Two world class strikers available, why aren’t we moving?

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Oh, howdy morning there, how goes it?

So good I bet. So damn good you smiled. Go on, give me a smile.

There she is…

So what have we on the menu today? Oh yeah, a really tough game away at Everton for 1730. Bad times. Or, if we put out a very good side armed with learnings from last year, total good times.

This is a massive game for me because it’s about exactly what I just said above.

What. Have. We. Learned.

Last year, we were totally destroyed down the wings because we played with a team of wide players who love to move inside and hate to track. If we line up like we did against Besiktas, we’ll have the same problems. If we don’t take on pace with pace, we’ll find ourselves pressed high again. We really need to have a plan for today. We have better players in the main, but that doesn’t always see you through against teams that are well organised and totally pumped to destroy you.

I meant what I said yesterday, I’d take a risk on inexperienced pace over playing the same old tired sluggish side of last year. Jack can be Arteta for the day, Rambo can sit with him and break like he does in that majestic box to box role he plays so well, then we can stick Ozil in the hole.

Again, I really couldn’t tell you why the only German’s in the world not playing the first games of the season are our ones. Bayern, Chelsea, you name the teams… they’re back at training playing. It’d be nice if Wenger showed that much concern midseason when he’s putting all of them out against Coventry for a full 90 in the Carling Cup.

Anyway, back onto my forward line up. The best I think I can hope for is Chambo, Sanchez and Rosicky. The likely line up will be Giroud, Sanchez and Cazorla… which is a massive fucking unbalanced error if it happens. The dream line up is Campbell, because he’s totally erratic and out of control in a good way, even if it does look a bit uncultured. Then we play Sanchez through the middle, it doesn’t matter that he’s small. He can play with his back to goal, he can go over the top, he can score from 30 yards from… he can do it all. The main threat he offers through the middle is that you can’t play a high line against him, because he’ll destroy it. Then on the other side, go direct with Chamberlain, short, powerful, direct and a total menace to anyone when he’s on his game.

That my friends, is how you line up. It’d be incredible. A sight to behold. It’d be a pace orgie and we’d all be covered in glory fluid.What a mess. What a glorious mess. Someone fetch me a fucking towel right now. No don’t, this is too good.

Anyway, you get where I’m going with this. Our best preseason game was against Benfica, not because it was the best players, but because it was the players that offered the most in terms of speed. You might not be as clinical, or technically gifted, but you keep causing problems and you’re a mental drain on the opposition.

… but Wenger simply isn’t that bold anymore. We know what he’ll serve up, and so will Martinez. We just need to hope our boys have a good day, because there are unlikely to be any big surprises out there today.

… it’s sunny though.


In transfer news, lots of talk about Lukas being told he can do one. Makes sense, said it all summer, he’s expensive and he doesn’t really deliver outside that radiant smile of his. It’ll make a lot of sense. Again though, not if we don’t replace him.

On the striker front, it’s as simple as this. We need a striker. Giroud isn’t good enough. Don’t kid yourself he is. He doesn’t have it at the highest level. Nice guy, but not a ruthless striker. We need a proper striker, because we’re the only team in the top 6 that this we don’t need one. There are two strikers available right now. Edison Cavani, shit world cup, but a great player. Fast, built like a handsome extra from Gladiator, good on the ground, smart in the air with a superb finish. He’s available because PSG have to sort out their dire FFP issues. Then there’s Falcao, he’s available on loan. Again, a monster of a striker if he can recover from that injury he suffered last year. However his recovery is going, it’ll be a 110% improvement on what we have.

The fact Arsene is sitting on his hands again… well, tells you all you need to know about his planning. We’re heading into another season with gaps in our squad. We’re not prepared to mount a challenge. Same old, same old.

Let’s see if he’s at least changed his opinion on tactics… or matching the line up to the team his playing.

Have a good one!

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