Arsene showing himself up in transfer window… again

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Well good morning! What a game last night. No wait, it’s tonight. I totally thought it was a Wednesday yesterday. What a tool.

Right, what have we today?

Well my friends, many LOLs going on at the moment.

There’s not much going on with the transfer stuff, mainly because we don’t have a plan.

As. Usual.

The centre back thing is pottering along like it has been for weeks. We’ve known since May that Vermaelen was going because he was aggrieved at the way the club treated him.


Yep, that’s a pretty long time ago. We’ve still not snared anyone to replace him. It’s a very worrying scenario that’s not being met with the type of urgency it should be. Why would Arsene feel that urgency? He reports to no one…

On the striker situation, it’s pretty clear that not a lot is going on there. Rumours coming out of Croatia that we’re interested in snapping up Nicola Zigic.

Oh dear… oh dear oh dear.

Pretty hilarious in a way. Falcao is available on loan for a season and we’re sniffing around a dog average striker who Birmingham let go. Typical Arsenal. We have an absolute stack of cash in the bank. We could afford to offer £50m for Cavani, we could afford whatever the loan deal would be for Falcao… we could hound pretty much any club in Europe for one of their strikers if we wanted to… but no… not Arsenal, they’d prefer to give the hapless Sanogo a go for three months. I mean, outside his lack of experience, he’s an injury calamity just like Diaby.

As for the mystical CDM we’ve been hunting for… what’s going on. In the whole of European / World football, our awful scouting network can’t russle up a single options. It’s unbelievable how poor that is. We’ve been trying to replace that role since Alex Song left. Where are our scouts looking? Why aren’t they looking in Eastern Europe? Why aren’t they looking at the bankrupt Spanish clubs? Why can’t they unearth good players these days?

… because they’re as backward as our fitness department.

I honestly can’t fathom what’s going on with Arsene, his behaviour is completely at odds with a top flight manager who has a desire to make things happen.

You can change your contract, your fitness coach, you chief exec… but your old manager and his old way will always catch up with you.

Arsene Wenger is already gearing us up for what we should expect this season. More of the same, baffling, totally off the wall behaviours that have seen us progress very little over the last 10 years.

Right, I’m done, I’m depressing myself.

See you at the game tonight…

Oh, Danny Welbeck… shoot, me, now.

UNITED LAST NIGHT! Hilarious… just hilarious.

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  1. Jim Lahey

    If United sign Vidal their spending over the last 12 months will be close to £250m …. How can they afford to bring these players in? Their wage bill must be astronomical.

    Di Maria

    Too much class there for them not to get into the top 4 this year.

  2. Ashwin Gunner


    That shows his ambition, doesn;t it.. His target is not win CL. neither to reach finals or Semi finals. but to top the group…

    No wonder we have not won it till now…

  3. Alfie

    Pinch of salt?

    I think its the whole fucking barrel.

    Just clicks. I wouldn’t look anymore into it than I would Dennis the Menace wanking of Gnasher in an episode of the Beano.

  4. Moray

    If we let Man U sign Vidal it will be the last straw. Just the position we need to fill and Wenger was waxing lyrical about him in the summer.

    Especially if we pay 10m on this child Rabiot we absolutely don’t need. Reminds me of that Ox deal a while back.

  5. Ashwin Gunner

    the sad thing is..

    When asked why qualification to CL is important, Wenger swiftly pointed it to the fact that the club will get more money. He didn;t say because its the most prestigious competetion in the world. but wanted to get into the group stages at all costs just for the extra money.

    His motivation is not win trophies or glory. His motivation is to reach to a point where the club gets some extra cash.

    He always moans that Arsenal gets very bad draws in round of 16, It was Barca, then AC milan then Bayern.. but he never thought to make his squad strong enough to face these teams.

    Arsene doesnt lack ambition. He lacks ambition to win trophies. but he is ambitious enough to settle at a place where extra cash flows into the club.

    Wenger is a sad sad fellow. I want him to just walk away with some pride and dignity for all he has done till now.. He has done a lot for the club. but its time we have a manager who has ambition to win trophies and not to earn extra money.

  6. Bergkamplegend

    “If we let Man U sign Vidal it will be the last straw. ”

    The “last” straw under the reign of Le mighty professor ?? You wanna bet ??

  7. Moray

    “He always moans that Arsenal gets very bad draws in round of 16, It was Barca, then AC milan then Bayern.. but he never thought to make his squad strong enough to face these teams.”

    He should try winning the group if he things our opponents are too tough at that stage.

  8. Wallace


    thanks for the history lesson. my main point is in Davis, Thomas, Rocastle & Merson we produced some excellent young players. they all had good careers, but for me, they could have achieved so much more with a manager who trusted talented players. GG wasn’t that manager. hence Morrow, Selley, Hillier…

  9. Bergkamplegend

    Last night I was happy to see Sanchez score, and happy to avoid the Europa League.

    But I just realized there’s still a risk for us to play this competition if we finish 3rd of our group lol

  10. gnarleygeorge9

    Noises in the transfer market coming out of Old Trafford are that they are building a squad that can put one over Milton Keynes & get them out of the bottom half of the table 🙂

  11. andy1886

    Wallace, fair enough that’s a reasonable claim, good of you to admit that you were wrong about Thomas/Richardson 😉 It’s probably fair to say another manager may have done more with them, or perhaps less, who knows? The same could be said for Arshavin and Reyes for example.

    As for Southern thanks for the anti semitic comment earlier (“Ask a Jew a question they will answer you with another question”). As it happens I’m not Jewish but as I’m sure you know Arsenal do have a large Jewish following who I’m sure enjoyed that little ‘gem’. For instance David Dein, Arsene’s great friend who with his manager helped put this great club where we are now.

  12. Dark Hei


    Rabiot boy for 15M not 10M! That is serious $$ for a 19 yr old on the last year of his contract. (ESPN)

    He isn’t an AM though he is a deep lying play maker with more skill than Flamini and a good long term successor to Arteta. He isn’t big like Carvalho but he seems a lot more mobile.

    I do not have anything against this transfer provided we get a CB too.

  13. Bergkamplegend

    Ashwin c’mon mate, the worst draw we could face is : Shakhtar Donetsk, CSKA Moscow and Apoel Nicosia lololololololololol

  14. Dissenter

    Sadly,I agree with gambon.

    United will finish above us.

    The holes in our squad are glaring

    …but hey, Wenger knows best.

  15. Jim Lahey

    @Dark Hei – He is solid, and would probably be looking for regular first team football at 26, and if they really want 25m.. I think we all know thats not happening!

  16. Arsene's Analyst

    We don’t CDM or any more CD, Wenger is working on the theory, defence no longer wins the league, scoring a shedload of goals does, City proved that last season
    So Wenger gets as many AM as possible hoping if they concede the odd 3 or 4 they can score 5 or 6

    It’s going to be a big ask ,good luck Arsene

  17. Arsene's Analyst

    There could well be more injuries this week end, let’s hope so, as usual this goat will use it as bad luck and not bad management,

  18. Dissenter

    Arsenal, PSG, Bayer Lev and Roma will be the nightmare dare for me.

    Has anyone noticed that these draws are getting harder every year?

  19. Arsene's Analyst

    How jammy is this manager, in the 89th minute, Ba is a pussy hair away from burying the frail dinosaur

  20. Dissenter

    “How jammy is this manager, in the 89th minute, Ba is a pussy hair away from burying the frail dinosaur”

    Arsenal analyst is consumed with analyzing pussy hair morphology rather than Arsenal.

  21. Bergkamplegend

    “…in the 89th minute, Ba is a pussy hair away from burying the frail dinosaur”

    arsène have almost had a heart attack…
    and so do we lol

  22. wenker-wanger

    Giroud out for up to 4 months!!!! Surely wankger will be pulling out the stops for a striker that we desperstely needed BEFORE he got injured. If he fails to buy or loan a good striker, then I hope his credibility as a manager to all arsenal fans plummets to such a low level that it will be the start of the end for him. Hopefully he wiil walk.

  23. Arsene's Analyst

    has anyone noticed Arsene is getting older every year, watching him shit himself for 90 minutes was glorious, he went through torture, agitated, up and down all night like a brides nightie, shaking with fear at the thought of missing his Holy Grail, I was disappointed Ba never equalised

    This manager needs punishing for the way ha is doing his job, scraping 4th, scraping, play off victories, by the skin of his teeth, not recruiting players needed to challenge, I got to say I was sad to see this con man go through, we have seen enough CL games from him, we need a manager who will actually try and win the fucking thing, as opposed to just fucking qualifying for the 30 odd million quid the club gets, what do you get, sweet fuck all

  24. andy1886

    With ManU not in the draw this year that should free up a few easier teams who would usually be allocated into their group.

    If I had to guess I think that we will get PSG and maybe Roma. Bet they’re running extensive videos of Sanogo right now trying to find a weakness in his game.

  25. gambon


    Not to mention that we will prob fall out of the top 8 seeds this year.

    Wenger goes on about consistency, but what he doesnt acknowledge is we are getting closer and closer to finishing 5th and not qualifyung in the CL every year.

    We keep having to secure 4th in the last few eeeks of the season, Spurs and Everton keep nearly catching us.

    Man Utd are spending heavily and Liverpool are back as a force, which means we are up against some real competition.

    In the CL we are scraping through quite often and never win our group any more.

    All the signs are pointing to a club in decline.

    Albeit very slow.

    Wont be long until we are pushed to 4th and Wengers ridiculous plan of ignoring all the teams problems is shown up for wht it is.

  26. Bergkamplegend

    That’s why we can’t buy any other players : arsène has gave all our money to Ba for making him miss the net lololololololol

  27. Arsene nose best

    The draw gets harder every year, perhaps we should have had a team in place to make it a bit easier, the cunts had long enough, WENGER OUT.

    What sort of manager gambles like that and puts the fans through that every year

  28. Dissenter

    Agreed but we shouldn’t really be in the first post anyway.
    We’ve never won it before and don’t stand a chance of going beyond the quarters.
    I think league champions in the top 6 teams and the previous two finalist should be in the first pot.

  29. Arsene's Analyst

    Imagine the tourists taking the Emirates tour, excited Asian fans asking where is the trophy room, we want to see the 17 fourth placed trophies, after entering the dust filled sanctuary, they are confronted by one lonely FA Cup, won last season, little Wong Fu is so disappointed, asks where the 17 fourth place trophies are, when told the truth, he asks for a refund, before storming out

  30. Real Gooner

    Gnarley George says: Noises in the transfer market coming out of Old Trafford are that they are building a squad that can put one over Milton Keynes & get them out of the bottom half of the table 🙂

    Spoken like a true Gooner.

    gambon says: “UTD will finish above us this season, sad but true”

    Spoken by someone who clearly did not like Gnarley George taking the micky out of Man Utd. Republic of Mancunia must be in melt down!

  31. Real Gooner

    gambon says: “All the signs are pointing to a club in decline.”

    I agree with you on that. Man Utd are a club in decline!

    Failed to qualify for Europe last season! Seriously even little old Arsenal have not managed that, in fact 17 years on the spin. Compare your beloved Man Utd to what they were and there is your decline you doughnut. Decline perfectly demonstrated by getting thrashed and humiliated by a League One side four nil. That should have been five nil, clear hand ball by Evans.

    So there is your decline my mischievous friend.

  32. Insomnia

    How do you pronounce Reus? Is it rhoos, raws, reaus or pleasegodlethimsignforus?

    Seriously though how do you?

    TYAG , fair balls to you for finding a new thing and sticking with it for hours – a bit of variation might be good though…

  33. Thank you and goodnight

    @Real gooner

    You tell him mate. So what if United have won that competition twice since wenger’s reign, they haven’t qualified 17 years in a row have they. Proof if ever it was needed that we’re the bigger team. In Arsène we trust

  34. Arsene's Mortician

    I can’t decide what to inscribe on Arsene’s head stone,” It was an Accident”
    “I didn’t see the incident”,
    “We showed mental strength tonight”
    ‘Diaby is like a new signing”
    “I don’t need another striker, I have Giroud”
    “4th IS a trophy”
    “We showed great spirit against Birmingham, we were unlucky”

  35. Bergkamplegend

    wenger deserves some respect for being the first manager in history to accept to play with 0 striker in his squad for 4 months, Le senile one have some balls!! lolololol

  36. Arsene's Mortician

    Latest rumour is Wenger is going to field 11 outfield players, he will be the first manager in history to play without a keeper

  37. Real Gooner

    That is it, you stick up for Man Utd over Arsenal and ignore the point.

    gambon claimed Arsenal were in decline. I pointed out that Man Utd are in decline and showed why.

    So why do you stick up for him and choose to stick the knife into the club you claim to support? This is a very strange place indeed.

  38. Thank you and goodnight

    @ insomnia

    I’ve decided to go over to the dumb side mate. It’s fantastic here and I’m so happy. You can talk utter bollocks and know your right.
    Arsenal never EVER get beaten or at least fairly they don’t. Always refs fault, pitch, oil men, oligarchs or just a plain little accident.
    Arsenals players are the greatest and Wenger never signs crap players.
    Plus….This is the biggie…..
    EVER YEAR WE WIN 4TH PLACED TROPHY AND CHAMPIONS LEAGUE QUALIFIER TROPHY to rub chav, United and shitty noses in it. Life is amazing.

  39. Arsene's Mortician

    Or another theory is ,after getting smashed 6-0 6-3 5-1 3-0, he is playing 10 in goal, with Sanchez as the false 9

  40. Thank you and goodnight

    @Real gooner

    I’m not sticking up for him. Your right. In years to come when our great great grandchildren get old and trawl through the history books, they will see in bold highlight the record of qualifying 17 years in a row. Do you honestly think United’s victories will ever get a mention? No neither do i

  41. Dissenter

    Real gooner,
    You need to be objective.
    Man. United we in transition from the Herculean heights that a once-in-a-generation manager took them to.

    We have been stuck in gear one for the past decade, perpetual qualifiers with no real chance of competing when the chaff is blown off.

  42. Insomnia

    Some people, not me mind, tyag might say you were perfectly capable of talking bollocks without the mellifluous addition of playing a character.

    Pedro must be sulking about the failure of the Zigic story…

  43. Arsene's Mortician

    There are deluded fans out there who think this club cannot run/survive without this pensioner manager in charge, it will continue long after this fraud , you and me are long gone, Wenger is just a fucking manager, the one they can all do without, it will survive, you have been brainwashed by this snake oil salesman

  44. Dissenter

    Arsene shares the responsibility for these bizarre transfer stories.
    His transfer policy is disjointed, the holes in the squad are why lazy journalist jump at rumors without properly verifying.
    A rumor about Zigic to United won’t fly because Zigic vs RVP vs Rooney is silly.
    A defender rumor to united will be meaningful because they are lacking there.

    Arsenal will always be top draw for transfer rumors due to Wenger’s transfer policy incoherence.

  45. Insomnia

    I have a dream that some day Le Grove will be filled with people who care more about arsenal than they do about dick measuring contests over who can abuse or defend Wenger more.

    Idealistic maybe but still…

  46. Bamford13

    Five days to improve the squad, but it looks like Wenger will — as always — try to get by with what he has. Most of the best players have been signed. Few options remain.

    As has been said many times, without a class CDM and CF we’ll be lucky to finish fourth. Forget about the title. And we’ve known that for TWO YEARS NOW.

    Wenger out.

  47. andy1886

    Serious question – when does a blip become a decline? One year? Two? Ten?

    From unbeaten to fourth, from CL final to first knock out round, is that decline?

    Remember consistancy is important, it’s Arsene’s favourite attribute.

  48. Shaun Wilson

    @Real Gooner
    The reason so many posters on here ‘stick the knife’ into Wenger and his cohorts, is precisely because they ARE supporters – people who love this club and are continually baffled by the bizarre machinations of a once keen mind that is demonstrably in decline-admit it, how many people would have been genuinely surprised if the Zigic story panned out? And how many people are waiting in horror for the 11th hour signing of Salomon Kalou?
    To paraphrase Sting, if you love someone, set them free – Arsene, you have always maintained that you love this club….

  49. Insomnia

    I’m sure millions have had a dream at least once since the assassination of MLK. Except marble who lost the part of the brain which deals with dreams in a freak accident with a tuning fork

  50. Bamford13


    Not just transfer rumors, but absurd rumors, like Zigic. Even if this had been a media-generated rumor, only Arsenal would be linked with such a mediocrity. Because Wenger is fond of signing mediocrities!

  51. Leedsgunner–but-arsenal-will-sign-nobody-9696083.html

    Utterly bizarre.

    It’s like he’s digging his heels in for the sake of it. Of course although he has every opportunity to strengthen the squad he is choosing not to — why? THeo is coming back from a long injury, if we overplay him he’ll fall to injury again. Same with Giroud. Ramsey is being overplayed. By all indications, Alexis will and Chambers will be overplayed.

    Will this mean he stands by the decisions he’s made not to strengthen and not complain? Nope, don’t be silly. He’ll still moan about how it is unfair on him. It’s the oil money, the fixture lists, the currency rates, the referees… and the last beauty — injured players. The effects he has every opportunity to mitigate…

    *face palm*

  52. Leedsgunner

    Wenger is a manager with a promotion/relegation club mindset being paid a title contender’s salary.


    4th is not a trophy — especially if all you’ve done for 16 out of the 17 years in the CL is to make up the numbers.

    What a complete muppet.

  53. Sam

    Arsenal will survive without wenger but he has to be replaced by someone who knows the club
    Man utd should have given the job to Ryan Giggs