Arsene brushes off pesky opinion makers…

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Errr, Arsene, Ozil has something on his mind…

“I’m one of the best players in the world in that No10 position. Fans, coaches, players and everyone knows that my best position is playmaker.

“It’s different playing on the left. Joachim Löw needed me on the left. It’s not about the individual, it’s about the team.“

He ain’t playin’ on no wing, fool.

Glad to see the German has come out and set out the expectations for the season. I want to see him show he’s one of the best. Drop the arrogant / disinterested persona and show you want to make it happen at Arsenal. He shows glimpses, at the Besiktas game the other night a ball came in from high, he took it over the should whilst holding off a player… stopped the ball dead. Incredible talent to do such a thing… we just don’t see it enough.

He should be playing the number 10 role. We should have someone like Rosicky or Campbell playing out on  the left. Play your best player in their best positions, or buy someone in who can play there. Round pegs deserve round holes, especially if that round peg costs you £140k a week and you spanked out £40m on it.

Tomorrow we have a tough challenge with Leicester. Nigel Pearson, outside fighting packs of ferrel dogs, is a very good manager who has a drilled group of players that are carressed by the sweet hand of sport science. They’re lightning on the counter attack, but lacking in quality. At the back is where my Leicester supporting pal tells me we could have a field day… Paul Konchesky is one of their full backs and the other side lacks pace as well. We could blitz them from wide positions.

It’s important we start getting into a flow with our game, sad times though, if we spank Leicester, I think we can all kiss goodbye to any signings this transfer window. Forget going all out of Falcao my darlings, it looks like we’re strapped into this squad for the year.

‘Judge the team in May’

No. Looking at that squad right now, we can all see where this is going to end. It makes me sad, but when you’ve a CEO who is powerless and a club owner who is captivated by a manager who just keeps things ticking over. Well, you’ve a recipe for top four mediocrity…

… but hey, don’t voice that opinion, because Arsene doesn’t like anyone having an opinion.

‘We live in a society of opinions,’ Wenger said. ‘People are better informed these days. Many of them are better informed than I am. But all of these opinions don’t mean people are right.

‘Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but that doesn’t mean it’s right.

‘In fact, when opinions have been wrong in the past, people have never come out and say “sorry I was wrong” – the easiest thing is to have an opinion.’

Pretty sure Arsene says this about squad strength every single year when people ask him why he hasn’t done his job properly, and in general, people are pretty much always right about Arsene Wenger and his terrible opinions of what it takes to build a major trophy wnning squad.

Does he apologise? Will he apologise to Gary Lineker if we don’t win the league. Doubtful. It’s this type of arrogant snipe that causes the malaise we have at the club. One man, one opinion, fuck anyone else. The dictator has spoken.

This is Arsene on our chances of success…

‘Of course we can be successful. Why not? The success of the season does not depend on one player that you buy or not,’

‘If I give you the number of strikers we have at the moment, it’s absolutely unbelievable. We have Yaya Sanogo, Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott and Lukas Podolski.

‘Giroud will be back during the season and Joel Campbell can play centre-forward as well.

‘You sign players when you think it strengthens your squad. If you find the right player, then you want to do it.

‘We’ve shown in the last two seasons that when we think money has to be spent, we do it. But we want to do it in the right way.

‘I will be on alert until the last minute of the transfer deadline.’ 

Arsene again using all the options he has at his disposal to make a point. Nice in theory, but like last January when he said he had Nik B in his squad and he didn’t… Sanogo isn’t good enough, Campbell looks talented but has zero Premier League experience, we’re trying to sell Lukas, Giroud isn’t good enough and Theo is far better suited to playing out wide.

Oh, and Sanchez is a converted wide man who would probably suit playing with a second striker better.

It’s not a good situation. If you have to explain your squad situation to the masses, and it’s a bit of a push to explain it well, maybe your offering is a bit weak. You know, if you can’t explain something in a pitch succinctly, it’s probably not very good.

Wenger is battling reality, like he always does. He’s hiding behind his own bullshit, as always. It’ll end the same, as always.

Right, I’m off to play some golf. Have a ripper of a day!

P.S. Here is the podcast I did. Excuse the weird sound.

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  1. Emiratesstroller


    First of all I discount Remy. I suspect that the medical issue is that the problem is not so much his fitness but perhaps insurance matters. Chelsea may take the view that this is not a problem, but I bet Liverpool were not prepared to gamble if that was the case.

    Yes Chelsea are favourites to win because they have a balanced team and good squad. As I said I am unconvinced about Man City. On paper they look to be an exceptionally strong squad, but sometimes you need
    to factor in ‘hunger’, ‘motivation’ and even team spirit.

    They did not look good against us and nor were they particularly sparkling against Stoke yesterday. A title winning team should not be
    losing at home against a bunch of plodders.

    Arsenal will finish higher in the league than you suggest. I think that
    our team/squad is better than last season, but I am a little concerned
    whether we can match the goalscoring potential of some of other teams.

    Wenger will buy at least one player before close of transfer window.
    The question is who that player will be. Carvalho would be the obvious
    choice because he can play both DM [1st choice] and CB if required.

  2. qna

    VETP: “certainly an OG in my eyes”

    I see what you did there. Nice.

    I am not saying OG is world class, far from it. I am saying we are a long way away from having a star studed bench like Real Madrid or even City has. We need quality players on the bench and Giroud only earns about 60-70k/wk, so for that money he is good value and can add something coming on. Better value than Podolski who is on 110k/wk. I would not argue with anyone who replaces Giroud with Remy in our squad for the same salary. His pace may actually offer something else. I think ideally the back up striker should be tall and good in the air, since he will often need to come on against “park the bus” teams and find a way to get the ball in the back of the net.

    The point is that we need a stiker to come in in front of the back up striker and take the team to the next level against both stubborn weaker sides and quality sides and score goals for us in all situations. We have enough fair weather players, which I feel both Giroud and Remy are. For me I would take Giroud over Remy as my back up.

  3. David Smith

    Rhys Jagger… are an idiot. Do a bit of research into what life in North Korea is really like….paying special attention to their concentration camps…..before comparing a football manager with a North Korean dictator.

  4. andy1886

    Stroller, word is that any DM/CD would only be a back up anyway – Arteta is captain don’t forget, and why would Wenger break up the Mert/Kos axis? Can’t see any of the top options wanting to play second fiddle, a striker makes more sense if we’re going for a player that would make the first team but I can’t see that happening either. So just a back up CD/DM is my expectation, Remy possible but unlikely, and a squad still short in key positions come September 2nd!

  5. qna

    Estroller. True City did not look up to it against stoke and United have not quite clicked. But I am not sure if you noticed. But we havent looked that shit hot this year either. We were extremely lucky to get the points we have so far this year. One one hand, getting those types of points is a great sign and something that only great teams can do consistently. But the point is we have certainly not shown what we are better than City or even United yet. Liverpool have looked good so far and obviously Chelsea. So even discounting Everton and Spuds, that is 4 teams that are either better than us, or quite similar to us. The reason I have us at 5th is that I think United look close to pulling it together and if they do, they have more quality players than we have. I thought Di Maria was outstanding in the first half – could not see the second and they will get much stronger. When they click, United have the potential to really string it together and will be hard to beat by anyone. Dont write them off yet.

    Like I said, I am waiting until Tuesday morning to make my final judgements, but even if we only sign Cavalho, then we have failed, because we need an experienced back up CB to replace TV. That is a minimum.

    To be honest I am sick of Wengers know it all attitude and if he is going to experiment to prove he is the cleverest dick (head) in the room, then I am fed up with with it. Sanchez is not a CF. Carvalho should not be relied upon to moonlight as a CB. Chambers is not experienced enough and not even tested to be our back up CB for a full season. Arteta is not good enough as our DM.

  6. Gregg

    The Loic Remy debate. Would he score goals ? yes he would, he’d also add pace and power.

    The issue I have with him is it would be an admission by the manager that his forward options are the worst they’ve been. We’ve had countless opportunities to sign Remy over the last 6 years and never took it up. Why now ?

  7. Insomnia

    Looking forward to seeing some who complained at us going for him now complain about us not going for him….

  8. Gregg

    The Torino winger that we’ve been linked with was left out of their squad yesterday. No doubt John Cross will be typing the ‘exclusive’ link as we speak

  9. Bankz


    I’d pick Remy Over Giroud any day.
    Why is it whenever we are linked with centre forwards,y’all come here and start exaggerating the qualities of our 2 Donkeys.
    I remember some saying Giroud was as good as Lewandowski after we played them last season.
    Also heard Giroud is better than Benzema when he starred a few games in the world cup qualifiers ahead of Big Benz.
    I’ve heard he is better than Cavani, Balotelli & Jackson Martinez.

    Fact is, for you to be a successful centre forward in the EPL,, our must have relative pace & know how to finish.
    2 qualities Giroud will NEVER EVER have.
    Saw Diouf Goal yesterday vs man city?
    That was all pace & relatively decent finishing.
    Giroud can and will never score such.

    Saw Costars 2nd goal vs Everton? That was relative pace to run and get the ball from Mikel….+ relatively good finishing too. Giroud will Never score such.
    Infact Costa scored 2 goals from 3 shots.

  10. qna

    Bankz. I dont think Giroud is better than any of the players you have mentioned. I think he is at the same level as Remy. I would not argue against having Remy in the squad INSTEAD of Giroud. But why buy him, when we already have a player of the same quality. We need a higher quality player like Chelsea have with Costa, United with RVP/Rooney, City with Aguero and even Dzeko, Liverpool have with Balotelli. Even Lukaku is a level above Remy and Giroud.

  11. Bankz


    Honestly The Centre forward issue at Arsenal is baffling.
    Having SANOGO anywhere close to our starting XI is pure mental.