Giroud injury highlights massive oversight in squad prep

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Sad thing about this stage of the window is that usually, you’re hoping for some sort of metaphorical prod to kick Wenger into action. Last season, that sadly was a loss to Villa and a stadium of booing fans. This season, the world class striker we’ve been crying out for for 5 windows looks more likely to occur because Olivier Giroud looks like he may have broken his ankle.

It’s a sad moment for the Frenchman who scored his first of the season at the weekend. It’s a sharp wake up call for the manager. Again, totally highlighting his ignorance of reality. He’s now left with Sanogo, who regardless of potential, is an absurdly dreadful option at the minute. He’s so far off the pace it’s frightening. I can’t think of many sides inside the top 12 he’d start for, now he’ll be starting for us. A total rookie.

Worrying thing is there aren’t many options out there. The only promising strikers in Europe that are attainable are Cavani, though there are concerns that Ibra is carrying a knock. Then there’s Falcao, a striker being hawked all over Europe for a loan. He’s cut price, he scores goals, he’s better than anything we have at the club by a long way.

Outside that, there’s pretty much nothing unless you’re compromising on quality. Yet another window has passed in which Wenger has sat on his hands and watched talent go elsewhere… only an injury can force him into action. That holding role is another area where not even 3 shoddy performances can shake him into the realisation we don’t have anyone.

All the gaps are obvious. Yet again the injuries are piling up. We’re still playing the same way we always have done.

Tonight though, we’ll have enough to push through.

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  1. Jim Lahey

    @CA – Exactly, regarless of the Giroud or Podolski situation a WC striker should have been brought it this window, last window even.

    Giroud himself has come out and said he needs help, and that help isn’t Yaya Sanogo…

    Not 3 games into the new season and the squad is already stripped bare with injuries, nothing at all has changed.

  2. Bergkamplegend

    Cesc : personally, I give up about our strikers situation. lol

    Which resumes pretty well wenger’s insanity and incompetence lol

  3. Cesc Appeal

    Well see I think a situation where Sanchez is playing off of Giroud could work quite nicely…obviously not any more. But in that sort of situation with two front men we’d need a proper CDM I think because we probably wouldn’t have 2 deep laying guys in that middle any more as we usually do. So Arteta/Flamini would be exposed for their lack of pace and quality.

    Giroud and Sanchez could be a different, 2014 version of Adebayor and Eduardo. But if we’ve got to now buy a ST I’d like to see us go big, or young (not too young) but with undeniable potential that is there for everyone to see.

  4. Jim Lahey

    “We have plenty of players at centre forward. In England as soon as you have a problem, people want you to buy,”

    No they want to to assemble a team that can WIN.

    So here are our options with Giroud out (a plyer still not good enough to be our first choice striker).

    – Sanchez: A class player no doubt, but he has just arrived and will take time to adapt to the game, new team and life style.

    – Podolski: A player that was on his way out as Wenger obviously deemed him surplus to requirements.

    – Campbell: Lots of promise, does he even have 20 minutes of competitive football under his belt at Arsenal? Unproven at this level.

    – Sanogo: No doubt he is Wenger’s first choice replacement for Giroud. Has yet to score a competitive goal for the club. At 21 should be a lot further on with his development. Injury plauged.

    Those are our options, to replace a player not good enough to be the main striker at a top club.

  5. Dark Hei


    I think Roma came in late with regards to Manolas. It was the kind of thing that happened over the weekend and got done and dusted on Monday. Before that Roma wasn’t even mentioned. It was us vs Juventus.

    If we have already moved on to a new target, the papers probably haven’t picked it up yet with Giroud already enough for journos and click sites to hit their quota.

    Personally, if we do get William Carvalho, I think he is sufficient to cover both CB and DM.

    But if it is Adrien Rabiot, we will have to get another CB. There is still time so let’s see what happens.

    I have no excuse for Wenger if nothing happens.

  6. goonpharm

    Morning all.

    So we’re celebrating United’s 3rd choice team getting mullered last night are we?

    LVG is experimenting with the 352 but will drop it as soon as Di Maria gets in the groove. LVG has always played 433 everywhere he’s been an would have played it with Holland had Strootman been available. He’ll have them up and running very soon. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and then lose to the fuckers when we play them! !!!!

  7. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    4-3-3 will come back to United. I still think they need a CDM, CB and RB to be honest though.

    Benatia would have been a great signing for them.

  8. goonpharm

    Podolski wasn’t good enough as a lone striker last year and he isn’t now. He has spent his whole international career playing the left sided role and done very well.

    As for the whole why has Wenger kept him? Well it’s obvious isn’t it? We just lost our main striker. Letting Podolski go now would be madness.

    Let’s not get it twisted though. Had Wenger flogged Poldi off to Juventus before the Giroud injury he would be called all sorts. All of a sudden we’d have a rewriting of history where Poldi will be painted as Gerd Muller.

  9. goonpharm

    tunnygriffboyAugust 27, 2014 06:53:02
    Time the 42million and 35 million men dragged us through tonights qualifier. The have to stand up as the club needs them big time.

    Amen. It’s games like tonight where you expect your main men to step up. With a combined fee of almost 100 mill I’m expecting a masterclass from Ozil and Sanchez.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    We should be fine tonight, as long as Wenger doesn’t try to cram a load of middle men in as he has been.

  11. peanuts&monkeys

    Wenger, you have lost all trust. Only 20% fans believe you will be able to make us compete for the PL. Only 2 believe that you will do which the whole world knows since you gifted RvP to ManU – buy a striker.

    Why continue you asshole? OUT!! OUT!!!

  12. gunnergetyou

    WENGER: “We have plenty of players at centre forward. In England as soon as you have a problem, people want you to buy,” he said.

    “Unfortunately, I can give you some clubs that every time they lose a game they say they might need to buy more.

    Scary stuff

  13. Radio Raheem

    No doubt wr need a striker but Wenger has got a point. ManU have spent circa £200m the last 18 months yet need to buy more. Madness.

    I saw Rio Ferdinand mocking ManU after their loss to MK Dons on twitter. What daft move that was especially as he’s been poor for QPR in their last two matches.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    That was a fuck about!

    Best part of an hour in a queue online, £152 but got me some Arsenal Spurs tickets for the end of the month!

  15. Cesc Appeal

    United now going hard for Vidal apparently. Would be a great signing for them. Great signing for anybody, total footballer.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Herrera and Vidal deep. Mata in the CAM role. Di Maria, Rooney and RVP beyond. That is pretty spectacular!

  17. andy1886

    False nine is soooooooo yesterday. 😉

    The two top teams last season played two strikers, our problem is that we don’t have two worth the name although Poldi off Giroud might have been worth a try. What to do with Ozil though?

  18. Dark Hei

    “Herrera and Vidal deep. Mata in the CAM role. Di Maria, Rooney and RVP beyond. That is pretty spectacular!”

    Moving back we have………playing defense

    With that backline they are not getting anywhere. Does not matter who they play in midfield or up tops.

  19. gunnergetyou

    As much as we laugh at Man Utd, atleast they’re prepared to pay the money to get themselves out of trouble. With that kind of ambition and spending power its only a matter of time before they’re competing again. Which is going to be very bad news for us if we dont sort ourselves out. Especially with liverpool back on the scene showing ambition. 5 teams compteting for the top 4 and eventually we will miss out.

  20. shad

    Ornstein of BBC confirming our worst fears. Wenger wants to sign a squad player to double as both 3rd choice CB and be the DM (after Arteta). Confirmed he thinks we are ok upfront.

    Hello Europa.

    Fuck I hate that man.

  21. Bamford13

    No Radio, he does not have a point, because United do in fact need to spend more. Whether they have spent correctly in the past is an open question, but not spending will not help them.

    Sometimes one needs to spend — as has been the case at Arsenal for years now.

    “We have plenty of players at centre forward. In England as soon as you have a problem, people want you to buy,” he said.

    This quote perfectly reflects what many of us have been saying about Wenger for some time: he is, above all, a frugal French economist whose chief aim is not to win trophies and glory but to prove to the world that he can succeed without spending and with players it doesn’t rate.

    He is not — as some dipshit AKBs will try to tell us — being cagey here because he is still in the market. This is his philosophy in essence: frugality. Spend as little as possible. Make do with whatever options you already have — no matter how inadequate — and sign cheap, unwanted players whenever possible, e.g., Flamini, Sanogo, Kallstrom.

    We do not, as he suggests, have many CF options — not good ones at least. Giroud is our only genuine CF as Sanchez and Podolski are really wide attacking players and Sanogo is a fucking joke. No other top club in the world would allow itself to be so poorly assembled as Arsenal are right now.

    This really must end. This man must be shown the door.

  22. Cesc Appeal

    Well, that Ornstein tweet has made me glad I just got anally violated in buying some Arsenal Spurs tickets.

    I hope to fuck he’s wrong. If Wenger thinks we’re a CB/CDM squad player away. Seriously, no one could defend him then. Deluded.

  23. Dark Hei

    “Ornstein of BBC confirming our worst fears. Wenger wants to sign a squad player to double as both 3rd choice CB and be the DM (after Arteta). Confirmed he thinks we are ok upfront.”

    1. Give us the link, please 🙂
    2. If true we are going to sign William Carvalho, I can’t say I am unhappy, really.
    3. The only way we are ok upfront is that Shad got some miracle cream in his locker that glues broken bones like cement.

  24. Cesc Appeal

    Tells me what I thought, a year of a thousand chances for Wilshere.

    He’s going to push Sanogo and then use Sanchez and Podolski to cover for 3-4 months.

    Doesn’t want to compete, no way round it if Ornstein is accurate. He’s not interested. Will be an unimpressive net spend as well for a club our size considering all the talk of financial escalation.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    Dark Hei

    Just go on David Ornstein twitter.

    Carvalho, a squad player? He’d be a starter in no time, Ornstein was suggesting it won’t be a big buy either. So I’d guess a Blind type buy, not saying him but that sort of multi-role but not great player.

  26. Bamford13

    Dark Hei

    Are you under the impression that Carvalho is a squad player? Yes, he’s versatile, but he’s a first teamed and quite expensive. He is likely not what Wenger has in mind. Think Kallstrom.

  27. Alex James

    Until listening to Wenger yesterday, I thought the most deluded thing I ever heard was the views of Hitler in the film Downfall. Watch it and you will see what I mean.

  28. Cesc Appeal

    Fucking hell that has depressed me. Ornstein is usually pretty good as well.

    Thanks a lot Shad…the poster, not the fitness guy, don’t know could be the same bloke, doubtful – but in a world where a £150 000 a week manager looks at this squad and thinks cheapo, squad player level CB/CDM is all that’s needed anything is possible I suppose.

  29. goonpharm

    That false nine with Ozil up top wouldn’t be bad should actually. It places Ozil in the final third where he can do the damage and away from the left wing we we can get damaged.

    Chambo and Sanchez freed up to run behind the defence. Could devastating if applied well.

  30. goonpharm

    Alex JamesAugust 27, 2014 10:00:55
    Until listening to Wenger yesterday, I thought the most deluded thing I ever heard was the views of Hitler in the film Downfall. Watch it and you will see what I mean.

    Really? One is genocidal maniac who has the blood of 100s of thousands Jews on his hands and the other is a football manager.

    A bit of perspective wouldn’t go amiss on this blog every now and again.

  31. Bergkamplegend

    “…Confirmed he thinks we are ok upfront.”

    And, so ? Where’s the surprise ??
    Kneel before Le Professor, you infidels!!

  32. David Smith

    The impressive ad campaign said something like Arsenal…Puma, together we are stronger. Would love to be a fly on the wall if Wenger does his usual…ie nothing very much, and Ivan has to explain that to the CEOs of Puma , and other companies paying big bucks in sponsorship.
    Ivan has over seen some impressive things…..some directly against Wengers wishes…Steve bould, shad, new youth set up, early summer transfers, but he must not let Wenger ruin it all between now and Monday. Some things, like ECL qualification are more important than the development of a favoured son…..or even a favoured Sanogo. Btw, if Wenger really is insisting on Zigic, Ivan should resign and go where he will be allowed to do a job.

  33. Bergkamplegend

    In other news : “Louis van Gaal insists he was not shocked by Manchester United’s 4-0 defeat at MK Dons in the Capital One Cup. ”

    Of course he’s not “shocked == >> yoonited don’t give a fuck about this Cup lolololololololololol

  34. Doyindav

    Ornstein confirmed my worst fears.
    I’m supposed to my angry but surprisingly I’m not. Better I heard the news now than waste my time refreshing newsnow after we win tonight (if we lose tonight, then Wenger and the players should just pack their bags).

  35. shad

    @cesc appeal,

    Fortunately my 2nd name isn’t Forsythe..I wouldn’t last massaging Diaby’s backside to health.

    23 more years..breathe in…slow exhale.

    Zero optimism.

    Özil and Sanchez must be wondering what in hell they signed up for.

  36. Bergkamplegend

    @Doyindav : of course we will win tonight.

    And wenger will once again be praised and compared to a genius.

  37. Jim Lahey

    I honestly don’t know what to say about Wenger any more, the guy is a maniacal egomaniac who has continuously put his own wants and needs over the success of the club.

    How can a club so rich have a squad so poor. Its honestly mind boggling. Ornstein’s tweets have infuriated me.

  38. Bamford13

    If Arsenal had a sane and reasonable manager, we would’ve signed a quality CDM and CF at some point in the past twelve months — someone like a Matic and a Mandzukic.

    Am literally just picking two solid, quality performers. Obviously there are others.

    If we had done so — at a cost of roughly 40m —- we would still have plenty of money in the bank and we’d have the following XI, which would be humming along right now, beating everyone we’ve played thus far easily and in style.

    Debu Cham Kosc Monr
    Ramsey Cazorla
    Sanchez Mandzukic Oxlade

  39. goonerboy

    Besiktas game is massive- we are very weakened and have to win. A loss could mean we don’t strengthen. Who is going to step up? Ozil-? can’t see it. Jack or Sanogo -don’t make me laugh then who…. the Ox? a long shot. Campbell far too early . Shows we can’t afford to get rid of Podolski.
    Giroud might not be every bodies idea a of a good CF but he is a lot better than the alternatives.
    I dont rate our chances greater than 40:60.
    I agree with CA -we are a piss fragile unit in reality- and mr risky Wenger should be shot when you look around our squad. The only league Mr wenger will win is the tight arse league.