M-m-m-mario? | Cavani for… Giroud?

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No, don’t get mad Pedro, don’t get allllll crazy. It’s Friday, chillax mate. Go get laid. Have a smoke.


I refuse. Liverpool have just snared Mario for £16m and £90k a week (rumoured). Skillful, fast, powerful and Premiership proven.

… and we’ve moved for no one.

What’s going on? If… and it’s probably not a big if… we aren’t moving for anyone, why haven’t we entertained Mario?

Sure he’s crazy. But remember there were people baulking at £43m for Suarez who regularly bites / says the Spanish N word. What happened to the Arsenal manager who regularly tamed bad boys like Bobby P, Paddy V, Hleb and Vivas. Put Mario with a manager who is not a disciplinarian and see what he can do. I don’t work well under heavy discipline, I sometimes make a scene if asked to do something mundane.

‘Pedro, photocopy this’

Action: Shirt off with printed vest stating ‘WHY ALWAYS ME’

Pete: Fuck you Sandra, fuck you.

I hate it. Mario is free spirit. He wants to play under Wenger. Who wouldn’t, he’d let you do what the hell you like. What a great plan for a great player.

Upsetting. Almost as upsetting as the idea that someone would put a rumour out there that PSG would swap Giroud for Cavani. Sure mate, and in other news, Ian Poulter just agreed to swap me one of his classic ferraris for a delicious box of grapes. Honestly, what a story…


I mean, don’t get me wrong, Cavani rumours could be true. But I have my doubts. Both are available as PSG come to terms with what spunking £40m on Luiz does to your FFP. There’s also the story of Falcao being available on loan.

Again though, Wenger always seems to ignore the obvious. I really dont think there’s much appetite at Arsenal for a superstar striker. That holding role and a centre back is where it’ll most likely happen.

Just a word on Mackay and those text and e-mails which were quite disgusting.

Something makes me feel very uneasy about this. Sure, you can take a racist homophobes texts and e-mails, present them to the world and make them look terrible. But think a little deeper on this one. Authorities have gone through his mobile. Over 150,000 communications and slandered his name (I mean, don’t get me wrong, sounds like he’s a total pig) and it’s ended up in the Daily Mail.

Can you, honestly, in a month of Sunday’s, tell me if you let someone go through all your communications over a year, they wouldn’t find something that could ruin you?

I can’t. But that’s because I’m being honest.

So sure, we’re all cool with a racist being taken down. We’ll all sit there and lap it up, because bad people deserve to be taken down. But for me, this goes beyond merely taking down a bad man, we’ve just accepted that it’s ok for Police to rummage through your personal communications until they find something that hangs you out to dry. It’s quite spooky. It’s like the joy we all took in finding out a celebrity was taking coke, until we found out that the source of that was voicemails and that led to the media hacking dead girls mobile phones.

Make a false allegation against someone, police need to justify their actions (and let’s not fuck about, Police behaviour hardly merits the trust this power deserves), they could expose something that’s not even related (like dropping Cliff Richards in the shit before they have any evidence). I don’t like it. I don’t like how we’re lured into accepting that it’s actually ok that nothing is private.

… that takes you into dangerous places. Gleefully applauding an erosion of liberty and not thinking about the future ramifications. Because believe me, as I have experienced on Twitter, you can take anything out of context if you try hard enough.

Anyway, have a ripping Friday and pray to the footballing gods that Cavani is the second coming of… eerrrrrr… Thierry?


P.S. My pal has an Arsenal season ticket going spare for £1400. GOOD SEAT. Take it off his hands. @James_Willson2 <Twitter

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  1. N5

    I agree Kev, his character is brilliant. He’s a real role model for the younger guys.

    I’d be more confident if we land a DCM, I really think we need one and I’d love a Cavani or Falcao to come in, but I don’t see that happening.

    I have fingers crossed for Sami K.

  2. Arsene's Mortician

    I’d be more confident if we signed another manager, this one just can’t seem to cut it, it matters not who we sign, this guy is not up to snuff

  3. Arsene's Mortician

    Hell, you think winning the FA Cup gets this guy off the hook, Portsmouth won the Cup, as did Wigan, so what

  4. Arsene's Mortician

    Listen to Kev, they are like new signings, what utter fucking bilge, you have been wengerised, think for your self you poor sod

  5. Arsene's Mortician

    “A company works best when everybody does the job he is paid to do.” guess who muttered those famous words, yes fans, your AFC manager, pity he never lived by his mutterings

    “At some clubs success is accidental. At Arsenal it is compulsory.”

    “We do not buy superstars. We make them.”, we know Arsene, then you sell them off for profit,
    [After the Arsenal fans booed a 1-1 draw with Middlesbrough in November 1998] “If you eat caviar every day it’s difficult to return to sausages.” we have been eating sausages for a very long time Arsene

  6. Arsene's Mortician

    I would suggest AFC is also guilty of financial doping, when they go to Southampton and take the OX and Walcott for huge amounts for youth, knowing full well they cannot compete on purchase price and wages for these players, but when a club has more money than AFC, ie Chelsea and City

    All clubs are guilty, Man. United raiding Everton for Rooney,financially doped, and so it goes, teams in the Championship raiding the best players from divisions lower than themselves

    Wenger just uses it as an excuse to cover his own inadequacies as a manager

    Crying boo hoo Chelsea have more money than us, well Arsehole, you have more than Southampton, whats the problem

  7. Arsene's Mortician

    A manager that spends over 150 million pounds a year on wages has the fucking temerity to bitch about anyone being financially doped, fuck you Arsene

  8. moray

    Arsene’s mortician! great name ha ha.

    There is only one manager in football who would go into a long season with 2.5 recognised CDs or 1 recognised striker.

    That is what worries me.

  9. moray

    We spent ages trying to get shot of Song a couple of years ago. People forget that.

    The guy was a liability. He fails at Barca as he’s nowhere near good enough.

    Of course Wenger will bring his charge back and cheap. Fuck the club.

    If Song returns I seriously have to consider sacking the club off until that old loser leaves.

  10. Thank you and goodnight


    You say their are no easy games in premiership ( as a way of deflecting from fact we were shit against palace), then claim the chavs win was easy against a piss poor burnley. As for improvement in the team, really?
    I thought our performance against shitty was good and also gave credit to wenger for finding a gem in chambers. But do I think we will turn over shitty in the games that matter in the league, no sorry I don’t. So that makes me not a good supporter then? I give credit where it’s due. When people were saying the community shield didn’t matter to shitty hence they were shit, I called it as rubbish and give Arsenal credit for a great performance. But sorry I haven’t seen any real improvements. Arteta and flamini are a year older and a year slower and as for Giroud and Sanogo, they are shit beyond words. Now Sanchez was a great signing, and you can never have enough quality players in a squad. But if the only major signing is Sanchez , while the positions that need filling will be ignored again…..then sorry it’s been a poor transfer window and no real improvements has been made

  11. Moray

    I still feel sick at the thought of song being our DM signing and CB cover…

    Overall we had some good signings this widow but nowhere near enough of them. The romantic in me still thinks we will get khedira and Cavani before the window shuts, but in reality I think something more prosaic is more realistic. It will be interesting to see what out net spend is at the end.

  12. Thank you and goodnight

    Rumours are poldi is off. As I said just rumours though. Though if he was to go with no replacement being bought in that would take our net spend for this window to under 30 million as I reckon we’ll get 10 million for poldi. Hardly the spending of a big club eh.

  13. Evan

    Yes Ox should start, id also pick Rosicky, we miss their direct and probing play. We really need Ozil to kickstart and smash up the league, he is the key. If Ozil finds form, I’m hoping Jack will follow suit..

  14. Arsene's Mortician

    If the rumour is true about Song returning, it will be because he is much cheaper than what Barca paid for him, you see we sold Cesc for 35 milion, he cost us 500k, that’s why Wenger never bought him back refused to waste his profit margin

    We bought Song for 1 million, sold to Barca for 15 million , if Wenger can get him for say around 8 million, he still ahs made 6 million profit on Song


  15. Evan

    Giroud had a [buy-out] clause in his contract, so that was an easy decision. When a guy has a clause, you can do it as quickly as you want.

    OK who currently has a clause? Get it done, its easy

  16. Arsene's Mortician

    It is never about what we need, it is always about how much is the cost, a man like Wenger is steeped in fiscal meaness, it is in his DNA, he can survive on the bare bones, his biggest gripe was when he was made to purchase Ozil, what did that do for us, we always finish 4th, we just pissed 42.5 million down the toilet, good thing about buying quality though is when we sell Ozil

    We can get a good price, because he has resale value, not like duds like Park, Bendtner et al

  17. Arsene's Mortician

    If Wenger has a choice of Kehedira, Carvallho or Song, it’s a no brainier, SONG, Arsene saves plenty, and that’s the kicker

  18. Arsene's Mortician

    I have no doubt someone will be off, AFC don’t spend like this unless there are some going the other way, but the net spend is only around 30 million quid, not much considering we have over 100 million available

    Never forget we are owned by TWO billionaires, but the manager will not spend big, it is his call not the billionaires

  19. Gregg

    The Welbeck rumours are gathering pace. Not sure what to make of that one. He works his socks off and can play anywhere up front. Not a prolific scorer but technically sound.

  20. Wallace

    so far we’ve brought in a keeper who will seriously challenge Szcz, replaced an excellent RB with another excellent, younger RB, look to have bought a real quality in Chambers, and a world class forward in Sanchez. at the start of the summer everyone said a forward and a DM. i’m sure we’ll be getting another midfielder in this week, so a little baffled by the pretty much constant whining on here.

  21. Evan

    Why did Arsene give up on finding his fox in the box, did Jeffers scorn him that bad?

    This final transfer week is guna be a complete wind up

  22. Dave


    We have 2 CB and one a, albeit quality 19 year old, as a reserve. I think he was bought as back up RBI in any case. We have no real back up rb. We have Giroud who is average at best as our main cf and Sanogo who is starting important games. Neither is good enough. Sanchez may or not be become a cf but atm he is not. Regardless of, this will take and time we do not have. We have no dm and it is generally regarded that we need one. We have very important games coming up and most fans are, rightly, worried. We have money in the bank and seem reluctant to spend it in its full potential. The games so far have been turgid and devoid of pace and creativity. Possibly, this why fans are moaning

  23. Leedsgunner

    If Bayern is after Khedira we’ve lost him. Not must first choice but he was still a classy player. To think when Bayern replaces injured players they go for Khedira when we replace injured players such as Rambo we went for KALLSTROM. You snooze you lose.

    I suppose if we’re looking for Arteta Song is a possibility because he’ll be very cheap. Underwhelming. He might as well be an injured player because his concentration is of a five year old… and that’s being unkind to five year olds.

    What’s worse than signing deadwood? Resigning deadwood.

    If Song happens, the only consolation is that there shouldn’t be really any excuse NOT to sign a TOP TOP forward and a TOP TOP centre back.

    PSG double –> Cavani and Marquinho should be the standard we should be looking at. I know, I know… not going to happen.

  24. Hunter

    Only 9 days left folks!You watch nothing will happen until the 11th hour on deadline day,we will fail and he will say ‘we tried’,absolutely pathetic excuse for a manager!

  25. Wallace


    it’s the first two games of the season, after a WC that finished 5 weeks ago. i think most reasonable fans would expect a little rustiness in performance initially. our best player only returned to training last week.

    Giroud’s not brilliant, but i think he can be effective with the players we have surrounding him. who was our striker when we were leading the league for 4mths last season?

  26. Nicholas

    Who was the striker when 4th was Everton’s for the taking? Who is the striker with the horrible conversion rate?

    Wallace, I agree that the whining here is pretty over the top, especially those cunts that wish us to lose. Nevertheless, I don’t think we can move beyond 4th place with a commanding CM and an upgrade on Giroud.

  27. Dave


    Which players of ours were involved in the last stages of the WC? I think that’s a stretched argument at best. Giroud is not good enough to lead the line, hence one of the main reasons for finishing 4th and not higher. In any case, what happens if on the last day of the window he gets a long term injury. Where do we go from there? IMO, the squad is woefully short at rb, cb, dm, cf and, for me, that’s not good enough to be starting a season

  28. Thank you and goodnight


    Your a nice guy mate, but I guarantee next year you’ll be saying exactly the same thing after we fuck another transfer window up. We might be doomers but funny enough in regards to wenger and the way he operates we are often more right than wrong

  29. Rich

    This rustiness and lack of pace in our game has been going on for years now, it’s not a preseason problem it’s a personnel problem.
    Too many square pegs in round holes, not enough pace and not enough quality.
    And when your armed with £100+million in the bank and sirplus revenue of £70million per season over the next 4years and your strikers are Giroud and Sanogo, we have only Ramsey and Ox in Midfield with any pace, energy and drive and you knew in May you were selling your third choice centre half but still haven’t replaced him with a few days left of the transfer window I think it’s inevitable that people are asking what the fuck is going on?
    There’s no reason for us not to buy the 3-4 top players we need to have a real crack at it.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    There has been much discussion in media that Arsenal are a physically small and lightweight team.

    When it comes to height I don’t believe that we are a significantly smaller team than others in EPL. Szczesny, Mertesacker and Giroud are certainly amongst the tallest in their respective positions. Many others in first team are between 5’10” and 6′ tall which is par for the course.

    There may however be a case that far too many players in our team/squad are
    not as physically powerful. We play too many players particularly in midfield who do not tackle or head well a football.

    I think that everyone apart from perhaps Wenger recognises that we need urgently a Defensive Midfielder who can bring those qualities into our midfield
    and that will make a huge difference to the performance level when we play the top teams.

  31. Wallace


    i think we’ll buy a midfielder this week. what kind, i have no idea.


    Mertesacker & Ozil were in the Germany team that won it. they were there right until the very end.


    but i think there’s also a case of people on here moving the goalposts. in June it was – we won’t sign anybody/Wenger only does freebies. now we’ve got 4 in, and i’d expect a CB and a midfielder this week…6 new players is more than anyone on here would have predicted in June.


    we’ve got Sanchez, the Ox and Theo. we’re as fast as anyone now.

  32. Wallace


    we could definitely do with more height in the squad/team. take out Mertesacker & Giroud(Sanogo) and we have nobody clearing six feet.

  33. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t think that height is necessarily critical so long as you can cope physically and have a decent spring. Sanchez can certainly punch his weight. Sadly players like Cazorla and even Ozil do not.

    Moreover there has been always a reluctance on part of Arsenal players under Wenger to compete in the air.

    Our set play zonal marking is dreadful, but so is our ability to compete in the

  34. Wallace


    yeah, as long as Mertesacker & Giroud are playing i’m relaxed about the set-pieces. if one or both are out the dread feeling returns. it’s a tough one, because as others have mentioned, we can play a different kind of game when we don’t have to compensate for Mertesacker’s lack of pace. but if we leave him out…

  35. MK

    Supporting Arsenal doesn’t mean one has to be blind. Giroud isn’t good enough to lead the line for Arsenal or any club with title aspirations, end of. And the fact we have some fans who think he is good enough is a sad reflection of how well Wenger has done in selling mediocrity at Arsenal. Keeping my fingers crossed we will do some good biz before the window closes, otherwise we can call it a wrap right now.

  36. Charlie Boy

    Still 7 days to go until the Transfer Window closes and folk on here are still whinging about transfers. Give it a rest!

    Do you not understand that it’s highly likely that Champion’s League qualification will probably be an absolute must for some of our targets, and that status won’t be known until next week.

    I personally think we will be strengthened by the end of the window – the only question is, by what quality of player?

    If we qualify it stands to reason we’ll get players of good quality – Khedira, Reus, Carvalho, Cavani, Falcao type players. If we don’t, we’ll end up with whoever’s available – Song, Rabiot, Wellbeck, Kalou type players.

  37. Revving Kevin

    Arsenal win only Becos the other team play shit, have players injured or were unlucky. Arsenal lose and we are the worst team ever, the players get cunted off and we get the 9 years mantra. Arsenal draw and ditto.

    We won the FA cup and it wS only Hull and Wigan. No mention of the wins against spurs, Liverpool and Evertin. No mention that Wigan had just beaten City at theEtihad.

    When we beat City 3-0 to lift the Community Shiekd it was yet again more unhappy so called fans. City weren’t interested, they had players missing, etc.

    Welcome to the hypocritical life of the average Grover.

    Wenger and the players can’t win.

    The reason why is clear. Excluding the trolls, if you claim the manager is an idiot and the players are shit, you look a right bunch of mugs when we win games, trophies of finish just a couple of points behind the winners, despite injuries. Apparently we would never sign world class players and would never win another trophy.

    Until some of you have your agenda surgically removed, you will continue to discredit everything the club achieves. Whether or not you like Wenger, you should support the club and give credit when it’s due. Football is fun and we follow a great club.

  38. Revving Kevin

    Always tough to go to Goodison and Martinez had assembled a team with plenty of ability.

    If we stretch the game and use the pace we now have, I can see us getting a decent result. Won’t be easy.

    Not sure if Ozil will start or come on. I hope Rosicky gets a start, I think this is the type of have for him. In many ways he is the player jack needs to look up to Becos he could be that player one day.

  39. Bankz


    Some Deluded Fans Think or Thought Mandzukic and Giroud are on the same bracket. They think he is more clinical or has more pace than Giroud.
    I don’t know how some people watch their Tvs.

    Same set of People think Dzeko Isn’t an upgrade On Giroud.

    Same about Cavani.

    Even Lewandowski Got The Same Comparison After We played Borussia Dortmund over 2 Legs last season.

    My Arsenal Mates Are Basically the most sentimentally sanctimonious Fans in the EPL….Even Liverpool fans Don’t Come close.

    Conclusion. – Only Messi & CR7 Are Better Scorers/Strikers Than Giroud

  40. Thank you and goodnight


    Yes you should support the team and give credit when it’s due which most of us do. But equally when they fuck up again and again, we fans have a right to be critical Revvin as we want what’s best for the club, not what’s best for Arsène.
    Arsène loves to take the adulation when we win but he is loathed to take any blame when HE fucks up.

  41. Revving Kevin

    “My Arsenal Mates Are Basically the most sentimentally sanctimonious Fans in the EPL….Even Liverpool fans Don’t Come close.Conclusion. – Only Messi & CR7 Are Better Scorers/Strikers Than Giroud”

    What on earth are you talking about mate, it’s just one long moan every tine you post.

    I bet your mates think you’re a miserable sod and hate watching games with you whinging for 90 minutes.

    And as for going over the top and using Messi and Ronaldo in a Giroud comparison that’s really a sign of desperation to make a point mate. 🙂

  42. Wallace


    “Arsène loves to take the adulation when we win but he is loathed to take any blame when HE fucks up.”

    ach, you’re getting your Wenger’s & Mourinho’s mixed up again.

  43. goonpharm

    Bamford –

    Are you always that condescending in your personal life? Fair enough you’ve (allegedly) played at a high level and got all your fancy badges but that doesn’t mean you can’t debate in civilised way.

    Calling posters illiterate, stupid and putting them down because they believe something different shows a lack of class on your part.

    I understand that it can get a bit heated and sometimes people say things off the cuff but with you it seems every other post form you is littered with condescending comments.

    Lighten up.

  44. Revving Kevin

    “Yes you should support the team and give credit when it’s due which most of us do.”

    Sorry but that is rubbish. There is very little credit ever given and you know that!!!!

    Any good result is always the fault of our opponents.

    It’s all discredited.

    I listed examples earlier.

    And when we sign players, some fans on here can’t wait to jump on their backs and crucify them.

    Going to the Emirates with a bunch of Grover’s would be like sitting in the Away end.

    And that’s the truth. What dies that say?

  45. Revving Kevin

    “Yes you should support the team and give credit when it’s due which most of us do.”

    Sorry but that is rubbish. There is very little credit ever given and you know that!!!!

    Any good result is always the fault of our opponents.

    It’s all discredited.

    I listed examples earlier.

    And when we sign players, some fans on here can’t wait to jump on their backs and crucify them.

    Going to the Emirates with a bunch of Grover’s would be like sitting in the Away end.

    And that’s the truth. What does that say?

  46. goonpharm

    Rev – really love your positivity towards the club and you optimism. You come across as a decent person who’s passionate about his team and I admire that.

    However the anti – American post towards Bamford is out of order mate. I don’t agree with his condescending posts and his “I’m know better than you” attitude but you’re better than that mate.

  47. Bankz

    Reeving Ken

    I’m Far From being miserable but I find it hilarious when people like you sit there and Think the Team or Wenger are devoid of criticism.

    You know you think Giroud is the best thing since slice bread….just accept it

  48. Al

    The only hesitation I would have about signing Welbeck is that he is a proper Manc. …..proper fan of the club so can see major issues in the future if he was successful and United wanted him

  49. Gregg


    I hear what you’re saying mate but I think there’s a player inside Welbeck, in the same way that Liverpool saw one in Sturridge. I think he needs someone to believe in him.

  50. Al

    I refuse to believe that There genuinely is not a a single person who thinks Giroud is special or world class…

    Breaks into 2 category, those that do not rate him and are frustrated to see him start for us which leads to to be a bit more harsher on the player and those that defend him because they always defend arsenal players and see that he is doing the best he can

  51. Thank you and goodnight

    When we got thrashed last year by our rivals, wenger claimed it was an accident. How’s that taking responsibility? After the spud game which we spawned people were warning that if we went into chelsea game playing the same style and tactics that we’d get fucked…..which we did. How comes they could see it and not the man who gets paid 8 million?

  52. Ben


    Think its because Wenger is a fraud who got lucky. Its why he is clueless about tactics. This guy has conned of the club for a long time. The day he leaves is probably the greatest thing to happen to the club in the last decade.

  53. Revving Kevin

    Sorry mate wasn’t meant to be, the bloke Bumford is just so condescending. The jibe about the wrong shaped ball was Becos he is also a self proclaimed expert on American Football, baseball and ice hockey.

  54. Gregg

    I don’t blame Giroud. He is what he is. The thing that confirms to you he’s not good enough is the fact that none of the big guns in Europe have made any attempts to sign / un-settle him.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    I predict today if we change it up a bit, 4-2-3-1, introduce Ozil, Oxlade and Rosicky for Wilshere, Cazorla and Giroud with Alexis going up top we’ll battle to a hard fought win.

    Stick with this 4-mess-1 formation of tiny ball players and we’ll lose.

    Really hope we got bold with pace and power today, play a counter attack game, be disciplined and clinical and take Everton apart slowly.

  56. N5

    Sanchez was getting dug out on here yesterday and he’s only been with us a minute. These are the moaners that give legit supporters a bad name.

    All shouldn’t be tarred with the same brush.

    I sit with moaners at the Emirates and they are huge fans.

  57. Bamford13


    I’m going to try to be nice this morning, but your post above re my comments is infuriating. Why? Not because you disagree with me — I have no problem with others having different opinions — but because you have once again misread, misremembered, misrepresented and distorted what it is that I have said.

    For example, you wrote the following about me:

    “You talk the same bollox [as gambon] and try just as hard to piss on all our new signings and any victory we have, like the three nil drubbing of City.”

    Complete nonsense. I haven’t once “pissed” on our new signings, all of whom I quite like. I did point out that Sanchez gave the ball away constantly against Palace — because he did — but I also noted each time I made a critical comment about his play that he is a great player who simply needs time to settle in. Anyone who reviews my comments from that day will see that I was quite fair and supportive of Sanchez, whom I like.

    Perhaps you misread my sarcastic comment re Sanchez being a “brilliant CF”. My point — you’ll see this if you read it again properly in context — was not that Sanchez is not a brilliant player — I think he is — but that he’s not a brilliant CF. For me he’s a roaming wide player, not a CF. Maybe this distinction was lost on you, but it was there if you were actually reading that thread of comments carefully.

    As for “pissing” on the Community Shield, my point was simply that the Supercopa was played as though it were the CL final — a far cry from City’s approach to the CS, where they essentially played with a “B” team. Anyone who watched these two games will agree with me on this point.

    Another example:

    “We know you think you are the most knowledgable fan on here, you said that last week that you had more knowledge than anybody else. Along with some shit about playing under 21′s or something.”

    Again, complete and utter nonsense. I never said — nor would I ever say — that I know more than ANYBODY ELSE on here. What I said was that SOME people on here don’t seem to understand the game very well and that I know more than those people. Do you know the difference between the words, “some”, “all”, “most”, “many”? Because there are key distinctions between them. To say that one knows more than SOME is not to say that one knows more than ALL.

    (And by the way, you yourself would say, I’m sure, that SOME people on here don’t seem to know what they’re talking about and that you know more than them.)

    And yes, I did say I played for the US u-20’s, which I did, as well as that I played in college and have a B coaching license. But I only said this because you like to insinuate — as you’ve fucking done again! — that I know less about the game than you simply because I’m an American. This is nonsense. That may have been true thirty years ago, but the world has changed. You need to evolve, frankly.

    Another example:

    “However, as you usually get most things wrong, including the bit about Bendtner being brilliant, us never winning another trophy or signing a world class player”.

    Again, nonsense. I never said — nor would I ever say — that Bendtner was “brilliant”. I simply said that I preferred him to Giroud and that he deserved a better chance than he was being given. Anyone who re-read my comments from that time would see that that was all I was saying. Of course you and Keyser took what I said and distorted it, and you now bring this distortion up every week when you get frustrated with something I’ve written. Except I never said any such thing about Bendtner.

    And finally:

    “By the way, in your other post you said Sanchez can hardly control a ball. WTF are you talking about! What’s the game Mr American Super Hero? Wrong shaped ball?”

    Nonsense. I never said Sanchez can hardly control a ball. I said he struggled to keep possession of the ball against Palace. Which is true. However, I’ve watched Sanchez enough elsewhere to know he’s a quality player with a quality first touch. I’m not calling that into question. My point was that he struggled against Palace.

    So. Please stop being a dipshit and misreading and misrepresenting my posts. I have no issue with your disagreeing with me. I do, however, take issue with your constant misreadings and misrepresentations. It’s fucking annoying.

  58. goonpharm

    Wenger is a fraud who got lucky?

    That’s a bit oversimplifying the issue isn’t bit? I’d say he’s a manager who did remarkably well in the first half of his tenure – the trophies proven this. And he’s credited for revolutionising the game in England.

    The second half of his tenure is a failure – no one can deny that. The failure on his part was to not anticipate the Chavski and Citeh takeovers and to adapt to them.

    To say he got lucky is a bit far fetched.

  59. Cesc Appeal


    You can’t blame a player, when he was signed I think most people unilaterally agreed that if he was it then he’s not good enough. People on the Wenger Wagon tried to say, well we sold RVP and got Giroud AND Podolski so together they can make up for him…but it doesn’t really work like that.

    Goal tally wise maybe, but big games, those moments where you need a bit of quality – we suddenly see the gulf left.

    I agree you can’t give a player stick like Giroud, he’s 28 and it’s so obvious he’s not good enough, equally though some will say it’s not the manager’s fault; so we’re in this blameless situation where Giroud just appeared out of the ether after RVP vanished.

    This will be Giroud’s 3rd season as our main striker if we sign no one. That simply is poor management. No way around I’m afraid. Not Giroud’s fault – but it’s someone’s.

  60. Cesc Appeal


    I also think, what the heck is wrong with demanding the VERY best from your club, especially a club like Arsenal. Massive stadium, massive money…massive prices!

    The way some prattle on it’s like “come on guys, it’s the taking part that’s fun”…is it heck. All…about…winning.

  61. Revving Kevin

    Mate the point you seem to be missing is that some of you allow your hate for Wenger to prevent you from supporting the club and enjoying good results. For you it’s all about Wenger, that’s the hypocrisy mate. You are the ones obsessed.

    For me it’s all about Arsenal.

    To you, good results somehow weaken your argument so you have to discredit. It’s all about the agenda you have chosen to follow.

    I don’t obsess on Wenger, I obsess on the club. I don’t like the media pissing all over us. I don’t like rival fans taking the piss.

    But the thing I hate most is so called Arsenal fans slagging off the club, our players and those fans who choose not to follow a Wenger Out agenda.

    I have no objection to you wanting Wenger out, that’s a view you have every right to hold.

    What I object to is the childish abuse he gets, the slagging off of our players and club and your total inability to be balanced. To me it’s almost traitorous the way some of you behave Becos you cross the line. You have become activists not supporters.

  62. Bamford13


    I appreciate your comment to Kevin above. I acknowledge that I am sometimes a bit condescending — this is honestly just the way that I am and I wish it were otherwise — but I usually am only condescending towards comments I regard as ridiculous. I honestly don’t mean to be condescending towards the poster themselves but only towards the ridiculous opinion they’ve expressed.

    You may disagree, but I think there are some people on here who genuinely don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

    Apologies, though, if I spoke condescendingly to you. I just get frustrated sometimes.

  63. goonpharm

    Thank you and goodnightAugust 23, 2014 10:50:29
    @Cesc AppealAgain agree 100% mate. If winning isn’t their thing then may I suggest supporting another club? Stoke maybe. Because at Arsenal it should be all about coming first not fourth.

    Likewise if it’s all about winning then you could go support Bayern, Real or Barcelona perhaps?

  64. Thank you and goodnight


    In my opinion though mate fans like you our as much a problem as Wenger because you’ve accepted mediocrity and expect us to. Burying your head in the sand and going la la la everything is wonderful in the world of Arsène, is damaging the club and allowing them to get away with taking the piss out of us. Your stance is more dangerous than people who say giroud is shit. Sorry.

  65. Revving Kevin

    “Wenger got lucky”

    Lol. Here we go again.

    This is what I was saying about balance. We have some real idiots on here, that’s for sure.

    The bloke changed football, wins two doubles, goes a season unbeaten yet he’s lucky!!

    Pre-stadium never finished lower than second (2).

    Introduced sublime attacking football the like of which I doubt will be sen again. He have us done great players, Henry, Robbie, Freddie, pat, Gilberto the list goes on.

    This blog is a joke, it’s full of trolls and unbalanced activists who clearly don’t know anything about football whatsoever.

    By the way, he wasn’t caught unawares by City and Chelsea’s money. It came at the same tine we built the Emirates, that’s unlucky.

    FFS please have a bit if balance and stop talking utter bullshit.

    Give credit where it’s due however much that hurts you and that fucking agenda

  66. Bamford13


    Please stop physically threatening people. It’s childish, unfriendly and uncivilized. It also spoils the mood in here.


    Are you aware that Phil is physically threatening people? Are you cool with that kind of thing on here? I wouldn’t think so.

  67. Wallace

    “Again agree 100% mate. If winning isn’t their thing then may I suggest supporting another club? Stoke maybe. Because at Arsenal it should be all about coming first not fourth.”

    ffs, it’s football! sport! it’s fun because at bottom it means absolutely fuck all. just 22 men in shorts running around a nice piece of expertly mowed lawn.

  68. Bamford13


    “Introduced sublime attacking football the like of which I doubt will be sen again.”

    Indeed. We haven’t even seen it AT ARSENAL for many years now.

    The point the poster is making is that Wenger’s early success might have had a great deal to do with the quality of players he had. Without that high quality, his teams (of recent years) don’t really look all that great. Is this untrue? Wenger might’ve been ahead of the English game 10-15 years ago, but he no longer seems to be ahead of anyone.

    Indeed he seems to lag behind even a former version of himself.

  69. Gregg


    Agree wholeheartedly. As I commented yesterday, the fact that he’s heading in for his third season as our main striker is quite appalling.

    Last year we were all over suarez, indicating Wenger wanted a new striker. However I think we all assumed he would replace Giroud, not play alongside him in some form. The more I think of it, the more I think Wenger would have paired them. If that is the case then maybe he thinks Sanchez can replicate whatever it was he thought Suarez would bring. We’ll never know now whether that was the plan but given his un-wavering support for Giroud, I’m convinced it was.

  70. MarbleHall

    Wenger the nearly man of football always finishing second.

    Explain to me how such a towering figure in the game can so comprehensible be thrashed 3 times in one season.

  71. Cesc Appeal

    “Likewise if it’s all about winning then you could go support Bayern, Real or Barcelona perhaps?”

    Weak. Goes to show.

  72. Revving Kevin

    “In my opinion though mate fans like you our as much a problem as Wenger because you’ve accepted mediocrity and expect us to. Burying your head in the sand and going la la la everything is wonderful”

    Grow up mate, what’s the “la la” bit, you really are patronising at times and very childish.

    The word supporter is clearly lost on you mate.

    If you truly think paying fans like me that cheer the team and support them win, lose and draw are a problem, you really are even more deluded than I thought.

    You are a member of a tiny minority mate.

  73. Cesc Appeal


    Perhaps you’re right.

    Giroud and a really fast player can work. It’s just Giroud’s only contribution to the side is hold up and set pieces.

    More and more often though it feels as if his hold up play is off, he’ll have games where he drifts through worse than a passenger, a hindrance.

    But I do agree, I think he has Wenger’s utter support and backing. As does Sanogo. You always find this at Arsenal with certain players and Wenger. How many games did Denilson get? Or Almunia and so on…

    We’ll see though.

  74. Bamford13


    Your basic error is thinking that being a “supporter” means that you can’t criticize the manager or any of the players. Says who? That is not the view of most on here, which is why we have no problem criticizing the manager or players.

    Maybe you could explain why criticizing the manager or players should be forbidden for supporters.

  75. Revving Kevin

    “Again agree 100% mate. If winning isn’t their thing then may I suggest supporting another club? Stoke maybe”

    What a stupid, childish comment again.

    This is that plastic fan mentality we now have.

    From the 50’s to now I have been a Gooner. My grandad, my dad, my uncles, my brothers, my sons all Gooners.

    but I should go support Stoke?

    You are an idiot.

    I can assure you that we went to games when arsenal were a mid table team and struggling. Why? Because we are proper supporters that live the club, win, lose or draw. You have not got a clue what that is like or you would not make that childish comment. To you it’s all about winning and that fucking agenda of yours. To me it’s about supporting a club that is a massive part of my life and which is etched on both arms. I walk into the stadium and my heart pumps with pride.nothing like it.

    This is the problem with the modern game and the money. We have plastic fans everywhere that just support whoever is winning and whinge endlessly from their armchairs. Football is a sport that is meant to be fun and give pleasure.

    Instead of telling me to support Stoke, perhaps you should consider becoming a fan of Bayern, Real or Barca if it’s all about winning.

  76. Revving Kevin

    “Maybe you could explain why criticizing the manager or players should be forbidden for supporters.”

    Maybe you should stop being so condescending and putting words into peoples mouths you arrogant prick.