Arsene not accountable if he opts out of spending

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Well, well, well… look who it is. Feeling pretty hungover? I bet you are. You absolute animal. But don’t worry, no one knows what you did in that plant pot… yet.

Onto the football!

Took part in a fun podcast last night with the guys over at Footballistcally Arsenal. Really felt like yesterday there was a lot of pent up aggression. I just can’t f*cking beleive what’s going on at Arsenal at the moment, there’s literally no justification for Arsene Wenger’s behaviour. It was interesting being on the pod with a strong Wenger supporter, because I think even he (Josh) struggled to justify what the hell is going on. So much acceptance of Wenger’s behaviour is based on past glories. Take him in the now, with no past and his inaction is unforgivable.

£20m Falcao is now apparently off to Madrid for a season. It’s not the Arsenal way to churn £20m on a loan player. It is however, the sort of thing Ferguson did to great effect when he landed Robin in his prime for that one season of glory. Where’s the ruthless Arsene? Where’s the all guns blazing approach to crowning off your final contract? Where’s the ‘winner’?

I can’t see it. Arsene is laying up on a 120 yard par 3 over water. He’s bottling it again. He has £70m left in the bank and he’s opting not to spend it because he can’t find the right player, which in itself is a major problem because we have a handsomely paid scouting network. Ultimately, the reason he’s not spending the money is because if he goes into the season with a full compliment of players, he’s accountable.

Wenger likes going in with a squad that’s a ‘little bit short’ because it means there’s always this nagging doubt over what could have been. My opinion is that even with a full squad of City like players, he’d still come up short because he’s not good enough. Great players can’t really hide old hat systems with bodged tactics. They can’t hide poor preparation. They can’t hide a terrible approach to fitness.

Wenger is hiding behind meek excuses because those excuses… well, excuse him. If you don’t believe this, tell me how he hasn’t landed a world class striker since we lost Robin Van Persie. Tell me why he hasn’t found a defensive midfielder of any sort of level since he lost Alex Song. Where is the third choice centre back?

You can lose your mind at the assertion here, but unless you can give me a logical reason why a club the size of Arsenal with one of the largest resource pools in the planet, then save your angst.

We’re going into the season with massive gaps in our squad and there’s no excuse. It can’t be a mistake people, it happens too often. He’s either losing the plot, or it’s a strategic decision, because for me… as the little old fan who knows nothing, can call this season like I have the last 6 on here. It has 4th place written all over it. We haven’t kept pace with City or Chelsea. Jury is still out on Liverpool, but at least they’ve had a go at making sure they have the players to sustain a season. We looked pretty solid for a bit, then we started selling players to balance the books and now it looks like we might end this summer spending less than the last one.

Our biggest problem is we never have a big enough squad, well, Wenger hasn’t really added anything has he? Like for like, pretty much. What is that going to do for depth?


I don’t need £8m a year to see the issues, they’re so clear… everyone in world football can see the problems.

So why can’t Arsene?

Who knows… it’s not right though, it’s really not right. Negligence, again. The whole world wrong about the ‘standing still’ approach to building a world class squad. Watch the teams above add major talent and depth in the hope of what… things won’t work out because they signed more than 3 players?

It’s bizarre. It’s crazy. It’s only acceptable because he’s still dining off past glories and he never fails hard enough to merit a response from Stan Kroenke.

Being accountable to no one is dangerous regardless of how good you are. When you’re a falling star and still no one steps in, well, sadly the only way we escape this top 4 mediocrity is if we drop out of it, because one thing is for sure, Wenger doesn’t have it in him to kick on to the next level.

That’s a sad fact of life…

Happy Friday, go and clean out that plant pot before your boss finds out.

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  1. Keyser

    Suga3 – Lol he tracked back, kind of like Theo does, doesn’ always pu a tackle in, but makes up the numbers, except he couldn’t make the transition back again, you are trolling because it was blatant, see what I mean about people thinking people have forgotten.

    Wenger even said I don’t expect him to track back all the time because of what he can produce in the final 3rd, except he was struggling to do that aswell in the end.

    The Germans came back on like the 11th, plus we were already playing Sanchez and Ox.

  2. andy1886

    Keyser you contrary bastard, you’re on fire this morning!! (no sarcastic comments you lot).

    “andy1886 – You really are desperate if you think that’s contrasting, Lol mate see what I mean just bitter.
    Seriously is here anything about Wright falling out, I think I might’ve read or heard about it before, but I can’t remember where.”

    Of course you can’t see it, it’s in that massive blind spot marked “Arsene can do no wrong – ever!”

    Regards Wrighty you must be right, if Keyser hasn’t heard about it then it never happened. Chris Wreh deserved that final spot, after all wtf did Ian Wright ever do for us?

  3. N5

    Midwest taking AA to the cleaners.

    Just for the record, I’ve been going to Arsenal since 82. I’m not sure where he gets that I’m a prawn sandwich eater from! Lunatic.

  4. Wallace


    yeah, decent interview. pleased he’s enjoying London. Barney Ronay also does a piece on him in today’s Guardian.

  5. SUGA3

    er, yeah, who got more minutes in the WC, Poldi or Ozil? and what the fuck does playing Sanchez and Ox have anything to do with it?


    it’s interesting that you say that Theo does not track back either, it is OK for Theo to do then?

    by the way, it is still Wenger who put him out there which is out of position, etc.

    do you not think being demoralised contributed to drop in performance levels? I know I don’t give two hoots at work once that happens!

  6. andy1886

    What was your first game N5? I was almost certainly there, probably down the front behind the goal in the Northbank.

  7. N5

    Oh and last thing AA m, can you stop calling me a cunt every night, I’d always been polite to you and your obsession comes from ages ago when I disagreed that Fergie was a lucky manager. Move on.

  8. Gregg

    Ok firstly Arshavin’s main problem was that he loved the trappings and lifestyle in London too much. A great talent wasted by a severe lack of drive and desire. He brought that trait with him y the way, it didn’t just manifest when he got over here. The guy had the ability to replicate what Pires gave the team but didn’t have the desire.

    Second point is exactly that, Wenger seems to be wanting to mould players in to that ‘Pires’ role. I hope he realises that Ozil is not that sort of player at all.

    As for Podolski, again great finisher when the ball comes to him. When it comes to him ! Far too busy flying around Europe following Formula 1 and laying his life open on social media. Again he’s got everything he needs, football is not his main priority and it shows. He had the desire and ruthless streak when he was younger, not no more.

  9. N5

    I was 3 Andy and I think it was Watford, I’m seeing my old man later so Il check, but I’ve been a regular since it was 3pound at the turnstile for my age. What was your first game Andy?

  10. Keyser

    andy1886 – Mate, seriously your perception clouds your judgement, if I haven’t heard it ? Ian Wright has been mouthing off about us for years, and there’s nothing written or talked about it ? Come on, so your basically saying I should believe anything you say.

    Think this shit through, Wright was almost 35 and had Hamstring trouble all year, honestly now you’re saying Wreh shouldn’t have started ? See I can see Wright maybe getting subbed on, maybe they did have a falling ou, but why would I just take your word for it.

    I checked wiki, and it says he missed out on the World Cup because of his hamstring to.

  11. andy1886

    Loooool, I remember the Watford game so well!!! It was one of the worst performances by a keeper that I can remember! George f*kin Wood!!! I was right behind him, Don Howe said that his granny could have saved some of them and he was right. An Almunia level performance at his worst. I’m surprised that you ever bothered to come back.

    My first game? I honestly don’t remember who we played, I was about five and it was the winter of 1970. What I do remember apart from the noise and excitment was the drive home. I went with my friend and his dad from three doors down. He was a sales rep and drove like a lunatic – I thought that I was going to die! It sure was a different experience then, very working class, loud and aggressive. And the pitch was like a swamp.

  12. Keyser

    Suga3 – Sanchez up front, Ox on the right, we had no Ramsey, Arteta’s out aswell as Giroud, and you would’ve put Podolski in, who wasn’t even in the squad for Everton.

    Yeah Theo, because he makes it up and down the pitch, if Arshavin tracked back he was struggling to burst forward again, and it was affecting his decision making as his legs started to go.

    I don’t even agree he was out of position, at Zenit and for Russia he had a lot of freedom out there, and he something similar at Arsenal, he’d move to the middle or switch sides, except playing for us is obviously a step up, and late in his career he was struggling to keep up.

  13. Gregg

    If you’re talking 1998 then Wright was injured and Wreh and Anelka saw us over the line in the league and Cup. Wreh got a couple of important goals, notably the winner in cup semi against Wolves and a league game away at Wimbledon. Not quite like Uncle George Weah though !

  14. andy1886

    Keyser, that’s what I said in the first place, Wenger wouldn’t give Wrighty even two minutes at the end of the game even though he still had two subs to use and we were 2-0 up and comfortable. I remember reading about Wrighty being upset in the papers but obviously I don’t have those sixteen years later.

  15. Gregg

    N5 & Andy

    Good days guys. I remember occupying a position on the left corner of the North Bank. As I got older I started to move into a more central position and then eventually got to the hub of it. So many great memories. I miss the ‘Bank of Friendship’ immensely !

  16. N5

    That very true Andy, today is a million miles from where it once was. I originally went with dad just to give mum a break, but I soon fell in love with the club. I still today go with my dad, and although the heart has been taken from the experience, I still love the club. I’m probably mad.

    I’ve got so many memories, but my favourite are the away games, getting home to London by train and all the fans singing yellloooooows through the stations, I thought it was magic back then.

  17. Leedsgunner

    […]If I give you the number of strikers I have at the moment, it’s absolutely unbelievable.

    We have (Yaya) Sanogo, (Alexis) Sanchez, we have (Theo) Walcott, we have (Lukas) Podolski, we have Giroud who will come back during the season and I forget maybe one or two. (Joel) Campbell can play centre forward as well.”

    Really? Sure they are on the roster but what is the reality?

    Sanogo – raw, very young unfair to ask him carry the entire season

    Sanchez – I know Wenger wants to transform into a CF doesn’t necessarily mean he is one, in any case not his best position. One of the best wingers in the word FFS.

    Theo – see Sanchez above and substitute best wingers in the world to one of the best in the Premiership plus with the added complication of coming back from a long injury — if rushed too quickly he’ll just reinjure himself.

    Podolski – what? The same player you tried to sell because if wasn’t good enough? The same player you refuse to play? FFS, make your mind up! Either sell him or play him — you can’t have it both ways. If you’re selling him do it now while he has more value!

    Giroud – an impact striker at best. This is the most serious injury of career and he’s expecting him to play? If rushed he too will reinjure himself… provided they are no complications during his recovery.

    Joel Campbell – see Sanogo, needs to be eased in along with another experienced campaigner – third choice at best as things stand.

    “I forget one or two more…” – what’s the point? Is he being sarcastic, trying to be funny?

    I cannot believe he genuinely believes what he is saying.

    What a complete muppet.

  18. SUGA3


    OK, why would you play a player like this in the position which is as physically demading then? you know it makes no sense whatsoever, right?

  19. Keyser

    andy1886 – Yeah, but you don’t know how fit he was or anything, he left as our top scorer as Wenger played him well into his mid-30’s, and we won the Double that year.

  20. N5

    Gregg the north bank was so lively. Ooohhhhhh your shit, everytime their keeper had a kick. I loved both the north bank and clock end. I liked the bank, but we mainly went to the white house or the plimsoll.

  21. Gregg


    He then went on to say how Podolski cannot play through the middle, whereas sanchez and Sanogo can. So, it seems strange that he says he wont buy a striker while Giroud is out and names Podolski as a reason why.

  22. Gregg


    It was superb back in the day and I liked your comment about the heart being taken out of it now, that’s exactly right. I think over the years I done a spell in all the pubs but the BOF was always my favourite, followed by the Plimsoll.

    ” Peeeeeeeeeeaaaanuttttttttttttttttttttts”

  23. Keyser

    Suga3 – Lol, it made plenty of sense, we were struggling to score, we had like 4 consecutive 0-0’s in the league.

    Arshavin adapted well and almost instantly, it was later that he started to fade.

    Like I said, read what Wenger said about him, they knew he wasn’t always willing to track back and his stamina was questionable, but as long as he was efficient at the other end this didn’t mater.

    The problem was after a year or two, Arshavin struggled to vary his game, when Fabregas and Nasri left we simply couldn’t afford to keep playing him, when he wasn’t producing at either end.

  24. andy1886

    Yup, it’s all much more sanitised now, the pitches are better and you don’t have to stand in a pool of piss in the toilets anymore so it’s not all bad. But the passion isn’t the same either in the stands or on the pitch. Safe standing would be a great move but I can’t see the profit in it so it probably wont happen. Shame.

  25. Leedsgunner


    I think sometimes he’s like my boy… when caught in a tight spot he says the first thing that comes into head — I wish the journos listening would challenge him more of what he actually says.

    I don’t disagree with Wenger just for the sake of it, he literally doesn’t make sense.

    Podolski, Sanogo and Campbell in the eyes of our rivals would be classified as surplus to requirements. If it was up to me I would have sold those threes bought one proper class experienced striker. After the WC there was interest in Campbell from AC Milan.

    We should’ve either sold Campbell for Balotelli. Instant upgrade.

    Even if we were conservative I suspect we could get £5m for Podolski and a £1m Sanogo — boom… Balotelli’s wages sorted for two years.

  26. SUGA3


    I am not talking about playing him when it actually worked, I am referring to the point where his legs went a bit and when it would be a smart move to play him in a less demanding position…

    hint: centre forward in our formation is not that

  27. andy1886

    The peanut guy, roasted peanuts! get your peanuts! lol.

    And “Oooooh You’re Shit Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!” to the keeper. There were a few rather nice young ladies selling the Arsenal lottery tickets too in the eighties, one in particular I used to try to chat up but she wasn’t having any of it. 🙁

  28. Gregg

    The half time marching band. Have to say I was young and they bored the shit out of me.

    Agree with you though not on Balotelli as being the acquisition.

  29. andy1886

    Anyone remember the St Johns Ambulance guy who looked like Jeremy Beadle (another gooner btw)?

    Everywhere he went around the ground he was followed by chants of ‘Beadle!, Beadle!, Beadle!.

  30. Keyser

    Suga3 – That’s just life, if he wanted it easy he should’ve stayed in Russia, we were under pressure and couldn’t afford to carry him, Wenger still gave him loads of playing time, until he just couldn’t afford to give him much more.

  31. andy1886

    Gregg did you ever see the guy drop his baton? Used to throw it in the air but didn’t always catch it which gave us all a good laugh.

  32. Leedsgunner


    Ok, we’ll disagree on the target – it’s more the principle of the utter crud that he offers as facts… when considered it’s without substance. I don’t watch his press conferences anymore I get too wound up.

    Balotelli is a ship that’s sailed or should I say a ferry across the Mersey?

  33. Hunter

    Your Comment HereJust 3 days to go!Wenger says he will be active on the last day,so lets relax this weekend guys and just wait until Monday before we all nominate him for the ‘ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE’!! and if he fails to do the neccessary with regards to getting the right players in,then we can replace the ice with turds!
    I reckon REMY to CHELSKI,CARVALHO to MAN UTD,KHEIDERA to stay at REAL and FALCAO to stay at MONACO.
    Just saying

  34. SUGA3


    now you are trolling 😆

    I think AA was handled very badly, I mean, a player with this sort of footballing brain and ability to make something out of nothing would be very useful if utilised correctly…

    I mean, would you stick Bergkamp at, let’s say 30 y.o. out wide? of course you wouldn’t!

  35. Keyser

    Suga3 – You can think it, it’s just not true, Arshavin moved to a more intense, more demanding league too late in his career and couldn’t adapt.

    Bergkamp as his legs started to go, he played until 35-36 btw, was already learning to adjust and vary his game, Arshavin struggled with this and we just couldn’t afford to carry him.

    Arshavin relied heavily on tha burst of pace, especially considering his size to begin with.

  36. Leedsgunner


    Lol! Would we have to stop at one? What about a bucket for every deadwood he’s purchased for the past 17 years?

    With extra buckets for Park, Chamakh, Squillaci, Santos and Vivas?

  37. Gregg


    Yep the baton drop was the highlight !


    Agreed, it’s the principle. As I’ve repeated all summer, Wenger does not give us the best opportunity to compete. He always falls just short of whats required. Chelsea are letting Torres go, leaving them Costa and Drogba. Will they add another or say we have Oscar, Salah, Schurlle ? no, he’ll buy another fricking striker. Like you say, Wenger is one frustrating git

  38. Gregg


    Not a good comparison mate. Bergkamp had an inner drive and desire to be the very best he could be, always striving to improve and adapt his game.

    Arshavin simply wasn’t willing to even try

  39. SUGA3


    there is having a burst of pace and there is running up and down the length of the fucking pitch, you can still have a burst of pace at 30 if you are not expected to do the latter a whole lot…

  40. Keyser

    Suga3 – Yeah, but he didn’t adapt at all, and soon once that burst of pace goes you’re left with nothing, he couldn’t play it simple, and then his numbers at the top end of the pitch dropped off aswell.

    Wenger gave him all these games before he went on loan, and he was struggling to do anything.

  41. SUGA3


    we will have to agree to disagree on the latter, Bergkamp was not asked to do what was not his game for starters…


    watch Ozil being ruined exactly in the same manner…

  42. Keyser

    Go back and watch Arshavin struggle to adapt.

    Ozil’s younger, smarter and while Madrid wasn’t exactly good for his development, he should have a better base to work from than Arshavin had.

  43. TheHotHead

    Pointless trying to understand Wenger, nothing he does or says makes sense, he clearly has lost the plot. His legacy has gone and all he is doing now is upsetting every Arsenal fan with a brain and the power of independent thought (i.e. not a sheep).

    You look at the Arsenal team and their is nothing to get excited about. Other managers buy players to fill holes, one of the first things Mourinho did was buy Matic to solidify the middle and provide extra height there, the next big thing he does is buy a proven goal scorer and a proven provider of goals. Fabregas and Costa are filling their boots already. The sooner Wenger leaves and we can get a manager in who actually wants to win stuff the better.

  44. Sam

    Le moan is full of bored housewives

    Moan moan moan

    We have podolski, Sanchez n Campbell with Theo coming back
    Cavani flopped last season n flopped at the world cup
    Falcao is just an expensive mercenary we don’t need
    Campbell had better world cup than cavani

  45. Salvage

    Mertersacker is another liability. I said here last week that I dread the day he would have to chase after Sterling. Turns out I should have dreaded the day we meet anyone with a bit of heart… Terriblly slow. Jugging around the place even when our post is under siege.

  46. TheHotHead

    @Sam – you are as stupid as Wenger, why don’t you get a clue before commenting, your idiotic argument makes no sense.

    Podolski – Wenger wants to sell because he is not good enough in that role.
    Campbell is not a proven central striker and has no experience playing in the Prem.
    Giroud is shit.
    Sanchez is better coming from wide and doesn’t have the physical presence we need in the Prem.
    Theo is not a good central striker and is much better coming in from wider positions.
    Cavani scored 16 goals in 30 league appearances, how did he flop you fool ? And Costa flopped in the World Cup …. but has scored 4 league goals for Chelsea. You know F’all about football, you clown.

    You are not an Arsenal fan, you are a Wenger lover, you muppet, leave those who care about Arsenal Football Club to discuss things.