Everton 2 – 2 Arsenal. We came, we saw, we drew

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Do the Wenger...


Good morning all, Alex writing to you from hangover central. The last bus has just left and some strange man is looking at me intently with his hands in his pockets. I don’t like it here.

Yesterday I watched the game in a wanky east London pub, and had much of it ruined by a group of wanky east London hipsters who didn’t ask if they could share our table but sat down there anyway. Their ring leader was a primark version of Russell Brand who spent two hours talking loudly about how democracy was just a “scam” and people needed to “wake up”, before he proceeded to call his dealer. Stay classy hipsters.

Anyway onto the game, I’m afraid there wont be a thorough match report today, as I do not have highlights available to me, so lets review yesterday’s match through the medium of emotions:

I thought…

We would have a real challenge against Everton yesterday. They destroyed us last season using pace, power and smart tactics (ie putting the impressive Lukaku on Nacho Monreal – who has the appearance and mental fortitude of a man suffering from the nora virus). They also put the wiley Stephen Naismith up top who, despite having no discernible ability as a footballer, had an absolute worldy against us.

The team that turned us over last year was almost identical to the one we played yesterday. As such it really was going to take a reappraisal of how we lined up tactically if we were going to get anything from the game.

I hoped…

That this was the case when I saw the line up. The misfiring Giroud dropped and Sanchez given a berth in the centre forward role; supported by The OX on the right and Ozil on the left. I thought the pace in the line up would pin Everton back and give our midfield more options.

For the first 20 minutes we looked much better than in the same game last year. I actually thought Sanchez was effective in that position, and though he didn’t get any touches in the box, his movement and unpredictability were creating opportunities for us. I even tweeted “Already looking better”.

I realised…

I should never, ever make predictions about football because about five minutes later, Everton scored. Some proper defensive fannying around from us allowed Everton to whip in an easy ball under absolutely no pressure. Seamus Coleman had a free header which he tucked away nicely. No pressure on the ball from midfield, terrible offside trap, not tracking the runner. Onto which…

I began to lament…

The fact we did not resign Cesc. Aside from the fact he clearly feels appalling wearing a Chelsea shirt, if we are going to play the world’s best No10 (Ozil) on the left wing, where he cannot influence the game and doesn’t track runners, then why not play one of the world’s best playmakers in the No10 position?

I wept…

For the FA and its “friendly refereeing banter”. I’m not one to blame refs for our poor performances, and we were very poor yesterday, but there was a clear foul on Mertesacker in the build up to the second goal as well as an offside for Naismith. Coupled with the fact that practically everyone on our team who made a tackle was booked – its fair to say that the ref yesterday was proper rubs. That still doesn’t excuse Chambers’ Squillaci-esque attempt at a tackle on Lukaku in the build up to the second goal.

I bemoaned…

Arsene’s tactical naivety in substituting Alexis for Giroud at half time. Again I wisely tweeted that I hoped Alexis was injured as it made no sense as a tactical substitution (Disclaimer obviously I didn’t actually hope he was injured, I would never hope anyone is injured (except John Terry and then only with explosive diarrhea)).

So contrary to most people’s expectations, Giroud’s introduction to the game immediately improved us. We were improved again by the hooking of 2/5s of our British core for Santi and young Joel Campbell. It was Santi that nicely teed up Aaron for our first goal. Then in the 90th minute Nacho whipped in a delightful cross which Giroud dispatched, tying the game for us, gaining a point and proving all the haters wrong. Right? Well no wrong.

I, Claudius…

The erstwhile Roman emperor was underestimated at first but went on to do an ok job, despite being surrounded by backstabbing murderous arseholes. Unlike him we seem to be defying expectations in reverse. The optimism from the FA cup and Community Shield wins and the signings we have made thus far has been replaced by the cold hard fact that our performances have just not been good enough.

Im not going to write off Sanchez in a CF role just yet, I think it could work. But even if it does its clear we need a player in that position who combines the best of what Giroud and Sanchez offer. Yes that may be hard to find, but we have the money. We also desperately need a decent DM and another CB as its not fair to expect Chambers to cover for Per and Kos on his debut season.

Over the summer I commented that signing a world class fitness coach and a world class player was welcome but we would only see if things had changed if our tactics improved, if we lost some of our defensive naivety and anticipated how our opposition lined up. From what I’ve seen so far, it still feels like we are failing to do this, and that is perhaps the most frustrating part of it all.

I like the Champions League…

So I will be at the game on Wednesday evening, hopefully to see a much improved performance and to see us smash Besiktas.

Fingers cross until then. This is @aldo_doel wishing you a lovely bank holiday xx

P.S. Check out Pedro’s report from earlier HERE

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    I wouldn’t read too much into that, Podolski spouts a load of advertising guff on there.

    Wouldn’t mind selling him though, £109 000 off the books. Could go toward a new first teamer.

  2. NYCgooner


    Agreed. But i’m getting the feeling this one is real. If it is, it does make you wonder who gets the #9 shirt.


  3. NYCgooner

    In addition, I wish there was a player for Juve moving in the other direction. There are a couple amazing players that play for juve that could slot in rather nicely next to Ramsey. One can dream.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Oh, missed this, bang goes the little hope anyone had of a new striker.

    “You never have to set limitations or targets for any player, but for me he [Giroud] is improving every year. I wouldn’t rule out that he will get to 25 goals.”

  5. Arsene's Nurse

    MidwestGun August 24, 2014 20:40:41

    Marble –
    Have you considered buying a dog? Boom…… instant friend and they don’t care if your an idiot.

    Just a suggestion.
    I think even a dog would lift its leg to piss on marble.

  6. salparadisenyc

    Poldi out, enter Joel Campbell.
    Utterly depressing if that the case, ole Cuntenger will be back in full force.

  7. salparadisenyc


    Sure it’ll be Reus and Carvalho eh?

    As insomnia said.. Song and that Morrocan striker whom now fills in as a holding mid. Shitmack.

  8. NYCgooner


    I’ve heard him say a couple times that he may sign a couple players at the back but no more signings up front. Been quietly hoping that its just a smokescreen but lets wait and see what happens. He’s tried to sign Suarez last year and it seems he tried to sign Cavani the year before that. Fingers crossed that he shocks all of us soon.

  9. MidwestGun

    According to Sky Italia, the Germany international has already reached an agreement with Juventus on his personal terms.

    Now the Bianconeri will contact Arsenal tomorrow to try to push a switch through before the transfer window slams shut.
    Cesc – I found this, seems more like a permanent move. But teams haven’t agreed terms and sky Italia? Lol. So I don’t know.

    If we sell Podokski and no incoming, what’s our net spend. Zero. Same old same.

    Well caught offsides has us linked with Reus………… so no chance. Lol.

  10. NYCgooner


    “Well caught offsides has us linked with Reus………… so no chance. Lol.”

    That totally killed it for me. They never get anything right.

  11. salparadisenyc

    I give Reus less and 2% whatever that means… although a year ago i’d of said same about Ozil. Once never knows but it does feel definitively quiet in a were done sort of way.

    Cue the Kim Kallstrom of strikers.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    I still think he’ll loan out Campbell as well and inexplicably keep Sanogo. So we’ll be further down in terms of squad numbers.


    Well judging by his 25 goal Giroud comment I don’t see a starting class striker coming in.


    So much promise this summer when it started with the Sanchez bang. But it’s died off, fizzled out into the same malaise of leaving glaring issues unresolved.

    It’s so frustrating because we’re almost there, so close, 3 additions needed, even with 2 just the CDM and CB we’d be so much stronger, but add a ST as well and we’re pretty much as good as anyone.

    But again, it won’t matter if Wenger persists with this crusade of cramming the middle with tippy tappy players. You can sign whoever you want, if Wenger keeps warping the side to play certain players the team will always look clueless and lethargic.

  13. salparadisenyc

    Yes I think Campbell will likely be off, but sold. Surely someone comes in if Poldi and Campbell are out. I’m into the beers… enjoy boys.

    Reus or Cavani would fix many o problem.

  14. NYCgooner

    I don’t think there is anything to the Welbeck rumors. Wenger wants his strikers to come from south america.

  15. Leedsgunner

    I for one will be sad to see Poldi go. Great finisher, great professional. Deserves more than to be ignored by Wenger. Wish him the best. I hope we get someone decent in return and resist banking the money for the sake of it.


    Wenger shooting from the hip again… I hope for the club he is right. I guess this means no striker for definite. Wenger is digging his heels in. Will anyone remind him if he is wrong? Nope because no one at the club holds him accountable.

  16. leon

    I really think it’s a huge mistake not getting another striker. The way I see it the only way you can use podiolski effectively is to play 442 but With thos teams light weight midfield can never play That formation. But his lack work rate,the pace or movement eitheAnother thing I don’t like about this team is the ctactics this tipy tapy football doesn’t work the teams with pace power are the teams who are going to have much more success.

  17. Leedsgunner

    “He scored 16 in the league last season and when he came on he was for me very convincing. You should not set any limits on a player. For me there has been an improvement and I am convinced the goals will come… Wenger added that, although Mario Balotelli had been touted Arsenal’s way, he saw no reason to take a risk on the Italian, arguing that he already had sufficient fire power in attack. We have Yaya Sanogo, we have Alexis Sanchez who can play centre-forward, we have Theo Walcott who is coming back,” he said. “It does not make any sense to sign Balotelli.”

    From the Indepedent.

    Words fail me except say, different year same excuses. The names change but not the excuses.

  18. Cesc Appeal

    Just having a nostalgia trip watching Arsenal 2010/11, that squad was so strong – but in classic Wenger fashion still had obvious issues that he didn’t resolve. Chiefly CB and GK.

    What a side that was.

  19. leon

    Léedsgunner giroud is an ok striker but ok and solid doesn’t win you titles.No this team needs a world class striker as far sonogo goes he really nèeds to go out on loan clearly not ready extremly raw at best will score 10 goals.I this harsh but any striker that doesn’t have the ability to st least 15 goals a season st the very least should not be the squad

  20. moray

    @NYC: “I don’t think there is anything to the Welbeck rumors. Wenger wants his strikers to come from south america.”

    Or from Fedex.

  21. Leedsgunner

    Of the 16 league goals that Giroud scored last year how many did he scored against our rivals, teams like MCFC, CFC, MUFC? To be fair to Giroud he did score the winner against Tottenham… but were they ever a title contender? if we are going to make up ground against the likes of the Manchester clubs Wenger needs to realise Giroud for who he is — a impact Plan B striker.

  22. salparadisenyc

    Love this tweet:

    #Arsenal Question Gooners..How can we want to sign Higuian and Suarez then 1 year later settle for Sanogo #utterlybizarre

  23. tunnygriffboy

    After Sanchez the main issue was getting a CM and CB after we replaced Sagna, Fab and TV5. The striker was next on the list in future window. Trouble is we’ve not got any of them yet. I think Poldi to Juve part of swap deal with Pogba 🙂 🙂

    Poldi great for morale but does little in far too many games. Not blessed with pace though does have a left foot. Someone must be coming in somewhere

  24. Arsene's Mortician

    Wenger was never going to sign Suarez, even when he made a bid he knew it would be rejected, this is the best striker on the planet, you think your getting him for 30 million quid, even 40, forget it, and Wenger was the most relieved man on the planet

    It was at the insistence of Keswick that Wenger make the bid in the first place, when told to bid, Wenger remarked, ” I’m not paying 30 million for him

    Higuain,and the rest of the world strikers were never coming to AFC, it was a PR exercise, to keep the fans onside, Wenger has Giroud, his pin up bey

    Wenger is very careful with money, if he spends x amaount, you can bet he has y amount coming in the back door, and Podolski is the fall guy, it will mean our net spend will be in the 15-20 million, peanuts for a club with over 100 million cash, this is the frugal manager at his finest, the fans should be in revolt, there should be a march on the Emirates and demand this clown be removed from his position, if he is not senile, he is demented, this is not the rational thought processes of a sane man

    The only way to over throw a dictator is revolution, these cunts do not abdicate

  25. Arsene's Mortician

    What is bizarre SAL, is bringing in Sanogo on a free transfer, in the same summer as they bring in Ozil for 42.5 million quid

    Now anyone can see that there are two things happening here, two independent motives, one doesn’t want to spend money,( Wenger, Sanogo) the other insists/has to to stop a drama within the club,( Kewsick, Ozil )

  26. Arsene's Mortician

    Tunny, do you really believe that whoever comes to this club it will make a difference, we got Ozil and still finished 4th, we always finish 4th, pissed 42.5 million down the toilet, at least we can sell him for decent cash, but him coming to AFC, did nothing from where I stand, if we had won the league last season, yes, I can see the value in his purchase, but we know he was brought to this club on the last day to avert a fucking catastrophe at this club because we had 150 million quid in the bank and Wenger gets Sanogo and Flamini on free transfers, and to make matters worse the dumb cunt gets Kallstrom on a free in January


  27. Arsene's analyst

    We had to come from behind in extra time to beat HULL in the FA Cup, after being 2 goals down after 8 minutes, this is a circus being presided over by the highest paid clown in the fucking universe

  28. Joe

    Players have come and gone. Coaches have changes.
    Only one thing has stayed constant. The manager. And we haven’t improved.

    Time for a change of manager.

  29. Arsene's analyst

    Yes Joe, I wonder what would have happened had we lost, does this guy sign on for 3 more years, I know the club would have given it, trophies mean nothing to them
    They count the cost of success in money/profit, all that profit does absolutely nothing for the fans, so they have 100 million quid cash, they still put ticket prices up 3%, and that mother fucker Kroenke wanted to make it 8% according to accounts, what a low life greedy cunt

  30. Dark Hei

    Balotelli – Talented individual. I think his style suits Arsenal more so than Liverpool. But if Inzaghi let’s him go for a big discount, it is indeed telling. Vieri does not rate him either. That is 2 striker legends giving their compatriot a short shift purely for non-football reasons. Maybe BR is the one to tame him.

    Reus – Is he a winger or forward? I think “forward” but if folks here think that Sanchez and Walcott aren’t forwards, not sure if Reus brings anything different to the plate. Unless all you want is a temporary high that a big $$ transfer brings.

    Giroud – Is a useful squad player. A good plan B. But we better get our plan A up to speed which is…..

    Sanchez/Walcott – These 2 fellas should be our plan A. Overall I am cautiously optimistic. The team is far from peaking and still have a lot left potential left. How well they do will depend on the peaks they can achieve in their passing game.

    Unfortunately I think this season is beyond them. It does looks like the Stable Master has the league in his grasp. Personally, if this Arsenal team can hit 84-86 points this season, it will be a very good foundation to build upon.

    I am quietly confident that we will qualify and get ourselves the DM and CB that everyone wants. Will wait till post CL match/end transfer window before panicking.

  31. Arsene's analyst

    “Foundation to build on” we had a foundation in 2005, it was constantly dismantled, sold off, reshaped, rebuilt, only to be sold again and again, 10 years of we are a work in progress, fuck off, this is not a work in progress, this is a concerted plan to make money on player sales,these pricks have no ambition to win things, how many great players have we had come through this club in the last 10 years, without winning anything

    What have Cesc, RVP, Adebayor, Nasri, Song, Helb, won with this club, this manager has had his chance, he has had good squads he has no fucking idea what to do with them. proof is in the last 10 years, and don’t dare mention the FA Cup win against Hull

  32. Arsene's analyst

    Take Sanchez out of this side, and it’s about the same side that got arse fucked 5-1, 6-0, 6-3 last season, Wenger not fooling me, Sagna gone, Debuchy in, Vermaelen gone Chambers in, Fabianski gone , Ospina in

    Enter Sanchez, the only real signing, when he gets injured, we are fucked again, how does this fucking pensioner get away with this grand incompetence, why is he not challenged and ask to explain why we have 2 CD no CDM, and 1 striker, the 6th richest club in the world, and a manager as mean as two fucking scrooges

    look at our first 2 games, disgraceful, beat Palace in the 90 th minute and need a goal to draw with Everton at the same time, fucked team, fucked manager, bringing a great club down, maybe I can get frozen for 3 years and come back when this fucking scrooge cunt has gone,

  33. Arsene's analyst

    Lets see what this mean bastard has to say if Besiktas beats them, no CL 30 million pissed down the drain because Wenger won’t buy a proven CDM a CD AND A REAL STRIKER

  34. Arsene's analyst

    We have signed one player to our squad, the rest were replacements for ones who left, we got in 1 player and the fans are creaming their pants, what a fucking shambles this club is under this conman

  35. Arsene's analyst

    I’m hoping for Besiktas win, no CL this year, and for AFC to finish outside the top 4, whicj means no CL next season, then and maybe then this over rated fuck stick can leave the club, and normal football duties will resume, as opposed to buying cheap and selling high just to make a buck

    If I can put up with Wenger for 10 years, and an additional 3 years, I can certainly put up without CL football for a couple of years, fuck the AKB brigade, with the rough end of a pineapple, without the vaseline

  36. Arsene's analyst

    I would have rather stayed at Highbury and win things, as opposed to move to this soulless hole, and the club make millions in profit, which does sweet fuck all for the fans

    That’s the reason they built this stadium to generate heaps of profit, not to have championship winning teams, we have been had by amerikan corporate greed

  37. Moray

    We have signed one player to our squad, the rest were replacements for ones who left, we got in 1 player and … are playing him out of position.

  38. Moray

    It’s true, Dark Hei. We’ve been building on foundations for the last decade or so. It doesn’t wash any more.

    At some point with the money available to the manager and the vast sums spent on his wages, some accountability needs to be taken for our continued amateurish defending, poor tactics against top teams, selling our better players to rivals, gaps in spinal positions, lack of effective rotation and persistence with underperforming players.

  39. Mike adamski

    If podolski leaves that will irk me no end.
    Wengers been clever here , or trying to be .

    Splashing the cash early then quietly recouping money in sales and not replacing them .

    His comments to the independent are truly scary . He didn’t buy balotelli because he has giroud ( works hard but not fast or clinical )
    Sanogo ( works hard but can’t score )
    Sanchez ( not a striker )
    Walcott ( injured and wenger never plays him as a striker )

    He really is unbelievable .
    Deluded and stubborn springs to mind .

  40. Wallace

    ” Wenger did not sound like someone on a striker hunt. He said he rejected a potential move for the Liverpool-bound Mario Balotelli because he was no better than what he had….He [Balotelli] has been in England before, and I believe we have [Yaya] Sanogo – who will be important for me. We have Giroud, Joel Campbell can play as centre forward, and of course [Alexis] Sánchez, and Theo Walcott coming back too. You don’t put a pot of players together and bring in people just to have them there…”

  41. Hitman49


    He has been doing this for years !

    Balancing the books at our cost,4th is all they want being told the move from highbury was to compete ! In what ? Sale of the century ? Or just the club ?

    I think last year was the closest they have come to being truly scared of the fan base.

    And we missed our chance to get WENGER out and force change !

  42. Mike adamski

    Hitman ,

    I know mate . I just live in hope that a transfer window will be different .

    This one seems eerily similar to years gone by .

    Wenger has lost the will to win .

    Something really fishy going on at our club .

  43. Emiratesstroller


    I would not disagree that the impending departure of Podolski as a goalscoring forward is not a complete disaster. Sadly he has turned out to be more of a luxury player than someone who can play regularly in starting line up.

    However, my main concern is that we are now rather short of players who can play on left wing position. Both Ozil and Cazorla are realistically better as central attacking midfielders.

    It does pose the question whether Wenger will bring in now a conventional left winger such as Reus or Draxler.

    However, the real priorities which must be resolved before close of transfer window are the Centre Back and Defensive Midfield positions. It is our defensive problems, which do need resolution.

    I do not understand why Wenger has failed to complete the signing of a Centre Back before the start of season. It is completely illogical that he went into
    2 Champions League Qualifiers without having found a replacement for Vermaelen and with just 6 defenders on books. Chambers may be a good talent,
    but does no play comfortably alongside Mertesacker as we saw on Saturday.

    Wenger will have played at least 5 competitive games without signing someone in this position.

  44. Wallace


    i’m confident we’ll have a CB & DM in by the end of the window. i think that will be it though. not concerned about Podolski leaving. i think with Sanchez & Campbell coming in he wouldn’t have been anywhere near the team this year. i’m hopeful the Ox will at some point this season make the left hand side his own, with Cazorla, Campbell & Rosicky as alternatives there.

    agree with you re the unnecessary risk he took going into the CL qualifier with so few defenders. can’t explain it.

  45. Jeff

    I myself don’t put too much credence in the idea that we will get the right personnel after we qualify for CL. Can’t see the logic in waiting unless of course the intention is merely to secure CL football and spend the money from it to ensure we attain at least fourth the next time. Otherwise, any manager who wants to “win” things will have gone out and purchased whatever was lacking before the qualification game in order to ensure we do actually qualify and use the new personnel to seriously compete for CL or PL.

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that all Wenger (or whoever the puppeteer is) wants is fourth and CL money. His remit is nothing more and I am pretty sure it will be nothing more for the next three years.

    Notice how he doesn’t even mention FFP any more? And because he doesn’t mention it, neither do his doting fans? That used to be fed to us as the big thing that was going to change everything. No longer were the likes of free-spending bozos like Abramovich and Mansour going to buy trophies. Well, they are doing very well with or without FFP. Ferguson ran rings around Wenger with more or less the same Man U team that is suffering now – the point being that a talented and competent manager can make a big difference. Word class players tend to want to go to big ambitious clubs unless they are caught between a rock and a hard place – as in Ozil and Sanchez.

    Of course spending on world class players is always going to play a part but the manager also has to do his bit. He has to get his tactics right, play the right people in the right positions, play the opposition, adapt, explore different formations, examine opposition weaknesses and expose them. None of that ever seems to happen with Wenger. It’s always the same old show – pass it around about 18 times (half of which are always backwards or sideways), then lose the ball and get caught on the counter. In fact, lately we can’t even do that properly and I notice we’ve been lumping 50 yard balls which of course are also not working because we’re not used it – not our forte.

    In the ultimate analysis, I truly believe that even with the team we have now and have had over the years, a great deal more can and could have been achieved. The only common denominator is Wenger and quite apart from his unwillingness to spend, he is also unwilling to change. I know we’ve said these things a billion times before but it just amuses and at the same time saddens me how fans here and elsewhere hanker after this player or that player (myself included), knowing full well that Wenger will not know what to do with them even if he had them and will more than likely lay a great big log right in the middle of their careers.

    Yes we’ve had big players in the past – I don’t have to mention their names – but it wasn’t just individual players that we had. We were blessed with great teams like the invincibles. It had a back bone the like of which hasn’t been seen since. That wasn’t all Wenger’s doing. Whatever people want to say or believe he did inherit an excellent foundation on which he managed to build a splendid team but he had help from people like David Dein. Since then, as more and more power found its way into Wenger’s hands, we have gone downhill and because fans attribute the glory years solely to Wenger, they cannot see past his mistakes and incompetence now – preferring to attribute everything to “outside forces” alone.

    At some point, there will be a tipping over but it will be too late. It’s already too late – we’ve had too many years of failure and this era will make its mark on our history – of that there is no doubt. They might even name it something like “The Rise and Fall of Arsene FC.

  46. Wallace

    Mike adamski


    the window closing 4 days after the CL qualifier clouds the issue. do we have to qualify before we can spend again, or is it just that most transfers take place in the last few days?

  47. SpanishDave

    If Wenger cannot see Girouds lack of footballing ability then it confirms he is finished. We will get well beaten again this year, and Wenger will still stay.
    Our owner knows nothing about football and has no passion for it, all that matters is growing the clubs worth with minimal spend. Wenger is the right man for this so Stan is very happy with the situation.
    All Wenger is capable of is winning the mid table league.

  48. Dark Hei


    Look. I am not asking for vapour foundations. I want to see returns in points. No team have a divine right to the title.

    But all fans want to see a title tilt. There is no way a team can be seen as credible challengers without hitting at lest 84 points.

    Last year we got 79. Not good enough. This year in order to be truly taken seriously, it has to be 84 at least.

  49. Wallace


    i’m very confident we’ll get two in this week. if we don’t i’ll be as disappointed as anyone. the CB might not be top qiality, but then what top quality CB wants to come in as a 4th choice? Chambers has already shown far more than Vermaelen did in his last two seasons with us.

    also, you seem to think i always defend Wenger. that’s not the case. he infuriates me at times, too. but he’s trashed & ridiculed on here daily. i just think he deserves more respect than he’s shown.

  50. Dark Hei

    Regarding transfers, I am confident of at least either a CM and CB or a dude like William Carvalho who can cover for both.

    Wenger wants to do his date line jig again. (For reasons I cannot fathom except to spite the guys over here at Le Grove)

    I do not think we need anyone in attack. IMO, Podolski’s fate was sealed when Wenger decided to keep Campbell in the squad.

    I would like to see an experienced head swapped in for Sanogo with the young man going out on loan to the Championship (IMO the Championship is a better training ground than the EPL).

  51. Hunter

    HaHa Ha just another 7/8 days to go before the window closes!Ancelotti insists Khedeira is STAYING at RM so you can scrub another one of the wish list.
    I really hope that if this total idiot does nothing there will be such a fans revolt that it will bring the downfall of our Dictator.
    So everyone had better cross everything that he acts soon as there seems to be more going OUT the door than coming IN ! Looks pretty nailed on that Poldi is off and what message does that send to OZIL and MERT.Ozil in particular seems very dissinterested and it wouldnt suprise me if he didnt hand a transfer request in before xmas.

  52. goonpharm

    Poldi off to Juventus eh? Good move for him. Their formation of 3-5-2 allows him to play as the second striker alongside so he’ll do well there. If he settles he could bag 15-20 easily.

    I’m not too fussed he’s leaving and I wasn’t too fused when he came. Good luck to the guy. Liked his personality.

  53. SpanishDave

    I think Ozil will go at the end of this season. Hes got nobody up front to work with. He must see this in training and he can see through the Wenger hype.
    The guy has gone backwards of late .

  54. andy1886

    Dark Hei, cannot agree on the striker, what happens if OG trips over and breaks a leg on September 2nd? We’d have Sanogo (not ready), Alexis (not up to speed, maybe not suitable at all), or Campbell (who so far Wenger has not trusted to start a competitive game). It looks like Poldi is leaving but then again Wenger has played him up front on less than the number of fingers on one hand anyway.

    I’m not asking for a superstar, just someone on a par with Giroud who would keep him on his toes.

  55. goonpharm

    I doubt Campbell is being promoted. Get the vibe Wenger doesn’t trust him there.

    He’ll persist with the shitty “play one my very good CAMs on the left” rather than actually playing players in their natural positions.

  56. Moray

    I’m surprised Ozil wasn’t pushing for a move this summer, but I guess he was too busy at the world cup.

    He’s unlikely to win anything of note with Arsenal, and he will be played into the ground.

    Maybe this is the last year he wears the red? One big career contract for him.

  57. Moray

    andy, by the looks of Wenger’s comments he is counting Theo in as a striker too.

    Banking on an injury case to come back quickly and straight into the team. How has that worked out for us in the past hmmm?

  58. Leedsgunner

    If Wenger truly had intention of acquiring a DM, CB and a CF he would have done so by now.

    As I have urged Bamford and others I’m willing to wait to see the transfer window out to make a full assessment but this ploy of Wednesday until we qualify before we sign is just that a ploy…. we have the money there’s no reason to wait. It’s just a tired rotten carrot to wave before us fans who can see the gaps that need to be filled. What’s the point of waiting especially in a seller’s market? Contrary to popular opinion you drive the price up if your can see 1) our desperation 2) our mountains of cash.

    We’ve done both leading up to the close of the window. We’ve talked about how we are lacking at the back and we’ve talked openly about how cash rich we are. So why would any sane club dealing with us want to give us a discount? The club has its negotiating strategy all wrong. By waiting we place added pressure on ourselves and we end up negotiating from a position of weakness even more. The result? We miss out on our primary targets and end up panic buying dross just to get people in, if we get anyone in. Case in point? Look to last January and the Kallstrom debacle. We dithered over Draxler, when it came to it Wenger got cold feet. We knew Theo and Rambo was out for months… but did we strengthen? No.

    Sanchez even though he’s one of the best wingers in the world will be wedged as a CF.

    Özil even though he’s one of the best 10 in the world will be wedged as a winger.

    Chambers even though he’s shown great promise as a CB will be wedged as a DM eventually when Arteta’s legs give out, Flamini continually gets sent off, and the Wilshere experiment peters out.

    Plus our best players will be overplayed.

    Rinse, repeat.

    Oh don’t worry, according to Kallstrom’s Law we will spend big in January!!!*

  59. goonpharm

    I’m glad we’ve started the season the way we have. Last year after the Villa defeat we steamrollered all the small fry and sat pretty up top for ages.

    It masked our true position and also where we were as a team. We were at our maximum and you couldn’t eek anymore out of that squad.

    This year we’ve had 3 games two of which tough away games (Everton and Besiktas) these type of games early doors have shown where we need to improve and we will.

    When we playing that poorly surely the only way is up?

    Finally Reus is happening. Expect a massive last minute deal from Wenger. With Poldi out we’re more or less in the black spend wise. We could spunk 35-40 million without batting an eyelid and give him 200k a week no problem.

    Saw it in a dream months ago. It’ll happen.

  60. Dark Hei


    “I would like to see an experienced head swapped in for Sanogo with the young man going out on loan to the Championship ”

    Look I am not crazy ok.

  61. Leedsgunner

    If Poldi moves to a club who plays him as a 2nd striker he will score sackful of goals. With his finishing he’ll score more than Giroud I reckon over the season if both stay injury free.

  62. Moray

    Bergkamplegend, I think Kalou is out for this window now as Wenger left it too late.

    Javi Martinez is out for a season with a bad injury, I believe, so we might sign him on a season long loan…

  63. gazzap

    In terms of team structure and dynamism I think our biggest issue is Jack Wilshere in midfield. He is slowing the team down and everything stops with him. He and arteta are the same. Just when we’re making good progress, the ball goes to Jack or Mikel and then suddenly we’re either passing sideways or JAck’s on the floor.

    But the point about about Giroud getting injured doesn’t bear thinking about. Being left with Sanogo and Campbell as our only real strikers would be a disaster.

  64. El Tel 1

    Dear O Dear. Fucking oomers world on here last night.

    We are on a ten game unbeaten run and the knives are out already.

    Last year He got slaughtered for leaving the transfers late. This year he gets slaughtered for doing the business early.

    I too want to see some change but the slagging off our Club gets on here is rifdiculous.

    Spoilt little children springs to mind.

    To discredit the Manager for the Invincibles team is bad enough, yet the slander and crap spouted on here is totla nonsense.

    Maybe you all want a Van Gall to come in. Last season some of you wanted Moyes because Mancscum in your opinions made an astute decision employing him. That of course failed spectauclarly.

    You then claim they will piss the league this year because they now have the best Manager ever in Van Gall. Ha Ha. This is not pre season anymore. The real games have started and Mancscum are already trailing the top teams.

    Thry had an easy start too.

    We need to get past Besiktas then sign the players we need and look to push on.

    I am not happy with things either but will not go into meltdown until the window is closed.

    I predict 3 new faces coming in.

    Not going to guess who they might be.

  65. Wallace


    “If Poldi moves to a club who plays him as a 2nd striker he will score sackful of goals. ”

    you really think playing two up top is the way to go? i know Man City do it(not so much in Europe after they got their asses handed to them on a plate), but they have Toure & Fernandhinho eating up the middle.

  66. Bergkamplegend

    “This year he gets slaughtered for doing the business early. ”
    == >> Sanchez was the only real add.

    == >> “I predict 3 new faces coming in.”
    In one week ?? You’re an idiot, one of those sheeps who could follow wenger if he decided to jump in the Grand Canyon.

  67. gazzap

    Why has it taken so long to secure a basic greek centre back like Manolas? That’s the sort of deal that should have just been wrapped up weeks ago.

  68. Moray

    haha El Tel, I agree this site sees the extremes coming together but I’m pretty sure there was nobody shouting for Moyes last year, not even the biggest Wenger denouncer

  69. Emiratesstroller

    You do not need to build a ‘team’ around 11 or 18 ‘world class players’.

    However, you do need to buy ‘quality’ players who will ‘fit in’ to team and produce results.

    What is imperative is that Arsenal has a full complement of the right players to meet all situations.

    Looking at our current squad there are glaring weaknesses in defence where
    we were without both Koscielny and Gibbs over weekend and forced to play
    Mertesacker alongside Monreal with the consequential problems. We may
    land up with same combination on Wednesday when we play Besiktas.

    Our defensive midfield is also fragile. Arteta lacks physicality and pace and Flamini is an accident waiting to happen with already 3 yellow cards this season.

    There remain goal scoring [as opposed to striker] problems with the squad.
    We have wide players who can cross a ball, but you need to count how often
    there is a player in the box to take delivery of the cross and be in a position to score.

    The main problem with Giroud is not his ability as many posters suggest but
    our over reliance on him to perform with little back up at moment apart from
    Ramsey. Frankly we need both Sanchez and Walcott to come into team and start scoring on regular basis goals.

  70. Dark Hei


    It is obvious that Podolski’s biggest problem is a relative lack of strength and athleticism.
    Because of that, he rarely gets the chance to use his power shots and crosses.
    He is smart though, and against some defences that switch off or those that get stretched, he can be deadly.
    That will require a team that can afford Podolski as a passenger. I guess our team isn’t one of them. Unless we get to play Fulham week in week out.

  71. Jeff


    “Olivier Giroud can be the 25-goal striker Arsenal need, says Arsene Wenger after Everton rescue act” 😆 😆

    This is delusion of the highest degree.

  72. Jeff

    “All our opponents have been looking for strikers as well and no-one has found a world-class one now available better than the one they have,”

    So Diego Costa is not better than Torres?

  73. Wallace

    Dark Hei

    “That will require a team that can afford Podolski as a passenger. I guess our team isn’t one of them. Unless we get to play Fulham week in week out.”

    i agree. he’s great to bring on if you’re dominating the game, but i see 4/5 ahead of him at Arsenal, and at 29yrs old, you’d figure he wants to be playing more.

  74. Wallace


    “So Diego Costa is not better than Torres?”

    he probably had Liverpool in mind. Costa was the only great value forward available.

  75. Moray

    “All our opponents have been looking for strikers ”

    more delusion. Who have been looking for strikers? Only Chelsea, and they got Costa. Liverpool also, who look to have signed Balotelli. Maybe include Everton who signed Lukaku on a perm contract.

    Man Utd and Man City already have first rate strike forces, even though RVP and Rooney are complete cnuts!

  76. Al

    The thing is people see players ahead of Podolski that have contributed less then him in terms of goals and assist. ..

    I bad a convo with a mate who wanted podolski gone because we have the OX and campbell. The problem is your going of potential once again and players that have proven nothing yet.. at least with podolski you know throughout the season if you give him minutes he will guarantee you 15 goals plus 10 assist.

    At the moment I cannot for the life of me see the OX getting even half those figures

  77. reality check

    There’s a fake ‘reality check’ brown avatar. Some people are just sad, to much time on their hands with nothing to live for. Still… imitation is the highest form of flattery, or some shit.

  78. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    We are all entitled to our opinion, but surely even the most ardent arsene believer must surely see that the empire is crumbling around him now.

    Once he was a legend whose foresight saw us transform into a great team.

    He is outdated like flare trousers…

    It really is beginning to seem like the don Howe era all over again…

  79. Moray

    A1, I think Arsenal supporters these days are conditioned to think about the club’s P&L before the ability of the player.

    100k or so per week for a bit part player is a bit steep.

    However, there is no guarantee at all he will be replaced or upgraded, so we should beware what we ask for.

  80. SpanishDave

    Theclub brought Sanchez early to boost ticket sales and get the fans on board, tofill the coffers.
    Wenger is up to his usual tricks of making sure we dont spend too much to please Stan.
    We do not have forwards who will win the league, but Wenger has no plans to win it as it costs too much to achieve it as you have to spend some money.
    This will roll on for years.

  81. Jeff

    It’s really down to money in my estimation. We all know Podolski is on an unusually high wages (£106k I think) and Wenger doesn’t any longer see him as value for money especially as we’ve just acquired Sanchez who’s also going to be on the high side. So he’s just balancing out the wage bill a little.

  82. Dark Hei


    That is low and you know it is true.

    So what if we think Podolski doesn’t cut it? There are plenty of AKBs that want Podolski to stay quoting reasons very similar to yours. Go check it out, you know where to go.

    I think he does not fit the profile of the team and it is better for all parties to move on. He is too big a player to stay on the bench. He deserves to go somewhere where his qualities are needed.

    For that we get labelled as accountants even though we only gave footballing reasons.

    You guys need to get a grip. Moaning all day long. Who here actually says that Sanogo is sufficient or that we do not need reinforcements? Nobody, not me Wallace, N5 or anyone.

  83. Moray

    Dark Hei, Actually I agree with you. Much as I like the guy, we don’t play the formation to suit Pod. and he is too expensive to be warming the bench. Fuck knows why we bought him in the first place, to be honest. But then fuck knows why we bought Ozil to play him on the left wing and fuck knows why we bought Sanchez to play him as a lone striker, fuck knows why we broke the transfer record to buy Arshavin only to play him on the wing.

    There is something not right. But the club has conditioned us always to think about the pounds and euros of every deal, while our board and directors are bending over to tell us how money is not an issue.

    My fear is that selling Pod would be balancing the books for the Sanchez signing rather than freeing up funds for a future DM, CD or ST signing. Don’t believe that Wenger would go into the season with only 3 CDS or no DM or 2 awful strikers? Just look at the last 10 transfer windows to see exactly what Wenger is prepared to do. The guy is a loose cannon. The league was there for the taking last year and we fell behind even Liverpool.

  84. Moray

    if Juve get Pod and Vidal goes anywhere near Manchester, that is almost as unforgivable as selling RVP to those fucks.

  85. Jeff

    Moray – absolutely right. Maintaining the status quo – i.e. finishing fourth and grabbing CL participation money. That’s it. Anything more is incidental and superfluous.

  86. Dark Hei


    Sorry for the rant.

    We do not know why Wenger makes these decisions. Kind of like Cygan as left back.

    It does looks to me that Ozil is in on the left, just to give both himself and Wilshire minutes. I will find it strange if he continue to stay there. I guess Wenger’s lucky to get away with a draw.

    Sanchez on the other hand has the makings of a very good CF. I think he is top class up front but it does look like he will take at least half a season to bed in sufficiently. I am ok with showing patience to quality players.

    If we sell Podolski without getting a proper CM (I am careful here in case Khedira goes through as he is no DM) and a defender, I will be mightily disheartened. Perhaps I will just disappear for a while from the forums. Getting too negative is bad for work and family so I will just skip football for a month or too. Yes it does affect me badly too.

    Unless that individual is William Carvalho, in which case, I will am ok for this 2 in 1 monster.

  87. Cesc Appeal

    I;m not going to start losing my marbles, or rather I should say find them and turn into MarbleHall until Thursday-Friday time. If there’s no strong links to anyone by then I’ll start to get seriously worried Wenger is going to do one of his stupid things and fight back against the pressure from the media and fans.

    Windows started off well, but really the only additions have been Sanchez and Ospina. And now with this Podolski talk, on top of getting a good wedge for Vermaelen and a bit for Fabregas and Vela makes me worried. Feels like us trying to claw our net spend down to a low level.

    We have a choice in the next 6 days. Do we want to be serious title contenders, or do we want to throw in the towel after 180 mins of football and concede that we’re fighting for 3rd and 4th? That is what Wenger et al have to decide.

  88. gazzap

    I would be extremely surprised if much happens before we qualify for the CL. If we do, hen it’ll all happen in the last few days of the window. carvalho would be my pick.

  89. Moray

    Dark Hei; no problem. It’s a stressful time of the year for us all! What we get we are pretty much stuck with for months.

    Nothing worse than going into a season feeling we have really dropped the ball in the transfer market. Particularly when it started so well.

    I think Sanchez could thrive up top more as a second striker. If you look at his movement (they pointed it out on MoTD) he made zero touches in the box in the first half. Zero. If he is going to be a striker then he will have to adapt how he plays. I have had enough years of us crossing into the box with nobody in there.

    For me, I have written off the team for two years until Wenger goes. By detaching emotionally, I can better bear the huge defeats and the demoralizing performances and even enjoy the games a bit more.

  90. Cesc Appeal

    Fucking hell if there’s any truth behind that and they’ll take below their valuation of Carvalho as long as we give them Coquelin, Sanogo, Gnabry or Miyachi on loan – get it done!

    Throw in Coquelin and Miyachi on permanents! Then loan them Sanogo as well.

    I’d be desperately trying to keep a poker face after the Sporting president said that to me!!

  91. Bergkamplegend

    “For me, I have written off the team for two years until Wenger goes. By detaching emotionally, I can better bear the huge defeats and the demoralizing performances and even enjoy the games a bit more.”

    Same for me!! But I’m sure we’re not the only ones… 😉

  92. lemonadethatcoolrefeshingdrink

    Thank fuck for some good perspective on here rather than the “ooh lets buy so and so an put him on the wing” or “if we swap so and so for him, blah blah, rubbish, twaddle, BS”
    The common denominator is Wenger. & Kronke. The AKB’s are either stupid and i mean that, or only started supporting Arsenal at Wengers inception and know nothing else
    How can a club promise to compete with the big European clubs once moved to the new stadium (debt is manageable). That we would bring in europe’s best, (Sanogo), yet he doesnt want to pay the prices for replacements we are crying out for, yet draws his 8 million pound salary for mediocrity and 4th place every year, plays players out of position, is tactically naive and got fucking lucky against Hull in the FA cup. Great, if you want to support a team which in the past though not as successful as the great Liverpool teams of the 70’s and 80’s or the Utd teams from the 90’s onward, but still managed to pull out some EPL wins and even doubles; now its modus operandi is just to cement 4th every year, then thats not for me, certainly not for me when they charge one of if not the highest in terms of admission prices and spouted their rhetoric of FFP etc etc.

    Wenger is done, found out, busted flush & the club needs change

  93. Sam

    Wenger loves stockpiling CAMs and playing them out of position. Then he chooses probably the least impressive of his collection (Wilshere) and plays him in the no 10 spot.
    He sees something in Sanogo that probably surprises even Sanogo’s mum.
    Alexis looks confused as to where and how he fits into this stuttering team. The lack of fitness thing looks a total red herring.
    Wenger must have “CL qualification” as a performance clause in his contract I think. So he buys one marquee signing, then surrounds him with lesser players, until marquee signing just picks up the huge wages and loses his spark.

  94. Wallace

    “Naturally, it is easy to get immoderately agitated over football pundits. But what makes Savage so objectionable is not so much what he is, as what he represents. A creeping inanity, a gathering storm of dimness, a consecration of the lamentable idea that being “opinionated” is somehow a virtue in itself. His presence on our screens, ahead of others far more learned and perceptive, is an ongoing insult to anybody who has ever opted to think before they speak.”

    – Jonathan Liew on Robbie Savage

  95. Jeff

    That’s Wenger’s big game of charades. He talks a player up not because he thinks the player is any good but to justify his own decision not to buy anyone else. It’s a classic – don’t fall for it I say.

  96. Jeff

    If Ramsey does not have another blinding year, there’s a very good chance we might even miss fourth this year – a very good chance.

  97. Bergkamplegend

    tottenshit and everton could easily push us out of the top 4.

    Exclusive : wenger’s first words after finishing 5th == >> “let’s win the Europa League”!! lolololol…

  98. Bamford13

    Giroud gets better every year? It was just this past Wednesday that he was so bad as to make all Arsenal fans weep for the club.

    One good half of football and he’s now a top striker.

    What a farce.

    Everyone knows he isn’t good enough, including Wenger at some level, but as always Wenger’s comments are meant to justify his obviously flawed approach to the game.

    Sanogo as good as the world’s 50m strikers. Giroud good enough to score 25 goals.

    All to justify his attempt to win on the cheap with players the world doesn’t really rate.

    Wenger out.

  99. Leedsgunner

    “One good half of football and he’s now a top striker.What a farce. Everyone knows he isn’t good enough, including Wenger at some level, but as always Wenger’s comments are meant to justify his obviously flawed approach to the game.”


    People we’re even saying if he had started against Everton we would won the game… Because he would have scored a brace — a he needed was more time! A last gasp goal and he’s suddenly Aguero to some people and we’re being disloyal for not supporting our players….

    Good grief, words defy me.