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Hey there, you, yes you… wipe down that disappointment, we’ve a big game against Besiktas to worry about this Wednesday and there’s simply no time to sit here moping about the misery of knowing Arsene Wenger isn’t going to change.

We need to start ploughing through ideas to get this team ticking… I’d say ‘again’ but that would indicate we’ve been smashing it at some point in the last two months.

Right, the good news is that Giroud is apparently fit.


He was pretty handy when he came on the other day. I can’t deny him that. So in light of Wenger killing his 45min experiment with Ozil

… and let me put this to you…. felt like Wenger had been told to use pace by his backroom team, to use Sanchez centrally, not totally agreed, then took the first chance he could to yank him when it didn’t look 100%…

we have to consider what we do have going into the game. For me, you have to load that front line with pace again. If he’s insistent on having one speed demon and someone a bit more centre midfield-ish, he should go for a front line of Rosicky, Giroud and Sanchez. Midfield should be Jack, Ramsey with Ozil in at number 10. Defence is what defence is.

I think that should have more than enough to take down a very average side.

In other news, Wenger is very happy with his forwards and he sees Sanogo as important. Well, what can you say about that other than feel really disappointed. Wenger does it his way regardless of how perverse that might seem. He might be proved right in a few years and if he’s not, he’ll slip him out the back door like he did with Nik B.

There are rumours floating around about Winston Reid. Arsenal have looked at him and he fits the bill. Young, keen to make the jump and a leader with size and power behind him. He’s also in a contract dispute. I’d be happy with him coming in. Not as happy as I’d be having a superstar like Hummels, but hey, what can you do? It’d be unlike Arsene to recruit the best he could for his budget!

Lukas is no the way out, which I mentioned a month ago. In a similar situation to Santi, he doesn’t have it for the league physically and Lukas never really lived up to the bill technically. Great finisher, but not what we thought we were getting. Santi is another one, very talented player, but he’s losing it physically and he’s expensive. I’d imagine Lukas will be the last of our exits if he does opt to move.

Right, I’m back to work, have a marv day.

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  1. Arsene's Mortician

    Besiktas would have watched Lukaku demoralise Monreal on the week end, they will deploy Demba Ba in the same role, down our left, this guy will get ripped a new arsehole, this will be the first time in 16 years AFC/Wenger will miss out on CL, it has been coming, 4th year after year just cannot continue, this will be around 30 million in revenue lost, this will hurt big time, losing 30 million quid to these guys is like losing a loved one

  2. MidwestGun

    NYC –
    Not as much traffic, can post long comments without debate or other comments. Pedro is sleeping, I mean stumbling home. Lol

    I used to comment and point out innacuracies in facts. Often from one comment to the next. But it becomes tedious. And then your just as crazy at some point.

  3. Arsene's Analyst

    N5, just read the comments if you wish, never mind who is who and who isn’t, you sound like a nosy fucking housewife, I bet you sit down to piss

  4. N5

    Analyst, so you are both users then? What an absolute cock you are. Banned twice already and now you have two new usernames. What an absolute fucking nob.

  5. Bamford13


    Phil’s question makes sense in its own way. He thinks us yanks know nothing about the game — have never been to a game, have never been to a stadium, are johnny-come-latelies watching a game we don’t understand from 5, 000 miles away.

    That you likely played at a higher level than Phil is irrelevant to him.

    What I don’t get is why you’re at odds with Phil at all. Isn’t he just a massive critic of Wenger? You’re not defending Wenger, are you?

  6. Bamford13


    I have a similar question for you: given that Analyst is simply a vocal critic of Wenger, how is it that you are at odds with him?

    Are you really defending Wenger at this point?

    I just don’t see how anyone could actually be defending Wenger at the moment.

  7. N5

    Bamford, no mate, me and him fell out over Fergie of all things. He said he was a shit manager and I said he wasn’t and he went ape, like a real maniac. Same with Phil, I was talking to Marble and he said did I want to have a fight!

    They are nutters, it’s nothing to do with their anti wenger views.

  8. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    No it’s personal. Nothing to do with his views on AW. He was on here late at
    Night repeating everything someone else was saying only every sentence was calling everyone else on here a fuckwad. When I pointed out he didn’t really know much about the people on here then…. he got very childish with me. I hate when people lump you in with a general group.
    Anyhow… long explanation.

  9. N5

    That’s what I said Bamford. He was saying about how old managers should be put down after 55 and that they can’t adapt, to which I suggested SAF and said about his constant adaption to the game. He said he was lucky and everything he’d won was due to someone else (I can’t remember who now).

    I honestly can’t believe I had an argument with someone over SAF. Possibly the greatest manager of all time, certainly the greatest British manager.

    So now when he writes, especially after being banned twice now (n.eil and trav1s) it’s hard to take anything he says seriously.

  10. MidwestGun

    You know my problem with AA/N.eil. Nazi references, classism rants, Anti education, weird thing about eliminating commercialism,anti foreigners/tourists., etc….

    basically we can’t flash back to the 70’s

  11. follow the money

    Top teams have a strategy to recruit players and the people that know how to get it done. Dein was like that. Ever since Dein left it’s been Wenger, and he will not deal with most players agents and will not bother with players that have third party ownership like Tevez and Falcao and many South Americans. Which limits us in the market. Wenger’s transfer strategy seems to be to wait for players (or certain agents) to approach him asking them to come to Arsenal and then Wenger will make up bullcrap about how good they are and give them playing time trying to get them to come good. There seems to be no effort put in to address immediate needs, hunt down the players we need and/or convince players to come to Arsenal.

  12. MidwestGun

    Also, I just have to say regardless of how I feel about AW, I’m not down with people calling for us to lose, or lose horribly in any way shape or form. Fuck that!

  13. Chyke

    Apparently, Giroud is injuried and out for 3 months!!

    What is Arsene going to do?

    As I go to bed tonight I’m going to pray for that man…….

  14. Dark Hei

    That False 9 formation we used back in 2011 better click, now that OG is out.

    Either hammer Besiktas with marvellous free flowing football, or grind out a draw and go for the penalties or a set piece goal.

    What ever it is, we can’t use our regular game with OG out and Sanogo possibly injured as well.

    One thing you can’t accuse this team is the grit. Nowadays, they can sure grind things down to a stalemate and nick one at the end.

  15. ikon

    Sanchez will need to play on the wings to contribute to this team.. no point playing him centrally and getting injured after 5 games. Striker still the top priority for us and I wonder if Podolski could be used more often?

  16. Moray

    It’s like a Greek tragedy writ on a football pitch, it really is: it seems the fates always conspire to pay Wenger back for his hubris. And on no bigger stage every year than the Champions League Let’s look at just some examples of recent years:

    – In 2011, we have one chance to put Barca out of the CL and it falls to…Bendtner.

    – Play Sanogo against Bayern in the CL and you go crashing out. The guy still hasn’t scored for us in a proper competition.

    – Go into your second season with a scarily weak strikeforce and you end up going into the 30m pound game with no actual strikers available.

    However, the fates for some reason always give the man a get out of jail free card – a warning or premonition from the gods with a window of redemption. For example, often our bad injuries come just before the transfer window shuts, or we suffer a humiliating defeat with a week of dealing to go.

    As often as not Wenger fails to follow up on these lucky breaks. Let’s see what he has in store this time. I feel sorry for the kid but I do hope Sanogo is out too: I can’t stand three months of that feckless fuckpaper leading the line: we will be well out of all competitions for Christmas.

  17. Gregg

    Blimey guy’s, criticize Wenger for things he has control over by all means but not for the things he doesn’t.

    3rd party ownership is not permitted within our leagues, following the Tevez fiasco whilst at West Ham. It’s not a case that ‘Wenger refuses to deal with 3rdparty ownership’ – He’s not permitted to dealing with them.

  18. Wallace

    “A successful passage into the group stages of the Champions League is likely to see Wenger attempt to sign a defensive midfielder, despite the good news on Arteta. Arsenal are understood to have been in talks with Sporting Lisbon over William Carvalho, with a bid lined up for this week. Sporting value Carvalho at around £28 million and are keen to secure players on loan from Arsenal as part of any deal. Arsenal have already told winger Serge Gnabry that he can leave on loan and the club would not stand in the way of Francis Coquelin moving to Portugal. Having seemingly lost out to Roma in their attempt to sign central defender Kostas Manolas, Arsenal may turn their attention to West Ham United’s Winston Reid.”

    – Daily Telegraph

  19. Moray

    Dark Hei: “One thing you can’t accuse this team is the grit. Nowadays, they can sure grind things down to a stalemate and nick one at the end.”

    Let’s see. So far they have shown tenacity, but it is in the games against the top opposition where we have crumbled like Melanie Griffiths face in the past. So long as Rambo stays fit, we have a player capable of scoring against the run of play. That is a priceless skill.

  20. Thank you and goodnight

    Fuck le prick and fuck kroenke. Give us our club back you wankers. Turning AFC into a laughing stock since 2008. All you AKB’S congratulations for ruining our club with your undying unflinching support of a failure of a manager… reap what you sow

  21. Mike adamski

    Yikes . Surely as insane as wenger is , he must buy a striker now if giroud is out til Xmas .

    Campbell and sanogo are unproven .

    Frightening stuff

  22. Moray

    “A successful passage into the group stages of the Champions League is likely to see Wenger attempt to sign a defensive midfielder, despite the good news on Arteta”

    I don’t understand. with all that cash in the bank, and the number of times senior employees of the club have told us we can outpay almost anyone, we are still waiting for the CL qualification to see if we can sign a position we desperately need (and have done for years)? Surely we should be signing top qualidee now just in case we bomb out of the CL and lose that lustre?

  23. Hitman49

    I think WENGER got really lucky last season with little to no cover up front , but that doesn’t always last and it looks like he’s about to get found out !

    Or should I have aside we are about to get found out !
    It’s looking poor for tomorrow !

    For those people who said he had a great transfer window ! Would they like to rethink that !

    Same ol,,,same ol,,,,

    But looks like it maybe a diffrent outcome this time

    Nothing new from me as always WENGER out ! !

  24. Thank you and goodnight

    What infuriates me even more is that we could end up 18th in the league this year and certain posters on here would still jump to wenger’s defence blaming bad luck, bad pitches, oligarchs, oil men, the WC etc etc etc. Everyone to blame except wenger.

  25. peanuts&monkeys

    “the good news on Arteta. ”

    The only news that should qualify as good for Arsenal is: he is being sold to another team. He is such a drag into Arsenal’s defence and also attack.

  26. Wallace

    Hitman 49

    if he won’t sign until we qualify there’s not much we can do about it. i’d certainly rather qualify then get him, than buy someone not as good.

  27. SpanishDave

    We are a laughing stock of a club. Injuries happen then look at whats left, Sanogoal for christ sake.
    My wife said last night watching Man City, ‘ why havnt we got players like this?
    Says it all looking at the difference in the teams we are no where near them

  28. Gary C

    If the prognosis for Giroud is negative, and no bid is made for either Remy/Bony, lets talk realistic targets shall we, then the men in white coats should be sent in to cart OGL away at the earliest opportunity

  29. Dark Hei


    “One thing you can’t accuse this team is the grit. Nowadays, they can sure grind things down to a stalemate and nick one at the end.”

    If they do this shite through the entirety if the season, I will be mighty pissed. My BP can’t take this beating and it is only the 3rd game of the season!

    Give me back the days of free flowing football!

  30. Moray

    Dark Hei, I really lament the counter-attacking team we had. I loved watching us break back and punish our opponents. We could open up any team on our day playing like that. And all on the back of a solid defence that could weather a storm too.

  31. Moray

    Wallace” i think in this instance Carvalho wants to see us qualify before commiting,”

    If that is the case the man needs a wake up slap. He is would be leaving one of the worst leagues in the world for one of the best leagues in the world, the most backward country in Europe for one of the most developed, probably adding a zero on his salary cheque. Playing in the CL for one team that ain’t going to win in or another team that ain’t going to win it is neither here nor there. He should be climbing over glass to come and play for the Arsenal. If he had any other offers, he would have signed for them already.

  32. Thank you and goodnight

    So let me guess this right, any signings hinge on CL qualification eh? So we’re Liverpool in CL when suarez signed? Or how about di Maria signing for United who aren’t in the CL. Excuses bandied about by wenger and lapped up by the faithful.

  33. TheBayingMob

    Thank you and goodnight August 26, 2014 06:01:52

    What infuriates me even more is that we could end up 18th in the league this year and certain posters on here would still jump to wenger’s defence …

    To be honest, in evert forum I’ve been in / on, it’s just become personal. Most people are in the middle ground with Wenger to be honest but their positions have become so entrenched neither will budge. The way it ends is like most wars, not in absolute victory, but with Wenger limping to the finish line preserving his principles, the AKBs claiming victory because we didn’t end up like Portsmouth or Leeds (their fall back argument to spending), the AMGs citing lack of progress, success and the ground hog day seasons. Like I said yesterday, it’s fucking boring. I dislike Kroenke and Wenger for sucking the enjoyment out of the club by making it a company department that must have it’s books balanced before anything else. It’s like supporting a fucking insurance company.

  34. Revving Kevin

    Oh dear mock outrage because Giroud gets injured, by those that have spent almost every day for two years calling him shit and other rude names.

    Seriously, this is bad luck, once again with injuries to key players.

    At least we won’t get Wenger blamed for causing those injuries, as is the normal pattern. Or will we? Remember we lost Ox in last seasons opener to a knock too and Arteta to a late tackle last week.

    No doubt this will be added to physio. Com and used to ‘prove’ how we aren’t unlucky as we cause our own injuries.

    If it’s three months, that’s a big loss and we need to bring someone in, as I said previously.

  35. Oh Theo Theo!

    So Giroud reported out for 3 months (6 months in Wengerland) and we’re reportedly in for Wellbeck and Remy!

    Fab planning Mr Wenger.

    Please, please, please resign. You’re past it and it’s painfully obvious.

  36. Oh Theo Theo!

    Revving – oh don’t be a twat; the world has being saying we need more striking options (all blogs, the media, Sky pundits, etc.) and Wenger has chosen to rely on two average French carthorses.

    Bad planning as per. His responsibility.

  37. Rocky Pires

    For me its a simple as this
    Falcao cost 10 Million for loan deal.
    10 million and your guaranteed Champions League foorball which brings in £25 Million.
    His wages say 150K/week, if Podolski leaves thats 100k free plus Bendtners 52k = top top class striker wages paid.

  38. Dark Hei

    Everything will get crystal clear once Wenger gives he gives his pre-match talk.

    Anyway this Wenger bashing is tiring, and I am not up for it.

    Rather let’s do our round of pointless but fun exercise called Championship Manager.

    I say snatch broke back Samuel from Everton! What do you guys think.

    And getting Falcao on loan is not an option. It is not even an option in computer games.

  39. Thank you and goodnight


    No one is saying giroud’s accident isn’t bad luck or that it’s wenger’s fault. What they are saying though is its wenger’s fault for bad squad depth and going into a season with no recognised striker apart from giroud. Sanogo doesn’t count as a striker as what he is we’ve yet to find out.

  40. Revving Kevin

    If Costa had suffered the injury Giroud had, do they have adequate cover in drogba and Torres?

    I am not saying we don’t need a striker, I have been saying it for a while. Like I have been saying Giroud is not as bad as the name calling he gets on here.hrs obviously won over a few people.

    Beatingvwenger up again is boring.

    FA cup, community shield, unbeaten in league since april, gritty point at Everton and yet it’s been nothing but Wenger hate. And a reappearance of the old Nay Sayers that havnt been around for a while. It’s predictable. Any injury and it gets notched up a level.

  41. Rocky Pires

    Get Etoo by all accountsd but if Falcao to Liverpool on loan was real why cant it be for us?
    After all he is a Puma player too with so much weight it carried earlier in the year?

  42. Revving Kevin

    Good to see you back.

    Yes we may have the money for a Ferrari but we havnt had the money Man City have spent. So comparing our squad to Man City is typical of the nonsense we get on here to bash Wenger. I appreciate Daves wife is probably more into hand bags then football but no excuse for Dave or anyone else. Unless they too like hand bags of course. You never know in this modern world 😉

  43. TheBayingMob

    Any injury and it gets notched up a level.

    That’s because we’re all fucking bored of it. What’s predictable is not really people getting frustrated with Wenger, what’s predictable is Wenger. Therefore the critics are predictable, but don’t take my word it, let’s listen to Gary Neville who knows a damn sight more about football than me, and certainly more than you I would imagine …

    ‘Arsene Wenger does not seem to adapt in any way shape or form for opposition teams in the Premier League. And even with his signings, you’d think that they’re crying for presence. Monreal against Lukaku is a mismatch.

    ‘It happened last year where they had problems in that situation,’

    ‘So you think to yourself that they’d need a presence in midfield to support them in these type of games. He doesn’t seem to adjust his principles for any opposition team. He only thinks about what Arsenal are going to do and that they’ll always come out on top, but it’s not working now year after year against the bigger teams.

    ‘Arsenal’s problems are always against the biggest teams, the best teams. They bully the other teams when they out football them, but generally I would say they’re going to have to change if they’re going to want to go that extra mile that they need to get to the championship. They’re not going to do it with that type of player all the way through the team. You need two or three but not seven or eight of them.’

  44. N5

    I think the outrage comes from the fact that an injury to Giroud or any other player, shouldn’t force you into the transfer market. What if this happened in two weeks time, we’d be screwed and relying on an inexperienced player.

    My boss always says that if you don’t set specific targets and manage your staff correctly, then they will only do just enough to not get fired.

    What happened to the days that Arsenal went above and beyond. They were proactive rather than reactive.

    Girouds injury shouldn’t be an issue, however, yet again, days before the window closes we are having to scramble for the scraps.

    That’s why I’m disappointed and I assume that’s where others are getting their anger from.

  45. Highberry

    players are the currency in Football.. in a couple of years our 150 million in the bank will seem like pocket change..

  46. Rocky Pires

    Etoo is a horrible character and would divide any dressing room but maybe just maybe with him having a point to prove to Jose maybe he could be of use.
    Remy Im unsure off, he was second choice to Giroud in World Cup, only QPR were willing to take a punt on him when he came over from France, he obviously is someewhat dodgey health wise when Liverpool turned him down, all in all sounds a messy sigining

  47. MK

    Look, its football, players get injured. And with our injury record, we should be more prudent than most in our preparations. Which is why even my dog knows that Arsenal needed another striker even before Girouds injury. Stop calling it bad luck, if anything we are bloody lucky it happened before the window closed. But now it has to be a rushed acquisition, when Wenger had all the time and money he needed to identify and acquire targets. If u don’t call that poor planning, I don’t know what is.

  48. N5

    Imagine the shit we’d get if we paid 10 mill for a loan player and he didn’t settle instantly.

    Look at the shit Ozil gets and his season wasn’t awful. Falcoa on loan is ridicules, 1 season for ten million. Jesus.

    Wenger, wouldn’t give Maureen 3 for Ba last season and opted to keep NB52.

  49. Jeff

    I don’t think Wenger will get a striker. It will be a makeshift strike force comprising Walcott, Sanchez and Campbell in any combination you like until Giroud returns – possibly in 3 months time.

    Cannot see Wenger getting in a striker as that particular horses bolted long ago during the early part of the window.

  50. TheBayingMob

    Jim Lahey ” cue the Benny Hill music..”

    pmsl, at least if Arsene put some small round specs on, dressed in his s.p 33d0s and chased half dressed young girls around the touchline it would at least be entertaining! Talking of having a laugh I was in a Costa’s yesterday, there were some leaflets in there for a mens salon, grooming like … the ones that made me giggle were :

    S.p 33d0 Line (Bikini Line)

    and … wait for it … a

    Manzillian … fucking classic.

    full body wax was 87 quid and 50 of yer English pence, I just couldn’t imagine how painful that would be, surely something on the Jackass boys used to do!!?

  51. Wallace

    why are Monaco willing to loan Falcao? i don’t get that at all. realistically, i think Bony or Welbeck…in that order.

  52. N5

    Lol Jim, I’ll take her over yaya, she wont put up with any shit though and could be more trouble Tha ballotelli.

  53. Rocky Pires

    Pedro please give us some divine inspiration like the only reason Podolski is going as to give room for Reus to join us and Marco will sign after we secure Champions League football.
    Quickly followed by a CDM be it Witsel or Carvalho if indeed Sammi isn’t joining our German party.

  54. Bergkamplegend

    Watched city destroy liverpool last night…

    I really wonder if wenger watch those games, those of chelscunt too…
    But I’m sure that, even in that case, he would continue to say that we are “real contenders”…

  55. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – Now that is very unfair, he still has one! 😉

    The shooting for season 5 is underway and the Croatian church is trying to put a stop to a huge naked scene with Lena Headey!

  56. N5

    Those bastards.

    Jim, a friend of mine does the lighting for the GoT and I asked him if he would nick me some of Daenerys’ underwear, he said he’s never got near her, but he’ll nick me some of Tyrions….. I passed. 😀

  57. Sam

    Giroud out long term, Theo return uncertain (I’ve heard maybe November, but he’ll need to be eased back slowly), Sanogo cow’s arse banjo player, Alexis perplexed about where he fits in (no blame there to Alexis), Wenger’s obsession with Jack, selling Poldi……going to be a long season guys. Starting tomorrow night. Ramsey looks like the only goalscorer we have left. He’ll be overplayed, so we know how that one ends.

  58. Bergkamplegend

    Breaking news : Theo to start tomorrow up front, according to Le mighty professor!! lololololololololol

  59. duvee

    No doubt we are going to sign 2/3 players of quality. Everything is going to be alright, mark my words and calm down 🙂

  60. Honest Bill

    I can’t remember Wenger ever making a signing because we had a player out injured, so i don’t imagine he’ll do so now.

    We just have to hope Sanchez will work out in the middle or Sanogo learns to play football.

  61. Bergkamplegend

    @duvee : trust me, your words are already mark, ah ah!! 🙂

    Same old wenger.
    Always wait those fucking injuries for spend…
    Never act, always react.

  62. Bergkamplegend

    “I can’t remember Wenger ever making a signing because we had a player out injured”

    In fact I think you’re righ Bill !!
    God help us lololololololol

  63. N5

    Bill, he said he’d been monitoring Nacho, but as Gibbs was injured for 6 weeks rather than the suggested 3, he had to act quickly, so technically, injury forced his hand, but I’m with you, that he was going to get rid of Santos anyway.

  64. Jim Lahey

    @Honest Bill – True, very much looking forward to the new season and hopefully the large omission from the last season will make an appearence! I would be very annoyed if they left that story out…

  65. Bergkamplegend

    Eto’o to sign at everton, perfect!!

    City, chelscunt, tottenshit, everton, liverpool (with a bit of luck and a great Balo)…
    Bye-bye to the 4th spot lolololololololololol

  66. Honest Bill

    Jim Lahey.

    You mean the epilogue scene? Yeah i was very surprised that wasn’t there. Would have made for a perfect closing shot.

  67. Jim Lahey

    @Honest Bill – Exactly, would have made for a fantastic end to the season. I hear season 5 will have a lot of the Dornish plot and the Sand Snakes, probably Arya in Braavos and Reeks character development. Of course they will drag out Daenerys Targaryen’s story even more!

  68. andy1886

    BKL – Where are the Wenger/Giroud quotes from?

    Incidently, they have an online “who will be our top scorer” poll on, why not stop by and vote for Yaya Sanogo (yes, he’s on it) – I did!!

  69. Honest Bill

    Yeah im curious to see how they structure it. They will need to cut a lot of the fat from the books. and yet give new material to Sansa and Bran

  70. N5

    andy, was you around a few years ago when the Grove went mental on one of the vote things and we all voted NB52 as player of the month when he’d not even had a match.

    He had something like 65% of the votes, it was priceless. I think the club ignored it, but it was funny for us 😀

  71. Bergkamplegend

    “BKL – Where are the Wenger/Giroud quotes from?”

    From me lolololololololol

    And I voted for Ramsey 😉

  72. Jim Lahey

    @MK – Don’t want to give any spoilers, so I will just say an omission of a certain Lady that appears in a Storm of Swords. Could have been the final scene in either season 3 or 4!

  73. azed

    “He had something like 65% of the votes, it was priceless. I think the club ignored it, but it was funny for us :D”

    That was crazy…

  74. azed

    Guys Sanogo has just 2% of the votes. Your vote is your power and remember

    No Sanogo, No party.

    N5 now is the time to put your precious trolls to good use.

  75. andy1886

    Yeah N5, I remember, bloody funny.

    Shame they didn’t pick someone to do the presentation so we could present him with a giant rubber cock 😉

    BKL – you tease.

  76. Goongoonergone

    It is being reported that sources close to Arsene Wenger have confirmed that the Arsenal manager has decided not to pursue another striker in the current window. Rather, Wenger has opted to experiment with Abou Diaby as a striker when the midfielder regains full fitness. According to Wenger, Diaby has the height, pace and power to run through the middle, and Diaby’s role as a midfielder will ensure he will be able to shield the ball and utilize the wings and the wing backs intelligently. What convinced Wenger was the cameo Diaby played against the New York Red Bulls in the United States recently when Arsenal went on tour there.
    Diaby curled the ball round the goalkeeper and though he was flagged offside, it is believed that Wenger saw enough in Diaby to try as a striker. It is also believed that Diaby is keen on this idea. Furthermore, Wenger believes that Diaby role as a striker will free up space for his other midfielders.