Sanchez the striker comes good

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My first game back in the action didn’t disappoint. Well, from a result perspective at least. Also worth noting the calibre of bar staff at The Che pre game lived up to the usual high standards.

Line up had an Ozil on the left again, a Cazorla in the middle and a Sanchez through the middle. That was good news. I’m convinced the Chilean can play through the middle.

The game wasn’t up to much. I felt the Turks were far more of a threat in the first half than we were. I didn’t feel like there was a real vision for how our team should play. We hadn’t worked out a way to play with Sanchez, still trying to ping balls at him like he was a large man.

That didn’t stop the little machine banging in our first. Some crafty work with Jack at the edge of the box allowed the ball to roll in the firing line of Sanchez where he was on hand to bang the ball him low and hard. It was a poacher’s goal and it was first time. What a relief.

The second half was a touch nervy. Besiktas had some very strong penalty shouts, we missed some absolute sitters (Chambo, what was that!) and everyone in the stadium was on edge… but, we saw the game out and cheered like absolute heroes!

So key takeaways from me…


I felt the performance was weak, well, not weak, just well out of sorts considering the style Wenger strives for. I don’t feel the lineup has a vision of how it’s supposed to play. I didn’t feel anyone looked drilled or had been given instruction on how to play. It’s just a bit samey. Besiktas are a very poor team. Didn’t really feel we imposed ourselves or gave a good account.

Sanchez centrally…

As I told you earlier in the summer, Reus or Sanchez were coming in to play centrally. Wenger confirmed that last night. He’s very short, so he’s not winning anything in the air, but he’s fast, he’s unpredictable, he has magic inside and outside the box, he’s 0.5 seconds faster than anyone in the head and powerful. There’s no reason he can’t be our Aguerro. Love him. He’s a hard worker, he’s feeling his way in and he never stops working.


Debuchy took our second red of the season for a challenge that looked really good from where we were sitting. Chambers came on and gave a great account of himself at right back. The boy has pace to burn and he loves being in the mix. I love him. Our best acquisition in a while. He’s made an impact straight away.

(ENGLAND SQUAD. Totally deserved)


Via James Olley (loadsa Gooners in that team!)


He’s really not at the races yet. Not sure about him outside purely from an exposure point of view. The side just doesn’t feel that balanced at the moment. I’d prefer to see pace out that way. Maybe he’ll get better. My issue is that he’s a number ten and we’re punting him in left midfield. Feels wrong. Like putting on your girlfriends underwear… but hey, look, after a while, it can feel right. So let’s wait and see on that one.

Jack Wilshere…

Look, the final ball was garbage and he made some very immature passes towards the end that put us under pressure. However, he was running at pace, he looked interested and he put in a really solid performance. He needs to build on that. Have a Ramsey season. Show us why you’re paid superstar wages.


Push comes to shove, we’re through, for the 17th year running. A great achievement. One worthy of a trophy. Looking forward to not playing Spursday night football.

Right, that’s me done. Have a great day!

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  1. salparadisenyc

    MarbleHallAugust 28, 2014 23:31:27
    Taking a beating defending Arsenal.

    Indeed and that didn’t have to stop in the fall of 96.
    Your choice, club still wearing the red n white regardless.

  2. Arsene's analyst

    I don’t need to be in football management for 30 years to know a squad is in dire need of upgrading

  3. NYCgooner


    I’ve been telling myself that for a while. But……..I’m like a dog chasing a car…………..i can’t help myself

  4. Arsene's analyst

    In the last two seasons 37 players have left this club, in the same time it has imported 7, three last season and to date 4 this season, Wenger will over use Sanchez until Giroud comes back, Campbell is not needed by Wenger if a buyer comes along, he’s gone, Sanogo is the second favourite to Giroud, square pegs in round holes

    We have one of the best number 10 in the world OZIL, where does this fucking nincompoop play him, wide left or wide right, DESTROYING HIM, like he destroyed Arshavin, just to have him in the starting 11, he shunts him on the wing, fuck you Wenger you imbecile, this cunt knows fuck all about football management, if he did he would by wingers and play Ozil in the cnter, where he should have played Arshavin
    This manager is a disgrace, world class players ata his disposal and Wenger is too fucking stupid to use them properly

  5. Arsene's analyst

    Imagine for a moment, Ozil in the middle with a good CDM, say Khedira/Carvallho, on the flanks Sanchez, Walcott/Ox, or similar with pace

    You don’t need a lumbering ox like Giroud to slow things down, get a fast CF, someone who can get out of a jog, with those guys in place no need for the big CF Giroud to hold play up, that is the problem, holding play up , giving the opposition time to set defensively, this team moves too slowly it’s like treacle, backwards, sideways, then lose possession then having to scurry back it’s fucking exhausting watching this side

  6. Arsene's analyst

    The football world have had their say on Ozil, damming him for his inept displays, according to them, he was magic at Madrid, used properly, he is one of the best players in the world, He is being demoralized by this manager, imagine if you are a great number 10, and the manager asked you to play right/left wing, how would you feel, speak up Mesut, put this french fuck in his place, hand in a transfer request unless he plays you in your proper position

    This manager is destroying OZIL, Wenger preferring to play his bum boy Wilshere, what a fucking joke

  7. Arsene's analyst

    Wilshere has the gall to wear the number 10 shirt, if he wants it, play like it you fucking midget, or give it to the real number 10, OZIL

  8. Arsene's analyst

    We used to have Dennis wear the number 10, now Wilshere has it, please, this guy is not a number 10, imposter

  9. Arsene's analyst

    Mourinho might be a cunt of a man, a detestable human being, but he knows how to manage football teams/clubs

    Take note Arsene, you might learn something

  10. Sam

    The French thing is just a banter nothing racist you guys need to chill
    The old twat picks wilshere n he’s not French
    Anyway, did Raniot mum have a French fling with Gilles Grimandi 20yrs ago?
    I can see why Adrien wants to play for arsenal. It’s a French secret

  11. Arsene's analyst

    This is typical of this manager, when Song was at this club, when a CD was injured he used to play Song in that position, because it saved buying and paying wages to a proper CD, everything about this manager is about saving money, last season he played Sagna there, again to save buying the real thing, square pegs round holes, I could understand it if he was managing Norwich or a team similar, this scroat is managing the 6th biggest club in the world, start fucking acting like it

    If we need a CD, buy one, don’t use a right back, I wish this manager would for once play the players in their rightful positions

    Trouble is this fucking idiot buys central midfielders, and has them all play wide left or right, even Ramsey, asked to play right wing last season, wasted talent, this is not AFC best ever manager, you have to be joking

  12. Arsene's analyst

    Afc went through a season unbeaten, that was an accident, all you had to do was send out the team, no instructions, no need to tell Henry how to play, no need to instruct Keown or Campbell in the art of defending, no need to show Vieira and Gilberto what to do, what could this guy tell Pires and Ljunberg what to do, Parlour, what was Arsene going to tell him, work harder, It was a magnificent assembled side, but they had no tactics, no plan just give it to one of their superstars and they will do the rest, ie Henry running length of field and scoring, if not him, then Vieira, there was no tactical genius from the manager

  13. Sam

    Arsene’s analyst,

    We fell apart most of last season not becoz of injuries, our Defenders were all overplayed. they are humans not robots. If we don’t buy we will have the same problem this season

  14. Arsene's analyst

    What low life imbecile plays one of the best number 10″s in the world on the left or right wing, Ozil has scored the odd goal or two, but his devastating position is centrally, where he can dictate play, he is not a sprinter to fly down the wings, he creates chances for his speed men, wide left, wide right, and in the central striking position

    He is not a donkey to run up and down, back and forth defending, what a mug this manager is

    No club spends 42.5 million quid on a champion to have him track back and defend,on the wings, fuck me, don’t come here telling me how great Wenger is
    Well there is one club, AFC, run by a man gone of the rails,

  15. Arsene's analyst

    Well Sam, that is Arsene’s way he runs everyone into the ground, keeps a relatively thin squad of 1st teamers

  16. Arsene's analyst

    Asks youth to carry the team by playing unrealistic number of games in a season, i.e. Cesc and Jack, when Vermaelen first came here he was a top line defender, after a few years he is finished, demoralized by Wenger, like Arshavin, against Barcelona, Jack looked like a 60 million quid player, look at him now, Walcott was superb playing for Southampton, that’s why we bought him, he has not progressed since, wrecked by this manager

  17. Dark Hei


    Let’s wait and see. If we do get a deep lying midfielder, I think Ozil might be moved back into the middle.

    We are playing a 4-1-4-1 at the moment. I am not sure if he has to work rate to be playing in the middle in this formation.

    We will need to switch back into the 4-2-3-1 for him to be at his optimum. I don’t think he is altogether bad on the left. He is still mobile, a very good passing outlet as he doesn’t lose the ball. He is encouraged to cut in and do every thing quite nicely, just that as you put it, he isn’t so influential.

    Despite that, he is probably still one of our best options on the left itself. I will put him there ahead of Ox and Carzola in this formation.

    Perhaps when we do sign the fabled DM, we can afford to move back to the 4-2-3-1.

  18. Arsene's analyst

    Can anyone explain when we have 150 million quid to spend on transfers, the manager gets in 2 free transfers, Sanogo and Flamini, and when we are crying out for reinforcements in January, we get in a guy with a broken back who can’t play for a few months, why would any manager rely on one striker to go through a 9 months season, Giroud, when we have 150 million pounds cash

    This guy should be charged with criminal fucking negligence

  19. Arsene's analyst

    We played a few games with 4-1-4-1 because Arteta was out injured, that is not the usual lineup, if he is back it reverts to 4-2-3-1, it makes no difference, I believe whatever time Ozil spends on the pitch, it should be in the central role

  20. Evan

    Sunderland set to sign Ricky Alvarez on loan.
    I recall we were heavily linked last season, Le Grove went Grimandi tube mental for him

  21. Arsene's analyst

    Regardless where Wenger plays him, you can see his frustrations when he looks up with the ball at his feet and sees Giroud or Sanogo, he then just passes it to the opposition and the ball is cleared, this man is not being utilized to his full potential, we have good individual players

    Playing all over the park like a mad mans breakfast, players out of position playing one position one week then something else the week after, no fluidity, here’s a clue Arsene, find each players best position, AND PLAY THEM THERE CONSISTANTLY

  22. Moray

    “here’s a clue Arsene, find each players best position, AND PLAY THEM THERE CONSISTANTLY”

    I think it is clearer than that…Buy the right players for the right positions and play them there. Don’t try to be a hero.

  23. Lee


    So because wenger doesn’t waste his money on the players you dictate then he’s a failure?? Please!!!

    Everyone on here was clamouring for M’Villa two years ago and slating Ramsey.
    Wenger stuck with Ramsey and now look at the player we have!!!
    A £40m midfielder

    While I agree we do need a new option in this area it doesn’t make wenger a failure for jot signing one.
    He brought in Sanchez as a striker. Like Henry it will take a while for him to get going.
    He has already scored his first goal.
    Our defence is in good shape with maybe one more body to be added as 4th choice.
    This is not FIFA
    You don’t just tap a button and it’s done.
    Do you think if. Falcao came in for a season that he would just hit the ground running??
    He barely scored at Monaco and that league is far weaker than ours.
    These things take time and planning
    Then what happens when Walcott comes back?

    You wanted him to spend money and he has.

    He’s spent £70 odd mil on two of the worlds best attacking players whilst moulding his own and adding chambers who nobody knew and he looks like a fucking steal at£16m.
    It doesn’t need to be £40m in every position does it??
    Let the team grow and see where we end up
    Again we were only 7 points from champions last year.
    We are close

  24. Lee


    Another point

    I thought sanogo looked good against city. He stretched play. He holds it up well
    He’s strong and had two assist.
    Once he adds his first senior goal I think he will become a complete asset
    He won’t do that without games
    This is is first full season.
    Anelka didn’t score his first arsenal goal until November against Man U in that 3-2 victory.
    Give sanogo some breathing space

    You all slate Chelsea and city for their crass style and buying titles yet slate wenger for growing a team organically.
    I know what I prefer
    Some serious bi polar going on with Le Grove bloggers

  25. Thank you and goodnight

    Fuck me there’s no hope for this club when you have AKB bellends like we do. Honestly how far will this club have to be damaged by le senile and kroenke before the fans Fucking wake up. Year on year wenger sabotages the squad, not addressing our needs and still the backward AKB’S stick up for him. We’re told give Wenger respect, but what respect does he give the fans by lying, sabotaging the squad and treating Arsenal FC as his own play thing. Ozil was never designed for the EPL , the fact that he could barely last 60 min a game playing for real in a far less demanding league should of been proof enough he wouldn’t cut it in our league, let alone play 90 minutes on the left wing. Far more players have regressed under wenger in the last 5 years than progressed.

  26. Thank you and goodnight

    The fact your sticking up for Sanogo, when every man and his dog can see how shit he is, proves you know fuck all about football. Sanogo is not good enough to lead the line for Arsenal ladies let alone Arsenals first 11.

  27. Lee

    think the prospect of Alexis and Walcott, once fit, swapping the right wing and centre forward role persistently throughout a game, with the likes of Özil and Cazorla supplying ammunition, might just be how Wenger envisages his team’s evolution.

  28. N5

    TYAG, I think those guys are more deluded than lunatic, but saying the same thing all night every night to yourself is crazy. He never gets involved in conversation and insults anyone who tries too. He’s mad.

  29. N5

    No chance to Walnut in the middle. I can’t see Sanchez and Theo swapping. It will be those two on the wings supplying a future fit L’Oreal or a currently fit Donkey.

  30. Lee

    Goodnight but no thank you.
    You think sanogo is shit?? Then you obviously know nothing about football yourself as there are glaring positives in his game that are oblivious to you.

    Not every player will be Henry or RvP level.

    Sanogo will come good and when he does I will be here to remind you of the nonsense you spouted this day

  31. Guillou

    This was Ozil’s second game, he is not fit yet , in or out of position. When he was played in the No 10 position last year, he wasn’t particularly flying., but it was his first year and he had to adapt .
    This year , he’ll have to perform to his full potential as there are lots of good players at Arsenal vying that position. Sagna was an excellent CB, much better than error prone rash Vermuelen was the past 2 years. Chambers is a great replacement , but he shouldn’t be overplayed as he’s so young. If no CF are bought, Podolski should be kept and alternate CF/Left wing with Sanchez. The defending midfield position is still there though:
    The away bashing at City, Pool, Che last year has to be sorted if we don’t want to finish 4th again and had nervous nights like last nite again to qualify for CL directly.

  32. wenker-wanger

    @ arsene’s analyst . I must congratulate you on your articulate insight into matters wankger! Every comment you make hits the nail squarely on the head. Reading your reasoning into asserting that our manager is bereft of tactical nous and passion to win trophies with brave and bold decisive leadership strikes a chord for me .Well done mate!

  33. SUGA3

    good ol’ Le Grove, bringing the whole spectrum of ridiculous directly to your sick bed 😆

    it is funny how some people are obviously baiting (I am looking at you Lee) and some people even bother engaging: the thing is that yes, Wenger has done a lot for the club, but there is absolutely NO WAY anyone can justify Sanogo being the second choice at a club of our stature, simple as that…

    and by the way, have we signed anyone yet?

  34. wenker-wanger

    Wenger the mad craftsman with half his tools missing, with no saw, cutting wood with 6 hammers and 100 chisels. IDIOT…….imposter

  35. Thank you and goodnight


    They wind me up though. No one’s saying wenger’s done nothing. His early years great ( though I still think he should of won CL at least once), the last 5 years he has been shocking. Foisting the club with some of the shittest players to ever represent our club, over paying average players to the extent we can’t shift them once we realise how shit they are. I mean the KK debacle would of seen any other manager at any other club binned.

  36. Lee


    I just don’t believe this harsh criticism of our manager and players is totally warranted.

    I also really do rate sanogo. I actually prefer him to giroud.
    I thought we looked better against bayern and Liverpool last season with sanogo in the team at the expense of giroud.
    He slows the game down too much for me.
    I also thought he was great I’m the first half against city.

    Perhaps it is due to these teams attacking us, thus leaving gaps at the back for his pace to exploit more thangirouds lumbering style.
    Giroud is cut out for park the bus sides that are difficult to get in behind.

    Now watch Sanchez link up with Walcott this year. That’s the one.

  37. N5

    “I also really do rate sanogo. I actually prefer him to giroud.”

    Really Lee? I understand you give players a chance to grow, but come on.

  38. SUGA3


    I fully and wholeheartedly agree with the notion of the club’s image in the transfer market being a bit damaged: I mean, can you imagine anyone daring to write the Zigic rumour article a few years ago? me neither!

    and yeah, it is painful to watch the club not giving it as good a go as we could, all the resources considered, we are a good team, but completely toothless upfront, looking at the team sheet, I just don’t know where the fuck will the goals come from?

    it’s not just personnel shortage, it is persistence with the same tactics, regardless of whether we have the personnel to pull off the game plan or not, I mean, why pump high balls towards Sanchez? of course he is not going to win any considerable proportion of aerial challenges being the short arse that he is, not that type of player entirely!

  39. SUGA3


    actually, we look way more dynamic with Sanogo upfront than we do with Giroud, the thing is that the former is lacking the very basic skills to make the best use of his movement, etc.

  40. N5

    SUGA3, I agree, but the boy can’t shoot to save his life, at least Giroud can do that.

    It would be silly to have a striker on the pitch that can’t score.

  41. freddylekgunner

    Good morning all…first of all that Arsene Analyst isn’t making any point when he spouts shits everyday regardless of the topic, continous posts upon posts just lamenting is madness.
    Also am disappointed that players of the calibre of Giroud and Sanogo are our CF. But I wouldn’t say they are shit.

  42. SUGA3

    what I meant to say in the end is that they are both woefully inadequate for a club of our calibre, but there are areas where YS shows that he can be WAY better than L’Oreal…

    the fact that he should not be allowed to polish his skills in the first team of a CL club is another matter!

  43. Hitman49

    Everyone seems to think walnut will be back as before !

    Really you think !?

    Let’s see as your all putting pressure on the guy he has had an injury which 15 yrs ago would have finished his carrer,
    So let’s see how he comes back.

    But he will lose some pace and mobility.

    Agree with arsens analyst…….square pegs round holes but let’s see . Judge me in May ! Which one ?

  44. Lee

    Jese is allowed to polish his at Real Madrid
    Pedro at barca
    Wilshire and Ramsey at arsenal
    If wilshire bombed against barca that day wenger would have been slated
    So would wilshire
    You have to give em their chance
    Every player that played under wem her days that he gives you tremendous self belief
    When he starts scoring he will be an animal.
    Still don’t rate giroud but personally I view him as back up to sanchez

  45. SUGA3

    I started posting on LG ages ago, must have been 08/09 season, there were some shortcomings in the teams we had, it usually boiled down to being 2-3 players short of being truly competitive and you know what?

    we have always been those 2-3 players short, just like we are now and the club does fuck all to address it, we are spending a lot of money very badly – again!

    don’t get me wrong, both Ozil and Sanchez are very good players, but getting them two and then telling them to either play out of position or supply a pair of donkeys in Giroud and Sanogo is a big fuck off waste of £70M if you ask me…

    financially, we are more than capable of bringing Cavanis and Falcaos of ths world into the mix, but we are seemingly not interested to make it REALLY big…

  46. Hitman49


    Now that’s 100% correct we are always 2/3 players short.

    I’m sorry but this managers sell buy date has well and truly expired.


  47. Jim Lahey

    @SUGA3 – I think we will always been those 2-3 players short because Wenger has lost all desire to compete for major honours. I think its calculated. He always has enough to get us into the Champios League(just about) and to keep the money coming in.

    We could easily get those players we need in to become title contenders we could even do it in these last few days, but he won’t. The stress of pressing for the league is too much for him, and has been for a while. Since the 07/08 season when we collapsed at the end.

  48. Bamford13


    It’s actually astonishing to me that there is anyone left defending Wenger, so obvious are his failings.

    Giroud, Sanogo, Arteta and Flamini are fucking second-rate dross, yet we’ve been relying on them (Giroud, Arteta) for two years. Two years! Last summer we needed to replace these two — last summer! — and yet Wenger hasn’t even managed to replace them THIS summer.

    Why? Because he thinks this dross is good enough. Why? Because his goal is NOT to win the title. His goal is to prove to the world he can finish top four while spending as little as possible and with players it doesn’t rate. And the result is inadequate mediocrity year after fucking year.

    This has nothing to do with with “Fifa”, Lee, or with the players “I want”. Many teams have signed and integrated forwards and midfielders better than ours into their squads in the past three months. Wenger has had two fucking years. I could care less, at some level, which particular CDM and CF we signed, provided they are of title-winning quality. Neither Giroud or Arteta is of title-winning quality, and this is obvious to everyone on planet earth.

    Fucking maddening.

  49. SUGA3


    and you know what? we have always been short in one position and it was the DM, we were close to having it filled with Song, but he was still ill-disciplined and a disruptive influence, the elbow during the World Cup game showed what a cunt he is…

    so that’s what, 6 years trying to fill this gap and almost finding the right man for a season and a half, just to sell him to Barca for him to warm the bench, tidy profit made, a few years wasted…

  50. SUGA3

    Jim Lahey August 29, 2014 08:04:15

    @SUGA3 – I think we will always been those 2-3 players short because Wenger has lost all desire to compete for major honours



  51. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Bit of foresight here,,, come November when we are riddled with injuries , losing home games in the league , an can’t score?

    What excuse will he have
    Cos I think he has used them all now .

    Players coming out saying he is great is sickening me.

    It’s a gravy train from top to bottom
    Not a football club anymore .

  52. Thank you and goodnight

    @ Bamford

    This is what annoys me to mate. Ex pros, media pundits and any fan with a tiny brain cell can see wenger’s the problem but still the muppets back him. The irony of it is, is that if this new manager came in and operated exactly the same way Wenger does, I’d doubt the AKB’S would give him 2 seasons before screaming for his head.

  53. Bamford13


    You’re right. If we hired a different manager tomorrow, who began by doing and saying all of the things Wenger does and says, these same clowns would be calling for his head. He’d be out in to weeks — so absurd is Wenger’s approach.

    I’m almost at the point of looking forward to a massive failure this season. That’s the only way we get rid of this dipshit.

  54. Bergkamplegend

    So basically it’s almost the same CL group every year….

    Fuck that shit.

    My prediction : 1)Dortmund; 2) Arsenal (on goal average); 3) Galatasaray.

    For the 1/8 : Arsenal-Barcelona. Second tie away, of course.

    Good morning by the way.

  55. Hitman49


    I think you made a much better point in that he wastes money!

    Look at some of his past salaries to players like denilson,bendy,diarby,

    That’s only three in recent seasons at the emirates but he did the same at highbury, R wright,stevenos,Shabbat,the fox in the box,the list could go on and on.

    For me he lost it 06 even making the CL final he made the worst sub choice ever,taking piers off in that game !! And keeping helb on ?..

    For me that cost us not the sending off,that one decision if ever Henry was going to play and play well he needed bobbie to be his partner. Shocking decision.

    Since then he has sold far more than he should and it became about profit !

    And when he got away with that without a murmur from the fans he knew he could do as he liked.
    Las season was the first time we had come close to rumbling him, now with his FA cup he fills untouchable again and it stinks.

  56. Dark Hei

    “I’m almost at the point of looking forward to a massive failure this season.”

    It is all agenda driven.

    What’s the point of having you guys in this forum if you are not here for discussion in the first place?

  57. Bergkamplegend

    Can’t believe we are going to see Reus and Hummels at The Emirates!!

    It’s a real dream came true!!

    To soon for jokes ??

  58. Lee

    Look at Torres at Chelsea
    Carroll for Liverpool
    Ballotelli at city

    Look at the money Chelsea have paid out since the champs league final and won fuck all apart from that 2nd rate tea pot the Europa league.

    Blasting £40-£50 mil on a forward doesn’t guarantee anything

    Giroud is actually a far more successful purchase than all of those mentioned despite his short comings.

    I really don’t feel we need another striker

    A midfielder yes

    But wenger is right. We have shot loads if forwards and this is the year I hope they all have their big breakout title winning season.

    If wenger gets carvalho and rabiot then we are stocked

  59. SUGA3


    of course he has wasted a tremedous amount of money, I am thinking all the fat contracts given to Denilsons and Bendtners: I mean, if they were really that good, it is still pointless to put them on £40-50K, as these are the amounts that are perfectly ‘matchable’ by the richer clubs, no?

    and don’t get me started on Diaby, him playing the U21 game last night goes to show that he is in the process of earning himself another long term deal which he will have the pleasure of sitting out in the physio room 👿

    last time he had a decent run of games was when he needed a new deal – coincidence? like fuck it is!

    and then I think of Park: not only we have pissed up a lot of money up the wall, but we have also ruined our image in South Korea and pissed off the selling club, great fucking going!

  60. Jim Lahey

    @Hitman49 – I think not having a capable back up goalkeeper also cost us, Almunia was shocking, and then he goes and gives him the number one spot for the next 3-4 years, how many points did we drop because of him?

  61. Thank you and goodnight


    Spot on about diaby. And what makes me laugh is months after handing diaby a 5 yr contract extension, wenger comes out and admits diaby will always have problems due to weak muscles or something. The guys a bloody idiot who’s wasted millions of the club’s money. 8 million a year, he’s not worth 1 million

  62. SUGA3

    Sanchez – still bedding in and Wenger wants to play him centrally, which is out of his natural position

    Walcott – you have no idea how he will play after returning from the injury or how long it will take him to get up to speed, providing he does not get injured again

    The Ox – shows promise, but I don’t think he has the numbers we are looking for in him

    Cazorla – not exactly a prolific goalscorer, is he?

    Podolski – great finisher, but does he get to play often enough?

  63. Honest Bill

    We are sure to buy a striker. We have shit loads of money now, so there’s no need to leave the team short up front. Sanogo isn’t good enough, anyone can see that. Wenger might talk some old bollocks sometimes, but he isn’t that stupid. You can’t expect him to come out and publically admit that our strike force is shit. The fact that he tried to buy Suarez and higuain suggests that he recognises the deficiency in that area, and now it is even more urgent that he does something.

    He must be looking to move for a top CF. Only question is: Who?

  64. Dark Hei

    Honest Bill

    Apparently we are exploring the idea of Falcao, which I am kind of stunned to hear, but Migeul Delaney has kind of confirmed the interest.

    I am not sure about the suitability of Falcao. If Wenger is looking to educate the team using Sanchez up tops, they need time to adjust to this style. It wouldn’t make sense to get someone of such high profile to seat on the bench.

    I would prefer to a veteran striker (not Zigic) on a short term contract or a quality target man on loan.

  65. Dark Hei

    Honest Bill

    Apparently we are exploring the idea of Falcao, which I am kind of stunned to hear, but Migeul Delaney has kind of confirmed the interest.

    I am not sure about the suitability of Falcao. If Wenger is looking to educate the team using Sanchez up tops, they need time to adjust to this style. It wouldn’t make sense to get someone of such high profile to seat on the bench.

  66. Thank you and goodnight

    Sanchez is not a bloody centre forward. He’s the nearest thing we’ve had to Robert Pires, so why waste him up front when he’s not a bloody centre forward. If their is a slim chance of getting falcoa then go for it you senile old git

  67. Lee

    You’re just looking at negatives
    Why is it always so negative here
    Theo has goals. You know it.
    He will come back fine
    Look at the last time he came back
    He scored 3 goals in 5 games. I have no worries about theo dispute the negativity around him
    Ramsey is scoring a goal a game pretty much.
    The ox can emulate Ramsey
    Cazorla will contribute goals given a shot at goal
    Sanchez will score goals
    You’re telling me that we can’t win without giroud now???
    This arsenal team is more than capable of winning the title and I just don’t understand why nobody is behind the boys

  68. Bennydevito

    Fuck me, Arsenal Analyst on the colombian marching powder all night spiked with acid for good measure!

    Morning Grovers, I, like Suga3 have been around LG since the beginning and it’s true – we have been 2-3 players short since the break up of the invincibles. It’s sooooo frustrating it’s almost like Wenger sets up deliberately to be just short of a title winning team. And while people like Lee are entitled to their opinion we do know on here it’s not fifa or football manager but wenger it seems to think it’s not about winning. Yes we just won the shield and facup but so did Wigan (fac) a couple years ago.

    I believe Wenger needs to go as much as I love him, he’s past it.