya Sanogo — a complete joke of a player — started as CF against Palace? If Wenger’s plan is to run Alexis through the center, why start a joke through the center? We have plenty of wide options — as you point out above — so it can’t be that we had no one to play wide save Alexis.

    The answer is that Alexis isn’t really a lone CF and Wenger didn’t want to play him as such — until he was forced to do so last week. As always, Wenger is trying to get by with less than a full squad, with whatever odds and ends he has, trying to buck the world’s wisdom.

    That Sanchez hadn’t even trained as a CF was obvious from the fact that he didn’t know how to press in Arsenal’s system and Ramsey spent the whole game giving him instructions.

    Wenger is a fucking joke — as is your analysis.