Point masks the sad reality. Nothing has changed.

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I worked right up until the wire yesterday, so when I rolled into the pub, I missed the team sheet, but I could see that many of my favourite players were in the starting line up. The big change was that Sanchez was played through the middle. We started with Chamberlain on the right, the midfield was Flamini, Jack and Ramsey… and here’s the weird one I didn’t pick up on.

Ozil on the left.

Honestly, what the f**k is that all about?

One of the best number 10s on the planet, stuck out on the left in an Everton game that required tracking and discipline. Not only that, he’s had, what? 12 days training? So he’s not going to be fit. I mean, even when he’s fit he’s not fit. So to throw him into a line up massively unfit was suicide from the off.

The game didn’t really kick off with the zip I was hoping for. We didn’t go a goal down straight away which felt like progress on away trips to good sides on last year. Same old same old though, we’d not come armed with a vision of how we’d take down Everton. There was clearly no plan going on that I could decipher. We lacked any sort of edge and the players looked dead, which really is a sorry situation barely a few games into the new season.

The first goal we conceded came from a Gareth Barry cross which saw Coleman slip in unmarked at the back post for the headed goal. Ozil was nowhere to be seen as he lost his marker. A really sloppy goal to concede so early on.

The second goal we conceded was a mixture of defensive naivety on Chambers part combined with some poor refereeing, one for the trip on Mertesacker in the build up, two for the goal being marginally offside. But whatever, Lukaku had put Naismith in on goal and the Scot finished well.

Second half we changed things up. Wenger took off Sanchez at half time to bring on Giroud. If he was injured, fair enough, but if he wasn’t, what the manager is doing shit canning his best player after 45mins is beyond me. He could have put him out wide in place of Ozil who was stinking out the place in a massive way.

Anyway, Giroud came on and he was actually the difference against and Everton side who really weren’t that impressive. The Frenchman immediately volleyed over from a tight angle. What he did was link up the play nicely.

We managed to get on the score sheet when Cazorla entered the game. He bundled a cross into the six yard area and Ramsey tapped home after getting between two players. Then at the death, Giroud nodded home, forcing himself past Distin in the 90th minute.

We took the point, but don’t kid yourselves, that was an excercise in plastering over the bulging cracks in the Arsenal offering this season.


The players looked dead on their feet. Sure we played a game in midweek, but where was the zip in our game? Where’s the pace? The spark? The ingenuity? It’s really worrying that players don’t look at the races so early one. It’s also worrying the pace at which we’re racking up injuries.


Really couldn’t see what the vision was out there yesterday. We appear to have exactly the same approach to the game we had last year. Go out there, have some fun and see if you can win a few games. The players looked clueless for large parts, just like they did last year. How much preparation is going into these games? Because from where I’m watching, I’m yet to see anything interesting or surprising.

Round Pegs, square holes…

Here’s where things really didn’t make sense to me. Wenger opted to take Ozil, the unfittest player in elite football… train him for 12 days… then stick him out on the left against a team that has a history of destroying us down the wings. We needed someone in that role who was fit, had done a full preseason, that would have an interest in playing the position. Ozil was partially at fault for one goal, fully for the second. Why wasn’t Thomas Rosicky a consideration for that role? He’s played a full preseason from what I’ve seen. Why wasn’t Joel Campbell on the team sheet? He’s full of energy and desire to impress. Ozil doesn’t look interested. He needs to pick himself up this season, that intro certainly didn’t impress me.

Player gaps…

We’re short squad wise again. We don’t have a world class striker, we don’t have an experienced third choice centre back and we’re unbelievably desperate for an energetic midfielder who can sit in front of that back four and distribute at pace. Our transfer planning seemed like it had some legs this year, but now the season has started, some massive areas are yet to be addressed. We still have time to close a deal or two, but the sad part is there’s no plan in place. It’ll be all about opportunism. It’s rank average that we can’t get our squad recruitment sorted early doors. It’s unbelievable that we’ll be heading into Besiktas with no senior striker to speak of (Giroud picked up an ankle knock).

Form so far…

Excluding the Man City game, you have to say that it’s been a pretty rough ride so far this season. We were poor in preseason and we’ve translated that into a poor opening three competitive games. It’s not even about players, it’s about how they’re prepared, how they’re set up and how they’re operating.

We’ll get back to winning games, we’ll potter around the top for a bit, everyone will get overly excited about our prospects, but when it comes down to the crunch, the old leopard hasn’t changed his spots and that’ll be our downfall at the highest level.

… and that’s the point, Wenger never fails quite hard enough to invoke a real change. So that’s where we are as a club. Get used to it. It’s going to be a long, groundhog like season. Again.


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  1. REDgoon

    You and a lot of the bloggers and pundits spent all summer harping about Alexis playing down the middle. I don’t know why, because anyone who’s ever watched Alexis play more than a few matches, knows he’s not and has never played up top. He’s always played on the wings, like at Barca, or behind a striker like he played behind Di Natale at Udinese. Even Wenger bought the idea! That shouldn’t be surprising since he’s played Arshavin and Theo there (that didn’t work either) and Bendtner as a winger. That you thought he would be an alternative to Giroud is laughable. As a result, we spent all of the first half on the edge of the box with chances to play the ball in, but never did because there was no way Alexis would get the ball against big CBs. We wasted the whole first half! With a striker we might have scored 1 or 2!

  2. ikon

    Dont think yesterday game can be taken as a benchmark. I think Sanchez uptop where he wrestles with defenders twice his size is any option for now… you need to have one defensive mid, maybe get Chambers in there when Koscielny comes back,

    Ramsey and Ozil in the middle, Cazorla on the left Sanchez on the right, Giroud up top…

    Let Wilshere warm the fucking bench and prove himself over the duration of 2 months coming on as a sub.

    We desperately need to get a striker and thts why selling Podolski might not be the best idea

  3. Graham Ward

    Couldn’t agree more, I keep kidding myself that the glaringly obvious shortcomings in the team / squad that we’ve had for so long will be addressed, but yet again with 1 week to go it seems not ,,,,,, 4th place here we come unless we buy a ‘beast’ midfielder, a top class ‘winner’ at the back and a proper striker ,,,,, Ozil needs to pull his socks up, disgraceful lack of effort yesterday

  4. hunter

    Magic article Pedro. Bang on about Ozil on the left. That should have been (if no Santi) Rosicky all day long. I’m just not big on Ozil full stop. He looks like he’s been Wengered already. Makes me laugh when you read the fuckwits on arseblog news wanking themselves off from behind about Ozil and how much better he is than Fabregas. Do me a favour, I’d rather have Cesc’s ball bag in the middle than him. Thank fuck for Rambo though. Even when he does fuck all else he scores. The new David Platt, except better looking, not a cunt, and doesn’t run like a girl.

  5. Crusaderrabbit

    Spot on with your comments – it should be clear to anyone he doesn’t know how to assemble a balanced team and then prepare them any more. Players selected without rhyme or reason or with an idea of what their role is. It’s arrogance in his superiority over as a manager and a continued emphasis on the welfare of individual players over the team. If you want evidence he’s stuck in the past, look at that suit he wore yesterday, rather symbolic he’s still clinging to something that went out of date over 10 years ago.

  6. shad

    Good analysis Pedro.

    The scary thing is we seem to be limbering from game to game with exactly the same strategy and gambling on personnel and formations. Same shit tactics, insistence on playing players off form in wrong positions and just a general smug stubbornness. Still early days but I can’t wait for these 3 years to fly by and see the back of Wenger. Ruinous to no end.

  7. hunter

    One bright light of hope I’d like to add though, I do have the feeling that when the season bombs as per, the chances of Gazidis pulling the plug are higher than they were. With the club really kicking off in the states and India I don’t think it is wise to keep fucking it up, time to start winning things and make it big abroad. And I think they know that.

  8. GoonerGaunty73

    We need a big powerhouse CDM otherwise it’s Groundhog Day.

    What disturbs me is we are apparently waiting to see what happens on Wednesday before we sign someone??

    WTF? So it’s CL or nothing? My weekend very nearly ruined by this lot again, because of the same old issues. Big week coming up, on the pitch and in the personnel dept.

    It’s just so Arsenal!!

  9. Steveyg87

    Your post makes for some morbid reading.. Can’t quite agree though, yes we are lacking legs at the moment but I still feel very optimistic about this season.. Let’s see how many other teams go to goodison and get points. Let’s not kid ourselves squad wise we are not that far ahead of everton.

    Sticking ozil out left was a bad choice aswell as formation..if wenger was adiment on playing ozil then he didn’t do him any favours yesterday..our best formation yesterday would have been 4-2-1-3. Either ramsey or wilshere slotting in with the flame and ozil playing behind the back 3..it really is the only position he should be playing for this club

  10. Jude

    Almost everythjng you said would change our game was implemented and it didn’t worj and you conveniently slop back into the wenger bashing without learning the key lesson you should have grasped.. You don’t coach a football team and you don’t know shit about it…
    Arsenal as far as top 4 hv been concerned have been operating from a position of severe disadvantage for years.. In the most competitive league in the universe and somehow thanks to a great coach we have survived..
    The perfect balance of passing brilliance and defensive solidity and attacking flair is like catching lightning in a bottle.. You can postulate how it could be done but come on.. Vangaal is finding out how hard it can be.. But I do know that to find it 2 things are imperative.. Trust and belief!!!! And these are two things your blog would do well to learn!! We are in transition and our players are going to come good.. It took Chelsea and man city more than two years of massive spending to win the league and with our new focus we will get there.. But with no help from mindless criticism.. Be an arsenal supporter .. It’s hard remembering that your one sometimes

  11. Rich

    I had a feeling that this season Arsene would be so desperate to find a place for Wilshere that he would be willing to do it at the detriment of the team.
    It’s clear we need some height, size pace and power in our midfield there might not be an obvious choice for the centre but Draxler would have been ideal for the left.
    Don’t know why we went cold on it.
    Playing Ozil on the wing is a disaster waiting to happen, he already looks low on confidence.

  12. N21 Tone

    It’s an absolute shame but yes, I have to agree with every word you have written Pedro. Wenger does not know what the fuck he is doing. You are fucking my club up mate!

  13. Mazza

    Pedro Wenger implemented some of the changes you asked for, he played Sanchez up top and dropped Giroud and Cazorla and it DIDN’T work.

    What this shows is that whilst Wenger tactically is looking clueless at the moment, it’s best we do leave these issues for him to sort out and not make ‘suggestions’ like we know what the fuck we’re doing.

    You’re ‘prediction’ of this being another poor season, at the moment, is unjust. The transfer window isn’t over and you quite honestly do not know if we have a plan or not, no one does. Perhaps qualifying for the group stages on Wednesday is what is going to be the deciding factor in regards to players coming in, because if we do not qualify then that means we’ll have substantially less games to be played over the season.

  14. Phil



    What a fucking load of bollox

    9 years 1 fa cup

    Chelsea and City invest in their teams ..arsenals straight in the sky rocket

  15. tunnygriffboy

    We weren’t great yesterday but also weren’t as bad as Pedro has made out. Their first attack resulted in a goal. Ox had 5 shotsin the 1st half. None on target. 2nd half we were the better team and looked stronger than Everton did as the game wore on. Pleased with the point.

    We certainly lack fluency, could be due to new players, players arriving back in dribs and drabs and having the CL games, being unable to work on the training ground. I’m a bit more optimistic than some. We must sign a couple, it could be reliant on winning Wednesday

  16. Highberry

    Its one thing playing out of position for your country in a world cup(ozil would probably play left back if asked to ), its another thing being shunted out to the left at goodison freaking park, seeing JW on the ball in the position you should be commanding, immediately imagining wonderful angles and possibilities in your head, and then watch said JW make cock up after cock up, lose the ball, forcing you to track back for “not Philip Lahm”.

  17. Wallace

    “Had Giroud been on the field for the whole game, or even if he had found his range a little earlier than the 90th minute, Arsenal might have had all three points. They certainly had the chances, and though they took a battering in the first half, by the end it was Everton who looked the more fragile. That’s another thing you don’t tend to hear every week.”

    – Guardian’s match report

  18. daz

    So negative all the time yes I think our game plan needs changing against stronger sides but the fact is last season we lost that game and it looked like it was going the same way but something has changed a point away isn’t a bad result especially as Everton played really well

  19. Mandela

    Wenger simply struggles with tactics, maybe he should start delegating those duties like SAF did. Playing Ozil and BFG for 90 min??. I would have started with Rosicky on the left, and stuck Ozil in the middle and taken out Wilshere.

  20. gonnerram

    Some of you folks seem to know much better than Wenger / Bould.

    Give it a break folks. This is the second game of the season not the 34th. Let us how many teams come to Goddison and go with a point. Then we can decide if this is a bad result or not.

    Re: Transfers, I am sure the club as a whole is having a plan and are working on it. It is not as simple as let us see who is available…

    Let us get behind the team on Wed and take it from there.

  21. Major_Jeneral

    Definitely we need reinforcements but the tactical nous and mentality against top teams must change we cannot achieve sucess w/o doing this. Yes it is true we can’t do wenger’s job from where we sit , but it is outrightly glaring that playing players that aren’t fit and out of position does not help the team as a whole . Wenger is still at the helms of affairs all we can do right now is back the team . I am grateful we aint in the situation Utd is in.

  22. N5

    Gooneram its not 2 games though is it, it’s a continuation of last season. We still haven’t beat a top 5 team in 16 matches I think it is now. That isn’t good enough.

  23. Bankz

    Y’all still think we can win the League??
    Some idiot even tweeted last week about us going the season undefeated.

  24. Gregg

    I’d have settled for 4 points from these two games if it had been offered. The performances haven’t been great at all though, it’s all pace-less. Wednesday is a big test now and we will need to up our game for sure.

  25. N5

    Agreed Greg, but we really do need to get this “beating top 5 teams” monkey off our backs. It’s becoming our new “8 years without a trophy”.

  26. Hitman

    2pts dropped!

    Everton are a poor team. No way we should be struggling against midfield of Osman, Naismith, Barry.

    Wenger should have gone for it.
    Giroud upfront. Ozil middle. Sanchez wide.

    We failed to impose because Wilshere & Falmini in midfield. JW adds nothing to the team. Flam is no longer prem quality. That is the cowardly Wenger signing that cost us the league last season.

    2 solid midfielder needed if we are going to achieve anything this year ( or year before. ….or year before that or…etc etc)

  27. andy1886

    “also, Jude’s got a point with his first sentence.”

    Unfortunately the rest of it is a pile of crap.

    Manager with fourth largest budget finishes fourth. Hardly genius is it?

  28. Thank you and goodnight

    3 games in and we’re already talking about a big test because as usual the squads inadequacies have not been addressed. How the Fucking hell can people still make excuse for le cunt is beyond me. Oh don’t call him names that’s really nasty, well taking the piss out of fans year in year out is really nasty too.

  29. Wallace

    “That substitution at half time settles the debate about Ozil and Sanchez being AW buys or not.”

    if it’s good Wenger has nothing to do with it, if it’s bad it’s Wenger’s fault. rinse and repeat.

  30. gonnerram

    N5, agree with you on not beating top 4 teams.

    But hardly do we need to win those games. In the past, we have been crucified for not winning at places like Bolton, Stoke et al..

    Now all we need to do is, make sure we do not loose to our fellow contenders.. we need to go for the jugular only when it is title decider or something similar..

  31. Wallace


    “Manager with fourth largest budget finishes fourth. Hardly genius is it?”

    tell that to Man Utd’s fans.

  32. andy1886

    Wallace, check their performance over the last ten years and compare with ours. I think that you’ll find it compares very favourably.

    Or if you want to go on a single season you could compare with Liverpool. Anyone can find the odd example of someone exceeding or failing to meet expected placing, what I’m suggesting is that Wenger hasn’t been this genius that was aluded to over the last decade, he’s done okay, average, more or less what might be expected.

  33. N5

    Wallace, I agree with your sentiment about Wenger not receiving credit where due, but someone has to be answerable for the fact that both our top signings, Ozil and Sanchez were played out of position yesterday, to seemingly accommodate a player that isn’t earning his “thus far” guaranteed position.

  34. Reality check

    Same old blog same old moaning writer.
    What ground hog season?? we finished with silverware and we started this one with silverware.
    Tactics!!??? We were setup to counter attack with Alexis upfront, OG’s holdup play was the plan B which did work out in the end.. so much for not having a gameplan, coming back from two goals down after 3year especially against everton away isn’t that bad at all. If you want the team to play to your vision then please stick to xbox and PS. This is real world , leave it to the pros.

  35. spandex dan

    Piss poor ref yesterday. Without reinforcements this squad ain’t up to it. Plus I feel like a bell end having pet a bet on us for 2-0 yesterday

  36. Wallace


    i guess you won your fight.

    i’d say the idea was to give Ozil & Sanchez the freedom to hurt Everton on the counter. it didn’t work, but i’d say it’s still very early in the season to be making definitive judgements about players and their best positions. i think there’ll be a lot of rotation, especially with the forwards, this year.

  37. Babloooo

    Arsene Wenger is increasingly becoming our main problem and unfortunately nothing will change for the next 3 years of his contract! Sad!

  38. Wallace


    ps – i think with Ozil coming back late Wenger’s given Jack 5/6 games to prove himself. i actually think he’s done okay so far, but will definitely have to step it now we’re getting everyone back. currently you’d think once Theo’s back Jack’s a bench player.

  39. andy1886

    If Ozil out wide is a ‘game plan’ it was a pretty poot one wasn’t it? Yes coming back from 2 down is good in the circumstances but how about not getting to that position in the first place. Of course Everton are a decent side but it’s not as if we’ve not won there for decades – remember scoring six and four there not so long ago?

    I don’t play XBox or Playstation but just because someone does that doesn’t mean that they can’t have a valid opinion, because that’s all it is, just an opinion.

  40. finestcuts

    I think it’s too early to judge how the rest of the season will fare. I 100% agree with our current deficiencies but still have hope nthat there will be reinforcements before the end of the transfer window.
    Even when we were thrashed 8-2 by Man U, Wenger was able to find solutions in the market, one of whom is now captain and one of whom is a World Cup winning first team defender and vice captain, so considering the reduced difficulty and Wenger’s admission that he’s on the lookout I expect to see some late business.

  41. N5

    Wallace, he was a no show mate. Not that I wanted him to, but as I said it was just all internet tough guy stuff.

    I understand your position and admire your confidence and having never been a doomer myself, I look forward to seeing what happens. But Sanchez has never been a striker and Ozil is one of the best #10s in the world, it seems madness to me to play them in anything but there favored position.

    Not every player can do a Henry and to be honest, I don’t recall any of our other played out of position players going on to be a sucess in said position.

    I’m thinking NB52 and Arshavin.

    My thoughts on Jack are different to you, he was a very exciting prospect that just isn’t cutting it at the moment. I hope he does get it together in 5 or 6 games, I really do, I just don’t think he will.

  42. Its only ray parlour

    Pedro you make some valid points, but I think the whole gloom and doom thing is over done. For years we’ve been saying Wenger doesn’t change his team to match up against opponents, yesterday, bar Ozil on the left he tried, and on paper it looked like a decent selection. It didn’t work. He also did something else we have moaned that he never does, he made a half time change, and to be fair, it changed things for us. We aren’t perfect, we defo need at least two more players (DM and striker) but we are not as bad as the article suggests. The DM is the key. We can’t play 4-4-2 without a proper DM, and without 2 upfront Giroud will be average, as he is great in link up but not clinical enough. Ozil will come good, if and only if, he plays through the middle with pace to the left, right and in front. We haven’t played well but we have 4 points, that isn’t bad, and tbh, if you’ve seen the league leaders they were lucky at home against a Leicester side who are no way near as good as the toffees. Let’s not write the season off yet, still another 36 league games and a week left of the transfer window

  43. Its only ray parlour

    Pedro you make some valid points, but I think the whole gloom and doom thing is over done. For years we’ve been saying Wenger doesn’t change his team to match up against opponents, yesterday, bar Ozil on the left he tried, and on paper it looked like a decent selection. It didn’t work. He also did something else we have moaned that he never does, he made a half time change, and to be fair, it changed things for us. We aren’t perfect, we defo need at least two more players (DM and striker) but we are not as bad as the article suggests. The DM is the key. We can’t play 4-4-2 without a proper DM, and without 2 upfront Giroud will be average, as he is great in link up but not clinical enough. Ozil will come good, if and only if, he plays through the middle with pace to the left, right and in front. We haven’t played well but we have 4 points, that isn’t bad, and tbh, if you’ve seen the league leaders they were lucky at home against a Leicester side who are no way near as good as the toffees. Let’s not write the season off yet, still another 36 league games and a week left of the transfer window

  44. andy1886

    I can’t see the point of bashing Ozil, plenty of the players have had a slow start in their first game and he’s no different. I can see why Wenger might play him wide – to ease him in gently – but against Everton’s aggressive wide play it wasn’t the best game to do it.

    Personally I prefer Santi at n.10 rather than on the left so maybe starting with him behind Alexis or Giroud and bringing Ozil on for 15 minutes at the end would have been a good idea. I think that one of our main problems is that we’re missing players for certain positions o we have to put players in who are not ideally suited. For example Jack is IMO a decent back up or alternative to Aarron, but because we’re short of options he has to play with rather than instead of him.

    Walcott will be key when he comes back, I’d like to see him and Alexis as our wide players, two with genuine pace and goal threat. I’m sure both can play either side, Walcott does a good TH14 impression cutting in from the left and curling one in round the keeper, so if Alexis does need to be on the right that’s not a huge issue. Guess we’ll see.

  45. Wallace


    agreed. i don’t think Everton away was the best time to reintroduce Ozil. certainly not from the start anyway.

  46. Insomnia

    Feels weird to have to say this but:

    – we are only two games into the season
    – tw is still open
    – same fixture last season we lost

    Yes we have big problems but there seems to be a severe lack of “mental strength ” here 🙂

  47. Jeanette Kliger

    Thank goodness there is more balance to this site, instead of all the foul language and Wenger bashing.
    However, I agree that JW is just not good enough and AW seems intent on playing him whatever happens.
    Please wake up, AW, have the courage to drop him!

  48. TitsMcgee

    The squad played like trash yesterday and got away with it for once versus a half decent side.

    The problem the people defending Wenger don’t realize is that that result is going to be be few and far between. We are not going to fall behind Chelsea, City et al and get a point.

    The sun shined on our arse yesterday but this squad is in for more of the same this season if changes aren’t made.

    Wenger goes into every game with the same formation and just “hopes” it works out. Because “hey it worked ten years ago right?”. We have nowhere near the talent in the squad we did in those days.

    Our only hope is he pulls his hand (not his finger) out and signs what we need so that “maybe” we can out talent our opponents because God knows Wenger won’t change anything tactically.

  49. Joe

    So Pedro wanted to introduce pace to the side and then some of you say ‘wenger played who you wanted and where’. Well playing an unfit ozil out wide for 90 minutes is another wenger idiotic decision!

    Ozil is a lot more effective down the middle. Sanchez would of been more effective with him in the middle and a rosicky or Campbell out wide. Opening up space for him.

    The draw was a definitely papering over the cracks. This squad will fail to challenge any top honours unless wenger buys. How many chances did giroud miss before he scored? How many chances will he get vs city, Chelsea, utd, Liverpool?

    We need a top striker.

    We play Chelsea, city and totte*ham in our next 5 matches. Let’s see where we stand and how the ‘it’s only 2 games in’ excuse works then.

    We were a crossbar away from going down 3–0 in the FA cup final and guys are using that win like it proves we are ready to move on the next step.

    It’s one step forward, 3 steps back with wenger unfortunately. He really doesn’t have a clue

  50. Joe


    Ask united ?

    I think their trophy haul in the last. 9 seasons allows them some leeway.

    Who’s position would you rather be in? United winning all those league trophies and a CL vas missing out on the CL this season or

    Arsenal, 1 trophy in 9 seasons and in CL this season.

  51. Joe


    Why wouldn’t wenger ease a player in at his natural #10 position instead of shunting him out wide on in a position he can’t do when fit?!

  52. Joe


    If wenger doesn’t add a CF and a DM and it’s true that Man U have bought di Maria, I fear wenger’s 4 th place trophy won’t happen this season!

    We played shit yesterday, squeaked out a draw and people are acting like we won something and saying well Chelsea and city have to go there too. I don’t think they will be worried. Everton wasn’t even that good. We were just that bad.

  53. Joe

    The stupidity of not buying unless we get into CL is that our squad isn’t good enough to challenge for the league. He should be buying even if we don’t win on wed.

  54. Carlos

    After seeing yesterday’s game,I must admit I see us finishing out of the top 4 unless something happens between now and end of transfer window.The moment I saw Ozil playing on the left side I knew we were doomed…it frustrates a lot seeing a manager with experience seriously can’t see that was a mistake in the first place or the formation that we are to use this season 433 hmmmmm can anyone give me our best starting 11 with that formation???

  55. Wallace


    reassuring to see you’re not letting a game-changing performance get in the way of your Giroud bashing.

    someone suggested getting 4th was a piece of cake. i merely pointed out it hadn’t been for Man Utd last season.

  56. Mary Jo Koch

    Blog not about Arsenal. Very active on twitter. @BipolarArsenal. Love affair with Wenger on Twitter TL horrifies. me. The tweets to shape up or ship out take me back to Vietnam War protests. I don’t trust Obama, Congress. I don’t trust God Yet I should genuflect before Wenger. I am a shrink. I am resisting temptation to speculate about managerial personality disorder. I am New Yorker who married Englishman whose family has supported Arsenal since club began.


  57. N'gambo

    Does anyone know if Alexis was injured or not? I don’t think I’ve *ever* seen Wenger make a half-time substitution for tactical reasons …

    So if he benched Alexis that’s a massive ‘fuck you’ to someone. Think about it. Benched at half-time in his second game.

    I’ve been praying for Wenger to go for 4 years now. Please god, please!

  58. ozrus

    Pedro’s whiniest post of late. Get laid or something mate. Ozil ‘even when fit isn’t fit’. WTF? 2 ref’s blunders on the second goal, and it’s ‘whatevers’? Yeah sure

  59. Sam

    I’ve read that Ozil ‘played on the left for Germany’ so it’s a natural position for him. Er no, he only played there because Reus missed the World Cup through injury. If Reus had been fit, Ozil would have competed with Kroos for the CM berth. I saw Ozil play first in 2010 in South Africa, where he dazzled, but his clever, skilful, delicate game needs a Schweinsteiger or an Alonso alongside him, as well as pace and movement up front.
    He’s a very different type of playmaker to Fabregas.

    The problems I can see from our early matches are that Wenger has not got them playing as a team. Furthermore he’s determined to continue his doomed experiment of giving the no 10 role (as well as the shirt) to Wilshere, and to persist with Sanogo.
    If he sells Podolski (likely) he won’t bring anyone better in. He appears to believer our strikers are good enough.

    Deadline day we’ll have this season’s Kallstrom brought in – someone will be around on a free no doubt.